The Following Recap: Bros Before Poe

The Following Season 1 RecapYou thought eye-gouging and choking oneself to death on surgical gauze was scary? This week’s episode of The Following introduced us to an even more frightening proposition: male bonding, psychopath style. In other news, Emma got precisely what she was gunning for and Mike had a really, really bad day at work. Let’s review the major events that took place in “Welcome Home.”

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DADDY’S HOME | Joey wakes at Chateau Crazy and is scared to find his dad staring at him. (Trust those instincts, kid.) Joe’s awkward attempts to make his son feel more comfortable (“I have the ability to be a rather cool and fun guy”) would be cute… if dad weren’t a multiple murderer who glories in his work. Emma assures Joe that Joey just needs time to warm up, then ushers him downstairs to meet his acolytes. It’s interesting to note that throughout the episode, Joe seems a bit overwhelmed that his plans are actually playing out – the cocky bravado that charged his scenes at the prison is muted almost to the point of being absent.

MEET THE FAMILY | As Emma and Joe stand in the driveway, a sherriff’s vehicle screams up and a lawman gets out. Of course it’s not an actual cop, silly – it’s just the much-hyped Roderick, who is decidedly not Mike Weston, like many of us you thought. Through flashbacks, we learn that Joe took the rap for killing two women actually offed by Roderick and that Joe considers Roderick his “first student.” Roderick, it should be noted, is still the sheriff of the town in which Joe’s Traveling Circus of Insanity is currently staged.

Also at the house: Louise, who we met in the last episode, and Charlie, the techie who kissed and lost Claire. Roderick’s been recruiting, he tells his mentor, and he’s added about a dozen more followers since Joe last checked in. Roderick also proudly shows Joe the study they’ve prepared for him. He can use it to write, or hold class, or have an incredibly intimate and horrible moment later in the episode – y’know, a real multi-purpose room! Throughout it all, Emma beamingly trails behind Carroll; you get the feeling girlfriend is just waiting for her moment. It looks like it’s going to happen when they’re both a little drunk in the kitchen later that night; she mops Scotch off his chin and leans in real close as she whispers, “I’m sure there are a lot of things you need to catch up on.” It’s a little hot… until you remember that the pair of them are multiple murderers who glory in their work. Joe then abruptly reminds her that he loves Claire, and when another follower interrupts to give a totally unnecessary update, the moment is broken. Don’t fret, Miss Emma. You’ll get your chance again – and sooner than you think! (But Follower With One Line Who Singlehandedly Prevented Emma From Sexing Up Prof. Joe? I’d sleep with a shiv under my pillow if I were you. The tiny, murderous pixie will not forget that anytime soon.)

THE STRONG, SILENT TYPE | Roderick spearheads the effort to find Claire by kidnapping Mike from his hotel room and bringing him to an abandoned shipyard. Louise, Charlie and a bunch of others are there to beat the info out of him, but he claims to have no idea where the Protective Custody people have stashed Joe’s ex-wife. Mike gives as good as he gets for a while – and even manages to deduce who Roderick is in the psycho scheme of things – but when the lead pipes come out, he is but Nancy Kerrigan to Charlie’s Tonya Harding (or Jeff Gillooly, if you want to be precise). The knives come out just as Ryan and Debra arrive at the shipyard – there’s a whole lot of FBI tracking that gets them to that point, but I’m skipping it so we can get more quickly to the end-of-episode sex and murder. Cool?

Charlie runs his blade into Mike’s abdomen, Ryan takes down five followers with his gun and the rest of them – including Roderick, Louise and Charlie – get away. Ryan cradles Mike while they wait for the ambulance. Did anyone else think that Weston was a goner when he lost consciousness? But he makes it through surgery and Ryan waits by his bedside; despite the way Hardy often seems annoyed by the younger agent, he makes a point of waiting by his bedside. “I just think somebody should be there when he wakes up, that’s all,” Ryan tells Debra. Aw, bromance blossoming! Hardy’s even more impressed when Deb fills him in: Mike is the only member of their operation who actually does know where Claire’s being kept, which makes his silence with the followers even more heroic.

