Glee's 'Most Intense' Mystery Is Solved! Plus: Resolution to the Rachel-Finn-Brody Triangle?

glee lea michele creepGlee fans who follow series star Lea Michele’s Twitter account got a heads up earlier this week that difficult times lie ahead for her ambitious college freshman Rachel Berry: “That was one of the longest and most intense days at Glee I’ve had in a long time! I’m beat!,” she announced. “This scene I’m shooting…requires lots and lots of crying. At first it’s therapeutic. Then it just becomes exhausting!”

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Considering that a day earlier, Michele retweeted a photo from executive producer Ryan Murphy of herself and costar Dean Geyer, titled “Creep Drama” (inserted into this post, above), it raised two serious questions: Is Rachel about to split from her live-in upperclassman lover (who may or may not be moonlighting as an escort)? And was Murphy hinting at a certain rock ballad with his caption?

“I’ve always wanted to do that Radiohead song, ‘Creep,'” Murphy revealed at Wednesday night’s PaleyFest Icon Award presentation in his honor. “And [Radiohead] has been really lovely, saying that when we had [an appropriate] story, we’d talk about it.” Suffice to say that Murphy found the right arc in which to introduce the ditty, and got the band’s approval.

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“Lea had to sing [‘Creep’] — which is a hard song — for half a day. It’s very operatic,” Murphy went on to explain, while declining to say how exactly the tune is being utilized. “She was brilliant in it, as always,” he added. “She always gives her all to things like that.”

Still, given that Glee‘s most recently aired episode, “I Do,” hinted at Brody’s, um, extracurricular activities and found Rachel and Finn falling back into bed together, we wondered if Michele’s on-screen waterworks mean a possible resoultion to the Finn/Rachel/Brody triangle. “Ummm…half of that will be resolved, yes,” Murphy answered, with a laugh. “I can’t get all of these couples together! [Laughs] Everybody always wants me to, but you’ve got to wait until the finale of the show, right? [Or] maybe not that long…”

Finchel ‘shippers, do with that what you will. Everyone else, hit the comments with your thoughts on how the season — and Rachel’s love life — will play out. –Reporting by Megan Masters

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Fan says:

    I can’t wait for this! Single Rachel for a while please, and eventual Finchel reunion!

  2. Nicole says:

    Bye Bye Brody ;)

  3. IrinaS says:

    Finchel Forever!

  4. Melissa says:

    Ryan wasted all of Rachel’s/Lea’s story with that no talent piece of cardboard. I can’t wait until he’s finally gone from this show. He needs to think of new ideas besides triangles. They’re getting really old.

    Finn needs to get to NYC and have compelling stories with Rachel, even if they aren’t together. This season was missing their chemistry and the ratings reflect that.

    Season 4: waste

    • dude says:

      It wasn’t a triangle though. A triangle implies that there was conflict and temptation on both sides. Rachel and Finn broke up, they got closure during the Grease episode and then she started dating Brody. That’s not a triangle.

      • Melissa says:

        Considering they still love each other, which is apparently still there, it’s a love triangle.

        • Cheri says:

          Agreed. Finn and Rachel are emotionally tied to one another. And cannot let that go. Rachel tried to move on but in an “open” see, date and do anyone you want to but just be honest with each other. Neither has been honest with the other. Brody has been side jobbing hiding his sexual randoms from Rachel. Rachel having the need to feel that she is still worthy of a guy even if she doesn’t truely feel anything for him. An Empty relationship. IMO, this is a sideways triangle. Not the conventional one where 2 of them are together but 1 is attracted and wanting the 3rd one.

      • leo says:

        i agree with you
        i love this season
        and bye bye brochel

    • Anon says:

      Season 4: Not over yet.

    • Taylor says:

      Finn and Rachel have about as much chemistry as a two rocks. Same goes for Cory and Lea, their acting is getting worse and they are overdoing everything. Like they are trying to out act each other. I find Brody interesting but I want him to break up with Rachel. Who cares about her anymore? She can go back to Finn and they can remain tethered to each other like Finchel fans obviously want, who needs a career anyway, right? I want to find out more about Brody ever since we found out he has to sleep with around to get money. I feel sorry for him

      • Rita says:

        You are entitled to your own opinion, but I beg to disagree with your comment about Cory and Lea’s onscreen chemistry. I’m not surprised, though, since it’s clear you’re a Brody/Dean Geyer fan. But please don’t kid yourself that nobody cares about Rachel anymore; she is one of the lead characters, if not the most important lead character of Glee, and has a significant fan base that is rooting for her. Can’t say the same about Brody though. Just saying.

        • I read the 1st one above and the 4 below and I disagree with them all. I do however agree with you 110% Rita. Ithink Finn could do something in NYC now and I we know from the wedding scene that he still loves Rachel and that she still loves him. Now, I just hope him and Mr, Shue can settle their disagreement and become friends again.

      • KC says:

        Why can’t anyone figure out that you CAN be in a relationship/married and still have a career?

  5. Melissa says:

    OMG please make this nightmare (Brochel) ends!!! I’m tired of this. Brody is a horrible character. Also, I want Finn in NY ASAP!!! But it seems like if this happens we’ll have to wait until the end of the season. *sigh* we’ve been waiting for too long!

  6. MF says:

    FINLLY BYE BYE BRODY!!! Finchel is the ULTIMATE ENDGAME, Ryan said himself “you can’t fake that kind of chemistry”

  7. nola says:

    I can’t wait to hear Lea sing this. And for goodness sake, please get rid of Brody and let Rachel be single for a while. That whole “independent girl in NYC” thing was clearly bull. Maybe now we can have single Rachel in NYC and single Finn in NYC and get some of that will they/won’t they chemistry back.

    • dude says:

      I think the end of last season showed once and for all that Finn does not belong in NYC. I’d be really disappointed if they shipped him off to New York for this forced arc about wanting to be an actor when teaching (and probably taking over Glee club) is clearly the natural endgame for his character.

