Supernatural Scoop: Misha Collins to Return as Series Regular for Season 9

SUPERNATURALThe angels have answered your prayers, Supernatural fans.

Misha Collins will return to the CW series as a series regular next season (the show’s ninth).

In addition to reprising his role as the heavenly angel Castiel, Collins will direct an episode as well.

Collins made his debut as Cas in the Season 4 premiere and was promoted to regular cast member the following year. He was then taken off contract at the end of Season 6, but still continued to recur.

The CW recently gave an early renewal order to the long-running series.

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  1. Ari says:

    I’m glad he’s back but I hope it will be limited. As much as I like Cas I prefer him in small doses and like wehn he disappears for weeks at a time.

    • JustineK says:

      Yes to that!

      • Clare says:

        LOLing at you sad haters. Go back to spn-gossip.

        • Tvwatcher says:


          You’re the sad one insulting people and calling them names. ;) haters is an overused word, mature adults shouldn’t be using.

        • dee123 says:

          How is that a hater comment clare???

        • mommyyidol says:

          Totally agreed.!! There can NEVER be to much Cass.!!! NEVER. When Cass is not on the show, there is definitely something good missing.! I always get upset if the episode isn’t going to have Cass in it, and totally stoked when I know he will be in it.!! ;>]
          I watch SPN ON on Netflix everyday amd have seen every episode out of every season up until the last one put out so far on Season 8, and I have to admit that I’ve watched Seasons 4,5,& 6 way more than the rest full the sole purpose of getting to see MORE Cass. LOL and yes I know I really need to get a life, but right now my life is my 5 children and Supernatural.!!! ;D

    • Amanda says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I watch for the Winchesters!!!

      • Jamie says:

        Just because Cas is a regular doesn’t mean the Winchesters won’t still be the main characters y’know…they will always be in every episode, wheras Cas probably still won’t be. There’s absolutely no reason to be worried about Castiel taking screen time from the brothers. I for one love his dynamic with Dean, and Sam too.

        • Lucy says:

          Jamie, I completely agree, Cas is definitely a welcome addition to the show for me and is not at all overbearing, I’m greatly looking forward to seeing more of the dynamic between him and the brothers. <3

        • SUSAN says:

          I agree love cass and the boys HE NEEDS TO BE ON MORE NOT LESS

        • Restless says:

          What’s the point in patronizing and reassuring people that the sky isn’t falling like that? Let them stew, whine and freak out over nothing. They don’t need their hands held, asses kissed and comforted that their opinion on a TV SHOW matters above all and their way of viewing a TV SHOW won’t change and blah blah blah.

          Besides, it’s not as if someone like this person would ever do the same for you. If you said ‘I watch for Castiel’ you’d get something like the “you’re not a true fan” rant, if they replied at all. They certainly wouldn’t try to comfort or reassure you about Cas if the situation were reversed. Why bend over backwards and make nice with people like that? Why down play Castiel and yourself to appease them? I see a lot of comments like yours to people like that and I just don’t get it.

        • Anna says:

          I agree with you Jamie. I love Sam and Dean, I like the way Cas pops in and out, but I do hope Cas is in more then before

        • SupernatSuperfan says:

          I agree that Cas needs to remain as the boy’s sidekick-called uponwhen needed. It will break my heart, though, if they make him human. It’s just toooo funny when Cas pops into the passenger seat of the Impala unexpected. And I love that he can heal. What would he do as human…just become another hunter?

      • Joanne says:

        Why don’t we let the production staff decide how much Cas will be on the show. They seem to always make great calls or he wouldn’t be coming back at all. They have MY full support. :D

        • Bonnie says:

          Didn’t the production staff decide take him off in the first place? That was not a great call.

          • Michele says:

            That was a different producer who’s not in charge anymore, thank goodness! So far, Carver has come up with a way for Cas to be around still and with an interesting storyline to boot. Not that the whole Naomi thing has been fun for the poor angel by any stretch of the word but it also fits with the tablet arc that the boys are also involved in. Besides, if the majority of people really didn’t like Cas (which I don’t believe at all) than keeping him around more wouldn’t work no matter how much Carver likes Cas … I mean, why keep a character around that no one likes when you have to worry about ratings to keep the show afloat? If the majority didn’t like Cas than Benny or Charlie might get upped to season regular maybe but that’s not the case.

    • Evyn says:

      It would be nice to sea a little more of him than we have in season 7 and 8 so far. Out of 50 episode he has bean in only one was more about him then about the Winchesters. I don´t think you have anything to be worried about…

    • rowan77 says:

      When Misha was a regular on seasons 5 & 6, he was only in about 12-14 episodes anyway. And that worked out great! Yay Misha’s a regular again! I want to kiss Jeremy Carver for being so darn smart!

    • Clare says:

      Suck it, haters!

      • Tvwatcher says:

        Grow up!

        • Olive says:

          No, YOU grow up. If you’re self-proclaimed better than Clare, you wouldn’t even bother commenting- but by doing so you’re only making yourself look immature. :I

          • Jess says:

            Olive, I’m absolutely ecstatic that we’re hopefully going to be seeing more of Cas and Misha next season, but /you/ are the one looking immature here. There’s literally nothing ‘self proclaimed’ about Tvwatcher’s comment, because from looking at some of the other comments Claire has posted on this site, she does seem to need to do so; or at the very least she needs to knock it down a level.

            It’s extremely unfair how many of those who dislike Cas (for whatever reason – as long as it’s a fair reason (aka anything /not/ related to him taking X, Y, and Z from the brothers), then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to dislike the angel. /Everyone/ is allowed to /maturely/ express their opinions.) are treated. Yes, some of them are unjust and immature in their arguments against the angel and how they present them, but you and Claire seem to be pretty good examples that the extremes exist in the groups of people who love Cas, as well as those who loathe him.

            So for the sake of some attempt at harmony in the fandom, why don’t you practice what you preach and try not add to the ‘Cas lovers are all immature’ image that many already have.

    • Dilys says:

      I hope he’s back and on screen ALOT so I completely disagree.

    • Silvia says:

      Yeah. Small doses are more then enough for me. So, not to excited about this news. :/

    • Ann says:

      Err it’s not gonna be limited…he’s a regular now, not a guest star.

    • Tiffany says:

      Love him and hope to see him often! I’m excited to find out what his role will be to help out the boys. It’s been just the two of them for too long, they need their family back!

      • Bonnie says:

        I an soooo glad Cas is back. It’s about time. Maybe Cas could bring Bobby back.

        • The Devil Is In The Details... says:

          Yes!! I miss when Bobby isn’t on…he is doing that other weird show now, unfortunately…he needs to come back at least 3 or 4 times – that wil help him work around his other scheduke and make us SN viwers happy. Cass is awesome as well. Nice to see him back!

        • Pati says:

          The only problem with this, is that at least for now, Cas is human(thanks to Metatron). So he wouldn’t be able to bring Bobby back.

