Walking Dead Recap: War and (Zombie) Pieces

wdblogIn Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and the Governor sit down to hammer out a peace treaty. Which, as you can imagine, goes about as well as a tête-à-tête between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.

POLITICS AS USUAL | Though Andrea’s managed to bring the rival factions to the negotiating table, one side — ol’ One-Eye’s — isn’t the least bit interested in negotiating. (What is this, Congress?) First, he tell Rick that he only agreed to the meeting so that Team Jailhouse could surrender. Then, he gets under the widower’s skin by blaming his own near-rape of Maggie on Merle and bringing up the possibility that Judith is Shane’s daughter. (You Cyclops bastard, you!) Finally, the Governor makes Rick an offer that he considers unrefusable: Team Woodbury will stand down if and only if the sheriff gives him Michonne.

PRISON RIOT | Back at the penitentiary, Glenn has to forcibly stop Merle from interrupting Rick and the Governor’s showdown with an assassination attempt. Later, Glenn apologizes to Maggie for his self-absorption following her hellish experience in Woodbury — “I made it all about me,” he realizes — and is rewarded with some enthusiastic, post-apocalyptic nookie. Meanwhile, Merle tries (and fails) to convince Michonne to side with him and “Shogun the Governor’s ass” while they have the chance.

MACHO, MACHO MAN | While Rick and the Governor’s powwow is still going on, Daryl and Milton take turns calling each other names. (Daryl refers to Milton as the Governor’s butler; Milton refers to Daryl as Rick’s henchman.) Then, before bonding over cigarettes and zombie-bashing, Daryl and Martinez do pretty much the same thing. Hershel and Milton get along well, though. Milton is so intrigued by the way Hershel’s amputation saved his life that he wants to see the doc’s stump. “We just met,” he replies. “At least buy me a drink first.”

TRUE LIES | Though Andrea returns with the Governor to Woodbury, having been kicked out of the “peace talks” like she was an office intern seems to have driven home the fact that she has no place there. And even Milton is appalled when the Governor reveals that, whether he gets Michonne, he’ll still slaughter the rest of Team Jailhouse. Back at the prison, Rick (kinda) lies that the Governor wants their stronghold. “We’re going to war,” he tells everybody… except Hershel, to whom he confesses what Evil Eye really wants.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Rick will hand over Michonne in the end? Will Andrea do what she should’ve done ages ago and killed the Governor in his sleep? And Lord have mercy, what end-times gym is Martinez working out at? Those arms could star in their own spinoff! Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Monica4185 says:

    Okay when and how did the governor found out about Shane/Lori/Rick mess, for him to even mention it to Rick at all?

    • Rrrrrr says:

      He said that Andrea told him about it

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      Andrea and her big “I have running water and clean sheets and sex so I can’t keep my mouth shut” mouth! This is yet another reason (on a very long list) that Andrea should be devoured by a zombie mob. You don’t talk about Fight Club Andrea! So foul of her to tell the Governor the inner workings and struggles of her Original Crew.

      • A says:

        i strongly agree i didn’t hear rick saying that. THAT dumb B needs to go like ASAP i can’t stand seeing her stupid face. I REALLY HOPE MICHONNE KILLS HER OR… A SMALL GROUP OF WALKERS TEAR HER UP! I won’t be sad and i know a whole lot of people whould feel the same.

  2. adambramble says:

    Good Episode.
    I Hate How Their Doing Andrea and Tyrese tho :P

    • Cody says:

      Me too… Hopefully they redeem themselves soon…

    • Ken says:

      In the previews….they showed Andrea telling Tyrese that the Governor is not what he appears to be…..so It looks good for those two teaming up from the inside….and Milton too

    • Alan says:

      whats wrong with tyresse? ive really enjoyed him so far, seems like he acts a lot more like a real person would act in a zombie apocalypse than any of the others.

      • tripoli says:

        I think people are just annoyed that Tyreese hasn’t been much of a bad ass yet and that he’s sort of hooked up with the Governor. Seems like that is soon to change though. Here’s hoping.

  3. Mo says:

    I have almost forgiven Andrea for her stupidity thus far because I do feel like she has some sort of plan in mind. Getting Milton on her side is key & he is also starting to see the “real” Governor so I’m hopeful. I don’t think Rick will hand over Michonne because I’m sure he can see now that it won’t stop the Governor from trying to kill them all. Glad to see Glenn & Maggie have made up. ;)

    • Meredith says:

      I totally thought Maggie and/or glen was going to get killed when they left the garage. When I saw the woman who plays Maggie was going to be on The Talking Dead, I thought it was all over for her. I’m glad I turned out to be wrong!

    • Alan says:

      yeah im convinced she has been working an angle ever since she got milton to help her get to the prison. feels a little like we are only seeing part of whats going on at times, kinda like how they held bits back for the big reveal at the end of episodes of leverage but on a bigger scale.

