Smash Recap: The Caged Bird Sings

smash season 2 the song jennifer hudsonKaren Cartwright, we need to talk.

Just a few months ago, you lost 165 pounds of cheating fiancé, and the change looked great on you. You scored rave reviews in an out-of-town tryout for a Broadway musical, you moved in with a free-spirited artisté roommate, and things were looking up.

But now, when you ought to be focusing on building a healthy, post-Dev self-esteem and launching what could be a major-league Broadway career, you’re wasting time making googly eyes and kissy lips at Jimmy — an obnoxious, entitled, drug-addicted, misogynistic Brooklyn dude who puts the “poseur” in composer. Yes, I know you’re from a small town in Iowa, but surely mom and dad let you out from the strawberry patch every now and again.

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I mean, in the last few weeks, Jimmy has insulted your looks, screamed at you in the streets and implied you took the casting-couch route to success on the Great White Way. And now, in the latest episode of Smash, dude showed zero respect for your professional aspirations — yelling at two of your bosses and then trying to physically intimdate one of ’em, despite the fact that you and said bosses have been presumably the first people in NY to overlook his douche-iness and help him with his own professional (and I use the adjective loosely) hopes and dreams.

Right about now, I’m hoping for a crossover episode with Fox’s The Following, just long enough so that Jimmy can be dispatched quickly and permanently — and with extreme prejudice. Or if we want to think synergyistically, we could have him bumped off on Law & Order: SVU (after all, it’s set in NYC…and it’s on NBC). Heck, I’d settle for Ellis returning to spike Jimmy’s kale and flaxseed smoothie with some deadly peanuts. (Oh, sorry…just having a little Season 1 nostalgia there.)

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Anyhow, I know I’m probably talking to a brick wall. (Actually, a brick wall would never say anything as perkily irksome as “Derek, Derek, you gotta hear this song — it’ll break your heart! It’s simple, it’s pure, it’s Broadway — but a fresh take!” Blech.) And since this was actually an episode built around Jennifer Hudson’s smashingly talented Veronica “Ronnie” Moore, let’s cut directly to a brief recounting of this week’s key plot points.

THE SONGBIRD BREAKS OUT OF HER CAGE | Tension rose with regard to Ronnie’s “one-night only” concert — and not just because her mother scored a deal to get it aired on Bravo. (“Isn’t she a little old to have a mom-ager?” asked indispensable stage manager Linda, in the night’s best zinger.) It turns out Ronnie was conflicted: Should she follow Derek’s new and sexy direction or listen to her mom’s advice to continue on the squeaky-clean path that made her a star in the first place? By the time Derek began screaming things like “CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY!” and “You do know what it feels like to be turned on?” in Ronnie’s face, girlfriend had had it. But after a chat with old pal Ivy Lynn (hired along with Karen as backround singers/dancers) Ronnie decided if she was going to sacrifice having a personal life on the altar of her career, she might as well have some fun with it. Cue some Fosse-esque hijinks. And cue a lush new ballad (by Jimmy and his gay BFF Kyle) called “I Can’t Let Go.” Voila! An artistic triumph! (Seriously, though, if Bravo aired this event, I’d totes DVR it. You?)

JIMMY AND KYLE AND KAREN MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER (NOT A EUPHEMISM) | Overhearing the need for hot new tunes for Ronnie’s concert, Karen summoned Jimmy and Kyle to the theater for meetings with Tom and Derek. Naturally, when Tom didn’t immediately fall in love with his first three compositions and then dared to look at his watch — dude is on the clock as musical director for a major Broadway star, so he’d better keep track of time, yo! — Jimmy exploded: “I’m sorry. Do you have somewhere else to be?” Later, when Derek decided he didn’t have a need for the ditty Jimmy had spent one day of his layabout life working on, the kid erupted again: “Give me five minutes! I deserve that!” And then Derek gave a retort that made me love him more than I ever have at any point in Smash history: “No one deserves anything in this business. You wait your turn and you earn it. You’re not there yet.” Honestly, I don’t care how good a songwriter Jimmy is, I don’t buy that Derek or Tom or Ronnie would even think about using his songs for the concert, given his abhorrent behavior (and certainly not without an actual contract). But after Jimmy went on a 24-hour bender and showed up high in the alley behind the theater to plant a kiss on Karen, he was allowed backstage to witness Ronnie covering “I Can’t Let Go” — a development nobody bothered to tell him (or Kyle) about. (Wait, did Ronnie get to use the song for free? What? Srsly?) (Also, did the show’s writers really have Karen help compose part of the melody for the hook? And next week she’ll cure cancer!)

