Exclusive Once Upon a Time Video: Emma & Neal Have 'The Talk,' Rumple Has a Brutal Reunion

Once Upon a Time SpoilersThis Sunday on Once Upon a Time, as Rumplestiltskin and Bae aka Neal struggle to move past the “awkward” stage that typically follows the reunion of a father and the son he let fall through a time-/realm-jumping portal, they discover that a common foe has wormed his way into the Big Apple — and TVLine has a video sneak peek.

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Leading up to that violent reunion, Emma and Neal try to have a “talk” about her, him, their son and whatever else Mr. Cassidy might have going in his metropolitan life. Suffice it to say, he can’t just pick up and transplant himself to Storybrooke.

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Press PLAY to witness the twist that will add a new dimension to Cora’s hunt for Rumple’s dagger.

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  1. aww he calls him “Papa” that’s cute, considering the circumstances

  2. How could Hook leave Storybrooke and still remember who he is?

  3. Mar says:

    All the #Emmeal feels

    • Kelly says:

      I am so rooting for them but totally hate the third party angle. Thankfully Emma will be too hurt and busy with the evil to pine and they can just get to know each other again like Emma and Snow did in FTL present.

      • Vee says:

        Neal never fought for her…he just gave up without questions. He didn’t wait for her…he knew one day the curse would be broken but instead of waiting for that day because he just couldn’t imagine living the rest of his life without HER…he found someone else. AND when he found out the curse was broken…he never went to her. He received that postcard months ago and has been sitting pretty in NYC. So really? How am I supposed to believe that Neal is Emma’s true love?

        • kath says:

          Yes. Exactly. Emma deserves much better than Neal’s “me first!” interest. I hope he he’s firmly tied to someone else.

          Horowitz and Kitsis shouldn’t have made the Huntsman so much better for Emma than Neal, Hook or August if they were planning to put her with someone else.

          • Gail says:

            Someone should make a youtube video of all the times Hook gets hit over the head. It seems it happens in every episode he is in.

  4. Lauren says:

    Yes Hook go to Manhattan. :D

  5. Jenna says:

    Ha good nothing romantic with the follow up of the sneak peek from yesterday. Morrison herself said Emma has no interest in a romance with Neal.

  6. Patty Stamps says:

    I love this show!!

  7. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Hook came out of nowhere lol

  8. Nancy says:

    Thank you, Matt.

  9. ABBY says:

    Wonder if Neal has a special lady in his life hence things being “complicated”… and why he didn’t make any effort to get back to Emma when August sent word he could.
    I also keeping thinking Neal might double/triple up as Peter Pan (or a lost boy) as well as Bae spending time in Neverland would explain knowing Hook and the years of not ageing.

    • Jenna says:

      They said we will not see Pan this season so Neal is probably a lost boy.

    • The portal took Bae to a “land without magic”. Neverland is hardly a land without magic, therefore the portal brought him to Earth. Given that Earth is a land without magic, how could Bae have opened a portal to Neverland?

      • Lynyrd says:

        In the previews, he is shown saying “this isn’t the first world I came to. Otherwise I’d be 200 years old” or something along those lines. This says the first world he went to wasn’t a land without magic, because he managed to find a way to portal hop here to earth.

      • kavyn says:

        Neverland uses Fairy dust. It’s quite possible Bae arrived at a time when there was no magic, with fairy dust arriving later (maybe Hook brought it and they stole it for Tinkerbell to use).

    • Patty says:

      Well Bea’s mom ran away with Hook, that could explain the fact that he knew him?

      • Abby says:

        Hook didn’t become hook until after rumple took his hand which was after Bae went through the portal. Neal called Killan Hook.

    • Patti says:

      I wonder if August told Neal his dad was involved in the curse and that they would go back to FTL when it broke. Thinking Emma left would be why he had to move on but it also implies he unlike emma and everyone had choices and he chose to not go back for her and to be like his dad and run like a coward and let everyone else clean up his family’s mess. I love Neal but he should not be getting a free pass from Henry, Emma or anyone

      • Alice says:

        I don’t think his motivation for not visiting Storybrooke needs to be that complicated. They showed in Tallahassee that he initially did have the desire to go back and find her and try and make it up to her- but August stopped him. I think if the curse had been broken sooner, yeah, he probably would have headed to Maine to try and see her (he didn’t know about Henry, so that “mess” he didn’t know existed). He probably thought he have had a shot if he’d gotten to apologize after a year or two. But by the time the curse was broken, I don’t think he thought he had a shot in hell of making her forgive him after 11 years. You can see on his face in Manhattan, right when he sees her, it’s like he’s happy and can’t believe she chose to come find him-and then she shuts that down and tells him why she’s there. He doesn’t expect to be forgiven. Which is why he’s being cordial but not too-friendly with Emma, even though he clearly still cares about her. I think he’s letting Emma sort of take control of where they stand. But as for Henry- he didn’t know about Henry- he didn’t do anything to him and as soon as he found out he was pretty adamant about wanting to be a part of his life. Henry doesn’t have anything he needs to give him a free pass for.