I LOVE YOU, MAN | Roderick, Charlie and Louise find Emma and Joe in his study and apologize for not bringing Claire home with them. Charlie, in particular, can’t get over the fact that he’s let Joe down twice – and Joe doesn’t help when he admits he’s disappointed in his devotee. Charlie spouts some nonsense about wanting his life to mean something and then hands Joe a blade. “This is my gift,” he intones, which I might’ve found a bit more affecting if I hadn’t been giggling at Louise’s matter-of-fact unfolding of a plastic tarp on the ground behind him. Guys, the estate is huge – can’t this symbolic and utterly gory act take place somewhere that isn’t draped in Persian rugs? Apparently not, because Joe kisses Charlie and they embrace, then Joe guts his acolyte like a Yellowfin fillet.

The moment is highly erotic (if those aren’t “O” faces on both men, I’ll eat my recapper’s hat) and it charges everyone in the room. Emma trails Joe upstairs, ostensibly to help him clean up and change clothes. But pretty soon she’s right up in his serial killer stuff. “I love my wife,” he reminds her. “She’s not here,” she replies. Professor Joe can’t refute a correct and strongly backed-up argument, so they kiss and fall into bed. Downstairs, Roderick looks unsettled as he tells Louise, “Things are different with Joe here.” She tries to tease him out of his mood and gets choked for her trouble. He releases her just before she blacks out, then they get it on. It would be really sexy if they weren’t both multiple… no, you know what? I pride myself on being pretty laid-back about these things, but the concept of violent near-strangulation as foreplay leaves me a little cold.

Now it’s your turn. Did follower David and his cyanide pill realness serve any purpose in the episode? What did you think of new FBI boss Nick? Were you proud of Mike’s fortitude in the face of so much pain? Are you wondering what became of Ryan’s alcoholism? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Veronica says:

    Loved the episode. It was really weird seeing James purefoy get it on without a toga and roman uniform….sorry having a Rome flashback. But i love the show more every week. I’m looking forward to a Claire, joe, and Emma reunion!

    • Leo says:

      Paul-Jacob > Louise-Roderick
      C’mon it has been two episodes without our lovely gays erm guys… We’re totally interested to find out what happened. Did Paul die?
      And it will be nice if somehow Paul-Jacob double-crosses Joe and work with Ryan, even they’re just clueless dummies, after they found out Emma ‘grossly’ hit on someone who looks like her father. I was like, “Bish please!” and their sex scene is so…yawn and gross?
      Omg nice to see some familiar faces (that new FBI from Ringer (RIP) and Roderick from Common Law (RIP))
      And I was screaming the whole episode, “Don’t you dare kill off Iceman! DON’T YOU DARE!”
      Was secretly glad they off-ed Charlie (prefer Louise) though did Joe and Charlie really kiss? So messed up.

    • Leo says:

      Oh and Louise unfolding that plastic sheet might just be the most hilarious thing on this show. Ever. Funnier than how they portray FBI’s incompetency.

      • kallie says:

        I am with you on that one! Was it me or did everyone in the room look like they had an orgasm when the knife went in wth? LOL and the fbi they couldn’t have flatten a tire or two when they got to the shipping yard to stop there escape ???

  2. Alichat says:

    I don’t quite know what to think of this episode. It was disturbing on so many levels. After Charlie’s filleting, I got the impression that Roderick was disappointed with Joe. I could be completely off on this, but his somber mood afterward….prior to the messed up choking scene….gave me the feeling that he wasn’t expecting Joe to do that to Charlie. From a storytelling point, how did the lunatics get away from the shipyard? What exactly was Debra doing outside when she heard Ryan firing off about 20 rounds? Could she not put a tracker on that SUV and trace them to Disturbiaville? Take out two of the tires so they couldn’t speed away? Rip out something from the engine so it wouldn’t start? Or…or…I don’t know, maybe run in and help Ryan shoot all the lunatics?

    • Meredith says:

      LOL, I thought the same thing about disabling the car! Don’t FBI agents have to pass some kind of IQ test or at the very least have common sense?

      • Alichat says:

        Apparently not…..since we’ve seen proof of this in every episode.

        On another note, I think the ‘beat up Mike’ game would have been better if Mike was 1) equally beating the crap out of Charlie or at least holding his own and 2) he was taunting Charlie about how he lost Claire and about how disappointed Joe must be.

      • Amy says:

        That’s still the weakest link in this show. The bad guys basically ran right past her and she wasn’t able to shoot one of them, or even the tires of the car. They need to fix that aspect of the show because its getting old.

