Mad Men Season 6 Poster Clones Don Draper! Plus: Who's the Mystery Woman?

The new poster for Mad Men‘s sixth season is giving us ideas about a theme cocktail you can serve at your premiere viewing parties: the Double Don Draper.

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Start with two shots of the dapper Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce partner. Add a pensive gaze, a perfectly parted ‘do and a briefcase full of business. Stir in an unidentified female — probably Megan, but substitutions are acceptable — and pour over a bustling Manhattan spring day. Voila! Even Roger would approve.

Study the art below in advance of the AMC drama’s two-hour return on April 7 (9/8c), then hit the comments: Does the image slake — or stoke? — your thirst for more Mad Men?

Mad Men Season 6 Poster Don Draper

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  1. Pedro P. says:

    as long as there’s LESS Megan than the previous season, I’m happy..

    • Bella says:

      Totally!! Not fond of Megan at all. Wish she’d just go away quietly. Or not so quietly, I do not care. Just go. haha

  2. MadMenFanatic says:


  3. april-ann says:


  4. Peggy says:

    This poster is like a bean ballet.

  5. C says:

    Looks like a Betty night gown to me.

  6. SylwekG says:

    I hope it’s Megan. I’m probably the only one who loves her and thinks that she brought something fresh to the show. And I hate Betty with a passion since season 2.

  7. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Isn’t that Megan in the purple dress in the background? With Roger and possibly…Joan? The poster looks to me like Don is headed into the future with an eye on the past and probably a desire to go back.

  8. accini says:

    The cure for the common TV show.

  9. Geo says:

    What about all the cops and the “one way” sign that seems to be pointing in their direction?

  10. Jen says:

    I hope it’s Betty and not Megan! It would be poetic justice for him to cheat with Betty instead of cheat on Betty. I hope Megan has moved to Hollywood and become a big star far away from Madison Avenue and Don. I was on total Megan overload last season but loved everything else about it. Can’t wait for season 6!

  11. Danielle H. says:

    Meh..can’t wait but don’t like the poster.

  12. Gilda says:

    I agree with people who say that it looks like Megan in the background. I also agree with whoever said it looks like peggy with the man next to her. So Betty?

  13. janet says:

    At first glance I thought that was Pete’s back (in pale blue suit) … The cops definitely pique my interest … No Pete would make me happy!

  14. re says:

    Looks like the army may have finally found out about Don and he has to run from his past yet again. Hopefully he will run far from Megan! I can’t stand her. I want to see more of Betty again.

  15. wi says:

    The woman in the purple dress in the background reminds me of Peggy more than anything else.
    I love Megan, hope she stays and unravel DD some more.

  16. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Nice artwork – very indicative of the commercial artwork from that era.

  17. KK says:

    Since the scene in the kitchen at the end of S3 I have had a theory that Don would eventually have an affair with Betty and now I think that’s going to be right. It would make so much sense character wise for both and story wise. Think about the happiest we ever saw Don and Betty? Don and Betty in Paris acting like strangers. Away from their real life, as if they werent suburbia super couple, they were so into each other. So much so that they didn’t ant to leave at the end.

    It would also makes sense story wise. After the end of S5, it’s pretty safe to assume Don reverted to his old ways including cheating on Meghan. Don and Betty see each still because of their children. And at this point, Betty is no longer the naive young woman he married. And because she didn’t grow up at the same time as Meghan she’s not extremely outspoken with her own agenda. But she has grown up some, realizes that the grass is not always greener. She’s more of a perfect medium now, a perfect person for Don to have an affair with.

  18. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Regarding what the poster signifies, in my mind, it references how last season [5] ended. It ended with the theme song from Bond: You Only Live Twice. In a sense, that’s Don, always living a double-life. I think the poster reflects that double-illusion; one life for yourself, and one for your dreams.

    Don is the ultimate Madison Avenue dream-maker of the 1960s, creating a desired lifestyle for the masses, and then running away from his creation to try to find something real in his life that is now cluttered with the illusions and trappings of the ’60s American Dream that he’s helped create. So Don will always be Don – escape is always his last, and only, option.

  19. Bob says:

    The clue is the pink fingernails.

  20. Dru says:

    Both images are of Don – the guy in the pale suit and the one observing himself having just passed him.

  21. John Stodder says:

    Very cool homage to the illustrator Ben Shahn, a very 60s look.

  22. RachelB-MD says:

    Betty will finally realize that her life with Old Boney Henry is not what she expected and will get down and dirty with THE DRAPE!!!!

  23. JoAn says:

    Megan’s gappy, uneven, yellow teeth grate on me, no pun intended (and none achieved). Seriously, she couldn’t save up a few dollars and get some veneering done on her teeth for under $3,000 before the show began? The people who run this show wanted someone with bad teeth because . . . . I can’t figure it out. Other than the teeth, I think the actress who plays Megan is both beautiful and talented.