JULIA AND THE HOT, HOT DRAMATURG ENGAGE IN SOME MORE PRE-COITAL BICKERING | They’re totally gonna do it, right? Even if Peter’s first and only play, The Singing Bird, featured an actual bird singing. Uff da. But hey, dude wants to go away for a weekend in the Berkshires to bang out (emphasis on the “bang” part, obvi) their new ideas for the Bombshell book — in which every scene will be written from the point of view of one of the men in Marilyn’s life. (Hrmmm.)

AND EILEEN TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT HER INVOLVEMENT WITH NICK TO THE GOVERNMENT, AND IS FORCED TO STEP DOWN AS BOMBSHELL PRODUCER | Not sure how long they can keep this particular plot line going — especially with her ex-hubby stepping in to take control — but methinks this story arc will end with Eileen tossing a drink in the dastardly heel’s face, don’t you? I loved the little piano line — “fade in on a girl…” — as Eileen shared the sad news, and while I wasn’t shocked to find out it was Ellis who’d sold Eileen out to Jerry, I wonder if the world’s lurking-est assistant will follow Jerry’s post-payoff advice in a more overarching way: “Don’t ever contact me again!” I wouldn’t mind seeing him one more time, right before he falls into an elevator shaft, L.A. Law-style. (Sorry, next week’s recap won’t be quite so bloodthirsty, I promise!)

Oh, before I wrap up, I have to give a shout-out to my favorite exchange of the week — between my favorite bitter rivals/semi-friends Tom and Derek:

Derek: (gesturing to Kyle and Jimmy) These young people could be you in 20 years.
Tom: Fifteen.


Anyhow, on that note, did you think of this week’s Smash? Are you as annoyed by Jimmy as I am? Did you like Julia and Peter’s new ideas for Bombshell? And which Ronnie concert would you rather see: Traditional Virgin or Hot-Blooded Vixen? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steven Hall says:

    I enjoyed it- hope ratings can increase a little, it’s a shame how low the ratings are when season 2 has seen improvement since season 1- if the ratings do continue to decline, I at least hope season 2 wraps up the storyline in a satisfying way

    • david says:

      Everyone promised great things from the new season and yet to me the characters from last season seem flat – no spark for the theatre they claim to love just dragging long faces around and Ms Messing seems like she has gone off the deep end just yelling all the time – get back to Bombshell quickly before the cancellation hatchet falls on SMASH

  2. Andre says:

    You should grade the performances like you do for Glee!

  3. Lime says:

    Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Ronnie really is a virgin? I think she might be – the wanting to change her image to a sexier one, the discomfort with actually being/feeling sexy, telling Ivy that she’s never had time to date – and with a helicopter “momager” it would be pretty hard to even have a fling. I don’t know if this will have any bearing on the rest of the season, but I thought it was interesting.

    Jimmy is a genius, but he’s crazy. Like most geniuses. He’s hot, but Karen is a big old dummy to get involved romatically with him. Crazy always beats hot (see HIMYM) – but how long before he falls below the Vickie Mendoza diagonal?

    “I Can’t Let Go” was beautiful.

    • Margaret says:

      I love Jeremy Jordan, he’s such a likeable guy, but he’s playing such an unlikeable guy that it’s hard to invest in the character at all. we can tell he’s talented (and please don’t stop letting him sing, he has an amazing voice!!) but without the fleshing out of the backstory (the breaking into the apt bit from last week, etc) I can’t care about the character, which is a bummer.

    • Lilacbarries says:

      Ha! Love it!

    • ktbanks says:

      As long as he doesn’t wind up in the “Shelley Gillespie Zone.” LOL.

  4. Josh says:

    This episode was weird…Ivy did nothing…Tom was pretty minor…Karen was basically a supporting player to Jimmy. This was just weird. Ivy didn’t even get a solo!!!

    And Jimmy is HORRIBLE…OMG…Wow…Was that first drug-addled kiss supposed to be romantic. Are we supposed to root for his entitled ass? Or we supposed to agree with him when he acts like he’s been wronged because people aren’t bending over backwards to give him a shot. That last scene was so empty because I don’t care for Jimmy and Kyle and I only care about Ronnie because J.Hud’s voice makes me ears cry tears of joy(yeah she makes the medically impossible happen!)…but the new duo just aren’t very likable. Kyle hardly even exists as a character. And Karen being attached to them isn’t making her any more likable. Also how is going in high off his ass, showing them he can handle pressure? Wouldn’t it do the exact opposite?

