American Idol Top 10 Results Recap: Dude, Where's My Star? [Updated]

CURTIS FINCH JR DEVIN VELEZ IDOLThe early results are in for American Idol‘s Great Gender Experiment of 2013!

Conducted by Mad Scientist Nigel Lythgoe, the controversial study was built around the following premise: If we stack the deck for the nation’s most popular singing competition with first-rate female vocalists and a quintet of guys with the charisma of empty tomato cans, will the speed-dialing hordes finally hand a win to a woman?

Some might argue the whole hypothesis is really nothing more than Idol shooting itself in the junk in the name of gender parity, but in a world that gives us Rihanna’s goat bleat and Ke$ha’s battery-acid gargle and calls them music, I can’t be too angry over any effort — no matter how transparent — to foist a chica with actual talent onto the charts.

Anyhow, tonight’s Top 10 results telecast — the first elimination based on viewer votes in which the Season 12 guys and gals were competing together — was a crucial signpost as to whether voters were hopping aboard the Girl Power train. If Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller or Amber Holcomb landed in the Bottom 3, then the show might as well change its name to American Boy Heartthrob. And if Janelle Arthur was sent packing before the likes of Curtis Finch Jr. or Lazaro Arbos, then the message would be similar — if not quite as dire.

Oh, and speaking of dire…poor Ryan Seacrest spent much of the hour sharing demographic info — Devin got 25% of the vote from Puerto Rico! Janelle placed first in the state of Tennessee! The Croods is coming to theaters on March 22! — that won’t make a blind bit of difference to anyone anywhere ever. On the flip side, however, the show doled out usually closely guarded intel on which contestants had landed in the Top 3, and the ranking of contestants Nos. 4-10. But before we get to those stats, let’s check in on the Season 12 Special Twist (TM): A singoff between the No. 6 vote-getter among the men and the women (aka the two contestants who fell just short of the Top 10) for a spot on the Idols Live! Summer Tour.

Charlie Askew: An original tune called “Sky Blue Diamond” | Charlie’s piano ballad was no “Azure Sky,” and I’ll admit I grimaced when he told Ryan he’d written it about having to choose between the show and “a two-and-a-half year relationship” (child, please!), but his vocal sounded less terrified than during the Top 40 or Top 20 rounds. Still, after last week’s emotional breakdown, are his parents really going to let him spend his summer in the national spotlight? If I was his dad, Charlie’s “Idol journey” would’ve ended last Thursday. #RealTalkMmmmkay Grade: C

Aubrey Cleland: Irene Cara’s “Out Here on My Own” | She’s got a pretty voice, but I’m not sure I could’ve been more bored if she’d taught three minutes’ worth of high-school trigonometry. Grade: C

Verdict: Give the 11th tour slot to BREANNA FREAKIN STEER! (Or maybe even Kez Ban.) That is all. Okay,

Okay, okay let’s cut to the critical shenanigans.

TOP 3 VOTE-GETTERS (in no particular order)
Candice Glover
Kree Harrison
Angie Miller

Wait, America got it right? Srsly? Okay, I’ll drop my incredulity and give the nation’s speed-dialing hordes a tip of the hat!

4. Lazaro Arbos (okay, there’s the absurdity we all know and love!)
5. Amber Holcomb (she shoulda been 4th!)
6. Janelle Arthur
7. Burnell Taylor
8. Paul Jolley

Curtis Finch Jr.
Devin Velez

Curtis Finch, Jr.: R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” | I still can’t deal with R.Kelly’s OTT inspirational anthem, but if I’m being honest, Curtis seemed far more emotionally connected, far less ridiculous, and far more in tune than he did during last week’s Top 10 guys performance show. Still, methinks Nicki’s threat to quit the show if Curtis went home was too dramatic by half. I’d give him a B+, but (brace for subtle Kree shoutout) that ain’t evidence he deserved the sole Judges’ Save of Season 12. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And not considering how DREADFUL he was on “I Believe” Wednesday night. In fact, the only acceptable choices for elimination this week were Curtis and/or Lazaro, right?

Oh, and before I turn things over to you, a few more points of discussion:

* Phillip Phillips showed up and gave a very fine rendition of his latest single “Gone Gone Gone” (although I have to admit I wish somebody had powdered his forehead a bit before he took the stage) (I know, I’m a nightmare).

* Side note: Phillip showing up at the top of the show with the Top 10 contestants was a moment of unexpected hilarity.

* Bon Jovi sang, too, as their portraits in the attic continued to age. Can’t really say the song made an impact on me, though.

* If we have to endure group numbers, could they maybe not be an extended advertisement for a movie I don’t have any interest in seeing? Sheesh.

* How in the hell was Jimmy Iovine “completely sold” on Janelle after her lackluster Wednesday-night vocal? As long as the main mentor (and the judges) continue to drop utterly ridiculous comments like that, I’ll always hold my suspicions that none of ’em are anything more than producer mouthpieces.

Okay, I’ve yapped enough for this week. What did you think of Top 10 results night? Did the right people end up in the bottom three? Did the right singer go home? And what did you make of the Sing-Off? Sound off below, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Yes, Christmas came early! Thanks, Santa. Buh bye, Curtis. Stay gone. Hello? They are never gonna use the save on a dude. Ain’t. gonna. happen.

    • Amy says:

      They’re never gonna use the save so early in the season. I believe the save was created after Season 5 Daughtry shocker…or should have been. So I always envision the save being..”saved”..for at least up to week 6 when things can get tricky and a clear-cut front-runner somehow doesn’t get enough call-in votes. Just my opinion.

      • ado4586 says:

        Yeah, I think the save is suppose to be used for someone that has potential to be a winner, but may have had just one bad week. Curtis would never have been an Idol winner. That save should be use if Candice, Cree, or Angie, or even Amber have an off performance.

      • teatime says:

        The save was started in Season 8 and it was available only up to top 5. So it was not directly because of Daughtry who went home 4th in Season 5. Michael Johns was the shock elimination top 8 week of Season 7. He went first that week and the judges did not like his song choice, but they did not think he was in danger of going home. But I think just about every season there is someone who is a ‘shocking’ elimination.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          Yeah, there’s always at least one shocker. Jessica in top 7 week last year was the one instance where I was glad that the judges had that option (and I’m really glad they used it on her).

      • whosays says:

        “They’re never gonna use the save so early in the season.” Wrong. If it were Candace or Angie voted off, they would have used the save this week. Maybe even for Kree or Amber. Remember they used the save top 11 week for Casey, and this is already top 10 week.

    • Tess says:

      I’m pretty sure that when Randy and Keith were talking to Nicki during Curtis’ performance, that is exactly what they said to her – “Nigel said we cannot use the save on a male contestant, so it doesn’t matter if any of us like him…” I’m actually fairly certain this is the sole reason Randy is still on the show – to ensure the save is used only on a girl this season.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Sounds like Nigel. For sure.

      • MamaLis says:

        Oh you know that’s right, Tess! LoL! Mariah literally didn’t move from her spot far right. Nicki sat front/center between the “chatting” Keith and Randy and no matter how closely I looked, she didn’t say a word! In fact when Ryan went to her and said, “So Nicki, did you vote for Curtis?” I swear she couldn’t lie, that’s why she sort of “back-doored” the answer and said, “Well, I didn’t really feel like we had enough time to talk about it.” Really? Cuz you didn’t talk about it at ALL during the 3 minutes you were given! Too funny!

