Downton Abbey: Meet Lady Mary's New Beau! Plus: Get a First Look at Season 4

Downton Abbey Season 4 Spoilers Tom CullenMatthew who?

Downton Abbey has tapped Welsh actor Tom Cullen to join the show’s Season 4 cast as a love interest for Michelle Dockery’s grieving widow, Lady Mary.

Cullen, whose credits include the 2011 gay indie pic Weekend, will play a role TVLine first told you about back in January, that of Lord Gillingham, an old family friend of the Crawleys who has known Lady Mary since childhood.

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Other new Season 4 additions include Dame Harriet Walters as an old friend of Maggie Smith’s Dowager and Nigle Harman as a visiting valet named Green.

NBC Universal’s Carnival Films, which produces Abbey, also confirmed Saturday that Shirley MacLaine will reprise her role as Cora’s (Elizabeth McGovern) mother in Season 4’s Christmas episode.

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Scroll down for a first look at Lady Mary clutching the child she spawned with Matthew before his untimely demise, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Is LM trading up… or down?


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  1. Chelsea says:

    Might want to throw a spoiler in there, season just ended a few weeks ago.

  2. Minnie says:

    Yeah let’s give Lady Mary another guy she can ruin till he dies.

    • Maggie says:

      How did she ruin Matthew? How did she ruin Pamuk (aka the one that forcibly entered her room and her bed)? How did she ruin Richard?

    • Whatever says:

      I don’t know that she “ruined” Matthew but Mary is turning into a horrid person.
      Matthew was the best part of that couple.
      Cullen is a fine actor.
      I’m more pissed about O’brien leaving the show just as they started filming because she didn’t want to be the villian anymore. And she refused to shoot any new episodes to tie up her storyline.
      Just when O’brien was being found out and may of been getting some payback ! What a crappy thing to do .
      I hope that they replace the actress instead of just writing O’brien out in some stupid way that makes no sense.

      • Leslie says:

        Mary is a terrible character and for me she’s ruining the show. I just hope all the attention isn’t put on her because we’ve seen enough of the Mary show, it’s getting tiresome watching this horrible character ruin everything good around her.

        • Sarah says:

          Without Mary as the central character of the show there would be a completely other show. If you don’t like it, and want another kind of heroine, watch another show…

          • tina says:

            I agree 100 % with you Lady Mary is a very important charater to this dramaan Michelle Dockery is doing an excellent job, If people don’t like Lady Mary they can go watch another show cuz it was’t he fault that Matthew died because Dan Stevens did not to renew his contract.We should really thank Michelle for caring on and signing the contract so DA will continue.Iam just hoping that this new dude will have the same on screen chemistry with Michelle like Dan.

        • L says:

          I think Mary is a very interesting, complex character. She has a cold exterior but has a caring heart underneath. We saw it in her interactions with Anna, William, Tom (Branson), Matthew, etc. Sometimes she’s a bitch to her sister and people always tend to overlook the good in her.

        • Downton fan says:

          Mary – although can come off as cold and maybe a bit calculating – beneath that exterior is a very wise and caring woman and is central to the story line of Downton Abbey and the role of women in the 1920’s. Season one she was young unhappy with her lot of only holding onto her title and money through marriage and as a result she was a bit rebellious – Season 2 she grew into a woman tried and tested through war, loss and much disappointment in love and by letting go and decidedly to take a self directed path – she wins the love of Matthew. in Season 3 you could see her love for Matthew grow and her loyalty to all that is family demonstrated even more clearly and this I believe sets her up well for a future Downton Abby matriarch. She is a woman of strength and character that is driven by loyalty and love of family and what is right and I think motherhood will continue to bring out these qualities in Mary. I look forward to watching her continued growth in Season 4 of Downton Abbey.

      • Gail says:

        I am guessing it will be said that O’Brien went to India with Mr. and Mrs. Shrimpy. She mentioned that she would love to travel and she wants revenge on the maid who tried to get her drunk.

      • Bob says:

        Season 4 picks up 6 months after the end of Season 3. O’Brien will have left during that time and I’m sure there will be no further mention of her. The producers say they have left the door open for the actresses return.

  3. Monica4185 says:

    Mary is definitely trading up.

  4. Emma says:

    Ugh! He’s so ugly, I really hope Mary doesn’t end up with him.

