Idology: Who Broke Out of the Pack This Week on Idol? And Who Merely Shot the Peacock?

There are only 10 contestants left on Season 12 of American Idol, but let’s not pretend each of ’em has an equal chance at getting a confetti shower and “A Moment Like This” by the end of May.

As the performances from last week’s Semifinals — and subsequent results-show victory anthems — proved, several vocalists are already building sizeable fortresses in the hearts and minds of the Idoloonie Nation. Others, meanwhile, seem to be getting unwarranted praise from the judges — and the lack of constructive criticism could come back to haunt them like the Ghost of Kristy Lee Cook’s “Eight Days a Week.”

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On this week’s episode of Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I separate the contenders from the pretenders, and on occasion, the conversation gets kinda, well, intense: I use the word “crunk” for the first time ever (not counting singing along with Mary J. Blige), Melinda steals one of Randy Jackson’s favorite turns of phrase (¡!), and I explain why the elimination of Breanna Steer is a detriment to the Season 12 proceedings.

So press play below for the full Idology experience, and for all my Idol news, interviews, videos and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Rochelle says:

    I see you Michael with your thinly veiled lee dewyze reference.

    • Jack says:

      Oh I thought he was talking about Taylor Hicks

      • Rochelle says:

        He was pretty ticked about crystal not winning. I suppose it could be about Taylor, but…lee winning any singing competition was a travesty, let alone idol.

        • IMO I think Taylor’s win was much less deserving than Lee’s. Lee and Crystal were at least a worthy final 2, but Taylor beating Daughtry, McPhee, Yamin, Bennett and Pickler was the true travesty.

          • jack says:

            Uh, no…. it showed just what a phenomenal performer and singer Taylor is who beat some other very talented people. Taylor is an awesome singer and an even better performer and deserved every single vote of his win! The guy rocked the house each and every week.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            I actually liked Taylor a lot. That said not so sure him over McPhee or Daughtry made any sense, yeah I will definitely give you that, but he did seem like a realllllly strong third for that season to me. And I’d take him over most of the other male winners I think.

          • Rochelle says:

            I don’t know. the first time I heard lee sing, I honestly thought that he was a joke audition. That’s how bad I thought he was/is. Though I did,not watch Taylor’s season I did catch one episode where he did ray lamontagne’s trouble, and I thought it was good. I mutedthe TV when lee “sang”

          • lemon says:

            Taylor has a gorgeous voice, and is extremely charismatic. I wasn’t surprised by his win.

          • Ty says:

            oh you did NOT just say the name Pickler !!!!!!!!!!!!!

            TAKE IT BACK !!!!!!!!!

          • Christy says:

            The fact you think Pickler deserved to win says it all. She delivered awful performance after awful performance on the show and was kept afloat simply by acting like a blonde airhead bimbo. Taylor was much better than her and I actually think his performances on the show were typically OK and at least entertaining. Paris Bennett was annoying as hell, too.

          • jalahyacinth says:

            I actually own Taylor and Daughtry music and like both. Yamin is also REALLY good and I’d like to pick some stuff up eventually But Pickler? *Twinge* She seems very nice….

        • Tom22 says:

          Lee had one great song … The Boxer.. which of course he did twice. As I think that is a classic song that might make a top 100 list for the century(Simon and Garfunkel s time , the Graduate, a time in place in history) by a social historian, and as I think he did it even better than Simon and Garfunkel (because, among other things, neither of them could take on a believable mindset of a boxer whose’ chances were behind him , and neither of them seemed to have any feeling of being washed up —but they were still beautiful, but Lee was better)

          I’m all about great performances (not crappy randy “moments” of one run or a sustained high note) when a singer, takes a great song and gives us a special insight into the human condition by sharing their soul, in both sadness , and hope etc. Haley did it with Benny (which could have been a very simple song yet she made it a celebration in reveling in marching to the beat of your own drummer and appreciating those who do the same -I didn’t get her house of the rising sun one bit and can”t listen to it.. she doesn’t know depravity, of having the ones that you love turn on you and living a base type of live one step back from the brink.. subtle stuff, if you read about the animials you’d know that not only was there heavy hard drug use, but the band members were barely on speaking terms and would come to blows in the studio on occasion).

          Crystal probably had a handful of interpretations of Huge songs in american 20th century history that were every bit as good as the originals.. but different in her own way (Other people brought their own things to the same songs and I couldn’t say who was better of worse, but I’d like them all side by side for different reasons. I’d say Crystal was one of the top idols ever … I didn’t see the first 4 seasons really so I can’t compare her to the greats in those. Commercial sucess after Idol is irrelevant to me in terms of comparing their Idol seasons. I haven’t bought any of crystals music yet either .. I should because I’ve enjoyed a couple of her songs an awful lot but I’m not accustomed to listening to music in her genre

          Anyway.. even if all 13 of Lee’s other songs sucked having one great song is enough for me to have someone land in the top 4 because a number of other winners might have had great voices, but they don’t have any amazing versions of songs that you might listen to over the pros (but (and they weren’t that bad – he could carry a tune and while not necessarily stellar, with his guitar they sounded pretty solid.. if it were playing in a soundtrak to a movie it wouldn’t jar you or anything.)

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        I was thinking Scotty (although he can sing, nice tone, almost always in tune, but soo country one note, every last thing is the same, even more than usual for classic country and zero ability to do anything else whatsoever).

        • Tom22 says:

          Scotty’s Elvis number was a classic for me. That at least made me feel good about him earning his way to the top 4. We ‘ve seen plenty of Elvis covers but I don’t remember another that would be worth listening to now. I like Scotty’s “That’s alrigh”t better than Elvis’s versions..and it is fun and upbeat and kind of with a few human ironies in it too.

          Like I’ve said.. I don’t expect the best singer in the top 4 to ever win unless they’re the most popular and relatable (“normal”) personality..a few of his others weren’t half bad(letter home?), and his duets with Lauren were pretty enjoyable too. Just because I think Haley was way better doesn’t mean I expected her to win.. the popularity contest once a core percentage of people who respect a singers skill isn’t enough to overcome the mainstream sentiment voters who by definition will have move votes.

      • Johnny says:

        Speaking of Taylor, I had figured he would win once I saw how they stacked the top contestants that year. I think the problem was that while there was a lot better singers than Taylor that year he was the only one daring to be different and let his natural skills just flow naturally. I always believe people know realness when they see it. McPhee was (and still is) gorgeous and has a great voice but she had boring stage presence. Daughtry just sounded the same no matter the weekly theme so it got boring.

        • WTF McPhee is a stellar performer on stage, I’ve always thought it was weird how she was trying to make love to the camera while performing.

          • Johnny says:

            I thought McPhee should have won out of those they put out there for us to vote on that year. However, I just that was one of those years where the other contestants’ choice of song was leaving viewers wondering “Huh?” at the end of them. Like I mentioned before, I just think Taylor was keeping it interesting and that’s how he beat them all out that year. Where the heck is this guy by the way? I don’t even think he EVER put out any albums.

          • dj says:

            He is doing a show in Vegas now.

          • jalahyacinth says:

            In reply to Johnny- He did. And I actually think it’s pretty good. Last I heard, he was HUGE in Asia and primarily stayed over there.

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          I don’t know if the boring thing explains it. Look at Scotty no contestant has ever been more 100% the same week to week ever. I guess if you are country and don’t act a hint of dangerous and are younger than Daughtry you can maybe get a 100% lock on a huge voting block and then you have it made.

          • soundscene says:

            Scotty won because he was non-threatening, appealed to the mom vote, and was country. That’s pretty much it.

          • teatime says:

            Scott was always good. If you don’t like country you might not think so. But he was a solid contestant and was ready for touring and performing. He always sang country but he did sing different tempo songs and songs from different eras. He had impressive talent for a teenager, too, which always helps. Baby Lock Them Doors is the only song I can remember that he did, but it was very memorable.

    • Dayrah says:

      I assumed he was talking about Taylor Hicks too

      • Favel Offman says:

        Jeez guys, he was talking about Lee Dewyze. Case closed.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Agreed. Taylor was cheesy but he could sing. Lee hit way too many bum notes – kind of Like Paul Jolley on “Alone”

          • deedee says:

            Paul’s “Alone” was terrible, I thought. He did hit bum notes, which didn’t help, but the real reason I found it awful is that he doesn’t have the swagger to pull off a song like that.

          • dj says:

            It wasn’t Paul’s best performance, for sure. I think the jury is still out on whether or not he can sing consistently under the pressure of the live shows.

        • Dayrah says:

          Oh really? I never thought Lee was bad. I didn’t get to see the Idology (Idoloonies?) episodes from that year so I wasn’t aware of Michael’s hatred for him.

          • Ty says:

            Michael, like every sentient human being that watched Lee on the show, was bored by lee. Those dull, lifeless eyes actually sucked the energy out of the viewers souls. On one episode they brought in Adam Lambert to coach the idols for a week, and he told lee to get some “fire in the eyes”

            it was his best performance, he still had a lifeless expression, but it was the least zombielike he had ever been. And it was still not good compared to dozens of other idol hopefuls.

            Lee winning was a cosmic injustice, frankly the only one I thought deserved to win that season was Alex Lambert, and he was kicked off early by the tone deaf audience.

          • Dayrah says:

            Oh yeah I remember Alex Lambert! I was baffled when he was eliminated.
            I don’t know, I kinda like Lee Dewyze. I have his Idol recordings on my iPod and listen to them sometimes, like Simple Man especially is good. I loved the duet he did with Crystal on Falling Slowly. Also I remember his hometown visit thing made me cry. Back then I never read Slezak’s recaps or had any conversations with anyone about Idol, so I really didn’t know people felt that way about Lee until now.

