Once Upon a Time Recap: Royal Pains

GINNIFER GOODWINThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Mr. Gold was caught in the worst sort of NYC tourist trap, triggering a race in Storybrooke to find The Dark One’s dagger. Meanwhile in the fairytale land that was, young Snow White was faced with a difficult decision — one that would  have a profound ripple effect in the here and now.

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IN NEW YORK CITY…. | Mr. Gold, Emma, Neal and Henry went out for pizza, apparently — because that’s what you stop and do in the middle of life-changing, mystical-magical revelations! — during which Emma suggested that Neal come back to Storybrooke to get to know his son/reconnect with his father. But before Neal could get out some news in that regard, their day was interrupted by the arrival of Captain Hook, who drove his poisoned prosthetic into his arch enemy’s chest. Emma promptly KO’d the pirate, who was no stranger to her baby daddy, and locked him up in a storage room, but the damage had been done: Gold is dying, and only the magic of his dagger can save him. As such, the four of them set out to return to Storybrooke post-haste, using Hook’s ship — but not before Neal introduces Emma to his fiancée Tamara. [Sad trombone]

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Young Snow White’s mother, Queen Eva, falls deathly ill, leaving her daughter to consider a drastic solution: As “hesitantly” prescribed by “The Blue Fairy,” Snow could use an enchanted candle to save her mother’s life — in trade for someone else’s. In the end, Snow reveals to her mother that she just couldn’t do it, and a funeral is held for the queen. After the ceremony, Cora materializes at dead Eva’s side, abandoning the guise of the Blue Fairy, and reveals to us how she orchestrated all of this, knowing Snow’s limitations, so as to free up the king for her own daughter, Regina.

IN STORYBROKE…. | Mary Margaret reunites with her former nanny, Johanna, now that things have settled down some in post-curse Storybrooke. The kindly caregiver however becomes but a pawn in Cora and Regina’s sinister scheme, when Mary Margaret and David emerge as the first to find Rumple’s dagger hidden in the clock tower. Cora compels Mary Margaret to trade the dagger for Joanna’s heart/life, and that deal is made — but Cora pitches the old lady out the window, crashing to the pavement below, anyway! Mary Margaret, upon then realizing that Cora plotted her mother’s death as well, reevaluates her “Be the Better Person”-based life choices and trades in her snow-white fuzzy sweater for darker garb by episode’s end.

Just how dark will Snow get? Get scoop on that and much more in our recap of today’s Once Upon a Time Paleyfest session!

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  1. Patti says:

    Rena Sofer,GInny Goodwin and Bailee Madison were great tonight. I wish Emma was with her parents tonight. Hook is really pathetic and lame. I don’t want Emma with someone so awful and wile coyote like during this lame snoozeworthy fiance plot device. And please no to Neal as Peter Pan.

    • WayneInNYC says:

      I don’t think Bae is also Peter Pan, but was probably one of the Lost Boys.

    • All the signs point to him being Peter ^^ Emma did call him Peter back in season 1

      • Or, I derived that from the pumpkin pie comment. Peter Peter pumpkin eater! Ha. I think I warped my memories

      • Mary says:

        She did not. She never said his name, just that he was supposed to be a fireman who came to the diner she worked at and asked for pumpkin pie.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Unlikely. The producers at Paleyfest indicated we won’t see that character until season 3. Which means Neal is one of Hook’s boys.

    • Christina says:

      My money is definitely on lost boy. He fits the bill perfectly – showing up from a strange land, likely lost, confused and with no parents.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m rooting for Emma and Neal. I do not want him to be Peter either. A lost boy I can understand but I’m alittle confused at the blue fairy saying he’d go to a world without magic when neverland does have magic and the fact that rumple designed the curse to break through time and space. if rumple didn’t know he spent time in neverland then the curse time period would be off.

    • ' says:

      This might sound strange, but, the performer of the week HAVE TO BE BAILEE MADISON!!! She not only was so real, and good on the emotion, she also looked exactly like Gennifer Goodwin, from the way to talk to the little maneurisms, it was perfect!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow! One of the best since the premiere!