    • Superhero says:

      What if he’s a really nice guy? What if all he wants to do is, like, help children and stuff? What if he treats Mary with the utmost respect and kindness?

    • Bob says:

      He looks like a street thug. Hope they don’t make him another “commoner” so we don’t have to see a repeat of the “Irish Terrorist Tom” story.

      • Annie Blue says:

        he doesn’t so much look like a street thug – unless it is that scruffy beard you are referring to – but I don’t think he is right for Mary more likely Thomas. saw the interview on u tube with the director/writer of WEEKEND- who has that same scruffy beard….Maybe she will end up with the other new character played by Julian Ovenden – who I think would be excellent as her suitor….very attractive indeed – personality plus and NO BEARD – he doesn’t need it. :). Was Foyle’s son in Foyle’s War…

        • Kathleen says:

          I think Julian Ovenden is too good for Mary ~ I hope they bring in someone else for his love interest – or maybe have Mary want him, but him not be interested in her….that would make for a storyline that would be most interseting; Mary having to really work at attracting someone. Ha!

          • Annie Blue says:

            Hi Kathleen – I guess I would just love to see Julian Oveden on tv and Downton Abbey would be super….Not to many actors out there these days that you can look listen too and say…Hey I would go for him…. :) Not so the one they have lined up….Perhaps though he is just a red herring and it is Julian they are really looking at after all….so that suits me…. Could be Rose though…Julian is a wonderful singer musician – and Rose the character seems to like the club scene….. something to think about….

    • JAN L. REED says:

      LOL! And all that god awful face hair! Yuck!

  5. sue says:

    Wow. What a charming observation, Emma. Maybe you should think twice before hitting the “post comment” button next time. Don’t be so judgemental.

  6. TomBransonsgirl says:

    Mary, Mary, Mary. I don’t care much about Mary actually. I really want to know what is going to happen with Tom Branson next season!

    • Patricia says:

      Me too, I think he became my favorite character. I hope that they explore more of Thomas and Jimmy. He is totaly curious, I hope they go there. The new guy looks hot, definetly an upgrade but Mary is my least favorite, she is so nasty to Edith all the time and she wasn’t that nice to Mathew either. It would be nice for Edith to get a hot love interest too.

      • Drew says:

        Jimmy showed no sign of being curious. He simply accepted Thomas as a friend. If they go anywhere more than that, I think it would be lame.

  7. Annie says:

    Too soon, too soon! They’re going to forget all about Matthew and I’m not okay with that at all.

    • Sue says:

      Me either.

    • L says:

      Same here.

    • Mel says:

      I’m okay with that, he turned his back on us. Why should we care about him * cough – David Caruso – cough.” I guess I’m in the minority as I do find Lady Mary an interesting character, and I did love the way Matthew loved her despite her bit*hiness. If everyone was sweet and kind the show would be dull, which is why I will miss O’Brien!

  8. Mari says:

    I don’t really dislike Mary as a character.
    She’s a truthful result of her own society.
    What I’m pissed at is all the angst.
    Downton is a masterpiece, yes, but they’re stretching it out.
    Unbelievably so.
    The first season finale was what it was because of the renwal, and albeit done good, the whole 2nd season was a bit too messy and complicated and angsty, for me.
    The third season was the cherry on top.
    I loved M/M couple, but seriously? Their angst free moments in three seasons don’t even make two episodes.
    And Dan, seriously? I’m pissed at him.
    I get that this is your moment, but showing a little devotion to the audience who helped your success?
    I mean, after suffering for three seasons with them, for this or that reason, we get that heartbreaking finale? Seriously?
    Couldn’t they end it on a happy note?
    Nope, money’s too good.
    So we’re stuck in an endless coming and going of characters to rival the bold and beautiful, until DA will become an unwatchable mess.
    Brits, quit while you’re still ahead, please.

    • L says:

      Yeah, I loved Matthew & Mary as a couple too. But if you should be pissed at someone, it should be Fellows. Dan Stevens signed on expecting DA to be a 3 year project, no more. He honored his contract and had every right to move on. Fellows and the producers were the ones who didn’t stick to the plan. They allowed themselves to be lead astray by dollar signs and decided to keep this show going on indefinitely. The irony is that Fellows is now not going to be so involved in DA because of his new project for NBC.

