Bones Casts Booth's Mom -- But Will It Be 'Happy to See Me'?

Bones Season 8 SpoilersFox’s Bones is ready to at long last introduce us to she who gave unto the world one Seeley Booth — and Joanna Cassidy will fill the pivotal role.

Cassidy, who also plays mom to Body of Proof‘s Megan Hunt, will first appear in an episode airing April 15, says TV Guide Magazine, which first reported the casting.

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Little is known about Booth’s momma, save for a crumb of an anecdote dropped here and there through the years. What we do know is that Booth’s grandfather Hank (played by Ralph Waite) raised him and his brother Jared after kicking their alcoholic, abusive father out of the house. (Edwin Booth was revealed to have died in Season 7, of liver failure.)

When I spoke with David Boreanaz last month about climbing this part of the family tree, he ventured, “I think the relationship just in general is better with his mother than it was with his father, so it’ll be something that we look at and try to figure out how we’re going to incorporate it into the storylines.”

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Cassidy’s other TV credits include HawthoRNe, Boston Legal, Six Feet Under, Buffalo Bill and Falcon Crest.

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  1. TV Gord says:

    I just recently watched the entire series of Buffalo Bill, so I’m ready for more Joanna Cassidy! This is terrific casting!

  2. Poppy says:

    Really great casting! I am beyond excited to meet Booth’s mom. It’s about time!

  3. Dee says:

    Yes, finally a glimpse into Booth’s background. Should be good because apparently Booth still has some very affectionate feelings for her unlike what he had for his father. Bring it on ,I’m ready.

  4. Jenni says:

    Finally Booth is getting a good storyline at last…. I thought Bones was going to drop the ball on this and move it to next season. But they came through! Love the casting too :)

  5. Willhelmina Warren says:

    Go Booth !!!

  6. Deena says:

    She can’t be any worse of a mother than when she played Brenda’s mom on Six Feet Under! Seriously, I’m looking forward to the relationship between them and why she was never really a part of Booth’s life.

  7. Muse Fan says:

    I am so happy for this news! GO BOOTH! Great casting too. Bring It On.

  8. BoothROCKS says:

    Finally! Really looking forward to the dynamics between Booth and his MIA mom……And I think they made a great casting choice too. She was fab in Body of Proof and Six ft Under.

  9. Sarah says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling her showing up isn’t going to go or end well for B&B? Or is it just me?
    Also, why is the finale so early if there’s 26 episodes this season and there’s a couple breaks coming up?

    • Anon says:

      It has been confirmed that S8 will now have 24 eps, two eps are being moved to S9 now. I don’t know why, maybe the shooting to airing schedule is too tight for the April 29 finale and airing 26 eps?

  10. Jillian says:

    How would her showing up effect B&B? Also, there’s nothing to suggest that they are breaking up. David said that they will be tense at times, but still have romantic moments. If they broke up, would they still have romantic moments? Also, Hart said in another interviews that they are solid, even though they will still have their struggles together.

    • I says:

      I’m interested to see what kind of character she is. I agree that I don’t think that she could just pop back in & cause B&B to break up.. but I DO believe she could come in & not get along with Brennan. (we know Brennan isn’t always easy to get along with) I could see rifts happen & some drama at best. (Anything more I think would be a stretch for Hart Hanson & the writers) I have said for a couple of seasons now that I know Brennan loves Booth but I think maybe she needs to see or feel that she could lose him for her to begin to “fight” for him. On the episode of The male in the mail, at the end when Brennan gets Booth to open his Dad’s case she says, “we are sharing our lives for the time being”… I am waiting for “the time being” to not be enough for her, & I know something big will have to happen for her to see that. (Maybe his Mom will be that or maybe a revisit from Hannah?! Hannah did say she didn’t feel like they were finished when she turned down his proposal in season 6) `Sorry I rambled on, I’ll stop now! lol`

  11. BHM1304 says:

    She is Fitz’s (Jason Priestly) mom on “Call Me Fitz”. She still looks beautiful and is still awesome.

  12. S. says:

    I thought she was dead. And if she’s not, where the heck has she been? And why would Booth have happy feelings for her when she abandoned him to an alcoholic father? What is going on over at Bones lately?

