Time's Up: Zero Hour Cancelled by ABC

Zero Hour Cancelled By ABCWell, that lasted only a few seconds.

ABC has cancelled Zero Hour after three low-rated outings, TVLine has confirmed.

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The rookie conspiracy thriller’s Feb. 14 premiere drew 6.3 million total viewers and a 1.4 18-49 rating, making it ABC’s lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere ever. Episode 3 this Thursday sunk to 5 million viewers and a 1.0 rating.

The show will be pulled from the schedule, effective immediately. Encore episodes of Shark Tank will fill its slot for the next two weeks, then Wife Swap will take over the Thursdays-at-8 spot for seven weeks beginning March 21. Starting May 9, Wipeout will fill the hour.

The network has not yet announced when Zero Hour‘s remaining episodes will air.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the show’s passing.

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  1. FC says:

    Oh No! I really liked it! :-( Any chance anyone will ever get to see the other episodes somewhere, somehow?

    • kirads09 says:

      It would be nice to at least let the finished episodes play out. The story was just getting started. I liked it, so of course = cancelled.

      • Kristen says:

        This always happens to me! I’m sooooo mad. I thought this show was getting better every week and I wanna know how the story plays oh!!!! :-(

        • Mark says:

          I worked on it. Do you want me to tell you what happens?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Mark — you’ve shared that several times already. Anyone who’s truly “itching” to know will likely see your other comments. Thank you.

          • Lorin says:

            They may still air the remaining episodes.

          • Aisa Dawn says:

            Hey Mark! You may have commented on it several times, but I don’t see those posts and am soooooo curious for what I’m now going to miss. There seemed to be so many layers going on, just waiting to unfold. I’d love it if you’d share once more. Please??

          • Michele says:

            Since you worked on it, do you know if there is any kind of push to get another network who has some vision to pick it up? Given some of the low level material on TV these days, I cannot believe that someone wouldn’t have the motivation to put this quality show back on the air. Maybe someone could give it a fighting chance this time and put it in a time slot where it could flourish. And Greg, exactly right! Shame on ABC – someone should be slapped. And then they come up with shows like Splash, really/??!! What happened to challenging people’s brains?

          • Jackie Acevedo says:

            Yes, please fill me in on zero hour. Use zero hour as subject.

          • shell says:

            Mark-please tell me everything! I loved Zero Hour-and so did my boyfriend,who only likes about six current shows on t.v.-oops!That number is now five.

          • Brian Ulrich says:

            I would like to know what happens. I have a feeling the female f.b.i. agent is hiding something. The show was poorly cast in my opinion. Anthony Edwards seemed incredibly lost from the beginning. And why have all these flashbacks to WW II? Just set the whole show in that time period.
            Thanks in advance for your response.

          • Monique says:

            I wanna know what happened?

          • laurie foley says:

            i absolutely just LOVED this show. im so disappointed. i would love to see all the episodes.

          • Aaron says:

            Yes please

          • Amado Arana says:

            I want this show back!!!anyone knows who shall i email again and again to have this show back

          • Vivian says:

            I am very very disappointed yet again to have lost the viewing right to watch Zero Hour *** Matter of fact I watch very little network TV in the evenings since most shows I do enjoy watching usually does not last *** I would really prefer to have the entire series on DVD to watch at my leisure *** I was very happy to see Anthony Edwards in a show that I was enjoying again*** I also have come to believe that network TV is catering mostly to the 10 to 46 age range **** It seems to me anything that is dumb, thoughtless, brazen, immature, lacking any interesting dialogue other than seemingly “class clown” type of behavior is what is being thought up and presented to this age group audience*** They enjoy every minute of it which leaves others completely in the cold** Little wonder that networks have to scramble sooo much to find or create scripts to entice people to maybe come back to network TV**** The sitcoms/comedies are just more of the “class clown” stupidities written out to show on TV**** The latest craze over violence, doom&gloom, and end of the world theories played out increasingly in movie format is nothing more than a helping hand in the increase in violence across the US and elsewhere lately….

        • eannie funk says:

          me too

          • Mark says:

            ZERO HOUR SPOILER ALERT! Jesus’ cross is what they pulled out of the water in the 1st scene. Finding all 12 clocks leads to the location of the cross which is what Amy Irving is after. She get Jesus’ blood sample from it and impregnates herself with a clone of Jesus. She thinks she is the chosen one to be the new Mary.
            Not many shows mess with Jesus. I don’t know how this would go over?! It will be fun to watch it play out. I am sure we will get a chance. They completed the whole season.

          • emor says:

            I’m confused. If you got jesus’ blood, which is his DNA, how and why would you impregnate yourself? You would just grow a clone jesus…pregnancy is not needed. It’s called a test tube baby. the logic doesn’t follow.

        • Krudy says:

          My 9 year old son and I loved this show. Makes me mad ABC does this. This is the second time in a year this has happened to me. I really liked 666 Park Ave too and it was yanked mid thru. Would love it if ABC would let something finish!!!

          • william murcia says:

            Zero hour needs to be put back on instead they got some garbage show that should have been cancelled a long time ago shark tank the worst reality shows on all networks need to stop they are crap garbage good stuff like zero hour lost fringe the revolution the following walking dead falling skies even lost girl are good dramas fire fly was a good show and was also cancelled then the maid a great movie but all these idiots think they know what they are doing why cant american idol survivor the bachelor the voice these stupid cooking and fashion shows need to stop being made dancing with the stars who cares it’s such crap no imagination or ideas also what happened to 666 park Ave. was also a good tv show instead they leave or have the worst tv shows on why couldn’t they have canceled jersey show that has the ugliest people on the planet snooky i wouldn’t screw her with a dogs penis. Please bring Zero Hour back asap. The director writer producers of this show were or are awesome. Were is J. J. Abrahams when you need him he is so dam good at what he does. ABC dont be idiots and lose a good tv drama or at least let another tv network pick it up or sell the rights just bring this show Zero Hour back please hear us abc or read this asap. P. S. why couldn’t hurricane Sandy washed away the stupid tv show jersey shore including the cast now that would of been great ratings jersey shore cast dead HA HA L O L .