          • Montavilla says:

            I don’t know if the commentary video is still around (it was called “Idolatry” that year and produced by Entertainment Weekly, not TVline). However, I remember that Michael and Jason were very much into Crystal and upset when Lee won. Jason had to have God come in to remind him that it’s just a reality show and that His favorite (Siobhan Magnus) was eliminated in Top Six week.

            Michael did say that Lee was a “solid member of the top two,” but his performance on the finale was not good. Crystal was good and consistently better throughout the season.

    • QueenJ says:

      I really enjoy Idology and look forward to it every week. That said, my one main drawback is when comments in poor taste like the one about Lee (let’s not even pretend Slezak was referring to anyone else) just about turn me off of this program every season. I get criticism, I get having a right to one’s opinion, I even get using the platform where viewers are held hostage expecting to hear about one topic are continually subject to references about past favorites and perceived slights. But there is no need to take a shot at someone from THREE years ago who is hardly a media darling to begin with. What is the point? What do you hope to accomplish? To turn off the remaining handful of fans and supporters who dare brave the preconceived perception given to Lee by the Idol blogosphere and media. Yeah Crystal didn’t win. So what? Neither did Carly, Allison, Haley or Elise. It’s just really getting old. Can I just enjoy Idology in peace about THIS SEASON? Thanks.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Queen J that win still burns, I was bummed when Jordin Sparks beat Melinda Doolittle in Season 6, but She could sing and She Outlasted Blake Who was all about Beat Boxing and auto-tUning. So Michael is allowed to still feel the sting. He was the penultimate example of the CUte WGWG taking the crown. Even worse than P2 Who had his fair share of bum notes last season.

        • QueenJ says:

          He can have whatever opinion he wants but there is no need to take cheap shots when there is absolutely no relevance to the advertised topic at hand. It’s not amusing to show how cool one is at the expense of others. That’s considered bullying and it won’t be tolerated.

          • marie says:

            No, at second thought, I really do want to shout this: EXPRESSING A NEGATIVE OPINION IS NOT BULLYING!!!
            And I sincerely doubt Michael was trying to “show how cool [he] is.”
            If you don’t like the tone of his columns, no one is forcing you to read them. As you can see from the large number of comments each of Michael’s columns gets, there are evidently plenty of people who enjoy reading him (count me in on that).

          • Tom22 says:

            lol I was agreeing with Queen J 100% but I got to say something about this “bulling” . A person is entitled to make themselves look stupid and bitter without them being accused of bullying .

            I’d much rather deal with rude comments, which I can conveniently ignore 95 percent of but perhaps think of something about the one good point in 19 stupid points they make, than silencing people in the name of “bullying”

            Adversarial conversations are not bullying … oratory and use of rhetoric to cast an argument is an age old way to catch attention and jar contemplation of something people might not have otherwise contemplated if simply said.

            I do think it make people look stupid being angry about the results of a populartity contest though .. lol, and being mean to the guy doesnt’ help their points at all.

          • Everyone knows Alex Lambert was the favorite on the show among the judges and critics but not the fans (thank You fans).

        • marie says:

          Take a breath, relax, and lighten up: first, Michael had the taste and class not to mention anyone by name (and in fact, there isn’t even agreement among us readers as to just whom he was referring!). Second, the writer of this column is allowed to express his opinion; that’s the nature of this column. It’s not straight reporting. Third, heaven save us from the PC police.

          “Bullying”? The mere implication that some unnamed winner might not be worthy is “bullying”? Sorry, but your accusation dilutes the meaning of the word, and so diminishes the seriousness and harmfulness of actual bullying.

          • deedee says:

            like x2 :)
            “Bullying” is the latest casualty in the war against word meanings. In fact, let’s change the name of American Idol to American Bullies because how dare the judges ever have a negative comment about a contestant’s performance. That’s so ABUSIVE!! *eyes rolling out of head and down the hall*

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Sometimes the judge’s sort of have been bullies. In that they’ve picked on some, picked to bits, while giving the same things free passes or even praise to the next singer. A few people they have clearly tried to beat down and the show push in a negative light to help manipulate things. That’s what I hate about the show, especially in the more recent seasons.
            But honest, even, fair criticism is certainly not bullying. Giving less than an A+ on a paper is not bullying.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            And since lots of it is personal opinion even tossing out this or that is not bullying. But the way they sometimes chose some to need to beat down on purpose, to try to break, so they wouldn’t get ahead of other contestants that is BS and a few times it did cross the line to out and out bullying (see Randy a couple times two seasons ago, even the vocal coach and one of the other judges called it out) although by far usually it’s been shy of being able to be called that when they do their tricks.

        • Ty says:

          that’s what burned even more, lee was not even cute in the way a kris allen or phillip phillips are, he was just pale faced with a p*nis, and that is all it took.

      • karen says:

        Lee Dywize. He was an undeserving winner. I concur w/ Michael. His idol victory song proved the point. Sad night for idol when the winner sings off key throughout the entire song on victory night.

      • JASon says:

        Yeah also he puts down Kristy Lee Cook all the time when everyone knows she should have won her season.

    • Lauren says:

      I just rewatched Idolatry’s Season 9 episodes yesterday (I can never get enough of Michael!) so that comment made me laugh. He said that exact same thing when Lee won, how every winner before him could sing except for him, so yes it was definitely about Lee.

      • Terry says:

        Where are those episodes?

        • Dayrah says:

          Yeah I want to know this too. On Youtube I can only find the ones from auditions, and then an interview with Siobhan. There’s nothing after the top 12 week started.

        • Lauren says:

          If you search Entertainment Weekly’s Youtube channel for “Idolatry” they have a lot of clips, although most are from Season 8 (which is my fave season Michael’s covered. Him and Kristen Baldwin are freaking hilarious together). They do have Crystal’s full interview on there though. For Season 9 clips, I went to the Entertainment Weekly website, searched by article author (Michael Slezak, obvs), and then went through all the Popwatch posts with “Idolatry” in the title. A lot of work, but well worth it!

      • Lauren says:

        Here’s the link to the Idolatry episode from the 2010 finale and Slezak calls Lee the “weakest vocalist ever to win this show.” Not trying to stir up an old Season 9 debate, but thought I’d post in case anyone wants to watch (also Slezak is awesome in it, and I say that as a Lee fan!):

        • Dayrah says:

          Aha! I was not aware of this Popwatch website. Thanks for the help Lauren. I like to watch these old episodes when I’m bored at work. haha

        • EVPandHC says:

          Oh, memories. I mean, yes, Lee had some great performances (THLAL, TB, TL, SM) but he choked on finale night. He only won because people were turned off by Crystal’s persona (which I still don’t get) and females are the main voters of the show. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to go deep into the competition. I’m just saying AI 9 Winner? No.

          • EVPandHC says:

            That backstory of humble worker also really helped Lee and I fear that the backstory of Lazaro’s stutter is gonna help him go deep into the competition and some other contestants may be kicked off. He deserved to be in the Top 10, yes, but if he doesn’t do well and beats other people, then I’m gonna worry.

        • amy says:

          That was awesome to go back and watch, Thanks Lauren!
          Michael – love that old version: less movie clips, more sound bites, stellar editing by Jason, longer idology, etc, etc. Wish you could use pieces of those clips to insert into the new ones. I stopped watching Idol after one year of Lopez/Tyler, too much scripted judging, or at least too noticeable. So Idology is the way I keep up.
          P.S. upthread “bullying” was doled out. Micheal is not a bully, his job is to critique and have an opinion. There is a big difference between the two.

  2. Clover says:

    My only complaint about Idology is that I wished it posted sooner!! I love these recaps :)

  3. JR says:

    Candice’s victory performance was GREAT!!! A++

  4. Laura says:

    I wish there was more love for Burnell on this episode. His victory song moved me to tears.

    • Alan says:

      Love Burnell. In my opinion he gives off the most current vibe. He reminds me a bit of Frank Ocean but leaning more towards a soul/gospel thing rather than R’n’B. Definitely a major underdog to make it far.

    • karen says:

      Yes, Burnell. He’s Mariah’s favorite.

      • Amy says:

        Which says something, to me. Not that Mariah will be “picking my favorite” just cuz she’s Mariah, just that I trust her musical instincts. I find Burnell to be interesting…he’s a surprise, different…not the type to normally make me sit up and listen…and yet he does, each week so far. It’s enjoyable. I’ll see if it either gets old or more interesting…I think he’s got more to show. His tone is pleasant. His sound does sound current. Not moving me to buy his records at this point, and that IS the goal for Idol…but like I said..we’ll see.

    • lemon says:

      Burnell is my favorite of the guys. He’s genuinely different, and I love his tone.

  5. If the finale isn’t Kree vs Candice, stop letting America vote.

    • Eli says:

      It will be Kree vs Angela, mark my words.

    • noa says:

      +100 they’re light years ahead of everyone else. but i have a hard time imagining that Angie won’t be in the finale.

      i’m thinking Kree and Candice as something like 4th and 5th or 4th and 3rd. Burnell and Lazaro will probably complete the top 5. i’m really afraid of an Angie-Lazaro finale. it could happen.

      but for now, i’m with ya! Kree and Candice FTW.