      • Syd says:

        And he can’t teach or take over a Glee Club in NYC? He felt he didn’t belong there because he thought he had no purpose or dream. Now that he does he could fit in there. The old Finn was lost and overwhelmed there. This new one is confident and I 100% think his dream will lead him to NYC. He wanted to go there before he lost his way (when he applied to Pace but got rejected…)

        • Anon says:

          So true. New Directions/singing/acting/dancing was obviously just a hobby for Finn. The stage is not for him professionally. He could totally find a 4-year college in New York that will teach him how to be a teacher and give him a good degree.

        • Taylor says:

          Of course he cant teach a glee club if he has no experience in teaching/singing/dancing. And in what fiction or reality would he have been accepted to Pace? He never performed in a school production, he had absolutely no experience.

        • dude says:

          Rachel said in season three that Finn didn’t belong in New York because he’s “too much of a country boy” will Finn likely move to New York and get back with Rachel? Sure but it will be a step backwards for his character. Some people find it romantic when someone puts a relationship above their own personal happiness and goals, I don’t. Of course he can teach in New York but he can’t take over the New Directions in New York and that’s always felt his inevitable purpose.

        • KC says:

          TOTALLY agree. He could pursue a teaching degree and still be with Rachel.

      • Jake says:

        I agree. I actually like Finn back in Ohio with the Glee Club. And at first I was kind of against it, but his role this season has really grown on me.

        However I do REALLY want the Rachel/Broady relationship over. It does nothing for Rachel’s character at all.

      • AngieD says:

        Finn could to NYU or another college in NYC to study to be a teacher…. I agree the Acting thing was stupid for Finn because he never participated in drama club in high school and then suddenly decided he should be an actor without having acted in any production.

        • Marie says:

          Plus the program that he attempted to get into th eActors Studio Drama School? It is a 3 year Masters program, not an undergraduate one. He didn’t look deep into it at all.

      • DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Glee could keep going, with Finn helping Glee competions and get back with Rachel,espeacially if she’s pregnant, if she is (I know it has to Finn’s) I don’t like a 2 timing ,2 face ,male gigole like Brody.HE IS A # 1 ROYAL JACKASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Poppy says:

    Yeah…goodbye Brody! Hello Finchel!

  9. All everyone wants to know is if she is pregnant or not? Seriously, yes we want Finchel but duh!! The cliffhanger was her looking at a pregnancy test. Scoop please!

  10. dude says:

    If she has to cry a lot, does anyone else think she might lose the baby? I’ve assumed for a while if she is pregnant, she’ll lose it but I don’t know if it would be that soon. I just don’t see her crying THAT much over Brody. She cares about him but she doesn’t love him.

    • Mimi says:

      I agree with youn100%

    • gleefan says:

      I think she would be crying because she is pregnant and that would ruin her dreams, but she may not want to hurt her baby. Everyone keeps saying they want to get rid of Brody and have Finn move up with her now in NY, but (if she keeps the pregnancy) I don’t see her being able to handle NY anymore where she can’t continue her dream.

      • Rikky says:

        So basicly, if they go on with the baby story Rachel is over. Completly. Because she wouldn’t want to do the same her mother did to her. And that would deliver the massage “Girl, no matter how hard you fight for your dreams, no matter if you are so talented…you are f*cked.” Why would they even consider destroying her character SO much? How does growing up to be an independent woman has anything to do with getting pregnant in the progress…

        • Tiffany M says:

          sprry to say but i’m proof tht u can follow ur dreams while being pregnnt/having a kid lol and I honestly thin Rachel will take a brek from NYC and move back to ohio temporarily for thhe support of her friend I mean santana is great and all but lol she’s a little insensitive. I personaly love te way this is going i hated brody from day one his character struvk me as shady and I dont llike shady lol

  11. Cheesus says:

    Thank you. Excited to see what happens next. Rachel & Finn in NYC as great friends would be awesome.

  12. Fernanda says:

    Rachel singing Creep??? I hope she could sing softly ala Norah Jones (or when she sings Jar of Hearts) and doesn’t use her broadway voice

    • rockgolf says:

      In the Glee tradition, Radiohead’s “Creep” will be performed as a mash-up with TLC’s “Creep”. Stone Temple Pilots say they feel they dodged a bullet.

      • Fernanda says:

        Stone Temple Pilots songs on Glee?? I know that never happens like Kings of Leon or Foo Fighters songs but PUSH will be a great song for Sam, Puck, Jake and Riley. We need more grunge 90’s songs on Glee. I still wait to hear Santana’s You’re oughta know. Alanis worked with Ryan Muprhy before (Nip Tuck) and I imagine she isn’t against to use her songs on the show.

  13. Natalia says:

    bye brody

  14. JET says:

    Petty to some I’m sure and I’ll probably get comments about how I’m not a “true” fan but I will FINALLY be able to watch Glee again once that character/SL is resolved. I just couldn’t engage with Rachel’s individual story which the writers presented nor for Finn’s individual SL this season.

    • Cheri says:

      Yes! My thoughts exactly. I just couldn’t feel Rachel’s so called growth by her makeover and her behind the scenes live in relationaship with Brody. This storyline did nothing for me to root for Rachel. Sorry, I know I’ll get some comments form this, but it is true. As for Finn being Will, standong and talking to the new characters, leading them to lose Sectionals and the choir room, and then to hear Emma tell Finn he did an excellent job was just a joke. I just didn’t get what that bag of beans was about. OK< now Will is back and wil vie with Finn for the NDs. WOW! I still don't get the excellence of this season.

    • AngieD says:

      I agree. If Finchel wasn’t going to be together this season, I wanted to see Rachel interact with New York and NYADA – not a boyfriend. The only part of NYADA that has been interesting was the diva-off with Kurt, the interactions with Cassandra and her trying out for the student film. The relationship with Brody has been tepid.

      Nothing against Dean Geyer, but they really haven’t developed Brody as a character. There’s no reason to like Brody besides him being cute (alright, he was supportive of Rachel), but he could’ve done that as just friends, too.

