Glee Recap: All the Right Movies [Updated]

glee diamonds are a girls best friend material girl“This is like the third act in the movie where the heartbroken guy chases through the crowded city streets to win his girl back. And then he does some big romantic gesture and the music swells and the crowd applauds and their eyes well up with tears. And then she’ll take you back. That’s just the way it works.”

So spoke Glee‘s Finn Hudson, passionately advocating that his mentor Will Schuester track down his runaway fiancée, club her over the head and drag her back to the cave.

Okay, maybe all Finn wanted Schue to do was give a Say Anything-style musical performance — boom box overhead, belting “In Your Eyes” — till the ginger-haired guidance counselor found herself unable to resist the entreaty.

But things don’t always work out like they do in the movies, or at least not in the small-screen world of McKinley High. Here’s what went down on a movie-music-themed episode that was packed with performances:

* Still reeling from Emma leaving him at the altar, but bolstered by Finn’s pep talk, Will sought out his runaway bride and tried to woo her back with a serenade aided (perhaps a litte dubiously) by the kids of New Directions. Emma, though, feeling like she didn’t really know the man who came back from his trip to Washington, D.C. — and the Blue Ribbon Panel for Arts Education — wasn’t quite ready to put a ring on it. The duo instead settled for a Friday-night movie date to start rebuilding their relationship. Oh, and when Finn finally confessed to kissing Emma — she was right, bee tee dubs, when she told him to keep his trap shut — Schue gave him an ice-cold glare and silently walked away.

* Snowed in inside their Brooklyn apartment, Santana picked at Rachel and Kurt’s emotional scabs and insecurities (after doing a thorough rummaging of their pockets, drawers and garbage cans). Santana’s probing made Kurt’s new beaux Adam realize Kurt wasn’t yet over Blaine, but it didn’t deter the upperclassman, only made him more resolved to create their own memories and not be viewed as a rebound guy. (That’s gonna be an uphill battle…but good for him anyway!) Santana also got Rachel stressing that Brody (stuck in Manhattan due to the storm) might be a drug dealer. How else to explain the presence of $1,500 in cash and a pager? Yep, a pager? (I’m still betting dude’s an escort.) In the episode’s most emotional scene, Santana also got Rachel to confess that her home pregnancy test had come up positive. I wish we’d seen a little more of the intense interaction between these two gal pals, and maybe a little less of the Marley-Jake relationship drama. Is it just me?

* Finally, the kids of New Directions had a boys-vs-girls movie songs mashup showdown — and both sides were declared the winners. During a session at the potter’s wheel, meanwhile, Marley confessed to Jake that Ryder had kissed her — and she’d let him — causing the younger Puckerman brother to storm out of the room without even washing the clay off his hands! Eww.

Grades for This Week’s Musical Performances
Will & Emma: “You’re All The World To Me” | Grade: A-

Blaine, Brittany and New Directions, “Shout” | Grade: A-

Blaine & Kurt, “Come What May” | Grade: A

Guys of New Directions, “Old Time Rock And Roll”/”Danger Zone” | Grade: B+

Unique, Marley and the ladies of New Directions, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”/ “Material Girl” | Grade: C

Will, “In Your Eyes” | Grade: B

Jake & Ryder, “Unchained Melody” | Grade: C+

New Directions, “Footloose” | Grade: B-

Episode’s Best Zingers
“You don’t get dibs on Les Mis just because you’re the poster.” –Kitty to Marley, after will announces the week’s “songs from the movies” assignment

“He smelled all talcum-y, like a Cabbage Patch doll.” –Santana, describing her initial impression of Brody

“Boys are like lumps of coal: They’re dirty and cheap and they get hot when they’re rubbed. And some turn into diamonds. So collect as many as you can.” –Kitty advising Marley on her Jake-Ryder dilemma

“[The shower is] where he’ll be for the next hour, scrubbing the drug shame off his frictionless body.” –Santana, airing more suspicions about the source of Brody’s money

And with that, I turn things over to you: Hit the comments with your thoughts on “Girls (and Boys) on Film”!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stacie says:

    It’s not just you Michael. The split narrative was too heavily leaned to McKinley tonight and not enough time was spent in NY. The Santana/Kurt/Rachel dynamic is one that needs to be explored more. I haven’t laughed out loud at a Glee episode in a long time, Santana’s voice on this show has been Beverly missed. In all honesty Iam really tired of these kids that no one cares about, Marley, Jake, Ryder and Kitty. I love Unique’s voice and love the way Wade performs but out of the newbies that’s really it.
    -Also bad job by Glee for opening the show with the Schuester/Emma performance. It was very boring and I don’t think it grabbed whatever audience they were intending to grab from the American Idol audience. They should have led with Shout.

    • Fan says:

      No cares about Kitty? Not true, I do.

      • Stacie says:

        That’s cool. Didn’t really mean to make a blanket statement. I meant “care” in the way that people have cared about characters that we followed for 3 seasons. I don’t know enough about Kitty to really care about her but that’s nice that you do and I’m sure others do as well.

        • Larry says:

          That’s the point -you don’t know enough to really care. While we’ve had over 80 episodes of the original cast to care about them. I like the newbies as much as any other character on the show. So people do have other opinions. Why does everything result in a war with the Gleeks that everyone has to pick a side. Seriously, we are so dysfunctional and judgmental.

          • an opinon not a judgment says:

            I guess I am being judgmental but I just don’t find the new kids interesting. The group dynamic is boring and all the songs are just ok nothing exciting or outstanding all season from the glee club. I guess the crushes and silly song set ups are just old hat. Seems we get rehashed stories with less interesting characters and actors at McK.

          • Russ says:

            I like some of the newbies, or have grown to like them more since the beginning of the season. The only thing that pisses me off about the newbies is that they get more stories than the seniors who have been there for a couple of seasons. And after Santana’s confession about Brody it just reminded me how much I’ve missed her and wanted to see more of her.

    • Xime says:

      I like the newbies!!

    • Hime says:

      Praise this comment. I couldn’t agree more. The New York side is so good and has so much potential for awesomeness yet they continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time on McKinley. I liked the scenes with Will and Finn and the shout performance but I am beyond tired of seeing the new kids and I actually just skipped all the jack and marley stuff. What a let down after witnessing that awesome Santana and Rachel scene just seconds before.

      • Fin fan says:

        Agreed to all. Too much Jarley. The Ghost redo with the clay spin wheel, really? I love NY now. Santana was awesome. Love the 3 of them. More NY please. McKinley was 75 percent of the episode. I love Finn, Artie and Will and Emma, but that was all. the girls mash up sucked. the rest was good.

    • dude says:

      Yeah but it should have leaned to McKinley. It was dealing with the fallout from Emma leaving Will at the alter. Yes, Rachel being pregnant was arguably the bigger story but we’re going to have the next several episodes to deal with the fallout from that, W/E was the problem that needed to be solved immediately and it was. I didn’t have a problem with the McKinley focus. Yes, the competition storyline had little stakes and was primarily just an excuse to mash-up movie songs but I also didn’t really have a problem with that either. It was a good episode.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Haha, auto-correct. Severely to Beverly! :)

    • Kimmie says:

      If they lead with Shout, it wouldn’t be the 500th performance. But I know what you mean. The beginning was so boring. Most of the numbers to me I found to be dull. NY was definitely the best part of this episode. I glad it felt like they got more dialogue than Lima since they didn’t sing any songs. Santana truly is the only saving grace of this show. She brings back the humor that this season never brought in the first place.

    • Julie says:

      See I thought the opening was really great. But then, I love old movies.

