Good Wife Bosses Preview 'Tense' Love Triangle, a Bolder Cary, [Spoiler]'s Return and More

?????????????The Good Wife‘s Lockhart Gardner is about to get a taste of wealth – but it comes with a price.

Now that the law firm is out of bankruptcy, its staff will find that “what comes with richness is its own set of problems,” executive producer Robert King teased during a recent conference call with the press. “Civil war is where we’re basically headed with the firm.”

If the rest of the season had a theme, the EP says, it would be: “Be careful what you wish for, because you’re not going to like it.”

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Below, co-creators Robert and Michelle King preview Alicia and Will’s “tense” new dynamic and a “take-no-prisoners” Cary and reveal how much of Nick’s storyline – and whether Kalinda’s hubby himself – got cut. Plus, guess who’s back?!

THE KISS HEARD ‘ROUND THE FIRM | “It’s a more tense situation now,” Robert says of the briefly rekindled Alicia/Will relationship. In the past, Alicia “was off the hook ethically and morally because of the way Peter behaved. And now things are warming up with Peter again, and she does see a change in Peter. It’s a difficult situation, because the sexuality with Will doesn’t go away.” Adds Michelle: “Before, she could tell herself it wasn’t adultery. It’s getting a lot more difficult.”

As they try to stay away from each other, Alicia and Will are propelled “in opposite directions just to avoid that contact again – Alicia towards Peter, obviously, and Will towards Amanda Peet’s character,” previews Robert. Although the EPs say there won’t be an easy way out for Alicia, the storyline won’t come down to her having to pick between lovers. “It’s going to be mixed up with what’s going on the firm, too,” explains Robert. “We want to explore the moral dimensions about it, not so much the Team Will or Team Peter dimension.”

OFFICE POLITICS | After being given a partnership and then having it taken away, Cary “thinks Lockhart Gardner is a corrupt place,” says Robert. “He’s not giving up on designs outside the firm.” That might bode well for Kalinda/Cary fans, he adds, since “one of the things Kalinda really likes is when Cary is in take-no-prisoners mode, when he’s not a suburban white boy who sits back passively but someone who attacks something and is proactive. There’s an attractive quality to both Matt Czuchry and Cary when he’s in this mode of, ‘I’ve been screwed over. Now, it’s my turn.’”

In the meantime, as we glimpsed in this past Sunday’s episode, the associate will have to deal with Alicia now being his superior, which prompts the question, “Can a friendship survive when [that] friend is your boss?” says Robert, adding that the newly named equity partner also will test power dynamics and will “slowly venture into a place where she can challenge these name partners more and more.”

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BATTLE OF THE BLONDES | Bad news: The EPs were unable to get Anna Camp back for a guest spot this season. Good news: Mamie Gummer will return as Nancy Crozier in Episode 21!

Runnin' With The DevilKALINDA’S NEW TRAINEE | Having more than recovered from bankruptcy, Lockhart Gardner is now flush with money and decides to hire a second  investigator (played by Jess Weixler) who is “as opposite of a young woman as we could find from” the fan-favorite P.I., teases Robert. “There’s this complicated dynamic that exists between these two.”

RACE TO THE TOP | The election will be wrapped up this season, so what’s next for Eli if Peter wins the gubernatorial race? The White House, of course! “People run eternal campaigns. As soon as they win or lose one campaign, they’re onto the next,” says Robert. “One of the other things we want to see with Alan [Cumming] is his work with his ex-wife.” But first, Eli will have to “battle” Jordan for “the direction of [Peter’s] campaign” because “as much as [Jordan] has shot himself in the foot, he’s still limping. He’s still there.”

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BAD HUBBY | Addressing the controversial introduction of Kalinda’s husband Nick, Robert reveals that three episodes were cut and that the writers “accelerated some of the plot that was already shot.

“The fan reaction obviously had something to do with it,” he admits. “We [set] the characters towards some thematic things we were pursuing with seeing a parallel between Kalinda’s life and Alicia’s life.” The lesson learned? “‘Don’t let theme lead plot again.’” As for whether the P.I. did something to her toxic other half to get him out of her life, that’s a mystery the EP prefers to keep open-ended.