  15. ruby says:

    Am I the only one who loves Brody??he is new,refreshing.not that I don’t like finchel.their scene at the wedding when he was playing with the flowers was sexy as hell..pls keep brody for a while leave all these crazy shippers that don’t like any other new love intrests!!!this is why I hate shows that have too many teenage fans,they ship too much..

    • Jess says:

      I can only speak for myself but I hate Brody. I am VERY upset that this is the storyline Lea got this season. I wanted to see her at NYADA and auditions and singing classes, not moping around with this character. I wanted single Rachel in the city. And this guy can not act. At least not opposite Lea and Chris and Kate Hudson. He might do alright opposite the other newbies, but you don’t throw an inexperienced actor into scenes with Lea and Chris. I cringed every time he was on my screen (to be honest, I had to fast forward through most of them which means I missed out on Rachel scenes)

      • Ashley says:

        I completely agree. Honestly I love Rachel, she is one of my favorite characters, but I hate what they’ve done with her this season. And I have never liked Brody. Favorite part of any episode this season was the Finn/Rachel “he loves me, he loves me not” scene. Cory was amazing and how I’ve missed he and Lea’s chemistry. Hopefully after this episode Brody goes bye bye, because I’m beyond sick of him.

        • Sarah says:

          I really, really hated that Finn/Rachel scene with the flower. For Finn to say (and I’m paraphrasing) something along the lines of “You’re my girlfriend, you’re always going to be my girlfriend, it doesn’t matter who you’re dating?” WOW. That was just creepy and controlling. It wasn’t in any way romantic. If my ex EVER said that to me, I’d slap him in the face.

          • dude says:

            It’s only romantic if she feels the same way. If she doesn’t, it’s creepy as hell. It’s the Dobler/Dahmer scale all over again.

          • Sarah says:

            Oh my God, Dude, I love you for the Dobler/Dahmer reference. But I don’t think it’s romantic even if she feels the same way. It’s still creepy and controlling, and if she finds it romantic, that raises a whole new set of problems with the character….

          • AngieD says:

            But Rachel was totally with Finn in his declaration – therefore, not creepy. Finn wouldn’t have said anything to Rachel if he truly thought she was in love with Brody.

      • erin says:

        I wouldn’t call the cast “experienced” actors. Michele had a successful Broadway career, but for the most part, the characters on the show are all new to acting. They are talented, meaning they can perform either by song or dance or both exceptionally well. But you make it sound like the actor who plays Brody is being tossed into some compilation of Emmy winners. Also, if your argument had any merit, then Murphy wouldn’t be adding new characters every season, many of whom have no former experience and a few who won a contest. So, I get you are a finchel fan, and I don’t have a problem with them as a couple, but its so childish to insult the actor who portrays the alternative love interest. As it is, Rachel and Brody have sung beautiful duets together; look at the most recent ew recap, the writer is not a fan of brody/rachel relationship, but she does admit the two have sung outstanding duets together.

        in terms of their “open” relationship, people keep forgetting Rachel agreed to it. I think she did because her relationship w. Finn grew too co-dependent last season. But, I also think people are not getting how common that kind of relationship is for young people 18-24, especially in nyc. I’m 25 and live in the city, and I don’t know one person who at some point either during college or early 20s had the same kind of casual relationship. We don’t call it an “open” relationship. In fact, we refrain from using the word relationship, as its really more about connecting with someone but not feeling the need to define it or obsess over it due to your own circumstances like work or school. The whole male prostitute thing is obviously farfetched l, but its glee.

    • Katie Pike says:

      No i really like his character. He can sing and dance really well, plus hes quite good looking.

    • dude says:

      I like Brody. He’s exactly what Rachel needed (exactly what made her and Finn such a good match) he called her out on her crap. When she was being a child, he had no problems telling her. She needs that. I liked Brody and thought that him and Rachel had awesome chemistry. Ultimately I love her with Finn but I was happy to kill time with Brody.

      • Delusions of Joe says:

        We aren’t watching the same show are we. Remember when he slept with her teacher? then told her she was crazy for b*tching about it? when he ( apparently off screen) wanted an open relationship? WTF is that? besides wanting to have sex with other people why bother being together at all? he walked around naked and was totally sleezy. told her she needed to show her boobs to win an oscar. he is/was and will always be Creepy. told her he would back off becasue Rachel still had feelings for Finn, but he continued to always stalk her… oops, tell her he’d always think of kissing her. dude was just nasty from day 1.

        and this is coming from someone who really REALLY dislikes Rachel.

      • Lw says:

        Agree. Brody is what she needs. I think they need to keep him in the show, allow his character to grow, have Rachel and Brody have feelings for each other that wont go away, and eventually get together at some point….that would be my guilty pleasure.

    • KC says:

      Brody was okay at first, I was excited to see Rachel with someone else, but he’s gotten too boring and creepy and weird and it’s time for him to go!

      • says:

        In my book you are. I will never be a Brachel fan ever. I never was from day one and I’ll never be.

    • Lw says:

      No, I like Brody too. He was a fresh breeze and still should be involved in the show. There’s nothing interesting if Rachel keeps going bk to Finn. How many people do you know who married (still married to) their hs sweetheart? I don’t know any. Most people find their partners in college or after. Rachel needs to make new friends and date as many hot guys as she can. But I still hope she and Brody can have a real relationship.

  16. Eliz says:

    Agree with all above comments: hurray Finchel, bye bye Brochel!!!

  17. stw says:

    Looking forward to hearing Lea sing this!

  18. Jim says:

    Brody was the BIGGEST waste of time this season. Can’t wait for her to kick him to the curb *crossing my fingers*… I agree with the above poster… such a waste of story for Rachel (and even Kurt)… He needs to get off my screen ASAP

  19. Sarah says:

    Single Rachel > Brochel > Finchel.

    Rachel needs to learn how to be strong and independent without a guy propping her up. She needs to go back to season one Rachel. Her relationship with Finn was completely unhealthy and codependent (she NEVER should have considered deferring), and then she rebounded with Brody too quickly. She lets guys push her around emotionally, and it’s not OK. Glee sends terrible messages to young girls.