    • Cheri says:

      Agree with most of what you’ve said. I loved the beginning with Will and Emma’s song and dance. I was beautifully done and they sounded wonderful. It was his dream while watching an old flick. Glee is not just about the kids in school. From the start it was about people who are outcasts and those who have lost their way. Will had lost his way and found a real calling in founding and mentoring the New Directions. And Glee does all kinds of music. I laughed and cried in this episode. Santana, bless her, for being in NY. I have a connection with Sam, Brittany, Tina, Blaine, Sugar, now Ryder and Kitty. I agree with you about Wade/Unique and the singing. He can sing. The girls performance was not good for me. The I Love You at the end was too much to bear. I really enjoyed the boys performance and Shout. 8 songs in an episode with only 1 in NY seems rather lopped sided to me. Great singing and dancing. I’m jjust not interested in another triangle HS kid story from Glee. So Jake, Marley and Ryder thing was too long. I like Adam alot, seems a good guy to know and be a friend to Kurt, even though Kurt is on the fence. I don;t want the writers do the same thing to Kurt and have him use Adam to forget about Blaine like Rachel has done with Brody. I like this emotional transition for Rachel and that Santana is there. I love a Pezberry friendship, Rachel needs a girlfriend and 1 just like Santana. Kurt isn’t able to be unbiased since he hasn’t seen her pain and hasn’t confronted her about the change in her. I really liked this episode and looking forward to the next. More of NY and fun.

  2. Kelly says:

    i loved unchained melody. jacob artist’s voice is easily one of my faves out of all the newbies. jarley and finchel forever. :)
    overall cute, lovely, normal, and perfect glee episode. love me some movie songs. too bad rachel couldn’t sing the way we were…that would have been amazing!

    • meh says:

      Jacob sounds like he has a snot bubble in his throat.

      • mehx2 says:

        hahaha… that’s funny. I always just thought he sounded like Kermit the Frog.

      • Leslie says:

        Jacob is not a great singer but not a bad one either. Unfortunately, his singing voice comes from his throat and not from the diaphragm. However, Jacob, said it himself that he is a trained dancer and not a singer. He actually only learned to sing in the show, so I still give him kudos for trying and sounding okay.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          He still manages to sound better than most of the guys on American Idol.

        • dude says:

          His voice is beautiful. When he belts, he does start to sound a bit Kermit-y but when he sings softly, he has an incredibly smooth voice. “A Thousand Years” and “Crazy/Crazy” are two of the best covers they’ve done this season and his voice has a lot to do with. Jacob and Melissa’s voices are magic together.

          • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

            Ummm, you forgot his song in the premiere, Never Say Never… that was AWESOME.

    • Yeah, good episode, good music, but a couple things had me turning to my born-again Gleek hubby and saying “hey, wait a minute…” and those were:

      What movie was Material Girl actually in?
      How come Kurt always had to sing with the guys, but Unique always gets to sing with the girls?

      Santana rules!

      • International Reject says:

        The “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl” mash up was entirely from Moulin Rouge. They didn’t change anything. Unoriginal mashup stolen from the movie.

        • broncfanwa says:

          ok, thanks

        • black raven says:

          This really annoyed me… at least with the boy’s mash-up, it was sincerely the two songs… the other was just a couple of lines and that was it. Poor form, chicks – look at the Troubletones for the real way to pull together a mash-up.

      • T says:

        . . . Because Kurt is a MALE? Yes he’s gay, but he still identifies as a man.

        Whereas Unique is FEMALE. Born male, but identifies as female. You’d be an arse to make her a “him” when she clearly does not identify as such.

  3. July says:

    A good episode, well… yeah. The NY side didn’t had any songs with the exception of Come What May, but Adam and Kurt’s interatctions were really cute and people shut the hell up. Of course it will have something about NY, ND is what Glee is and what Glee will always be. So stop bitching about “I want to see more NY” or “give more Santana songs”.

    • Joe says:

      You stop bitching . To me glee is the characters that we have known and are interesting, not pale imitations ala Malrey and Jake.

      • Thank you! says:

        This. I haven’t watched this show and grown to love these characters for over 3 years to see them be replaced or their screen time cut so they could make room for less talented, poor imitations of the characters we love and repetitive story lines. New Directions is a shell of it’s former self and I think if they want to keep their audience (or what’s left of it), they need to have the show grow with us and not just rehash the same things we’ve already seen. glee is Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, Finn etc.

        • Sara says:

          I don’t really understand how the fans are acting all shocked that the producers and writers of Glee have created new characters to continue to showcase the McKinley High Glee Club. It isn’t as if they haven’t been saying for years that they would be doing this; I am pretty sure they made it known in the first season that they weren’t going to keep the original Glee members in high school indefinitely. Could they have created characters with a bit more depth? YES. But the fact of the matter is that the producers and writers listened to the fan outcry against totally abandoning the orignal cast and created some sort of story for them, albeit a slightly unrealistic story about how they are all magically staying friends in an apartment in Brooklyn. But to say that a show about a Glee Club is only about a few characters is not true.

          • true story says:

            I am for totally sure Ryan has said he has known how the show would end and that was with Rachel so when he wrote her as a lead way back for the pilot he had long term plans for her and probably others too like Finn and Kurt.

          • July says:

            These fans here really should STOP BITCHING, since the end of season 3 RM announced that not all characters would appear, and people are shocked? Oh please.

          • Skip says:

            I don’t think the issue is that there’s new characters, it’s expected with a high school drama. The problem is they are all bad re-hacks of old characters. Kitty = with trash Sanatana, Marley = Low rent Rachel, Ryder = even dumber Finn, Jake Puckerman = sort of nice guy Noah Puckerman, and perhaps the dumbest of all Unique = Black Kurt in drag/Gay dude Mercedes. It’s insulting and sometimes really hard to watch since the story lines are all so bad they insult your intelligence, I never thought they were Emmy award winning to begin with, but this is just silly. For example the whole Marley thinks she’s gaining weight because Kitty is altering her costume. Um, what about all of her regular clothes, did Kitty alter her entire wardroe? And Marley still trusting the girl that has screwed her over enough to tell her the big kiss secret? It seems to me that the writers just figured they’d bring back the old characters with some minor twists, but the characters are bad and lack depth, not because we haven’t seen anything from them but because we’ve seen them before, and they were better then.

        • Moonlight4ever says:

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank You! I don’t care for any of the new cast. I only watch for the original Glee members. I almost turned the channel with that godawful opening last night. The only reason I kept watch was for Rachel storyline.

          • scottie says:

            Agree – new cast is not working for me: Rachel is the voice of Glee followed by Kurt, the the ‘old cast’. I appreciate the newbies need to be like the oldies were, in the beginning. Trouble is that we viewers have been through all that already. I would prefer the series to move on and follow the original cast in to adult life; in particular Rachel & Kurt.

      • Emily says:

        For people that watch a show about acceptance, you guys sure have a lot of trouble accepting each others’ opinions. Every time it’s the same. old. rant. Don’t you guys ever get tired of listening to yourselves? It’s like a merry-go-round of sniping that never ends.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      I want more Santana songs. You don’t. Your opinion is clearly more valuable than mine, based off of… merit? Louder and more obnoxious voice? Use of curse words?

      R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

  4. Gypsy says:

    Totally agree! The drama in NY is way more interesting than the love triangle in Lima. The interactions between Kurt, Santana and Rachel are gold.

  5. A says:

    Can Naya Rivera get an award already? I just love when she’s on the screen and I love her bluntness. She finally spoke up about Brody and in the funniest way. LMAO when she ransacked the apartment! Definitely enjoying her in New York.
    Does every damn episode need to have a Jake and Marley love duet? So beyond bored of them.
    I like Blaine and I like his voice but this season has just been overkill. They barely let anyone else sing cause every episode he has to sing like half the songs. They seriously need to put him on the backburner for a while. Honestly, sometimes I forget how many other great voices are on the show because he’s ALWAYS singing,
    Overall, the episode was nice and I loved the Old Time Rock/Danger Zone mashup, however, the NYC storyline was definitely the most interesting part of the episode. Wish they focused more on that.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      I’ve been campaigning on Tumblr for Naya to get an award for the past 2 years.

    • Fin fan says:

      Thank you A, My thoughts exactly. way too much Jarley. I thought Sue was funny too. Loved Finn and Artie as gingers. the musical number was IMO not good. I agree with the grades of the recapper.