  9. Susan says:

    Downton Abbey is turning into Days of our Lives. The brilliance of the first couple seasons is definitely now lost. The mess with Mary and Matthew tragically killed the show. I think it’s time to end this show.

    • Sue says:

      Why don’t you just stop watching if you’re unhappy with the show. Plenty of us still enjoy it.

      • I agree Sue! there is many people out there, the matter of fact, all over the world, that LOVES Downton Abbey, and to compare with the garbage of “Days of our lives” is bad,really bad. Downton is much better!

    • Tess says:

      Until Julian Fellowes decides to write a storyline where Mary is possessed by the Devil, you cannot compare Downton with Days Of Our Lives. I mean, yes to some extent Downton is a bit soapy, but it’s still sticking to realistic situations at least, which is more than can be said for a show like Days.

    • L says:

      I agree. Julian Fellows should have remained true to his vision and ended it after three series, as intended. But no, the executives saw a cash cow in DA and had to drag it out indefinitely. What a shame.

  10. to whom my like to hear. I heard from Michelle Dockery herself that those rumors about the actor Tom Cullen coming to Downton to be Mary’s new love is FALSE!!! so, let’s wait and see what roll he is going to play in the story!!!

  11. Lane says:

    The worst Downton Abbey episode is and will forever be 1000 times better than anything American soap operas dish out.

    As for The New Beau; Lets just see if Mary likes him the same way she loved Matthew. Something tells me he won’t be the replacement everyone is so worried about.

    • Alexandra says:

      clearly someone never watched the last year of One Life to Live on ABC. It was its own kind of masterpiece theater!

    • Annie Blue says:

      Agree Lane…. Downton Abbey is far far better than anything seen on this side of the herring pond… excellent actors and the story line so far, other than the deaths, has been terrific. As far as the bearded one – maybe he won’t have it for Downton – it could certainly make Thomas excited and hopefully leave Jimmy (James) alone to keep creating havoc amongst the maids…I still kind of like him for Daisy – since she has basically given up on Alfred – or has she?

      I also seem to remember one of the producer/writers saying that the character of Lord…? would not necessarily work out for Mary and they seem to have another one in the running in case it doesn’t work out…and the one in the running is amazing…gorgeous with personality plus…Julian Oveden – from Foyle’s War and he himself has a new baby boy…kind of appropro – even though that is his personal life…of course. It is awful to have to wait until January of next year – is beyond awful…and of course one waits – there is nothing else to take its place except ancient re-runs of Upstairs Downstairs – which looks really slow and fake now…c’est la vie….show biz I should say…. Summer comes that helps….

      Anyway enuff with Mary – Hoping for more of Tom Branson and Edith and her editor….and Isobel and the DOCTOR… wow. And missing more than any of them O’Brien.

  12. shuayb says:

    Mary is who she is. She has never tried to hide herself for others and that’s the bottom line. Michelle Dockery plays Mary so brilliantly. I cannot wait to see what happens next. The show isn’t the Mary show. But Mary’s character is the more interesting character. Edith is always falling for inappropriate people. And Edith is also mean and nasty to Mary. Its a sibling rivalry which has never gotten resolved. Its a fun dynamic to have. Matthew did make Mary a better person but I think she shall be different now. Downton has not run its course. Not for a long time. It never become Bold and Days because there is no Stefano or Brook type character. There’s no Satan and no possibility of Matthew coming back even after he was crushed by a car. DA is a masterpiece, its brilliant.

  13. Linderella says:

    Just because Matthew was Mary’s first love does not mean he was her greatest love. I’m all for waiting til next year to watch the story unfold.

    • L says:

      Michelle Dockery has said more than once that he was the love of her life.

      • L says:

        I mean that Matthew was the love of Mary’s life. I think if the writers cheapen their love story that spanned three series I would be seriously pissed.

  14. Whitney says:

    I like the new guy they chose, but I think Branson & Lady Mary had pretty good chemistry as friends/allies in trying to convince Lord Grantham to modernize Downton this season. So I think it’d be an interesting plot line to follow and see if they develop any romantic chemistry. The creator Julian Fellowes said in an interview that the most exciting part of any relationship is the angst/lead up until the pair actually gets together. A plot twist like this would definitely have plenty of angst/dram – esp. given the era.

