Revenge's Nick Wechsler on Jack's Revengenda, Why He's Now 'Distrustful' of Emily and Nolan

Revenge Season 2 SpoilersQuick, someone make Revenges Emily a t-shirt that reads, “I saved my soulmate from a gun-toting psycho on a boat and all I got was his lousy attitude!”

As evidenced in our recent sneak peek at tonight’s episode of the ABC drama (9/8c), Jack is deep in the throes of grief after losing Amanda, and, per his portrayer Nick Wechsler, he’ll be taking at least some of that out on the woman he once loved most.

“Jack’s just freshly devastated, [so] it’s too soon for [he and Emily] to be together,” he says. Complicating things even further, he’ll soon “learn some stuff that makes him not trust [her]” — and she’s not the only one.

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“Things are strained between Nolan and Jack a little bit, too,” the actor adds. “You’ll see why in this next episode. It’s partly because Jack’s all f–ked up, and partly because sometimes you push people away when you lose someone that significant — or at least you’re more fragile and more likely to tell someone to f–k off.”

That said, Wechsler reveals that “some stuff does come out that makes him distrustful of Nolan, [as well as] Emily.”

Referencing co-star Gabriel Mann‘s previous tease that we’ll now be seeing a “smarter, meaner, revenge-y Jack Porter,” Wechsler elaborates, “Just as you would imagine, he’s heartbroken. The thing that is driving Emily’s revenge is her broken heart; she was robbed of her father, of her childhood, of her innocence. Jack was naïve and innocent for so long and then they took his wife. Now he’s got that heartbreak driving his revenge engine as well.”

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As polarizing as Revenge‘s second season has been, Wechsler assures that there’s “some really exciting stuff coming up” in the year’s final batch of episodes — “and I’m not saying that the other stuff wasn’t exciting. But if it wasn’t for some people, they’re going to like what we’ve got coming.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Martin says:

    I hope, with it’s lead ins ratings down a good bit in recent months that it doesn’t affect revenge too much.

    All I need is for it to be renewed for season 3 and I’ll be happy, syndication gods rule, so season 4 would be a lot more likely then.

    Although for every til death, there is a happy endings, although I hope cable save that like cougar town when it is eventually canceled.

    Only problem is, unlike CBS and FOX, Fridays, and NBC, most days, ABC doesn’t really have a place where it can send either veteran shows or close to syndication shows to die. Unless ABC sunday becomes that, maybe sunday at 10.

  2. Poppy says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Jack could stay distrustful of Emily for as long as the series lasts! I think he is one of the most boring characters and Jack is not a good fit for Emily. I know there are a lot of Emily and Jack shippers out there, but I just don’t see it.

    • jsswite says:

      Totally agree. No chemistry there.

      • Sharie says:

        I would disagree. I don’t think there’s been too much of an opportunity to showcase it, especially this season. Last season we got hints but there was def more of a focus on Daniel/Emily..

        • Sara says:

          I like Jack….I think he is sort of calming for Emily. I think Daniel is just a pushover. And I’ve never warmed to Aiden…don’t know what it is, but I don’t like him.

      • Ditto. Jack should have gone down with the Amanda. He’s definitely the thorne that prevents me from loving Revenge completely. Fauxmanda grew on me in S2 and she was so much more interesting than he will ever be. Turning her deadbeat hubby into Rambo Jack might give me a few laughs but I dread a Jack/Emily endgame which appears to be Mike Kelley’s ultimate vision. So wrong.

      • Momo says:

        How can u say they r obvs in love so there’s not much left to say!!!

    • Chloe says:

      I agree. Jack is a bore, with or without Emily. I was so disappointed that he wasn’t the one killed on the boat [along with his boring brother, Declan]. In fact, the only member of the Porter family that I’ve ever liked [not counting FauxAmanda, since she was only a Porter for a day] was Sammy. Sadly, both he and FauxAmanda are both gone and the “Brothers Bore” live on.

    • Elyse says:

      I agree!!! he’s so annoying. i don’t know if I could ever ship Jack and Emily.