        • Patti says:

          The show talks about Fate but there is also free will. Neal is a great but he has been running and utimately if he faced what he was running from and did not listen to august blindly. Neal,Emma and Henry would have been had ten years together and would have had time to prepare and outsmart rumple and regina and break the curse together. i could see henry being mad about neal sending emma to jail and them not being together breaking the curse.

          • Alice says:

            But the whole impetus to break the curse was Henry bringing Emma to Storybrooke and Emma’s desire to protect him. If Emma and Neal had stayed together, happy in Tallahassee there would have been no motivation to break the curse- if he could have even convinced Emma that any of that was real in the first place. It took Henry a really long time to get Emma to believe in the curse, while she was living in the curse town itself- and she still didn’t really believe until she saw magic herself. They wouldn’t know anyone in Storybrooke that they would want to rescue, Bae left it too young and Emma and Henry never lived there. And Neal, if he ever told Emma about the magic, would want to stay as far from all that as possible. I don’t see Henry being angry for missing out on a past that would have left his grandparents and all his friends cursed. I mean, this is the kid that convinced Jefferson that his daughter would forgive him for abandoning her.

          • John says:

            that is true neal could have stayed and helped emma and henry break the curse,there’s nothing that indicates she had to be by herself. henry’s has forgiven regina for murder and the curse but if he’s mad at emma yeah he should be mad at neal too.

    • Leigh says:

      I’ve read that Neal is engaged, guess we’ll find out who soon…no wonder he said things were “complicated”….

  10. jc says:

    Of course Neal has a fiancee. Something that Ed and Adam, arranged for pushing Emma to Hook. As if we were idiots and did not realize…
    As the ratings go down, they must think that we are all Hook and Captain Swan fans

  11. Kelly says:

    I love Emma and Neal. I look forward to more of them and them with Henry.

  12. Lorna says:

    Oh you know Emma is going to talk to Hook about what the hell he is doing there,lol. Should be quite the scene.

    Do Hook and Emma remind anyone else of Spike and Buffy?

  13. OnceFan316 says:

    Think about it though with Bae being how old he is now Neverland was a must. Plus don’t always believe what the Blue Fairy says maybe she didn’t know where the bean would take Bae.

  14. Patti says:

    Jennifer Morrison and Michael Raymond James are gold together. Emma and Neal are quickly becoming my favorite. At first adorable and now angsty, it’s wonderful.

    • Mel says:

      I completely agree! Love Emma and Neal’s chemistry, but I also love Michael Raymond-James period. I think he has been great in everything I’ve seen him in True Blood, TWD, and I will never get over the cancellation of Terriers :( What a great show. Hopefully he stays around for a while. It seems he always get’s killed off.

      • Kelly says:

        The casting directors for once are great. I see Charming and Snow is Emma, Neal and Emma in Henry. Rena Sofer and Baille M look perfect in relation to snow. And Neal does resemble Milah and has some Rumple mannerism

  15. Hook was not cursed, then he can go by boat to New York. My problem has to do how he got to know in our world where Rumpel was? weird…

    • Name That Tune says:

      Let’s see. Bae went somewhere before NY. Hook was in Neverland but must have been after he lost his hand. Anyone think he knows Bae from some place else?

  16. Mike says:

    So, I guess we can assume that Bae is indeed Peter Pan. Good clip though.

  17. Patti says:

    Hook is starting to remind me of the willie coyote chasing the road runner.

  18. I HATE HOOK. Can’t he just die already?

  19. Harley Quinn says:

    Is Hook forever just going to be the other characters punching bag (Someone should do a montage of his screen time to some Charles Chaplin music…) I mean come on, Colin O’Donoghue is very pretty to look at but writers can we do something more with his character? Call me weird but Capt. Hook is one of my personal favorite storybook characters and at this point they’ve done nothing interesting with him.

