Ratings: NCIS Tops Idol, Smash Slides Further

Smash - Season 2CBS’ NCIS this Tuesday ticked down a tenth but nonetheless scored its first-ever demo win over American Idol during the shared 8 o’clock hour, by a narrow margin of of 3.3 to 3.2 (per prelim numbers) — and this dates back to when the Fox juggernaut ran on a Tuesday/Wednesday schedule.

In total audience, NCIS was down a half of a hair to 20.4 million viewers, while Idol‘s special Tuesday outing across its two-hour run averaged 11.5 million viewers and a 3.4.

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NCIS: Los Angeles continued CBS’ night with 16 mil and a 2.8, dipping 6 percent and a tenth. Golden Boy (9.3 mil/1.6) slipped 12 percent and two tenths from its premiere, and moves to its official Fridays-at-9 time slot starting later this week.

NBC’s Smash, with 2.62 mil and a 0.7, dropped 14 percent and two tenths. Leading into that, Go On (3.04 mil/1.1) was flat and The New Normal (2.44 mil/0.9) dipped.

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Over on ABC, Celebrity Wife Swap (4 mil/1.5) plunged 43 and 37 percent to series lows, facing beefier competition. The Taste (3.2 mil/1.2) dropped 22 percent and two tenths. Body of Proof (6.5 mil/1.2) was flat versus its season opener.

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The CW’s Hart of Dixie (1.44 mil/0.6) inched up to a four-week high in total audience, while steady in the demo. A Beauty and the Beast encore, because people will ask, drew 750,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating.

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  1. this is sad but goodbye Smash =( whish you could have gotten a season 3.

    On the goodside, hello season 3 of Hart of Dixie

    I hope Body of Proof, ratings rose. Last night ep. was like watching AHS.

    • It really does stink about Smash. A much better show than last year.

    • sarah says:

      I am still not sure if HOD will get a 3rd season. I have a feeling the CW wants to clean house. They are not giving 90210 a shortened final season. I think all the are keeping will be TVD, Supernatural, Arrow and most likely BATB and the Carrie Diaries. That leaves 5 spots for the many new piots they have.

      • Daniel says:

        Nikita will also be renewed. So that is 4 spots.

      • Brandy says:

        They are not keeping Carrie Diaries after three 0 4s.HoD is cheap, stable in ratings,does well online and is closer to syndication than CD or BATB plus has better ratings than both of them.BaTB will likley be cancelled too but theres a very slim small chance CW keeps it.

        • Brandy says:

          Also, CD got a lot of promotion but its not helping the ratings and CW is moving away from teen dramas next year that arent genre based.

      • Marisa_once says:

        I think they’ll keep Hart of Dixie before Carrie Diarries. HoD ratings are higher in both the demo (twice TCD) and total viewers. Plus it’s got a strong and stable following online for the past two years. And they would probably keep it over Nikita, since it’s demo isn’t strong (0.3).

    • Gillian says:

      Come on Hart of Dixie. I want a third season! One of my favorites. Such a shame about Smash. After last night’s episode, I expect ratings will dip even further.

  2. Eric says:

    It’s kind of crazy just how cancelled Smash is about to be.

  3. Esaul says:

    Great job NCIS. :D

  4. A says:

    Wow. So upset about Smash. Don’t eve know if its worth it to continue watching with the likelihood of it being canceled

  5. d01 says:

    I was worried about Hart of Dixie because of last week episode.. So glad people tuned in!!

  6. Joe says:

    Is it a good or bad thing about Body of Proof being flat ……

    • Thilia says:

      At this point, it’s a good thing. Holding its own means it isn’t losing any audience and could build up more when it is backed by DWTS.

      • Joe says:

        Cool I’m sorta liking the show and I hope it stays

        • elr says:

          I have to agree with you. I like the darker tone that has been set in the last two episodes and look forward to seeing where they go from here. And even though I was very upset with the cast changes, I must say I am seriously loving Mark Valley on the show.

  7. sarah says:

    Sadly I think this wil be the end of Smash!

  8. Vicki says:

    When there are too many programs at the same time on TV, I was “ON DEMAND” on cable and watch the other programs for free. I love Smash but it comes on too late for this early riser so I watch in On Demand. I sure hope it stays!

  9. ozi says:

    nbc is getting cw numbers. They should have left smash with the voice

  10. Me says:


    So ABC is getting similar numbers to when Happy Endings was in that time slot. Suprize Suprize. I hope they give happy endings a better time slot now that they are seeing the numbers. Maybe after/ before how to live with your parents?

  11. paul says:

    Golden Boy is ANYTHING but Golden! Get rid of it and renew CSI NY for a 10th Season!

    • Elderleigh says:

      I totally agree. I like Chi McBride but the lead character (not actor) is not anyone I want to invest in weekly. Just a jerk. Bring back Mac and Co.! And give Chi another show…maybe as a lead.