      • ENAD says:

        The writers of this show need to show the fans a lot more respect, they must think that we are mindless viewers who have an hour to kill on a Monday night, and decide to put our brains on pause and watch The Following. I am trying really hard not to lose my patience, but I don’t know how much longer or how many more times I can point out how stupid the FBI on this show is being portrayed. Letting the air out of the tires was the first thing that popped into my mind. Hell FBI lady could have easily done that while she allowed Ryan to go in and kill five baddies.

        • mike c says:

          Man, I am truly trying to like this show but it just keeps getting harder. It’s a bit annoying to see Joe Carroll and company consistently running circles around Ryan and the FBI. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!

          I’ll hang in there for the rest of the season but if this show is canceled, I won’t miss it at all.

          • Hermit says:

            It’s already been renewed, so it’s as good a time as any to give it up. I’m giving it one more episode and if it’s still just as frustrating, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep watching.

        • CS Glo says:

          Whow, what was that we just jumped over?
          Damn, it was a shark.

      • tripoli says:

        Not to mention that they could have brought some back up. Lets just assume that they sent a bunch of dudes after Weston so lets send a bunch of FBI guys to the shipyard to even the odds a bit. Damn this FBI is maddening!

    • The Beach says:

      Arrrrrg, me too. When they saw the SUV at the shipyard I said to myself: “Slash the damn tires”, then “Where your backup” and finally as the female agent is shouting to stop…FBI…”Just shoot ’em, damn it”! And why does every show like this always bring in a new, yet clueless, supervisor?

      Other than these tiny nit-picks (huh?), I thought the episode was super intense…on many levels.

    • ENAD says:

      I think that Roderick has been leading the followers while Joe was behind bars and now that Joe is out, Roderick is no longer in charge and might be feeling a tad jealous and disappointed. I think that there might be some power struggle between the two in the future.

    • marci says:

      I am totally with you there–I couldn’t BELIEVE Debra didn’t do anything while waiting for the boys!! I think even I could do better than just yelling at them to stop and pointlessly shoot a gun at them. I’ve never really liked her before, and this is just ridiculous.
      I also thought the episode was quite disturbing..I’m not sure if I liked it or not yet! I didn’t think Joe was going to kill Charlie, but when he did, I noticed Roderick seemed a bit off, also, which made me quite surprisingly happy. That was until he started making out Louise. I wish he would’ve just off-ed her when he had the chance–she seriously gets on my nerves!!

    • marci says:

      I am totally with you there–I couldn’t BELIEVE Debra didn’t do anything while waiting for the boys!! I think even I could do better than just yelling at them to stop and pointlessly shoot a gun at them. I’ve never really liked her before, and this is just ridiculous.
      I also thought the episode was quite disturbing..I’m not sure if I liked it or not yet! I didn’t think Joe was going to kill Charlie, but when he did, I noticed Roderick seemed a bit off, also, which made me quite surprisingly happy. That was until he started making out Louise. I wish he would’ve just off-ed her when he had the chance–she seriously gets on my nerves!!

    • CarolC says:

      I too found it very disturbing – woke up this morning thinking about it. Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to stay with the show – even though it’s done well etc. It was good to see the chinks in the armour of the crazies for once, egos clashing, dysfunction flying etc. That sheriff is so chilling…..

  3. George2k says:

    This show is a train wreak bad plot points dumb gimmick Horror stuff (the pill) … yet I cant stop watching it ….. TELL ME WHY lol

    • Brandon says:

      if you dont like the show whats the point of commenting? Just to complain?

      • Mikepach says:

        Yea that’s the beauty of freedom of speech. If a show is disappointing we can say it freely, if you don’t like it you can tell us to shut up BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO.

      • Olive says:

        He was asking a question that I find myself asking too. Why do I stick with show even though it has cringe worthy writing? There is something engaing to it that I can’t quite pin down.

        • buzmeg says:

          Maybe like me you are watching because then you can come here and laugh at it with like minded individuals

        • chistosa says:

          I am not sure that “engaging” is the right term but I know what you are saying. For me it is more compelling than engaging. Almost like the following willingly flocking to Joe all the while they are watching him gut Charlie. I was sickened by that quite disturbing image of those two males in the passion of the moment but felt compelled to see it.

        • DianaDT says:

          I agree with you, except I think I am so in love with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy that I have wishful thinking that it will get better. I think at this point….I just want to see the little boy get home. I may just save myself time, stop watching and just read a review on the finale.