    • c0rinne says:

      Ugh, tell me about it. Let’s just let this whole family go from this show.

  3. iMember says:

    I know everyone says that Emily will end up with Jack at the end, but I honestly think that on the show’s final season, it will be Emily who ends up dying in the end just like Buffy did originally and Michael did in Prison Break.

    I cannot wait to see tonight’s episode though and the rest of the season. I heard that Madeline Stowe say that the Initiative Storyline has officially been wrapped up in the last episode they just shot and they haven’t even began shooting the season finale yet. So that’s good!!

    CAN’T WAIT! I’m excited. I can see a Season 3 coming if the ratings hold (which I hope it does!), becayse ABC has a lot of other shows to cancel first and they’ve already cancelled many other dramas, and Red Widow will likely be next. So Revenge should remain pretty safe.

    • ZmaX says:

      yeah, i think Emily could die also. The pilot opened up with the quote, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. ” So that’s probably a pretty big foreshadowing.

      Emily realizes that this has become a dangerous obsession for her but is determined to see her plan through, and she’s definitely willing to die to clear her father’s name.

      Even though I don’t mind the Initiative Storyline (fans were over reacting a bit), I’m glad that Mike Kelly listened to the majority of “upset” fans and is working to change the direction of the show to make them happy.

      Yeah, season 3 looks very likely. They’ve already canceled 4 dramas and Red Widow and Body of Proof will probably be axed as well. revenge was doing great in the ratings in fall and when it returned on Jan 6th, the ratings were solid, but Awards season and Football hurt it. I have high hopes it’ll rebound back.

    • Alichat says:

      I’ve thought that as well precisely for the reason ZmaX stated…..the opening quote. I’ve always wondered if it will end with her death, leaving Jack and Nolan to tell her story.

  4. Shaun says:

    I want to see their revenge plans tank each other temporarily.Would be funny if she gets aggravated with him messing up her groove.

  5. nikki says:

    A TV critic once called Jack “terminally boring”. Truer words were never spoken. I hope we’ll get more Graysons thab those awful Porters.

  6. Sharie says:

    I personally prefer Jack over Daniel. Now Daniel is the whiny,annoying child of the entire group. Anyways I am excited to see the new Jack!

    • WingsStef says:

      I prefer Jack as well, and am too excited to see this new Jack. He was living in bliss, now, his eyes are open some. He too is hurt and will partake in his own revendga. Love it! I always favored Jack over Daniel, but it was made more so when he shown that he didn’t really care about the plight of Amanda last season (when he found out about the truth). It really hurt Emanda and led to the breakup even before Ashley did her spying.

    • Jeremy says:

      Ditto. Jack>Daniel.

  7. FuntroonTV says:

    I love how people are turning on Jack. Most of the fans shiped Emily and Jack as a couple last season but they seem to have changed their minds and I don’t blame them. Jack isn’t the problem, the writers are. They’ve kept him in the dark for so long and I believe that is the reason to why most fans find boring about Jack. However, things are slowly changing for the best now that the Stowaway storyline and the Initiative storyline is done with. Jack seems like he is putting the pieces to the puzzle together which make him interesting again.

  8. Ana says:

    I never liked Daniel for Emily. He seems out of her league intellectually. He acts like an entitled brat. I liked her better with Jack but it was a lesser-of-two-evils type of thing. I find him rather boring and the fact that he’s shorter than she is doesn’t help. I love the Emily/Aiden pairing. I think they are both best suited for each other in every sense. I think Jack is a nice guy but I honestly would have preferred to see him go down with the boat than Amanda. I really, really liked her. I think she was the most colorful and vibrant character. She always kept things interesting and she had an energy that jumped out of the screen. I almost decided to stop watching when I realized she was the one who died. I still might. I find the show has become dreadfully boring. At this point, Nolan is the only one that keeps my interest and I hope the awful Padma and the other guy go away never to come back. Nolan is most interesting with Emily. It was their partnership that made the show deliciously fun in the first season. I just can’t understand how this show went so wrong this season…

    • Deme says:

      THIS! The height thing is a drawback for me too. Not to mention of course there’s no spark. Loved Amanda but they zapped her energy when they saddled her with Jack and a baby.

