The Walking Dead Recap: The End Is Near

The Walking Dead Season 3 Andrea Reunion PrisonIn Sunday’s Walking Dead, the Governor begins arming the citizens of Woodbury — yes, even Noah, the asthmatic kid! — in preparation for an assault on the prison. But there remains one weapon that can be used to defeat him: sex. Will Andrea pull the trigger? Read on and find out…

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A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE | As the hour begins, the jailbirds — knowing it’s only a matter of time before the Governor attacks again — sing The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Hershel is ready to make a run for it in spite of the fact that he has only one leg; Rick, however, is determined to stand his… er, their ground. Not only does his stubbornness enrage Doc Crutches, it prompts Carl, of all people, to gently suggest that his dad stop being their leader. Ouch to the nth!

LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES | In Woodbury, the Governor tells Andrea that when he went to the penitentiary — to negotiate, not retaliate — the brutes opened fire on him. “They’re bloodthirsty,” he insists, pants bursting into flame. Determined to find out for herself WTH is up, Andrea enlists Milton’s help in getting out of town. In turn, he runs straight to the Governor, thus making it obvious that he never learned the moral of The Brady Bunch’s very special show about tattletales.

THE “SIN” IN “SINCERE” | Though Glenn maintains that, whether the jailbirds stick around or fly the coop, Merle has got to go — “I wouldn’t ask you to live with Shane after he tried to kill you!” he says to Rick — it’s clear that Daryl’s brother isn’t going anyplace. At least, Hershel seems to get through Ol’ One-Arm’s obnoxious exterior a bit by using the Bible as an ice-breaker. Later — and, of course, whether he means a syllable of it is beyond debatable — he apologizes to Michonne for her attempted murder. “Just business,” he swears.

NEW RECRUITS | While Andrea is (quite literally) disarming a walker to offer her camouflage on her journey to the prison, she and Milton are surprised by the appearance of Tyreese and his group. (That is, they’re surprised that they appear, they’re not surprised by how they appear. They appear quite normal.) Once Milton’s led the newbies back to Woodbury, it’s all the Governor can do to contain his one-eyed smize when he learns that they can — and are only too happy to — detail the layout of the prison for him.

WELCOME BACK | When Andrea is at last reunited with her old gang, she’s greeted like an enemy. (At least Carol has a hug for her old pal.) Michonne is especially merciless. “You chose a warm bed over a friend,” she seethes. Then, to add insult to injury, Michonne admits that she joined in the assault on Woodbury to expose the Governor to Andrea for what he really is… because she knew that that would hurt her. (Mission: accomplished.) Before Andrea leaves, Carol suggests that she shag the Governor’s brains out, and when he falls asleep, “end this.” Unfortunately, Andrea only executes step one of the plan: She shags the Governor’s brains out alright but can’t bring herself to slit his throat.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were the jailbirds too hard on Andrea… or not hard enough? When she couldn’t go through with the Governor’s execution, didn’t you expect him to turn the tables and kill her? Is there any hope of redemption for Merle? How awesome was it to see the tenderness between Daryl and Carol back on display? Hit the comments with, you know, your, um, comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Venkman007 says:

    Hrm…not sure. REALLY hating on Andrea…

  2. July says:

    I bet my ass that the writers are all making Andrea being the most hatred character, like that she can do something epic and everyone will love her again. Actually… love her and that’s that because I don’t think she ever did anything in the show to be loved.

  3. Andrea needs to figure herself out, because her choices are not good.

  4. Mo says:

    Andrea … omg woman, what are you even thinking? At this point I trust Merle & his choices more. And thank you Hershel for calling Rick out on his crazy. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  5. Mike says:

    I thought it was the first episode to actually have interesting character development, and as much as I hate Andrea, I still really enjoyed this episode.

    • KevyB says:

      You got that right! Though I didn’t understand Tyreese’s eagerness to give the Governor a warplan to kill the “nice people”. Unless he’s as stupid as Andrea. Honestly, why else would that jerk want a layout of the jail?

      • Ari says:

        How were they nice to Tyreese though? They gave him a place to stay for about a minute and patched up their wounded. Then their leader came back and started waving a gun at them and shouting like a madman. I’d sell the prison crew out too.

      • Alan says:

        ty is eager to please so they can stay, in this kind of world i would give up practically anything if i was offered a safe place to live

  6. ugh says:

    Andrea is dragging down the show, get rid of her already.

  7. jim says:

    The show SUCKS now, too many key people are killed off and the ones left The Governor and Andrea are HORRIBLE characters.

    • Matt says:

      Clearly you have no idea about the source material. Anyone can be killed.

    • Omar says:

      Well if you just read the comic you will find out that nobody is safe

    • Mike says:

      The Governor is a great character, because you are supposed to hate him, Andrea is a horrible character because you are supposed to like her and noone does.

    • Derek Johnson says:

      Yes, there’s a lot of death, but it’s a show with flesh eating zombies. I think they made a mistake killing Lori too soon, but if characters only died occasionally, it wouldn’t look very realistic.