      • Lola says:

        I hate this comment so much. We’re allowed to start watching a show, enjoy the premise, and discuss why it disappoints us sometimes. Or all the time. And you just have to skip over all of these terrible negative comments…poor you.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for not killing Mike! I was seriously worried for couple of minutes. Emma on the other hand needs to die NOW, I don’t care how but the sooner the better. If certain scenes weren’t so vital I’d be fast forwarding her every single time. I’m not talking about a character I love to hate like Joe, I’m talking about someone I flat out don’t like. It’s sickening how needy she is, she makes my skin crawl.

    • George2k says:

      The actress has the perfect (evil smirk) down !!!!!!!!!

      • Jennifer says:

        She still makes my skin crawl. I already didn’t like her in premiere, nanny my ass! Something was off about her from hrr first scene. I assumed/hoped she’d be dead in premiere or it would be the only episode she appeared in. Ironically I really liked the “gay” couple.

  5. jonathon says:

    Yeah everytime i see james purefoy i think of resident evil and rome and how great he is at being an evil villain. this was a twisted episode with a house full of psychos but lots of intriguing things happened throughout, can’t wait till hardy gets his revenge!!!

  6. Matty Ice says:

    How exactly did this episode move the plot along?

    • tripoli says:

      It didn’t. Just continued to show that the FBI is full of bumbling idiots who can’t catch a break. Oy vey!

  7. Steph says:

    It is a mystery to me why all these men find Emma so appealing, I of course am waiting for her to meet her demise. Congrats to the actress for pulling off some kind of creepy.

  8. Pat D. says:

    It was overall a better episode than they’ve had recently, but that stupid cliched “hey we’re violent psychos, this is how we enjoy sex” scene at the end kinda ruined it for me. I *was* kind of wondering if the new director had sent Mike out to try and catch Roderick (using him as bait), but I guess that ended up not being the case. And one wonders how Carroll knew to go after Mike, that he had been sent home—guess there must be still a mole somewhere in the FBI office.

    • Jennifer says:

      Mike pissed off new guy in charge when he (Mike) hacked the email and got sent back to hotel. Mike didn’t answer phone when Hardy kept calling, after he found out Mike got sent back to hotel, it was mentioned that Mike never ignores his phone so Hardy got suspicious and went to hotel.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m sorry! I misread your comment! I assume with the number of followers that Carroll has “people” everywhere.

    • Andy says:

      I was thinking Donovan was a Follower, then he or Roderick chose Mike to be the one to go after, and then Donovan sent Mike packing for the day so that Roderick and his fellow followers could go get Mike. Donovan could have been listening to Debra when she told Mike to go back to the motel. That, or Donovan may not be a follower, and Debra could be one, but if Mike wasn’t Roderick like many thought he was, I’m just gonna guess Debra’s not a follower, due to her not being too into joining up with local cults. If anyone is a follower in the FBI right now, I’d say either Donovan or the other woman on their team.

      • Pat D. says:

        I hope it isnt Donovan…that would be a really lazy way to go about planting another mole, and really, would Ryan and Parker not suspect that from the moment a new guy walks in the door and starts clamping down on their efforts?

  9. Viv says:

    I have no idea why I can´t stop watching this show. I don´t know where they want to went with this thing or how they are gonna fill multiple seasons or anything… i don´t even care about the absurdity (is this actually a word? i hope i´m not making any words up :D ). think “disturbing” is an excellent word to describe this episode. I was really worried that they were going to kill Mike off and I´m glad they didn´t. And I hope that they know what they want to do in the next episodes, because I don´t see it yet. Its kind of confusing. (as are my sentences. sorry for bad english – its 5:31 in the morning over here).

    • CarolC says:

      Agreed on all counts…. and yes, absurdity is a word. I read it’s been renewed for another season, and my heart actually sank :) becos I guess that means they’ll keep Carroll alive.

      • CarolC says:

        I thought this was an interesting review on Wikipedia…. Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times said the series was “hard to turn off and even harder to watch” and that “precisely because it is so bleak and relentlessly scary, The Following offers a more salutary depiction of violence than do series that use humor to mitigate horror — and thereby trivialize it.”

  10. Sara says:

    I…don’t even know what to say about this episode.

  11. ABC says:

    this show is so ridiculous.