    • Leslie says:

      I like Santana but I feel that the writers seem to give her the meatier funnier lines than anybody else in the young cast. I like Blaine too but the same goes for Blaine and his getting most songs. Not only do the songs need to be spread out; the meatier grittier lines as well. Rachel and Kurt surely could have handled a better funnier lines by themselves without propping Santana. It just gives the perception that only Santana can make the NY scenes come out alive (NY scenes were perceived as dull and boring earlier on) and only Blaine can sing most songs. Also, why don’t writers give more snarky funnier lines to other kids in McK beside Kitty? Maybe they won’t get much heat from the viewers if that was the case,e.g. Unique was great in her snarky remark in Diva. If she’s given more lines like that, I’ll bet you more ppl would like her (she already has the technique in place; just give her the grittier lines).

      • A says:

        I think considering the situation Rachel was in, she probably wasn’t in the mood to be funny/snarky which is why Santana was needed.

        • Leslie says:

          I don’t mean just now. I mean earlier episodes wherein the writers could have included more funny and grittier lines to Kurt and Rachel being in NY as roommates. But they didn’t, so the NY scenes were criticized as being dull and boring. Now that Santana’s there, the writers seem to think that she’s the one who they can write about to bring humor to the NY group, unfortunately, at the expense of Rachel and Kurt. Funny and grittier lines should also be spread around McK choir group and not just Kitty. Like I said, it’s who gets the meatier grittier funnier lines that will stand out in the show. As of now, Santana and Kitty are the ones standing out as interesting characters.

          • Camila says:

            I thinks It´s because Santana was always that way. Funny and a bitch. She have to be like this because they want a comic relief.

    • dude says:

      Yes every episode does need a Jake/Marley duet because they’re voices are amazing together. This episode did not have a Jake/Marley duet though seeing as Jake just sang a song to her. There’s a difference.

      • A says:

        To be honest there really isn’t a difference to me. It was a romantic song and they were both present. They are boring as hell right now and bottom line their love triangle is definitely the most annoying/worst part about the Lima storyline

        • Cheri says:

          Again I agree with you. B O R I N G! Been there done that storyline Glee. For me, I’m not a fan of Marley because she is too nice with very few layers of flaws. I like Kitty, mean as hell, but she is funny and serves a purpose. Jake is a badboy but is too nice, I loved Puck. I like Ryder as a second Finn but he is a single layer being noncomplicated. Finn, Rachel, Santana, Kurt, Quinn, sometimes Puck. These characters are those to remember and feel connected to because they are multi-layered and complicated and flawed individuals. These are the characters I will always watch and look forward to watching their stories forever how long Glee stays on TV. I love the actors who create these characters because they ooze out all these layers into 1 character making them seem real. Jake, Marley, Wade/Unique are not real to me. TBH, they seem like they are on a TV show on Glee watched by the characters I care about.

    • CAM says:

      Also loved the side of Santana we saw when she confronted Rachel and then comforted her about the pregnancy test.

      • A says:

        yes I love their friendship dynamic that has developed since last season. I hope Quinn comes back to NY and then they can sing together again.

      • Angela says:

        Wholeheartedly agreed. That was touching.
        And her comments about Brody had me giggling throughout. Bless you, Santana.

  6. RUCookie says:

    Ok, we spent too much time in high school BUT I still thought this was a fantastic episode. I loved every song (a rare feat this season), and the new kids annoyed me less. Strange still, I thought the episode’s confessions (Finn and marley) was a lesson in when to keep your trap shut. On the flip side Kurt and Rachel are lying to themselves. They needed Santana’s snarky remarks to point out the obvious (even if she was over the top). As for the songs….Kurt and Blaine’s take on Come What May took my breath away.

    • RUCookie says:

      Also, how fantastic was it to hear Will and Emma sing again…such a rare treat. That opening number was classic Hollywood musical goodness.

      • Angela says:

        Yes. That was wonderful. Say whatever you will about this show-there are plenty of legitimate critiques to make regarding it-but I will always admire a show that puts things like that on the air in this day and age.

    • Pattybelle says:

      “too much time at the high school”? The show BEGAN in the high school and the show is called GLEE not “Rachel berry in NY”.

      • wow figure it out already says:

        Oh please stop with this Rachel Berry stuff again. She was on screen for less then 6 minutes and didn’t even have a song. She has been absent a few episode too. Get over it she is who they s chose to g folw since day one and even her time has been less.

        • Cheri says:

          I know. It amazes me how some fans get all up on Rachel. She has barely been there this season. She didn’t even sing in this. Rachel/Lea is Glee’s go to girl because she is the metaphor of Glee.

      • xxx says:

        the show is called GLEE but Now is becoming in B(laine)LEE at less when the show was all about Rachel there was a point for every song she sang, now Blaine sing for no reason and Lea actually can act

        • Frank says:

          Blaine sang 3 times tonight for no good reason. Rachel actually should have had a song tonight. One of the shows major concepts was to follow Rachel so there is that too.

          • Harmony says:


          • Ari says:


          • Cheri says:

            Yes PREACH! Blaine sings to sing wihen the lyrics have no purpose. Glee had always been so clever in the stories and song choices so that the lyrics paved the way in story telling. Served as the emotional way to that story of the moment. Blaine sings and gestures abound because Darren is a showman, a performer. He sings nicely but not in the way that others make you feel the song. Like Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Santana, Will, Shelby. This is my opinion but this is how I feel about a song serving no purpose, especially when it is Blaine.

          • Me says:

            Darren Criss isn’t even that good – his singing is dull and his acting is god-awful. I might not be a fan of Lea Michele, but she at least has the talent to justify her screentime. Darren doesn’t.

    • kay h says:

      “Come What May” was my favorite performance of the episode. Actually almost all of the duets by Kurt and Blaine are great. I love the blend of Darren and Chris. They are flawless in my opinion.

  7. motait says:

    I was really hoping for more focus on Rachel since that was the major cliffhanger before the break. I also agree that too much time has been focused on the McKinley kids. I understand the purpose, but I have no real connection to the newbies like I did with the original cast members. Considering most of the Glee members are seniors & would be moving on, I would rather focus attention on them.

    • Jos says:

      I haven’t developed any connections to the new kids so I just got irritated every time they left NY for more of the same old thing in Lima.

      • rather hear better singers but we get Blaine, Same and Brittany WTF? says:

        I know the new kids are jsut not interesting they are jsut nice kids with no characteristics what so ever. Every time NY was starting to roll we had to hear another Blaine song. Why can’t we hear Finn or Artie sing more and Rachel had a actual plot unlike Blaine and she didn’t get a song or Santana.

  8. Freddie says:

    Kurt and Adam were so, so great. Happy that Adam is fighting for Kurt.

    • Leslie says:

      You call that fighting, I call that pathetic. Be a man, Adam, and tell Kurt that he cannot treat you that way and you deserve better. Kurt might actually then see you in a better light. But right now, accepting and playing as second fiddle just makes you look so wimpy and grossly pathetic. A real man would have walk out and say see ya! Call me when you’re ready to treat me like I’m worth it.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      Blaine stans are just bitter that Adam has more chemistry with Kurt, and generally seems like a way nicer guy.

      • Leslie says:

        That’s not a nicer guy. That’s a wimpy pushover pathetic guy. Now that I’ve seen Adam’s character, I don’t wish for Kurt to get together with him (I was hoping for Kadam to happen before but not anymore). I don’t see Kurt falling for somebody who does not have any self-respect. In the real world, women would have closed the door on those type of guys bec. in the long run, those type of guys will have negative enforcement in their lives. They are great as friends but not as partners. And yeah, OKJ should refrain from smiling too much, it just ages him so much more and it makes the big age gap between him and Colfer the more obvious.

        • meh says:

          I smell a Klainer.

          • Leslie says:

            Nuh! I don’t like Blaine with Kurt bec. I think they would each try to give up their careers for the other (premise: WWS) and I don’t condone that. If they both have different career paths, then I can see a possible relationship. Based on personalities, I like Blaine with Sam and Kurt with somebody else (the closest one would be Sebastian).