          • JennyA says:

            Pati, now that Jim Beaver is a regular on Justified, I’m not so sure they’d bring Bobby back at all. :(

    • JJ says:

      The more Cas the better. He adds to the boys, he doesn’t take away.

    • Tessa says:

      No, not at all. Enough with limiting his role to comic relief and fixer-upper. Now that he’s back he better get a decent storyline and enough screen time to justify his status as a regular. I’m tired of “just the Winchesters,” and failed seasons. The boys need a friend, someone knock some sense into them and give them love when they get into stupid fights. Team Free Will all they way.

    • petra says:

      Making him scarce without a good reason would be dumb and non-constructive. Replace “disappear” with “have a minor project away from the boys” or “get an injury that lays him up for awhile” and we’re closer to the same page. Simple explanations could keep him out of the boys hair – but still referenced for continuity’s sake – for plenty of episodes. Although I suspect our definitions of small doses are still quite divergent; I’d argue at least one-third of the episodes would be appropriate.

      • Evyn says:

        I disagree making Misha a regular means he can´t work on other projects if they are going to tie him down they should at least give him 14-12 episode like before, why bother making him a regular again if he is only going to appear in 7-8 episodes

    • Sadly for you, the TBTB don’t agree with your opinion. the production and writer staff of SPN, the cast and crew and also 95% of the fans want him back. maybe you can just watch season 1 to 3 and 7 on repeat.

    • Linda says:

      I love Cas and I’m glad hes back!

    • Anne s says:

      I think the need him esp since Bobby is gone!!! Love Cas!!!

    • Supernatural Mega Fan! says:

      why limited ? please Clarify? was’nt he a main character for the story of Sam & Dean
      ” i think yes ” . to understand why castiel was in the season’s in the first place i think you need to watch them again .

      • Alan says:

        cas works best as an every now and then character, in my opinion. sometimes it seems like the writers use him as a crutch to get around writing themselves into a corner rather than the great character he is, i would prefer he was only used in stories where he is actually crucial to the plot rather than put it in for some narrative contrivance.

        • JennyA says:

          And in three weeks, Castiel is crucial to the plot as the story is dealing with what appears to be the Angel Tablet. Will you complain then?

          • Alan says:

            no, i wont have a problem because the plot will be built around giving him a reason to be there, unlike most of his appearances where i think he should be off doing his own thing while the winchesters deal with whatever is going on. cas should only be around when the angels are around because thats when the writers actually make good use of misha collins rather than just putting him in the episode for the sake of it.

        • JennyA says:

          So basically what you’re saying is that any other character, if not directly involved in the hunt/mission, should be banished to a dark corner until needed. Isn’t that basically what they’ve been doing with every damn character apart from the Winchesters? Even their own father was banished to a corner, until he was supposedly integral to the story. Nevermind that it was their father that got them into the “family business” in the first place. Honestly this animosity against Misha Collins and the character of Castiel makes no sense to a majority of us fans. Did you also get bent out of shape when Bobby was in too many episodes? Or Ruby? Or Jo and Ellen? May as well just make the show 100% about the Winchester brothers and never let them have any type of human relationship with anyone but each other.

          • Alan says:

            i have no problem with characters who are written well but unfortunately the writers have a tendency to use guys like cas and bobby as a get out of jail free card when they dont know how to move the story along or get out of the corner they have written themselves into. i love cas and bobby but sometimes i wish the writers would plan something better out and show off the winchesters, the often forgotten stars of the show.

          • JennyA says:

            I call BS on that. Bobby’s been on the show since the beginning and suddenly he’s an easy plot fixer? And Castiel’s been on the show since s4. Castiel is part of the team and has been for quite some time. I do hope they utilize the angel as much as possible and if Bobby was still around, I’d enjoy seeing that old grouch in nearly every episode the way we used to. They were never plot fixers. They were integral to the team and boosted the dynamics of the show. Dean and Sam were NEVER pushed aside because of them because the entire show CENTERS around their exploits. I don’t think you’re watching the same show as the rest of us, dude.

    • Anna says:

      I hope he his in more then before

    • Freddy says:

      I sort of agree with you, I am totally in favour of him being a regular but having Cas around 24/7 would take the fun out of the whole monster-of-the-week episodes; they turn up and he could smite the damn thing in 5 seconds. Although having a human Castiel adjusting to life as a hunter with the Winchesters I would not protest against!

      • JennyA says:

        Castiel was never in every episode to begin with. Not even when he was a series regular not so long ago. I highly doubt he’ll be stealing the spotlight or detracting from monster of the week episodes.

      • Pati says:

        Well, as of the end of season 8, Cas “is” human. So looks like you’ll get your wish.

    • adeletchoffo says:

      I DO AGREE to that his disappearance adds some litle mystery

    • RileyJo says:

      Just remember you don’t speak for everyone darling. Theres TONS (and dare I say, the majority) of fans who would love him in almost all episodes, as the third wheel of TFW! Hoping to get Cas in the bunker, working with Sam and Dean, and getting a really cool character arc next season!

    • nathaniel says:

      season 8 was a good season for cas he was kinda childish but funny

    • debi says:

      You all need to stop hate-n on CAS. He an actor. I would love for CAS to have much more active roll in SUPERNATURAL, then just being somebody’s beck/call BOY. IT’S NOT A PRESTIGIOUS ROLL TO PLAY FOR AN “ANGEL”.

    • Daisy says:

      I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! :) Cass is my FAVORITE character on Supernatural. He is the only reason I watch this show. He better be in all of the season that continue from now, and he better stay a main character. If he wasn’t in this show I wouldn’t watch this show anymore.
      I LOVE CASS!!BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
      :) :) :) :) :)

  2. Sarah22 says:

    Best announcement ever! We love Misha! And Cas!!

  3. John says:

    I think this season has been working quite nicely without Castiel shoehorned into every episode…

    • Amanda says:


    • Alan says:

      agreed, it felt like they were gearing up to give him an exit worthy of the character. as much as i love the guy its been refreshing to see the guys having to work without an easy solution this season and last.

      • Genuine question: when was Cas an ‘easy solution’ in S4-S6? I don’t remember any episodes where he showed up and solved the hunt for them in ten minutes. I hear this complaint a lot about Cas being a fix-it button but I just don’t see it in canon?

        • Alan says:

          anytime they need something for a spell when he is around cas just pops off to get it, the boys dont do the leg work like they used to, hence he is just there to solve problems the writers have like that. i had similar issues with bobby at times as well, he was used as an easy out when the writers didnt want to spend time on the boys doing research, something we were told is a big part of their jobs. as much as i love both the characters i do feel like they became crutches for the writers rather than characters.

          • Restless says:

            Give an actual example from the show.

            But really who are you to try to ‘babysit’ the writers and protest including a character for fear that character will become a ‘crutch’? Let’s face it, when the writers want to pull an easy answer out of thin air, they’ll do it. They do it with almost every monster of the week episode. According to you the boys haven’t had to resort to easy answers but that’s really all I ever see on this show. Last week’s episode, a paper labeled “How to implant memories in a witch”. Really? Like they had to work for that one?