  12. Ellie says:

    I want to loooove this show but the bumbling FBI makes me not love it. How is it that Kevin Bacon’s character always shoots well, has the gut feelings, etc., and everyone else is tripping over their shoelaces?. Love the cult stuff but I agree, the violent sex scene at the end was unnecessary. Do think this was a extra creepy episode though.

  13. Mikepach says:

    It’s just driving me insane how incompetent the FBI is in this show. Tonight was the last straw. The farmhouse made me mad, last weeks vanishing stealth news chopper infuriated me and this week, I sign off officially. I know I’m not the only one either, check the ratings. Since the farmhouse debacle the shows lost 5 million viewers.

    • baddog says:

      With you 100% – I liked it but the plot misfires are beyond the ability to suspend “disbelief”…like when the cop car pulled up with sirens and lights and NO ONE even blinked, moved or LOOKED AT IT!

      • Tamim says:

        I think no one at the compound looked at the police car because they all knew that Roderick was the local sheriff. Only Emma and Joe didn’t know the guy was the sheriff, so they were the only ones who looked worried. Everyone else there has a, perhaps dangerous or perhaps justified, sense of safety.

    • B says:

      It really bugged me last night too. Surely the writers can come up with a better way to keep the story going without it having to be that all of law enforcement is JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE AT THEIR JOBS. Even the little things seem too convenient, like when Mike is observant enough to feel like he’s being followed, yet doesn’t notice several people standing in his hotel room before he locks the door? I can’t see any FBI agent blindly doing that under his circumstances.

  14. Melody Paris says:

    I’m just happy Charlie is dead, the guy creeped me out.

  15. B. Leonard says:

    I thought it was great! People are always willing to die for their lunatic leaders. Happens every day all over the world. Everyone loves a martyr. Rodrick was a little shocked however I was not. Joe finds a deep satisfaction in the killing, he gets off on it at some deeper level. Maybe it’s a power trip; having all those people willing to commit the ultimate sin for you, wanting nothing in return, but your approval. Hay, isn’t that how Charles Manson’s family was? Interesting……

  16. big cheddar says:

    I think the only thing that will take down this cult will be dissention within the ranks. I have a feeling that Roderick won’t like being second in command as much as he thought he would.

    • Tamim says:

      On that note of dissension within the ranks, I wonder how long it will take before the cult breaks up and Joe has to team with Ryan to save Little Joey and Claire? I think that Joe really does care (in a sick kind of power way) for his family. But I also think that Roderick is already seeing a wind of change that he doesn’t like and Emma won’t be very happy once Claire assumes a role beside Joe to keep her son safe. It’s not like these are stable people. I feel very certain that the former friendship between Ryan and Joe will surface if they have to work together to save Claire, maybe even to the point that Ryan protects Joe in some way because they need each other. Ryan hates Joe so, so much! You can only hate like that if you loved the person first.

      • Coolio Jackson says:

        i think you’re on to something. This ridiculous cat and mouse game can’t go on indefinitely…so maybe, next season Joe will be consulting with the FBI to bring down other serial killers.

  17. D-Man616 says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww…the Following has it’s own Ryan Chappelle showing up and being a bureaucratic douchebag just for the hell of it.

  18. Nick says:

    This show is so absurd and gets more ridiculously unbelievable each week, but I can’t stop watching, so I guess it’s doing something right

  19. Eric says:

    James is the only reason i watch this show. That guy is a huge talent. Other then that, the writing of the plot leaves so much to be desired. Way to predictable and this episode should happen way later. Too young in the season to not advance a story. Sex ‘n violence for the sake of itself is a true sign of weak writing.

  20. J says:

    “Looks like Mike is in the shipyard.”
    “Ok, you two go alone… The FBI will show up in a few hours.”

  21. perfetch7 says:

    “Did follower David and his cyanide pill realness serve any purpose in the episode? What did you think of new FBI boss Nick? Were you proud of Mike’s fortitude in the face of so much pain? Are you wondering what became of Ryan’s alcoholism?”

    To be perfectly honest, at this point of the show the question I’m asking myself is: “Do I really care?” I liked the idea / premise of this show when it was initially announced to be a 15 episode ‘shortened’ series, but now that the show’s been greenlit for a second season of 15 episodes I’m not convinced that concept can be sustained. I’ll continue to tune in, but in my honest opinion the show is getting weaker and weaker by the episode.