      • Name That Tune says:

        I tend to agree with you. Candice should be there but the history of this show has the best singer leaving at No. 3 or sooner. Right now, I think Angie is more . popular, but she is No.3 in talent.
        That’s OK because Candice Can go on for a Jennifer Hudson type career. Her talent transcends this show,

        • noa says:

          i think some VERY talented people have been on AI. so i wouldn’t say she “transcends” the show. but i would love to see her and Kree as the most successful on the show (and after). JHud is more successful as an actress. i think out of the 2, Kree has a better chance of selling a lot of records.

          and unless she goes straight up country, i’ll buy her music.

          but i love both of them and a finale with these 2 women would be interesting, satisfying and incredible. which makes me think it won’t happen.

    • Lunakit says:

      The only guy worth a shot at the title this year is Rin Tin Tin… otherwise, it really should be a Candice/Kree finish… Idol gifted us Keith Urban as the token WGWG on the show this year, so hopefully that will scratch that itch for power voters.

  6. denise says:

    These are never long enough!

  7. Billy says:

    Totally agree with all the comments :-) The perfect final 4 this season would be a Devin, Annie, Candace, Kree final 4…now I’m just wondering what season Michael’s talking about when he didn’t like the outcome…I have a strong feeling though its either Taylor Hicks’ or Lee Dewyze’s season…

    • ' says:

      I’m preety sure is “lock them doors” season!

      • Mafs95 says:

        He was devastated by Crystal Bowersox not being the winner from S9, so I think he was referring to Lee DeWyze, even though I think he’s vocally more talented than Taylor Hicks.

        • jack says:

          Lee DeWyze is nowhere in Taylor Hick’s class as far as singing. Have you ever heard him sing live? He’s phenomenal – a great entertainer and has the hottest show on the Vegas strip now.

        • soundscene says:

          I’m not in the Taylor Hicks fanclub (although I like the guy), but there is no way Lee DeWyze is a better singer. I think with all the hatred Taylor has gotten for the last 6 years, people forget that he could actually sing quite well. He just wasn’t your typical pop star and so his label/management had no clue how to market him.

          • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

            Taylor Hicks can definitely sing well. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I would have probably not even put him in my Top 10 that season but I have no trouble with him winning. BUT I do think Lee DeWyze is an iffy singer. He mostly hits the notes, but not all the time. He would be good in a band or something with other people helping him keep on key.

    • Tom22 says:

      I’ll just chime in to say that I think Janell also has real potential and I’m surprised so many think she doesn’t have anything special about her. I think I must be hearing the same thing Melinda does. My (not sure if it’s her’s) feeling is that Janel does make very interesting musical choices and has a way with phasing and approach notes that is a distinct style of her own and enjoyable to me —she’s far far more musically than a nice country girl singing at a pageant. She also has a very good voice.

      Her problem is, (and it is a big one) that I think she her chest/throat gets a little tight under the pressure. Now heavens knows how hard it is to be on stage in front of millions and she’s been looking more and more comfortable on the surface. She’s pretty quick with a polite yet playful verbal response for Ryan and the judges so she doesn’t have stage fright… its just a little underlying tension that unfortunately is taking a real toll on her showing her full ability.. she swallow a few notes a little … her breathing probably just isn’t as deep as it should be.

      Whether or not she can overcome that is a big question.. but she really does have a musical sense about her and the tool of a voice to use it if she can relax her body enough to be at her best and earn the right to keep on advancing on more than just potential people see in her on top of fairly pleasing performances to those that like the style of music.

  8. Willow says:

    No love or even mention of Nick Boddington? I feel like he just missed the Top 10 by a hair (pun intended).
    Also thought Slezak would agree with many Idol fans that the Wildcard was greatly missed

    • Johnny says:

      I liked Nick too. I felt tho that when they had Ryan to dig at him to make him confess why he was bald to all of the world it was a set up. So when Nick admitted it was because of getting old that his hair was thinning out already I felt like they had forced Nick to shoot himself in the foot with the young voting audience then they sent him out there to sing for votes. I was sad for him because once he said that I knew it was OVER.

  9. Eli says:

    Janelle should have more performances like ‘home’. It was so much better than her elvis cover.

    Ranking from least likely to most likely to win: Curtis, Paul, Lazaro, Burnell, Janelle, Amber, Kree, Devin, Angie, Candice

    • Nephtalia says:

      This ranking looks good. I would put Kree and Angie a little higher than Candice just from judging their fanbase.

    • ' says:

      lets put this way, we’ll have a top five with at least 4 girls in any order (Candice, Angie, Kree and Amber), and 1 guy at the bottom (isert Devin here). Anything beyond that is unforgivable

    • Johnny says:

      Mine would look something like this: Ranking from least likely to most likely to
      win: Amber, Devin, Lazaro, Burnell, Janelle,
      Curtis, Kree, Paul, Angie, Candice. I wonder what would happen if they keep fudging the vote numbers and come out and say it a first ever TIE LOL..

    • Aaron says:

      Janelle is HORRID and has ZERO business being in the Top 40, let along the Top 10. I hope she is the first to go.

  10. Harvey says:

    Always a pleasure, Slezak. I agree with the above ^ Burnell is definitely a contender, although he’s overshadowed by the other R&B contestants.

  11. Molly says:

    A little off-topic, but thank you for changing the actor shoutouts at the end, haha.

  12. MB says:

    I watched the result show again and feel a little better about the top 10. I was just so upset about Nick not getting in the top 10 that the whole thing was spoiled for me. I re-watched it with an open mind and I have to admit they are not as horrible as my first impression was. My favorites are Angela and Kree. I think Candice is terrific but something about her turns me off. Maybe its because she always looks a little pissed. Amanda and Janelle, I am neither here or there about. I actually think Amanda may be first to go unless she knocks it out of the park on Wednesday.
    As far as the guys I like Burnell and Devon. I am not a fan of Curtis. Paul Jolley turns me off and not sure about Lazaro. He sometimes sounds great but sometimes sounds like a hot mess.

    • SumoLobsterFace says:

      I agree with you about being turned off by Candice. She can sing with the very very best ever to have been on this show and elsewhere, but she comes across badly, and sadly this show isnt about talent, its about a hokey journey of improvement and inspiration. Candice arrived excellent, will remain excellent and probably wont connect with a mass of voters that aren’t already voting for her. She’s just not aspirational enough of a figure for her story on the show to be heartwarming. Yes she tried out a lot, but its not that she came back a better singer, she was this good this same time last year. Her sour face will see her voted off well before the ever-smiling Angie/Ann/A.

      I think its already too late for Candice to broaden her appeal. She’ll now be competing for votes against the boys (well, really against the bois) and I don’t think southern and mid-western teens want to be a large and unhappy-looking woman. They already don’t buy Aretha Franklin music, why would they want to vote for a younger version of that?

      • Mafs95 says:

        The facial expressions she makes are very common in lots of people. My best friend, for instance, he may be happy but his face is usually quite serious and not so smiley as people would prefer but that’s just how he is, it doesn’t mean he’s pissed. The same thing applies to Candice. She’s not an “unhappy-looking woman”, I actually find her endearing, sweet and humble.

        • marie says:

          Yes re the natural facial expression. I get that a lot too: my face just naturally looks serious, solemn, even glum, even when I may be perfectly content. I’m not a smiley person, but I usually am a peaceful one. So shoot me.

    • Johnny says:

      I was wondering if I was the only person thinking Candice been looking pissed lately, before AND after singing LOL..Since hollywood week seems she lost her smile she had back then. I think, she just wants it so bad she in the zone a little to hard. Since her last yrs group mate Jessica Sanchez went all the way to the finale she trying to show it should have been her instead. However, seems Sanchez got a very bad deal after placing second so I think if Candi still talking to her she might have given up.

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        Nerves … She is pissed looking because she is tense …. I think being booted last year, unjustly so, probably put a lot of pressure on her, especially seeing how far Jessica Sanchez, her friend now, went last year,… To me she looked real relaxed after being announced … It’s absurd to think that she is regretting being on Idol because Jessica got a “bad deal” with her album coming out in the next two months!!… Being a runner up on idol is far preferable to being a nobody ( musically of course), which is what these people were prior to idol …

    • forwarddad says:

      Who is Amanda?

    • Tom22 says:

      I’ve found that I always need to listen to the performances more than once to really hear whether my first impression really represents how good or bad they were. I wouldn’t offer any opinions if I didn’t use my DVR on most of them… and actually watching on you-tube with my earphones on helps a lot.

      I don’t have my TV loud enough to really hear the music like I can on the headphones. I have a neighbor and I need to jump to the sound quickly once people start talking or a commercial comes on. That prevents me from enjoying some performances that sound really great when I can hear the singers full tones.

  13. Mafs95 says:

    “Shut up, Randy” was also my favourite line ahahah. Now seriously, you guys should have given some props to Amber because she was amazing. I think she’s this year dark horse, the one nobody is really paying much attention but that at the end will blow our minds. And yeah, Candice was RIDICULOUS! Hello? Someone just call me mental hospital, ’cause that was C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! :p

    • Nat says:

      I think she vocally has a lot of potential – she really doesn’t know how good she is – but she’s quite an awkward performer and I worry about her song choices. Anyone else notice she’s only performed songs notably performed by other idol contestants?

      • teatime says:

        I have noticed that about Amber. It is not a good sign. She is young. Perhaps someone connected to the show should help her pick something that was not already done on the show.

    • Callum says:

      No, I don’t think that Amber will even get close to people like Candice or Kree. Her voice is very unusual. It often times sounds off-pitch, and even a vocal coach agreed that she needs to work on pitch and breath. You’ve got to be ready NOW to win, and Amer isn’t.