            When the show makers need a boring easy answer, it’ll happen. It doesn’t matter if an answer gets attributed to Bobby or Google or going to the library; it’ll still happen. At least a character like Bobby was a more reasonable answer than looking it up online. And Bobby actually talked and had a personality and stories, unlike a random library book or whatever.

            When it’s an easy answer, when the ‘what is this’ falls from their butts, it isn’t really supposed to be the interesting part of an episode anyway. When the writers need a way to speed things up and get to the meat of the story, they’ll do it. Castiel won’t change that.

        • Rick D says:

          Yes, the Castiel character reminds me of Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jeannie. The most egregious examples are:
          Swan Song – Bobby dead, Dean beaten nearly unconscious *poof*, Family Matters, Sam is beaten unconscious *poof*, Caged Heat, lots of monsters alphas? *poof*, French Mistakes, everything *poof*, My Heart will Go On, everything, *poof*, Frontierland, back in time, *poof*, Born Again Identity, hundreds of years of torment by Lucifer? Sam’s brain scrambled again by electro shock? *poof*
          Of course now in S8, Cas doesn’t help the brothers much, because he has his own storyline that is more interesting and exciting than anything the brothers have going on. Why would anyone be afraid that he’s taking over? Hmmm.

          • Truth says:

            Castiel deserves to “take over” because the Winchesters are boring. Castiel has a much more interesting and heartfelt story than grown men crying about their separation anxiety. That people like you are ‘afraid’ of more interesting stories is hilarious though.

    • Carl says:

      I think the show has been noticeably off when Cas isn’t involved – the Amelia story was a bust, and now we’re back to Sam hiding illness from Dean because Dean doesn’t trust him. I feel like Cas in the works means different material, different relationships, different dynamics. When Cas is around I feel like Sam and Dean are actually a team again.

      • Alessa says:

        I agree wholeheartedly.

      • Same. Hunteri Heroici was one of the best MOTWs this season. I loved watching the three of them work together.

        • Restless says:

          I basically agree, although Sam and Castiel didn’t even talk during Hunter Heroici which was a crying shame, that has been one of the few MOTW I actually watched without doing something else at the same time.

          No doubt, them all together is something special. Though I honestly don’t much care if Cas is working with the Winchesters or not, long as he’s on my screen being awesome.
          Just more Castiel is the best news to me! :D

      • Str4wberry says:

        I absolutely agree. I love the team dynamics between Dean, Cas and Sam.

      • Madeline says:

        Cas has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sam and Dean’s relationship and whether they are a team or not.

        I get you LOVE Cas, but he has absolutely no bearing on the Sam and Dean relationship. Quit trying to give Cas importance that he does not have.

        • Billie says:

          But you see the show can’t just be the brothers, having other characters is what makes a show interesting. The brother dynamic is amazing, but adding cas gives them more of a chance for plot lines, instead of the same old brotherly stuff.

        • Amanda Lee says:

          That’s like saying that Bobby, John, Ruby, and every other secondary character with a reoccurring role had no bearing on their relationship, either, which we all know is patently false. Seems kind of weird to think that everyone else is important, but he isn’t. No, I’m gonna keep applying importance to Castiel’s role in Supernatural and in the dynamic between Sam and Dean because it exists, regardless of whether you, personally, want to acknowledge it or not.

        • Kyle says:

          I’m sorry but without Cas, Dean would still be in hell torturing/being tortured, Sam would still be in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael…so don’t you DARE say Cas has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sam and Dean’s relationionship and that he has no importance, because without him Sam and Dean wouldn’t even have a relationship anymore

        • Carl says:

          I’m giving him the importance the show gave him.

          In this season:

          Episodes 1-6: Tension, anger, conflict, anger, anger, conflict.

          Episode 7: Dean confides in Sam. Sam tries to console him and help him.

          Episode 8: Dean and Sam work together, no problems, no tension.

          Episode 9: Tension, anger, conflict, resulting in a murder.

          Episode 10: Sam and Dean are made to work together for a common goal, and try to mend fences.

          In the first ten episodes of this season, the only time Sam and Dean got along was through Cas. And it only took five episodes without Cas before the tension and the lies started up again.

        • petra says:

          Uh huh. So I guess S6, when Dean insisted on trusting Cas and Sam was wary, didn’t happen then? I guess Cas pulling Sam out of the cage, breaking his wall, and then fixing him and apologizing had no bearing on the brothers’ relationship? I guess Dean opening up to Sam about his anxieties regarding Cas means nothing? And I guess Cas deliberately dragging Sam to work with Dean when they were having a spat didn’t happen either? :|

        • but Cas IS important. And even the SPN staff realize that, maybe its time you do as well.

      • Nike says:

        I couldn’t agree more. In this season they’re chopping up the storyline. He was on, what, four episodes ago and that episode ended with a huge cliffhanger and all of a sudden they’re back to normal hunting and didn’t even mention Cas and the bigger problems they’re facing. I, Personally, can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do with the angel-brainwash-stuff and I hate to have to wait till the end of March/beginning of April to finally find out. I’m really happy to see him back as a regular, I have been waiting for that for two seasons. So far, my favorite seasons have been 4 and 5 and Cas and the whole angel thing in general added a lot to that. Supernatural keeps getting bigger and bigger and I think it’s perfect to have the angel back for that!

    • If you feel like Cas is being “shoehorned” into an episode, that’s bad writing, not a reflection on his character. With Misha becoming a regular, Castiel as a character will hopefully become much more coherent with the current plot of the show. I’m extremely excited to see what they do now that they have more time to incorporate Cas into the present storyline of SPN, especially if they intend to have him go mortal.

      • rowan77 says:

        Who said he’s going mortal again? He did that already in season 5. I don’t want him to be mortal again. Then he’s like a baby in a trench coat. :)

        • petra says:

          He’d have the angelic knowledge and fighting skills no matter what happens. Saying he’d just be a baby in a trenchcoat is ignoring the fact that a) Dean said that to be an annoying smartass, not state a fact, b) he’s a heavenly soldier millions of years old – just because he gets confused sometimes doesn’t mean he’s hopeless among humans, and c) Endverse Cas was anything but a baby.

          Honestly, I’d much rather the writers make him mortal at this point, because it’s almost impossible to write a near-omnipotent character long term. The only reason it’s worked for the past few seasons is the war in heaven, and now Naomi putting a leash on him. Think of it this way: if he were mortal, they’d HAVE to address him more, and a great character arc could be built around his adjustment. Not “aww, that’s cute, he broke the TV” adjusting, but coping with all the pains of being human. First bullet wound. First broken bone. Hunger and exhaustion and discomfort. More intense emotions, maybe. Being forced to depend on the brothers, instead of the other way around. That’s what I’d be excited for, and I bet Jenna feels the same way.

  4. Sandra says:

    Awsome, awsome, awsome. Cas rocks.