        • Marco says:

          Adam might be pathetic (though he’s really not), but Blaine stays a selfish douche. Even in KURT’S DREAM Blaine ignores him and SINGS OVER HIM.

          • AJ says:

            And Adam ignoring how closed off Kurt was and how he obviously isn’t ready to be in another relationship, considering he couldn’t answer Adam’s question about being in love with Blaine and cried after imagining Come What May, that’s the height of selflessness.

          • Cheri says:

            @AJ I think that Adam is a nice guy for Kurt to be while he is sorting out his feelings. Adam was not ignoring THard to forget. Kurt said so to Adam. I wonder if the writers will go the same story for Kurt as Rachel’s. I hope not. I really like how Adam is thought of Kurt. Rachel doesn’t have that in her boyfriend. I think there is alot of chemistry, as people say, between Adam and Kurt. I never saw that much between Klaine. Adam,, especially Kurt are taking it slow. A far cry from Rachel.

      • Emma says:

        Actually one of my main complaints about this episode is the lack of chemistry between kurt and Adam. I was really excited for Kurt and Adam, but they just… Lack something.

        On the other hand, I was surprised by the chemistry between Kurt and Blaine in this episode as well as in the I Do episode. I actually may start liking them now.

        • T says:

          You need a chemistry detector. Kurt and Adam have a lot more chemistry than Kurt and Blaine ever will. Seriously.

          But yes, Come What May was simply beautiful, so it’s understandable that you’d mistake the prettyness of the number for “chemistry”.

      • AJ says:

        lol chemistry? they looked like they were pals. and I love how receptive Kurt was to him in that final scene at NYADA, he looked like adam’s suggestion to see a movie was on par with getting a root canal. ~true love~

        • T says:

          And what about Kurt and Blaine? Their entire “relationship” is a root canal. They have no chemistry whatsoever, aided by the fact that Darren Criss is a terrible actor.

          Kadam is miles better than Klaine simply because Kadam can act whereas one half of Klaine cannot. It takes ACTORS to make a relationship believable. And I never believed in Klaine because Darren Criss can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

          That’s not to say Darren Criss isn’t talented. He is. He’s a talented VOCALIST. I enjoy his performances immensely, and his voice is one of my favourites on Glee. But boy cannot act and it’s really irritating and disappointing.

          • Leslie says:

            You say this as if you are an acting director? or someone who has credentials to warrant us to take your conclusion seriously? If it’s just your measely opinion, pt taken and trashed…Your vehement outburst makes me think you’re one of those Kurtsie’s who has this whatever impassioned hatred towards Blaine/Darren…Deny all you want because that’s why Klaine will never work not because of the two actors and/or their chemistry but because of the fandoms, fighting tooth and nails over who gets what or who mistreated who or why my fav is being ignored or why more focused on him and not on that, or yadiyadiyada… instead of just enjoying the scenes and stories… I would rather take OKJ away from this show because he will eventually end up being sucked by the hatred spewt out by the fandoms.
            OMG, I still remember when the glee fans were civilized ppl…oh, those days are gone….I guess I feel like sometimes it also sucked me into the dark side….

          • anti blarren says:

            Yeah, well Glee fans were civilised, until Blarren came along and ruined Glee for everyone else.

          • Leslie says:

            To anti-blarren: Well, like I said, it’s fans like you that ruined the show for everybody. Your toxic fumes and farts had to overwhelm the civilized glee world.

  9. ana says:

    I like Adam. He seems like a nice guy- I hope Oliver Kieran Jones stay of the show.

    • AJ says:

      he’s like 50.

      • mary says:

        Love how the klainers need to comment on every post that says something good about Adam. Desperate much?

        • Leslie says:

          I’m no Klainer but I hate how they are going about Adam. I actually had high hopes for Adam since I believe that Kurt needs a new LI. But the way Adam is being portrayed right now makes me want Kurt to be single again. He was just told by his boyfriend that he is not over his ex. What does he do, he takes Kurt to see a movie to feel the love again??? If he’s that willing to play second fiddle, it just shows you how low his self-worth is. The manly thing to do (or the more admirable thing to do) is to let Kurt know that he loves Kurt but won’t play this dangling game and share this relationship with an ex. When he realized he was just a rebounder, he should have told Kurt that he’ll leave Kurt alone to decide what he wants and if Kurt decides he wants to be with him, then (if he is still available) they can start this relationship the right way (without the shadow of his ex). Kurt might then actually think of him as a keeper.

          • broncfanwa says:

            I’m a Klainer, but what Adam is doing is called “being there.” it’s called “i care, and i want this relationship to work, even though i can see you’re not ready for it. but i’m not giving up, because you’re worth it. so i’m going to stay here, and try to make you smile, and try to make you think of me in good ways, and make memories with you, and maybe, someday, those fond looks will be for me instead of for the one that got away. because, like i said before, you’re worth the effort.” here’s me again, hoping Klaine reunites, but ya gotta give Adam points for caring enough about Kurt to try.

            and, yes, i’m speaking from experience. didn’t work, but it sure wouldn’t have if i hadn’t tried!

          • Leslie says:

            Reply to @broncfanwa: In an ideal world, that might be okay but realistically, Adam is just setting himself up for failure (would be his fault esp. him thinking he could change Kurt’s mind) when during this time he could really look and have a relationship with somebody who truly loves him because Kurt obviously is not totally into him. The shadow of an ex still lurking on your boyfriend’s mind is an immense blow to anybody esp. in a relationship that is early on wherein it’s always considered as the “honeymoon stage (passionate stage)” of a relationship. Why deal with the drama early on when you should be at the height of your romantic adventure with your love one.
            I was once in that situation but I had the balls to tell him off ( I will not be played at and accept being 2nd fiddle to an ex- shadow of his past). In the end, he chose me and he stopped any interaction with the ex.


          • anti blarren says:

            No, you’re not a Klainer. You’re a Blarren stan. That’s even worse.

          • Leslie says:

            What’s even worst, you’re an anti-Blarren fan!

  10. Bbb says:

    Judging by the number if comments, people are still reeling for Idol’s results, and have tuned out of Glee… Come what may and the NY plot (albeit short) was the only good part of this

  11. Anna says:

    I really liked the episode, but I wish they would have spent more time on the NY storyline.

  12. Bethany says:

    Personally, I enjoyed the episode. I loved hearing Jayma Mays sing, her voice was beautiful in the opening number. Shout was really fun too. Lots of great dancing, and it looks like the cast had a blast filming. Come What May…THE FLASHBACKS!??? I loved that. Made me tear up. Santana/Rachel scene also brought the tears. Cory Monteith’s acting has improved so much. Overall, a really good episode – although I was over the Jake/Marley/Ryder storyline.

  13. Randy says:

    THE GOOD- Naya stole the show! Never a fan of Kurt, but boy killed it on Come What May. THE NOT SO GOOD- All of the Ohio storylines. Unique is pretty much the opposite of Marilyn. THE ANNOYING- Anybody else think the Marley/Jake/Ryder triangle is a way of fixing what fans wanted Rachel/Puck/Finn to be. Also, did I miss Santana losing all the money her mother gave her for New York? She should not need to stay rent free. Or is this the writers forgeting what they already wrote again. FAVORITE PART OF THE NEWBIES- Is knowing I can pop seasons 1-3 in.

  14. luli says:

    Loved the ny parts… I’m so glad Santana is back with her snarky comments, also i think we needed to see more of pezberry. hope R Murphy explores more the dynamic of Kurt/Santana/Rachel cause they are what keep me watching this show…

  15. Goldie says:

    Hey Adam, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. So glad he’s not in the next 3 episodes.

  16. Jos says:

    The Rachel/Santana scene was the highlight of the episode. NY in general had the strongest scenes but not enough time. They should have cut some of the songs in Lima to give NY the time it deserves.