    • Kim says:

      If you think Brody is a healthier relationship for her than Finn, please check your biases at the door. Are you actually WATCHING the story Glee is telling or are you just making stuff up in your head? He’s disgusting.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, he’s disgusting. But at least in this scenario, Rachel is in New York and attending a performing arts school. Last season with Finn, she told him “what if your dreams are bigger than mine” and considered giving everything up for him. I dislike her relationship with Brody and think it has plenty of unhealthy issues (he called her crazy, he’s lying to her …. the list goes on), but I think it’s a lesser of two evils.

        • Arinja says:

          No , actually, Rachel never thought that anyone’s dreams are ‘bigger than hers’, the only thing she did was, at some point, noticing that Finn’s dreams deserve an equal shot, which is nothing but character growth. I mean, realizing that you can’t just stomp on everything that has to do with the future plans of your boyfriend, just wanting to take him along with you because you love and need him, this is a big deal for someone like Rachel, who has been very me-orientated right from the start (don’t even try to tell me that I’m making her look bad or anything – Rachel is my favourite character,but I hate mindless stanning that involves being oblivious to your favourite character’s flaws, so…) Yeah, Rachel just wanted to give Finn’s dreams a chance at first, and THEN, she decided to wait one year for him, which wasn’t a great decision of course, but also didn’t indicate in any way that she thought his dream’s were ‘bigger’, it was just the fact that she wanted him with her when she’d be in NY because THEY WERE PLANING TO GET MARRIED. And as soon as Finn noticed how that would mean that their relationship would essentially be what makes her waste a year, he put her on that train even though he had stated several before that she was the best thing in his life. But to him, her dreams were more important than his feelings. He kept her from making that mistake and sent her off to live her dreams… I think relationship can’t get much healthier and purer than that :)

          • Sarah says:

            Rachel said to Finn last season (and I just looked this up, so it’s verbatim):
            “I’ve been thinking, and if you don’t want to go to New York, then we don’t have to. The only reason why we’ve been focusing on my dreams is because we haven’t taken the time to look into yours. What if your dreams are bigger than mine?”
            That’s disgusting and unhealthy. She wanted to be on Broadway since she was four. And all of a sudden, she’s willing to walk away from that?
            You mentioned Finn realizing he didn’t want to stand in the way and putting Rachel on the train at the end of season three. I give him a LOT of credit for that – he made the right decision in that case. But it doesn’t change the problems I have with Rachel’s actions, and it doesn’t change that Glee is setting a terrible example for young women.

      • dude says:

        In my opinion you’re far more biased as a Finchel fan who clearly hates Brody because he’s dating Rachel and he’s not Finn. Brody was a perfectly healthy relationship from her perspective. They were never too reliant on each other, he called her out when she was out of line. She needed a guy like him. Yes, Brody’s probably a gigolo but New York is an expensive city and I’m not in the business of judging people before I have all the facts. Rachel and Finn were great together but it was a completely unhealthy relationship where Rachel put all her worth in him. No one should be defined by the affection of someone else.

        • Tom says:

          Dude, let’s be honest, ok? Do you really think that Rachel hiding behind her relationship with Brody is health for her? The girl is in denial, wanting herself to believe that she can move on from Finn (the lover of her life, according to her) and live the life she thought she wanted in NY. Brody and Rachel were not entirely honest when they embarked on this open, no commitment relationship. Regardless of your dislike for Finn, please don’t justify Rachel being with Brody as healthy; if it is from your perspective, then you probably have an odd way of defnining what a healthy relationship is and probably have never been on one; just my humble opinion.

          • Cheri says:

            There you go! You said it. Lots of online fans comment that they like this Rachel who is maturing and experiencing life. A life without Finn. I’m sure a lot of them do not like Finn. I am a Rachel fan. I want Rachel to experience life and NY without Finn for a while and learn how to be her own person. High school Rachel was in a co dependent relationship with Finn. This New Rachel is gonna have some very adult issues to absorb and deal with. And as you have said, she has fallen into denial to deal with her emotional issues and that is not moving on. But not only has this denial led her into this emotionless relationship but into letting herself be blind to Brody’s life style. A lifestyle that is non committal and that secrets kept can be devastating or detrimental to her health. Rachel has lied to herself. Brody has lied to her. This Brochel relationship was a disaster waiting to happen. Now it has. No 18 year old should have to contend with the adult emotional anguish of a possible unwanted pregnancy. Much less whose is it and what she should do about it.This is why I love that Santana is there as another roomate. Santana is astute to people’s behavior and has no qualms of confronting them.

    • Lane says:

      This isn’t a show for role models. Young girls probably shouldn’t be watching it if they think they should emulate the characters. A show is for entertainment, not a how-to on how to live your life. If they’re too stupid to understand that, that’s their problem. I HATE when people bring up the “sending messages” to viewers. Ugh.

  20. Kara says:

    Am I the only one who is SO over the resolution in the finales??? It isn’t satisfying to me to throw Finn and Rachel back together the last episode if I had to sit through all this BS the whole season. I hate they do that. Throw them back together the finales of 1 and 2. Break them up the finale of 3. I don’t care that the writers always say “it’s happy endings, not middles”…. Some of us won’t sit thru all this BS to get to the happy ending. We’ll tune out, as I see many people have judging by the ratings.

    • Melissa says:

      Completely agree. With you 100%. One episode can’t make up for a whole season of wasted story.

    • dude says:

      How much story do you think they can mine from Rachel and Finn being together without turning them into Nathan and Haley? The writers put them together on One Tree Hill, they got married, had kids and then for three seasons they were just there. There’s no conflict in a couple that’s always together and happy. There are far more interesting storylines in them a part. They’re in their 20s, a time to explore life and figure out who they are as people. Not a time to settle down and spend the rest of your life with one person.

      • Melissa says:

        They’re actually in their early teens.

        I’m not saying they need to be together all the time, but they’re the leads of the show and had a handful of scenes together all season. Cory and Lea are at their best when they play opposite each other and that really showed this season. Lea’s scenes with Dean fell flat, and even as talented of an actress as she is, she couldn’t hold up the dead weight that was Dean.