  15. Astrid says:

    I can’t wait till the new season starts! Yes of course it’s sad what happened to Matthew, but it was Dan Stevens choice to leave and I think it’s gonna work out anyway.
    I love Downton and I have my favorites so I will wait until they are written out to feel sad. The writing iscamazing on this show so i’m sure it will work out beautifully <3
    Glad Cora's mother will return!

  16. Ree says:

    Tom Cullen is very nice looking and physically a contrast to Matthew. Not sure if she’s trading up, but she’s not trading down in my opinion. Every season has been different and Season 4 promises to have some interesting plots. I’m looking forward to it and I do hope Edith finds happiness in her life either by working or romance.

  17. Spencer says:

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Mrs. O’Brien isn’t coming back for season 4?

    • Bob says:

      No. Who cares. The actress decided to leave the show, most likely because she was tired of playing a villain all the time. They’ll move on.

  18. mia says:

    How lovely. I just adore Mary but I didn’t care much for Matthew.

  19. Lorena says:

    Oh who cares, he looks hot, shirtless!!!

  20. dfriendly says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if they gave Mary a season off from having a love storyline. She should have time to mourn. I’d rather see Mary learning how to be the head of the family, since her son is now the Crawley heir and she would be the “Lady Regent” if Robert died before her son was old enough. I can imagine Mary saying “I don’t need a man, least of all to run Downton. This is the 1920’s afterall!”

    Let Edith take the romantic spotlight for the season. She deserves someone young and hot who isn’t married and won’t leave her at the alter.

    • L says:

      Yes! I completely agree with you. I posted something similar to your thoughts below.

    • connor aido says:

      Yes! I totally agree with you! After watching the first episode of the fourth season, I felt like it was too soon for Mary to move on. I kinda hoped she mourned longer because it was the love of her life who died!!! Maybe I’ll be seeing progress in the next episodes.

  21. Morgen says:

    Hell-OH Lord Gillinghunk

  22. Shay says:

    Ugh…don’t like this casting news at all!!! Read elsewhere Julian Ovenden from “Foyle’s War” has also been added to the cast as a fellow aristo. He would be more suitable for Lady Mary! Also not thrilled about the return of the crass MacLaine….didn’t she chew enough of the elegant scenery the last time around? Cannot hold a candle to “Dame Maggie!”

  23. jackie napoli says:


  24. Annie blue says:

    Julian Oveden _ the actor who played Foyle’s son in Foyle’s War… perfect for Mary… Don’t care for the welsh guy he seems perhaps not the right type for a lady….

    Hope Edith has a good romance – like this actress who plays Edith…one of the best I would say along with Maggie Smith… Like the Editor – hope that works out with his wife perhaps being allowed a divorce…. And would be nice to see something good for Daisy…she is being left behind too much lately….I like her relationship with her father in law…really nice. Also Tom Branson – the only sexy guy in the show….more more more of him and no maids or nursery attendants for him please. The new footman James is great – just not a relationship with the nasty Thomas please….all wrong ….Why not a friendship with Daisy…..

    • Mary Solum says:

      I would really like for Daisy to leave Downton and start taking over her Father-in Law’s farm. She could be a business woman and sell produce to Downton and other businesses in the area.

      • Annie Blue says:

        Hi Mary – Daisy’s father in law is quite young…probably 40s- early 50s But I do think it would be good for her to visit with him more often to start learning and perhaps
        helping him with her baked goods…and then perhaps Alfred would go along with her and then that romance could pick up and be a happy time for daisy and her father in law who would then have a new family to keep in company….. A fairy tale perhaps…but maybe just a perfect life for Daisy and her father in law and ultimately Alfred Or maybe even James – one of them in any event…would be grand future for all. Also remembering that James is alone with no family – this would make it a good thing After all Alfred has his Aunt O’Brien…. :)

  25. Kay says:

    I’m pulling for Lady Edith… The poor girl has been pushed to the left by literally EVERYONE… including her own parents, for Gid’s sake! And all because she was the least beautiful daughter … I hope she finds her place in life by becoming a firebrand for women’s rights and becomes a leader outside of that closed aristocratic world. It seems that she, Branson, and Mrs. Crawley would be natural allies in their ideas for social changes … And the historical backdrop is perfect for such a storyline.
    Wouldn’t it be really a great twist if Daisy took up her father in law on his offer, started a line of commercial food products, and Mrs Patmore and the rest all ended up working for her!???