  3. Mike says:

    I don’t know how I feel about Snow going rogue and presumably killing Cora next week, but nonetheless great episode, Regina was awesome this week, and I knew Cora had something to do with the death of Snows mom. Can’t wait until next week.

    • Shuayb says:

      I doubt Cora is the one who dies, The trailer voice over says “One of their own will die”. Which is gonna suck majorly.

  4. girlinmd says:

    Great episode kinda wanna see what bad ass snow would be like! Glad they cleared up what happend Neal/Bae after he fell through the hole but I agree with the comment above I hope he’s not also Peter Pan maybe a list boy I could deal with that

  5. Addie says:

    I think most people can agree that if Snow succeeds in killing Cora, she had it coming. Cora is part of the reason that Snow’s life ended up the way it did- and while I doubt Snow would change anything because if her mother had lived she would have never met Charming and Emma wouldn’t exist- it still sucks for her. This episode was definitely of this season’s best which is great because this show was kind of in a sophomore slump earlier.

    • Christina says:

      I’m pretty excited about Snow going “dark.” Cora totally has it coming, and I’m sure it’s going to cause a ton of repercussions, but honestly I think Snow should get to enjoy the satisfaction of revenge against Cora. Disney Princes seem to get the privilege of defeating/killing the villain at the end, so I think it’s only fair that the Princesses get on board with that too.

      • Bandanab says:

        Only the newer princesses get to defeat the villain, Mulan, tiana, repenzel (more than anyone), but yeah none of the classic princesses did it was all the prince saving the day

      • Name That Tune says:

        If we’re to believe Cora is done for this season. We’ve got 7 more episodes to save Gold, figure out how “the boy” will be Gold’s undoing (which may not be Henry at all), finish off the Cora story, find out what August has been doing, bring the war between Snow & Regina to a climax & “visit a new land. ” And head off to Neverkand in the finale. It’s going to be busy.

    • courts says:

      But that’s the point, isn’t it? That it would still be murder.

  6. Patti says:

    I’m tired of Cora and Regina and the Regina redemption attempts. I have no problem with the good guys killing Cora.Also With everything going on, the fiance felt like overkill. I found Henry alittle bratty and annoying only felt for him when gold man handled him.

    • Janie says:

      Ha! I had the opposite reaction. Usually I can’t stand either Gold or Henry, but seeing Gold smack that brat down almost made me like him. Please, Gold, please – rip out his annoying little heart and I promise I’ll even try to like Rumbelle.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m starting to think Henry’s love is conditional and he uses calling regina and emma “mom” and their real names when it is suits him. I’m thinking regina and emma need to ground him.

      • Mike says:

        This, I’m sick of henry being so fickle, I mean he has two Moms that love him, Regina with all her flaws loves Henry, she may not be good but she loves Henry, and it hurt me when he called Emma “Emma”, I mean he was so happy last season to have Emma in his life, but when she lies about a hard part of her life, all of a sudden she is “Emma” to him. Make up your mind, Emma didn’t deserve that. Henry has been bothering me immensely the last two episodes. Hopefully they have him forgive Emma soon.

  7. Bob says:

    Evil always wins because Good is dumb.

  8. Katie says:

    A couple of thoughts I had… tonight’s episode seemed to imply that killing Cora would be completely out of character for Snow because she is so “good”. But does that mean the warrior princess version of Snow we met in Season 1 never actually killed anyone? I mean, I guess she could have killed in self-defense, and that killing Cora is different because she is planning to do it, but still… I never thought Snow so forgiving that it would be beyond her to kill Cora (or Regina, at one point). I guess that’s why I was so surprised that Charming was so shocked at her decision.

    Also: I think one of the point the show tends to lose me on is Regina. I understand that she craves her mother’s love and approval, and sees that Cora has the power to get the things she wants, HOWEVER, I also think Regina has got to be smart enough to know that doing evil things like killing Snow and Charming will not get her what she wants (Daniel back, Henry’s love, etc.). I get frustrated with her character regression because I think she’s too smart to be manipulated by Cora (who despite what she says about loving Regina, I feel to be pretty much incapable of love).