  5. Cazzer says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. Kelly says:

    So so so so happy about this news! Best news ever!

  7. Linda says:

    Well this sucks.

    • rowan77 says:

      Well, that’s tough. I LOVE that he’s going to be a regular again. :-D
      And try keep in mind, his being a regular in the past meant about 12-14 episodes per season, not EVERY episode.

  8. So happy about this! Castiel is great, and I love his dynamic with Sam and Dean. I’m even more excited for season 9 now!

  9. Kate says:

    SO THRILLED TO HEAR THIS. At last. Cas and the Dean-Cas friendship is the highlight and the heart and soul of the show for me and I could not be more pleased about this.

  10. Kresh says:

    Anyone got an idea on how they will use Cas for season 9? :D

    • Maya says:

      I bet it’s going to be about the Angel Tablet

    • Alan says:

      probably some more contrived shoehorning in another attempt to make him relevant again. he shouldnt have come back after the godstiel story, it was a fitting conclusion to his story.

      • rowan77 says:

        Get over it Alan. Castiel has never been shoehorned in. His contributions have always been integral to the season’s major story arc.

        This ridiculous want of the show to revert to season one status or no friends and no family by purists is annoying. If you don’t want shows to evolve, you need to stop watching TV. Shows that do not grow and change don’t last 9 seasons. Carver has revitalized the series and continues to do so. He’s been making very smart creative decisions with very few missteps. Every season of every 22+ episode series has an episode or two that don’t sing. His season running the show has been right in line with that.

        • Alan says:

          i dont hate castiel, i love the character. i just think he is superfluous to the stories and anytime he is around now its the focus away from what got me into the story, the story of two brothers travelling the country kicking ass

          • Emma says:

            I loved Hunter Heroici-Cas trying to join in as a hunter and Dean and Sam proving that real world smarts is required for the job, not just a vast knowledge without context for it, I thought it ended on a sad note but the whole Cas being too powerful thing was handled well I thought. It was a really creative episode and showed the boys at their funniest how they were with him-teasing him and ganging up (not unkindly). It showed the brothers relationship nicely to me.Did you not enjoy that episode?

          • Alan says:

            yeah i really did and i felt cas was used well but on the whole his presence has been a bit underwhelming and doesnt live up to the fantastic material he had in the past.

          • Victoria says:

            “the story of two brothers travelling the country kicking ass”

            See: Season 1 of Supernatural.

            Shows mature and grow, characters develop relationships and new wants and needs. Sam and Dean are not the same Sam and Dean from the first season.

          • Emma says:

            Alan (it wouldn’t let me reply to your reply ;/)
            Well lets just hope that the decision on having him as a regular as opposed to being in an uncertain amount of episodes as they work out their storylines/plots will allow them to revisit the consistency for his character-after all its been a while since we had a string of Cas is Cas eps, he got out of purgatory and is now being manipulated-I hope we get a Cas who is just Cas, who is not suicidal and think that looks hopeful now :) I am positive this will reflect in some excellent episodes in the future-and we haven’t seen Cas’s return this season yet, it’s all been building up quite strongly so I am confidant for a real strong return.

          • Alan says:

            i hope you are right because it pains me to see such a great character and actor wasted in the storylines he has been given the past few seasons

          • The story of “two brothers travelling the country kicking ass” sort of ended around… I don’t know… season 2? Honestly, things have evolved from that, especially since the whole Dean going to Hell thing… and the Apocalypse thing… and Sam being soulless… and Dean being in Purgatory for a year… OH and Sam truly wanting to give up hunting for good after this whole Demon/Angel Tablet thing is done with. If you haven’t noticed, /Sam/ doesn’t want to return to “two brothers travelling the country kicking ass.” The show is never going to devolve back into that regardless of whether or not Castiel returns for good.

  11. Scarlett says:

    I’m so so happy he’ll be back as a regular; the episodes without Cas always feel like they’re missing something now! Team Free Will!

  12. Nicola says:

    So so happy to hear this news! I love Cas

  13. Eric says:

    Castiel is awesome. This news is awesome. Awesome.

  14. Altair says:

    Suck it, haters. I can’t hear you over the sounds of CAS BEING A REGULAR AGAIN. This will be as great as S5. Even if it means Endverse or the like.

  15. riviera41797 says:

    I LOVE Cas, I miss seeing him in episodes where I could see him helping out to a certain extent. Maybe not EVERY episode, but some, you know?

  16. Rrrrrr says:

    Castiel is a pretty useless character. The only reason they even keep him around is because of all the Castiel/Dean shippers, who are ridiculous little girls. Can’t wait to see what contrivance they have to come up with in order to to bring him back full time.

    • Castiel is hardly useless (in fact, wasn’t there an article just last week talking about how he is technically too powerful). He has been part of the driving story line for five seasons now. He is important to the story and the characters. Furthermore, Sam has wanted to leave the life since season ONE. Every year they have to come up with a new “contrivance” to convince us that Sam should still be around. The show wouldn’t be the same without Sam there, but the same applies to Cas as well. And Dean while I’m at it.

    • ZER0C00L says:

      As someone who ships Dean/Cas, do you think I’m unaware there’s about a 0.002% chance that they’ll actually get together in the show? Around the same likelihood they’ll being back Gabriel & get him involved with Crowley. I’m not happy about this news because I’m thinking HOORAY THEY’LL FINALLY KISS. I like the character, I like his interactions with the other characters, and I think he has a place on the show. And you have every right to think he doesn’t have a place on the show, to dislike his interactions with the other characters, etc. But don’t blame & accuse because you’re upset.

    • Chakatai says:

      This 22 years old male little girl would like to disagree with your opinions about both Castiel’s character and the majority who wishes to see more of him in the future.

    • Well, that’s nice. Not only are you trying to insinuate that the creative team is spineless (for caving to fans) and unimaginative (for creating and keeping such a /useless/ character) but you’re also insulting fans of Dean and Cas’ relationship, by using derogatory sexist language. Good job. (Pro Tip: Don’t be a sore loser.)

    • Kiki says:

      Yes, I, as a 20 year old member of the LBGT community just am just a “little girl” because I want to see good solid representation of the LBGT community. You can dislike Cas all you want, but don’t bring your homophobia in to the mix.

      • Yale says:

        Lol, always bringing in homophobia. The point is that Dean is not gay. Whenever someone says anything about how ridiculous a Dean/Cas pairing is, they get destroyed for being “homophobic”, when really, they’re just pointing out the truth. It’s a dumb little dream people like you have. Why? Validation? You don’t need gay characters to make you feel like the LGBT community is adequate. You should be doing that yourself. Calling anyone who disagrees with you “homophobic” truly isn’t helping your cause.

        • I don’t understand people who watch this show and believe there is concrete proof that Dean is 100% heterosexual. Are you BLIND????