  17. Teddie says:

    Adam is a manipulative creep & can’t wait for Kurt to come to his senses. Also hope S5 is just NYGlee w/Blaine and maybe Artie, Tina and Sam finding a reason to move there. Lima is well past it’s prime.

    • Leslie says:

      Knowing that he is a rebound, Adam, if he has some self-dignity and self-respect, would have told Kurt to only call him once Kurt is over Blaine. I would have admire Adam more if he had shown to Kurt that he is not a pushover and won’t be dangled by him. I think that might wake Kurt up more that Adam is not somebody he can take for granted and a real competition of Blaine. In this case, Adam just looks like a puny, spineless twit lacking of self-esteem who would readily accept coming in 2nd to his boyfriend’s ex. Be a strong man, Adam and maybe you stand a big chance with Kurt. But right now, Blaine looks like a better fit to Kurt.

    • rowan says:

      let’s be real, blaine telling kurt “we will end up together, no matter what you say” after their hook up is a LOT more creepy than a boy trying to bring another boy to the movies.

      • nope says:

        Hmm, let’s see, Blaine = “I know we’ll end up together, but you can say we’re just friends, I’ll be your friend and smile and nod and give you space”. Adam = “I saw you crying over your ex so um are you still in love with him? can’t answer that? ok let’s go to the movies right now and find a movie to fall in love over and let me just reach out and grab your hand alright we’re dating woo”. Yeah, Blaine is the worst.

        • Leslie says:

          Kurt’s shocking reaction to Adam’s grabbing of his hand and wanting to watch a movie says it all: “Did you hear what I just said. OMG, I have a spineless pathetic boyfriend after all! Instead of giving me the space to decide, he’s probably never going to leave me alone!”

        • jesse says:

          Both Blaine and Adam are creepy and annoying. Kurt should ditch them both.

      • demoiselle says:

        Absolutely right. Blaine’s gotten more and more creepy this season.

  18. Jake says:

    The girls’ mash-up was pretty lame, but the guys nailed it. Decent show overall, although I still wonder why Blaine gets almost every lead part in every song when there are other more or equally interesting characters who could use some lovin’.

    • Ruby says:

      Because of the boys (minus Matthew Morrison) Darren Criss has the best voice and is ridiculously charismatic in his performances.

      • xxx says:

        lol seriously?!! hahahaha Darren inst bad singer but Kevin Mchale is pretty much better than him.

        • Leslie says:

          Kevin and Darren are both talented and their tones are different but Kevin has the heavier voice. However, Kevin is lacking charisma in which Darren has a lot.

      • Boo says:

        Kevin is way better than Darren. They need to give Darren a rest they are forcing him in every song and he really is just average.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        Sorry, but no. Darren actually has one of the weakest voices in the cast. Kevin is a lot stronger than him (and he’s also the best dancer, aside from Heather, Harry and Jacob who are obviously professional), but because his character is in a wheelchair, he can’t be seen as the “heartthrob”, meaning that sadly, the ever-mediocre Darren will always be in the spotlight. Unfortunately.

      • Sam says:

        Nope, Kevin’s voice is so much better that it’s actually pathetic. Kevin’s also charismatic and funny as hell (his scenes with Finn were hilarious), so try a new method.

      • Betty says:

        Kevin and Samuel are both better singers than Darren.

      • Kimmie says:

        I used to be a fan of Blaine, but not anymore because he really does not have diversity to his voice and acting. Its all the same no matter what he is trying to portray. Yeah he’s talented, they’re all talented but he’s not as special. Some people are only crediting Darren so much because he is playing Blaine, as in one half of KLAINE. If he wasn’t in the role he is now, would we feel the same about him? No.

    • luli says:

      Agree!! Blaine needs to take a serioues break… Too much of him and not enough of other characters.

    • RUCookie says:

      You do realize that Sam had 2 leads thhis episode… he sang lead in Footloose and in half of the boy’s mash-up – Old Time Rock and Roll. He typically gets a song an episode and has the voice to pull it off. I actually thought that there was a lot of vocal sharing on the guys side this week. It is the women that have turned into Marley’s choir with the rest swaying with roses.

    • Jake says:

      I’m not questioning Darren Criss’ talent- it’s just that he seems to get featured so much more than everyone else. Sure, Sam got two leads this episode, but Blaine gets multiple leads nearly every week. Also, since when has it been primarily about vocal ability? After all, Cory Monteith got tons of lead parts in every previous season, and he is not a great singer at all.

  19. Josh says:

    I’ve said this before but Michael grades and loves on Glee but is it really better than Smash? In terms of one on Smash is better then Huston, Hilty, Manning, Broles or the actor who plays Derek….Plot wise, they’re on the same level(gigantic messes) and music wise…it depends on who’s singing but at least Smash is original while Glee is super commercial….I just wish Michael used his amazing snark on Glee some…

    • More glee in NY says:

      Micheal isn’t invested enough in glee to snark. Let SMASH be SMASH and glee be glee.

      One thing I know both glee and SMASH are better in NY.

  20. Pam says:

    Really liked this episode. It focused on the right characters (Finn, Will, Emma, Rachel, Kurt and Santana) and while the new kids got screen time, they didn’t totally overpower the show. The songs were great and the show was actually back to being funny again which is always a plus. A lot better than the rest of season 4 IMO. Hope the rest of the season is like this. Still needs more of NY though.

    • Jeff says:

      Yes the show went south when it veered off the the best actors and their leads. Naya being bumped up was good cause she can act the other who have been force on us are not in the same league as those you mentioned.

    • Cheri says:

      My thoughts exactly. Season 4 has been too serious. This was much better than the rest of this season. I loved the music and the performances except the girls.
      stories on Finn, Will, Emma, Kurt, Santana and Rachel will always keep my attention.

  21. Mary M. says:

    The split needs to be 75% NY and 25% Lima. Way too many songs and most of them were bland. Why is Heather singing so much? I hope they fix the amount of time NY gets next season and not let Blaine hog it all.

  22. Jess says:

    8 songs it too much, They could have cut at least 3 of them and give NY some real time to develop.

  23. Ruby says:

    “Come What May” is my whole heart and will always (for me) belong to Ewan McGregor, but I think the boys did a great job with it anyway. Second favorite had to be the “Tom Cruise” mashup, I nearly fell off my bed laughing. The way the “Danger Zone” crew treated their part SO seriously was just KILLING me. Loved all the other numbers as well. They should have done songs from movies as a theme a long time ago. Also, I see a lot of complaints about the newbies, so I just wanted to add a check in the positive column and say that I really like all of them (except Kitty) and I think Ryder is old school ~dreamy~.

    • Down with noobs says:

      Kitty is the best newbie at least she is interesting.

      • A says:

        Definitely agree, I love Kitty. She’s like the Santana for the Lima side and of all the newbies she’s the most interesting. Ryder/Marley/Jake are beyond boring. They’re not funny and their love triangle is just annoying.
        I think people don’t like Kitty because they just haven’t given her a real storyline and not much screen time (as it’s being hogged by Blaine and Marley and her men) and we really don’t know much about her. Its much like what happened with Santana. She was barely around in the first season but then they started to slowly expand on her and give her more scenes and now people love her.

        • mario says:

          For the life of me why do they like Marley she is wishy washy and boring. Jake is suppsoe to be a bad boy get real he is a disgrace to the Puckerman name. And tonight when she was seeing Ryder instead of Puck I was like hello Puckleberry, when Rachel saw Finn while making out with Puck.
          Tina was so right you Marley are no Rachel. I say drop the newbies and go to NY. Let the old club visit NY once n awhile instead of Lima. Please get Finn out f Lima too. Next season will be it’s last anyway please follow the group we have loved since the pilot not the newbies who won;t be out of High school any way by the time the series ends.