    I enjoyed Julia’s storylien but yeah…the reboot seems to be cut in half…This “Hit List” storyline isn’t working…while Bombshell is…

  5. Tom says:

    Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Josh Safran shouldn’t be in the television industry anymore. Sorry to say that, but he clearly doesn’t have the chops for it. Some people do, some don’t, but don’t take a decent show and run it to the ground like it’s your job. The fact that someone is getting paid for the, “OMG it was Ellis on the phone!” storyline is an insult to television and it’s insulting to viewers who spend their time watching a show. Jimmy is an entitled son-of-a-b*itch. Sorry for the frank language, it just really irritates me. He has no depth, he’s literally just a giant ass with NO redeeming qualities. And WTF was with Jimmy’s partner’s (don’t know his name, maybe Kyle?) song while he’s walking. It was a weird walk-and-talk/sing out of the realm of reason bullish*t Glee post season 1 move where it doesn’t make sense. Sorry for ranting but the great talent on this show deserves better and the audience deserves better than this.

    • Gillian says:

      Agreed. A really good show has gone down the drain. The cast that we loved so much (Karen, Ivy, Derek) have become supporting players. The second season of Smash should really be called the Jennifer Hudson show. The storyline just isn’t working and has taken the magic out of the performances. Likewise, The two new male characters are a joke. How is showing up high professional? Try getting sober first. Talk about immature – is that guy really Karen’s love interest? No wonder the ratings are tanking. Sadly, Smash is a pale shadow of its former self.

      • Josh says:

        I think the main problem is that Safran keeps on pointing out “This show was wrong in the first place! Look new people! EDGY! HE’S A BAD BOY!” and forgetting what worked in that show(the characters, the play, the fun music)…so far I think in terms of consistency and characters acting like sane people it’s been better then last season(save for Jimmy and Kyle and Karen reacting to Jimmy and Kyle) but in terms of storyline…I don’t even feel there is one anymore. It’s just “Hit List” and “Jimmy”…and neither are working.

  6. TMW says:

    As Michael touched upon in the recap why were Jimmy and Kyle there (and in matching shirts and ties yet) if they didn’t know their song would be performed? That’s very poor writing. I liked Kyle singing tonight for the first time, though.

  7. Katy says:

    I enjoyed it! Kat McPhee is very talented and Jennifer Hudson is awesome! Jimmy could use some character development to explain the chip on his shoulder and garner a little sympathy for his flaws. Right now he comes off as someone I want to root for, but I’m not sure why?

  8. Mick says:

    This episode for me worked on many levels and made me wonder if this is the show they wanted to write which is the story of a star and Broadway writers finding their voice after being knocked down by their community.

    • A says:

      THIS!! I always thought and hoped that the show would progress and be more about the world of Broadway itself rather than just about a specific Marilyn Monroe musical.

  9. Drew says:

    Tired of Jennifer Hudson. I’ve never been a big fan, but was fine with the idea of her being a guest star. Y’know, someone who comes and goes in the background, as an example of someone who made it. But now, Karen is being completely ignored… I think she’s had one song this year that wasn’t taken over by someone else or cut away from. Did Kat have some sort of medical condition that prevented her from singing? I mean, Ivy is kinda being neglected too, but at least she has her own thing going on (even if we see little of it) and hasn’t become a supporting character, like Karen has. She’s gotten to sing a few times.

    Jimmy is annoying too.

    I think that in some ways, the show has improved since last year. However, the introduction of Jimmy is way too forced. He shouldn’t be taking over the show, he should be a recurring character that supports a Karen plotline at this point. If he was liked by fans and writers, then bump him up. But now, it’s like we’re supposed to be rooting for the most entitled brat in the history of mankind.

    • Tom says:

      Kat’s medical condition is called bad writing. She caught it from Josh Safran. Apparently it’s contagious.

      • Josh says:

        Yeah I agree…Jimmy isn’t supporting at this point. IN each episode he’s had more to do than Ivy and that’s wrong considering she’s most people’s favorite. And he’s making Karen look like some starry eyed, teen girl moron when last season we saw her grow a lot in terms of needing a man in her life. Even with Dev she was pretty go with not putting up with crap, yet all she gets from Jimmy is crap.

        I get that this guy comes from the CW and Gossip Girl where Bad Boys are encouraged and the more abusive the better, but adults watch this show and these are adult characters. It times the writers remeber that and remember the characters we want too see(Ivy, Tom and Julia, Karen(without a jerk) the Background dancers, and Derek)

        • Drew says:

          Maybe part of Jimmy’s annoying element is that it’s a stage actor playing him… So, perhaps the writers didn’t intend for all of his whiny tantrums to be played to the back row quite as much as they have been… but still, the situations themselves are pretty over the top, so I guess it’s not all on the actor.

  10. Coryrox says:

    Not even finished watching the episode yet and so incredibly annoyed with this Jimmy character. What the hell is wrong with Karen and why on earth is she fawning over this guy? Its like she took a step back 5 years and became a teenage girl. I seriously hope the writers figure something out because I am about to lose hope…

  11. David says:

    The problem with this season is that there are too many new characters and not enough focus on Bombshell and some of the characters from the first season. Jimmy is just annoying and I am beginning to resent so much time being spent on him. The show needs to go back to the core characters on the Bombshell journey.