        • ahahahaha that was decidedly *not* the point of the original comment, but thanks for playing. Dean has never said the words “I am straight” nor has he denied ever sleeping with a man or ever being willing to. All of the times he’s said, “I don’t play for your team” or something along those lines, he’s actively being threatened. I’d lie too, in that situation. Also Dean is the most unreliable narrator you could imagine. You can’t take anything he says about himself without a grain of salt. His actions speak much more loudly than his words. And his actions point, several times, to “straight” not being an 100% accurate depiction of his sexuality. Yes, it is pretty homophobic to say we don’t need representation to feel adequate as a community. That shows a huge degree of ignorance on your part to cultural oppression. Oh, well.

          • Wait, are people reading my post wrong? I said I don’t understand how they COULD think Dean is 100% heterosexual. I completely agree with everything you’ve said, Beth.

          • Rachel says:

            At the very most, Dean is bi. We all know that Dean is into girls at the least considering in Season 1, Episode 13, (however awful it may have been) included Dean having sex with Cassie. Then again, in Season 4, Episode 10, when Anna has sex with Dean. So yes, there is evidence that Dean is heterosexual. I do not mean to offend anyone, I am not homophobic, but I would just like to point this out.

          • JennyA says:

            I wouldn’t even venture to say Dean is Bi. There has been no indication he would swing that way. I think he would be flattered, but he is definitely a ladies man. There would be signs all over the place if he was even considering the same sex and many fans, like me, just don’t see that. Definitely not a homophobe here, but I don’t see any evidence as Dean being Bi and so far from gay.

          • debbie webster says:

            No Dean is not bi theres no evidence to say he is , his fav porn is of asian women we have never seen him show any sexual interest in men only women and Jensen said at a recent con Dean is straight.

          • JennyA says:

            Thank you! I have heard Jensen say this as well.

        • Kiki says:

          You sound terrifyingly straight.

        • Tessa says:

          And yet there were several articles speculating Dean being bi just in the last couple of weeks. I wished I knew where this concrete conviction that Dean is straight comes from when there is increasing evidence suggesting otherwise on the show.

        • Alan says:

          glad im not the only one who thinks throwing around the homophobia accusations in this situation is just crazy

          • It probably gets thrown around a lot because homophobia is so internalized in our culture, just like sexism and racism. It needs to be brought to people’s awareness (often a painful process) that even if their intent isn’t homophobic, their attitudes and logic are.

    • JennyA says:

      Rrrrrr, I love Castiel and Dean, but I do not want the whole Destiel crap that the fangirls seem to love. Fans of both characters are not all ridiculous girls that squeal and shout for them to become a pair. I love the dynamics of their relationship as they’ve been since the beginning. An angel trying to understand humans and Dean accepting this clueless angel as part of the family. I truly hope the creators have good things in mind to keep Castiel around and not have him disappear for weeks at a time before we get to see him again. If this Angel Tablet is what’s inside Lucifer’s Crypt (new ep. on the 20th of this month), hopefully Crowley won’t get a hold of it, but Dean and Sam will, And then use it to save Castiel from Naomi, even if it meant turning off his angel mojo. Castiel being around, even as a mortal, is better than him not being around at all. Let’s have hope the writers know what they’re doing!

  17. Meg says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I like the dynamic of the brothers and someone else, but I don’t really like the Castiel character anymore. I guess I’ll have to see how this plays out.

  18. Dot says:

    Fantastic news, yay! :D

  19. Freyja says:

    As long as he isn’t forced into the episode and fits naturally I have no problems..It’s when they over use him and he has no purpose other than to stand there looking pretty is where I have the problem.

  20. JJ says:

    Fantastic news–Cas is is great. Glad that the small noisy minority hates this. Very funny. Misha with the 2 J’s are a great team.

    • Freyja says:

      You do realize not everyone needs to worship Cas or even like the character, and if anyone is the minority it’s everyone on the internet. They don’t speak for the majority of viewers like they think they do. ;)

      • JJ says:

        But you are the majorirty? I think they make Cas a regular because he’s popular everywhere–not just on the net. They don’t make it a regular occurance to promote unpopular characters. Except for some on the net, most know this as common sense.

      • Chakatai says:

        The statistics speak a whole different truth, considering the show fares so much better in terms of viewer ratings when Castiel is in it than when it’s just the Winchesters.

        • Freyja says:

          Wrong it’s been proven that he doesn’t effect the ratings one way or the other.. We maintained a 0.8 last year, we’ve gone up this year because we moved nights and had a better lead in. So try again!

          • Chakatai says:

            “Proven”? Has someone studied it? xD

          • Carl says:

            Cas gets a promo saying “Welcome Back.” Cas is put in an episode that airs right after a month long hiatus. Cas will next appear in another episode airing right after a 3-week hiatus. I agree with no one person making or breaking the ratings, but clearly someone at the network believes he helps ratings.

  21. Moe says:

    Great news!! Love Misha, love Castiel, and LOVE Dean/Castiel!!

  22. TEAM FREE WILL is the reason I watch the show. Can’t wait to have them back together again (hopefully) full time.

  23. Michelle says:

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus! :D

  24. Katie says:

    Yaay! Love Cas!

  25. Tina says:

    This is great news! I’ve missed him terrible this season (eight episodes isn’t much to begin with, made even worse because in two of those episodes he was barely in and 8×10 I rather not remember at all), so it’s nice to hear I’ve finally something to look forward to that makes me actually want to watch s9. I love Castiel and the Dean/Cas/Sam dynamic!

  26. firelight19 says:

    As he’s the only good thing in season 8, this has to be good news.

    • Alan says:

      ive found him to be the only bad thing about season 8, he feels highly unnecessary to the ongoing storylines.

      • Yeah, because we need two more seasons of episodes like last week’s snoozefest. Besides, you can’t cover potentially closing Heaven FOREVER without addressing what that means for their friendly neighborhood angel. Despite how you feel about him, he’s obviously important to the characters and this particular storyarc. So….

      • MatildaLouise says:

        It’s your prerogative to hate/dislike Castiel, but I can’t understand how you can think he’s unnecessary to the ongoing storylines, especially with the discovery of the angel tablet.

  27. Alan says:

    just when i felt like the brothers chemistry/relationship was getting back on track in comes cas to cause problems between them. i love cas but i feel like his story came to a natural conclusion when he went into the god mode sue storyline and that everything since has been a let down to the character.

    • Evyn says:

      Just curios but when has Cas ever come between them? It´s always bean more than clear that Sam is Dean´s number one priority

      • Alan says:

        sam and dean where much closer before cas showed up, they fought here but those were just minor fight but now its on a much bigger scale and usually leads to one or the other being stuck in a dangerous situation because they couldnt count on the other.

        • What do any of their fights have to do with Cas? Season 3 (before Cas even showed up) and 4 it was Ruby. This season it was Benny. Cas hasn’t caused problems between them. In fact, he was the one who brought Sam back to help rescue Samandriel, which in turn actually helped FIX his relationship with Dean.