          • nurserywws says:

            Perhaps watching TV, having your kid watch TV instead of play and read and be outside, and posting on the Internet about TV that your kid invests him/her self in so much might indicate – – another parent needs to be hired for your kid? How small is your world that a TV show is so important to your contentment?

          • Mark says:

            On last weeks episode where did Hank get the letter he gave the old man (from the old man’s father, Hank’s clone) telling him how much he loved him?

        • Robin says:

          Me and my kids loved this show! At least sell the season so we can find out what happens! Figures it was cancelled! It wasn’t a stupid reality show.

          • Bonnie says:

            I sooo agree with that … I’m totally NOT into reality shows … didn’t even see any ads for Zero Hour but saw it on the listing for the 3rd show and loved it so went into “On Demand” to watch the first 3 … great show … hate it when they do this. They didn’t even give people a chance to see if they like it ! ! !

          • Denise says:

            I hear ya…I taped these and just watched them with my 11 year old and when we went to watch the 4th it was shark tank. We are both so disappointed. Hate reality shows and finally found a great show to watch together…now we are left hanging. Guess it never had a chance against American Idol….put it in a better time slot and I’m sure it would do great. At least finish it out, but hey not the first time with ABC…..

        • Miruam says:

          I am mad as well. I was liking it every week new story and new adventures coming along.

      • Belle says:

        BRING BACK ZERO HOUR – OR WE’LL FLOOD YOUR OFFICES WITH CLOCK PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • fannypk says:

        I know! It seems like some hard@$$ wants to exercise authority. You have to give a show time to build buzz…you can’t just assume everyone is sooo bored that they’re just waiting for a new show to come along. Viewers have to be coaxed feom their comfort zone. It was so refreshing to have a new suspense drama that wasn’t the same old Crime Scene Law & Order San Fran!

      • Karen says:

        I agree, it was a good show, so of course , cancelled!

      • LP says:

        Agree with you completely, every time a god show pops up that needs to have you use your “little grey cells” it gets cancelled. Sad

        • Lorin says:

          To L.P.: Really, Fringe and Lost lasted several years. Not sure what your point was but both those shows required using your gray matter in regards to the universe, life and religion.

      • fred says:

        Nobody knew that the Fox Zero Hour series existed. I happened to see it on demand. It was great. I was ready to be a loyal follower. Then they pulled the series.

        • ed says:

          I thoroughly enjoyed the three episodes left on demand. please bring it back instead of more jersey shore like crap!

        • A says:

          The network set up “Zero Hour” to fail. It was bare advertised, and believe me, I looked for ads. It was a late-night, adult-themed show on in the early evening when families are watching comedies and reality shows. ( Speaking of the latter–enough is enough!!! Yes, they get ratings, but so much is obviously redone for drama’s sake, or preordaned by the powers that be (try Trump) who didn’t want Bret Michaels on as a contestatnt, when I laud someone who wants to make money for charity instead of hurling barbs from across the table!!!!!) The only two reviews I was able to find were premature–several weeks before the premier of the show in major entertainment magazines (“People” and “Entertainment Weekly”) written by hacks who obviously lived vicariously in the world of comedy and/or so-called reality shows. WHY can’t a show be given a fair chance at success for those in the audience who enjoy THINKING and revel in the twists and turns given by a tremendously well-acted show like “Zero Hour”. No wonder the educational world thinks tv is turning the American minds to mush!!!! ABC leads the charge!

          • Vince says:

            If they had a different husband for Layla it might have made it. He was really LAME. Ie. Lala I will find you OMG. Running into vacant room with FBI agent, right. Picking up tacks and finding them with a flashlight, not informing the powers to be, hey I found something, help. Maybe it wouldn’t have made thinking about it.

      • Emily says:

        wow!!!! what a great start to an interesting show,i wanna know what happens,bring it back

    • greg says:

      somebody at ABC needs to be slapped

      • Carm says:

        You got it!!
        Now a days, shows are not given a chance.
        Who rates these shows????
        Ask people that watch it, not people that don’t watch it.

        Happens all the time.

        • I wasn’t able to watch the show at the aired time(which may affected ratings). But I caught up with the show on demand. I thought the show was building up and sorry it wasn’t given more time to prove worthiness. So sad.

        • 4agreements says:

          sci- fi & history are TOOOO Intellegent for a DUMB DOWNED American audience You can also thank JERK reporters Jace Lacob Daily Beast & Rob Salem The (rag ) Star for giving it bad reviews

      • Alienate says:

        Yes they do. For airing that snooze fest to begin with. Watching the retired Pope watching his day time soaps would be more entertaining.

        • janel says:

          I completely agree! Show was so boring, bad, unbelievable acting, this show stunk so bad, scattered plot, It needed to be cancelled

          • 4agreements says:

            So whould you rather see PIECE of $#*+shows like the bachelor wife swap and shark tank stay on the air!