  12. Lisa says:

    The preview for next week said, “In 2 weeks”. How will this show ever gain momentum with an erratic schedule? I keep watching for Megan Hilty. She is so talented.

    I want to see the girl who plays Jenny on “Bunheads” do a guest role as Megan’s younger sister. She is a mini Megan.

    • Josh says:

      haha that would be awesome…And they said next week for me…and also has a new episode…which at least has some Bombshell and IVy stuff coming up(but also Jimmy and Hit List stuff…wonderful :-/)…It’s new the week after too.

    • elr says:

      At this point I think I would prefer for Megan Hilty to visit Bunheads instead. But either way this needs to happen that they are in the same show together.

  13. Viv says:

    I couldn´t care less for Jimmy and his whole storyline. Wouldn´t mind, if I don´t have to see him again (I miss Ellis… that means something -.-).
    I like the way their going with Tom and this whole dirceting thing. And I´m looking forward to the next episode. Looks like we get to see more Ivy and more Bombshell.

  14. mike says:

    What, no mention of Broadway Deena and Movie Effie?

  15. Tracy says:

    This ep tells me the new showrunner does not understand SMASH, its audience or what makes good TV! Jimmy is a disaster! Yes, women love bad boys but he is so bad he is unlikeable and he looks like Oscar the Grouch! He also has zero chemistry with Kat McPhee who generates tons of electricity in her scenes with Jack Davenport! Then there is Jennifer Hudson…I don’t like Jennifer Hudson, I find her over-rated but in this case, I don’t know why she is guest starring. I don’t care about her character and I honestly don’t see the point to her being on the show! SMASH is about the making of a musical and a star and we have an entire cast we already care about – we don’t need to devote massive screen time to Ronnie. Showing her once was fine but she needs to go! The truth is that seeing Karen turn into a star and watching her experience growing pains is a great concept and watching Ivy struggle and scheme after ten years was the perfect counter story for an industry where they are so many more applicants than there are jobs and where some talented people just aren’t good enough! Cut to problems with funding, the friendship and collaboration between Tom and Julia and the potential relationship between Karen and Derek and you’ve got enough to keep the cast busy. These newbies have been given too much screen time and they are detracting from the show. I plan to keep watching but I don’t like the new showrunner at all! SMASH has so much potential – NBC needs to fnd the right person to run it!

  16. Margo319 says:

    Girls like the whole “singer songwriter bad boy with a heart of gold” thing. I hope I solved the reasons why Karen is drawn to Jimmy or why most women in their 20’s are drawn to these types. It works because it’s realistic.

    • Drew says:

      The question is, why do all of the other characters put up with him? Okay, so Karen has the hots for him for some reason. As does his friend who allows him to walk all over him. But Derek doesn’t want to get into Jimmy’s pants, and Tom doesn’t want to either. So, why are they bending over backwards to please the kid who is constantly throwing tantrums as though he has some rank to pull in that industry? In real life, he would have lost his opportunity to make it, because of his crappy attitude toward people who really don’t have to put up with it.

      • A says:

        I think its because they see a bit of themselves in Jimmy. My first impression of Jimmy was that he was quite similar to Derek and in this episode its clear from the interactions with Jimmy and Tom is that he sees something in the kid. Jimmy’s still young and immature and definitely needs to grow but maybe Derek and Tom feel like they can help in some way.

    • Josh says:

      But it makes Karen unlikable….In real life, everyone would tell Karen “drop him” and as tends to happen, they’d stop hanging out with Karen because they hate him and find him unstable.

      Which I guess is happening to the show anyway…

  17. Smasheroo says:

    Loved this ep. Some great songs. Jimmy is growing on me v v v v slowly lol! Cute scenes with him and Karen although I’m still all about cartwills! The song JHud sang at the end was EPIC! LOVED IT!

  18. KC says:

    Can I just jump on board the Jimmy hate train here?

    Like, I’m sure Jeremy Jordan is terrific – not familiar with his Broadway work but I’ve read good things; but honestly this isn’t the role to make me warm up to him. Everytime he shows up on screen, I just wanna slap him silly (Cory Monteith’s Finn is the only other character I feel the same way about).

    Jennifer Hudson may be an amazing vocalist obviously (even if it’s not my thing), but she’s a pretty bad actress. And like, however many years later, Im still just as baffled at the fact that the woman has a freakin Oscar.