  26. louise says:

    It’s Nigel Harman, not Nigle…

  27. L says:

    I really wish tptb weren’t giving Mary a new love interest so soon after Matthew’s death. She seems like someone who doesn’t love easily and isn’t easy to love. I just don’t buy her opening her heart to someone else. Why can’t she just be a single mother for a while and look after her son’s inheritence? As for Tom Cullen, yep, he’s definitely good looking. But as I said, I could do without the new romance between Mary and his character. Give Edith a love story instead.

  28. Lyn says:

    Well, his look certainly is different from that of the bland, foppish Matthew. Might be a little too much temptation for the flirty blond cousin they’re bringing in next season. In any case, I agree with those who are most interested in seeing Edith get her chance at happiness, finally.

  29. Jules says:

    Harriet Walter has no “s” at the end of her Walter. With her on board, I would love to see Edward Petherbridge, who played Lord Peter Wimsey to her Harriet Vane.

  30. elle says:

    This is so stupid. Basically the entire show revolved around Matthew & Mary and one of his last lines EVER was about how much he and Mary will always love each other. There’s honestly no way that Mary would get over her and Matthew’s relationship — which honestly spanned like 9 years let’s be real — this quickly right after his death (if ever!). I hate Dan Stevens for leaving but Julian Fellowes, you’re doing your characters a great disservice.

    • Kavan says:

      This is my perspective as well. Trying to rush Mary back into a romantic pairing is really ignoring Mary’s character. She waited two years just to hope for another chance. I think it would take her much more than six months to even contemplate another man. JF really is just rushing at trying a new pairing and it feels so anti-Mary.

  31. Hipper says:

    Tom Cullen was BRILLIANT in ‘Weekend’. Good for him.

  32. tina says:

    AS long as Michelle Dockery is in DA I will keep watching, she is a brilliant female actor.I hope she will be more noticed by casting directors and give her a leading role in a good movie.Michelle thanks for continuing on your role in DA.Such loyalty to your character and of course to us, Da fanatics.

  33. Karen says:

    The most interesting triangle of the season was the interplay of Lord Grantham, Matthew, and Branson. I was looking forward to seeing them work through their relationships. Mary is just tiring to watch. So stuck in a mindset. Can’t imagine her being interesting without Matthew.

  34. Shannon says:

    Loved Tom Cullen in Weekend. He did a fabulous job and I’m looking forward to him being on Downton.

  35. EveatEden says:

    Ack! I can’t wait another 11 months! Need more DA now!

  36. Vivian James says:

    I predict that Tom Branson will be the next global heartthrob, replacing Matthew Crawley. And, by the way, I hope Julian Ovenden (from Foyle’s War) will be Mary’s next beau. He is really good looking and a fine actor.

    • Annie Blue says:

      I would say Tom Branson is already the hearthrob of Downton Abbey – even when Mathew was around. Mathew handsome and all that but Branson has that special sexy something for the ladies…. Hope they do make Foyle’s son the true next to be for Mary…

      So long to wait…….arghhhhhh

      • Vivian James says:

        I hope they develop a love interest for Tom very carefully. It can’t be Mary because she is too much of a snob. The woman for Tom has to have a lot of class. Sybil will be hard to replace/duplicate. I certainly hope Julian F. will not try to use Rose and Tom together. That would be an insult to Sybil’s memory. Can you tell me how to watch the show early in the US?
        Apparently I am the only computer dufuss in the US.


        • Annie Blue says:

          Hi Vivian – they have just started filming Season 4 so I doubt we will have the opportunity of seeing it before they finish… I know there is a way when it shows in the UK to see it online – and if anybody knows the secret – fess up….and ta muchly. I’m in Canada so waiting also… I do wish they would show it earlier here also…

          Tom would definitely not work with Marie – no way… not her type – she is not his type either….according to the way the characters are cast and portrayed by Julian the marvelous. sybil is also not right – and I think Rose is toooo young… He is more serious now and I would think Julian would have a pretty but serious minded young woman to come along for Tom – but not for a few years I would think….his daughter growing up…will keep him much more in line with the ways of the gentry….in Downton Abbey….