  9. Diane says:

    Yay for Jack! I think on of the main reasons why the first season was so successful was the relationship between Jack/Emily and Jack/Emily/Nolan. They lost that this year with too much Aiden, too much Initiative.

  10. Shireen says:

    I do love Jack but Nick Weschler has always been a fave since Roswell :) I agree…Jack beingin the dark too long has made his character seem utterly dumb so glad they are revving things up! Totally team Jack!

  11. MGL says:

    I agree with some. Too much Initiative. I don’t think viewers on any shows this season have been excited about deep, dark, clandestine groups. I do like Emily and Jack together; but have always thought that Jack needed to toughen up to be with her. Seems like will be occurring.

  12. ABC says:

    Stop trying to make Jack happen. This character is boring and needs to be written off asap.

  13. B says:

    The only reason jack is boring because he is portrait as a naive character. and he looks dumb because he wasnt scheming like all of the other characters in the show.
    But if the writers are gonna change hime slightly into a more active character who wants revenge for his own motives.
    he could turn into a interesting character specially if it turns out the graysons had something to do with what happend to the bar and indirectly to his wife dying. and It could bring emily and jack closer “when” he fianlly finds out her agenda and her mind games

    So if they’re planning on changing jack because fans hate him, or they planned this all from the beginning. He could turn into a very interesting character, just because not one character in the show would expect him to start schemming and want revenge.

  14. Julie says:

    I agree, Jack is grtting too boring. Daniel is also getting too BRATTY. Got to change this show somehow, COME ON WRITERS, do your job….

  15. jerrired says:

    I don’t get why so many people dislike Jack. I think his character has yet to really get any interesting storylines but I think he’s a solid character. I actually like him as Emily’s love interest way more than Daniel and Aiden. I like how what their love represented-innocence-keeps Emily weak in some ways. But I really think giving Jack a darker side could be a huge boast to his character. If the writers give him a balance and not make him come off like a complete jerk. Have him be more manipulative and smart, like Emily. Not just screaming and yelling and jumping into half thought out revenge schemes. If the writers do this right, Jack could become just as interesting as some of the major characters. Especially if eventually it’s a three person team of Jack, Nolan and Emily. Aiden never worked as part of their group, but Jack would fit in perfectly and new badass trio could form. Yeah, I’m liking this idea better and better by the minute.

    • WingsStef says:

      I sense great stuff to come. I am excited. Jack and Emanda forever! Also with foster bro in town, this is going to be wild. Did little Amanda tell the brother about Jack. I wonder when Jack finally finds out, even if it’s seasons away, (sooner would be nice though) he would perhaps get this wild look on his face, and be like “Sammy knew…”

    • Nai royal says:

      I think wel I’m sure people lik jack just lik people say it’s the way he look n the show one min he look as lost and then now he all dark and stuff. There needs to be a middle

  16. Anne says:

    I’ve never liked Jack. Probably because I thought the actor, Nick, was horrendously cheesy in his role. He tried to be too disgustingly “hunky” in the first season. I think I actually shuddered in disgust during Jack’s very first scene on the show (excluding the engagement party), he was that horrible. Jack’s terrible storylines certainly didn’t help.

    Oh how I wished that it was Jack who died instead of Fauxmanda. At least she was strong, dedicated, and interesting.

  17. Shireen says:

    Count me in for can’t stand Fauxmanda team.

  18. Radha says:

    I honestly don’t get the Jack hate. And I love Nick. To each his own.

  19. Luvi says:

    i like jack and to all the haters out u will b eaten up your words when the new meaner and sexy jack appear.