          • Emily says:

            @4agreements – No, I’d rather see ABC put a good show in to crowd out the reality crap, instead of mediocre ones. I hate the Bachelor with a passion, but if I were ABC and had a shred of business sense I’d keep it on too. The ratings and consumer loyalty are there, and its price tag probably isn’t the worst either. Anyway, very few shows gain viewers as time goes on. The only ones that come to mind recently are Scandal and Person of Interest. You start low and go even lower, it’s over.

          • FLR says:

            Plot wasn’t scattered at all. Other shows in the same or similar genres are using the WWII era as a backdrop for odd scientific experiments conflated with religious themes (American Horror Story 1st season and a recent episode of Supernatural come to mind). Connecting the science and religion is a very interesting concept. Admittedly, it seemed that some characters could have been repurposed but three episodes is not enough time to really discern such matters. The characters could have grown as the story developed if it had been allowed to develop. Shows that require thought should just go straight to cable where at least you can get a full season, but that would be limiting to some viewers. At this point, I’m going to set new shows to tape in my dvr and not watch them until I see they made it past 8-10 episodes. It is such a waste of time to invest time in a story when a network yanks shows off so abruptly. Scripted reality shows (as they all are) should have their own channel so the rest of us can get back to watching well crafted drama on television.
            BTW IMHO: celebrities dance and swim like everyone else…why not just go to your local pool or a find a local dance studio or gym & take a class. Participate in your own real life instead of supporting the ones showing you their faux real life.

      • Lorin says:

        See if Charlie Sheen is available .

      • Pat C. says:

        I agree that somebody at ABC needs to be slapped. Really enjoyed it and the time slot is being filled with Shark Tank reruns?? Did not like that show from the first !! I f there are still Zero Hour shows in the tank bring it back. Saturday is always a blank slate anyway. The networks SUCK with all this nonsense. Guess I’ll go back to wtching CBS.

        • Lori says:

          I totally agree! ABC never has any good shows on and when they get an interesting one started, they take it off before it gets a chance. I will also turn to CBS.

      • william murcia says:

        Zero hour needs to be put back on instead they got some garbage show that should have been cancelled a long time ago shark tank the worst reality shows on all networks need to stop they are crap garbage good stuff like zero hour lost fringe the revolution the following walking dead falling skies even lost girl are good dramas fire fly was a good show and was also cancelled then the maid a great movie but all these idiots think they know what they are doing why cant american idol survivor the bachelor the voice these stupid cooking and fashion shows need to stop being made dancing with the stars who cares it’s such crap no imagination or ideas also what happened to 666 park Ave. was also a good tv show instead they leave or have the worst tv shows on why couldn’t they have canceled jersey show that has the ugliest people on the planet snooky i wouldn’t screw her with a dogs penis. Please bring Zero Hour back asap. The director writer producers of this show were or are awesome. Were is J. J. Abrahams when you need him he is so dam good at what he does. ABC dont be idiots and lose a good tv drama or at least let another tv network pick it up or sell the rights just bring this show Zero Hour back please hear us abc or read this asap. P. S. why couldn’t hurricane Sandy washed away the stupid tv show jersey shore including the cast now that would of been great ratings jersey shore cast dead HA HA L O L .
        Comment by william murcia – March 16, 2013 02:31 PM PDT

    • Wil says:

      What is with this network. They will cancel this show. But they will keep dancing with the stars??? How stupid

    • Jan says:

      I did too. And I am so tired of Shark Tank.

    • Mark says:

      Remember KINGS ? It was hyped so much and then quickly cancelled. Now it is all available in Netflix. Zero Hour had already completed their 13 episode season right before the 1st one aired. Shows like Deception and 666 Park Ave. had to continue filming after they knew they had been cancelled. That’s no fun! I wonder how many epiisodes “Do No Harm” filmed. It was cancelled after only 2. Did anyone complain about that one being taken off? I didn’t like it.

      • 4agreements says:

        Do No Harm SUUUUKED BUt KINGS was WAAAAAAAAY to INTELLEGENT for a DUMBED Down American audience who’s more interested in jerseylicious & the kardashians!

        • Mark says:

          I liked the darkness of KINGS. It was more like a HBO show. There were commercials for it in the movie theaters. Those flags were posted all over the city. I had never seen such hype. Then it was funny how they dropped it so quickly. The actor in DO NO HARM was not appealing. That didn’t help. Just as Anthony Edwards casting was wrong in Zero Hour. I was anxious to Amy Irvings comeback. She was the mastermind behind the whole plot.

          • Kris says:

            WOW, a show that uses some history & thought gets cancelled after 3 shows….THIS SUCKS!!! They should at least play out a season with an end to it. I’ve given up much tv cuz I’m tired of the stupid reality shows—then Zero Hour comes along & I’m hooked. Be nice if they would give it chance….bummed in Kansas

        • john says:

          I totally agree with the dumb down American audience, the reason why the reality shows get so much ratings is because it doesn’t take much thought to follow the plot because their is none.Shows that take some sort of intelligence to follow the story line getting low ratings just goes to show you how short of an attention span and imagination the average American has.It’s sad to see the lack of intelligence and interest we as a people have for anything of substance.That’s why we are trailing in almost everything that has to do with math, science, and technology that has to do with anything other than our cell phones and social sites.

          • Lorin says:

            Wrong forum for your anti-American rant. Your assumption about the American audience in general shows your own ignorance. The show was poorly done, it had potential but better acting and more sophistication in general was needed. The villain could have said get me all the clocks and I will release her and they would have done it.