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  1. FRNG says:

    Happy to see that Carry’s going to get more lines, he’s the most underused caracter of the show

    • Dee says:

      Agree completely. GO Cary!

    • Lucy says:

      I really hope we’ll get a meaty Cary storyline. But I’m starting to fear we’ll get just a seaons 1 dejavu. With Cary being the jerk and Alicia being the saint. And Cary and Kalinda in backseat.

  2. Lily says:

    Seriously, after A YEAR without nothing between Will and Alicia, I don’t put my hopes too high this time. I still want them to be happy together without this whole mess around them, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon, the show is called “The Good Wife” after all *rolleyes*

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Just gonna say it, the Kings/TPTB have handled the whole Alicia/Will situation terribly, and quite frankly, stupidly.
      Four years ago TGW was pioneering the whole “star-crossed lovers yet also adulterers but who cares because they’re meant to be” scenario. People were hooked, it’s all anyone could talk about, but then the writers inexplicably killed it in season 3.
      Now look around today, you have Homeland with it’s star-crossed cheaters, and the same with Scandal. And what do you know–it’s all anyone can talk about! And people don’t really care about the immorality because, hey CHEMISTRY and “epic love”.
      Moreover, those show’s embraced their situation, even adjusted storylines around it (Brody avoided death TWICE, and Fitz is no longer a one-off character) because it resonated with audiences. TGW has done the opposite; it’s like they think giving people what they want is selling out or something (same with Alicia & Kalinda’s friendship). G0d forbid they should indulge plots viewers want to see!
      The Kings need to take a hard look at the direction of these relationships, especially if they expect the show to be around longer than one more season.

      • Lily says:

        Yep, and it was their worst mistake. Like you say, people love these kind of star-crossed lovers relationship like Carrie and Brody and Olivia and Fitz, and that’s why these shows works so well (especially Scandal) and the relationship between Alicia and Will in The Good Wife was a big part of the success of the show, and when they killed this relationship in season 3, the ratings dropped week after week, and now that Willicia is back on, the ratings are up. People who hate them together will say that it’s not because of them but it is, I’ve seen a bunch of people out there who started to watch the show again a few weeks ago because Willicia was back on.

        • Matt says:

          Seriously? This show is great because of Alicia’s professional life, not her romantic life. I’m not saying shipping one pair or the other isn’t fun, but the show is stronger outside of the romance, especially when it’s focused on ethics and morality, and office politics.

      • James Butler says:

        I really don’t understand why so many viewers accept the adultery of alicia/will as so exciting. Have any of them ever been married or have children? Immorality doesn’t create “epic love” but complete disaster. The story should be about a strong women dealing with a family crisis and not about illicit love affairs causing more conflit and hurt for herself, her children and every that affairs affect. There are enough “scandals” on the TV now to have primetime soap operas all week long.The story can be very good without the main charcter being worst then everyone else.

  3. TVDIVA says:

    Alicia has made great strides in her career and with Peter. She is too smart a woman to go back to Will. If the showrunners were smart enough to listen to fans about Kalinda’s husband, I hope they realize making Alicia kiss Will and take a partnership (when she could have started a new firm with Cary, Kalinda, Eli and Elsbeth and taken all the top clients) is character assassination.

    • RMA says:

      Being smart has NOTHING to do with attraction. Very smart people make stupid mistakes when it comes to love. Alicia is no different. I personally love that they are showing this side. Not because I want her with Will, but because I think it’s a more genuine portrayal of her situation.

    • guategal says:

      This Alicia/Will relationship exudes an aura of loving that’s beyond the written line or even the actors’ chemistry illusion. It’s the stuff dreams are made of beyond moral issues, beyond tangible life living or perimeters, it’s beyond excellent traits of character personalities, or goals and acquisitions of success. It’s in and of those facets of life’s best loving we each envision differently, it’s left mostly unspoken about, too much to define, Yet we each feel it IF we are lucky whether often or not. It may be only a flashbulb in a lifetime or a complete biographical book. It’s there, it’s known, and the Alicia/Will in all of us are of it.