    • Donna says:

      I agree CSI NY is one of the best shows don’t mess things up

  12. Chicago Dan says:

    Maybe it’s time TVLine gave more attention to real hits like NCIS and less to flops like Smash. (NCIS Demo is almost FIVE times that of Smush.) Smush’s demo barely above HOD!

  13. paul says:

    Golden Boy is ANYTHING but Golden! Get rid of it and renew CSI NY!

    • Marisa_once says:

      Personally I would rather they put the Mentalist in its timelslot. It’s been struggling only since they moved it to the graveyard (sunday nights). But if I have to choose, I guess I would pick CSI:NY too.

  14. Rob says:

    Smash isn’t going to be cancelled. Two words: Steven Spielberg. The season is going to play out and they’re not going to cancel it unless it gets just as bad ratings after The Voice (which won’t happen) and then they’ll determine if they can “fix” it again for season 3.

    • abbyjo says:

      So sad Smash isn’t doing better. Last night’s episode was one of the best yet – though wish we had more of Megan Hilty’s singing – otherwise it was a dang-near perfect hour. Hope you’re right about a boost from The Voice (and Spielberg). I don’t understand what it hasn’t found an audience yet… If it does get cancelled, I hope they have enough time to send it off properly.

      • Maggie says:

        I thought last night’s episode was the best of the season so far, that may not be saying a lot but I didn’t roll my eyes as much and they’re actually dealing with a realistic broadway concern, whether something is “commercial” enough to be a success…

      • Marisa_once says:

        Actually I can understand it hasn’t found its audiance. Not everyone like musicals. I for myself didn’t like it when I tried it last year. If I compare musical shows, I like better Nashville and it too struggles to find an audiance (5 millions).

    • Steven says:

      Yeah – just look at how “two words: Steven Spielberg” racked them in at the Oscars. He’s obviously got a lot of industry juice left.

    • A says:

      Completely forgot about The Voice airing soon. Maybe there is hope!

    • Katherine215 says:

      You know what else Steven Spielberg was attached to? Terra Nova.

      • Rob says:

        The difference is NBC is DOA and Fox had enough traction to be able to burn a bridge with Spielberg. Unfortunately for NBC, they’re not in any position to cancel a show that Spielberg has worked really hard rallying for years.

        • Alice says:

          He was also behind “The River.” That didn’t get it renewed.

          He’s better at cable shows and mini-series than network television.
          SMASH is not cheap to make. If it isn’t bringing in viewers, NBC can’t afford to keep it, no matter who is producing.

    • TV Gord says:

      Spielberg has been cancelled before. Two words: Amazing Stories. And THAT was NBC, too!

  15. Mike says:

    Is it just me, or do Golden Boys numbers look decent, and it looks to have a pretty young audience, 2.6 with 9.2 mil, only .2 demo away from NCIS LA, which can only manage a 2.8 with a 16 mil audience.

  16. maki says:

    Glad for HoD and there steady raitings and solid performance in the demo.
    Hopefully they are going into S3.Zoey needs to become a Breeland. :-P ;-)

    • KSM says:

      Ugh. No.

    • Alice says:

      No. Nono nono. I didn’t mind Jonah, until he found out Zoe got dumped and proceeded to stalk her. Like he thought “Ah ha, emotionally fragile, easy pickings, she’ll do me for sure.”
      On the other hand, was glad the show didn’t devolve into Zoe-hates-Wade tropes (ok, she did a little, but her heart wasn’t in it and she got over it quick) and decided to take a less dramatic (!) but more mature response to the breakup.
      She needs more friends- or at least situations where she, Tansy, and Lemon have a common enemy, because her scenes with those two were adorable.

      • Marisa_once says:

        Yeah I liked that she got closer to Tansy. She is good for her. And I also liked the scene with Lemon, I hope they become friends. Zoe needs more girl friends and older than Rose.

    • Elyse says:

      mmmm… Lemons hot cousin :) i wouldn’t be mad!

  17. Boiler says:

    Hope Hart of Dixie renewed. Glad for ratings of Wife Swap and Taste. we don’t need that crap

  18. Alice says:

    Good news for Hart of Dixie. It’s doing well and, from a production standpoint, it’s one of the cheaper shows to produce. No special effects or crazy monster make-up. They have a lot of really expensive pilots in production -alien powers, period pieces- I don’t see them picking up more than 3 new dramas for next fall.

    • Marisa_once says:

      I agree with you. Especially that it has a strong following (so many fansites dedicated to it) and other shows aren’t doing well (Cult, The Carry Diaries, Cult, Nikita) and 90210 already canceled. So I think they stand a strong chance, especially that their numbers on the demo (0.6) is acceptable for The CW. And if they want to keep Schwartz/Savage on their network, they can’t cancel all the shows they produce. Yep, I’d say the chances are good, TVLine rates it “a safe bet” for renewal.

  19. David4 says:

    Maybe Hannibal can get Smashes spot.

  20. JJ says:

    Breaks my heart about Smash. It’s so good this year.