  4. jonathon says:

    great, just great all around!!!

  5. Erik says:

    Andrea needs to be killed in the next episode because she is a know-it-all that’s always wrong and she is about 50 shades of annoying! All in all a good episode but I can’t wait for the last three!

  6. Meg says:

    When Rick first took a sip of the whiskey , I had a vision of him starting to choke and the Governor quoting Mags Bennet from Justified saying “it was already in the glass”

  7. Omar says:

    It was a perfect episode.
    – I could feel the tension/hate between Rick and the Governor. I really liked all the story.
    – I liked the fight between Glenn and Merl… And then Maggie and Michone. And how Beth put end to the fight with a gunshot!
    – The last minutes when both (Rick and the G.) are back in the prision and Woodbury were just epic.

    Can’t wait for the last three episodes!

    Andrea has a plan. Milton is starting to see the “real” Governor. And thanks to the promo for next week I could see that Andrea is telling to Tyresse and Sasha that the Governor is not a good person.

    • Alan says:

      it was great to see beth finally do something cool. i feel like they are missing out with her, she could be a really good character with a little development but they continue to push her into the background even with a diminished cast.

  8. Whatever says:

    The only redemption for Andrea is her offing the Governor.
    Having someone who he thought he could trust do it would be the most just way.
    And it seems as though Andrea is ready to remove her head from her a*s finally.

  9. waterbug says:

    I just have a gut feeling that Milton will kill the one-eyed Governator.

  10. Penny says:

    Andrea has been annoying since Season 1. Telling the Governor about Judith was the final straw. That wasn’t even neccessary. Then she finds out about the assault on Maggie and STILL returns to Woodbury. Her feelings seemed to be more hurt that she was asked to leave the negotiations than one of the group was assaulted and brutalized by an insane,psychoctic, lunatic that she keeps having sex with. My hope, is Andrea’s ambition and lust for power will force her into a grand scheme to try to go after the Governor herself, and he will kill her, then Michonne kills him, in revenge for her friend Andrea. Michonne in the comics, was actually raped repeatedly by the Governor, so her wanting to kill him makes more sense. Andrea on the show has just gone too far to come back to the group at the prison. She crossed too many lines. Time for her to go, so let it be in an attempt to end the Governor.

    • T says:

      Andrea returns to Woodbury because, as Hershel said, if she returned to the prison group the “negotiations” would be over. Did you even watch the episode? How could you miss that? She reluctantly returns to Woodbury to keep things “stalled” to protect her prison friends.

      Despite all the hate Andrea gets from whining fans, I hope she survives. She’s one of the best characters on the show, even if her story has been a little rocky this season. Loved her in the first and second season. She’s earned her place.

  11. champmav says:

    Andrea must stay! So many strong feelings aroused in fans, judging by the comments here, is entertainment gold for show runners. It’s so ironic that the whining they do will likely have the opposite effect that these disgruntled (love that word) desire; if it has any effect at all. Andrea’s pretty; she’ll stick around.

  12. jayden says:

    everyone needs to stop picking on michonne. she is the most amazing character on the show. andrea needs to pull her head outta her ass and realize she needs to kill the governor…end of story…just leave michonne alone

  13. Michael says:

    I’m really liking the storytelling in the last few episodes. you can really feel the tension building for the final conflict. I think the previews are killing some potential great moments. The beginning of this episode would have been a real shocker seeing the governor step into the light if we hadn’t seen previews and knew they were going to meet!

  14. Alan says:

    great use of music at the end of the past couple of episode to set the tone, really adds to the sequences we are being shown.
    im still convinced andrea is up to something and has been since the assault so im not going to condemn her just yet.

  15. Danielle H. says:

    Boring ep. He should have just shot the Gov in the head on the spot. And dude’s arms are insane, lol.

    • Alan says:

      why is it anytime they try to do character development or advance the story someone has to say it was a boring episode? this was a fascinating episode because it did both of those things.
      but i guess anything that isnt mostly zombie killing is “boring” so ive got news for anyone with that attitude: this is how the story goes, the walkers will have less and less to do with the show because it is about how people cope in a world like this and to do that they will be using human characters for the drama 9 times out of 10.

      • tripoli says:

        You know it’s possible for someone to find an episode slow for reasons other than lack of zombie kills? That argument is so ridiculous and the only one people have when someone says an episode was boring. It was an okay episode that continues to drag out the showdown that we all know is coming. Yes, it had some great moments and some good character develpoment but overall, it was a little on the slow side. We all know where everyone stands and what will inevitably happen, so an entire episode devoted to a meet and greet that wasn’t going to accomplish anything was somewhat pointless.