      • Mafs95 says:

        I’m 99,9% sure she won’t be the winner. I was just saying she has the potential and may become one of those American Idol contestants that people will remember for at least some years instead of those who are easily forgotten ala Shannon Magraine. She has pitch issues sometimes, but she also had pretty amazing “moments” (please shoot me for saying that! LOL) and all she needs is some good mentoring.

    • lemon says:

      Amber is getting tons of attention, and her fanbase is building. TVline is just one spot on the internet. She is a genuine threat to Candice and Janelle, and all of the guys other than Paul Jolley. She can’t win, but she can definitely crack the top 5.

  14. SumoLobsterFace says:

    Avrett killed it this week. I was laughing my ass off at the edits.

  15. dani says:

    What was that weird thing at the end?ENTV…. AND on my tiny phone screen Melinda looking like Dionne Warwick a little bit.

  16. dani says:

    Oh! And Candice made like Ordinary People a 100x’s more than I did. She so owns that song now.

  17. gdv says:

    Man, Slezak, why did you have to play that AMAZING 5-second clip of Alison Iraheta?!?! All it did was make me long for a (legitimate) ROCKER this season. Kree will have to do. Hopefully she steps out of her country shoes soon and starts melting our faces! :)

    • JR says:

      This season needed a Alison Iraheta, Haley Reinhart, Elise Testone kind of artist. I like all of them, but it would be nice to see a rocker or an alternative type of singer like Didi Benami or Lilly Scott in the pack.

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        From little I saw of the early season did they even have any Alison, Haley, Elise at all??? They had Melinda who at least brought some pop stage energy which it could have used to although that is a very different thing.

        They did have a sort of Didi with Julianna it seemed.

        But yeah it BADLY needed to be a top 13 with 7 girls and a place for that first kinda artist you mentioned and then a place for the second kind. Exactly that, where is the Haley,Elise, Alison and where is the Didi?

        I’m sure the girls and perhaps Devin will give some good things but all the same it feels a bit empty anyway without the other elements.

      • karen says:

        Uh, “Evidence” is proof that Kree rocks hard, sure nuff.

        • JR says:

          Yeah, I kinda agree. I love Kree and she’s amazing vocally and she knows how to rock hard. But she’s not so… ok I don’t know how to explain it lol. I guess I’m trying to say she’s a bit “cleaner” than the artists I referred to. It doesn’t mean I prefer them to Kree, I actually like her better than I liked Didi and Lilly, for instance. But yeah… hopefully, she’ll show how even more versatile she is.

  18. JB says:

    I agree,I think Devin has the best chance of the guys of winning and deservedly so.Kree is my favorite of the girls.Hope they are in the finals.I think Angie is overrated.Love your shirt Michael.

  19. Dayrah says:

    I’m not sure why but whenever I see Curtis sing it reminds me of how the Canadians are drawn on South Park. Beady little eyes….flapping mouth…I don’t know. Like the clip where he’s holding that note and the top of his head is just flapping up and down. LOL I can’t help but think of it. I can’t stand him.

    • rwfblog says:

      I like listening to Curtis, but I really don’t like watching him. His facial expressions and body postures are reminiscent of a precocious toddler, and it just doesn’t work for a grown-up man.

  20. Nephtalia says:

    My three favorites are Angie, Kree and Amber. Unfortunately, Amber was presented to us in Vegas so she really did not have time to built a fanbase. Kree also came a little late. Janelle, Candice, Burnell, Paul, Lazaro, Curtis and Angie were the most showed so they have an edge. Looking at age, pre-live Idol exposure, talent, twitter followers, YouTube views, and just plain look, I think unless Angie really messed up she should win. But I won’t mind Kree or Amber. I don’t know why but Candice just rubbed me the wrong way. She deserved to go far but I just don’t know.

    • James A says:

      I am also not a fan of Candice. She’s good no doubt but I find her boring and old fashioned…

    • Gale says:

      Candace is an undeniably talented vocalist. But she doesn’t seem to connect on a personal level like Kree does, for example.

    • Deb says:

      Oh, I don’t know. Idol all but ignored Kris Allen. The thing you have to do is connect emotionally and not be polarizing. Saw an article early in season 8 that showed the polarized nature of Adam and Danny in idol world and the author theorized that Kris had an edge because, although his fan base was smaller, he had far less negative reaction than either of the other two. That makes a difference because as contestants go their fans look for someone they think can sing but also someone they can “like.”
      Would be interesting to know the positive and negatives on each of the contestants.

      • dj says:

        I agree. Once Danny Gokey didn’t make the top 3, it was a given that his fans were going to vote for anyone but Adam. It would have been the same if Adam had been the one to go home. So Allison and Kris picked up those votes, and then when Allison went home, they all went to Kris.

        • Terry says:

          Fact check – Allison finished 4th and Gokey finished 3rd

        • Mary says:

          Danny did make the top three but I know what you are saying. Danny’s vote went to Kris at the finale not Adam. I personally think Kris had a larger fan base then what everyone thinks. The way he made the song fit him was his edge. TPTB wanted Danny, but honestly I think Kris had a larger fan base than Danny. Any way my top three are Kree, Candice and Amber. I don’t know, I think Angie is good behind the piano, but not without it. Of the guys I like Devin and Brunell but I wouldn’t purchase their music after the show, so I won’t be voting for them.

        • Kerry Kolsch says:

          What do people keep repeating this false premise? Danny’s fans hated Kris after their horrible duet in the top 4 round. Kris acted like an ass because Allison chose to sing with Adam. The only reason Kris Allen stayed in the contest is because of the Kick Awsome Task Force back in Conway, Arkansas. They gathered at UCA week after week and with the help of AT&T executive Matt Jordan’s free phones they delivered millions of votes every week. Adam Lambert was by far the most popular contestant Season 8 and was very well loved in Danny’s home state. Remember the Idol Tour that year when people all over the country walked out on Kris? The only place Allen was more popular than Adam was in Little Rock, Arkansas.

          • Tom22 says:

            Did they ever leak the actual votes for each week to support your premise?

            It sounds potentially plausible but its also plausible that most of america wouldn’t vote for a guy that wore nail polish (I agree that making it sound like a conspiracy theory for Gokey fans is a bit much…but I do think the same fans might naturally gravitate to someone “less strange” if they were still voting)

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            …or maybe they voted because they *SHOCK* liked Kris???

          • teatime says:

            Heartless was one of the standout performances that season. It came just at the right time, during top 3 week. That is also when Jordin gave her memorable I Who Have Nothing performance. For Kris, though, it was not his only standout performance. He was always good and many memorable performances like Man in the Mirror, Ain’t No Sunshine, and Falling Slowly. He really had a very impressive run on the show.

          • Kerry Kolsch says:

            The majority of people did not “really like Kris”. How could anyone who had an ear for music choose the very ordinary Kris Allen over the spectacular Adam Lambert? I wrote a book about the subject. My research proved that at no time ever was Kris Allen more popular than Adam Lambert except in Arkansas. In fact, in a fair vote Adam would have had roughly 80% of the vote and would have won by a landslide in every state but Arkansas. It only takes 3,000 people voting 10,000 times each to produce 30,000,000 votes. When AT&T assisted the vote it was cheating! The local Conway media has actual footage of the voting taking place when many people had produced 6,000 votes per hour. Two young boys produced 250,000 votes in 4 hours. It was cheating that brought Allen the victory and Allen knows it. Why doesn’t Michael point blank ask Allen about the cheating? Doesn’t anyone in the lame stream media have any balls?

          • Mary says:

            False. It was Kris fans who hated Danny for that duet because he didn’t sing a duet he tried to show off. Kris never acted like an ass because Allison and Adam sang together. Kerry I think you better go into therapy since it has been 4 years, need to get on with your life, everyone else has. WE all Get it you don’t like Kris. I went to the idol tour and sorry not everyone walked out on Kris. Yes maybe a couple who wanted to get in line early but you make it sound like it was the majority, which it wasn’t . Believe it or not a majority of us liked both Kris and Adam. I think all the contestants said Little Rock was the best because it was a full house and the energy was great. Nobody gives a dam about your book.

      • Kerry Kolsch says:

        Who the hell “liked” Kris Allen? Adam was way more popular and remains so to this day. Allen won by cheating!

        • Amy says:

          I liked Kris Allen. Liked his voice, his guitar skills, his spin on songs, his style of music and his look and easy personality.
          I appreciated Adam too…his taking Idol by storm that year and down a path they’d never gone. His vocals were fantastic; his performances polished to perfection; his artistry over the top and interesting; he was “a show” unto himself. And he’s done fine as a “runner-up” why slam Kris.
          “Won by cheating?” LOL…the Idol conspiracy theories run long and deep for some.
          Two completely different musicians and I appreciate them both.

          • Terry says:

            I liked Kris too. I can’t believe how bitter Adam’s fans are still after all this time. smdh!

        • Wendy says:

          Cheating? And how did Kris Allen cheat, since you obviously have insider info? I was one of the Kris Allen voters – I go to his concerts and buy his CDs so I think there are folks who like him.

        • GET A Life says:

          How could he cheat, he was on reality TV show in LA. Sorry the state of Arkansas stood behind and supported him, San Diego could of done the same for Adam. Adam does have a career – oversees, but not in the state. Maybe he wasn’t the best either.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Actually there was an AT&T scandal. I think some employees got fired. I don;t recall the details but I think they sent reps to a few viewing parties in his main territory and handed out tons of cell phones to people and gave talks about how to power txt message vote. So it was sort of cheat. I seem to vaguely recall that people don’t think they went to enough parties and managed to build up enough extra votes to swing the final results though and that while it was a scandal that it very likely had no effect on the outcome of who came in first all the same.