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      “I think the relationship just in general is better with his mother than it was with his father…”

      Doesn’t say that he’ll get along with her, just that he likes her better than his father…which doesn’t say a lot really. And not once has the show made it known that Booth’s mother was dead…he just doesn’t talk about her often

      • S. says:

        I don’t remember him ever talking about her. Ever. I thought she was dead because she is never mentioned and Booth was raised by his grandfather. Not something that usually happens when a parent is alive.

        • andi says:

          There are many various reasons why a living parent can’t or is unfit to raise children and why the care is given to or taken over by grandparents (or foster parents). I am interested to know Booth’s moms reason…It has never been stated that Booth’s mom is dead or why she left, fan speculation isn’t fact, sorry. :}

  13. madbengalsfan85 says:

    He does occasionally…we know she wrote jingles, she used to be a dancer

  14. Xaeonx7 says:

    Obviously same thing as in season 1 with brennan’s mother

  15. Elle says:

    For long time viewers, this is probably another one of those things that was better left unsaid. It probably will be treated like everyone knew about her. Kind of soap operish but I will go with it.

    Still waiting for Brennan’s grandfather to be explained.

  16. Rach says:

    Booth’s mom was mentioned once in Season 1 and once in Season 8. That’s a lot less than “occasionally”. So Mom left Jared and Booth with their violent drunk dad. Doesn’t ever come back while Pops is raising the boys. Yet anytime Brennan expressed her feelings about being abandoned by her mother you’d think Booth would’ve commiserated about that with her, since he apparently knows what that feels like. The season finale of Season 8 is too late to throw this monkey wrench into the show canon. Too many plot holes to hand wave by now. .

    • S. says:

      Yes, thank you! That’s what I mean. What is happening to this show. I love it, but then they go and slip something like this is and it’s supposed to be like, “What? You didn’t know? Weren’t you watching and paying attention? She’s been here the whole time,” and I’m supposed to be the stupid one because I never even thought she was anything but dead for all the attention they’ve paid. And if they say she did abandon Booth well it’s just stupid that it hasn’t been something Booth and Bones did bond over. To put it in now is just foolish and crappy and bad plotting. I get that Fox may be pushing story lines, but they’re messing with canon and I hate that. It’s one of the reasons I no longer watch soaps anymore.

      • danni says:

        Just because we don’t see things/discussed happen onscreen doesn’t mean that the characters haven’t discussed it off screen at some point. We only find out when we actually watch the episode that they know more than the viewer does ….Did we ever see Brennan and Booth discuss ALL the stories about Booth’s dad that Brennan told in the ep that Booth’s dad died in? No. But it was obvious that Booth had shared that part of his life. Did we ever see Pops be told that he was going to have a great granddaughter? No. But it was obvious he knew in the same ep as mentioned prior….So why can’t Booth and Brennan have discussed aspects of his mom over the years off screen? They probably have and we will see this in the season finale…And ruining canon? Pfff. It is only canon until the creators say it is or isn’t from one ep to the next…. Wait and see the episode and then judge. JMHO

    • Kwapple says:

      Booth hates talking about his past…it took Jared showing up for Booth to even mention that his dad drank. Booth going out of his way to not discuss his mother is very much in character for him.

    • janie says:

      Actually Booth mentioned his mom to Brennan ìn season five too, he discussed a childhood story with her that he never shared with anyone else….And imo it is never too late to add backstory to a character, it keeps the series moving forward and not running on the spot going stale…It has never been stated that Booth’s mom was dead or why she was not apart of the boys life for so long or stated why she left Pops to raise the boys, that is fan speculation going wild over the years,imo, therefore there is no canon to mess up.

  17. Ru says:

    She was also in Blade Runner way back when…..

  18. W. J. says:

    Weird — I always thought Booth’s mom was deceased. Reading the headline, I thought this would be another supernatural-themed episode! :-) Love the show; so glad it’s still around!

  19. I says:

    I think Booth has transferred all of his anger & hurt to his Father, after-all it was his drinking & abuse that made her leave. He may not even realize that he was hurt by her abandonment. Booth is a protector & he probably would have taken a beating for his mom a time or two. I think even though Booth is the one who operates on feelings & the such, between he & Brennan, he may have just rationalized all of his feelings into it being completely his father’s fault. Maybe they will focus on making him realize that she was the adult & was wrong for abandoning Booth & Jarred & Booth will finally find peace. (by forgiving both his mother & his father..) Just my take on her being introduced now with only having been mentioned twice or 3 times before now.. I am hoping we see more of Pop’s soon. I just love Ralph Waite. <3

  20. Alexis says:

    I,love Bones!

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