    I love OUAT, but lately everything is playing out like bad fan fiction, S1 while corny at times at least had a plot and flow. S2 is just all over the map, and I’m not even sure what its building towards. Regina & Cora controlling the “Dark One” or more so Cora manipulating Regina to gain all his power, Regina should know better than to trust mommy dearest. Then you have Rumple/Gold and his now conflict with Bae/Emma/Henry and his “undoing” but how does this all connect? where is the tiny red string that ties it all together? or am I not reading between the lines? and the season (series? has OUAT been picked up again?) finale is just going to be one big power battle against two joined families?

    Family is the theme this season I suppose.

    • A says:

      Your not weird. Hook is one of my absolute faves this season. I’m just waiting though for them to make him into an extremely badass villain. He’s being too stupidly impulsive lately. Attacking Rumple with Emma right there. Come on! He should of at least waited to attack Rumple when he was alone.
      I do agree that I wish that they clear up what the ultimate goal of this season. What I think it might be is the whole going back to Fairytale World. In ‘Tiny’, they planted that returning to their world through a portal seed when anton planted the magic bean. I think the season might be leading to a struggle between the people who want to stay in Storybrook and those who want to leave. Remember how Snow didn’t want to leave because she didn’t want to be separated from Emma, but Charming and the dwarves, etc. wanted to. When Charming was talking about wanting to leave Storybrook and Emma behind, that really made me dislike the character even more than I already did. You just found your daughter and you’re okay with leaving her? Huh.
      I don’t think it’s been picked up for a third season, but I think its pretty much a sure thing. OUAT is still quite popular and I do still enjoy it. It’s a sophomore season so its still fairly new and I’ve noticed that this ‘slump’ (if you can call it that) happens with most shows but a lot do improve.

      • Harley Quinn says:

        I meant in the realms of Disney, OUAT’s Hook is rather disappointing and that saddens me. He could have been a really strong “Villain” character, yet his writing became truly lazy shortly after being introduced in Fairy Tale World. Now that he succeeded in “revenge” on Rumple I can’t see his character sticking around much longer, and while I’ll miss Colin O’Donoghue I can’t say the same about their version of Hook. We know there are going to be two deaths within the next few episodes one ‘minor’ and one ‘significant’ spoilers have suggested who the ‘significant’ one is and my guess is Hook is the minor one (This is Pure speculation though)

        I do think that the returning to Fairy Tale World will be an upcoming plot, If its this season I’ll be shocked, but then again they didn’t really clarify how quickly “magic beans” take to grow.

        And I hope that it gets picked up again, because I am curious to where this ultimate series goal is meant to go.

        • A says:

          To be fair though, we were never really shown Hook’s past that much as a villain pre-Cora. All we saw was one background episode about what happened with Mila. They have yet to delve into stories of Neverland, etc. Plus I can see why it seems that he’s not as badass or interesting to some when he was introduced into Fairy tale world when the curse was broken because well we really don’t know much about what happened in Fairy Tale Land during the 28 years of the curse. And also he was clearly under the power of Cora. I mean yes he’s a ‘mortal’ human villain but interacting with an immortal villain such as Cora with magical powers so strong she almost literally ripped your heart out, it doesn’t really give you much to do. She clearly had/has the upper hand between the two. I still have hope that they will do some big stuff with Hook as I really hope he is not one of the characters that dies. Also I don’t think he succeeded in his revenge. Rumple is too valuable a character to OUAT for them to kill him off. Plus if I recall a while back there were reports that Colin O’Donoghue may become a series regular so he might still remain on the show

          • A says:

            i forgot. we also saw him pop up here and there when Regina ordered him to kill Cora but ya I want them to go deeper into the back history. and I would love to find out more about how Neil knows Hook. I think it might be because he knows about his mom left his dad for but I hope its more than that

          • Harley Quinn says:

            I don’t think that Rumple is dead or even will die, Bobby is typically the heart of the show. What he brings to the table is far too valuable to throw away. I didn’t hear about Colin becoming a series regular, but even if Hook dies in the “real” world Hook could still very well exist in Fairy Tale World through flashbacks, like the Huntsman/Graham. I would love to see flashbacks of Hook in Neverland, maybe they will handle Peter Pan & Hook’s story better than Hook and Rumple’s “revenge” plot. The whole thing with Milah and Hook is one of the aspects that I don’t truly love, I love Rumple driven episodes, I just wish that he didn’t have his toes in absolutely everyone’s pond, they could of took Hook in a completely different direction is all I am saying. I would of them rather stick to the true story of Hook, with Peter Pan cutting his hand off and not have Rumple do it.. If they are or were holding out on Peter, I sooner would have waited for Hook as well. That way Hook may have been the cunning, sinister, buffoon that Peter Pan fans grew up loving.