      • JB says:

        I disagree, it was time for Lori to go. She was a crappy mother, crappy wife and she made a lot of poor decisions. If I had to hear her yell one more time, “Carl?” “Has anyone seen Carl?” “Where’s Carl?” She couldn’t keep track of him ever. And her decision to get pregnant and not abort during an apocalypse was incredibly selfish and stupid.

        • Ari says:

          Don’t forget her constant, “I’m not leaving without my boy!”

          Lori was a terrible character who died doing the one good and selfless thing she ever did.

        • Derek Johnson says:

          I wouldn’t have had a problem if they had killed Lori at some point, there was still story for her and Rick working through their marriage. She’d play a big role in counseling Rick right now. And Lori has been in three episodes since her character died, so apparently Kirkman thinks he still needs her. And delusional Rick is ridiculous! The show is about rugged survival-ism, and you don’t need people hallucinating all the time. Lori had a thankless part, like a lot of females on action shows like 24 and Lost. If she was so bad, why is every casting director trying to get SWC on their show this pilot season? They rushed her back to Prison Break, and she was even great in that failed Tarzan series in 2003. Kirkman is a trigger-happy writer who just killed a key character too soon. If he keeps killing characters at this rate, we’re going to end up with 24 season 6.

          I would contend it took more guts to keep the baby and have it in the zombie world than to just kill it. Andrea would have been a coward if she killed herself, just as Lori would have if killed her baby. And no one decides to get pregnant, it just happens (sorry didn’t mean to get political).

          • tripoli says:

            No one decides to get pregnant, it just happens? Really? That is such a dumb statement. Nothing cowardly about deciding to end an unplanned and terribly problematic pregnancy during the damn zombie apocalypse. Keeping the baby was totally selfish and gave no consideration to the people around her and how it would most likely be a burden and a safety risk to the entire group. Lori still being in the episodes since her death has no bearing on whether Kirkman needs her or not. She’s still important to the story of Rick and his desecnt into crazy. Killing her is also not a reflection of Sarah Wayne Callies acting ability or popularity within the industry. You seem to be searching for some other reason for her exit from the show, other then it was just her character’s time to go.

          • Faster says:

            Haha, “no one decides to get pregnant, it just happens.” Wow. I guess I can stop wasting my money on that silly birth control, then.

          • Derek Johnson says:

            The human race existed for a long time before birth control came along. We all think we are so smart, but we are we afraid of having and raising our own kids?

          • Faster says:

            The point is, people don’t just get pregnant. Sex leads to pregnancy, it doesn’t just spontaneously happen. And whether or not someone decides to have children is a personal choice, but the point that the above poster made is that in this apocalyptic situation it was a very risky, and I think pretty selfish, decision to make given the circumstances.

          • Derek Johnson says:

            In your scenario, the human race would just die off because no one would have anymore babies. I’m sorry, did the government cease to function while condom factories stayed in business? In a society where people struggle to survive, it is imperative for them to many children, because many of them don’t survive infancy. It is only societies like ours that can afford the luxury of a few children.

          • A says:

            I see you are determined to turn this into a political argument, but that’s not what anyone here is arguing. Historically, of course there was no physical form of birth control, so yes people had babies. THIS is an apocalyptic scenario that, if you have been watching the show, is unstable at best. Probably not the best situation to bring a screaming, crying baby into. And yes, as a consequence of the circumstances, the population may die off because they are struggling to stay alive and can’t wait for an infant to turn into a contributing member of society as you suggested. But this all seems moot, you wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse if your first reaction was to reproduce like a rabbit.

          • Faster says:


        • Kristen says:

          First I want to say that I absolutely LOVE SWC, have since I saw her in Prison Break, and she was the reason I started watching TWD when it first started. That being said, the character of Lori drove me nuts in season two with what you mentioned. Always losing Carl and then refusing to go anywhere until he was with her. Meanwhile he would be off causing problems/getting in the way. I would never let my kid outta my sight in the zombie apocalypse! And then in the season 2 finale Lori has no problem that Rick didn’t tell them that they all had the virus inside them but she completely FLIPS OUT and turns on him whe he tells her he killed Shane??? Shane put everyone in danger and lured Rick into the field to kill Rick!!! UGH I was so disgusted with her at that. It was like she was mad that she didn’t have a back up man in case one of them died. As far as the baby…not like she can just go to the dr, get on birth control. It’s hard to get supplies. She did make the harder choice to keep the baby, yeah it’s dangerous but the baby is like a tiny bit of hope…

  8. Amy says:

    I swear Andrea is as annoying as carol was in the comics, this Andrea needs to get killed off, i prefer merle over Andrea any day

  9. Josh says:

    The Walking Dead has some of the worst written females on TV…At times it doesn’t just border on sexist…IT IS SEXIST.

    Andrea, Laurie…and even Carol(screw him and kill him) are just HORRIBLE characters.

    • Mike says:

      I like Carol…. And Maggie for the most part is a great character.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Unlike the comics, Carol’s the female character that’s shown the most growth and changed. I can’t see her putting up with a husband like Ed anymore.

