Exclusive Girl Meets World Casting News: Meet Cory and Topanga’s Son Elliott!

Fishel_Savage_HalmHey girl, meet your older bro!

TVLine has learned exclusively that relative newcomer Teo Halm is joining Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World pilot as Cory and Topanga’s son, Elliott.

As we previously reported, Rowan Blanchard will play Halm’s onscreen sis and the prospective series’ title character, Riley.

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The Boy Meets World spin-off — which picks up more than a decade after ABC’s TGIF staple went off the air — secured leads Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel in November. In a Tumblr post written soon after she signed onto the pilot, Fishel assured Boy‘s loyal (and — judging by social media — super-jazzed) fans that the new sitcom would share “familiar faces, familiar themes and familiar messages” with the original.

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It also shares a key behind-the-scenes player: Boy Meets World creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs is in charge of the pilot, which begins production later this month for consideration on Disney Channel’s 2013-14 schedule. Sitcom vet John Whitesell (Roseanne, Cosby Show) is set to direct.

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  1. He kinda looks like he would be Shawn’s kid not Cory’s.

  2. Michael G. says:

    Apparently this kind either takes after Eric’s pretty side of Cory’s family or Topanga’s pretty side of her family.

  3. Bob says:

    Uh oh… PLOT TWIST!?

  4. iMember says:

    He kind of looks like Eric!

  5. Cassie says:

    Topanga’s hair and Older Cory’s half smile. It’s coming together. :)

  6. Yonas says:

    Eerily enough, he looks like he could be Eric’s kid. But Matthews genes are Matthews genes, I suppose.

  7. kristy says:

    I was thinking he shared eric’s features….but now that someone else has mentioned it, i do see the shawn resemblance…lol

  8. Linda says:

    ..maybe Shawn and Eric had a kid. ;)

  9. JoAnna Elder says:

    When will it come on ??

  10. Babybop says:

    Well, I guess the show never really followed a correct timeline, considering they skipped from being a freshman to being a junior in the span of a season…

  11. Martin says:

    At this rate, the pilot would have to be very bad for the show not to be picked up, all the buzz it is getting.

    • Anna says:

      There is no way whatsoever that this show will not be picked up. If the pilot is horrible (which I doubt), they’ll pick it up and retool it/do re-shoots.

    • Danielle H. says:

      I don’t get why they just don’t order it to series …there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of it not getting picked up. If they are in any way worried about ratings, they should do a 2 hr movie pilot to test the waters then call for a full order. But I doubt that’s needed.

  12. Kaliera says:

    OLDER brother?! Wasn’t it already a stretch for these two to have a 13 year old daughter? How old are Cory and Topanga supposed to be?

    • Angela says:

      From what I understand they changed it to make Cory & Topanga’s daughter to now be 11, so Elliott is 12 or 13, it works within the timeline, by the time this airs it’ll probably close to the end of the year

  13. Christian says:

    Blah.. some people need to grow up and move on. I hope this show dies a quick death.

    • Julie says:

      Why? Because you don’t want to watch it? I don’t understand people like you. No need to be nsasty to those of us who are looking forward to it. I highly doubt having this show on is going to ruin your life.

    • Angela says:

      Yet you’re here replying, so clearly you must care enough to do that. I can’t with stupid comments *shakes head*

  14. Drew says:

    I don’t get the Disney Channel… but I’ll keep an eye out for this on Netflix.

    Actually, it’d be cool if they put the old show on Netflix.

  15. call maury on this one says:

    There is no way Cory would have had 2 straight haired kids.

    • Kyle says:

      Its not impossible, Alan had two straight haired kids (Eric and Morgan). And his hair does have a bit of a wave to it like Alan. Maybe the hair skipped a generation.

      • twilight123 says:

        Except Topanga is also naturally curly! She starts straightening her hair in high school, so some people forget. I don’t that two curlies procreated and had two straight hair kids. I don’t know the exact genetics, but it seems implausible to me…

        • Jackie H says:

          If Cory has a straight haired mom and two straight haired siblings he has one allele for straight hair and one for curly. He has phenotypically curly hair but the potential to pass on a straight haired gene (50/50) All it takes is Topanga to also have a straight haired gene to pass along and BOOM straight haired children.


        • Abby D says:

          My husband and I both have curly hair and so far all of our kids have straight hair.

        • aisha says:

          um seriously ? the HAIR is your concern?! LOL theyre not actually their kids, they don’t have to look exactly like them or even remotely like them. This is ridiculous. It’s a tv show. I think people these days expect tv to be an exact replica of real life, which it’s not at all. It’s fiction.

          • Kyle says:

            “they don’t have to look exactly like them or even remotely like them.”

            Right…you would totally accept some Japanese or black kid as their biological kid. I’m not saying I disagree with the casting choices, but to act like looks play zero part in it because is fiction is just ridiculous. There’s something called suspension of disbelief, and any show that’s even loosely tied to reality should make some attempt to follow basic guidelines like having kids bare some resemblance to their parents unless their meant to be adopted.

  16. Aerin says:

    He looks way more like Cory and Topanga than the little girl does. Is she supposed to be adopted?

  17. William peterson says:

    Twilight two curly headed people can have a kid with curly hair and two curly headed people can have a child with straight hair.

  18. aisha says:

    i find it amusing that people are concerned because the people who play the kids don’t look like them ! are you freaking kidding me ! its a tv show and they’re ACTORS who are UNRELATED, of course they’re not going to look alike. So stupid

  19. aisha says:

    I also find it amusing that people are concerned about the ages of the children. ITS. FICTION. DEAR. GOD. ITS. NOT. SUPPOSED. TO. BE. REALISTIC.

  20. michael says:

    Since no one else is saying this i will. I have been a fan for as long as i can remember and i got to watch the show everyday of my life or atleast when it was on. When u watch a show like this that runs that long u start to kno love and respect those characters. U start to kno how they act or what they are gonna do and u start to feel like u are one of them or they are one of us. Now with this new one coming out they should def stick to making it as closely as the last one because it had hue fan base and sold well and the world got to kno these characters as they were real so having the right hair or color of eyes or height is a big deal to alot of people.

  21. michael says:

    And yes cory and topangas son looks like rider had a kid with eric or jack lol so they might want to rethink that one. And has onyone heard about rider or any of the others starring in the show? Or is it just gonna be danielle and ben?

  22. Joshua Collinsworth says:

    I’m looking forward to this show. I always loved BMW when I was a teen and I still watch the reruns at 31. I grew up with a huge crush for Topanga and still have it today LOL!!!! Good luck with the show all…

  23. bmw is one of the tv shows i never got tired of watching the reruns!

  24. Nika says:

    I am excited for the show and I do agree with the others who say the kids should somewhat resemble the parents as it makes the show “seem” real enough to enjoy. Genuine fans of Boy Meets World will appreciate the authenticity of the characters/storyline if it stays close to their expectations.

  25. Flip says:

    Am I the only one worried the spinoff will suck since disney is the one making it? I’m super excited for it to premiere but scared it’s gonna be some hannah Montana crap

    • gmcube says:

      Disney channel isn’t really making it though, it’s the same studio as boy meets world. I’m just starting to worry that they won’t order it to series. It’s a been a while since they pitched the pilot.