      • Leslie says:

        Is Kitty interesting because she is bitchy? I seem to notice that ppl tends to find characters like Santana and Kity more interesting and it always come back to the “bitchy” trait. To me, if I were stuck with a Santana or Kitty in the same room in high school, I would so hate that person since they tend to make life a living hell to everyone they dislike (think of “Mean Girls”). I would definitely gravitate towards a nice girl like Marley for a friend. I guess what I’m getting at is that Marley maybe goody-too- shoes but it doesn’t make her less interesting. Like what RM said, they haven’t introduced somebody like her in the show, who embodies and represents maybe 80% of the girls in high school (just your typical nice kid). So if being bitchy makes one more interesting, the morale of this show to teenagers then is that “Aspire to be a bitch and everyone won’t be bored with you”.

        • A says:

          I think that in reality most people (including myself) would gravitate towards a Marley-type person. However, when it comes to television there isn’t much entertainment that comes from watching a nice girl all the time. I mean do you think Mean Girls would have been as big of a success if it was called Nice Girls?
          I liked Marley’s character at the beginning. I enjoyed watching her background and she was quite a nice character and different from the other Glee club members however, 15 episodes into the season she’s become very boring now. Its the same storyline/annoying love triangle that is making her an extremely boring character. I think she would be more interesting if they had properly continued her eating disorder arc.
          Kitty’s bitchiness is just where the comedy/entertainment on the Lima side comes from at this point because the McKinley storyline is quite dull a lot of the time. Also, I think the interest in Kitty stems from the fact that we know very little about her and that’s one reason why I find her interesting. Why is she so bitchy? That’s the question.

          • Leslie says:

            Yes, goody-too-shoes characters are boring and unmemorable but then why the hate on the actors themselves for portraying that kind of role? I agree that goody-too-shoes roles are easier to portray and more or less depth-free. So, if I were Melissa or even Darren, I would ask the writers to revamp my character to be edgie, grittier and more bitchy and have snarky lines, then, maybe I’ll feel the love a little bit more from the viewers. Unfortunately, not everyone can be so lucky to have a bitchy role and to elevate the bitchiness, goody-too-shoes roles are also needed to balance things out. I just hate the fact that being bitchy is synonymous to being more of an interesting better actor when goody-too-shoes is synonymous to being a mediocre actor as not much acting is really required. The intense hatred towards these actors acting goody-too-shoes roles are mind-blowing to me.

  24. Countlee says:

    More NY that is all.

  25. Red Snapper says:

    I know there have been others who’ve expressed this sentiment but I also wish there had been more focus on NY.The new characters are just not grabbing my attention or making me care about them. I’m not even that invested in Will and Emma any more. The whole leaving him at the alter and starting over story line seems like a cheap ploy to get viewers to care about them again. The split cities/story lines are not working. I think that there needs to be a major overhaul next season. The characters left in Lima that most are emotionally invested in are graduating this year and then what will they do? I do not want to watch just those left at McKinley next year. They either need to do a spinoff or shift the the main story and characters to NY and leave Lima, McKinley and the new characters behind.

    • Joanna K. says:

      I agree. Emma not knowing WIll anymore was a WTF? He was gone for 3 months, call him, Skype him. And the new kids are just not interesting. No other way to explain. If they just give a little more effort to NY it has some great potential and the actors on that side can handle whatever they throw at them.

  26. NYGLEE says:

    Wow glad to see people wanting more in NY. This episode more than any other this year showed how much they have neglected the superior side of the show. they wrote mainly angst for Rachel and Kurt when they could have given them some comedy and they never gave them much time, other characters or material to work with. If they took time in the first half to flesh out some it could have been fun. I hope they make the must out of NY the rest of the way and focus way more on it next season.

  27. A says:

    I’ve really been missing Mercedes lately! Does anyone know if they plan on bringing her back and doing something with her that doesn’t last for just 5 minutes? And is the whole Quinn/Santana thing over and done?

    • Let the grads vistit NY nstead of Lima. says:

      I really think Mercedes should visit NY she could be sent there too do back up vocals for someone by the record company she works for. And all I have seen is Quinn/Santana being a one time thing. But who know Quinn isn’t ever going to be on mcuh any way.

  28. Mcgoria says:

    Would high school kids make Nightmare on Elm Street or Crying Game references? Haha. It also shows how movies don’t produce iconic songs anymore. Was “Come What May” the most recent? Overall, it was an ok episode. I’d edit the newbies for more NY too. “Shout” was too…frenetic.

  29. Keith says:

    I want more NY but I fear they will send Blaine there and it will be all about him. I hope Blaine goes to Michigan instead.

    • Leslie says:

      Out of all the current seniors, Blaine is pretty much given as the one to go to NY as he will be applying to NYADA. As far as what RM recently said, once it is in one location (more likely NY), Rachel is the main char. and everybody’s stories will revolve around her. I don’t mind Blaine and Darren is very talented, it’s just that out of all the 6 main characters (or 3 main couples), Blaine is the least developed of them all. It’s hard to connect or relate to a character when his personal background is hardly delved on.

      • no to Blee says:

        It is hard to connect with him cause he isn’t as good as an actor too. He is mediocre at best. With this season he has more than some of the orignal glee club members in development. Funny consider what personal background did we even have on Rachel for 3 season gays dads from a surrogate and wanted to be a star. Boom she was plenty interesting enough.

  30. Carmen says:

    Loved the music in this episode,especially “Come What May”. Beautiful performance. I Like Adam but so far find little chemistry between Oliver and Chris. No sparks there. And they look so similar,so pale. Of course I’m biased. I love the passion that Darren Chris brings to the table and the Klaine romantic storyline. I am less interested in Kurt and Blaine being “endgame” (though I am ) than in seeing the two characters work through their issues together as a couple (intact or broken up– but just the two characters figuring things out) .Think Miranda and Steve in “Sex and the City”. Why bring other boyfriends (steadies?) into the mix? Santana was terrific. More Santana, more. Would like to see Glee focused on what’s going on in NYC (bringing Blaine and Finn in). No interest at all in the high school storilines or the new characters.

    • Marco says:

      Um… Darren and Chris don’t have any chemistry. That’s one of the many problems of Klaine. Another is the fact that Blaine is a horrible, horrible person.

      • Leslie says:

        There’s a whole lot more chemistry there than Kurt and Adam, which is so evident in this episode. I really wish they have cast a younger and stronger character as Kurt’s new love interest. I was so excited for this. Adam is actually turning out to be such as blah and pathetic character. Kurt needs a stronger man to match his character. Sebastian would have gone toe-to-toe with Kurt. Kadam is clearly lacking the exciting “it” factor.

      • T says:

        This. Though I wouldn’t say Blaine is a “horrible” person . . . just a person with no identity whatsoever.

      • Jaime04 says:

        What? Darren and Chris have more chemistry than any other couple of the show. I’m not sure where you are coming from. Blaine is not a horrible person, I think you are watching a different show.

        • anti blarren says:

          And I think you’re watching a different show. Darren doesn’t have chemistry with anyone as he’s a dull actor. Chris deserves better than to act alongside a brick wall.

  31. Nayomi says:

    Omfg what am I watching!!!! I am really disappointed!!! ‘Nuff said, (I want Brody to be an escort!!! Totally more realistic)

  32. STW says:

    FANTASTIC episode — lots of stellar comedy on both sides of the story (NYC and Lima) from multiple actors, making it feel like Glee is supposed to feel; old school great music — also like Glee is supposed to feel; plot development and further setting up of end-of-season arcs for the major characters.

    And there was truly stunning dramatic and comedic acting from Cory Monteith, Matt Morrison, Lea Michele, and Naya Rivera. Naya KILLED the comedy, and the lines written for her, as well as the snooping scenes, were EPIC. Kevin McHale was all kinds of awesome in his scenes, and Jayma, in her “Say Anything” scene, killed it without using any words at all.

    Finn’s interactions with Will about the girl taking you back, Will telling Finn he had to give Emma some space now, and the way Will/Emma realized they need to put more work into learning to know each other again at a new stage in their relationship, were a virtual template for what is likely to come up with Finn and Rachel — he wants to be with her, she isn’t going to want to be with anyone for a while, they’ll need to start from scratch and get to know each other again as the new people they are becoming in their post-high school/adult lives. Life doesn’t follow a movie script; relationships take hard work, and Will/Emma set the stage for what we’ll see with Finn and Rachel down the line.