          • tj says:

            I agree with you 100%. The plot of this show was very interesting and had so much potential to grow. However, ABC is notorius for putting shows on Thursday nights up against shows like American Idol. They could put the hit Comedy Modeen Family on Thursday nights & their ratings would drop too. The majority of Americans have the attention span of a gnat and anything that takes even a little bit of thought becomes too much effort. That is why the Kardashians, Snookies, Teen mom’s, Honey boo boos, and Duck Dynasty’s of the world of TV are successful and become rich. Execs at ABC as well as other networks should just take 1 day out of the week and put on all their “reality tv” garbage. Those of us who have more than two brain cells to rub together will pick up a book if we dont want to watch their low budget/ high ratings trash. Then the rest of the week we can have our comedies, dramas and suspense shows that actually employ writers and engage thought.
            Just saying!!!

      • Teapot says:

        Most people are dumbed down n want mindless TV it’s Only to hard to follow if you’re too dumb to follow the story lines lol

    • 4agreements says:

      Who the F^C# wants to see wife swap & shark tank!

      • Lorin says:

        Good question. I sure don’t, as much as I thought the show was amateurish it was better than any reality show.

    • 4agreements says:

      Who the F^C# wants to see shark tank & wife swap!

    • Belle says:


    • lynn kidder says:

      I agree. What a shame. They missed the boat on this one. They should have given it more of a chance

    • vic says:

      to soon to cancel this show!!! our whole family watched.. there is not enough tv for the family to watch together… this show made you think.. it is a loss in our home!!! shame on you ABC

    • Susan Skip says:

      It seems like any show that is good gets cancelled because it doesn’t reach the “dumb people” audience. Like Shark Tank and Wife Swap are better? Yes because dumb people can relate. Don’t need any intelligence to watch those shows. If you need to use your brain for a show, it won’t make it.

    • Lorin says:

      The article said :The network has not yet announced when Zero Hour‘s remaining episodes will air.” so maybe you’ll get the chance.

    • Tuna says:

      I am so mad that ABC won’t air the rest of the show… this is a great show !!! It is now MARCH and like I care about Basketball, Shark Tank or any other reality show ? The plot was just getting started… just like “Last Resort”/ Dang…

    • Charles Ault says:

      This was another entertaining show that ABC started only to drop after a few episodes. As outlined above it is be replaced by more foolish reality shows. Seriously? Is our society becoming that mundane and stupid? I fully expect ABC release of a new reality treat: “Fantastic Flatulance of the Rich and Famous”. It would likely run with high ratings for at least 5 years!

    • P. McLaughlin says:

      I will never understand why networks don’t give t.v. shows more of a chance to make it. It seems like so many times a good show is aired for 2 or 3 episodes and then canceled. Typically it’s replaced with yet another reality show. Do we really need any more reality shows???!!!??? I think NOT!!!!! One day maybe more shows will be resurrected like Unforgettable and The Killing were just recently.

      • PItufa says:

        The networks seem to forget that when you record a show it does not appear in the ratings. Most people either are too busy taking care of the kinds or working to see television at late night but can do so after 10 PM and that is when they see this show!1 I for one am furious, Zero Hour was not only good it was, amazingly, plausible in an off kilter kind of way and very entertaining. What a shame that they continue to air the dumbed-down stuff instead of upgrading what people see at night. Seems that being intelligent has hit a no continuation zone with ABC because some really good shows are being cancelled, although I agree that Do No Harm should have been cancelled and that 666 Park Avenue, although I liked it, was really off the wall.

        • T. Hershey says:

          Whole family loved Zero Hour! Kept waiting to see new episodes and just learned it was pulled. What?? Com’on at least let the series run through!

    • i loved this show. bring it back

    • Christine Antonsen says:

      This was a GREAT show! So much better than most of the reality stuff on now. Please bring it back at least finish the season for those of us that truly enjoyed the thriller.

    • Linda Schroer says:

      Cant believe they took off Zero Hour !!!
      My husband and I loved that show.
      How did you expect this show compete on Thursday night at 8:00 pm with Big Bang and allot of established programs at that same time slot.
      Please consider playing Zero Hour on another time and day.
      Thank you.

    • fred says:

      They replaced a good show with crap. Don’t watch that junk. Never will.

    • JenL says:

      Hey networks I’m in the 18-49 demo and I hate the reality TV crap and Yes I said Crap!!!!!
      I was really into this show and others that All of the networks keep canceling. In Aug my 1 yr contract is up on my cable and Guess what I’m canceling it. There is nothing on anymore that I can watch and figure out the twists, Nothing worth my 5 daily hours of TV viewership. Please just put something on that is not Dribble. We might come back to TV and Oh yea remember when a show ran for 56 min of the hour and only 4.5 min of commercials that would be nice too since my budget does not allow for any new cars, toys or clothing I can do without it all. Besides I’m hit with advertisements all over the place. Less is more.

    • Mary Ann Sullivan says:

      Oh please-let us see what happens it was a great story why don’t u get rid of the bachelor please put it back on the air u didn’t give it enough time to get the people to know it was on also u didn’t advertise it very well either DON’T LEAVE US HANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • k4pi@live.com says:

      This was the best show ABC had. I dont see how it did that badly in the ratings. Really disappointed in them dropping it from the lines for the junk they put on.. Wife Swap….

    • Strato caster says:

      Sick and tired of shows I like getting canceled. From now on i am going to dvr the first season or two before watching. I will delete them If they are canceled before then.

    • I am sick and tired of them pulling good shows just because not enough were watching at that time, what about people the tape it and watch later, I did and so did a lot of people.
      They do not give enough time for people to get into it. I loved it and Anthony Edwards was great.

    • Gayle says:

      We want Zero Hour to come back! we were really enjoying watching a “thinking show” instead of some bogus reality show.