  4. tahina says:

    TGW writers are getting lazy and dense. Loved Carrie Preston’s storyline but Kalinda and Cary will fall in the backseat as usual. >.<

  5. jjj says:

    I thought Suits was copying The Good Wife early on, but that show has completely broken out of its shell. Look now that TGW is also doing a Civil War plot…

  6. k says:

    Yay Mamie Gummer is back!

    • Billie says:

      Seconded! After Carrie Preston, she has been my favourite guest star on this show. (And that’s saying something considering how fantastic most of their guest stars are).

  7. MGL says:

    Regardless, still team Alicia and Will. I don’t like what Peter did, plain and simple.

  8. Melissa says:

    I don’t like Amanda Peet or her character. If they are wanting to fix Will up with someone, bring back the sports reporter.

    • Dee says:

      I have to agree that her character is not likeable. But, while I like watching the character of Will……..he is very interesting and well played…….I do not like him personally. The character is fun to watch but I don’t see him as a likeable person. Too many ethics lapses and too conceited.
      So they kind of go together.

  9. rachelle says:

    I thought the writers forgot all about Will and Alicia since we hadn’t seen anything between them for sooooo long. I was kind of pissed off about that since they spent 2 years building them up only to have them fizzle out! I’m excited that their chemistry is being addressed again, cause, boy do they have chemistry! Their anomosity towards each other in “Red Team/Blue Team” and the culmination of all that tension into that kiss was just electric! I’m definitely looking forward to anything between them in the future.

  10. Tina B. says:

    I am discouraged about the not Team Will or Team Peter thing, and looking to make Allicia an adultress, but I will take what I can get! I don’t like that they are taking so long with exploring Alicia & Will because they only have Josh Charles for one year and then who knows if he will want to stay to have his character sit back once more. It would be such an exciting storyline to see Alicia and Will’s love story back then in Georgetown, and have Alicia make a clear choice to Will, the one that treats her right. Hurry up Good Wife, you’re running out of time, & Willicia fans have already waited about 2 seasons with nothing happening.

  11. nikki says:

    The triangle ruined the show. It is stupid.

  12. Loz says:

    C’mon Willicia! I can’t wait to see all this, we are behind in Australia, not sure by how much but the last we just saw was Nick leaving (thank god) and Alicia & Kalinda’s friendship kind of being restored and Will just about to go out with Amanda Peet’s character. Love The Good Wife, it’s an amazing show.

  13. Lucy says:

    I’ve enough of love triangles. And it also means that nothing is going to happen between Cary and Kalinda. We’ll get our usual little sop and then nothing else until next season…when they’ll cast a new love interest for Kalinda.

    • Pam says:

      I think we’ll be subjected to Will/Peter/Alicia triangle until the end of the series. I don’t give a damn about it . Alicia should find someone else. The only romantic pair I ever gave a damn about in that show is Cary and Kalinda. And probably it’s the only one which will never get a real chance to be. But at least she on his side this time. And I hope it’s going to last.

  14. SJ says:

    This show has never been about shipping, or “Team Will” or “Team Peter” or what have you. This isn’t The Vampire Diaries, for god’s sake, it’s a bit more complicated than that! For me, the show is at its absolute best when it focuses on the dynamic between the core characters and the office politics. Personally, I think Alicia should be with Peter, but I’m ultimately not that invested in that part of the show. I really hope the show doesn’t go the Will/Alicia route again because I didn’t enjoy it the first time around.

  15. Rae says:

    I’m so glad Mamie Gummer is coming back! She’s one of my favorite guest stars! I really enjoy Elsbeth as well and while watching on Sunday I was wondering if we would see Mamie again. It’s a shame that her show Emily Owens was canceled. I watched the first two episodes but my Tuesday nights are packed then I found out it was getting canceled. I recently started watching the remaining episodes on Amazon and I love the show so now its sad not to see it continue. I really like Mamie Gummer and hope she finds a show!

  16. Caro says:

    Oh I REALLY hope the writers will NOT make Alicia and Will get together again! That would be so shallow and a HUGE mistake! I was so happy this wasn’t going to turn in another soap story like so many shows have… TGW had more depth, don’t lose it by walking that road again!!!