    • CD says:

      KC- thank you! Jennifer Hudson has one hell of a voice but that does not make you a good actor. Her acting is TERRIBLE. Just…unwatchable. Why do people rarely say this?! Afraid of backlash? I’m taking anything away from her singing abilities. Just…leave the acting to good actors. Same words of advice to McPhee. Sigh.

  19. Davey Elmer says:

    They got rid of Ellis – whom I personally liked as a recurring antagonist – and replaced him with a guy who’s worse.

    Like it or not, though, Jimmy’ s a main character, just like Ellis was in Season 1,so we’re stuck with him.

    • Josh says:

      Not just a main character but seemingly the new male lead…As I said already, in every episode he’s had more lines than Ivy, and sometimes Tom. What to the eff?

      • Davey Elmer says:

        In Season 1, the only truly defined ‘lead’ character was Karen; everyone else fit into the show’s ‘ensemble’. With Season 2, they’ve continued to use Karen as the ‘lead’, but have also added Jimmy to the mix to give us a female ‘lead’ and a male ‘lead’. Unfortunately, they made him a douchebag with very few redeemable or likeable qualities, at least at this stage.

        It does sound as if they’re going to be emphasizing some of the familiar ‘ensemble’ characters in coming weeks, though, which should hopefully help to balance things out.

  20. The writing is really horrible, and the entire Marilyn musical is still tedious. But I loved seeing Jennifer Hudson get the chance to really SING tonight. She blows everyone else out of the water. Maybe they should have just started over in season 2, with a show about her character? And yes, Julia and Peter are going to do it. Soon. Duh :)

  21. A says:

    Honestly maybe I’m in the minority but I’m seriously enjoying this season way more than the first. The music is better and the overall feel of it is great for me. JHud’s presence on the show certainly helps. While yes this episode was a bit of sidetrack from the main plot of the show, it was still entertaining nonetheless.
    I know that Jimmy can be a big douche sometimes but I don’t hate the character. I think they just need to delve more deeper into his back story for us to understand why he is the way he is because he’s clearly talented but just has a lot of issues that some people can’t sympathize or like the character because all they’ve seen is his recent behaviour.

    • dan says:

      I think the overall feel of season two has been dull and boring. Granted, season one was too campy, but this season (other than the first hour of the premiere) hasn’t been very exciting. I liked last night’s episode better than last week’s and I’m warming up to the dramaturg (Peter) even though I don’t like “Julia” becoming “Grace” as each week goes by. I don’t understand why the entire episode was structured around Ronnie’s concert while Ivy and Karen were relegated to background singers/dancers. And what was with that awkward kiss between Jimmy and Karen?

  22. Bobby says:

    I enjoyed this weeks episode, but agree Jimmy is the worst. However, Jennifer Hudson was holy crap levels of incredible in that final song… now let me run to iTunes and purchase it immediately.

  23. Witchy says:

    Dear Michael Slezak. I really wished you would blame the writers instead of the character Karen. You get more hateful with each increasing week. Last week you blamed Karen for pushing Derek to use the songs of those guys. But it was his own idea to run after Karen after his talk to Ronnie. Because she quit the Dorothy show she needed something else to show the world how awesome she is. So Derek thought hey lets see what those guys have. This week you blame Karen again for something she did not do. She did not write/compose the song with Jimmy. She only said maybe say that last word of the sentence up instead of down. That is not composing that’s just advice. Maybe if you can not stay objective you should let someone else recap the show. The other characters have flaws also and positive things. But you are only extreme hateful on Karen. The others did so much more bad things then she ever did on the show so I do not get why you act that way.

    • Dawnmac says:

      I think because Karen has had things handed to her on Broadway way too easy and it is completely unrealistic. I have a hard time with her character as well and the person playing her doesn’t do her any justice, there doesn’t seem to be anything there if that makes sense. She is pretty, sings fine and can somewhat act but none if that makes Karen work…she is just okay and that is not enough when Smash is about her rise to fame and I am sorry I’m just not feeling it. I am suppose to want to her succeed against all odds (which less face it there hasn’t been many) and I could care less what happens to her. We are suppose to hate Ivy and I don’t, I personally have more sympathy for her character and seriously can the writers expect us to believe Karen beat her out for Bombshell, I am sorry that just wouldn’t happen. The women who plays Ivy has presence and she owns that stage and Katen is is just kind of meh.

      • Yes, and more yes. Katharine McPhee is the Poster Child for the Letter V in an alphabet book: Vapid. Vacuous. Vacant. Compare Hilty singing a song, to McPhee. Hilty BECOMES the number, she tells a story, she makes you get shivers, makes the song her own. McPhee sings everything in the same arm-wavy but dead-fish-eye way that really never says anything more than ‘look at pretty me singing in my oh-so-pretty voice’…. UGH.