  20. Alice says:

    I wan’t a huge fan of Jack’s, but after seeing how he reacted to finding out Emily and Amanda were friends, I really don’t like him.
    Sorry you felt left out of the loop Porter, but Emily isn’t required to discuss her time in juvie with you or anyone else. And if you can’t handle that little nugget of truth, step away from the Revenging because its not going to get any better when you find out the woman you married- not actually Amanda Clarke.
    You didn’t recognize the real Amanda Clarke, something your dog and, apparently, someone she was in foster care with DID.
    Oblivious idiot. Now hurry along and die to protect Carl or something.

    • Deme says:

      Having the foster brother come in and recognize who Emily really is just makes this soulmate love thing between Emily and Jack all the more ridiculous. I’m dreading them attempting to turn him into a revenge mastermind against the likes of the Grayson. Oy!

      • WingsStef says:

        Even though Jack not recognizing Emily is a tiny bit annoying. Wasn’t, Amanda/Emily was a bit older when she lived in the Foster home? The previews said Emily hasn’t scene the foster brother in 14 years. It’s been about 20 years since David Clarke has been arrested. Six years is a significant aging difference. So it is plausible.

        • Deme says:

          Good point. Which makes the conceit of their grand, destined love even more nauseating because they met and parted as mere tweens. It’s just too ridiculous of a notion for me to support. Although Emily’s feelings I can understand because her life was shot to hell.

          • WingsStef says:

            Love at age tween might be a tad unbelievable. But they still probably had a strong friendship. Personally, I think Amanda/Emily and Jack is adorable. But to each their own.

          • Kyle says:

            I don’t think it’s ridiculous- this show is a freaking soap opera after all. The idea of falling in love with someone you were friends with as a child is endearing and sweet, which is why I’ll always be behind an Emily/Jack.

    • nosey says:

      I didn’t think his anger was b/c she was in juvie, it was b/c Fauxmily knew more about Fauxmanda than she let on. He believed Fauxmily allowed Fauxmanda to put the family in danger. Like you said she is not required to tell him this info. I still believe he had the right to be angry just as much as she had a right not to tell him(particularly after the death of his wife). Jack has had a lot of anger that build and his anger over the smallest things is believable. I saw it as the writers letting Jack start to put pieces together. I actually though he would figure it out before she told him. Also, I truly think he recognized Fauxemily, I just think he had distractions (1st season his dad dies, and the Fauxmanda suddenly appeared, then Sammy dies). . .to me some of his expressions said, “there is something familiar about her”. I truly think the mother recognize her as well. Sorry, cannot agree w/ you, I think Jack provides balance to the show, a good guy gone bad. . .also, Fauxmily was a good girl gone bad. W/ Jack’s situation, we get to see hands on what the Grayson’s does to a person, (did not see hands on for Fauxmily, just see flashbacks, and on top of that she was just a child whereas Jack’s mishap’s happened as an adult), totally disagree, I think his character adds substance to the show. I mean when Jack/Fauxmily were together, she is trying to keep him out of the loop, she did not play on seeing him, and I like the fact that he allows us to see another side other the revengeful side of her. Both Jack and Fauxmily are sweet people have gone bad at the hands of the Graysons!!!

  21. Nai royal says:

    I love this show lik I’m one of there number one fans (my room is all I have to say) but Jake really acting like a ass to Emily/Amanda and Nolan and it’s not right bc if she did told him he be piss and he piss at her now at the end they where doing the best thing for him soo I’m just saying he would be so mad If he found that chick u like so much is a fake sorry jack

  22. Lia says:

    Jack is great he is the only one in the show I like. Emily and Jack team

    • WingsStef says:

      Plus, he doesn’t know Emily and Nolan saved him because they are keeping it from him. Not that is good either, but, Jack doesn’t know that they saved him. The only thing he knows that they are keeping stuff from him. More than he knows, but yeah. I’m team and Emily and Jack too.


  24. Anna says:

    I definitely think Jack is not at all boring. I like the new revengey him but I dont want him to get hurt…and I think Emily or Nolan should tell Jack about the Emily/Fauxmanda thing from the start. And I also think Emily may die, but Nolan won’t because he is too nice and he is my favourite.