        Those two in different places really did the season a disservice and it seems the GA agrees by the showing of ratings.

        • Melissa says:

          *late teens

        • Cheri says:

          Agreed. Glee audiences have left in droves this season, leaving only the die hard fans. People I know detest this season, so do I. Rachel finally is in NY in NYADA with no Broadway tunes or Barbra Streisand. But she got to do a Brit Spears number, gag. She won the Winter Showcase with good music.
          Lea Michele and Kate Hudson togeher in NY and there was so little out of it all. What a waste of outstanding talent. But we got Brody.
          There are only 7 episodes left this season. It took til I Do to get a solid story and the ball rolling with this season. The rest is off my DVR. I can see why Ryan Murphy is in late talks with Fox with a new strategy for the rest of this season and for a hopeful next season.

  21. Tader01 says:

    I think there should be finchel again! So bye bye Brody!

  22. savannah says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care either way? Finnchel has no real chemistry on-screen, Brody is one-dimensional. Rachel is no better now than she was at the beginning of the series and is still the same whiny, get everything she wants character. Her character officially lost me after she got a ‘second chance’ at her NYADA audition. Anyone who has auditioned for them or AADA knows you don’t get second chances unless something serious happens (death, hospitalization, etc).

    As for Finn… I agree with whoever said his endgame is teaching and glee club. It is. He’s a small town boy who wouldn’t begin to know how to make it in a big city. Transplanting him to NY would be forcing this character to be perpetually uncomfortable and to keep living in Rachel’s shadow. Let them both be single for a while, and if there’s a way to get them back together in a natural way that doesn’t compromise either of them, then cool. Anything else is cheap.

    • Sarah says:

      “As for Finn… I agree with whoever said his endgame is teaching and glee club. It is. He’s a small town boy who wouldn’t begin to know how to make it in a big city. Transplanting him to NY would be forcing this character to be perpetually uncomfortable and to keep living in Rachel’s shadow. Let them both be single for a while, and if there’s a way to get them back together in a natural way that doesn’t compromise either of them, then cool.”

      I could not agree with you more! Finn has never struck me as a big-city type. And this season is the first time I’ve genuinely enjoyed his character in a long while. He seems to get genuine happiness out of working with the Glee club and trying to help the new kids’ dreams come true. I think Rachel clinging to her relationship with Finn was very unhealthy for her, to the point where she considered giving up so much for him. However, it was equally unhealthy for Finn, because he was being dragged along by Rachel and unable to find himself as an individual. I find both characters much more interesting when they’re not together.

      • Bree says:

        Does anyone NOT remember the pilot??? All Finn talked about is getting out of Lima and not being a Lima Loser. His greatest fear was that he would end up in Lima. That’s not his dream. He’s said so many times. He just hasn’t found the confidence yet. Am I the only one who remember this??!

        • savannah says:

          He’s said it a few times, not ‘many.’ And ‘getting out of Lima’ isn’t really a dream – it’s a desire that wouldn’t take much work if he was able to cultivate employable skills, which he doesn’t really have at the moment. He let everything rest on a *football* scholarship rather than on any plan, which is more of a lackadaisical approach to getting out as opposed to having a concrete plan, like Rachel had. His desire to go to NY had nothing to do with his own dreams, but his desire to follow *Rachel’s* dreams, which is not in any way, shape, or form healthy. The few episodes he was in NY showed how uncomfortable he was – not only with the atmosphere, but the with the changes in Rachel herself. Which isn’t to say that change is bad, but he seems to be holding on to what she was rather than who she is becoming. They need time apart, and Finn still hasn’t figured out what he wants to do, although he’s enjoying being in charge of Glee, and I think he’s probably more suited to teaching than anything else. Besides, getting out of Lima doesn’t mean going to NY – it means simply that, at one point, he wanted to get out of Lima. Whether or not the character still feels like that (which is a toss up considering character consistency and whatnot – just look at Tina)? Only Murphy knows.

    • Moonpie says:

      Agree. I’m tired of Rachel. I really wish they’d just spin off New York and focus on Lima.
      The ending of last season felt like a great write-off for Rachel.
      She gets everything she wants, claims to be an underdog, but throws tantrums if things don’t go her way.

  23. I am glad that she drops Brody. Yet a bit scared for finchel, the wait just kills me, they always do this and it is heart wrenching and can be maddening. From the first and second episode of season 1; I have been rooting for Finn and Rachel to be together.

    • carolyn says:

      I hope if Rachel pregnant that it is Finn’s this times after what happened the 1st time,beside I see the chemistry that Finchel still have for each other!!!!!!!!I want her to catch Brody doing something wrong ,that way it gives har an excellant reason to through him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to hear Lea singing Creep.

    • Cheri says:

      Will have to hear Rachel sing it, but not a fan of that song at all. Just have to hear how it works into the story. Just glad this part of the NY storyline will be gone. I want Rachel to come out of this debaucle empowered and find that she is worthy and is loved for being the person whom she is not someone to settle for.

  25. Zarcovia says:

    I agree with @ruby . Too many teenagers watching this show. You don’t end up with your highschool boyfriend. And if you do… You have to take a real break, not only for a few months… To see other fish in the sea and conclude that he is the best one; same thing goes for boys. Otherwise you’re just going to get a divorce after 20 years.

    In this particular story… They are preparing to become very different people( your beloved finchel) … They shouldn’t be together now. If rachel is discovering who she is with brody, at the moment… It is just an experience … Good or bad… It will help her understand better herself. Even after brody, she shouldn’t get back with finn.

    *i loved finchel in highschool… But i felt it was a natural thing them breaking up

    • Bree says:

      No true. Both my parents AND my best friend both ended up with their high school boyfriends WITHOUT breaks. My parents have been married 37 years. My best friend is my age (27) and she has been with her boyfriend since they were 14(!!!!).. they just had a baby and celebrated their 3 wedding anniversary. So yes, some people DO end up with their HS boyfriends.