    Other than that, loved seeing Lesley Nicol, and was sad to see Johanna go so soon (and on a related note – can Snow and Charming stop being naive enough to believe that Cora or Regina will keep up their end of a bargain? They were obviously going to kill Johanna anyways.). And I love Neal! Excited to see some flashbacks of his (in Neverland?!).

    • Nat says:

      I don’t know what to make of the writing for Regina. In this episode, when she started putting the puzzle pieces of her past together and Cora acted like it didn’t change anything and still talked about killing Emma and the others, there was a look on her face that seemed to me like she’s reconsidering. Like she’s starting to understand that Cora doesn’t care about what she wants and power will always be more important to her. But I don’t know what to expect anymore.

      • courts says:

        She’s turned into the Charming of the back-half. The first half they didn’t know what to do with Charming so they shoved him into every story just doing what was plot necessary. Now Cora is here and they don’t know how to move her along as a villain with Regina so they just have Regina stand there beside her passively.

      • the girl says:

        There is a part of me that suspects Regina of playing Cora, leading to a showdown between the two of them. That suspicion started a few weeks ago and grew stronger in this episode when Cora sat down behind Regina’s desk and I thought, they are not going to be able to share power.

    • courts says:

      Nobody ever keeps a deal on this show. Evil always screws you over and good always weasels out.

  9. Darth Pablo says:

    Bailee Madison earned her paycheck this week

  10. mia says:

    It was a really boring episode I thought. I’m tired of the pure-good stuff that this show is obsessed with. Characters that exist in a grey zone are compelling and interesting and realistic. I’m hoping Snow goes dark and hunts Cora down; it’ll be a nice change.

  11. Angela says:

    Love this show so much. Loved this eposide just wish it had more Neal scenes especially those with Emma

  12. Khorrie says:

    I’m tired of Cora and I’m hoping she’s the one who bites it next week. I also hope it’s Regina who does it and not for any redemptive measure, but because Regina is simply an evil bitch. Of course, knowing the way these spoilers get blown out of proportion, it’ll probably be another new character we won’t care about who gets killed next week.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t know if I want Cora to die, though I do think it will be her who dies, I mean the show needs a consistent villain, and Cora is a great one.

      • Khorrie says:

        They have one in Regina. They just need to use her that way, like they started off with.

        • Kelly says:

          I’m never a fan of the villains but Regina is so so good as the Evil Queen, I want her pure bad.

          • Mike says:

            Regina is such a great villain, but she has been so inconsistent this season, I’m not against her redemption just not in season 2.

        • Louise says:

          Regina is much too complex a character and Lana Parrilla is way too good at bringing out the grey in her for that to happen. It would be a real shame if they reduced her to being evil for evil’s sake and play the villain all the time. I don’t think they have any intention of doing so though.

        • courts says:

          They have a lot better one in Rumple.

  13. david says:

    so his son is peter pan? cool

    • Me says:

      I am really hopeful that is not the case. Maybe Bea can be a lost boy, but not the Pan himself.

      • Shuayb says:

        I don’t think he is Peter Pan but he will be one of the lost boys. In the paley panel they said they would be going somewhere where another iconic character lives but they won’t see him immediately. I’d bet my lap top that its neverland and its peter pan. They’ve introduced Hook and Bae/Neal as a possible lost boy so there is only one option about whats coming next.

        • Guest says:

          It isn’t the only option. The character we don’t see yet could be Tinkerbell. But I am hoping Bae isn’t Peter Pan. I’d rather have Peter Pan still be in Neverland, with Wendy.

        • Name That Tune says:

          There is a shared history with Hook. And Neal dropped more than one hint that he has seen the world – at least the storybook world. And he knows how to pilot Hook’s ship? They had to have shared more than one adventure together on the high seas.