    • Ginny says:

      I really liked the show. Thought it had an interesting plot. Thought Anthony Edwards was good. Maybe just not right for the part. I was disappointed that it was cancelled.

    • Ken Marcinko says:

      The latest two episode were the best yet! And, as mentioned, once again they give up on a great show, excellent cast, and a very new idea for a mystery show (that finally doesn’t include cops). Rework it, push the writers, continue the excitement for 6 more episodes. The new younger type of Corporate Executive running these Networks has no focus other than pure numbers. Mold it, nurture it.

      • bob says:

        I wish that SCY-FY or some cable channel picks it up!

      • rob says:

        It’s a MOTHER F’n SIN that abc does not even advertise the final episodes on Saturday I keep forgetting so i’m watching it on demand! The two new episodes i watched were the BOMB!………………MUST SEE!

    • EILEEN HOLTZ says:

      Fortunately they’ve brought back the series for the summer, one episode at a time. It’s very engrossing and the last scene of the latest episode, with Hank and Leila driving off to the airport, was intense.

    • LindaB says:

      Cancelling this for shark tank proves the networks have no idea what the public wants. Something thats intriguing and interesting gets cancelled and reality shows that have nothing to do with reality, again fill pur screens only to be turned off. Time for a good book.

    • Moshe Moshe says:

      I have all the episodes, if you need them I will be happy to share.

  2. Eric says:

    Gasp! Between this and 90210, there have been so many surprising cancellations recently!

    And yes, that was indeed sarcasm.

  3. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Unbelievable – now what? Wipe Out? I’m sorry, but I’m starting to worry about ABC – what will ABC place in the 8pm slot now? Come on guys.

  4. When will these networks ever learn give a series a chance to fail, If you cancel every series in the first 3 episodes The Big Bang Theory,NCIS,CSI,Glee, etc. would not be on the aired.

    • Eric says:

      Um..every show you named did very well in their first few episodes?

    • willeggert says:

      Exactly what Eric said, The Big Bang Theory debuted with over 9 million viewers, dropped to around 8 million, then worked back into the 9 million range through the 1st season. Hardly having 6 to start then continually dropping like Zero Hour. NCIS debuted with over 13 million viewers and was anywhere from 10-13 million it’s whole first season. I don’t care about CSI or Glee but I doubt they dropped around 2 million viewers over their respective first 3 episodes. I do agree that networks can drop TV shows too quickly, some TV series need a full season to catch on. The two that stick in my mind were saved by other networks, I love Southland, especially on cable, and Cougar Town.

    • TL says:

      Putting it on the air was its chance and it failed out of the gate. Honestly, airing three episodes was being nice.

    • audienceofone says:

      Nazi clones. Nazi. Clones. ‘Nough said. The show was not just appallingly written and nonsensical but offensive and lame. Its cancellation has restored my faith in humanity.

      • 4agreements says:

        Is your faith in humanity been restored by keeping BULL$#*+ like the bachelor, fashion,star & jerseylicious on the air!

        • audienceofone says:

          False dichtomony much. That rubbish was what tested it in the first place. Zero Hour was about the same. They just went through a checklist of stuff to put in TV shows and threw them all in. Nazis? Check. Conspiracy? Check. MacGuffins? Check. Gobbledygook mythology that sounds profound but is ultimately meaningless? Check. Combine it with ridiculous plotting and a kind of determined anti-intellectualism (You need proof? No, you need faith!) and you have everything wrong with modern television in one vehicle. That fact is irrelevant to what replaces it or what it makes way for.

  5. Jean says:

    It’s amazing to me that they think that 6 million viewers is not enough… The CW does not have that many viewers period. Try another time slot maybe… Let time for people to actually go and view it. Amazing how quick these networks cancel. Its too bad… I think I would of liked that show… next to go Red Widow ?

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Jean – Networks don’t care about the total number of viewers; if it did, HARRY’S LAW — which averaged around 9 million viewers in its second season — would still be around. The important number is the viewers in the 18-49 age range, and as the article indicates, 1.4 in the demo is pretty dire.

      • Matthew S says:

        Problem with using the 18-49 argument is that they are the heavy DVR and Internet users. This means current metrics miss the key groups that follow these kinds of serials. 5 million with this group is much larger and more valuable than the 18 million on dwts demos ( hi mom and dad, keep watching ).

        • Simon Jester says:

          @Matthew S – DVR viewing *is* counted. The overnight ratings are Live+3 hours, plus there are C3 ratings and Live+7 ratings. But why would advertisers put much stock in those who watch it later AND FAST-FORWARD THROUGH THE COMMERCIALS? Zero Hour had its shot, and failed to find an audience. End of.

    • Bob says:

      But The CW is just for CBS to use as a dumping ground for shows not worthy of their network.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Yet another reason why I wait a full season to start any of these damn shows…

  7. georji says:

    The preview ads lasted longer than the series. I hate when they cancel so early.

  8. SJ says:

    I expect Celebrity Wife Swap to immediately occupy that time slot. Maybe a couple of repeats while it’s still airing on Tuesdays but as soon as DWTS and Splash debut, it’s moving to Thursdays.

    How soon before Red Widow gets pulled? Or Family Tools’ premiere is delayed until summer?