          • Sam Haincat says:

            He was made a series regular but who knows what that means. I do know if he is killed off I’m out of OUAT for good. They killed off Graham without ever exploring his full story and if they did it to Hook I’m done. I love plots with character development and this show i.e. regina as well is too scattered and unstable.
            On the other hand Hook appeared in the big oscars promo, plus in the true love promo back in January…so who knows :) staying optimistic for a big storyline.

          • Lena says:

            Killing off Graham/Huntsman wasn’t truly surprising although them doing it SO early on was insane. Jaime Dornan was just so lovely, even though the Huntsman is a disposable character I wish they could have kept him around longer. Hook on the other hand is just as important a villain as The Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Ursula and so forth in the realms of Disney/Cartoons. I can see him sticking around, and certainly hope that he does. But I agree with Harley Quinn, being a Disney dork, I too am unhappy with the route they are taking with Hook. Yes, Capt. Hook is revenge driven, he isn’t this careless, and certainly far more witty and sly.

  20. Alice says:

    Congrat’s Hook. You stabbed your enemy. Being as that was your entire life’s purpose, time to sail away and grow up.

    • Sam Haincat says:

      WOw if someone killed your partner in front of you it wouldn’t be such a simplistic diatribe as ‘grow up” and get over it. People have emotions you know…well at least some view death of loved one with emotion.

  21. ej says:

    I bet that magic beans take you where your heart desires to go, and that changed for Bae when Rumple let go. I suspect Neal is Peter Pan, and though Eddy Kitsis said, I think in a TVLine interview, that we would not see Peter Pan (or Neverland) this season, he could have literally meant we won’t get to see young Bae in Neverland or that there actually is no “Peter Pan” just as Jack was really Jaqueline. The allusions between poet Neal Cassady and Peter Pan are rather strong.

    Hook said in “The Crocodile” that he was hoping to find his revenge on Rumple in Neverland. Whether he had an inkling that Bae was there or not, I suspect a final confrontation in Neverland, after the rumor of the curse had gotten out in FTL, during which Bae learned the truth, that Rumple had killed his mother aboard Hook’s ship, and then Hook left. Either Bae fell through the same portal and it took him to the LWoM (as his heart now wanted to go where magic can’t be used as an escape from the pain that made him who he is) and he somehow ended up arriving after the curse had cast, or magic remained enough to keep from aging normally, or Neverland was not cursed and Bae left well after Hook. Whichever it is, I hope the answer is the least creepy for the Emma/Neal relationship age-wise, considering it was already illegal in Oregon when they got together, whether he was 19 or 23 (depending on what year Emma arrived and how accurate 1977 is with respect to his actual age if he was 14 when he left Neverland, which I do hope gets answered at least by “Welcome to Storybrooke” if my PaleyFest question isn’t answered, which I am not counting on!).

    While I don’t see Emma and Hook getting together in the uber-angsty romantic Buffy/Spike way, there is definitely that same vibe of Hook not being nearly as bad-ass as he thinks, Emma seeing him for the rather pathetic and heartbroken villain he is grasping as straws for some sad revenge, and Hook’s dastardly plans going awry due to the intrusion of more cunning big bads that basically makes his tale a bit of a farce. Spike was far more interesting than Hook. I am not an CaptainSwan shipper (I think that ship just gets more gross with each revelation), which is why I think Emma and Hook WILL sleep together! Not fall in love. Just SEX. Her mother did sleep with Dr. Frankenstein (AKA Storybrooke’s manwhore), after all, so there’s probably a one night stand in there to end all one night stands as far as the level of creepiness goes. But it could be a good thing! Emma would have no idea of the “Milah” connection beforehand and then feel really awful afterward, and maybe even get a step closer to forgiving Neal for screwing her over, because you can’t really get better revenge on your ex than sleeping with the guy who banged his mom and kinda got her MURDERED… and is basically your son’s step-grandfather besides, which somewhat detracts from the revenge angle and would probably lead to either booze or throwing up, or both. And you thought Cora/Rumple was pseudo-incestuousness!