  14. Anna says:

    I loved the episode. Emma still having feelings for Neal was the best. Hope the fiancé goes away soon. I dont get why people want Emma and Hook together, he is an ass, he pushed.het and you dont.do that to a.girl. I get it Neal let her go to jail, but Hook is an ass. I had to watch the preview for next week a few times. What if snow becomes.the dark one

    • Kelly says:

      I love Emma&Neal. I think with all that is going on a fiance is overkill and my initial impression is underwhelming of her. Right now I really want them to reveal the deal with the outsider though

  15. AB says:

    Did anyone get the feeling that Snow’s mother and Cora are related?

    • david says:

      yea i thought they were sisters lol

      • Name That Tune says:

        I think this is a clever way of re imaging the original Grimm story. All of us were raised believing that it was Snow’s stepmother who was evil but in the original story, it was really Snow’s mom. There was no step mother.

        • Khorrie says:

          Regina is Snow’s evil step-mother. Snow’s actual mother was totally good.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Not according to the original Grimm folklore. They changed the story in later versions to the Regina character we recognize. But I think the show’s writers are aware of this history and have brought Cora in to bring the story back to its roots.

        • Harmony says:

          You think that Snow and Regina could be sisters? They do have the same color hair? And they would only be about 10 years apart, maybe 8 so it’s not outside the realm of possibilities. That’s an interesting idea.

          • courts says:

            If Cora and eva were related Snow and Regina would be cousins, not sisters. And they’re roughly six years apart in age.

    • Diva says:

      That would be interesting but that family tree is already messed up. Let’s not make the family tree look more like a circle.

    • twilight123 says:


    • Kelly says:

      yes. i’m thinking there is a rose red connection in there

    • Harmony says:

      I got the sense that they at least knew each other. They could have been sisters. Cora killing the Queen was definitely not random and not just so that Regina would be queen instead. tn

  16. torontogirl98 says:

    I cannot stand Cora/Barbara at all everything about her character make me so irrationally angry. I am not sure why exactly but please please let her die forever! Loving everything else involving the Bae/Emma ect stuff

  17. leonard says:

    I don’t really like the idea if the love triangle between Neal/Emma/ Tammara (or whatever her name is, dont care about her at this point). Sorting out the complicated feelings between Emma and Neal, with his world traveling history, along with her parents and Henry, plus the Regina and Cora threat, while also dealing with Rumple, should be enough of complications to serve the rest of the season with out adding an additional, non-fairy land, love interest. I understand that it shows that he was able to move on but with so much other stuff going on in Storybrooke, it seems too convoluted. Dark Snow White is kinda interesting, I just agree with a previous poster, that Regina is too smart to be completely taken in by her mothers manipulations, and that she, rather than Snow White, will be the one to take out Cora. I am more drawn to the Neal and Emma plot rather than the Snow White one and I wish they would merge together soon before I lose interest in both. REAAAAAAALLY liked Neal and Emma together though. Hook needs to go.

  18. Name That Tune says:

    I thought in the spoilers episode that Matt does, we get a “little” death this week and a “big” death next week. So it’s Cora or Gold. Can’t see them killing off Gold. And it would be fitting for Snow White to kill Cora, since she’s involved in the death of Snow’s mom.
    And what better way to rekindle the war between Snow White and the Evil Queen in the modern world. The

    • david says:

      Actually based on the promo i am willing to wager that someone close to snow like Emma or Henry dies and she uses the candle on Cora to bring them back (otherwise why mention the candle).

      • Patti says:

        i worry neal or emma will die in the finale to save henry w the candle

      • Tamim says:

        I was thinking something like this as well. Cora kills someone so close to Snow that she can’t handle it any more. So she either grabs a random heart or finds Cora’s heart and holds the candle over it. Big death turns into not-quite-so big death. She might even try to save Rumple to prevent Cora from becoming more powerful, and then kills another innocent and not Cora? Just because a big death happens, that doesn’t mean someone has to stay dead…

        • Name That Tune says:

          If we’re to believe Cora (& that’s a dicey thing), using the candle means sacrificing one life for another. Whose life could that be? Only her own. So if that’s the path we’re on, the big death will be Snow.

    • LLR says:

      If they kill off Gold I might stop watching the show. At this point he’s the most interesting and complex character, and the quality of the show would suffer if he left.