  9. Candice says:

    Why is anyone that surprised? its a money thing. The longer they keep a low-rated show on air, the more money they loose. Its too bad the slot they got assigned to was a death slot. Thursday at 7pm

  10. Faye says:

    I had heard rumblings of it not doing well. I had the first two episodes on my DVR but when I heard it wasn’t doing well and I needed space, I deleted them. However, this is going to become a self fulfilling prophecy if networks don’t start giving these non-procedurals a chance, no one is going to start watching them.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Very true. I am very frustrated right now. I was very intrigued by the questions that the show raised in terms of the ongoing mystery of Who is White Vincent? What is the main character’s real identity? Why did White Vincent call him “brother”? Why did he try to check him for contacts that could have covered white eyes? What do his parents know that they are not telling? Hey, Ausiello, if you are listening, could you please ask the showrunners some of these questions so we will at least not be left dangling?

      At any rate, if ABC does not make the rest of the episodes of this series available in some format, I will definitely not be checking out any more ABC spring shows until the ratings are in for the first few episodes.

      • Mark says:

        Hi MaryAnn, This is a spoiler alert. I worked on episodes 12 and 13 so I know what happens, I will tell you. It is about cloning. Hank and Vincent are both clones. Vincent is jealous that Hank doesn’t have flaws like he does (white eyes). Amy Irving gets a blood sample of Jesus Christ from the original crucifixion cross and impregnates herself with a clone of Jesus Christ!! That was the cross that they pulled out of the water in the 1st episode. I am assuming after they locate all 12 clocks it will reveal where the cross is hid. I’m not sure about that part. I thought if they were going to clone Hank they should have used someone hotter. To believe that his beautiful 10 of a wife was head over heals hot for this 3, was hard to swallow. They scenes where she had to kiss him were gross! I know I am harsh, I am just being honest. There were hot girls in the show but no hot guys. I would have cast Ricky Martin in the lead! Let’s make a few clones of Ricky, not Anthony Edwards!

        • Ali says:

          I agree with you. The lead actor was just not that appealing (seems mean, but it’s true.) That was the main reason I couldn’t buy into the show.. I kept ticking off a list in my head of other actors that would have carried the lead better:

          Sadly, a lot of the newer shows have actors of both sexes that aren’t appealing and I think IMO that is why they ultimately fail.

          • Mark says:

            How about Matthew Fox in the lead instead of Anthony Edwards? Also I found Scott Foster (the young guy side kick) unappealing. FBI agent Beck was TOO appealing! They needed to tone down her makeup to make her believable. But maybe she had a job as a pole dancer in the side that would have been later revealed…. who knows! But the actor who played White Vincent was electric!

        • Gwen M. says:

          I’m sorry but I disagree I sure and the heck don’t want to watch Ricky Martin. I want to watch Real TV about Realistic everyday people. Not everyone in this world is a super model and personally I’m sick of having to watch them. Anthony Edwards is a remarkable Actor who cares that he is not a supermodel. I sure don’t. I was excited that he was doing another show and he was the whole reason I started watching it.

          This wasn’t some gay show who cares if you a man don’t think he is hot. And If you truly worked on this show I dought you will be getting much work after bashing it and telling everyone what supposedly happens. So go watch something with Ricky Martin and leave it alone!

          • Mark says:

            But they gave Hank such a beautiful wife! I am sorry if you find me shallow, but I was grossed out having to watch her kiss him and found her devotion to him unbelievable.

        • marie says:

          Thanks for the info Mark… unfortunately that doesn’t help those of us who wanted to see it play out! In fact I like Anthony Edwards… and people have called me a hot 10… so it happens…
          What really sucks is that I got two people just this month to follow the show…on On Demand of course… and BOOM cancelled.
          not fair. Bring it back!

      • rob says:

        MaryAnn it’s back on Saturday i keep missing it because i’m out in the streets on Saturday but i am watching it on demand and these last two episode were the BOMB you MUST SEE THEM…….Tell EVERYBODY you know!

  11. Francisco says:

    Damn…i hate when they do that…does someone know if they finish filming it at least? Maybe the whole season goes straight to DVD/Blu-Ray…

  12. Gillian says:

    It was an interesting show but, unfortunately, I didn’t watch after the first episode. I saved it in my DVR because I didn’t want to become invested in a plotline that I would never be able to.see the end of. Knew ABC would cancel it. :(

    • that is the way I’ve become too…..i just don’t want to invest in a show anymore because 9 times out of 10 they cancel it, but i broke my rule, started watching it and now it’s biting me in the a__. i’m seriously going back to not watching anything new anymore……grrrrr

      • emor says:

        Just a snarky side comment. But if people don’t watch anything NEW then tv will cease to exist If there is no ‘new’ then there is no ‘old’. Think about it.

    • bev rice says:

      I loved this show!!!!!! how do i watch the rest of the season?

  13. Lisa says:

    It was a dark series, but that probably means one would have to use a brain to keep up. Anything wrong in doing that?

  14. Kim says:

    Maybe they should have given Last Resort more of a chance. This obviously didn’t do any better. Still bitter.

  15. Dennis says:

    show started out slow but was getting better each episode

  16. Emily says:

    Panam last year and now this! I’m starting to gain hateful feelings towards abc

    • Brooke says:

      Why? All networks cancel their lowest rated shows, not just ABC.

      • ' says:

        But ABC’s cancelled shows are the only ones I do care about. They should twy change slots before cancelling them. I think that Zero Hour would do much better in a sunday!

        • Simon Jester says:

          There was never any chance “Zero Hour” would move to Sunday, where it would replace ABC’s actual *hit* show “Once Upon a Time.”

  17. mia says:

    It was really bad, like they threw ever conspiracy theory at it and stuck a plot together with tropes and bad acting.

  18. 100% Deaf Dude says:

    I liked the show and it’s conspiracy premise.

  19. Fernanda says:

    tell us about SMASH.