    • dan says:

      Disagree. If it was “so good this year” then critics and word-of-mouth would send people to watch it so the ratings would improve. The show is less campy then last year and the writing is better, but the show has become dull and predictable. I wanted to like this show and I hoped it would succeed, however it is only moderately better this year (Kat McPhee clearly didn’t take acting lessons after season one) and doesn’t have any traction with viewers. The new opening credits are great and Megan Hilty & Christian Borle are better than ever so there is some positive news with this show, but not enough to save it from cancellation at the end of the season (if not before).

  21. Ethel says:

    Thought Body of Proof was pretty good last night.Will never be able to watch White Collar and think of Peter in the same way.Tim DeKay is great!

  22. PutAForkInIt says:

    Not sure how ANYONE stuck with SMASH. I couldn’t get past the 1st ep of season 1.

    As for IDOL, the producers destroyed this show by putting more emphasis on the judges and less on the budding talent instead. Can’t wait for the day when this show ends its run, too. The show ended for me when Simon left.

  23. Tran says:

    Hate to wonder if Golden Boy gets one season tops. CBS still has a hard time with new mid-season shows. :-(

  24. hblanjr says:

    SMASH has been so good this year.The first season wasn’t as bad as everybody thought, except for Ellis. I think it was off the air to long. It should of came back in the fall. Please save SMASH for a third season.

    • JJ says:

      It was gone for almost a year and had no Netflix/streaming support for that entire time. Also the DVD was released with no promotion only a couple of weeks before the premiere. It had had bad lead-ins and a preemption the week after the premiere. The return of Smash has been mismanaged on every level.

  25. Norah says:

    At least Body of Proof is steady with a mediocre lead-in! Fantastic episode last night. Now come faster DWTS lead-in! :)

  26. heidi says:

    Well done Hart of Dixie!

  27. Marisa_once says:

    Yeah well, so much for all these people saying they’ll stop watching Hart of Dixie because Zade broke up.

  28. ABC says:

    Happy for Hart of Dixie! Season 3 please!

  29. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    These two numbers just jumped off the page when I read them – 0.7 and 0.6. Those are the 18-49 demo numbers for Smash/NBC and HoD/CW. Amazing. For a show on the CW to begin to beat an NBC show, Smash no less, in the demo – incredible. I never would have believed it. I do think HoD will get renewed for fall. Yes [as prior post noted], CW might like to ‘clean-house’, but a lot will depend upon the strength of CW’s group of pilots. I may be alone here, but I’m not wild about that pilot list. We’ll see.

    For NBC [Smash, Go On, Normal… maybe even Revolution], it’s all coming down to what happens when Voice returns…. it can’t return soon enough. But the damage is done. Smash is in a deep hole right now – 2.62m/0.7 demo – that won’t work. I don’t care who’s producing this show – Steven Spielberg is a smart guy – he knows how this business works. Those rating numbers are deadly. It’s over. Smash/NBC isn’t battling CBS, ABC and Fox any longer – it is battling CW and Telemundo. Who would have believed that? Smash is an expensive show to run – high production value. That’s a blessing and a curse. Once Voice returns, if Smash can get it’s numbers up to 7m/2.1 demo – then, maybe. But that is triple the numbers it is getting now – I don’t know if that is ‘mathematically-Nielsen’ possible. And even a 7m/2.1 is not something to crow about. It is going to be tough sledding for Smash. I’m sorry to say, it may be over. Debra Messing – I love you – will await to see you again on another series – you are the smartest woman around. Debra predicted (in EW magazine in January) that something wasn’t quite right on Smash this time around. Indeed.

    For Revolution, I think it will be fine – yes, the numbers will be off at first once it returns, but the key will be to see if the numbers grow from episode to episode until May. I think we will see growth in the ratings as the show’s fans return. Revolution will be okay for fall.

    That leaves Go On and Normal. I think Normal may not make it. I never bet against Ryan Murphy, but no one is perfect. Everyone has a loss now and then, this one may be his – the show isn’t getting better. I think it may be done. That leaves one of my personal favorites – Go On. It could go either way, but certainly, once Voice returns, Go On really needs to blossom and get back to the numbers it had earlier this season. More than the other shows, I think Go On will benefit most with Voice’s return. I love Betty White – I love her, BUT, her show is not a good lead-in for Go On.

  30. luli says:

    Do you know how did PLL do? Is it already renewed?

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Last night’s Pretty Little Liars – 2.6m viewers, 1.2 in demo. If my memory serves correctly, I think ABC Family Channel renewed the series back last fall’12 for a fourth season, which probably starts filming this spring’13 for cable broadcast sometime during the 2013-2014 season. PLL is one of Family channels best – should be around for a good while.

  31. Shaun says:

    NCIS LA had some great couple moments.Finally they address Kenzi’s position on their chemistry and it looks positive :).

  32. Why is everyone saying smash is over! Its only 5 episodes in! ! There are 13 more to go,thats 13 weeks, thats plenty of time to grow up in ratings..it just all depends..just like megan hilty sung on episode 1 of smash s2 “dont dream its over”.