        • Mary says:

          Unless you have inside information, which I doubt, you are spouting theories. There is no way possible you know who liked whom. IT HAS BEEN 4 YEARS GET OVER IT.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            The scandal was real. It was all over the news. Kris had absolutely nothing to do with it himself. Some AT&T employees and a few of his fans did. From what I recall the general consensus from news organizations was that not enough was done to likely chance the results though and that Kris nearly certainly would have anyway since mass power voting from a handful or less of large viewing parties getting power txt coaching and lots of extra free phones to use wouldn’t likely be enough to chancg anything unless the results had been crazy close. Honestly, I don’t recall the details all that well though.

        • 5talentgirl says:

          You’re making an idiot of yourself and I wish you would just go away.

    • lemon says:

      Candice has amazing vocals, but so far that seems to be all she has. The term ‘Idol’ means something aspirational, and I just don’t see it. Meanwhile, Amber and Kree, and to a lesser degree, Angie, have voices that are also amazing, but they also have that aspirational quality to their personas.

  21. Natalie says:

    I cannot understand why Lazaro is in the top ten and no Elijah. I cannot fathom why he is not in the top ten. I am bewitched with his song and keep listening to it on YouTube. The girls I loved, well, all but janelle. But out of the guys devin was the only one I thought I would chose to listen to again. I was liking Elijah and Devon. And burnell I guess.

    • Dayrah says:

      I can give a simple explanation for your first statement.
      Elijah is not in the top ten because he wasn’t shown on camera enough. The audience didn’t have time to connect with him. Lazaro made it because people feel sorry for him and want to see an “underdog” in the competition.

      • Tom22 says:

        I agree but I’d add and “and”. Lazaro wasn’t half bad(he’d win high school singing contests at least) and showed some poise on stage (despite his sweating) that made him look up to the task , he had been given an advantage to be sure, but he could have easily blown the advantage without his ability to really take the stage and not let a bad note here or there shake his sunny demeanor.

  22. Gailer says:

    Kristy Lee Cook’s “Eight Days a Week” :)

  23. Shaun says:

    Go Angie….time to take the haters to the slag heap!

  24. lenna says:

    totally agree about breanna instead of jannelle! though i really wanted 7 women and 3 boys… this bunch is tad boring and i agree that there is no sense of danger…although, i think burnell will surprise us. he didnt give it all yet and he has potential and quirkiness that is bubbling underneath waiting for the right moment to manifest itself. me think….

  25. HTGRWHOM says:

    I’ll call it a one punch for Candice instead of a one-two hah. She did sound great for her victory song, but Ordinary People still bored me to tears. Such a borrrrring song and not quite my fav style so take that together and to me, personally, blannnd and borrring. But if you like that song and love that style then I’m sure it must have been awesome since she did do it very well, no way to doubt that. She did have a great victory sing there on Thursday. Hah Nikki’s reaction to Randy implying she needed another year to get to where she is no was classic.
    Hah she will go simply by the letter A. No more need be said. She is forever after simply…. A.
    I do wonder if you are not under-estimating Amber a bit.
    Yeah the one problem is no danger, no THAT, no Elise, no Haley etc. nobody who seems to bring that sort of thing at all. Adam wasn’t quite as much my style really but he did bring some of that sort of stuff too. Even a Siobhan, if maybe not quite in class of those three. etc. Where the heck will our Whole Lotta Love kinda vibe jump out this season like last? WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the year before?
    Yeah Devin is basically the one guy this season who seems like he could be in it.
    Nah Elijah was not it.

    • The Beach says:

      Dayum…I just realized those are little periods you put between your paragraphs. I’ve been scratching at my computer screen for 15 minutes trying to get the dirt off :)

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        Yeah I started doing that “.” thing, haha, after I saw someone else. The way this blog posts messages, it removes hard lines feeds so everything gets pushed together and if you write more than one or two sentences it becomes very annoying and hard to read. Using a “.” there is the most minimal way to force a hard line feed of sorts.
        If you look at the email versions of messages, the white spaces is maintained, but if you read on the blog it’s not. I don’t know why they don’t fix the blog settings. (maybe they are trying to discourage people from rambling on ;) ).

  26. karen says:

    Kree will continue to gain momentum, outclass the competition, win American Idol and become a legend in the music world in the tradition of Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Trishia Yearwood, Janis Joplin and Patsy Cline. Yes, I said it. The other contestants are awesome but there’s something so, so special about Kree. She is KREEM of the crop. She’s a once in a generation type of artist. It’s so obvious.

  27. Pat says:

    The sing-off is reportedly Charlie vs. Aubrey. In case anyone wanted to know.

    • James A says:


    • Johnny says:

      What I want to know is “Who is Aubrey?” LOL….seriously though. What about the girl who sang the song “Ain’t no way”? What about Bryant? (sigh) good thing I’m not planning to go to this tour if the people continue to sing bland ballads week to week. Thx for the info tho! :D

    • dj says:

      Oh no, Charlie has yet another chance to get his heart broken? I don’t want to see that stricken expression again.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I think that is someone’s guess. I think the #6 vote getter for the girls was Breanna and the #6 vote getter for the guys wasNlck

      • Pat. says:

        No, it’s not someone’s guess. It’s been investigated out through twitter who has gone home and who is still there from a source in LA.

        Charlie and Aubrey are the only two eliminated contestants still in LA. It’s them.

        • Mary says:

          Well if that is true I hope Aubrey makes it , but I have a feeling it will be Charlie. I would of prefer Brianna but Aubrey is okay. I hope everyone remembers Charlie face and action when they critique him, plus his mannerism when he wasn’t chosen. He is not ready for this. Like I said last week, I think it is stupid to have a sing off for the tour only. There will be a twist if TPTB thinks American choose correctly. If Aubrey wins she will compete, If Charlie wins – only the tour.

          • deedee says:

            They can’t plunk a new contestant into the competition in week #2. The sing-off will happen next week on the same night as week 1 of the finals. We won’t know who wins the sing-off until the next night, so how can the winner suddenly join an in-progress competition? I mean, I guess they can change the rules to make it happen, but it’s a weird thing to do.

          • Mary says:

            @deedee it can be done because I believe they have a extra week to fill for the season. Nobody
            gets eliminated this week and double next week. I am not saying this is going to happen I just think why the hell have a sing off for the tour only. They do not need an extra person, many seasons only had ten. Personally I think the producers have screw up this season anyhow so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

          • deedee says:

            That’s true. With an extra week to fil in the schedulel, they can simply not eliminate anyone this week, and then add a new contestant next week and start fresh. But after their non-competition “victory song” last week, all we need is another night of singing with nothing at stake.
            My wild-arse guess is: if they do a ‘for-tour-only’ sing-off, it’s because they know Charlie will win it. Nobody will care if Aubrey joins the tour after not seeing her for 10 weeks, but Charlie is a “character” contestant who will be remembered by Idol nutters forever. So, he’s a natural fit for the tour – particularly because he already has his “awkward turtles” fanbase who will buy tickets to the live show.

        • Dayrah says:

          What?! how did boring Aubrey get more votes than Breanna?
          And how did Charlie get more votes than Vincent? Nick? Elijah?

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      Hmm a touch surprising. I haven’t heard the guys much but I see lots of talk about Nick. I guess Aubrey with the positive comments pulled ahead of Breanna with the negative. At first I liked Aubrey better now I’m not so sure. It would be nice to have both in the competition or at least one.

      Hmm maybe if that is who it is that explains why they said it’s for a spot on the tour only (only maybe if Aubrey wins it then it will be a surprise announcement that it is also for the competition as well? Or maybe they don’t think she is different enough to force another into the competition or fear she might threaten Janelle or something?? Who knows.)

  28. Billie says:

    A very nice recap, Michael and Melinda. BTW Michael I knew you were referring to Lee DeWyze in the ’10 out of 11 who won American Idol’ part…your recaps for underwhelming Season 9 with complaints that Lee can’t perform while achieving staying on pitch throughout the whole song and I guess I don’t blame you for that. :)
    Favoritism aside…here is my intelectually concluded ‘Idol’ Leaderboard (Top 10)!
    1. Angie – her hype, her consistently solid efforts, her Hollywood Week original song, her number of social media followers, her number of producers pimping her making her closest to the crown for now.
    2. Candice – thanks for the screen time showing her every round she does perform, throughout the competition she was able to set her bar consistent…CONSISTENTLY HIGH.
    3. Kree
    4. Devin
    5. Amber
    6. Burnell
    7. Lazaro
    8. Paul
    9. Janelle – Lazaro and Paul ranked higher than her because they are gays guys that those young screaming panties and those old shrieking adult diapers are rooting for and take note their rankings could even get higher next week or next next week or next next next week if those two continue to sail through resulting into multiple girl eliminations.
    10. Curtis – his ‘Fly Lusky B**** Fly’ rendition showed that he doesn’t have an interesting tone in the lower part of his voice then relying on his unnatural, gay effeminate, Gospel antics. I mean he can sing (proven by previous rounds) but there is something (attitude.?!) that is definitely going to hurt his chances for this.
    I don’t want to invest myself again believing that the best singer of the season is going to win since the last 3 previous seasons it did not happen but my ‘Top 10’ favorites (for now) are Candice Glover, Devin Velez, and Kree Harrison. If one of them didn’t win I don’t know how long they will do last, maybe a Chris Daughtry place or a Haley Reinhart place but I am excited for what’s in store from them for the next coming week(s). :D

    • karen says:

      Gosh, do you have a problem with gays? What’s “unnatural” about being effeminate?