  20. kirads09 says:

    Hmm – yet America’s (Not) Funniest Home Video’s is celebrating 500 episodes. Season after season of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette”.
    2 deserving dramas – Last Resort and this – cancelled untimely. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • TL says:

      Nothing’s wrong with the picture. Those programs are cheaper to make and probably turn a nice profit for ABC and the studios. Why not put out a product that makes money over one that doesn’t? Oh yeah, that’s the point of business! If you don’t like the picture, then stop looking at it.

    • RockGolf says:

      Yeah, what TL says. It’s plain economics. AFV got Tom Bergeron as a host when he was unknown, so he’s probably paid little. They’re still showing videotapes people sent in when it debuted in 1989 – seriously, some of those cute babies are now university grads by now – which people volunteer. The $10,000 prize is less than an actor in a recurring role would be paid. And the money just rolls in.

    • 4agreements says:

      I totally agree with you kirads90 hearing that this show was cancelled just RUINED my day! On the other hand i fault the producers of these new shows for selling their shows to the 3 major networks ABC, NBC, CBS The major 3 have sold out to a DUMB-DOWN audience who are only interestd in shows with a subject line that has the intellengence of a cell-phone/ text message converstion. Zero Hour would have stood a better chance if it had been aired on Fox, SyFy Starz TNT I am also PISSES at T.V. reviewers Jace Lacob (Daily Beast) & Rob Salem (The Star) for RUINING any chances of this show to get an audience by telling people not to watch the show!

    • Stacy says:

      I agree with you something is wrong in this country when shows like the bachelor and wife swap
      stay on the air and Zero Hour gets canceled. A couple of years ago there was a sow Flashforward. It also got canceled before the season ended. It would be nice if a cable Chanel picked up the show.

  21. whisperintherain says:

    When the show might as well be renamed Zero Viewers Hour, it’s better to call it quits ASAP.

  22. JimC says:

    I didnt think Zero Hour was all that great but I really hate ABC. What a hack network. If you don’t hit the ground running on that network. You are history. Pitiful way to treat your viewers.

  23. James says:

    not surprising it was an interestng concept, but the writing was weak at best, and except for Charles S Dutton, Michael Nyvquist, and a passable Anthony Edwards the acting was god awful. I did thing the story was starting to pick up would of liked to see where it went.

  24. I tried last night and felt totally confused after a short while. Oh well. Sorry, Anthony & Co.

  25. Mike says:

    I assume its too much to ask them to fill it with Happy Endings, sure it will probably do much worse, but I just want to see the rest if the season.

  26. i watched the first episode and i had the urge to scream that this show should have been a summer series… it was of course kinda horror and some viiolence but definetely a show that cw could broadcast… still no idea why they broadcast it now and with very little promotion…

  27. Jon says:

    Overhyped. Unlikeable lead, not the actor but the character. Stopped watching after the first episode. Might’ve survived at a later time slot, but still… no.

    • Rosemary says:

      I have to agree. The show needed a later time slot. It was a dark show but had to pull its punches due to the 8 pm time slot.

  28. J Dogg says:

    I watched the show but ill admit it was very poorly done, including the acting! Plus it had more holes in its plot that Swiss cheese…

  29. M3rc Nate says:

    I swear i have a 80-90% success rate with predicting what shows are going to fail. Id say the studios millions if they hired me.

    Didnt even start watching this show i knew it was going to get cancelled, that and it didnt really peak my interest.

    • RockGolf says:

      Predicting failures is easy. Most networks know which shows are going to fail before they put them on. Sure, they’d love to fill their schedule with hits, but it never happens because there just aren’t that many hits.

      Picking hits – now that’s the hard part.

  30. emaegf says:

    Doesn’t help when local affilates don’t show it then tell their viewers if they want to see it go online ans watch it.

    Our local ABC affilate preempted last night for a local high school game then made a big deal of letting viewers know they weren’t going to carry Zero Hour to go online and watch it.

    I knew then ABC didn’t give a care for the show or they would have told the local they couldn’t preempty or told them they had rebroadcast it later in the evening. :(

  31. Cynthia says:

    It would have been a great mini series.

  32. kennyj says:

    ABC should have kept Last Resort, they should just accept that they aren’t going to draw big numbers in that time slot.

    • Danielle H. says:

      I would like to know exactly how many years it has been since something made it in that time slot on ABC….. I am trying to remember but I seriously think it has been an incredibly long time like 5 or 6 years maybe more. The death slot of all death slots.

  33. Elyse says:

    watched the pilot and didn’t like it. I wanted to like it i just didn’t :(

  34. robocoastie says:

    I predicted this the first time I saw a commercial for it. The always been cancelled, nothing but cancelled, and cancelled broadcasting service have no patience with dramas anymore. They need to back to ministries and movie of the week programming

  35. Tami Fletcher says:

    What the hell did they expect!!! Putting it opposite of CBS darlings of BBT and THM??maybe they should THINK a little before giving this great show the AX??? Maybe another night? I was getting hooked..at this point I think I will NOT start any new shows by ABC as they seemed to kill them before they get started good!

    • TrulyRoxie says:

      I’m right there with you Tami. I rarely start new shows on the big 4 networks because the seem to cancel the good shows and keep the crap. I now watch more USA, TNT, AMC, and movie channel originals than anything else.