          Meantime I really want to see good things for Edith – I really like that character a lot and the actress playing her is excellent – good work entire reality good in all ways.
          So many really good actors in this production – I think that is what is keeping the audience enthralled…. Checking out for tonight….later……

          • Annie Blue says:

            Oops big mistake in my comment on Sybilll – slip of the fingers on the keypad… After Sybil – Tom would not look at either of her two sisters – both opposite to his Sybil. It would have to be someone completely different and more like Sybil though perhaps a little quieter and of a good family.. Won’t happen season 4…well I doubt it will – no matter the time jumps.

            Cheers and love coming in for news….

  37. stephanie says:

    Why are a lot of you giving the character Mary crap michelle dockery isn’t responsible for the roll she is playing she is playing it how it was written and all the characters have different storyline of course Michelles character is going to be in the spotlight she is the eldest daughter all the responsibility falls onto her especially now that her son is the next earl of grantham she has not only lost her husband but her sister to and of course that is going to be written to effect her character I really hope that the give her character some different storyline and that they don’t just make her into a sad depressed character because that’s not what she is. I also can’t wait to see what storyline all the other cast get especially with there being 6 new cast members and even the o’brien has left it won’t effect the show because produces have said the door is being left open.

    • Mike says:

      I am sorry but Mathew’s son can not inherit the estate and title because his father Mathew died before inheriting it from Lord Grantham, who would have to die before him to inherit it

  38. why tv shows think that we viewers can not take interest in a woman grieving her loved husband and raising her child without having to be interested in a new man, is beyond me!!!

  39. downtonabbey fan says:

    Why does mary need a new man? Surely she can be left th grieve the LOVE OF HER LIFE. I mean, a lady doesn’t need a man to be interesting and after all mary and matthew had been through so much together as a couple and I think landing mary onto some other bloke is cold and heartless especially for fans of matthew whom will probably be forgotten about a few episodes in. I love how marys character has changed from being arrogant and self absorbed to a loving and caring wife and in my personal opinion no man will ever fill matthews shoes

  40. Ellie says:

    I agree! And im sorry to say but i would have prefered the shoe to end than mary and matthews relationship to end like that. I love the show but this storyline doesnt do it justice

  41. joann says:

    I would rather have seen another actor playing the part of Matthew than for him to have died. After the long delay I think it would have been accepted better than this.

  42. Mike says:

    The big question now that Mathew is dead is, who will the be next heir? Not his son, Mathew would have to be alive when Lord Grantham dies to inherit Downton and then pass it on to his son. The same way Mathew inherited the estate of Reggie Swire.
    How about this, lets have Patrick return with proof of his identity and regain his rightful place as heir, Then have him and Edith fall in love get married and she becomes the next countess of Downton and Mary get nothing. Jilian Fellows are you reading this?

  43. Corbin says:

    I was so sad that Matthew died, but I think that every character is important (even Lady Mary) to giving the show it’s amazing sensation that is Downton Abbey.

  44. SarahSmilesCA says:

    I don’t understand why they just did not get other actors to play both Sybil and Matthew, because the story lines for both characters are really important to the central plot, especially Matthew. Matthew is the only thing that makes Mary’s character tolerable. I like Stevens’ work well enough, but there are plenty of good British actors that could have pulled it off. The audience would have loved any good actor by the end of 4th season if the writing and the acting were good enough because Matthew was a wonderful character that is loved because of who he is,not because of who is playing him. It has been done before…Dumbledore from HP movies is a good example of how it was done in the past and done well. I predict the show is going to go down the tube this season. Not even sure I want to watch it now. I have felt that way since the death of Sybil…killing off lovable characters is the best way to ruin a show.

  45. Edward Lewis says:

    It just seems so wrong for the writers to portray members of the British nobility making major mistakes in grammar. It weakens their credibility of those characters.

  46. VeryUpset says:

    There is no effing way Mary would have gotten over Matthew, the way she loved him.
    It breaks my heart.
    I am completely done with this show. Julian Fellowes’ writing is getting worse and worse, and everybody is acting out of character, and I wish they’d stopped at the end of Season 3. I really do.