    • Erin says:

      By blaming the character of Karen, and not Katherine McPhee, he basically IS blaming the writers. She’s a ridiculously badly written character, and has been from Day 1.

  24. astrid says:

    I love Jeremy Jordan… WHY did they give this crap bag of a character to him? This dude is insufferable. And why the HELL does ANYONE put up with him?
    I can only imagine, that post-break-up-Karen, having been cheated on by her finacé,is supposed to have no self esteem at all and now just stumbles into the arms of the next douche bag who bothers to insult her. How creepy is that perspective?

  25. lesley says:

    So, so awful. Like irredeemably awful. It used to be awful in the way that you hatewatched it, but now it’s just sad. Really? You’re going with a female “uptight” writer’s crisis of confidence in writing a strong Marilyn character having an epiphany that it should be all from a man’s point of view? And you strip the woman producer of her power because she wanted to protect her lover and give the victory to her husband. And you make the male director a predatory, sex-addicted casting-couch-having perv as the cherry on top. WOO boy, you hit the hat trick now. Throw in unlikeable new characters and you’ve scraped the bottom. I predict this is the last episode that will ever air.

    • J says:

      OMG, someone FINALLY said what I’ve been thinking. I liked the first season, but this season has taken a decidedly sexist turn. In season 1 we had Karen refusing to take back a cheater, but in season 2 she acts like a doormat for this horrible Jimmy character. She’s the one who has her foot in the door and he should be begging her for help, but instead they throw out the young woman becoming a strong woman story and we get the pathetic girl falls for the genius bad boy story line.

      Then we have the successful professional woman writer who becomes a basketcase and needs a man to “teach” her how to do what she had already been successful at doing. And what does he teach her? That Marilyn Monroe’s story is not about Marilyn at all, It’s about all the MEN in her life. HER story is about THEIR viewpoint. Are you F***ING kidding me?

      And lastly we have Jennifer Hudson’s character who is ready to “grow” as a performer. And how will that be accomplished? By making it all about her body and sex, because apparently that’s the only way a girl can become a strong independent woman.

      Oh, and I almost forgot, the female producer is going to throw her career away because she just has to “stand by her man”.

      Thanks for taking the story of Karen / Ivy / Marilyn and turning it into some male fantasy soap opera where all the women are pathetic losers and the men are genius teachers, genius bad boy talents, genius directors and genius business executives.

      I officially hate this show now and won’t be sorry when it inevitably gets cancelled.

      The only way I would tune back in is if the character of Genius Jimmy gets his big chance to write for a Broadway musical…then while on his way to his first writing session, he gets hit by a bus. Pancake.

  26. Eric says:

    On a totally different note, was anyone else taken aback when they heard Billy Joel’s “Everybody Loves You Now”. Oh how I cringed each time they substituted lyrics. Sorry, Cold Spring Harbor (Long Island). No shout-outs for you! Missed the closing credits (which fly by too fast anyway) to see if Billy at least did get credit..

  27. Dani says:

    has anyone ever thought about the fact that Karen might be smarter than all of us combined and she really is just trying to get jimmy’s musical going to get the lead role and get her own career going as well? Bombshell is a sinking ship, you can’t blame the girl for jumping before it’s too late! I mean she’s got all these men basically doing stuff for her and she’s not even giving it to any of them (yet). That’s pretty damn smart if you ask me. Probably something Marilyn would do too.

  28. EF says:

    I’m bummed that Michael missed mentioning that Jimmy was playing Penny Can (with a jar).

  29. Kerrie Elizabeth says:

    I watch SMASH! Every week because I loved it last year. I miss the strong characters of Derrick and Julia and Tom – professionals. This BS about the sexual issues with Derrick is silly and would not take him down to the point he is – desperate. That just is not Derrick.

    Julia has been a successful writer for years and all of a sudden she cannot hold a pencil? Huh!?!? It just doesn’t fly.

    It’s also time for Karen and Ivy to bond once and for all and team up – this crap has gone on long enough and it’s getting old.

    I miss the dancers from last year – and their interaction with Karen and Ivy. I wish they would focus more on Karen’s growing as an actress – she is just in this weird place now and it isn’t a good place.

    I hated Ellis and I pray he does not return. The show has enough problems without a catalyst for worse.

    That sexy number, even when performed at the Bravo filming was uncomfortable and cheesy Bob Fosse …

    And who – during a concert — brings out the writers of a song? Boo hiss.

    I need Derrick to find his, I need Julia to grow some, I need Tom to step up, and I guess I will just suffer through until Jerry gets his. (AND I will be holding the filled glass until then.)

    This show needs to pull itself up by the bootstraps and remember where it started and rework its plans for the future. I love it so much – but I am fearful some choices are being made that may hasten its demise. It is too good to lose it.