    The Marley being torn between Jake & Ryder scenes were there to reflect Rachel feeling torn between liking Brody and loving Finn. All season long, Marley’s character has been used to reflect Rachel’s state of mind about who she is in relationships; that’s why that story was included in this episode tonight. Just like Jake kept asking in song “are you still mine?” Brody is likely going to be wondering the same thing about Rachel as he realizes she’s still in love with Finn — and wondered in “I Do” if she’d been with Finn and if she was still his — just as Rachel wonders right now if she still really wants to be with Brody. And Ryder singing “I’ll be coming home; wait for me” reflects what we’re likely to see from Finn, and already saw some of in “I Do” — even if we’re not together now, I’ll be coming back to you, so wait for me like I’m going to be waiting for you.

    I’m glad they’re drawing out the pregnancy and Brody’s secret stories for another week or two; that makes for good drama as well.

    Another very strong episode; Glee’s been getting better and better since returning in January. I’m really loving it right now.

    • tina was right says:

      Jarley is still boring and they sing too much. No way should Marley have sung more than Rachel this season plus she lacks emotion in her voice.

    • Cheri says:

      Yes, they are boring. But, as it was pointed out to me, McKinley is singing because Rachel and Finn are too broken to sing for themselves. When you listen to the lyrics of the songs, they apply to Finn and Rachel most of the time.
      I do love STW’s take on the episode. Will and Emma will be the template for Finn and Rachel, maybe, carrying into season 5.
      I thought that Finn would heed his own advice to Will. Go get his girl. He’s already given her (Rachel) space. He has to find out what he wants for himself and then get going on achieving it. Finn has been hiding behind Will far too long. He needs to face his fears and get his own life on track. Then go after Rachel.

  33. John says:

    by the time Footloose came on I was like, augh, another song? I know some people like the McKinley.side but there’s a lot of bad acting going on and too much Blaine. I loved th NY side with Santana, it was like something clicked and made NY interesting.

    • Sammi says:

      They could have written in some comedy for Kurt and Rachel but didn’t and really there is no reason it took so long to get Santana there. NY just needed some filling out. Even Diva NY worked better with the background students, Adam and Brody.

  34. Trouty Mouth says:

    Michael, I think you were wayyyyy too generous towards “Come What May” and “Shout”, both of which were god-awful.

    • damnright trouthymouth says:

      Shout was dreadful, Blaine was bad enough but Brittany god awful. Kind of embarrassing that was the 500th number. And I wish Come what may was actually a duet instead of a Blaine solo with Kurt doing some background harmonizing.

      • Leslie says:

        Firstly, I would think most of you would have seen Moulin Rouge movie and know that Christian sang most of the song since he is trying to convince Satine that he is the one. So, don’t act surprise or even adversarial that Blaine sang most of the song.

        Secondly. I’m just wondering if you’ve heard the A Capella version of “Come What May”? That would give you the reason why in their duet, Darren was asked to sing louder. In the a capella version of the song, you can clearly hear Chris sang in a way too high-pitch squeaky voice reminiscence of “White Christmas” (a major criticism of that song). Darren knows the rules when singing in duets, harmony is key and not to overpower your duet partner (e.g. good harmony with Finn in Barely Breathing and the Scientist as a example) but in this case, he was asked to sing stronger and louder for that reason alone. We don’t want a repeat of “White Christmas” or even “Candles”. But some of you might be wearing your Blaine/Darren hate goggles anyways, so you’ll keep thinking that Darren purposely drowned out Chris’s voice or you already hate the song regardless just because Darren sings in it.

        • anti blarren says:

          I think maybe you’re the one who needs to take off their Blarren goggles and accept his mediocrity.

          • Leslie says:

            I guess I was right. Thanks for confirming what I already know, you cutie-pie Kurtsie and btw I’ll defend somebody who has been put down so much by ppl like you with your vicious attacks and hatefulness. Nothing to do with fandoms just not liking the constant hate towards the actor who work so hard on the show. I just root for the underdog (and he is an underdog at this site) just like you lived and breathe to hate on him. If I may say so, well spent energy?! Hate all you want, just remember, life’s too short to even care at all……

          • Para says:

            Love Blaine and love Klaine!

    • Marco says:


    • Naya says:

      Agreed. Chris and Darren have never fully meshed on songs and Shout was just effing boring.

    • jesse says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Hated both of those performances.

    • Jaime04 says:

      I think you all are watching a different show than me. All the performances (including the ones you are calling out: Shout, Come What May) were FANTASTIC! This was one of the best episodes this season. Most of the media outlet reviews think so as well.

  35. Para says:

    Kitty is dating puck?!!?!

  36. alice says:


  37. Para says:

    When wade / unique said”lets make love” in the girl group song I almost burst into laughter… She was nodding while saying that like she is an insurance agent

  38. wilma says:

    The new york side is different that is all it is not better and believe me that pregnancy storyline is garabage and no one cares about it at all. Santana is the puck of new york city and just what is her purpose on the show to service the rachel berry show. Finn needs to leave that high school now more than ever this is just depressing and it actually hurts the show to have him there he graduated already and get him out of lima for god sake he is a good actor given nothing to do Fox allowed mr niptuck to ruin this show. Judging from spoilers finn has a scene with puck oh my god no way that is just stalling again and hey a shooting at the high school what a load of crap. What can I say not interested in the fame reboot or the funny girl crap maybe finn and santana can hook up and do stuff that might be interesting because it would maybe make up for the lousy treatment both characters have gotten this season and it would involve the real world with no worries about romantic entanglements. Finally quit trying to write finn as a teacher that just does not fly for me at all.

    • don't be a baby says:

      While I think the pregnancy thing is weak NY is much more interesting and Santana will have her stuff and Rachel will support her and vice versa. Stop the Rachel Berry resentment it is old.

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's storylines, know better now... says:

      I used to watch Glee solely for Finn’s story. Now, I’m vaguely embarrassed to admit it. He is just beyond pathetic.

  39. Para says:

    Lay off Darren hater , just because Blaine f-Ed some one else not Kurt doesn’t mean Darren is a bad actor.
    Also Darren is the most charismatic character besides lea and Kevin is a good supporting actor!

    • Ed says:

      No he is a bad actor cause he has like 2 emotions, sad puppy dog eyes or hyper puppy.

    • Jeremy says:

      It’s pathetic that you have to try and drag down Kevin with that supporting jab to prop up that pathetic excuse of a performer. Apart from the fact that his charisma is nothing to write home about, Darren is a godawful actor and a mediocre singer. This is all on his own, without needing to compare him with anyone. Kurt, Santana, Artie, and paint on the wall are more charismatic characters than Blaine.

    • Becca says:

      Please, go away with your “Darren hater” BS. I like all of the characters and all of the actors, but it’s not hate to state that Kevin is a better singer. It’s a fact. That guy has pulled off everything he’s been given while Darren has struggled with songs like Fighter and It’s Not Right.

    • T says:

      Darren is a bad actor because . . . Darren is a bad actor.

      And he is. God, he really is.

  40. IMHO says:

    Now we have Santana in NY we just need to get Blaine there. Then the rest of them can just be a distant memory …

    • let Blaine flunk says:

      Sadly Blaine will be there and hog up too much time with his bland self.

    • Marco says:

      NO WE DON’T.

    • Dan says:

      I’ll take Finn over Blaine any day of the week, and I don’t even like Finn. At least Cory can carry a storyline.

      • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's storylines, know better now... says:

        The consensus seems to be that CM’s acting gets better the worse the writing for Finn gets. And boy is it bad, I mean near comically-bad.

    • Kimmie says:

      Sorry but at the rate of which Glee is showcasing Blaine right now, I rather him stay far away from NY as possible. He gets to sing in every single episode and always has a storyline about him. This show has like 30 characters, so its unfair how much attention they are giving him. He can be in NY because we all know thats what Klainers want, but only if the writers lessen everything about him right now.