        • Maria says:

          Thank you! I noticed that too…how does one refuse to talk about something and then claim they didn’t have enough time to talk about it??!!??

      • Keith says:

        It didn’t matter if they like him,he was one of the worst and you don’t use the save in the first week

    • Temperence says:

      Amen to Curtis getting gone, gone gone! He was the only one of the bactch than I can’t stand (actively loathe, really). Smug, smarmy, and fake, the music world doesn’t need a cheesy, fundy closet-queen with desperately out-of-date taste in an out-of-style genre that has about a zero chance of seeling anything. See ya!

      • Lue says:

        Although he stank and really needed to go, I don’t think ya right to hate on him because of his sexuality. But that’s jut my opinion.

    • the real wendy says:

      Mr. Luss T. Stank

  2. Curtis being voted off was the right thing. He was brutal last night, he was bad the week prior and his ego/personality is too much to handle. I am more shocked at Lazaro being 4th best than Curtis going home or Devin being ranked 9th. I like the new format of revealing where these contestants rank. They did it on X Factor last season and that was really the only good part of the show. It tells the contestants where they stand and what they need to do to stay at the top or rise from the bottom. Overall a well deserved elimination despite what Nicki Minaj was trying to say and do with that over the top pretend walk off.

    • Anonymous says:

      So Curtis was a tutor at the school I work at…for like 2 wks. He only got the job because he’s friends with the sister of the assistant principal, another tutor. He did NOTHING!!! His ego was bigger then the school, and he left without a word. Glad he’s gone but hope he doesn’t think we kept his job open.

      • RealityCheck says:

        my nephew competed against Curtis and claims he is a really nice guy. I”m not buying it as he appears arrogant to me as well. besides ragging on Charlie HW week, he had the audacity to suggest that he could sing Tasia’s song better, although that wasn’t his goal. as if!

    • Amy says:

      Yes re: Lazaro vs. Devin. Sorry to say (because I’m not a hater on Lazero, and a part of me would root for him to do well, like in life and not on freakin’ Idol, because doing so ruins the integrity of the show), but that is what is wrong, so wrong with Idol…the *quote*…”SINGING COMPETITION!”

      • Temperence says:

        To be honest, voting for Lazaro *is* voting for a better singer – or at least the superior future singer. Clearly, he’s not quite as far along as the others, but it’s easy to see the great potential. He has amazing tone, he’s magnetic, handsome, fashionable, and had loads of personality. He reminds me a great deal of Ricky Martin, and while Devin is great, he’s more on a Jon Secada trajectory.

        • Annie says:

          I like Devin but I agree 100% with your analysis of Lazaro’s potential. This show used to be about finding raw talent and watching it develop into something more polished over the course of the season. Taking nobodies and making them somebodies. That’s what Lazaro can be. He has a great voice but he needs work and mentoring.The problem in the past few seasons has been too many already very polished singers being put into the top 10. Most of these guys are way more comfortable vocally and in on-stage presence than early Idol contestants ever were. It makes for a boring show. The charm is gone.

        • Aerin_S says:

          Yes, once Lazaro is free to use Autotune and Stageprompter, he should be quite successful.

    • deedee says:

      Could not disagree more. Knowing the rankings takes all the suspense out of everything. If they do it week after week, and there’s little change in the top 3, then not only will the results be boring, but the voters may feel less need to vote because their faves are consistently on top. We don’t have to know every detail. A little mystery goes a long way. Nigel is destroying so many of the good things about this show. Why??

      • ben says:

        It’s a case of giving the public something they keep asking for, even though the public don’t know whats good for them.

      • Amy says:

        ITA deedee. I’m hoping they don’t do it this way every week.

      • forrest says:

        The only benefit to the contestants is if your in the lower half, that tells you to do something to fix that immediately. Perhaps this will light a fire under these people, especially after the first elimination, that this is a singing competion. Bring your best, bring something better, or go home already.

      • sdexta says:

        I agree COMLETELY with everything you said. Hopefully they will go back to the old format from now on.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I am undecided on the rankings. It does take out some of the suspense.

      • whosays says:

        I like how Project Runway and Top Chef do this. Call out the Top 3, then call out the Bottom 3, then announce the eliminee (is that even a word?). Auf Wiedersehn!

      • no dawg says:

        Revealing the ranking is the stupidest thing ever. X-factor did it and I don’t think it helped the show. There will be no more suspense and the show will become predictable when the rankings hover around the same spots.

        • chet says:

          But It didn’t hurt the top 2 either, who were the top 2 every single week right up to the end

          • deedee says:

            Knowing the top 2 every single week takes every drop of suspense out of “who will make the finals?”. Last year we weren’t 100% sure it was going to be Jessica against Phillip. We thought Josh had a shot. Would we have enjoyed the season more if we knew all along that it was an inevitable Phil/Jessica finale?

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            There was still the surprise that 5th jumped ahead of Emblem to get top three though. And suspense between #1 and #2 even if it ended badly hah.

    • ben says:

      I agree. Curtis is no Jacob Lusk, and I don’t even mean that in a good way. Somehow, he is more overblown, more camp (and not good camp), more Lusky than Lusk himself. I actually enjoyed many of Jacob’s performances, but I can’t really imagine myself enjoying Curtis Finch long term. And surely the public will just toss him right back out.

      The top three and Paul Jolley’s spot, though, go to prove what I’ve been saying all along. Idol isn’t a show which rewards WGWG no matter what – each of them who have won have had a very particular kind of charisma while still singing well. It’s a combo that Jolley and every boy in the top 20 lacked.

      • dani n. says:

        Man, don’t you get that the show was set up purposefully to NOT include WGWG this season?

        • ben says:

          I do get it. I also get that it is ABLE to be set up without one, because the voting public won’t just choose someone else (ie Paul Jolley) to be the ‘WGWG’. Lots of people have been believing and saying the opposite to this.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Paul is a weak WG but he fits the type – he is a nice guy from the South. His lane is country. He came into the competition with a following (has been the warm up singer for a number of established country singers) but his trajectory has been relatively flat. He was never meant to be the savior for the guys this season. That role is being played by Lazaro.

        • MamaLis says:

          Listen, Paul is going to be gone within 2 weeks. End of story. His fellow contestants weren’t even that thrilled to see him stay on.
          Give or take a couple more weeks (and in no particular order) so is Devin, so is Janell, so is Burnell. I think Michael’s “Survey” of this room and readers is going to be fairly consistent of the general public. And from what I saw, there’s a HUGE drop-off from the “Top Girls” in this competition – and what I’ll call “the rest” of the group. It’s really just a matter of in what order. Lazaro.. Lazaro is an anomaly and God love em, should knock his socks off while he’s there.

      • whosays says:

        That’s because Paul is a White Gay With Guitar, not a White Guy With Guitar. Big diff to those flyover voters and the mass texters of the south. (Actually I dunno if Paul is gay, but he sure sets of my gaydar.)