    Anywho, I can’t wait to hear what JeMo has to say about the Emma/Neal relationship. I hope it isn’t too disheartening. Despite her having every right to hate Neal, it would be pretty bad if Emma could never forgive him when part of the show’s theme is forgiveness. She gave him back the keychain, true, but Anton forgave humans thanks to Emma’s dad, whom he thought was the guy who screwed him, but he wasn’t, and Neal wasn’t exactly who he appeared to be back then. I like to believe that though it will be a long time coming, and we may have to endure Emma/Hook sex, they will reconcile. It just seems like there are too many parallels between them and Emma’s parents (including the fiancee) that if it came to nothing, it would be a rather horrible tease on the part of the writers.

    I wonder whom, if anyone special, Tamara will turn out to be? Tinkerbell? Wendy’s g-granddaughter? The mysterious “Her” for whom a Star Wars ring-tone may or may not be important? (A Galaxy far, far away isn’t one of the worlds now that Disney owns Star Wars is it?) Please, let her be anything but one more random, unnecessary character (Neal’s sexy boss who needs a greencard!) that has turned this season into a confusing, casting mess so the Back 9 can get back to the trim-lined Season One storylines!

    ~ end of disturbingly long rambling commentary ~

    • Mike says:

      Wow, that was exhausting to read, Neal could also be a lost boy, and don’t worry about Star Wars, the creators said it won’t happen.

    • Naomi says:

      Actually the parallels are with Snowing and Captain Swan. There not many parallels between ST and Snowing whatsoever while Snowing/CS have about 45+ parallels to one another.

      Not to mention that although they both have a fiancee, they’re completely different situations. Neal chose to propose to his fiancee because he fell in love with her, and he has moved on Charming on the other hand had to propose because of the duty of the kingdom and on top of that the curse. So that in and of itself should tell you that this is NOT a parallel whatsoever.

  22. lol says:

    In the promo Hook Attacking David/Charming too…

  23. Ella says:

    in the second video ,,the man says there s pretty big death in E16 !!! if ts Rumple,then its end of the show for me…

    • A says:

      I highly doubt it will be. The Rumplestiltskin/Gold character is way too valuble to OUAT and his story is interwined with practically every character in both worlds so yeah….
      I personally hope the death is Charming because I really dislike the character but I know that won’t happen.

    • Harley Quinn says:

      wasn’t it said Bobby and most of the other main actors have signed a 5 year contract, granted the series last that long?

    • Sam Haincat says:

      I’m thinking maybe Cora. Forr me the two most fascinating characters because of their flaws are rumple and hook. The show would be silly to get rid of either of them.

  24. Joan says:

    I think it’ll be Hook and Cora who die in the next couple of episodes.

  25. Christi Upson says:

    Ah, but y’all are forgetting Henry! Think about who his grandparents are, how much power his mother has demonstrated. The lad is going to account for some serious power somewhere along the line. I like Hook, ’cause he’s HOT! Wouldn’t be surprised they kill him off, but he’ll be back if they go to Neverland. That might be the big arc next season. For now, we’re dealing with Cora and Regina trying to control The Evil One and the Bae/Neal-Emma-Henry-Gold thing.

    It IS feasible that Gold will be killed by Cora and she becomes The Evil One. Might cause Regina to throw in with the good guys to deal with her. In actuality, Emma has paid off her debt to Gold, so, that could be a major end to his arc. Especially with Belle no longer remembering him.

  26. main question is. How does Hook get to Manhattan from Maine dressed up like that?

  27. Charlie says:

    I hope that Hook realises that he achieved nothing by stabbing Rumple, I bet he could hardly even recollect what Milah looks like anymore. Revenge is a dish best thrown away kids.

  28. Whitney says:

    Thanks Matt for the excellent work. Please continue your great effort for us, OUaT fans.

    I Love the show and never miss any episode. Also love all the spoilers you have provided us.

    I hope for Emma and Neil. If anyone deserves a happy ending in Disney’s style, it is Emma. She has gone through so much since she was born. Also she has such a good heart– forgiving, loving, loyalty and kind. She is more like Snow White in a fairly tale than Mary M in Storybrook or even Snow White in OUaT. Now hopefully she will have Neil and Henry in her life. That will be the fairly tale ending in modern world.

  29. Lee says:

    I really love “Once Upon A Time” everything about it! So good to see the writers applying “karma” to the character of Rumple, he’s just getting what he deserves….lol

  30. Karma Zapati says:

    If they take the power away from Gold I am done with this show. He is the best character in it.

  31. carrionnes says:

    what does emma say before Neal’s “hook” ?

  32. Blaise says:

    When is the once upon a time clip??