          • Alan says:

            as dean got closer to cas it drove a wedge between him and sam, its very noticeable that their relationship is just not the same as it was back in the early days

        • Emma says:

          Cas actually went and got Sam and told them to “stow their crap” to work together after their fall out over Amelia and Benny-he unites them not divides them. I honestly don’t see him coming between the brothers at all and never have. Sam and Deans trust issues with each other have nothing to do with Cas and predate his entry to the show and Ruby was the cause of lies/betrayal between them not Cas in Season 4. Of-course their fights get bigger each season-it has to for the dramatic narrative between them to have any weight. Each new fight builds on old scars and each make up leads them to a truer relationship and acceptance of their age old differences-Cas doesn’t figure into that.

          I am seriously excited about this news!!

        • Are we watching the same show? Dean and Cas’s relationship somehow drove a wedge between Dean and Sam? HOW? When has Sam ever cited Cas as a reason for their relationship being strained? Wasn’t it Sam who called Cas when Crowley took Ben and Lisa? Wasn’t it Sam who convinced Castiel to give up the souls? Wasn’t it Sam who said “I know you only ever tried to help and I’m grateful.” Wasn’t it Sam who asked if Cas made it out of Purgatory, and apologized to Dean when Dean said he didn’t? Wasn’t it Sam who asked Dean if he and Cas were “good” after Cas came back? Wasn’t it Sam who questioned why Cas couldn’t come with them anymore? Wasn’t it Sam who looked after Cas while he was having his break down when Crowley was torturing Samandriel?

          It’s pretty clear Sam cares about Cas and doesn’t consider him something “between” him and hsi brother. Yeah, their relationship is different from the beginning of the series but it has NOTHING to do with Castiel.

          • Roz11 says:

            Yes, back in season 4 -when Cas was introduced- the big fought between the brothers was Sam using his powers, drinking blood and teaming with Ruby. Although I have always understood and sympathised with Sam for those -eventually wrong-choices, they hardly have anything to do with Cas. In fact, I really like the brief, scarce and very much fun Sam-Cas moments.

        • ZER0C00L says:

          Correlation =/= Causation

          • Alan says:

            im not saying its the only cause but you have to agree its a contributing factor. as soon as dean started giving a crap about cas sam became almost an after thought at times, something like that has to weigh on sam’s mind, i think that drove the two of them apart at least a little and things snowballed from there.

          • ZER0C00L says:

            Given that I’m pretty sure you’re watching a different show, no, I don’t have to agree. You just… you think Dean can’t care about, omg, TWO PEOPLE AT ONCE?! Yeah…seems impossible to me too. Maybe you’re right. :|

          • Alan says:

            i feel the writers gave up on dean and sam really caring about each other when cas turned up, now it just seems like they are together mainly because they cant be anywhere else

          • ZER0C00L says:

            I hope you can learn to cope with those feelings, as it seems you’ll have them whenever Sam & Dean maintain any relationships of any kind outside of the one they have with each other. If you want nothing but Sam & Dean reassuring each other that they’re all they’ve got in the world over & over & over, there’s a 100% chance you’re gonna be disappointed.

          • Alan says:

            i have no problem with the boys having other friends, hell i adored bobby and his relationship with the boys and i miss him like hell, i just cant help but feel like the relationship between sam and dean havent been written that well for several years now in favour of their relationships with others

          • I really can’t help but feel that you (Alan) don’t really understand Sam all that well. Sam has never, not once, begrudged Dean outside relationships (with the exception of Benny, but I have my own interpretation of Sam’s reaction to Benny that has less do with Benny and more to do with Dean’s secretive and frankly hypocritical actions). Sam was the one who encouraged Dean to have a life with Lisa after all. Sam WANTS Dean to have relationships and friendships with other people. It makes no sense that he would secretly be resentful of Cas because Dean cares about him too (not to mention an assumption completely unfounded and often contradicted by canon).

            We’re going to have to simply disagree on this, though as I fear we are seeing the show through two completely different sets of eyes.

          • JennyA says:

            @Alan, Holy crap. Didn’t Dean pray at the end of this most recent episode to Castiel to watch over Sam? To watch over his little brother in case he couldn’t or if Sam couldn’t handle the trials? If that isn’t brotherly love from Dean towards Sam, you are not watching the same show, Alan. God forbid Dean has a friendship with someone outside of their tiny family. What if Dean were to fall in love with some woman that was good for him? Do you think he’ll shove Sam to the side? Nope. Not going to happen. As much as I was upset over Sam not trying to find out of Dean was alive while he was in Purgatory, Dean was never really pissed that Sam fell in love with Amelia. He was only pissed that Sam seemed to give up and left him hanging. If he had tried and shown big brother that he had, he never would’ve been angry at Sam at all and I don’t blame Amelia for that one bit. Castiel has been MIA for several episodes this season and the show is a little too dry if the focus is constantly on the Monster-of-the-Week deal. We need to focus more on the angel/demon arc, which means bringing Castiel back into it. Now, Alan, if you disagree, then let me ask this….Do you like when Crowley shows up? Or is he a distraction from the Winchesters too? If so, stop watching Supernatural now because neither of them are going anywhere anytime soon, dude.

        • Minion says:

          Minor fights that led to one or the other being stuck in a dangerous situation only occurring after Castiel became part of the show? Um, I’m sorry, but you’re just wrong on that one.

          For example: Season 1, Episode 11 “Scarecrow” – Sam and Dean get in a big fight about Dean following John’s orders and going to take a case, while Sam wants to ignore John and try to find him. They have a huge fight which leads to Sam grabbing his bags and walking away from Dean and the Impala. This not-minor fight not only leads to Sam meeting Meg (a dangerous demon) but also to Dean almost becoming a sacrifice to the pagan god that the town serves.

          There are numerous examples of this throughout the seasons, regardless of whether Castiel had even been introduced into the series or not. Sam and Dean are brothers and brothers fight. Sam and Dean are hunters and hunters end up in dangerous situations. I fail to see how any of that has anything to do with Castiel’s presence on the show.

          If you could, please just tell me one example of Cas being the cause of Sam and Dean having a big fight and one of them getting stuck in a dangerous situation and not being able to count on the other. Actually, to take that one step further, I don’t recall there ever being a time when Sam or Dean either one couldn’t count on each other. They’ve fought, they’ve made mistakes, sure, but they’re always there for each other if at all possible, and once again, this is a fact that has nothing to do with Castiel. IMO, Dean is the most important thing to Sam and Sam is the most important thing to Dean and it has been that way and is that way, regardless of what relationships they develop with other people.

          And if their relationship has changed in the previous seasons from Seasons 1 thru 3, maybe it could be because the characters of Sam and Dean have changed? See there is this thing called character evolution…where characters and their relationships grow and change and evolve. And, yep, once again, that is something that would happen whether Cas was present or not.