      • Jaime04 says:

        The McKinley side of Glee would be even worse if Blaine (Darren) wasn’t there. There is a reason they made him a Junior. He needs to carry that side.

        • Leslie says:

          I do agree that this whole thing is planned to have Blaine (and to some degree, Sam) be the bridge between the old cast and the new cast. TPTB knew that they need a transition person(s) to introduce the new cast. That’s why ppl are wondering what will happen next year when the current seniors graduate. What TPTB didn’t anticipate is ppl still not warming up to the new cast this late in the season.

    • anti blarren says:

      No! NYC just started to get good. Why taint it with mediocrity?

  41. Kyle says:

    I was really excited to learn Kurt would get a new love interest, but Adam just isn’t working. I don’t feel any chemistry between Chris and Oliver at all. Oliver is certainly a good actor, but there’s no spark there. Kadam bores me. I would love for Kurt to be able to go on dates with several different guys in NY as the episodes progress. Think of all the comedic potential in Kurt going on a date with a guy who is nothing like him! (I’m big with opposites attract.) Plus, Kurt is young and has spent too many years thinking he isn’t worthy. Why can’t glee show him getting attention from multiple guys? He lives in NYC after all! (And no, I’m not a bitter Klaine-loving Adam hater. I was never a fan of Klaine, and I had high hopes for Adam.)

    As for the rest of the ep, I really loved Santana. Her scenes were the only time I laughed. More of her please.

    • HB says:

      How about writing some comedy for others too. I like Santana but there is no reason they haven’t been writing some comedy for Rachel and Kurt already.

      • Leslie says:

        This. Why can’t the writers spread the comedic lines to other characters and not just keep propping Santana. That’s totally unfair since Rachel and Kurt can do so even without Santana. Yet, they are perceived as boring and NY as boring before Santana came along and somehow “hallelujah” the NY side came alive. Although ppl might disagree but the same goes for the McK characters as well. It’s who gets meatier lines.

      • Camila says:

        I´m a super fan of Santana but I agree with that. How can the writers do such a good job with her (sometimes with Kurt and Sue too) but they write super boring stuff for the rest? Glee, new writers for God´s sake!.

    • Jason says:

      I want to see Kurt go on a date with a slightly younger carbon copy of Max from Happy Endings.

  42. I love NY says:


  43. Ana says:

    Finally some Santana in all her awesomeness. I used to love Brittana but now I’m feeling like Brit would just be holding Santana back. I love everything about the NY story, except Brody. I don’t hate him but don’t love him either. I feel like NY is varsity Glee. The players are growing up and there’s a whole new world for them the possibilities for storytelling are endless. It’s like they have hit the reset button. At this point, Lima is a distraction, just killing time until its time.for the.last of the originals to graduate and then the second part of the story can really begin. Hopefully without any of the newbies and away from Lima.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      The problem is that Brittany is being written so inconsistently. I love Brittana, but I don’t ship Santana with every version of Brittany that has been written, particularly the current Brittany who has been reduced to toddler-mentality, with equally moronic Sam.

  44. JakeM says:

    Let’s make it simple: Ditch all the newbies, this cast is too big anyway, bring Brittany, Blaine and Finn to N.Y. and just continue the show from this perspective. All the characters need to grow somehow, and a New York based show would be amazing, showing how they struggle with adulthood. And Naya Rivera was just amazing, as always. She’s a fantastic actress. But, again, let’s see what this crazy writers have prepared for us next week, ’cause it has been a while since this show transformed itself in a rollercoaster full of good/bad emotions.

    • X says:

      Brittany and Blaine? Why? For more crappy songs like Shout? What would Brittany’s story line be, eating gum off of subway seats? And with Blaine hogging everything on the untainted side? No thanks, yo.

    • dude says:

      Never gonna happen. This is a show about Glee club.

      • Ugo says:

        Honestly anything could happened right now. Tv show is basically back to the viewers, right now whether u admit it or not viewers are already attached to characters that we already know for 4 years now. The reason why viewers are dropped significantly because people don’t want their favorite characters being replaced and they only showed on several episodes and with such limited screentime. People dont want to watch the whole show just for 5 minutes screentime of their fav characters like quinn, kurt santana or even rachel and finn now in every episode. I already feel the sentiment and i know many people feel the same way about it. So if in fact people really want tofocus on original casts, it’s possible for fox to make glee change their direction

      • Jaime04 says:

        You’ll see!

  45. Sib says:

    WE WANT MORE NY STORYLINES!!!!!!!!! AND ENOUGH WITH BLAINE ALREADY!!!!!!! Not trying to be rude but the way they treated the original casts are really unequal compared to blaine marley jake ryder brittany. See all these comments on this article, fox and RIB should focus more on what people wanted the most or else viewers surely won’t watch the show anymore. Recently i don’t bother to watch the whole show just watching for the NY scenes. If there’s another NY-less episode coming up, don’t expect for me to watch it

  46. wilma says:

    You either like the direction that a show goes in or you do not. This Santana crap is pandering at it’s finest to the only group that is watching this show anymore. Well Naya can sing so of course her and Rachel will be best friends and life is all good. This is the mentality that I am talking about first of all singing is subjective for everyone that likes a certain sound others do not. I happen to like the crisp and unique quality of the voice of Cory Monteith and like he said you need to understand it is about being able to sing and dance for a television show. Finn has never been seen as a choker when the lights came on he delivered that is the makeup of a quarterback of a football team. Newsflash not everyone needs to go to a special school to succeed and that is where the difference between Finn and Rachel could be explored more but him becoming a teacher is just not interesting enough to make me watch glee anymore. Just as the lesbian went to new york in the span of one minute, I would like to see Finn roll the dice just one more time as well. The apartment stuff is just that stuff am I now invested in this no I am not. Finn on his own in a crappy apartment taking on the world that is very interesting to me because that is very much something he would do. He could work in the same place as Santana and that is where the connection would be real. This is the point I was making.

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's storylines, know better now... says:

      Pandering is about right. What the hell has Santana done to earn a pass to NY, which in Glee-world is such a big deal? Nothing. Nothing at all. As for Finn, the truth is Glee isn’t about Finn’s dreams or anything like that – he’s not Kurt or Rachel or Santana, its his job to fix their cars and tell them how wonderful they are and generally be a lapdog. Or just a dog in general, because it seems that now Finn can add ‘backstabber’ to his other accolades, like ‘pathetic loser’, since he apparently likes putting the moves on his good friend’s fiancee. Anyway, the so-called writers are plainly having far too much fun with him in Lima to want to move him to NY. The last episode that Finn is ever in, when he finally becomes a ‘teacher’ or whatever – which seems to be the plan – should be called ‘The Final Insult’, because I’m afraid to say that is what making Finn a teacher amounts to: since the first episode of the first season, again I’m sorry to say (and this is not my personal view), teachers have been consistently portrayed as, in Glee’s own parlance, ‘losers’; sad, incompetent, unfulfilled, and emotionally stunted. The fandom Polyannas also tend to ignore the reality that Finn doesn’t seem to have any whatsoever desire at this point to get out of Lima or go to NY. As I recall he said something very much to that effect in one recent episode with some garbage about seeing out his pretend leadership of the Glee club (which so far has brought them a loss at SECTIONALS) all the way to Nationals. I could go on, but you get the point.

  47. VAfan says:

    How is Brittany getting so many vocals (especially over say, Tina). She’s a hilarious character and fine to sing once in awhile but she is being featured way too much with her autotuned voice

  48. Tina says:

    Way too much McKinley! Who cares what happens there?

  49. JAOTAO says:

    AARGH … AI ran over – Glee was cut off two minutes early! I deleted the episode without watching .. FOX don’t you know how to end a program on time!

  50. Larry says:

    I see a pattern in your criticism on rankings of songs and during your review, Michael. You are definitely do not like the new characters. Your preference is very obvious.