  22. kirads09 says:

    “Joe seems a bit overwhelmed that his plans are actually playing out – the cocky bravado that charged his scenes at the prison is muted almost to the point of being absent.”
    Thank you! To me that was very telling – Joe seemed downright uncomfortable with all of it.
    You get the feeling (if he weren’t a wacko serial killer) that he would just like to get his wife, his son and disappear. What about “David” offing himself with cyanide capsule whilst being interrogated but not before saying some creepy cryptic things to Ryan.

  23. kirads09 says:

    Oh, also I want to add. I think there may be a huge “alpha male” showdown brewing btwn Joe and Roderick. After all, while Joe has been in prison, Roderick has been the main leader on the outside (apparently). Roderick’s statement about how things are different and both men seem unsettled – setting that up? Undoubtedly Joe will win out in such a contest but if there is infighting in the cult, things will get even bloodier.

    • Jen says:

      Agreed! I was just coming to write something similar! Early in the episode when Roderick is showing Joe the house, Roderick got that call about his lunch order…it was just a quick glance, but I noticed Joe give a look, perhaps jealously that he’s been sitting in prison while Roderick’s been free. Joe committed his own crimes so he belonged there, but Roderick hasn’t paid for his. Combine that with the statement about things being different now with Joe back…I have a feeling things will boil over with them.

  24. Tinzel says:

    I was really surprised that they killed off Carlie only because he seemed to connect with Joey. He could have been a good link between father and son since Charlie idolized Joe like a father figure.

  25. Pat D. says:

    Another thing that bothered me about this episode was Mike having his head bashed in with a steel pipe….AND getting run through with a knife, and then the paramedics telling Ryan that “he should be ok”. ROFL. That scene was an absolute joke.

    It actually kinda reminded me of the end of Last Action Hero—where Jack sustains a wound in the real world that WILL kill him, but the kid sends his character back to the movies where the paramedic says “What are you all worried about…he’s gonna be fine!”.

  26. ENAD says:

    Oh you silly, silly, FBI people! Please take a page out of Ryan’s book and SHOOT the bad guys first. While Ryan was able to take out five followers where was the FBI woman? And how stupid of her to be yelling “stop! FBI!”, did she really believe that they were going to surrender, because her 9mm is so big and scary? Based on the security footage, the FBI knew that a contingent of followers took Weston, but they didn’t immediately send back-up after them? I’m not asking that the FBI have a win every week, but the show keeps portraying them as the stupidest crime fighting agency on the planet and its wearing thin. Now we have a new arse heading the unit, Ryan figures out that the kidnappers were at the Newport News Harbor and suggested that they go after them, the idiot jumps in that it’s his call to make, and then makes the SAME call! Yikes!

    • drhenning says:

      The fact that he got no help with those guys leads me to believe that Debra’s in on it too… How convenient that she shows up shoot just as they were leaving… Geesh… I agree that the Criminal Minds guys need to clean this up… They can track serial killers and cults…

      • flo says:

        i agree i think she is in on it some way…too convenient that she wasn’t there to help ryan….she had the perimeter where? lol….and no tracking the suv back to the house…stupid…with all the high tech the fbi couldnt send back up? duh….glad mike didn’t die i like him…..

  27. K. says:

    I love this show also but if the FBI and Police don’t get a brain anytime soon it’s going to get OLD! I think they need to get Joey back too because dragging that story line out is no good either. They can I have a great show that isn’t centered on getting the kid back and about Claire. I starting to think Ryan needs to call Agent Hotchner and his team of Criminal Minds to help… LOL!

  28. SK says:

    I think Nick is a follower or we have a mole in the FBI still that knew Mike was sent home early. How else would they have known to wait for him at the hotel and in his room that early? I also thought it was quite ridiculous that Ryan and Debra went there alone without backup and that she didn’t hear all the shots fired and she didn’t shoot at the tires!

    • bobby927 says:

      An untold rule of this version of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence) is “never shoot at the tires.”

      • Pat D. says:

        Never mind that….they had no idea where the fugitives were, so why on earth didnt they disable their vehicle? LMAO…did they not consider them *POSSIBLY* escaping with their hostage? What further clue did they need, the SUV actually running with a getaway driver?

  29. nlcorner says:

    The FBI’s new boss – dispensable black guy. It has to be said because they already killed the last one. And after the picture chart he’s definitely a goner.