    • Mary says:

      Usually the most pimped one (Angie) doesn’t win. I hope this is the case. Her original was good, but I really don’t think she has lived up to the hype since. Her victory song was not to hot.

      • teatime says:

        I don’t think Angie is the most pimped. They loved her original song. Since then they have made comments that she is not as good as that original song. No standing O’s for her. Keith has made comments that she is ready for a career, but none of them have suggested she will win the show IIRC. I expect them to start throwing her under the bus in a couple weeks when the bottom 3 is out of line with what they want it to be.

  29. Luke says:

    Michael and Melinda – Of all the girls, you barely mentioned Amber – I think her victory song wasn’t as strong – but her 2 prior numbers in Vegas were fantastic – I hope you talk about her more next week – she deserves to stay – I know I will be voting for her – Heads up other Amber fans here – It is very easy to do the 50 votes online now so I hope you send a chunk of that Amber’s way!

    • lemon says:

      Maybe they are not mentioning Amber because she is a serious threat to their chosen ones? She got a standing O from the judges last week, all 4 of them, and she’s not even discussed? She has potential to be huge, IMO.

      • Dayrah says:

        Maybe Amber will be the Haley of this season!

        • lemon says:

          That would be sweet! ;-)

        • JR says:

          I like Amber and her Youtube account (which has videos from 2006 and 2007) is called something like AmericanIdolDream, (I don’t know if that’s the real name I’m just saying whatever I remember) which means she’s been dreaming for this thing since quite some time (at least 1/3 of her age!).
          I like how she’s still not pro level but at the same time so amazingly flawless whenever she wants and she has so much potential. Like someone said in a comment above, she may become the dark horse of this competition. All she needs is to show a bit more of personality and choosing better songs to perform.
          I usually don’t follow the “vote for the underdog” path since I’m quite an objective person (and actually my favourite contestants from previous seasons have been “pimped” ones like Joshua Ledet / Jessica Sanchez, Pia Toscano, Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox….) but this season I actually may be rooting for Amber Holcomb!
          I’m also supporting Candice and Kree! They’re amazing and, contrary to Amber, I think they have reached the pro level in their performances. I’ll give a honorable mention to “A”, Devin and actually Paul (he’s not a GREAT singer but I also see some potential in his voice and I really liked his “Blown Away” performance in Hollywood which showed he’s not a cookie-cuter kind of singer but actually a powerhouse vocal with just some slight problems with pitch).
          And sorry for the long reply, I know this was supposed to be about Amber (and it mostly was) but I just continued to ramble on and…. yeah.
          PS: Stole the great idea of the dots from HRKDMOJDKRNF…. (sorry but I was too lazy to check what’s the correct name)!

          • lemon says:

            Great post! I also support the people I like regardless of what anyone says. Last year, there wasn’t a single person I liked, so I didn’t really watch. This year, I’m glad to have two….Amber and Kree. It makes it fun again. Props to Angie and Candice. They don’t do a thing for me, but I get their appeal, and they deserve their spots. Now, Janelle…..that’s another story.

          • JR says:

            lemon, I agree with you in many things except one… you didn’t like a single contestant from last year? whaaat?
            sorry, everyone is entitled to their opinions, I’m just super confused because that was actually my favourite American Idol season ever because I really, really liked every contestant from the Top 8 + Erika Van Pelt (Top 10) and I LOVED Joshua and Jessica (and Phillip in his last 3 weeks in the show)!
            but I definitely agree in regards of Janelle… she’s not in the same league as the other girls. just not! I’ll give her a shot but her Elvis Presley performance was so boring and I actually liked it even less than the Lady Antebellum one.

          • lemon says:

            No, not a single one. That’s not to say I disliked anyone. There’s no rhyme or reason to “feeling that connection,” I guess. There has to be a certain kind of charisma, plus I have to be dazzled by the vocals, and that just didn’t happen for me last year. I did listen to both Jessica and Phil, but to me they are both missing the charisma X Factor. It’s all very subjective. To someone else, they might feel or see something I don’t.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            What about Elise? Her Whole Lotta Love?

          • lemon says:

            In fact the only female contender, so far, who has the charisma X Factor this year, is Amber. Kree is a maybe. It’s early, and time will tell.

          • 5talentgirl says:

            @ Lemon

            Way too strange. IMO, last season was the best for talent and creativity since season 8, with the exception, of course, of Haley Reinhart, and yeah, Crystal Bowersox, too.
            But…each to their own.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Luke and Lemon, I’d agree. Of course, at this point, it’s hard to know, but Amber is the one (if, perhaps, not the only one) in which there is a possibility for an extraordinary growth arc if: 1.) she can absorb and produce what her vocal coach teaches her; and 2.) she doesn’t get confused (like so many of the other younger contestants — with the exception of Scotty) by the various contradictory pieces of “advice” she’s given; and 3.) the pressure doesn’t get to her.

      And, as vocally gifted as she already is (at her young age), if that growth arc that I think could happen does, indeed, happen, we could be in for something really incredible!

  30. karen says:

    I can see the appeal of Angie, but she’s a bit to vanilla for me over the long haul. I’m starting to have “You Light Up My Life” Debbie Boone flashbacks.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you, I was trying to think who she reminded me of. That is a good analogy. Right now I am for Kree all the way and then Amber. I don’t know there is something about Amber I don’t think we have seen her best yet. It is all about song choices, so I hope she picks well. I think Candice is talented, but to be honest I wouldn’t buy her music. I only invest in contestant I would support and unless she has a fantastic single I probably wouldn’t.

      • karen says:

        I concur with everything you’ve written here. I’m worried that Amber will get lost in the pack if she doesn’t pick the right song. She has had some awesome moments and I want to see more. Kree all the way for the win. She is simply amazing.

      • lemon says:

        Kree and Amber are my top two as well. Both of them could be huge stars. I also worry about Amber’s song choices, though.

  31. karen says:

    For me, the top four so far are: 4) Burnell, 3) Candice, 2) Devin, 1) Kree

  32. whosays says:

    could this be a repeat of season 6?

    amber = jordin sparks – cute young versatile aspirational potential

    candace = melinda doolittle – polished technical pro who looks old for her age but won us over in the semis

    kree = lakisha – another seasoned pro

    with paul jolley or curtis taking blake’s spot.

    Mark my words – paul jolley wins. He’s the only “safe” choice.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      Only problem with that is why does Paul win when it was Jordin Sparks who won that season which would mean Amber wins, no?

      • Tom22 says:

        I think his reasoning is plausible and you nail it on the head that Amber can take it. BUT.. she would need to bring it on and get better in subtle ways each week the way Jordin did. Jordin had to earn her way into that chance by hanging in there earlier when she wasn’t as good, and putting in performances at the end that were probably as enjoable/good (song choice helping) as the pro’s come knock-out time.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          I’d like to see her have an “I (Who Have Nothing)” moment.

          • Tom22 says:

            And that was QUITE a moment of Jordin’s. Definitely on the list of my top dozen idol performances (and I can’t put the stellar idol performances in any order in my mind .. once they reach a certain threshold its like saying if a Renoir is better than a Money). Certainly others have sung the song very very well. Others might have been a bit truer to the lyrics in a literal fashion yet Jordin’s interpretation still has me crying with a empathy of the poignancy of a beautiful hope, just out of reach…yet eternal and perhaps, we can hope, a dream that can come true….if a good prevails. Perhaps, as the song is written, that hope should never prevail and it is meant to be a tragedy of misdirected love.. yet from the viewpoint of the singer, it doesn’t need to be, and the hope amidst the sorrow should come through. While an emphasis on a frustration/anger could logically be emphasized, Jordin’s interpretation of that in a way that made that sound less directed a person, but more at an unfortunate reality of the way minds in general can go astray … with less blame and more contemplation of the “bad winds” we must face.

            Of course saying all of that required a artistry with the use of strong and controlled voice that never distracted with wavering from pitch or straining for notes, and cadence, and rests
            and, internalizing that message to be true from her heart. Perhaps to her, it could have been that of a daughter ignoring his daughter, under the spell of a sparkling second wife (not applicable to her solid family, but perhaps empathy for a friend

            Her interpretation was also great example of a 17 year old tackling content in a true sounding way without trying to fake emotions she hadn’t enough life experience to pull off exactly without a slight twist to make it truer to what they can feel). Cassadee Pope, on the voice this year, used a similar technique with the her priceless cover of “Over You” which wasn’t based on pure age, but from experience. The very young singers on idol and the x-factor (too young in my opinion) need to find complex emotions they can relate to and bring them to songs, rather than faking what they think they’d feel if they could imagine a place they’d never been. 13 year old Beatrice Miller had a similar moment with “bullet proof” on Xfactor in qualifying round that read so true… perhaps more from something like feeling disconnected and scared base upon cascading issues from economic crisis and unenumerated other factors in her family (or her perceptions thereof, even if they were more commonplace than a 13 year old knew).

            Wow, I should start a blog, even if no-one reads it.. to expound on my thoughts lol !

        • Name That Tune says:

          That all sounds well & good except people have barely Noticed Amber. She will need to show more diversity than singing Whitney songs every week
          Reality is, Lozaro is More popular than anyone except Angie. The question is will That change bcfore we lose Devin?