    • Riddle says:

      I think Carol and Michonne are terrific showing strenght in two completely different ways. Sisters Maggie and Beth actually act like two sisters caught up in an extintion level event, These are not pathetic Vampire Diaries vixen existing solely to get a man. Even Andrea, stays with the Gov because she’s actually fond of him (I may not like it, but I do understand it).

    • Derek Johnson says:

      While I don’t think the show is sexist, I do think that the writing on the show does represent guys being guys, and guys don’t write as well for women. I don’t always think Shonda Rhimes writes male characters as well, but I don’t expect her too. Sometimes male writers write their female characters to make them say what men want women to say, and female writers do the same with their male characters. Just human nature.

      • Kristen says:

        This is a great explanation of something I often thought to myself while watching Private Practice over the years: there are no guys like that!! Watching Addison struggle to choose between one great guy or another?? Come onnnn, that never happens IRL!

    • KV says:

      The suggestion coming from Carol was perfect – coming from anyone else, I can see how it would have been sexist. I bet she had many instances in her own life where she thought about killing her husband, but she never went through with it. Only when he was dead was she truly free. The same could be said for Andrea but for different reasons.

      • Faster says:

        Thank you for pointing this out. Her comment went much deeper than most people realized. And while I agree that Andrea and Lori were terrible examples of female characters, Carol especially and Maggie are wonderful characters. I hope we see more of them soon.

    • Alan says:

      its wrong to call bad writing sexist, its just bad writing; if the writers were actually demeaning women then you could call it sexist.
      as far as carol’s plan goes, thats genius; in a world like this people would do anything to survive and that falls within anything.

  10. Omar says:

    I loved the episode… I’m so glad to see more Andrea, when she arrived to the prision I felt the emotion about if she was a bait or something bad could happened.
    I’m happy to see Tyresse and Shasha alives! Sorry Ben and Allen i want you both dead! Milton ugh! I just hate you!

    Beth singing Epic! :)

    The writers are building up the story, I think the season finale will be amazing.

  11. Fairy says:

    I hate Andrea, and it’s clear to me that I’m supposed to. She’s a complicated person, but I’ve hated her from her first scene. Good job by the actress. I’d like to see her die, but not as much as I’d like to see the Governor die. I also agree that this is good character dev’t for Andrea, and I think Milton, too. I wouldn’t say I’d take Merle any day to Andrea, cuz Merle goes where the wind is blowing. I think it’s more accurate to say I’d take Merle any day to Andrea if Merle also meant Daryl, cuz that’s more the sure thing. Andrea is not loyal, and she’s not smart. Merle has some loyalty to his brother, and he’s much smarter than he appears. Andrea should have just stayed at the CDC. Oh well.

    • Jamie says:

      I think the haters will be rewarded by the end of the season, she’s clearly going to be killed, probably in the finale. The tv show Andrea is very different from the comics Andrea, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The writers have done a good job judging by the amount of hate for the character in some of the comments.

      I hope they make the most of Tyreese as a character, as he is one of the best characters in the comic. He’s come into the TV show a lot later than the comics, and I’ll be interested to see if he stays loyal to Woodbury, or ends up double-crossing Woodbury for Rick and co.

  12. Riddle says:

    As for the comments: Terrific episode, as usual. I thought they reacted to Andrea exactly how they should react after Axel, Oscar, T-Dog and Lori died No, not really. I think there has always been hope for Merle, question is: would he earn it. Daryl and Carol should make it official and move to their own cell, perid.

  13. Derek Johnson says:

    The show is really trying my patience. They never should have killed off Lori, I don’t like it that Tyrese is now a part of Woodbury, which so obviously is going to come back to bite rick in the you-know-what. It’s still good, but I’m not paying for an iTunes season pass next year.

    • JEst says:

      Tyrese has already been shown to be pretty astute. It shouldn’t take him long to realize who the good guys really are and bite the Governor in the ass, not Rick.

      • Derek Johnson says:

        Don’t bet on it. They changed Andrea from what she was in the comics, they can change Tyrese from what he was in the comics.

        • KV says:

          Right, but Andrea has been dense for the entire show. Tyrese has been a bit more wary. I am hopeful that he’ll figure out how wicked the Governor is and turn on Woodbury, maybe while they’re trying to take down the prison.

        • tripoli says:

          The show has never stayed very true to the comics. It’s been said many times by Kirkman and others. There’s an obvious outline or starting point but they’ve made it pretty clear that they have no interest in following the story of the comics outright.
          Agree with you JEst. Tyreese seems to be willing to go with the flow to stay safe but I can’t imagine he’ll stick to the Governor for too long. And as Tyreese was quite a popular character from the comics, much like Michonne, I think he’s going to be around awhile and will probably end up with Rick and Co, sooner rather than later.

  14. Jennifer says:

    So, is Glenn hiding in the trunk of Andrea’s car,waiting to pop out and off the Gov?

  15. I thought Andrea was more likable this episode, seeing how she was at least trying. Really interested in what she’s going to do next. She knows too much to ignore now (well, you never know with Andrea)