        I think the WGWG of this season, or the closest to one, is Angie. Avg singer, pretty good phrasing, and better with her instrument than without. This describes every WGWG winner except possibly Scotty, who only held a guitar for 2 measures of 1 song IIRC

        • teatime says:

          With all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about. Go to youtube and check out David Cook’s Billie Jean, which is easily one of the top 10 rated performances from AI. Then listen to Cook’s Music of the Night and Always Be My Baby. You might want to notice the vocal range, stylistic range, breath control, and originality. All with no musical instruments. He was one of the best contestants ever to appear on that stage. He has vocals, stage presence, range, and most importantly creativity and originality. Then listen to Kris Allen’s Man In the Mirror (no instrument), Ain’t No Sunshine (piano), and Heartless (guitar). All great performance. Heartless in particular was a huge hit. You may have wanted someone else to win some season but that does not mean no guitar player ever deserved it. They are not the same because they play guitar!

          • deedee says:

            Yes! David Cook is my favourite Idol of all! He played the game flawlessly, and was probably the first to be consistently creative with his song choices, arrangements, and strategy. On top of that, he had a fantastic voice and magnetic stage presence. In many ways, David changed the game for future seasons.

          • Annie says:

            teatime & deedee: Yes, Yes, Yes. David Cook will always be my favorite of any season. His win was hard- fought and very well deserved.

          • GMom says:

            I agree completely! I think David started it with unique arrangements, I’m a fan. I also agree about Kris (my fave winner after Kelly)! I LOVED his arrangements, not to mention his awesome voice! I got to meet him after a concert in October and I just love him! SO nice and funny! Great personality!

          • JB says:

            Two of Kris Allen’s best performances were without any instruments.Falling slowly and To make You Feel My love.In fact,Kris performed more times without a guitar than he did with one.He also performed 3 times at the piano.David and Kris won because they mixed things up and surprised people.They had musical knowledge and created great arrangements.Kris broke his wrist and cannot play guitar on his current tour and he is amazing without it.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Devin needs to start singing in Spanish. Like pronto. Clearly, the English-only thing is not working. Lazaro in fourth is just wrong. In a big way.

    • Idolhead Ed says:

      There is a big difference between the X Factor version and Idol. X Factor told us who the #1 and #2 were. The way Idol is doing it will leave the greatest mystery until the end. I like it this way. I am amazed Lazaro was 4th. The cute and empathetic card were played this week. I’ll bet the results will be different next week. If it is not we might have something to worry about.

    • Mary says:

      I disagree, I think it takes the suspense away. Also, at this stage many will divide their votes thinking the top three are okay and you might end up with a shock elimination early. I hated it on Xfactor and I do not like it now. Maybe dividing it up in like the top 5 and bottom five might of been okay but not given the order. I fear that people will vote like hell for the less deserving one.
      I am glad America mostly got it right with the exception of number 4.

    • tewence says:

      i was also completely baffled at lazaro’s 4th place finish last night…? shoulda been him, jolly, and curtis in the bottom three.

  3. Katie says:

    Nicki’s anger was interesting considering she didn’t even show up until after Curtis sang last night.

  4. Gailer says:

    Seeing Phil sing tonight makes me wonder why do some have the need for a girl to win? :) Not me, but there is no real male talent this year, so I will be happy with a girl win this time.

    • Jake says:

      Agreed…as if this show needs to have a girl winning to prove itself legitimate…um, as I remember X Factor had Melanie Amaro winning and she never legitimized that show…certainly stacking the deck for a girl to win is not the way to go (see the ratings)…and Nigel, thanks from taking a page out of X Factor…nothing like copying the last-place singing competition TV show to prove you are ahead of the curve

      • Linda says:

        did it ever occur to u that the girls are good-better than the boys and thats why the girls are getting all the attention

        • Mary says:

          I agree they are better but they purposely did it that way. There is no guarantee if a girl wins she will be a big seller. I personally like an even playing field and let the chips fall where they may.
          These changes are not helping a 12 year old show in fact I think they are hurting it. I do not care if the winner is male or female I want an artist I will support and follow.

          • tewence says:

            i agree. i wish they would actually put the most TALENTED people through regardless of personality. they have created this notion that they have to have back stories and certain personalities or looks to create “good television.” i think it would be great if they didn’t choose to have the same number of girls and guys and let the best SINGER win.

          • deedee says:

            Good post, Mary.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            The problem is the chips didn’t evenly fall where they may on the show these days. Even looking at Laz at #4 tells you that (and some say that going by DI and other things that he was probably THIS close to being #3!). Then again if they had never gone the ultra/hyper manipulation route to begin with maybe they’d have had a broader audience base still and the chips would fall naturally which would be far better certainly.

    • Amy says:

      I agree. Have said the same all season…I really don’t get “the girl” push, and wonder if it’s because numbers-wise for TPTB, if past season winners highest sales numbers have all been from girls? For me too it’s always about who I like best, boy or girl. This year the girls have the edge in my book too. But Devin has a real good voice and I like Burnell too.
      Anyway…great seeing Phil Phillips. Enjoyed him tonight like every performance of his last season…and made me wish for some of that back. Love him.

      • James says:

        The sole reason is because every winner for several years has been a white guy. Devin should it be bittom two and amber should be in the top 3

    • Dayrah says:

      Agreed. I’m not one to care about the gender, I mainly care about the voice, and to a lesser extent, overall attitude and personality. It doesn’t matter if the winner is male or female to me.

  5. np says:

    I really hope she’ll follow through on her threat to quit! If she doesn’t, at least we’ll now have proof that nothing she says on the show is honest

    • rwfblog says:

      IIRC, she did Nicki did not promise to “quit”, but to “go home as well” if Curtis didn’t make it. I’m sure she will fulfill that promise at some point, just not immediately. ;) Actually I enjoy her as a judge. It is clear her opinions are real and not scripted. I mean who could script the likes of what she says about sex, or waffles? Both she and Mariah actually tend to give actionable feedback, something that the show has lacked for quite a while.

  6. Dan says:

    I am so excited! And I just can’t hide it! Curtis was eliminated!

  7. zach says:

    I see Kez Ban has made it back into your radar after her Hollywood drama debacle

  8. Billy says:

    I’m more suprised about Devin and Lazaros placing (and the fact that Charlie is the 6th guy) than I am about Curtis going home…I hate when stories garner more support than talent :-/

  9. jen says:

    Nikki has lost it. I hope she does end up quitting over not getting her way. Good riddance.

    • RealityCheck says:

      me too, although i have to admit the show would be a little boring w/o her. she put the drama in drama queen!

  10. forwarddad says:

    I can’t even fathom adding Charlie back in. There is no way TPTB will set him up for another meltdown. Do however they do it they will finesse the numbers so he goes on tour.