  33. Here’s something I find funny about this Top 10: No WGWG. But what an incredibly boring Top 10 though (Thank god Candice and Kree are there). Is it me or it seems like the girls weren’t necessarly stronger than the boys but it was setup to look like it?! J’ACCUSE NIGEL!

    • soundscene says:

      No WGWG, but a non-threatening conventionally handsome white guy is still there (Paul). I do agree that this year’s top 10 is really quite dull. I haven’t been as uninvested in a season I watched since… well, ever.

  34. forwarddad says:

    I will be very upset if they bring back Charlie. If they bring him back He will either be crushed by defeat or win the sing off . Both scenarios are bad.

    • Mary says:

      I Agree.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      I think he might actually be pleased that he came in sixth and not tenth and feel better about it than if he didn’t get brought back even if he doesn’t win the sing-off (where the girls are expected to win this season anyway).

    • Terry says:

      Yes, lets not frighten the kids in the audience by having Jekyll & Hyde Charlie on the tour. BTW what a stupid concept. Hey, you get to compete for a spot on the tour but don’t get to compete on the show. Lame!

  35. Hmr says:

    I mostly agree with this episode except Angie does nothing for me. One of the following contestants will be saved during this season: Angie, Candice, Kree or Curtis.
    Paul Jolley will outlast many good singers not because of his singing but because of his looks.
    Devin is great, but he should not take Nicki’s advice about continuing singing in Spanish during the competition. Don’t get me wrong he did it well, but little goes a long way. He has been very consistent and can upset the female dominance.
    What is so great about Burnell?

    • Timmah says:

      I don’t know, I think Burnell is hugely overrated. Kree reminds me of Carly Smithson, which means she’ll be the best singer all season and finish around 6th. A guy will win, probably Devin or Paul, whichever one manages to charm the girl voters the most.

      • deedee says:

        No way. Kree may look somewhat like Carly, but they are nothing alike in musical style or personality. Kree has this natural, easygoing way about her that Carly didn’t have at all. Plus, Kree sings in a style that sells today (at least I think it does!), whereas Carly fell more or less into the big-voiced diva trap. They both have great voices, but it seems to me that Kree has more audience appeal. I guess we’ll see ..
        As for a guy winning, I just can’t imagine any of them charming the lady voters to that extent. Then again, I couldn’t understand what they saw in Scotty, so I’m not the best judge here.

        • Timmah says:

          I don’t think Carly was a diva at all. Watch Here You Come Again or Blackbird again and see how she gently massages the notes. She was capable of a wide range of styles. Kree reminds me of her a bit because I think she’s more than just a country singer.

          • deedee says:

            Carly wasn’t a typical diva, however, she did have that side to her, and, IIRC, she also said it herself – that she gravitated to Celine Dion-type music. Anyway, I see what you’re saying that they’re both capable of a wide range of styles. Still, to me, Kree comes off as pleasantly casual in her manner – in a way that contrasts sharply to Carly’s stage presence on Idol. Ah, well, maybe it’s just me, :D .

          • noa says:

            Carly is a crazy rocker. look at what she’s done since… she was more about Heart during the competition which is kind of a combination of Rock and power vocals.
            but i agree with you Deedee. Kree is about 50-60% country which will take her far. and maybe she won’t have a Simon-like judge giving her bad critics every week for no reason.

            yeah, i’m pulling for Nicki’s wife this year. doing Susan Tedeschi on Idol. that’ll win me over every time.

          • deedee says:

            Haha, Noa, I see you found your Elise for the season ;). At least this time your pick has a decent chance of winning! Kree is great. I see her as a little bit Kelly Clarkson, and a little bit Carrie Underwood. Lots of potential with this one!

          • noa says:

            there will never be another Elise for me :) the only time i really cared… but Kree is fantastic and i’m rooting for her! anyway, the TVline message boards are fun again. yay!

  36. Lola says:

    This is how I think the top 5 SHOULD end up:

    1. Candice (astounding talent with an electricity that is stellar). 2. Kree (also astounding, but less electric than Candice). 3. Amber (amazing vocals). 4. Devin (has vocals and an at-ease delivery). 5. Curtis (good vocals)

    This is how I think it will end up based on previous years showings:
    1. Kree. 2. Janelle. 3. Candice. 4. Devin. 5. Curtis.

    Unless she becomes ill or falls apart, this belongs to Candice.

    At least we will be spared the WGWG.

    • karen says:

      Janelle will go down in flames in the first round. She’s too inconsistent. She’s proven that time and again this season. Kree can sing circles around her in her sleep.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I certainly hope Curtis is the first to go. I will settle for Janelle to go second. How about a double elimination?

  37. noa says:

    “/” (= the artist formerly known as Angela)

  38. marie says:

    You know, I may be the minority Idol viewer in this (although possibly not on this board), but I don’t really care who wins, as long as I am able buy knockout albums from Candice and Kree some time down the line after the season ends.


    (Just as an aside, the only Idol alum who has ever produced an album I thought was a real home run was, of all people, Phil Phillips. Not Adam Lambert, who featured pop fluff on his recordings. Not Alison Iraheta, whose album I might have been able to appreciate if I were a young teenager, because those were exclusively songs from a teen viewpoint. Not, sadly, Melinda [although it was excellently sung]. Not even Haley Reinhart – every time I try to listen to that album, I think, great voice, terrific singer, fair-to-poor songs, why am I listening to this when I can be listening to Amy Winehouse’s “Frank” album…but Phil, who was not my favorite last year, has released an album of really excellent songs, sung distinctively, perfectly produced, and, icing on the cake, he wrote the bulk of the material. I was surprised and quite tickled. Now, come on, Candice, record some real SONGS, don’t let them drown you out in lightweight pop or noisy dance music. I know, I know, heresy regarding Haley’s album, but that’s my honest reaction: it gets switched off in favor of Winehouse every time.)

    • noa says:

      hhhmmm… i haven’t listened to P2’s album yet. but i have heard good things. i’ll get around to it at one point.

      but here’s the thing- Haley’s album isn’t played on my ipod if i’m in the mood for something like Amy Winehouse. Listen Up is my choice when i want to hear good pop music. it’s the closest i can handle that isn’t combined with major nostalgia (like when i play the Spice Girls in my apt and everyone’s instantly happy. happens a lot…).

      i’m waiting for Elise’s album. i know a few of her originals and they’re all at least good if not great. and she has a great band. i trust her to record a great first album.

      • marie says:

        Yes, I am waiting for Elise’s album too. I’d be surprised if it weren’t good. And I wish I could, but I just can’t get into Haley’s album, or Adam’s albums either for that matter, while I still listen to their Idol-season recordings from time to time. I don’t know why, but something about Haley’s voice always brought to mind Amy for me, even if her voice per se didn’t actually remind me of Amy’s, and I think that’s why the so-so songs on Listen Up always end up shunted aside for the amazing songs on Frank.


        By all means, check out Phil’s album. Really great (and I’m not easily won over).

        • Terry says:

          I love ‘Listen Up!’, I’ve listened to it hundreds of times and love it every time, it never gets old to me. Her voice is so unique, and so are the songs. Love the diversity on it, it’s like it’s very own mix tape all in one. But anyway, to each their own, I tried to listed to P2 but I’ve never been a fan of that Dave Matthews Band & Mumford and Sons sound that he imitates.

          • Emma says:

            I agree with you, Terry, I can’t get enough of Haley Reinhart’s album. LOVE. IT. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed in the least. I love every single song on Listen Up and that’s a pretty rare thing. I hope she gets a new record deal because it will break my heart if she never gets to release another album. Phillip Phillips is not my cup of tea but hat’s off to him, his debut sold like gangbusters so he’s guaranteed another record. Congrats to him and his fans.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Yeah I love Haley’s album too. Lots of great stuff. Most albums are like one hit wonder albums and you FF past almost everything else, not this one, it has more stuff I like than 90% of the albums out there.
            I suppose I should give P2’s a try and see what it is like.

      • MB says:

        I listen to Phillip’s album constantly and never get bored with it. I even gifted one to my son who is a snob when it comes to music and very particular. He said that Phillip is the best thing that has come out of Idol in years. I have never played this album for anyone who didn’t like it.

    • deedee says:

      Really — P2’s album is that good? I LOVE “Home”, but absolutely couldn’t tolerate his tuneless covers during his season. Almost everything he sang on the show (with one or two exceptions) made me cringe and run screaming from the room. That’s why I was shocked that I actually enjoyed his set on the tour last summer. He did his thing and he was alright! So, how did he get from cringe-inducing competition performances to best album by an Idol in ages? I’m baffled.

      • MB says:

        He was always good. Hi recordings from season 11 were really good. That’s when I really began to like him. He was really sick last season on Idol with Kidney problems and that may have caused him not to be 100 % at some of the shows but he is fine now and he is really proven to be amazing and truly deserving of the idol win.

    • teatime says:

      David Cook’s first album is really great. That one has Light On, Come Back to Me, Permanent, Heroes, Bar-ba-sol, Lie, and a number of other great songs. I’m not surprised it is the best selling album from any contestant since Daughtry. It has a lot of variety and everything is good on it. His second album is great but it is dark, or heavy. It is not as commercial. If someone is not a rock fan they are not going to appreciate some of the fantastic tracks on that sophomore album. So it has a more limited appeal.
      I like Kris Allen’s second album more than his first. It has more upbeat tunes and he does those well. His first album is still good and has some songs I really like, such as “I Need to Know.” They are both good albums. He’s a talented singer and songwriter. I think his first album does not have enough variation on tempo. But I could say the same thing about Phillip’s album.
      I like Haley’s songs a lot, but I don’t usually just listen to the album as a whole. I mix the songs in with other playlists. It seems like Universal missed the boat by not marketing her to more non-Idol fans who would like her jazzy style. Haley is a star as far as I am concern. I’m interested to see/hear what she is going to do next.
      I like Phillip’s album. Everything is good. The songs he co-wrote all sound very DMB. That is clearly a major musical influence for him. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to a DMB album but I can listen to Phillip’s album. It does not have a lot of change in tempo but that is just his style. I think Universal did a really good job with Phil by having him lean toward the Mumford vibe for some songs, which really does suit him.