  19. Ray says:

    I love the idea of Bae being Peter Pan. For once it is a twist and mingling of stories I can get behind, unlike some of the others (hate rumple and beast and fairy godmother). I hope that he is pan because it would make the Hook stuff so much more interesting too! He should be more important than just some lost boy.

  20. C says:

    why must you guys tarnish the point of fairy tales? why is this obsession of making Snow dark? they are heroines that symbolic good for a reason, i can deal even if i dont like it a lot of the changes of the fairy tales but Snow going Dark is too much, crosses the line, make her whole story and symbolism pointless and ordinary

    • Name That Tune says:

      Seems to me the original Snow White story by the Brothers Grimm was pretty dark. The original Evil Queen was actually Snow’s mom, not her step mom, but the Grimm brothers thought it would be too upsetting for children to have a mother do evil things to her daughter. The telling of this tale has changed over the years to suit the tastes of the times. So we’re getting a darker Snow White and Cora is the dark mother.

    • Mike says:

      Snow is not going to be bad guy, and if it was anyone else is agree with you, but Cora ruined Snows life, she has had it coming.

      • Name That Tune says:

        She’s not going to be a bad guy, but she is not going to be a passive victim either. That is a reflection of modern times. We want to see her fight back against evil.

        • Mike says:

          Hopefully it make Mary Margaret more of the badass Snow we’ve seen in FTL flashbacks.

          • Shuayb says:

            I agree. What they’ve done with the characters esp from Fairytale land is give them a nuance and add some shades of grey to them. They aren’t trying to make characters evil but just not make them goodey two shoes all the time. We have Archie and Mother Superior for that. Snow is essentially good but push a good person too far and you won’t believe what they could do. Emma or Henry could be die and the only way to bring them back is to use the candle.

  21. Christina says:

    Personally, I would prefer if they would focus on the Snow/Charming/Emma relationship. I kinda don’t feel like we’ve adequately dealt with that yet. If we have, then Emma seemed to accept the whole thing a hell of a lot better than I thought. I def expected more questions out of her.

    Also, can she please be in Storybrooke already to help fight Regina/Cora? I would have liked to see her there for Snow in this episode!

    • Kelly says:

      They have been lacking in one on one bonding for Emma and Charming. I was hoping to see more of them working together in the sheriff department.

    • Shuayb says:

      I think that they will get to that, eventually. There is just so much going on at the moment in where the story has taken them, I’m sure they will get to that. It also goes with how they have portrayed Emma. She likes to dodge the hard stuff and this is very hard. So they will have to figure out something else for them.

    • Louise says:

      I agree. Not really feeling the whole New York story. I know they needed it to introduce Bae, but Emma has been seperated from parts of her family almost the entire first half of the season and now they sent her away from Storybrooke again. Emma and David have no relationship at all at this point. They may know they’re father and daughter, but they spend about as much time talking and bonding as last season when he was just David Nolan, the guy who broke her friend’s heart. I don’t care about Hook or Neal or stupid love triangles. Emma deserves better than that and she has better stories right in front of her.

    • K says:

      I enjoy the Snow/Charming/Emma relationship as well and I wish/hope that Emma and Charming could bond a little more on the show.

  22. Chris says:

    I’m not a fan of the Tamara fiancée plot because its basically a rehash of Season 1’s Mary Margaret/David/Catherine plot. Kind of a stretch but I’m wondering if maybe she’s the woman who Greg Mendel called and they’re working together, and she sent him to find Storybrook after digging up information on her fiancée?

    • Mike says:

      I would say it is better than last years triangle, because Neal and Emma have a lot more to get thought than just his fiancée, I’m mean she felt abandoned, but I agree Tamara is an unnecessary addition, I won’t knock her until we see a bit more of her.

      • Sheila says:

        Should we start placing bets as to who Tamara will turn out to be?