    • Amy says:

      But Aubrey was a snooze fest. And I actually like ballads (please no tomatoes, as I believe I’m the only one that does on these boards)…and that song was a favorite of mine in the 80’s. But Irene Cara is the one who sang it well and with passion and meaning. I’m sorry…Aubrey to me is a pretty and boring Barbie singer. Meh.
      I’m thinking Charlie goes through….I see more “idol-worship” developing out there for the likes of him…and he’s already workin’ it (did you happen to see him kiss his “turtle necklace” then send it out to all his “awkward turtles” out there.) After his melt-down, I YouTubed his painful performance that night and all the commentary on the thread was in defense of “his awesomeness.” So we’ll see …but I think Charlie’s goin’ on tour…someone start printing up the
      “turtle-tees” now.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Charlie will go through. There is absolutely nothing interesting about Aubrey. Charlie, on the other hand, cray cray on his side. I like him at the piano. At least he’s bearable sitting down…

      • Jen says:

        I think the reason that they decided # 11 would go on TOUR but not on the show, was that one of the two was Charlie. He’s too unstable to bear the pressure of the competition so they couldn’t risk him getting past Aubrey and be put back on tv in but they’ve thrown him a bone by allowing him to go on tour. This is assuming he beats Aubrey and I think he will. I like Aubrey but you know people vote for the underdog and the wacky more times than not.

    • deedee says:

      I’m guessing Charlie’s numbers were much, much higher than Aubrey’s in the round for top 10 spot, that there is little danger of him not winning the singoff.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Charlie had his fair share of followers on Twitter.

      • MamaLis says:

        He’s one of those kids that as soon as he opens his mouth, you’re like, “N-n-n-n-No! No Charlie!” He fairly redeemed himself on the piano but he just couuuldn’t leave it alone. He just had to bring us back to Tragic Charlie Zone! ;)

        • Amy says:

          Yep; you’re right MamaLis…that’s the 3rd time too. The “breakup story” before “Somebody I Used To Know” (real or otherwise…still an awkward and tragic story; the meltdown and then again last night. He does have to stop talking…for a while. I have to YouTube him cuz I missed the beginning of his number (I had switched channels during commercials) but what I heard wasn’t bad and held my interest more than Amber. But I never had any interest in Amber. Charlie was at the very least someone interesting to watch and will be not only entertaining on tour, but fun for the “autograph & VIP crowds” to meet…and there’s your voting block. I agree…he definitely has a following.

  11. Kevin c says:

    Given a choice between the current top 10 plus Charlie and the current top 10 plus Yet Another Balladeer, give me Charlie, for variety’s sake if nothing else…

    • GMom says:

      Actually, Charlie has a good voice. If we could just get away from the drama…. And we don’t need any more ballad singers.

  12. Guitar Blue says:

    Understandable that the Judges did not want to burn a save this early in the final 10. Curtis is gone, as expected. That leaves 2 more guys in the danger zone next week, Devin and Paul. I am sure Burnell will be fine next week, barring a really bad song choice.

    The road to the top 5 is looking predictable.. .

  13. Deb says:

    Randy was never going to let Curtis have the save.They’re saving it for one of the top 4 girls. Mark. My. Word.

    • rio says:

      It will be used on Candice aat some point. Her talent is awe-inspiring, but her style and her look are both mature. The winner is always someone who appeals to young girls.

  14. Barbara says:

    so when is Nikki leaving ?? I’m waiting ….

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Anyone else looking forward to her writing a gangsta rap single about her American Idol experience? Should be out by late 2014.

  15. duke says:

    Yesssssssss Curtis is out!!! Now if we can get rid of Lazaro….. Go Amber!

  16. dani n. says:

    Yuck. LAZAROS 4th.REALLY??

    • My Alter Ego says:

      That’s a head scratcher, no?

    • Name That Tune says:

      It’s not a head scratcher. Lazaro is the top vote getter among the guys. He is losing support but he is cute & brings out the protective mother instinct in the women who vote on this show. If a guy makes the top 4, it will be him – ahead of Amber Janell & Devin.

      Devin who is a better singer has generated very little buzz snywhere.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        You gotta ask, though: how bad for how long does Lazaro have to be before he loses support? I’m not saying he isn’t talented, but the bulk of his last four performances have been sub-par, even sub-sub-par. How far will the stuttering and the handsomeness alone take him?
        Then again, seeing as he clearly has a built-in fan base, if he improves week by week he could have a real shot at this thing, even if he never gets to the level of the most talented contestants.

        • Temperence says:

          Lazaro has gorgeous tone, and a lot of potential, so his following makes a lot more sense. He’s not as far along, but he’s one up in nearly every category among the guys.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            He is?

          • Dayrah says:

            WHAT?! There’s no way Lazaro is better than Burnell. In any way, shape or form. No argument.

          • Temperence says:

            Dayrah – he’s got much better tone, a better (more marketable) stye of music, he’s more fashionable, he’s much better looking, he’s grown more than Burnell, and he’s got more room to grow.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        If Lazaro can make the top 4 sounding absolutely dreadful. I gotta believe he can do no wrong in his fan eyes. Sigh.

  17. Tara d says:

    lazaro in 4th was the only shocker tonight…america stop voting for his story. even when he hits all his notes he is mediocre. for real. but at least america got the top 3 right.
    bye curtis!

  18. Mellie says:

    Lazaro in 4th just proves the power of Vote for the Worsters :/ He appears to be their selection… But at least this shows that they don’t have enough voting strength to break the top 3?

    • esqape says:

      They picked Zoanette and Charlie last week and failed on both, I think it’s more just people inspired by his audition

    • connerc says:

      VFTW has no power. They picked Lazaro because they knew he had a fan base. That base has him in 4th, not VFTW.

      • ben says:

        Exactly. And this has been true for VFTW’s entire history. They don’t look for the worst singer, they look for a specific combination of being a weaker singer than most while also having a fan base. This is also why they picked Charlie and Zoanette and not Tenna and (one of the guys I’ve already long forgotten)…

      • waterbug says:

        they picked Lazaro because he is truly the worst left..Period.

  19. Derek says:

    Happy about Amber making it the top 5, but wish she had placed higher. What a disappointment that Devin placed so low. He really has to pick better songs because he has the best voice out of all the men. To be honest, I think that the top three girls are a bit over-rated. Sorry!

    • dani n. says:

      No. TOP 3 girls are not over rated.Having said that I think Devin IS right up there. I prefer his voice over Angie’s and I’d say he ties with Kerr though her voice had a slightly more unusual sound. Devin just sings so relaxedly and I love that. Now song choice has been pretty below standard across the board except for a few songs. At least for my taste..but wow.Devin is going to be this year’s Singer with a great voice who will get tossed early AND THAT STINKS!

      • deedee says:

        Nitpick: it’s “Kree”, not “Kerr”. I usually don’t bother with typos, but I’ve seen this one half a dozen times today, so I had to say something.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        I hope Devin rebounds. He deserves at least a couple more weeks.

      • MamaLis says:

        Hey Dani. Now that Dee clarified your post, I understand what you’re saying.
        I agree Devin is good. But to hope his “relaxedly” style wins against this group of ladies would be like Michael Phelps lining up for the Olympic Free Style Race and hoping to win doing the side-stroke. Ain’t gonna happen!!
        Granted he should’t be doing crazy Curtis runs, but he DEF needs to up his game!

    • ben says:

      Derek, Amber is my favourite too, and I also think Devin is one of the stronger guys,

    • rio says:

      Devin should be among the very top, but it looks like the judges havr decided they have to stomp on his performances. The only thing wrong this week was that maudlin song. He sang it well enough.