  30. Kerrie Elizabeth says:

    I agree with folks who suggest that Jimmy/Kyle should be minor subplots who MIGHT grow over time. Broadway brings up its babies and that is what Jimmy and Kyle are – they are not overnight sensations and they need to respect the system of Broadway. You get somewhere because you pay your dues. If they don’t pay dues (last night) they will continue to be spoiled, offensive, irritating brats who continue to treat everyone and everyone like s%$t. Doesn’t matter how talented a person is – if the writers write poorly, they are going to crash and burn. As far as Kyle and Jimmy go, I would be pricing fire extinguishers.

  31. If there’s one thing I can say about these comments, it’s that Smash fans and haters alike are passionate.

    I’m still enjoying the show. I, however, am also still watching it under the impression that it’s entertainment and fictional, so maybe I’m not reading into everything as seriously.

  32. Proone135 says:

    Ummm… I guess it’s not Smash: Season 2 anymore….. It’s the Jennifer Hudson Show: Season 2. Why is she on here??? All she does is scream and is sooooo overrated. We get it, you lost weight! This season has been such a disappointment.

  33. Craig says:

    I liked this episode, i thought the song writing was really strong and the one sung by JH was stunning, her voice just gives me tingles all the time. I will say she is far more relevant to the show than Uma Thurman was last season, which i thought was so random and didn’t work at all! In terms of the new characters i think they should have given less screen time in the first few episodes and let their characters build, its totally believable that Karen got her break the way she did, but its hardly true to life that two ‘wanna be writers’ get i don’t know say Patti Lapone singing their songs at her ‘one night only concert’ I thought the point of this show was to give viewers an inside look into how a musical is put together and okay because it’s TV they have to dramatise it, but having that happen so fast is just bad writing. Ellis being mentioned in this episode is really weird too, its like the writers wanted a ‘OMG’ moment from the audience and instead all i thought was ‘who’s Ellis?’ and then went, ‘oh that really annoying one from season 1 i was glad to see that back of’ I do like the idea of the cast members working on other things while Bombshell gets its feet off the ground again, but i think this is a bit much really, hopefully now that they have been given the go ahead we can see the musical take shape.

  34. Chris says:

    I find the Eileen story to be horrible. Last year she insulted real Broadway backers because they had concerns about her experience and the lack of a name star. Like those weren’t legitimate concerns. Then she agreed to take money from her bartender boyfriend to back the show even though she knew the money was probably illegally obtained. Then she hired a name star for the show and then decided to go with an unknown. She treats Julia and Tom like they’re newbies rather than a successful team that is doing her a favor by working with her. Tom didn’t want to work with Derek and he wanted Ivy to sing the lead but she wouldn’t do either. This year she’s decided Julia can’t write and forces her to work with a script doctor. In this episode she decided that love was more important than covering her rear when she gave her deposition. Money laundering is a crime she could have gone to jail for yet she’s unapologetic about it. I don’t think Tom, Julia or Derek would have stuck around after finding out about the investigation. They would all be talking to their lawyers.

    i think it would have been so much more surprising if Jerry was talking to Nick at the end of the show. Who was surprised that Ellis was scheming?

  35. Jenny says:

    I seriously have no idea what’s going on on that show anymore… I watched season 1 for one day just a month before season 2 started, and then watched it again after S02E02, and it was just as awesome and exciting as it was the first time, and I will watch it again for sure. The only good thing about this season is Ivy’s performance of They Just Keep Moving The Line, everything else is pretty much a pile of crap. There’s simply no logic in anything that’s been happening. First of all, WTF with that Jimmy guy? We have him writing a musical when he obviously doesn’t care about musicals at all, his friend Kyle, who seems to like musicals, but I don’t see what kind of partner he is in writing a musical, that has just a few songs and no plot at all, and Jimmy writes the songs? What’s Kyle’s role in it? Could they make Jimmy more cliche? He’s obnoxious and just extremely unlikable, how is a character like him going to make us want to watch more? We already have one obnoxious guy there, one that we love to hate, and that’s Derek, why give us another one? Instead of going with him, he’s hot, he’s smart, he’s talented, he’s everything a girl-who-likes-bad-boys might want, they give us Jimmy the douche… Add Karen the douche to that, what happened, they saw that we loved Ivy being a mean girl last season and decided to make us like Karen the same way? Again, WTF? And what’s with Karen and Derek playing an old married couple, and since when can a nobody Broadway star wannabe telling the big director to shut up, like she kinda did in this episode? All the sexual tension between Karen and Derek is gone, which is such a loss, and we see him running around going out of his way to do what wifey wants… SO out of character. And so disappointing.