    • Bella says:

      I get your point, but Peter cheated on Alicia. I am not someone who is okay with cheating in any capacity. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once you cheat you break the trust that is so important in any mature, adult relationship. I think that Alicia should finally divorce Peter, have some time to herself, and then think about a relationship with Will. That’s what I wish the writers would have done in Season 3.

  17. kiki says:

    Seriously the Kings just have to let Alicia and Peter work their issue, I am happy it seems they are going there/ A/W that happened and now is over, time for the Kings to move on from that. Its obvious Alicia feels lust for Will, but not love so deep down it can never work. Just let her move on and try with Peter or just be alone.

  18. former TGW fan says:

    Willcia was killed off successfully. It’s a dead fling. Will and Alicia had to go there to get it out of their systems and I was behind them then. Not any more. It’s done. This is not Gossip Girl, the characters aren’t teenagers who go back and forth and back again.

    Re: Mamie Gummer – her character was fun to watch … for 2 episodes. Her last appearance was already a lame repetition that didn’t work. Why bring her back again? They seem way too desperate.

    We need more Kalinda, Cary, and Eli. Basically, the players we know and love. Love Preston, but she’s a guest and should not be the focus. Eli should have been the focus. He’s great when he’s at work putting out fires.

  19. Ugh, I hope Will and Alicia will get back together, they have the best chemistry on this show (with Kalinda and Cary/Lana, these relationships are really hot, too). And Willicia has NEVER been killed off, I think they wanted to be more focused on her “good wife” side (and the ratings didn’t approved because it was boring xD).
    And I’m dissapointed about the friendship between Alicia and Kalinda, it’s like they forgot about it.

  20. Shari says:

    Team Will & Willicia. Alicia & Peter literally gross me out. I don’t think Julianna and chris Noth have an ounce or romantic or sexual chemistry at all.

    But regardless, the writers clearly have no idea what they are doing with any of these characters & I don’t hope for any satisfying conclusion for Willicia or for Cary & Kalinda for that matter.

  21. Tee says:

    Love triangles are so overdone – if they are going to reopen this, I could care less which way it ends as long as it doesn’t get all drawn out. Instead, I’d love to see more on Alicia and Kalinda gradually rebuilding their friendship.

    Also TR Knight just seems to lack presence here. It isn’t really about liking Eli better, though I’ve always loved Eli and enjoy the episodes where we see more of him. Well, as I saw someone put it on another site, Jordan is a “waste of space.”

  22. J says:

    Will is a scumbag. But at least he’s not Diane. *shutters*

    • guest says:

      The real “scumbag” is this writer.m Those who put Will’s character so low down reveal no comparison skills …….consider the Peter role motivations. Will has been written as supportive and sensitively empatheic to /for Alicia above all else. Calling a prince a dog doesn’t make him a dog………just categorizes the source.

      • beaj says:

        I agree 100%. Writers have brilliant minds the problem is they write what they THINK ppl want to see. I would love to see especially The Good Wife be a Good Wife for a change. My wonder how many are women.

  23. beaj says:

    I don’t want to see Will and Alicia togerher and this is why….the writers thought long and hard about the title of the show. Yet Alicia is no better than Peter. She isn’t even as good as Peter because she is a racist also. Peter did what he did and she obviously forgave him to go and be with Will knowing fully well he (Will) is out for himself only, less the writers forget Jonas told her that. I am NOW a fairweather fan because of the way the writers have portrayed Alicia. She WAS a strong woman who held it down now she is weak giving into the idea of what she thinks makes her look like she hasn’t been hurt. The writers made those choices for her. I respected the first season Alicia however the Alicia in my mind isn’t worth respecting.

  24. bobby says:

    When is lana coming back I want her and kalinda back together.

  25. Nancee says:

    Will and Alicia …… Just one more that hurrah!!!!. I like them together! Then she can go home to Peter and live happily ever after.

  26. Nancee says:

    I met last hurrah!