      • Mary says:

        He has a good voice and sings well enough but no personality. It is like watching paint dry. Has he ever cracked a smile, plus his song choices are terrible.

  20. Formerly Devoted Idol Fan From Day One says:

    Thank you Michael for your always insightful analysis that says what I am thinking, only wittier. After 12 years of being faithfully devoted to Idol (even kept up while living in London) – the only show we DVR – my husband and I QUIT yesterday. We just wanted to TIVO P2 tonight because we love him – and loved season 11. Our anger on Uncle Nigel’s less than subtle manipulation to make the Idol loyal vote in a girl, any girl, finally overcame our attachment to the show. We can imagine being a fly on the wall at the judges’ table (he’s too good-looking- DENIED; oh good another weirdo who can sing passably, he’s IN) and wonder- are we the only ones completely disgusted? When did this stop being a show about singing and the “whole package”? WWSD? (what would Simon do?). So again, thank you (and Melissa) for all your great commentary, and Buh-Bye Idol. – We will miss the show you used to be. (and PS Uncle Nigel, why don’t you go ruin SYTYCD next)

    • Name That Tune says:

      I hate to break the news to you but it stopped being a singing contest after season 6. That’s when the instruments were brought in
      It actually looks like a singing contest this season. I can’t find fault with the vocal chops of Candice or Kree. Angie and Amber are still young singers who should study what Candice and Kree are doing so they can improve their craft. And the guys could take some lessons from them.
      Frankly the WGWG was getting pretty boring.

      • teatime says:

        The best singer won season 7 IMO. All 4 best singers were the top 4 of season 8. I didn’t think Phillip had the best voice last year, but just looky what he’s been able to do on the radio. It has never been JUST a singing competion anyway. It’s ALWAYS also been about performances, originality, likeability, and what everyone else in the competition does.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Here’s the deal. P2 is not a pure singer and he doesn’t try to be. Listening to him tonight and thinking about Candice’s performance last night makes the difference obvious to me. His style is a mash of rock and blues. I grew up listening to that as a child. As that type of artist, he has some skills, but I don’t think he is my all time favorite. He’s mediocre and will be around for a season or 2. He will sell some songs on iTunes and make some money. But is he Bon Jovi or Steven Tyler? No.

          • teatime says:

            Phllip still has a good/unique voice and sings a song well. If that makes people enjoy hearing him sing, then he is a good singer. Kris also has a very good and unique voice and is an excellent singer. As far as I am concerned, Kelly and Cook are the two best voices to have been on this show. You might disagree with that. But I do not think it is true at all that this was a singing competition up to season 6 with the ‘best singers’ winning, and that it has not been a singing competition since. It was never about who is ‘technically’ the best singer.

          • waterbug says:

            I totally agree. He will not stick around long.

    • rio says:

      Exactly the way I feel. The manipulation is so obvious this year. Wasn’t the desire to have a female winner the thing that got Johnny K eliminated?

    • whosays says:

      This is interesting. So Season 8, which only had 3 female singers in the top 10, only 1 of which could actually carry a tune (Allison), was the natural order of things, but this season is manipulated? Tell me how you audition 10k people around the USA and result in a top 10 with only 1 good female singer? You were ok with that extreme level of manipulation, but this year’s attempt makes you quit? Alrighty then.

      Point being: AI is manipulated EVERY SEASON to get a top 10 that attempts to get the final result and the ratings they want that season.

      • Mary says:

        Your right it has always been manipulated, but not to this degree. I think what she is saying AI has blatantly picked guys that have no chance in hell of winning, unless people want to stick it to them, which makes it for a boring show. In all the other seasons you had your less than stellar contestants but it was mix between guys and girls, not so this year. To be honest everyone complains about the last five winners – but I personally think all of them deserve to win except one. Having a girl win might help AI get some audience back, but sorry not enough to make up for the ones they lost. It is a 12 year old show and to be honest it is just a stepping stone to a music career. If they do not have the backing of the label and AR people unfortunately they do not go anywhere. AI does not care about their career only making money on them period.

        • Ramification says:

          The thing is they showed us the top 20 guys in Vegas and plenty of the auditions and there was no memorable guys from what I remember and you know what maybe it’s producers manipulation but guess what that is what producers do to get a tv show up, why can’t we have a season with better girls in it without it being this big conspiracy

  21. Pat says:

    Aubrey deserves the tour spot!

  22. Harvey says:

    Telling America “your favorite got a TON of votes” isn’t good for anyone. Not the ratings, not Candice.

    On the other hand, I’m really glad America is into her.

  23. MB says:

    I think Nikki was very rude to Devin tonight. Poor guy is standing there and she is virtually saying if you don’t go home I will. He was nervous to begin with and she made him feel like crap. I am so glad they did not save Curtis because he would only be going home next week anyway. I did a search on twitter and he is not liked. I am shocked Lazaro came out 4th. Proves he has a big following because he does not deserve it.
    Best part of the show was seeing Phillip again.

    • marie says:

      Good point; that was insensitive of Nicki towards Devin. Hopefully he just brushed it off (and anyway, he got to stay). He’s better than ninth, though.

      I’m very glad the voters didn’t buy that line of nonsense the judges were trying to feed us in critiquing Curtis last night.

    • teatime says:

      You’re right about that being very unfair to Devin! Especially since he did not even deserve to be in the bottom 3 IMO. You are also right that the save would have been wasted this week. This was not a case where there was a shocking vote result possibly because of a rare bad song choice, etc. I think we have all seen what Curtis would do every week. He was not going to have some game-changing breakout performance next week if just given the chance.

    • Jen says:

      I completely agree. Nikki was rude and acted like a spoiled child that didn’t get her way. I’ve never seen a judge act so unprofessional (including zany Paula, God love her) and she needs to be reprimanded at the very least and more appropriately but less likely, fired.

  24. darcy's evil twin says:

    Lazaro 4th??????? Devin in last place with Curtis?????? What the???????
    Devin is a stellar vocalist. Holy cow.
    No shock that Curtis went home, though. I haven’t had a chance to watch the program but checked in here to see what happened. Yikes.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I’ve been looking at this for the past week. Devin is near the bottom on FB, Twitter & Dial Idol. He did get some interest last week on YouTube. So as nice as he is to listen to, people are bored with him. He lost votes on Dial Idol this week.
      OTH, Lozaro continues to pick up followers on both FB and Twitter and is a solid #2 in both places. He received about half the votes on Dial Idol this week from last week. He generates very little interest on YouTube so you know that it is not his singing that is generating interest. It’s more like he is this wounded puppy that every one is rooting for.

      • dani n. says:

        Where on FB & Twitter can I find these polls? I know about Dial Idol..Ben tapping into for forever.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I found a site called It has a page that tracks the twitter accounts of this season’s top 20. That’s the easiest way to keep up with this trend. It takes a little more work to find everyone on Facebook so I don’t look as often. Twitter seems to be a pretty good way to track trends and there isn’t a big difference with FB.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        When Lazaro is standing in that confetti shower I hope the producers are proud. Holy cow!