    Jennifer Hudson might be a great singer, although I’m not sure what the fuss is all about with her, since I don’t see anything in her that’s more special than Amber Riley, for example, I actually think Amber is better, but why the hell is it all of the sudden Ronnie’s show? There was absolutely no sense in bringing her as a character, was she supposed to represent a successful Ivy+Karen from the future or what? Why are we watching her? She’s already done it, we don’t care about her… It looks like a desperate attempt at bringing more viewers, but nobody really cares about her, it’s hollow and unconvincing to have her there and to give her that much on screen time… And also, anybody that’s been into TV for more than a week, or watched at least one TV show knows, that doing something just so more people want to watch is never a good idea. No matter how good the idea sounds, if you don’t do it right, it will have the opposite effect, end of story. Write a solid story when bringing a character on the show, not “she sees him at some bar, he, of course, is singing a song he wrote for a musical he’s making and WOW! SURPRISE! She’s into musicals too, so they lived happily ever after, kinda drunk”. That doesn’t work. We’re not idiots here so don’t insult us, please. It will take any of us five minutes to think of a more convincing story about how Jimmy showed up in the show. He was in the ensemble of Bombshell. There’s why Derek and Tom would stay to hear him sing. He was an extraordinary student at Smash’s equivalent of NYADA. F*cking aliens brought him on stage and made him sing for Derek. Anything would be more believable. At least make him actually interested in musicals. And the action moment with the breaking in from the last week’s episode was just… Insulting. I was like… Are you kidding me??

    Honestly, last night’s episode was just… We’d be better off without it. Somebody said in the comments that Karen is the main character, but I think you’re wrong. Bombshell is the main character, and it’s totally forgotten for 4 episodes now. We haven’t had a new Bombshell song in two episodes, all we had was Karen showing us she sucks as Marilyn in last week’s episode for a little bit, between Ronnie and her whatever-she-was-doing, and Jimmy and his obnoxiousness. I only really pay attention to it when it’s about Ivy and Bombshell, and there is not a force in the world that could ever convince me, that Karen would ever land the role of Marilyn against Ivy, if this was a real musical.

    How about Karen goes with Jimmy the douche to play “Broadway, here I come, not”, and leave Ivy and Derek to make Bombshell what it should be?

    So now nobody knows what’s happening, why is it happening, nothing makes sense, we have the same actors playing characters with the same names, but those are not the characters from season 1 that we know, but we also have a bunch of new characters, that make no sense and nobody gives a flying ticket for a Broadway musical about, plus the fact that they’re either super boring or just obnoxious, and on top of all we lost the thing we first loved about Smash – Bombshell. They better get things right, because, honestly, if it keeps going the way it’s going now, I wouldn’t care if there’s season 3 or not, the show I know and love ended with only one season. This is not Smash, and I don’t care about another season of that.

  36. jax says:

    I can’t believe this show is even more of a mess than it was last year … just a complete and utter mess. Wasn’t Season 2 supposed to be the new and improved version? I was so optimistic about this season when the show dumped the annoying characters (Ellis, Dev and Julia’s family). Little did I know that they’d be replaced by new annoying characters (Jimmy & his buddy, who have practically hijacked the show). This show has no focus, no idea what it wants to be.

  37. Carola says:

    No offense to Jeremy Jordan but his character is such an ass, and I don´t really see anything redeemable there. I know Jimmy had a rough childhood, but still that is no excuse to act like such a brat. Plus he is a drug addict?
    Why is the show giving the so much screen time? We need more on Karen/Derek/Tom/Ivy/Eileen/Julia.
    I think Josh Saffran had the wrong ideas going on for this season.

    ANd I hate to say this because Karen was my favorite characters but I HATE her for falling for Jimmy just like that, is she on drugs too? I
    guess like someone said before me, she has no self esteem at the moment after the cheating Dev fiasco so now she has to go on and be with the very bad boy who could care less about her. Still will stick to the show because I love my original cast, and I really do hope they still pursue the Karen& Derek love arc. Don´t waste that chemistry show!

  38. Danielle H. says:

    I don’t know if there is any way to redeem this show. Jimmy needs to be shot, and the little I could stand Karen is gone now that she thinks she can stand up to everyone and makes out with people while asking them what drugs they are on. WHO DOES THAT???? I had small hopes the first 2 episodes, but they are gone now. I guess the one good thing that by it being this bad, it won’t be as hard to let go forever come May. I predict after one or 2 more weeks another huge ratings drop as the die hards finally leave and they go down to about 2 mil instead of 3.
    One positive, Jennifer is hella talented. That girl is everywhere, and can, dare I say, sing as well as Whitney.

  39. Billy W says:

    The first number they aired of the televised concert seemed HORRIBLE to me. Definitely not within Mrs. Hudson’s style or range. She was much better with the finale closing song.