Exclusive Switched at Birth Finale Video: Daphne and Bay's Protest Ends in a Family Blowout

switched300It wouldn’t be a Switched at Birth season ender without some familial disagreements.

On tonight’s winter finale (ABC Family, 8/7c), the Kennishes and the Vasquezes — including their own daughters, Bay and Daphne — disagree about how to handle their kids’ Keep Carlton Deaf protest, and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the blowout.

When John and Kathryn get upset about the girls’ “prolonged temper-tantrum,” Regina interjects.

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“Have you people never heard of civil disobedience? Martin Luther King? This is how change happens,” she exclaims.

But the dispute doesn’t end there. It turns out Bay spoke to the press, and Daphne is none too happy about it.

Also on tap for the finale, per executive producer Lizzy Weiss: “Bay and Emmett have a talk about Noah that’s pretty impactful”; John’s race for State Senate concludes; “one major thing” happens to both Daphne and Bay; and “something really big happens with Regina that will reverberate in the next 10 episodes. It’s a huge part of where we’re going.”

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Brandy says:

    That’s right. Tell her Bay, because Daphne is tripping lately!

  2. Kira says:

    I’m with Bay on this. Why is it ok for Bay & Noah to help with the protest but not attend the school? Does that mean somebody who isn’t completely deaf or somebody who is hearing but has family memebers who are deaf can’t attend also? Can students who use hearing aides (Daphne) still attend school? What percentage of deafness is acceptable? It’s not as black and white as Daphne wants it to be. And I hope Daphne doesn’t do anything else with Noah!!!! Her reaction to what Emmett said already shows she knows she crossed a line.

  3. Alice says:

    Ugh, Daphne. So, it’s fine for Bay to pull the fire alarm that makes your entire plan worl, and make the protest art, but heaven forbid she not hide in a corner and pretend she isn’t there.

  4. Plum says:

    You have to remember that the protest is mirroring what happend at Gallaudet, which is about having autonomy, getting respect and deaf pride, and it has to do with Daphne’s attack; in Season 1 Daphne was the one trying to assimilate but this season is about Daphne embracing deaf pride, to the point of hurting Bay’s feelings. It’s been an interesting season, the characters are all so engaging, both the kids and the ‘rents.

  5. It’s interesting that Bay and Daphne have reversed roles; Bay was so angsty last season and Daphne was the “good” one trying to fit in. Daphne is tired of hating who she is and she’s finally embracing being deaf…but does that necessarily mean Bay can’t be a part of that world simply because she is hearing?

  6. Elyse says:

    Daphne has been a piece of work this season. kinda getting on my nerves!

  7. Kaylee says:

    Daphne is a brat. Hearing or not, she’s ungrateful, proud and a really bad representative for the deaf community. I seriously hope Bay puts her whiney self in its place. She always grated on my nerves, but her treatment of Bay and Travis this season is disgusting.

  8. imogene says:

    i think they should only let the hearing kids that are there if they bring more in they have to learn asl its stupid that they are letting the kids into the school and not learn asl when most of the teachers are asl only

  9. MelindaB says:

    What I dislike about SAB is that the message seems to have become that being deaf is better than (rather than just different from) hearing, and that discrimination is fine if it’s against hearing people. Melody is the biggest perpetrator of the double standard on the show. If a deaf student was in a hearing school, there would be the expectation of accommodation (as there should be) but in the reverse as in the pilot program, the hearing students are treated with contempt and as horrible burdens as they learn to communicate via ASL. Imagine if the differences were of race or religion, and the same dislike and distaste were being communicated.

    • Spencer says:

      I actually don’t think that’s the message at all. The writers seem to actually portray a lot of different opinions within the deaf community on this matter – but just because the message isn’t always nice, doesn’t mean they should ignore that it exists. They did a great job in the last episode when Emmett was trying to make people see that Bay belonged at the school, while other students, like Travis and Daphne, disagreed. I would imagine that would be mirrored in real life. There are deaf people who would rather their schools and community only be comprised of deaf people, and there are deaf people that have no problem with hearing people being involved in their community. It’s the same for racial minorities, gay communities, etc. As a straight person with a lot of gay friends, there have definitely been occasions where people have flat out told me that I don’t belong in the same spaces as they do. It sucks, but it happens.

      On the subject of Melody, I think she (as a character) was written to be super intolerant, but to sometimes look really dumb for that intolerance. I think the moment she started questioning Regina’s love for Daphne after Regina found out she couldn’t sign anymore shows how ridiculous a character Melody can be sometimes.

  10. jessie says:

    Switched at birth is an amazing show but, I wish Bay and EMMETT get back together. I love Switched at birth it is sooooooooo awesome. I hate it when I miss it because, I fèel like I miss a lot. I can’t wait until it comes back on.

  11. Canisa Jackson says:

    I love switched at birth bay and Emmett adore each other and they really need to get back together that is one of the reasons I watch the show I have been waiting for brand new episodes to come back on for a long time

  12. Sophie says:

    In the end practically nothing worked out for Bay… Okay, she can still attend Carlton and I personally like the fact that she broke up with Noah, but there is so much that went wrong for her. I can not wait ’till part 2 of the season so the writers can mop this all up :D