        • Temperence says:

          LOL! I think Lazaro has great potential, but I don’t think anyone is even going to come close to Candace this year.

          • marie says:

            As far as sheer talent goes, yes; I agree Candice is a few steps above anyone else this season (although I readily concede that other opinions re a few other contestants are reasonable). But I’d be very surprised if Candice actually won the competition. If she does, I think it would be a very clear indication that yes, no one under 35 actually watches this show any longer (don’t worry, that’s not a negative statement; I have to dig way back to even try to remember 35 at this point).

    • Julie says:

      Devin has an amazing voice, Lazaro has a back story and, sadly, the back story brigade generally do better on any of this type of show. Personally, I think it was diabolical that Lazaro made it past his first audition, I must be hearing something completely different from his fans as he sounds dreadful and muffled to me. Nick Boddington, Vincent and Cortez were vastly superior to him but didn’t have the sob story, Nick in particular is a real loss to the competition and I’d have chosen him over Paul (although stunningly handsome *shallow moment*), Curtis and Lazaro any day of the week. And what is the deal with Charlie?????!
      I am really enjoying the judges comments this year (even Randy appears to have stepped up his game and bought himself a dictionary), especially Keith as he radiates such enthusiasm for music. Finally, some constructive comments instead of that ‘beautiful’ and ‘goosies’ nonsense.

  25. Nephtalia says:

    I can sleep happy now. My favorites are in the top 3. Amber needs to move up on Lazaro in my opinion but I will take the classification like it is right now for sure. Love the new format, knowing where people stand is so cool.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Amber couldn’t even beat Lazaro and she had the pimp spot. He must have a LARGE fan base. Wow.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Teeny he does. Only Angie has more. And it’s growing.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Oh, I really hopes she sticks around. Amber’s got talent for sure…

          • MamaLis says:

            Amber is WAY talented but tonight should have been a serious wake-up call for her! I think Michael hit it on the head in his last post. She needs to show that she has SOME knowledge and instinct towards music outside what has happened on the Idol Stage the last 10 years. For that voice – her choices kinda suck! I love her voice but I’m not seeing the “connector lights” in her head yet.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Connector lights. LOL. She has a lot to learn. Picking songs is one of them. It’s too bad. Her voice is to die for…

          • deedee says:

            Oh, I agree! Amber has it all except musical knowledge. She has such astonishing potential that is just wasted because of her poor song-choice instincts. I wish she had done some studying in the year or two leading up to her audition – both about the game, and about music in general.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Totally agree. They usually start out picking crappy songs – so hopefully she will get better – and fast. Fingers crossed.

  26. Mary says:

    Curtis was the right one to go, but come on America Larenzo number 4Listen with your ears. I do not like how they are doing the top three it takes the suspense away. I hope they change it up. Come on Nigel this is not Xfactor. Try coming up with something original.

  27. darcy's evil twin says:

    I don’t recall them telling us in past seasons who got the most votes. Am I not remembering correctly?

  28. marie says:

    Satisfied with the outcome tonight. Won’t miss Curtis at all. Nicki acted a fool. Lazaro fourth? Sigh; his story and his looks are going to keep him around for a while longer than he should be. Well, he’s basically inoffensive. America did well picking the top three (I personally prefer Amber to Angie, but moot point with both safe. I like the new format! That overly dramatic Bottom Three stuff was getting very stale, and this is more upbeat and positive.
    Oh NOOOOO: have we seen the last of the Stools of Doom?

  29. Miscellaneopolan says:

    So the good news is that Curtis is gone. Guy wasn’t going anywhere.
    The bad news is that Lazaro placed fourth. Fourth. How many bad vocals does he have to turn in before America stops finding him endearing?
    The other bad news is that a lot of the contestants are still kinda dull. I suggest Metallica week to shake things up.

    • dani n. says:

      Yes.MakeKe Lazaro’s sing Zeppelin or The Stones or Metallica make everyone take on some Metal or Hard Rock really weed out the dreck and treacly.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I for one would love to see Paul Jolly queening out to Enter Sandman. You can’t stop picturing it, can you?

      • Harvey says:

        This is a great idea. We need a Rock week STAT. They could have a Women in Rock night just to hammer home how terrible the guys are.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          +1 not sure we have the best girls for that this season, but whatever, still worth a shot

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            I though I do have trouble imagining any of them pulling that off the way one was able to each of the last few seasons.

    • rr says:

      They’ve done the rock thing before.- all that happened was they took the lyrics and “made it their own” ….. by turning them into a ballad …..

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Did you miss Haley, Elise, Allison…. and a few of the guys too?
        Sure they did let the country singers and all too many get away with just singing it same old country or ballad style and didn’t call em out, the last two seasons though. But we had some who rocked it.

        • rr says:

          Some of my favorite contestants. All were somewhat rock inclined and often performed rock songs regardless of the theme. In the remaining cast of AI12, I’d be surprised if any of them would try.

      • Um Rock week season 8 top 4 with Slash? We got Zeppelin, Joplin, Foghat, Beatles, and the epic Scream On from the Gokeinator. Except for the results that was like the best night ever

    • waterbug says:

      omg! fabulous suggestion!

  30. julia says:

    did anyone else think ryan saying angie got 17% of florida’s votes was the producers trying to be subtle way telling us she got the highest votes in all the competion. just because it seemed of the contestants they named most of them won their states with like 20% of their vote, and if she got almost that much just in a state (that was lazaro the 4th vote getters homestate), it makes me think she must have gotten a ton of votes. or maybe im just reading way too much into that comment.

    • teatime says:

      My guess is that Angie had the most votes.

    • asniech says:

      I thought it was both of their home state, and they were saying that Lazaro got the home state vote over her.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Only problem with that theory is that Angie is from MA. ;) (Yes, I know, a girl and from the north AND not in last place!??!!) (but she is not a rock sort and a non-combative personality and that one song so I guess they helped trick middle america hah)

    • karen says:

      My guess is that the producers aren’t 100 percent behind Angie. That’s why she got that bad edit with the pageant references. It surprised me because the show has been fawning over her up until that point. They want to plant the seed in viewers’ heads. Once planted, she won’t be able to un-ring the bell, unless she chooses more edgy songs. They want it to be Candice or Kree. This could backfire in a Pia way, however, if Kree is perceived as too professional and perhaps more of an industry insider than the viewers are aware of.

  31. Christina says:

    Worried that by revealing the rankings (especially the top 3) will change the voters’ voting. If people know that their favorite is everyone else’s favorite, they may be tempted to give some votes to someone else. If everyone does that we end up with no one voting for the best!

    • deedee says:

      That’s my fear, too. Knowing too much messes with the voting all around. I prefer the mystery of wondering where everybody falls in the lineup. Plus, I miss Ryan’s dramatics. I hope he brings them back in the coming weeks.

    • teatime says:

      Knowing the vote ranking will change my votes. No doubt. I like knowing the vote ranking. It is interesting. But I won’t lie. It will change how I vote. If my favorite performances next week are from some of the top 3 and some who were in danger this week, then all my votes are going to the contestants I think are in the most danger.