    • drhenning says:

      Lemond Bishop( played by same actor as new FBI guy) should bring in that lawyer from The Good Wife this week.. he’ll fix it all!!!

  30. Chris says:

    Debra is a follower ..mark my words.but last night was amazing and creepy.

    • lindsaywhit says:

      After last night, I’d have to agree – she was USELESS in that shipyard. The thing is, I think Claire is part of the whole thing as well. If not, she truly is TSTL

    • Jerry says:

      Here’s what I haven’t been able to understand – she visited Joe in prison in the 2nd episode and gave him a book, as if she -was- a Follower. What happened with that?

      • Jen says:

        I took that as, either she is a follower, or it was some sort of play she used since she’s supposed to be an expert on cults. I think it was meant to be confusing so that viewers don’t trust anyone.

  31. I think Nick is a Follower, the way he keeps interfering with the investigation.

  32. Paige says:

    I think Nick, the new supervisor, is a Follower. He’s the one who sent Mike home. He’s the one who says every decision needs to be run by him first — such as Debra and Hardy going to the shipyard. For a moment there, I thought he wasn’t going to let them. Plus, when deciding which FBI guy to go after, they chose Mike. Maybe someone (Nick) told them that he actually does know where Claire is. On a unrelated note, it was nice to see that Jacob and Paul will be back next week. I wondered about them.

    • Faster says:

      He’s got to be, and I’m glad someone brought this up because it seemed so obvious to me that something was up with him. And even if I’m wrong, I find the biggest flaw in this series so far to be that NO ONE IN THE FBI IS QUESTIONING EACH OTHER. The prisoner who ate his own hand/cyanide pill made it pretty clear that that is what they should be doing when he went off on his rant about how they are everyone – your sons, daughters, wives, etc. Come on Ryan, get a clue while you’re sitting there at Weston’s bedside.

  33. bobby927 says:

    Isn’t Joe & Claire divorced? If so, what’s all the crap/BS spewing from Joe that he’s so faithful (I love my wife) ad nauseum. I guess murder, torture and kidnapping is OK but infidelity is not. Gimme a break.

    • Jen says:

      Yes, they’re divorced. They established that early on when Ryan and Claire started dating. I think Joe still loves her though. And still considers her his wife despite the divorce while in prison.

  34. Sara says:

    The killing of Charlie was sooo breathtaking! I know that sounds messed up, but I was lost of words! One of the most powerful scenes I have seen the last couple of years.

  35. Jerry says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking about what is wrong with this show (well, besides incompetent FBI).

    They wanted to model it after 24 yes? Then they should have done it like 24 – the whole season happening over a day (or maybe a week, tops). A lot of what happens would be A LOT more believable (somehow) if it happened in one day. Because it’s hard to have the FBI just keep failing miserably without learning day after day, week after week.

    • Pat D. says:

      Not only that, but one of the great things about 24 was that they never let you go very long without allowing the hero (Jack/Ryan) to score a major victory. In that sense, the Following fails.

  36. John Moshier says:

    they should of put a tracker on the suv I dont trust that one agent with him theres something about her we dont know yet

  37. Disco Dave says:

    This show is all kinds of horrible, yet laughable implausibility. You can suspend belief only so much.

  38. champmav says:

    FBI: no one is so stupid at their jobs.
    Cult: no charisma or evident psychological manipulation.
    Killings: have become “torture porn” and it is deeply troubling
    The writers of this show seem to want it to be “Homeland” or “Dexter” and instead it is “Revolution”, i.e. just gratuitous violence to prop up lack of story.
    These actors (really, everyone in the production) deserve better. We deserve better. I want to like this because of the onscreen talent, getting sooo hard to sustain.

  39. Anna says:

    So… where are Jacob and Paul? I really thought they’d be back this episode. Also I’m kinda glad that Mike survived, because he’s my favourite “good guy” and I really like to love one of them instead of only loving the psychopath serial killers…

  40. LC says:

    Definitely was an interesting episode! I thought the same thing about Debra but maybe she is secretly a follower and wanted them to get away…

  41. JeniLee says:

    I think if you wanna be precise….it was Shane Stant who attacked Kerrigan no? Jeff Gilloolly helped plan it but didnt carry out the attack himself

  42. Lee says:

    Law enforcement in this show is supposed to look inept, so you can’t pick out of a line-up who is an acolyte and who is…