          If the chemistry and relationship between Dean and Castiel interferes with your love of imagining Sam and Dean in a sexual/romantic relationship and you dislike that, I’m sorry. I can understand why you would feel that way, I guess. I mean, if I was a Wincest shipper, I may not like Cas and his relationship with Dean either, although I do know people that are Wincest shippers and adore Castiel too, just as I have very rarely, if ever, saw a Destiel shipper that hated Sam. (And this is in no way meant to be any kind of attack on Wincesters, I know some absolutely lovely people that ship Wincest and while it may not be my personal choice, to me the point of shipping is to ship who you want, so if Dean/Sam is your thing then more power to you, but please if you’re going to try to claim as a fact that Castiel’s presence causes problems with Dean and Sam’s brotherly relationship, then it would be lovely if you could provide examples to go along with that, thanks.

    • Carl says:

      Cas was with Sam and Dean for 3 episodes this season. In two they were close, and in one he reunited them because he couldn’t understand why they weren’t together.

      If anything Cas is the one character on the show aside from Bobby who has consistently worked to keep Sam and Dean together.

  28. Evyn says:

    Yess!!! great news!! And even beater we can finally enjoy a season final without worrying if Cas is going to make it!

  29. Reblogged this on My Tiny Obsessions and commented:
    Oh yeah!!! Best news of the day!!!

  30. VIV says:

    Yay! He brings some great humor to the show and I love his dynamic with Sam, Dean and Crowley.

  31. Lisa says:

    Ok so who is getting less time Jensen or Jared or both?

    • unsurecollegegirl says:

      Probably Jared. Edlund and Carver are huge Castiel fans (and Destiel, for that matter) and always shaft Jared and his character over when Misha is involved.

      • Carl says:

        Season 5 had heavy Sam airtime – the story was all about his sacrifice.

        Season 6 had even heavier Sam airtime – with soulless Sam, he had an entire story which gave Jared a chance to play new, fun material, so much so that Jared has said he wants that version of Sam back. Then the second half of the season was about Sam reclaiming his life and the focus was on how he was the one who paid the biggest price when Cas worked with Crowley.

        If anything the show has given Sam less material without Cas around, or material that viewers struggle with (like Amelia).

        • Restless says:

          Agree with you Carl. Yay Castiel and Sam. :)

          Also I want Soulless!Sam back too! 8D I have a major case of villain worship. Please, give up your soul to close Hell, Sam. Or someone burn off those silly demon tattoos, let’s have Meg possess Sam again. No? Okay, where’s a shapeshifter when you need one! Jared is just ace at playing evil. That would be the second best character news for me (after Castiel being a regular again yayayay!)

      • Rick D says:

        Yup, it will definitely be Jared.

    • Victoria says:

      Neither! Castiel being a regular…well think of this way, as he was on s5. He was a regular then. He did not appear in EVERY episode, nor was he a “star” Sam and Dean remain the focal point of the show, they always have, Castiel simply gets to stay and be a part of it and frankly, enhance the show in my humble opinion.

    • Carl says:

      Jared has a young child. Jensen has a baby on the way. They both work backbreaking hours. Realistically they were going to want more time off. I’d actually say this is a big reason why they are bringing Misha in as a regular.

      • Alex says:

        Um that’s still no excuse if you’re getting paid that much. I guess I will have to tell the single parents working on minimum wage trying to make it threw school to suck it up.

        • Chakatai says:

          Wow. So you’re saying that because other people have no other choice but to give up their time with their families to make ends meet, these actors should not take time off to spend their families because they can surely make up for it in money? I’m trying my hardest not to be offended, but that’s the most ridiculous opinion I’ve ever heard on the Internet. Ever heard how materia, gifts and expensive luxuries, do not make up for the time you get to spend with your family? Because that’s what you are asking of them. You’re asking them to stay away from their families, their children and their wives, because they have a choice and other people do not and therefore it is somehow more fair for everyone to lose the opportunity.
          These people stay away from their families MOST the time. They spend weeks at a time away from the people they love the most. Any time they can take off and spend away from work is crucial for the well-being of their families. Any chance you could have empathy here?

      • Elle says:

        Why would they keep agreeing to renew their contracts then? They could just end the show and be done with it.

        • Mo says:

          Why would they NOT agree to keep doing a job they enjoy? Just because they are working on a television show doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to take an extra day or two (or three or a week) off occasionally to spend time with their families. Would you seriously suggest to any other employee (say, an office worker) that they simply QUIT their job when they want some time off to spend with their spouse and newborn, or when they want an extra day at the weekend to visit family in another state, or when they want to attend their child’s dance recital or school play? You can love your job and still want time off from it occasionally.

          • Alex says:

            Jensen and Jared don’t work a regular 9 to 5 they have obligation and workers that depend on them on this show. 4 million a year and 100,000 to attend EACH con I would say yes they love the perks. But if they feel its truly to much in wan’t to spend time with fam then this season should of been the last. Ofcourse watching the birth of your child is the exception that most jobs grant, but after that back to work like ever other citizen.

          • Mo says:

            You’re right… they don’t work 9 to 5. Sometimes it’s 9pm to 5am. Some days they work longer hours, some days they work shorter hours. And they get paid a bundle. And they do get back to work, like every other citizen. I’m saying even regular citizens sometimes take time off from their jobs. And that even regular citizens find their work/family obligations clashing at times. And that it’s ridiculous to expect them to give up what every regular citizen seems to have a right to just because they make more money working on a TV show than a regular citizen. Oh and those “workers that depend on them on this show” would be out of a job if they followed your advice and ended the show. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them say the job is too much, so why would they quit? Even regular citizens often find they want to spend more time at home after having children… why should it be different for actors? You’re suggesting that because they are so well paid they are obligated to spend more time working and less time with their families than regular citizens. That’s ridiculous.

      • Rachel says:

        Ummm . . . You seem to forget that Misha has actually two kids. He and his wife Vikki had their son West in 2010 and their daughter Mason last year. Both Jared and Jensen now have a kid, yes, but Misha has been able to cope with having kids when he was working and I think Jared and Jensen will too.

  32. unsurecollegegirl says:

    The worst news ever! So sick of Castiel. He’s long overdue to freaking leave already.

    • Kyle says:

      You should probably brace for impact, then. He’s a huge part of the family now. :) Sam and Dean love him too much and want him happy and with them.
      “Overdue,” is kind of a rude word to use. He’s not an object? He’s an important part of the Winchesters’ lives, and I think an honorary Winchester too. It would explain how many times he’s died! (Joke)

      Anyways, Dean needs him. He said so. Dean’s become an alcoholic again since Castiel’s been gone, he’s been likely praying to him every night again. You should try to see through their eyes. Dean can only be truly, absolutely happy if he has his brother and his angel. He misses Castiel so much and is so worried about him, and Sam only wants Dean to be happy. So yeah, they need Castiel. And Castiel needs them. He deserves so much better after all he’s given up since meeting Dean and Sam.

    • How can you be sick of Cas? I honestly don’t understand how anyone could be bored when there’s such a brilliantly-crafted character on the screen. I mean the writing paired with Misha’s acting? Castiel makes this show about 10X’s better for every second they have him on air!