        • T says:


          I don’t care about zombie kills. But at least have the character development and story progression be interesting. Season one of The Walking Dead was so much better than season two and this current season. Why? I think because season one only had six episodes, so the producers HAD to tighten up their storytelling – which made for a better story.

          Season two and three are just ridiculous in the amount of padding they’ve done to the story. You can only stretch something out so much until it becomes a bore. The show tries too hard to distance itself from being regarded as just a zombie show. The balance they had in season one was just terrific with the characters and storytelling. Now it’s just about padding. Snooze.

  16. Marie says:

    Andrea, Andrea, Andrea… kill the damn governor and all is forgiven. That’s all it would take for me.
    Love Darryl. Would be nice to see a stronger Rick return. Come to think of it, I pretty much love all the prison people. Can’t wait to see the governor dead (did I already say that? HA!) just like I can’t wait to see Red John dead (and actually just see Red John); oh and Clay Morrow dead.))

  17. I keep wondering about the science behind the Walkers. I like the character Milton for this reason. Here are a few questions/theories.

    1) Has it been established that keeping a few walkers around deters additional walkers/herds from attacking communities? It was established that the farm was ‘protected’ for some reason (Hershel attributed it to his religion), I ask this because the minute they got rid of the walkers in the barn, the herd came through.The fact that walkers now surround the prison could be the very ‘protection’ the Prison needs.

    2) I believe that the walkers retain memories of their past life –Milton was doing experiments in this area, but perhaps Milton was on to something and I hope that this aspect of the walkers is not dropped. The Governs daughter, for instance, seemed to respond to the love of her father, no?

    …that said, I hope they add Milton to the group, because the science aspect has been left out entirely.

    3) I look forward to seeing a female led community–why would the gender roles be precisely the same as they were post-Apocalypse. I would love the see the total deconstruction of gender roles in a story arc.

    • Faster says:

      I agree about the scientific aspect, it would be very interesting to learn more about this even though their knowledge is understandably limited. My friend is convinced the government has infected everyone. Who knows.

  18. Peter says:

    Tim great theories about the barn I always wondered why it was safe. I thought the episode tension was great and love the show. I think they need to clean up the extra plot stories. Am I the only one that thought the hitchhiker scene in the michonne episode was absurd? A guy survives that long is traveling on the road by himself screaming and running? At this point if u don’t have some group then u better be hunkered down like crazy old morgan

  19. I agree Peter, I don’t think that we have seen the last of the lone hitchhiker. I believe that the hitchhiker scene was way too plot driven. I refer to this episode as the “full circle episode” and dangerously crossed the line of going overboard. By this, I mean that the hitchhiker was used as a plot device to show how hardened Rick and his son have become and, at the same time, referenced the first episode with Morgan and is son Duane to emphasize the change. Can you say over-the-top?

    I like character driven stories rather than hard-hitting plot devices. In fact, the last two episodes have been character driven (Dale’s talk with Martinez for instance and Hershel’s long overdue conversation with Andrea about what happened between Maggie and the Governor. The next episode will be more ACTION/killing and gore for those who are lamenting it.

  20. Love this show! One last thing, the creator has established that the time that it takes for someone to turn is based on the ‘fullness of their life’ with love as an underlying factor. The fuller the life, the longer the transition time. (This is way Jim took so long to transition but Shane’s was almost immediate). Have we yet to see a character in between transition as a character; this is, one between human and ‘walker’ (a liminal being)? These are always interesting characters (Spock, Seven of Nine, (from Star Trek) or the Cylons (from BSG) are good examples of this character type.

  21. Love this show! One last thing, the creator has established that the time that it takes for someone to turn is based on the ‘fullness of their life’ with love as an underlying factor. The fuller the life, the longer the transition time. (This is why Jim took so long to transition but Shane’s was almost immediate). Have we yet to see someone in-between transition as a major character–that is one that exists between human and ‘walker’ (a hybrid/liminal being)? These are always interesting characters (Spock, Seven of Nine, (from Star Trek) or the Cylons (from BSG) are good examples of this character type.

  22. RichieS says:

    I find it ironic that of all the ideas the group has to survive the Governor (negotiaton,bartering a life,threats,etc.) the only one who proposed something that may have actually worked was the almost universally detested Merle.

    • Faster says:

      Agree. I found the fact that Rick even agreed to sit down and “negotiate” with this guy was a little strange. Like, what is there to talk about at this point? And that he would bring along old one-legged Herschel as backup outside? Those things being said, it was a great episode.

  23. Drizz says:

    I think Andrea and Milton may be the eventual leadership at Woodbury. Somebody will do the Governor in, and those 2 together seem like cooler heads to make decisions and lead a more moral community. I can’t see Andrea back with the old crowd, her wants are too different, and she’s just too far removed from the Prison Crew now.