      • Mary says:

        Then we will probably end up with a shock elimination. Nobody knows how much of a difference the votes were and if you give all you votes to someone who needs them – that may screw the others. I personally only vote, if I do that week, for the one I would purchase music from.

  32. Lazaro before Amber? and Paul before Devin??? smh!!!
    I pray great doors of opportunity for Devin – he deserves it with that stellar voice!

    • Amy says:

      Last year America seemed to get it right almost each and every week of top 10.
      This year America seems in a weird place…with those results.
      This season is kind of reminding me of Season 9..ish. With a better top 3. But lots of so-so stuff besides that. Not Idol’s best Season. So far Season 7 and 11 still my best.

      • deedee says:

        Mine too! Seasons 4, 7, and 11 were my absolute faves, and those were the only tours I attended, too. Hated season 9 with a passion, and this season is in danger of being on par with it for me.

    • Scott says:

      Oh yeah, that reminds me. Paul? Not in the bottom 2? Ugh.

    • teatime says:

      My thought on Lazaro is that he will not pick up more voters as the weeks go by. He could if he has a great performance, but I think he will probably stay about the same every week in terms of his performances.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Yeah the girls votes made sense more of less, you can argue if Amber goes one higher or not. But the guys both how high one got and their internal ordering…. what?

  33. Scott says:

    Satisfied with the results. Goodbye Curtis. I won’t miss your grimacing/singing. He had a great voice, sometimes, but not a good presentation at all. I was surprised that Devin was so far down — he has to work on song choice. And Charlie was way above Aubrey. Aubrey is a snooze, and Charlie is interesting. I think if he’s not on the Chopping Block weekly, his sanity won’t suffer.

  34. RealityCheck says:

    i am happy with the results, i didnt care for Curtis at all. the look on his face was priceless! Nicki is a trip! I told my daughter that even if she walks off tonight, she will be back tomorrow with all the money AI is paying her. so very unproffessional!

  35. Billie says:

    BTW here is the second week of my intellectually concluded Top 9 ‘Idol’ Leaderboard!
    9. Janelle Arthur (2 weeks at no. 9)
    She’s a Southern belle (beautiful, blonde, country), probably the reason why she was able to avoid Bottom 3 (for now) despite being grouped in a sea filled with big-voiced divas (Amber, Angie, Candice, Kree), fatal no. 2 performance slot, and an unlikeably okay performance. Her issue for now is she hasn’t deliver yet an amazing performance since she made it to Las Vegas.
    8. Paul Jolley (2 weeks at no. 8)
    He sings well…but he’s not exciting (bland?)…he’s white, male, and country…but he didn’t play guitar (so far)…thus, an early recipient of elimination?
    7. Devin Velez (down from no. 4)
    Okay, his recent Carrie Underwood performance was not at the same level from his previous works therefore landing him at the Bottom 2, but it is still the best male vocal of the night! Plus, he tried country and not Spanish-English this week! All he needs to work on is his understanding to the song to get that right emotional connection to the ‘Idol’ viewers, covering a hipper song choice will not hurt either…so that he can rightfully outlast Lazaro as the only male standing in the playing field.
    6. Burnell Taylor (2 weeks at no. 6)
    It is fresh to see restraint coming from a black guy especially for recent seasons we have African-American male contestants relying on over-the-top gospel stylings, but his ‘Flying Without Wings’ cover was a bit of a let down…even Jimmy already cautioned him for always doing old soul ballads will not make him win this competition. He needs to work on the personality department and go to uptempo or anything current to prove that he can be a viable artist of today.
    5. Amber Holcomb (2 weeks at no. 5)
    Okay, she retained her spot because of consistency. And yes, she has a strong hold of her pitch, but her slightly alarming Katie Stevens-Thia-Megia-Shannon Magrane ballad song choices might put her at risk (see Pia Toscano went out early during season 10). Another thing is her emotional connection needs to be worked on as well. Sure she is no Miss Teen USA and has a cool personality to like for, but smiling while singing and a B-rated performance of Kelly Clarkson’s winning track didn’t help her.
    4. Lazaro Arbos (up from no. 7)
    I know. I know. He might have been the weakest vocalist left in the competition. Indeed, the humble stutterrer is struggling both in song choice and in his vocals during his “Breakaway” effort. The case though is…in this ‘Idol’ era, I can’t really foresee a Top 5 (Top 4?) without a male entry. What can we do? I mean he placed fourth this week…a very big thanks to his lots of screen time, a number of supporters (see Twitter), commercial looks that will make girls power vote (thanks or no thanks to that Facebook app), and an already established back story to get the sympathy vote (see Danny Gokey). On a trying-to-be-positive note, I have my suggestions for him – how about singing a song integrated with Spanish language (especially just in case he outlasted my favorite Devin) to solidify the Latin vote? He also needs to pick first songs which are not very range-y and more on songs with softer melodies, with no very challenging melodies. He needs to improve on his performances to make it bearable as a viewer like me seeing him sailing in every round of the competition.
    3. Kree Harrison (2 weeks at no. 3)
    Kree’s another heartfelt performance for the song “Crying” just solidified her status as “one of the singers to beat this season” for another week. Moreover, if she continues to maintain her bar level that she raise or even set it to crazily newer heights…showing diversity as well from week to week just like her bluesy, edgy, sexy performance of “Evidence”…she might give justice to the following losses of Allison Iraheta, Haley Reinhart, and Elise Testone by proving that awesome, with-bluesy-influence, female singers like them can also win the competition.
    2. Candice Glover (2 weeks at no. 2)
    She got another A-graded performance from Michael Slezak by singing an out-of-this-world, excellent version of “I (Who Have Nothing)”…despite being covered amazingly as well by Jordin Sparks in season 6 and Haley Reinhart in season 10…while still putting her own twist on it (tough job!!! tough job!!! tough job!!!)…but a Tamyra Gray-LaToya London-Melinda Doolittle-Jessica Sanchez treatment-in-the-early-finals vibe might do hurt her. My suggestion for her just like Slezak wrote is that in this ‘Idol’ era, she needs artistic innovation (see Cook-esque “Always Be My Baby”, Allen-esque “Heartless”, Phillips-esque “Thriller”) and prove it for the people who questions her being a viable artist of today. I mean she did perform together with Jessica Sanchez and Deandre Brackensick “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and turn a country song into a more soulful approach. Since she’s really amazing she can’t sing a song and make it bad right? Another help is she needs to experiment herself in terms of appearance and lose some WEIGHT (see David Cook)…so that other people will take another look at her and will make them think that…she can be as marketable as Rihanna without using autotunes…and young girls will think that she’s also cool too…and they could vote for her as long as they want like they always does to the previous WGWG winners. Seriously, I believe slimming down is really helpful so that in case she won (which is very likely), she can really avoid a sad, disappointing, Melanie Amaro, after-competition future you know.
    1. Angie Miller (2 weeks at no. 1)
    Her hype, her solid efforts, her Hollywood Week original song, her bold move singing a single from a previous contestant of the show, her number of social media followers (Cassadee Pope-like fanbase?), and her number of producers pimping her as one of their favorites making her closest to the crown for now. Plus, her powerfully sung “I Surrender” just solidified everything she has for now…letting her winning chances continue to flourish and possibly join the ranks of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Phillip Phillips in May.