    • Alex says:

      @reply Comment by Mo – February 25, 2013 10:50 PM PST

      Mo I do work about a good 11 to 14 hours at different times 6 days week, but hey that’s how I put food on the table for my kids. Not to mention I am a single parent here.

      J and J have stated in the past that they miss they family and the work is tough back since season 4. All I say is if its getting them that bad make a final season in move on.
      J and J already realize they will never get this lucky with a show again something most actors learn in the future like Sarah Gellar. That business do have sacrifices if you choose to ride with it. I have already seen people in that line life just leave in take the time off when they get fed up in tired. If J and J is that tired as they say then well just call it quits. As of now they do it mostly for the money in that’s fine, but do your job while you’re sucking the money up.

      In MO they have every right to spend time with their family, but they can afford to take the time off for a few years if they want in try in find a new projects somewhere. But hey I can’t but that’s how most jobs is.

      • Mo says:

        Sorry you have to work so hard & aren’t able to spend as much time with your kids as you would probably like. Sorry I’m not a single parent who was able to work part-time and could afford to quit a crappy job that wouldn’t give me time off when I needed it for my family. All I’m saying is don’t begrudge these guys (or me) for wanting & being able to do what you don’t have a choice about. Carl up there (the poster you originally responded to) pointed out that J&J work backbreaking hours. In fact, because the core cast of this show is so small & they are in so many of the scenes with such a tight shooting schedule, they seem to work more than just about any other lead on any other hour long show. Sharing scenes occasionally with Misha or someone besides each other means they all get a little more downtime, even if it’s just a couple of hours or half a day out of 8 days of shooting per episode. They are not exactly shirking the responsibilities of their jobs.

      • JennyA says:

        Who says Jensen and Jared are tired of the show? Was it in some interview nobody’s ever seen? Have you spoken to them personally about how tired they are? I think you’re reaching, Alex. In fact, you’re projecting your own desire for the show to end for whatever reason and it has NOTHING to do with Jensen or Jared supposedly being tired. Jared having a kid never kept him from the show, nor did he neglect his son. With Jensen’s baby girl on the way, the show will continue as it had and we will not stop seeing Dean on the screen until the show has reached the end of the road. Supernatural is guaranteed for a 9th season and they want at least a 10th, which would be a great ending run! Jared and Jensen are on board. For all we know, Jared’s wife and son visit him often on the set and I’m sure Jensen’s wife does too. With shooting on location in Vancouver, I’d bet good money that their families live close by during filming if they don’t have projects of their own. Kripke & Co. will continue with the show for the next couple of years and we should be happy Jensen and Jared love what they do to make us fans happy.

  33. So happy that Cas will be back full time ! He has been very missed !

  34. Lex says:

    So, so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! :)

  35. Madeline says:

    I am not thrilled by this news.

    I am so over angels. I feel like SPN with big with angels in Season 4 and 5 and it worked. It worked really well. Now I am just bored by them. And because Cas is an angel, the angel world will continue to be heavily involved in SPN. And I don’t want that.

    I like Cas as a guest star. I liked him in 8 episodes. I don’t want more. I would MUCH prefer for SPN to utilize more guest stars, instead of brining us full-time Cas. Bring us more Crowley, more Kevin, more Charlie, more Sheriff Mills.

    It honestly just feels like fan service to me.

    I just hope SPN remains focused on Sam and Dean as the MAIN characters. You lose that, and you lose SPN.

    • Carl says:

      This season has been very angel-light, even with Cas. I feel like they’re cutting off Heaven. I won’t be surprised if Cas falls.

      I think fan service would be a few appearances. Being a regular means more money and planning.

    • ZER0C00L says:

      All the angel characters we’ve ever met, save for Castiel, have either been killed or written out. I don’t think you have to worry about the angels becoming too prominent. They have short life spans on SPN. Also, will there really ever be a time when Dean&Sam won’t be the main characters? Honestly? Because I don’t see that happening, no matter who they add to or take away from the rest of the cast.

    • SPN will always be focused on Sam and Dean because, DUH, they are the protagonists of the show. Still, like you said, there is a necessity to utilize more guest stars because anything on television would be boring if it only focused on two characters.
      I think Castiel being around doesn’t exactly equate to the angel story-line continuing for much longer due to the Angel Tablet. Cas will probably become mortal pretty soon (just my speculation due to the foreshadowing thus far in season 8).

    • the show is called SUPERNATURAL, the WINCHESTERS. It needs important regular characters beside the brothers. See other successful long running shows and you will know what I’m talking about.

  36. Maria says:

    Thats absolutely the best new in Spn fandom in a long time!!! :)))
    Im thrilled he´s confirmed as a regular.He will only make better the show even better. Team Free Will FTW!

  37. Ananda says:

    This is great! It hasn’t been the same without Cas. He enhances the SPN experience.

  38. alisse says:

    Awesome, really happy, and about time! more Cas! but I´ll like more sam and cas scenes too

  39. Charlotte says:

    so happy to hear this news omg I’ve been waiting to see his storyline develop for ages!!!!

  40. Jen says:

    oh my god I can’t even handle this, I’m so happy, this is so awesome! And he’s going to direct an episode, I want it to be the musical episode, i want it so bad, this has to happen we all know Jensen can sing.

  41. lpili13 says:

    Im so happy to hear Misha´s confirmed as a regular next season. I´ve always loved Castiel and i think he adds so many good things to the show. I can´t wait to see Dean, Sam and Cas together. Looking forward (already) for a even greater season 9.


  43. Fantastic news! Supernatural is always better with Castiel. Wow, yes, I con’t think any news could make me happier :D

  44. Clare says:

    So happy about this! this show hasn’t been the same without Misha as one of the mains! :P

  45. Nanna says:

    I am so happy he’s FINALLY gonna be a series regular again! Hoping we will see Castiel in A LOT of episodes in season 9, Cas is a really great character and episodes involving Team Free Will are the best!

  46. Victoria says:

    I am positively ecstatic. He’s not a “star” so obviously Sam&Dean as the centre of the show remains intact but honestly, I am so sick and tired of the boys not having any relationships outside of each other. Castiel is a fantastic character on his own and his relationship with Dean is just a pleasure to watch, the chemistry and complexity is amazing. He’s become as much a part of this show as the boys.

    Cas haters to the left, pls. This is a glorious day. Castiel is saved!

    • Jamie says:

      I agree with you 100%. A show can’t survive for 8 plus seasons with two main characters, it ends up repeating the same stuff over and over again. I don’t think the “just the brothers” fans realize it gets tedious having no supporting characters.

      Sam and Dean will always be the heart of the show, but the supporting characters are so great and have so much potential.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes! The fans have spoken! The show has evolved and the brothers have evolved. Yay Cas!!!!

  47. Hooray, Team Free Will is back!

  48. minwe says:

    YEEESSS!! Absolutely!!! So excited and relieved that we’ll see Castiel in the next season too and happy for Misha to get to be as a regular!!!