      • Kath says:

        Yeah, I’m rooting for her to be evil just so we don’t have an exact repeat of that mess. It was enough the first time to make Charming unlikeable, and he was someone we had reason to like. Neal/Bae is a pretty unknown quantity off to bad start by abandoning Emma, and he doesn’t have the curse excuse for his actions. Unless they want to erase any rooting value Neal/Emma have (and that’s entirely possible), they need to play the triangle thing very carefully.

      • Michelle says:

        could she possibly be connected to the stranger in Storybrooke? maybe she sent him up there as a Private Investigator because she found the postcard that Neal had received in the opener?

    • Ann says:

      That is an interesting theory. I like it!

    • DL says:

      Also not a fan of this subplot. Seems to me an unnecessary device to add extra drama and an obstacle to Neal/Emma getting back together. I’ll reserve judgment until we know whether or not she has some greater purpose. If it turns out she’s just there to drum up angst, it would have been so much better if the writers just focused on having the issues between Neal and Emma keep them apart rather than something forced and artificial like a last minute fiancee.

      • LLR says:

        Tamara is Tiger Lily, you guys. It ties in with the Peter Pan story.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Agreed. She is Tiger Lily.

          • Nicole says:

            The writers said they wouldn’t be bringing any other Peter Pan characters this season, though.

          • Mandzie says:

            doesn’t mean she won’t be revealed next season as tiger lily :P

          • Tamim says:

            Very true. With this show the characters can be more than one person and the alternate identity isn’t revealed until later. She could have been Tiger Lily in Neverland, but Tamara here. I think she’s probably the former Tinkerbelle, but the same concept of “reveal” or “introduce” would still apply…

    • gdv says:

      I had the same thought since I found out Bae had a fiancee. I’m definitely putting my money on Tamara being the “her” that Ethan Embry’s character was talking to on the phone.

    • Nicole says:

      OMG, I thought the same thing about Tamara!

  23. ginnefyr says:

    Love this show. It will be interesting to see Snow become darker. Don’t care for Neal. Neal and Emma have no chemistry. She had chemistry with Hook and even Pinnochio

  24. Kelly says:

    I liked the Blue fairy “our only hope” star wars reference. I am loving Jennifer Morrison and Michael Raymond-James together. They have incredible chemistry. Neal and Emma are angsty and adorable. I love it. They need to bring Rena Sofer and Bailee Madison back for more episodes.

  25. Spencer says:

    Lately I have been really disappointed by OUAT but tonights episode was fantastic! I can’t wait to see who they kill off next week and what a great surprise to get rid of Johana this week.

    • Shuayb says:

      I hate that every episode ends with a thousand more questions and things to do. I love serialised shows but I miss shows with a case of the week. Not CSI but like Charmed and Buffy. I want a show to have some closure at the end of every ep.

  26. A says:

    Cora needs to die already and it needs to be brutal. Like Dexter brutal. She is seriously pissing me off.

  27. A says:

    And finally, its about time Snow got back to her kickass self and stop being such a goody goody all the time. Charming needs to step the hell back or fall in a ditch and let Snow do her thing.
    Johanna’s death was just heartbreaking. :(
    This Emma/Neal/Tamara triangle is so predictable. I mean I’ve become very used to the fact that love triangles are pretty much a necessity nowadays in every show, but its still annoying nonetheless. Can two people ever just get together without there being a third person all the time?
    I also have this feeling that Regina may be planning something against Cora. The surprise on her face when she found out Cora killed Snow’s mom and that everything in her life has been a joke and she’s been her mother’s puppet had to hit a nerve and I hope she doesn’t buy into her lies.
    Wasn’t shocked about how Gold acted towards Henry but it definitely made me mad

  28. Shuayb says:

    Loved this ep. I hope Cora dies next week- With that candle. Maybe they get Gold to kill someone and then Snow uses the candle on her heart.

  29. Tommy says:

    Mrs. Patmore on OUAT.

  30. Henry says:

    Regina’s horse was Rozinante. Are we going to see Don Quixote and Sancho Panza later?

  31. Robin says:

    Was anyone else immediately suspicious of Johanna/Mrs. Patmore’s motives? I really thought she was was working with Cora, especially with her trying on the tiara, retaining the tiara, and sending Snow out to seek the Blue Fairy.