  27. ATM says:

    please people have you never been in love.’ will cann’t get alicia out of his system no matter how he tries. as for peter who knows what he’s been up to. he had a great life & decided it was not enough he needed some side action to make him self feel good. alicia broke it off with will because of her childred not peter

  28. anne says:

    I think the chemistry between Willicia is amazing. I get that she wants to be the good wife but lets face facts….all that got her is cheated on by Peter over and over again. I do want her to be with Will but I would like her to make a clear choice. She has no chemistry with her husband and the writers keeping her married to Peter is unfair to Alicia. Why should she put aside all the pain and embarrassment Peter put her through? What does she get out of it to stay with Peter? In the meantime Peter gets to portray a good public image so he can win his campaign. The writers are perpetuating the notion of the ‘woman’s place’ and that is so old. The modern woman would find a better way of handling this situation. In the end all I see is Peter getting what he wants regardless of what he does and Alicia having to put aside her wants and desires just to please her husband and family. I love the show but am not impressed with the Peter / Alicia dynamic.

  29. Beth says:

    I do not believe the writers are staying true to our decade. The idea of a woman staying with her convicted, cheating husband out of convinience is not appealing. Alicia could have been a great role model. A single mother who despite a terrible scandal was able to succeed; sadly this is not the case.

  30. Gina Petersen says:

    I love the weekly drama of the show, but the tension between Will and Alicia is what keeps me watching every week.

  31. Martha says:

    The name of the show is “The Good Wife”. Let Alicia be the good wife. Some have said that Alicia and Peter are boring. What? These two people are sexy together and care about each plus they have “history”. In the end, Will cares about Will so let him go to the next woman and leave Alicia alone. I will have a real problem watching the show if the Will thing continues.

    • guest says:

      Are you kidding? Peter character has addressed his political role is first and foremost, Alicia has been that dressing image on his arm. Will character addresses support for Alicia’s personal and professional happiness needs in mind first and foremost, He reveals sensitiviy to her beyond and in contrast with his own needs, not so Peter. Let the good wife become a good self realized character and decide whether or not to try being good iand deserving n a relationship with Will.

  32. Maggie Mae says:

    I want will & Alicia back together. I cannot express how much I hate the idea that her reward for giving up her job, raising the kids is her husband screwing around and then she’s expected to work ” thier” issues out????? excuse me— how is Alicia have any issues? Whst type of role model is she to her daughter to stay with a cheater?? or to her son. “ok this is how marriages work — women gives up wverything, husband gets a free pass for banging prostitutes while UR home helping kids with homework”. a good role model demonstrates if he does this – if u do this to ur wife – wife walks. period. good message for both daughter and son to see. I think it would b commendable for Alicia to stick by Peter until he’s elected and then walk saying… ok. now after all this time… time for me to b happy and have her take wills hand and have them walk off camera together. this country is still so anti women still. I beg u in the end do NOT have the good wife sacrafice herself ….. again while the backwards folks nod thier head in approval ” yup. that’s right. that’s the women’s place in life”. ugh!

  33. Maggie Mae says:

    And. I would like to see Peter say… ok. the one thing I should give u… after raising our kids, after sticking by me, after my cheating, and still staying to help me get my career back …. I should give u UR happiness even if that means leaving me is what would bring it to you. please. there is zero chemistry with Peter and Alicia. I stopped watching entirely for a whole year after the will Alicia thing stopped. why bother? u just gutted the juiciest part if the show

  34. guest says:

    Alicia and Will characters’ genuine feelings for one another is a core draw of this series continuing interest and development no matter what the writers do or don’t write. This relationship is the “tiger by the tail” . The good wife title gimmic isn’t about happiness, but responsibilities………1950’s vs 2010’s and all that’s in between in 1 character. Do women forever want to be weeping for a Will or living more authentically?

  35. Nancy Thompson says:

    The show is additive, I love Will and Alicia together. Please continue with their relationship, true love, if this happens I will continue to be glued to the T.V. show.

  36. kimmy says:

    If the Alicia/Will thing doesn’t pick up again, I’ll stop watching the show. Their relationship and the raw chemistry between them was the most fascinating part of this show. It’s too annoyingly torturous for them to be apart and frankly, boring.

    Hate Peter. Hate how he treated Alicia, hate everything he represents.

    What about Alicia pregnant with Will’s child? She’s still in time. Now that would put a new spin on things and keep me glued to my chair. Love Will he is so sultry and genuinely lives Alicia.