      • Sarah says:

        Some people do, and it happened much more frequently many years ago. My mom and dad have also been together since high school. BUT – people also had fewer options back then. Fewer women went to college – therefore, they met fewer people, and, with less education, couldn’t match the earning potential of a man (and married partially for security rather than choice). People settled near their hometowns more frequently. I’m not saying that ANY of this matches the stories of people you know, and I’m not saying ALL high school relationships are bad. But on the whole, I think it represents an outdated view to marry the first guy you date, or to get married at a very young age without experiencing the world. Even if Finn and Rachel ARE endgame, I was so, so against them getting married in high school. A more plausible story would have been a promise ring, and then get engaged/married after college, once they’ve both established themselves professionally.

        • xxx says:

          Do you realize this is a tv show in which there soulmates, and they are the main characters of the show who need all those kind of drama to make the audience root from them. I hate that people being unable to differentiate the drama and reality

          btw they are not unhealthy relationship, it just that the happy relationship in a tv show are boring.

      • Mandzie says:

        Some people do, but most don’t. Your parents and friend are exceptions to the rule. My parents have been together since my mom was 14 and my dad was 16. My sister married her high school sweetheart at 19 and divorced him 8 years later. Some people grow together and make it work, but most grow apart and realize who they were when they were teenagers is not the person they grow into and are in fact incompatible with the person they married long before they were ready. Its different for everyone. That being said this is television. Rachel could end up with with Finn or a character that has yet to be revealed as long as it brings in viewers. Currently the show runners seem to be (foolishly IMO) banking on Finchel bringing in more viewers so they constantly tease about a reunion/pregnancy/whathaveyou. So I do think there will be a finchel reunion just because of how much time they’ve put into “pimping” it. I personally would like to see the characters organically grow through some ridiculous situation the writers no doubt will put them through and eventually find their way back to each other in a decent story line… but this is Ryan Murphy so Finn will probably end up a plastic surgeon in a bromance with Sam and then it just gets weird from there…

    • Lw says:

      Totally agree. Rachel and Finn should move on and meet new people. I liked Brody. I think they had better chemistry. I hope he’s not completely off the show. I hope they give his character more depths. The creep scene allowed him to have more emotions. Rachel should focus on career, but it’s the relations ( new relationships) that makes it interesting to watch. I maybe the only person on this planet who wants to see Rachel and Brody together again at some point.

      • erin says:

        I’m with you lw. At least, Rachel matured a bit while with Brody. I also think Brody finally got an opportunity to prove that not only does he have a beautiful voice and a pretty face, but also is more than a one-dimensional character. Even if they are broken up, I hope he stays on the show. By the way, I’m not a “finchel” or a “brachel”? Fan. Rachel is not my favorite character either. I do think the show suffers from this obsessed shipper audience who do not realize that both characters need to grow independently and subsequently hate on any situation that does not include Rachel and Finn back together. Its like they like the finchel concept more than the show; you can’t seriously expect a happily ever after reunion
        by season finale if you want the showto last another season

  26. Hopefully FInchel is back on!!

  27. Raven says:

    I agree with Ruby. I like Brody and enjoye seeing Rachel in an adult relationship in NY. Finchel was a high school relationship, and can’t proceed until Finn figures out what he wants to do with his life.

  28. Finchel fan 4evaaaaaa! says:

    Ok here it’s is she breaks it off way broady he’s does nothing for Rachel she goes back to Ohio to see Finn cause I pray the baby is his plzzz! Then turn out to be true and they get Back together and make it work cuse its finchel pray than she does not lose this baby plzz finchel 4evaaaaaaaaa! <33 x

    • Sarah says:

      Yes ….. because Rachel Berry, who has had her dream Broadway roles picked out since the age of four, belongs in Ohio with her directionless high school boyfriend and a baby. /sarcasm

    • savannah says:

      A more plausible scenario is that she is pregnant, agonizes over her future, and decides either to terminate the pregnancy (with no damage to her vocal cords) or give it up for adoption (and risk damaging her vocal cords and changing her singing voice). If she decides to keep it, it would definitely be more interesting because in NY without any support or job? She’d have to rely on Daddys’ money to raise it. She’s too stubborn to go back.

  29. Amy says:

    the fact that dean will be singing radiohead before cory is so messed up. cant wait until cory is treated equally to everyone else.

  30. Siren says:

    Finchel Forever!!!

  31. Jen says:

    I’m kinda tired of the Rachel Berry Show. There are SO many other fantastic, talented characters on the show. I feel like their stories get overshadowed and rushed to keep focusing on Rachel.

    • Mady says:

      100% agree with this. there are other characters than rachel on this show too.

    • savannah says:

      Thank you. There are other characters.

    • Katie Pike says:

      I agree, Marley has an amazing voice, as does jake and ryder, Sam and Brittany have great chemistry, yet it always goes back to rachael, I wish they would have 3 or 4 episodes without New York but of course with the “pregnancy” storyline that is going to over shadow everything else.

    • Pam says:

      And yet we’ve had more of Blaine, Britt, and Sam than we have of Rachel all season. Stop complaining about things that are no longer accurate.

  32. JT says:


  33. Amy L says:

    Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye Brody!!! FINCHEL FOREVER!

  34. Alisha says:

    I want to know what happens with the pregnancy test. Also I agree with those who want a single Rachel. She needs to discover herself as a women, not as someones girlfriend, she needs to understand herself. She has turned on her own dreams to many times this season because of what a guy has said. I think Rachels character needs to do a bit of growing up, catch up to her knew style, before she goes out with anyone else.

  35. Nichole J says:

    Some single Rachel would be fine but that’s just not her, she was always trying to get with Finn so more Finchel, and some more Quinn too please!!

    • Sarah says:

      “That’s just not her – she was always trying to get with Finn.” She was always throwing herself at a relationship with Finn (and then rebounded quickly to Brody) because, as brash and abrasive as she can be, she has terrible self-confidence issues. She’s constantly been put down and abused by peers. She needs to be single and develop self-confidence in her own right (as a person, not just for her talent) before she can have a healthy relationship with ANYONE.