    • Albert says:

      I don’t think she was working for Cora.

    • cate says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who thought that! Snow was snotty with her at the start, she directed Snow ti the ‘blue fairy’ and was there just as Regina’s horse bolted leading to her saving young Snow! Cora had to throw her out of the window before she gave the game away….! Or am I being too suspicious if lovely Mrs Patmore!

    • CC says:

      I thought she just genuinely wanted to help. And to the commenter above me, I believe that the reason she was always by Snow’s side was because she became like a mother figure to Snow and accompanied her everywhere.

  32. Toni says:

    There has to be a deeper relationship with Cora and Snow’s mother because I don’t think Cora killed her just to make Regina queen. I think there’s a history or they could be sisters and there might be a deeper rivalry between them.

  33. Name That Tune says:

    Okay. The next episode is “The Miller’s Daughter”. With Rose McGowan. Who was signed to play a young Cora (according to our friends at TV Line). It’s sure to be loaded with Cora and Rumple scenes because he definitely has a history with a Miller’s daughter. Was the child she promised to Rumple Regina? Was she good before she met Rumple? And will we hear her past just to watch her die at the hands of Snow White?

    • K says:

      Unless Regina is somehow Rumple’s daughter…LOL now that would be a twist. :D

      • Name That Tune says:

        Lol but Rumple was in the business and collecting first born children back in FTL. He made a bargain with Cindarella for her first born (she offered her jewelry and rings) & I seem to recall Rumple bargaining for others (have to research it), but the Miller’s daughter is definitely part of the original folklore.

  34. K says:

    Are we sure Snows mother is dead…and not under some kind of sleeping curse?

  35. ej says:

    An OK episode. I thought “Manhattan” was better, though Bailee was great. There was too little of the NYC storyline and it just felt choppy. Pizza, then Hook shows up and is off-camera tied up (I assume that’s because Colin broke is leg and couldn’t film, so not really the writers’ fault!), Neal reveals he can sail a pirate ship, and BOOM Tamara’s there. I hope she’s Greg’s “Her” and not just a love triangle plot device.

    I’m also wondering if Cora and Eva are sisters and Rumple took one of them away b/c of a deal with their mother, so one was raised as a princess and the other as an impoverished miller’s daughter, or something similar. It would be interesting if Eva tries so hard to instill good Snow b/c her own parents chose dark magic to solve some problem… spinning wool into gold?

    I don’t know whether to root for Neal being Peter or just a Lost Boy, but apparently Bobby C. told Wetpaint Entertainment at PaleyFest on the introduction of Peter: “What I hear through the grapevine is that if that happens it’s going to be a kid that plays [Peter Pan]. So it’s not going to be an older character. We’re thinking about a 12 or 13-year-old to play it. I’ve never really seen that before and it would be interesting.” Unless he was lying about that (trying to make up for his slip in the panel discussion that there’s a “game-changer” in the season finale for the animosity between Bae and Gold) then either Neal isn’t Peter or young Bae is being recast. Of course, with this show, who knows? It seems like half way through the season they’ve pulled a 180 on some of the things they said we wouldn’t see in Season 2, so it’s hard to believe anything until it’s actually on the show.

  36. Mikael says:

    Seems like Neal is Peter Pan, or at the very least, a Lost Boy. Or maybe he was a pirate with Hook, which would explain why he was a thief when Emma met him.

    • Tamim says:

      Being a Lost Boy does not necessarily mean he could not be a Pirate as well since Hook was always trying to capture Pan and recruit the Lost Boys. But, if Neal was a Pirate for a while then he probably isn’t Pan (unless Hook won, “defeated” Pan, and pressed him into be one of his crew members or else kept him prisoner until he was deposited in a realm where he would grow up.) Maybe Pan is an eternal character, in that a Lost Boy always rises to fill that rank, so we will meet a NEW Pan once they go to Neverland? Then Neal would not be Pan anymore because there is a new one (so the claim “we have not met Pan yet” would technically be true because we have met a former Pan).

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