  36. Boiler says:

    Didn’t watch this show but still think people running ABC are idiots

  37. Molly Harper says:

    I wanted to like this series because I love Anthony Edwards, and I watched all three episodes, but in truth it was one of the most boring shows I’ve ever sat through, and I am not surprised to see it go. Same as with Last Resort. I fail to understand why the network will cast these amazing actors for a show then give them scripts full of nothing but trite, predictable plots and mindless dialogue. There are so many great writers in Hollywood. Hire some of those and maybe the shows will be worth watching.

  38. Ram510 says:

    I don’t see why they don’t let it air for the next couple weeks while GA and Scandal are in repeats. What difference would it make?

  39. LV says:

    Does ABC really think the viewers that enjoyed a complex, dark drama are going to hang around for stuff like Wife Swap? Or is that the point of the big four networks: alienate the intelligent viewer who demands more of their programming?

    • Jake says:

      I’ve come to realize that if you’re a viewer who likes intellegent programming that demands more attention you watch Cable…Other than Castle, Once Upon A Time, NCIS, Arrow, Nikita, and Supernatural, the only shows I watch are on either cable, or I marathon seasons on Netflix.

  40. Missy Kelly says:

    ABC is the soap opera network – they don’t have a single one hour drama that is not a soap opera in some way (Castle is the only show with stand alone episodes). Once Upon a Time and Revenge are the only soaps I watch on the network. NBC just has horrible dramas; I watch NCIS, Person of Interest and Elementary on CBS. Not work investing in ABC & NBC – they just cancel everything. I think the reason they stayed with Revenge & Once Upon a Time is because they aren’t that expensive. Zero Hour was probably going to get interesting with the introduction of the parents. Would have been interesting. If the remaining episodes ever do show up, at least the DVR will catch it and surprise me.

    • Alex says:

      No, the reason they stayed with Revenge and Once is that the shows got GOOD ratings right away. (Revenge is faltering somewhat now, though.) They’re both shows with fairly large casts, and Once also uses special effects, so neither one is particularly cheap to produce. They pay the bills by getting reasonably good ratings–unlike Zero Hour.

  41. skr says:

    I wanted to like it but it really was terrible. The acting was bad and I can’t imagine what the end game was. If I had taken a shot every time Anthony Edwards character mentioned his missing wife, I would’ve been drunk enough to enjoy the show. We get it writers, she’s missing and he loovvvvvees her soooo much.

    • Mark says:

      Spoiler Alert: Amy Irving obtains a blood sample of Jesus Christ from the crucification cross and impregnates herself with a clone of Jesus Christ!

  42. bigdog12 says:

    I never used to watch ABC and I was just touting how great a network it was and how I was wrong to avoid it for so long. Then I get into Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue, And then my favorite Zero Hour all cancelled. I’m sure Red Widow is next. All I want is something different not the same old boring procedural cookie cutter detective -ish show and the American public is too dumb to handle a show requiring some thought.

    • Jake says:

      I’m honestly not going to get into Red Widow because of the way it was Marketed “from the screenwriter of “The Twilight Saga”” is not a good way to get me. Those movies, and the books they were based on are horrible. (in my opinion)

      • MaryAnn says:

        I saw the first hour of “Red Widow” online, and it in no way resembles “Twilight”. I don’t know what they were thinking using that as marketing hype.

    • flo says:

      every time there is a show that u actually have to think about and pay close attention to it….they cancel it then put reality junk on …..shows the mentality of some of the viewers….i’d much rather watch a show that is deep and thought provoking than some stupid reality cr*p….enugh already….

  43. Anthony says:

    Honestly I liked this show. From the first episode I was hooked to it. Understand the plot and with close intent. But I always had that feeling ABC would pull it from the network and not give it a chance. They pull these shows extremely early. But they give us all this hype about the promo’s before it airs. Like really? Smh. ABC what’s wrong with you guise? 6 million to 5 million. What you guise want like 10 million viewers on a thursday night at 8PM? Naaaa. If you get 6 million you gotta let that work. Especially if the story was picking up. Sad to see this show go. Burn off the rest of the season hopefully or stream the rest on netflix. Something just do something. Will Hank get his wife back? I’ll never know now…

  44. David4 says:

    Putting limited story shows in the 8pm Thursday slot is certain death. This and Last Resort should have been 15 episode miniseries from the beginning.

  45. DiegoC says:

    put grey’s at 8/7c! if it flops (which won’t), abc just should give up the time slot and handle it for the affiliates..

  46. Randall says:

    What was the secret that was hidden in the water? The body of Jesus? Hopefully someone can/will spoil that for us.

    • Mark says:

      Read further if you really want to know SPOILER ALERT : It was the cross of Jesus. Amy irving gets a blood sample from it and impregnates herself with a clone of Jesus!! It would have been a hoot to watch this!

  47. Missy Kelly says:

    My friend Shelley says if they expect the viewers to move from cable to network programs, it would probably help if the networks didn’t cancel their shows in three episodes

  48. Nina says:

    I’m so done with new series this year. Because they cancelled everything right and left after just a few eps. Ugh.

    • james says:

      Pick better shows to watch.

      • janice says:

        Or just do as I do, don’t watch anything in its 1st season and keep it on DVR until you’re reasonably sure it doesn’t get cancelled… unless of course it’s on cable than you can watch it from the beginning

  49. Suz says:

    In this reflex reaction environment, I feel like television studios are setting their shows up for failure. My husband and I were very interested in the premise of this show, but since it competes with Parks and Rec, we actually said to one another, “well, we’ll see if it makes it.” So, we don’t watch (like countless others, I’m sure) until a show has proven itself because we know now not to invest in a major concept show until its proven. The problem is, when people like us aren’t investing in these shows, the studios pull them after 3 eps and they don’t have an opportunity to prove themselves! Chicken or egg here?