  36. Connor Phillips says:

    YAY!!!! Finchel To Get Back Will Be Awesome I Am S Hugh Fan Of Finchel Hopefully Rachel Is Pregnant And Finn Is The Father Then That Will Be Perfectly Played Out And Will Be Sweet And Romantic Rachel Broke Up With Finn Both Of Them Feels The Same About Each Other They Both Thing It Was A Bad Idea To Break Up The Reunited In I Do Had You Know What And End Up With Rachel Being Pregnant With Finn The Father Rachel Finds Out That Brody Has Been Cheating On Her Rachel Dumps Brody Then Goes To Ohio And Tells Finn And A Sweet And Romantic Scene That She’s Pregnant And Your The Father They Share A Kiss Finn Moves To New York To Live With Rachel And They Go Happily In The Sunset Leaving It To A Season 5 And Finchel Is Stronger Then Ever And Has There Baby And Get Married And Lives Happy Ever After End Of Glee I Would Love That And That Is What I Think Will Happen And What I Want to Happen

    • Sarah says:

      How are two teenagers (yes, they’re still teenagers) going to afford a baby? How are they going to afford a baby in NEW YORK CITY? How would having a baby affect Rachel’s college education – and her dreams of being on Broadway? If Rachel makes it to the stage and is doing wight shows a week, six nights a week, is Finn going to be OK with being a stay-at-home dad? Getting married and having a baby might sound “sweet and romantic,” but there are serious realities to be considered.

  37. DD says:

    Are you people for real? the Rachel and Brody relationship is awesome. I think he’s brought her to a place that I can actually stand. Cory (finn) is just an awkward actor and sorta dry. Who cares about Drew’s acting. He’s just hott. green eyes, nice body and can sing. I’m sold! I hope she’s pregnant with Brody’s baby :)

  38. Finally, an end to the nightmare that is Brody and Brochel. The relationship is disgusting and damaging to Rachel.

    • Sarah says:

      And so is Finchel. I support single Rachel over either relationship. Rachel/Broadway OTP.

      • Rachel/Broadway is an excuse to say you don’t want her to be with someone. Honestly, career doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be fulfilled and happy.

        • Sarah says:

          Two years ago, I had a choice between moving to Chicago to be with the boyfriend I’d been with all through college, or moving to Kentucky to take a job with my dream company. I broke up with the guy to pursue the dream I’d been after since middle school. My career challenges me, inspires me, and pushes me to be a better person every day. Maybe I’ll be single forever, maybe I won’t – I’m holding out for the right person. Am I lonely sometimes? Yes. But at the end of every day, I know that I haven’t compromised myself for anyone, and that I am being the best version of myself I can possibly be. I want the same for Rachel.

          • Mike says:

            You realize this is a TV show and that you aren’t Rachel Berry, don’t you?

          • Sarah says:

            Yes, Mike, I totally do! Haha. But pop culture matters. Kids (especially the preteen/teen group that makes up so much of Glee’s audience) are influenced by movies, TV shows, music. People talk SO MUCH about how seeing violence/guns/etc in video games or in movies can influence kids and possibly affect their future behavior. That’s true of other things, too. Glee is currently sending the message that girls are defined by their relationships and should give up their individual goals/dreams for one if necessary. And that’s not a positive message, at all. I feel really strongly that Rachel Berry should be a strong young woman that sets a positive example for young girls watching this show.

  39. Cgul79 says:

    First what is sick is that you actually hope she is pregnant! If it were real life and your daughter would you want that??? Secondly would you let your daughter date a cheating low life such as Brody??? I never liked his character since he appeared. He is sneaky, cheating, a liar and has changed Rachel from a good and descent person into a horrible, slut!!! I can’t believe that this is what Glee has for us so far! I hope they can clean this up a bit :(

    • Sarah says:

      I mostly agree with you, but a couple of comments are off the mark. I don’t think Brody is cheating (if they really did AGREE to have an “open relationship)…..however, he IS lying to Rachel, which is the biggest problem I have with him. Second of all, why is Rachel a “horrible slut?” Because she had sex with a guy who isn’t Finn? Finn had sex with Santana and possibly with Quinn, and no one thinks he’s a horrible slut. But yes, I agree with you – the fact that people are rooting for Rachel to be pregnant is sick. In what universe do you hope an 18-year-old girl who is trying to pursue her dreams is pregnant?

  40. Sara says:

    I wouldn’t mind you see Finchel get back, but its a nice break! I’ll admit I was happy you see them back together, as all the “ex” couples. So long as Klaine gets back together I’m happy.

  41. Katkid says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I watch this show for the fantasy of it all. As a former drama geek in high school, all you ever dreamed of was the beautiful moment, the perfect duet or that one defining monologue … It was all about the DRAMA. I love Finn & Rachel! They sing beautifully together and have such romance and chemistry. Baby or no baby, I want my old glee back where we all sing and dance and allow our hearts to skip a mini-beat when an overdue kiss presents itself.
    I could care less about what is realistic. I have to live in reality, don’t need my show to follow there. :) Forever Gleek!

  42. Katie says:

    Here’s what I think is gonna happen… Rachel is pregnant w/ Brody’s baby; he’ll want nothing to do w/ parenting the child because he’s a jerk; and Finn is gonna b the father figure because he still loves Rachel and vice versa. As far as Rachel and NYADA/her future goals goes… I have no idea.

    • Katie says:

      Or she may terminate the pregnancy… If she would go that far cuz Rachel seems morally grounded when it comes to serious situations like this. Giving the baby up for adoption is another option but idt she would go that route cuz she knows the pain of growing up w/o a mother, and she’ll probably not want to put her child through what she went through w/ Shelby.