  36. Spycigal says:

    Glad Curtis is gone and they didn’t use the save on him – looked like Keith and maybe Randy said No whilst the ladies probably said Yes. I like they way they revealed Top 3 but it the order… this way it’s not so unsuspenceful as X-Factor and will still make you vote for your favourite (I voted for Candice & Kree only)… and revealing 4 thru last is a good idea so the contestants have something to aim for and viewers can get behind who they need to.

  37. dj says:

    I don’t like them revealing the ranking. It didn’t work on X-Factor. It takes away the suspense week to week. I am surprised by Lazaro’s high ranking, but not shocked that Curtis went home. I think Nicki made Devin feel like crap, going on about how Curtis deserved to stay and saying nothing about him. I thought Devin’s top 10 performance was the better of the two, although he needs to pick a more exciting song to stick around.

  38. Jess says:

    Reports from people at the show say Mariah stayed and talked to Curtis for a few minutes and then Kree. Nicki and Keith left. Nicki is so fake! Why act like you are going to leave the show yet then not even talk to the contestant that prompted that comment?

    • dj says:

      I think all of the judges should say goodbye and give some encouragement and advice to whoever goes home each week. It must be like a bucket of ice water to the face when you get sent home, and they’re getting paid enough to help soften the blow a little. Show some class, people.

    • crabbypantz says:

      I’m surprised to hear that Keith left. At the end of the televised show, I saw Keith immediately walk up to the contestants. Hmmm…

  39. karen says:

    sorry, but Jimmy’s pageant reference about Angie will be her death knell for the crown. You can’t un-ring that bell for the average Idol viewer just now tuning in. I think she has peaked. Her fan base will take her through to #3, but not to #1. There is something Debbie Boone-like about her. If she can make some edgier song choices (I hear her singing Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, for example) she might be able to stave off the growing pageant perception. In order for Kree to win, she will have to work a bit with her look. She needs a more youthful styling, I think. She is starting to look older than her age. She will have to mix it up with some really smart song choices and some amazingly personal moments, plus loosen up a little bit more on stage, movement wise, she can avoid going the way of Pia. Currently Candice is the one to beat. She was undeniable yesterday, and I’m a complete Kree fan.

    • Nigel Is Pervy says:

      Angela, to me, is more like an Osmond than a beauty pageant contestant. She could be Marie Osmond’s long lost daughter. I did like her original song during Hollywood week, though.

  40. EVPandHC says:

    I was not shocked that Curtis went home. However, Paul was in the bottom 3?????? I was not seeing that at all. I’m glad for the Top 3, though. I’m not happy Lazaro is in 4th, but it was expected.

  41. Joel says:

    No real surprises — I think this will be Lazaro’s peak for sympathy — but I’m damn glad that Devin was given his due after so much adoration. It’s not a singing competition, it’s a superstar competition. That doesn’t mean it’s all style over substance, but there needs to be some of both. Everyone connected with audience (even weirdo Burnell) but Devin has no personality whatsoever, much less a superstar quality; when he comes out it seems like they’re giving the stage assistant a shot.

    I like the X-Factor rankings — it gives me something to think about as the boys leave one by one, and we’re left with the same top three (plus maybe Amber) we had tonight. Really, the gulf between those — particularly Kree and Candice — and the rest is 1,000 miles. Having Lazaro at #4 only proves that.

    Amber needs to get some poise and quick if she wants to compete. For all her talent, she still seems like a kid singing in a shopping mall talent show. She just doesn’t have the maturity of Kree or Candice — and of course, given her age. But let’s not pretend — as Nicki opined — that she’s stands in the same garden patch as Kree and Candice.

    Angie will go far, but farther if she can make her singing seem more effortless — you can see her working so hard. And even farther if she loses the 10th grade haircut.

  42. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I’m using my couch as springboard and doing triple handsprings, double twists and quadruple somersaults to celebrate Curtis Finch’s booting! Woohoo!

  43. Guitar Blue says:

    RE: Idol Thoughts : …………………….placing Janelle at # 9 won’t hold true next week. Paul and/or Devin will be in the hot seat next week. Devin is the better singer of the 2, but has no star performer charisma to go with it. Janelle could sing anything country and survive against those 2, just because of the country support – which is often underestimated……………………………….

    I put my whole 20 points on Curtis to be gone in the pool, and next week won’t see a save either. …………………They are going to hold that in case one of the girls, other than Janelle, gets into sudden trouble, like Pia did after they had already burned their save that year.

  44. Doug says:

    Some people are surprised that Paul, Devin and Curtis were #8, #9 and #10, but I can’t imagine that bottom is an unfamiliar position for any of them.

  45. RW says:

    Candice may be the most talented but this is a TV show and over weight people are not going to get as many votes. I think that was Curtis problem too along with the judges making him seem like he was the next Michael Jackson. I’m not sure a black contestant can win any more either. I just think it’s the demographic of the audience that is left. Hope I’m wrong.

  46. i picked candice to win this year’s idol first time i heard her!!! amazing voice immense talent genuine personality! love her and pray she wins! i think her biggest competitors are amber and angie. while i like kree’s voice…there’s just something about her either i dont like (pride and/or arrogance?)…she just doesn’t seem to have a sincere personality or i dont know what it is…i just dont really connect with her…doubt i would buy her cd. she just doesnt seem real…doesn’t appeal to me. i was totally shocked amber was not in the top 3…to me she is candice’s biggest competitor. i would pick amber as my #2..she is flawless…performance…voice…appearance. angie i like and i think she is very talented and will go far…i would pick as my #3…although even while saying that there is still something very annoying about her big toothy grinning all the time! i am torn between who i like better…burnell or paul. both are very talented. keith was right when he said paul just doesnt realize yet just how good he is. totally true! he has it all…a great voice good moves really handsome guy. he just needs more self-confidence and self-assurance and needd to act like he owns it. burnell’s vocal range and the tone of hus voice…the resonance of his low notes…smooth perfection baby…gives me goose bumps! so…here’s my top 6 picks: candice to win it!!! #2amber…#3 angie. #4-5-6…burnell…paul…kree.

  47. Tahoe Mike says:

    Yay! The only result that wasn’t just about the way I’d have picked it was Lasero not being in the bottom three. Well done voters.
    Sorry to see the infernal judges save is back.
    For those who said they don’t get the “Need” for a woman to win, here is why it matters to me. For the past three or four seasons women should have won, but lost to less talented sexually non threatening, musically bland pretty boys. If this show was on the radio, and not on television, those women would have won. For the show to survive they need variety among the winners. The past few winners have been interchangeable and completely forgettable. There has been a serious case of “Glass ceiling” going on Idol and they “Need” to shatter it to retain any semblance of credibility.

  48. Timmah says:

    I second bringing Breanna back. This show needs someone current like her.

  49. twnkltoze says:

    I think the “save” is fruitless and may only buy the bottom-feeder and potential recipient maybe one more week. It may be shocking that they have been voted off but the public has spoken and there is clearly not a strong enough fan base. Let it go. What is America thinking putting Lazaro in 4th place? Over anybody. C’mon people!! Other than that, I’m good with the results. Peace out.