  39. dnazelrod says:

    Hello! Soul Patrol?! Seriously? The only good thing he ever did was disappearing off the face of the earth after winning.

  40. Beth Hill says:

    I think Idol needs to pull a SYTYCD and have an Allstar duet week and Kree can duet with Carly Smithson. How awesome would that be!

    • Terry says:

      I think Idol should have an Allstar entire season! Anyone from the previous seasons top 5 who didn’t win. Wouldn’t that be fun!

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        I wonder how many would want to go through the whole judging thing again and the way the voting can be very particular.
        They should bring them back instead of the non-Idol singers though. Let them perform a couple songs, their own way from their albums.

        • alfalfa says:

          Maybe they could make the prize a donation to their favorite charity so it’s more light-hearted. IDK, it could be fun.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            ^I like that idea^

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Maybe some time outside of the regular Idol season (and assuming they could coordinate and the former contestants were not otherwise obligated) run it for six week, everyone sings 1 song from one of their albums a week, run it for six weeks weeks. At the end people vote one winner, no placings given for anyone else. Everyone gets some prize money to charity and the winner gets a bit more to their charity and some kind of promotion bit done for them? Light-hearted, doesn’t put anyone at risk, shows everyone off (who has six goods songs they can perform live at least) gives a bit back, gives to them through the extra promotion of the show and one gets a bit one on top.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            no judging or anything, show doesn’t do arrangements, they do what they’ve been doing, how they want to since leaving, sort of like Real Music TV let people come on and do their thing as they wanted

  41. Teeny Bikini says:

    Am I the only one who watches each video 10 times? :) I just love these! Thank you.

  42. Chris says:

    AMEN! Miss Candice Glover.

    This will be a good season!

  43. teatime says:

    I never notice Paul when he sings. I could not tell you a single song he has sung except for Alone. I keep forgetting he is there. The one thing I do remember about him, though, is how he handled the judging on Wednesday night when the 10 guys sang. It was one of those cases where the judging seemed to go on for more than twice as long as the song did. I don’t think anyone said anything interesting. Every one of them just made comments that it wasn’t great, or wasn’t the right song, blah, blah, blah. By the time they got to the third judge I was rolling my eyes at how long it was taking to say nothing. Then when it got to Ryan, he kept it going! Instead of wrapping it up he started asking questions. I had to laugh out loud at how Paul just stood there the whole time, with a big smile on his face, politely answering any questions and thanking them all for their feedback. After that, I was not surprised he made the top 5 guys.

  44. Danni says:

    I want Breanna back. :(

  45. deedee says:

    Do you think we Idoloonies can make “shot the peacock” happen? Can we make it the new “jumped the shark”? <– That expression is so old, nobody even knows where it came from anymore ("Happy Days", if I'm not mistaken). So, let's band together and spread "shot the peacock" around the world!! I'll start:
    "XFactor really shot the peacock when it didn't release their season 1 winner's album!
    With all of Nigel's blatant manipulations, season 12 may be the year that Idol finally shot the peacock.

    Yes? No? :-D

  46. Marie says:

    Lord help us………….. Curtis Lusk, I mean, Finch made it through.

  47. Christy says:

    As good as Candice and Kree are they have NO PERSONALITY, no spunk and absolutely no star appeal between them. Angie is a Stepford Wife-esque Southern fundie who seriously creeps me out with her huge bulging eyes, even larger teeth and constantly clueless smiling. I wonder what would happen to her if the key fell out of her back? I actually think Amber and (much as I hate saying it) Janelle have the most commercial promise. I only say Janelle has promise because country music fans are pitifully easy to please. Stick someone in front of them who is blonde, doesn’t seem too bright and can barely carry a tune and they are content. The untalented Kellie Pickler being a star in that genre attests to that formula. Amber is quite attractive, is a decent singer (still needs a little work, though) and seems down to Earth and relatable. She’d fair the best of all five of the choices in the REAL WORLD. Several of the more commercially viable girls who mixed sex appeal, energy and singing talent (most notably Breanna) have already been axed. I think the producers realize the females who dominate the voting on this show won’t fully support the more attractive female contestants regardless of their talent. The guys are a monumental waste of time. I like Burnell, but I doubt his ability to sell music. Curtis manages to be even more irritating than Jacob Lusk and I didn’t think that was possible. Paul and Lazaro are neither talented nor original enough to cut it in the industry. And I’m pretty sure there’s another guy on here but for some reason I can’t remember who right now, so I guess that says it all about his impact.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      “Angie is a Stepford Wife-esque Southern fundie who seriously creeps me out with her huge bulging eyes, even larger teeth and constantly clueless smiling.”

      She can sing, but I’d like her more if she picked better songs.

    • karen says:

      Maybe you should just stop watching the show if it’s that painful for you. In the meantime, Kree Harrison is going to knock America off its feet. Sorry you’re going to miss out on the great unveiling of a great new American artist.

      • Christy says:

        Kree is a fine singer. However, her glum demeanor every week is going to get her nowhere in show business. People claim every singer every year is gonna be big, then after the show the person falls off the map. There’s a reason why most of them go nowhere: They have a dull, forgettable personality just like Kree! (And if you think she of all people is gonna win, you are mistaken. She stands no chance!)

        • deedee says:

          They have a dull, forgettable personality just like Kree! (And if you think she of all people is gonna win, you are mistaken. She stands no chance!)
          I don’t find Kree glum, dull, or forgettable – maybe a little low-key and reserved, but that’s not a bad thing. David Cook was also kind of an introverted contestant. Carrie was called “farmbot”. Kris was just about the most unassuming contestant ever. Lee and Scotty were nothing to write home about in the personality department either. So, the evidence shows that having a big personality has little to do with winning Idol. Likability is important, though, and imo, Kree is perfectly likable.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Good points all. Lots of the winners didn’t have all that dynamic personalities at all. People forget how robotic Carrie was on Idol even with the emotion level in her singing itself at times too. And same for those others. Some with more dynamic personalities even seem tend to get punished by seeming to this or too that for some crowd sorta BS and more easily shown in various lights as the powers that may desire BS.

  48. Name That Tune says:

    After doing some research on FB, twitter & You tube, the most likely sing-off pairing is Zoanette & Charlie. Based on those 3 sources Charlie should have made the Top 5.
    However, Dial Idol had Zoanette Lowest in votes and Nick B.was 4th
    The other possibility for the girls is Adriana Lotanio.
    If the finals were held today, we would be watching Angela vs. Lozaro with Angie Wiinning, Knee would be #3, Bornell ¥4 and Candice and Janell tied @¥5.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I guess there’s an entire contingent of people out there that enjoy Lazaro’s awful pronunciation???? Eeek.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Lazaro was also the top vote getter for the boys on Dial Idol.
        He is headed for a long Idol Run.

      • deedee says:

        I know, it makes me crazy. I adore accents in speech, but for some reason find them distracting in songs. Lazaro’s pronunciations, however, go a step beyond accent into seriously sloppy diction. Awful!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I’ve said this before – Devin needs to stop singing in Spanish (I can understand him for cryingoutloud) and Lazaro should just sing in Spanish. that way at least some of the population will understand what the heck he is singing.

  49. Kerry Kolsch says:

    It is the writers like Michael who have destroyed the credibility of American Idol. When they all sat back and ignored the cheating during Season 8 and made up lame stories about why Kris Allen won, they destroyed the verisimilitude of the show. Around the world, everyone knows Adam should have won. The continued denial of this fact makes the show irrelevant.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Uh, time to either get over that or go on the Ricki Lake Show.

      • Mary says:

        She has to hurry, it has been cancelled – maybe Maury.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          LOL. It amuses me that people still get upset about winners, losers, etc. Of course I am still upset that Lilly Scott and Kaetlyn Epperle were sent home, LOL.

          • syb says:

            haha. Those eliminations still upset me too. More so than any of the winners. (Well maybe except Lee…)

    • JR says:

      Calm down!!! I wish Adam won his season but I’m not MAD Kris did since he’s a good singer and performer who showed development and growth. Plus, it’s just a TV show / talent competition, it’s suppose to bring fun and entertainment and we all should see it that way. Just because you hate Kris was the winner, it doesn’t mean you have to hate everyone who disagrees with you!

    • deedee says:

      Kerry, although I was crestfallen when Kris’ name was announced, he did win fair and square. Perhaps when voting is open to the rest of the world, we’ll get different results. As manipulative as Idol is, I really don’t think they tamper with vote totals. Maybe one day I’ll be proven wrong. Oh, and bonus points for using the word “verisimilitude” on an Idol blog. wow.
      Speaking of depressing eliminations, I’m still bummed about them letting go of Jimmy Smith. He sure picked the wrong season to audition, eh? The one season when down-home, talented white guys might as well have been infectious lepers. Oh, Jimmy. I doubt he’ll come back next year :-( . Will I ever get over the hurt?