  43. Rita says:

    You people need to go back and really look at the pilot of glee that started this whole journey and quit projecting your own biases onto the show. There were 4 main characters introduced in the pilot which clearly set out a definite arc I could root for. Will the idealist who did lose his way and regained his self respect when he reintroduced the power of the arts to the kids in the high school and thereby setting a path they would never have followed without his intervention. This character and the adults were important to the show because the humour and satire was fleshed out by the dichotomy between the kids in the school just trying to learn and grow and the adults who lost their way. The other two characters represented two sides of a coin Rachel the one with the A type personality written to never fail yet lacking the ability to get along with others in pursuit of her goals. Finn who represents the everyman character who was blackmailed into this world and discovered a genuine passion and ability and despite being able to get along with others are acheive without needing to hog the spollight lacks the self confidence that Rachel possesses. These two interacting is the heart of the show the dynamic that makes me care. The fourth character was Sue the antagonist to the show choir and the social order. The other characters sprung from the collective group trying to succeed and this group mentality is what made the show great. The Finn and Rachel interaction is what is missing and the group dynamic that made the show watchable. New York needs that Finchel togetherness and the Will Sue dynamic can help gain that dynamic in Lima and that is why season 4 has not worked for me.

    • Sarah says:

      I think part of why Glee isn’t working this season is, partially like you said, because they’ve deviated so far from a core group of characters and the cast has gotten so big. With SO many kids whose stories they’re juggling at McKinley, PLUS, the adults’ drama, PLUS several characters in New York, PLUS others in other locations who they’ve tried to drop in for a guest spot from time to time ….. the cast is too bloated, and they don’t have time to devote to making ANYONE’S storyline truly compelling. They really need to drop one of the two locations (Ohio or NYC), or cut some cast members. I’d vote for the latter. The new kids at McKinley are boring and one-note. Cut the cast back down to size, and bring the characters they don’t want to write out entirely back for some guest slots here and there.

    • Cheri says:

      Totally the most forgotten premise of Glee. Its foundation and what is the core of the show. Will and Emma moving to background status to allow the “background cast” be featured has ruined the basic principles of these dynamics you have mentioned. Sue has lost her way and the writers have a hard time figuring what they will do with her. Finn and Rachel being in totallly different loications with no contact is the number 1 worst thing season 4 has done to Glee. I realize Finn and Rachel need to grow up and be individuals and find their own paths but this season just shows how these storylines have pulled the foundation and the support columns for Glee to build off of. Right now there is NO support column to keep Glee on track with its goal of the show. It has taken a detour that is dull and uninteresting. And to agree with the other person is that the cast is way too bloated. The stories are so watered down to too few minutes per episode for too many cast to get a story, that Glee is frkkin boring.
      I was so excited for this season just for Finn’s story. What a blah story.
      So excited for Rachel with Kate Hudson in New York, but here we are with not much to show for it. IMO. For me, a frikkin huge drag.

  44. Fernanda says:

    When Finn finally realizes what to do in his life, in that moment, I will want a Finchel reunion. Rigth now, a BIG NO. I want Rachel alone and focus on her career, the only couple I want together the whole time is KLAINE

  45. Aubrey says:

    It appears that Rachel is knocked up… at least that is what they are making it look like, and if that is the case, i would like to see Rachel go back home for a bit… NY is great for her, but there are some serious changes about to take place in the characters life, pregnant or not, deciding to keep it or not…
    As for Klaine… I want these two to be together more than any other couple on the show, I am interested to see where all of these crazy love stories are going to end, or start again or whatever. :)

    • Sarah says:

      I want to know where Rachel’s dads are in all of this? Since the S4 premiere, she’s moved off-campus, she’s flown back and forth to Ohio multiple times, she’s had her big NYC debut, she moved in with a guy, and now we have a pregnancy scare. I think Burt and Beiste are the only adults on this show with an actual CLUE.

      I love Kurt and Blaine, and they definitely have long-term compatibility (they both want similar careers in the same city, and they were good friends before dating). However, they’ve both screwed up royally at this point, and it’s going to be a LONG time before I’d be comfortable with them getting back together. I hope Adam turns out to be a nice guy, because I think it’s very, very healthy for Kurt to have a mid-game love interest (that he eventually breaks up with amicably).

    • Fernanda says:

      my thoughts, Rachel will have a miscarriage. For me, it’s too soon for a Finchel or Brochel baby. I don’t see a Berry belly anytime soon. She will learn about that experience. How about the identity of Sue’s baby father. My bets are with Rod Remington

  46. Colby warren says:

    For all u guys who are talking about how rachel needs to be single, she really doesnt. Brody is a waste of a character, and he and rachel dont really have that chemistry that finchel had. Fin and rachel are opposites which gives them perfect chemistry. One more thing, glee is not a life lesson show, so all u guys talking about ” oh its not realistic to raise a baby in ny city” and shut up thats pretty bad guys. Finchel 4eva

    • Sarah says:

      Glee established itself as a “life lesson” show from the beginning – when it decided to have the PSA storylines about coming out, teen suicide, accepting others, etc. So yes, for the number of young viewers they have and for the impact their show has, they do have an obligation to be socially responsible (while also entertaining). Also, opposites may attract, but they aren’t always together long-term. Let’s say you had a character who wanted to, I don’t know, live in the country and raise animals. They wouldn’t match a character who wanted to live in a big city. Or if you had a character who was very liberal, they might not have long-term compatibility with a character who is very conservative.

  47. Darlene says:

    Rachel is pregnant with Brody’s child, but because she just slept with Fin, she is going to wait and tell him it is his. Then when they get close to being married, Fin will find out the truth and break it off

    • Delusions of Joe says:

      she was taking the pregnancy test in March, an entire month later, so if there is a baby it could be Finn’s.

  48. Anna says:

    I really kinda don’t want Glee to cover “Creep”… just, no.

  49. Delusions of Joe says:

    Wasting screen time and songs on Brody and Rachel’s relationship demise is sad. and pathetic. but par for the course of season 4 of Glee. but can we please keep Finn out of that SL for as long as possible. I want him single and loving life. no rachel needed. at least not for a long long LONG while.

  50. Colby warren says:

    Correct me if im wrong, but rachel helped finn bring glee club back together when they lost sectionals. They were meant to be thats all there is to it