Revenge Exclusive: Finale to Be [Spoiler]-centric! Plus: A First Look at Emily and Jack In Mourning

Revenge Season 2 SpoilersNow that The Amanda — and the Amanda — are gone, Revenge is embarking on a new journey (beginning Sunday, March 10), one that leads straight to another explosive finale. But TVLine has learned exclusively that unlike last year’s Emily-heavy season-ender, this one will focus on another character — a fan fave that countless viewers have been clamoring for more of throughout the ABC soap’s sophomore run.

During a chat at this week’s Costume Designers Guild Awards, Revenge scene-stealer Gabriel Mann spilled a major — and majorly exciting — scooplet about the series’ upcoming finale.

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“[Showrunner] Mike Kelley is keeping [finale storylines] so close to the vest,” Mann shares, “but I will say that the cliffhanger we are working up to at the end of this season is very Nolan-centric.”

Before that time comes, though, the Hamptonites will have to deal with the aftermath of Amanda’s death, a task that won’t be simple for most.

“Amanda’s death shakes things up in such a major way psychologically for the characters,” he tells us, noting that the passing of the semi-reformed bad girl won’t hit his alter ego as hard as others. That said, “Nolan does feel, in his love and empathy for Emily, the pain that she went through.”

Jack, however, is the mourner with the mostest this time around. “Because he now knows way too much — although he’s still grasping at details — I think we’re about to see the birth of a new, smarter, meaner, revenge-y Jack Porter,” Mann reveals. “That’s what I’m going to tease for the rest of the season.”

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As for what leads Nolan to the finale frontlines, Mann will only says that his character “has got his hands full with The Initiative and the ‘Padma of it all’ right now. Somewhere in between [dealing with] Jack and Padma, it’s actually a return to classic Emily-and-Nolan for the rest of the season — and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Now, feast your eyes on the following exclusive first look at Jack and the real Amanda Emily mourning the loss of their loved one in Revenge‘s March 10th installment.

Are you still sad to see Amanda go? Does a Nolan-centric finale excite you? Hit the comments! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Revenge Season 2 Spoilers

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  1. peacelight says:

    I liked Amanda’s character, but her death opens up so many doors. I am looking forward to a bad-ass Jack. But I am soooo excited for a Nolan Plot Line. He deserves so much more attention, and I am glad he is getting it :)

    • kavyn says:

      I would have rather had Jack die and Amanda be bad-ass. The actress playing Fauxmanda is actually very talented (not just on Revenge but other movies/shows too). Plus now we’re going to have to deal with Jack and Declan taking care of the baby which is going to be incredibly annoying to watch…

      • iMember says:

        I don’t think so. People complain about Declan, but he’s gotten very little screen time this season unlike in Season 1 where he and Charlotte had larger storylines with one another. Plus, we’ve seen them taking care of baby Carl already and if it goes to show, there are hardly any prolonging scenes with that going on.

      • Esaul says:

        I actually didn’t like Fauxmanda or the actress who portrayed her.

        • TMW says:

          I suppose it’s easy to forget that Amanda has murdered at least one person that we know of. In a moral sense II think it’s right forthe show to have her be “punished”

      • lalo says:

        declan and the actor who does it ITS SO BORING just like in gossip girl, GET HIM OUT OF THE SHOW NOW !

      • Genevieve says:

        Sooooo true, i would much rather see Jack dead then Amanda. Now that it’s Amanda who died, and Jack who has become revenge-y it will take time away from Emily, and there will be no more Emily-Amanda time to watch. On top of that, i think its annoying to watch the show focus on Jack.

    • luli says:

      I’m still sad Amanda died… her death killed me!

    • Lisamary says:

      Yes I agree whole-heartedly…Emilys’ “friend for life” is a nice guy. can’t say that for Padma though! Am a great believer in happy endings so am hoping Jack will finally know the truth and that he and the REAL AMANDA will be finally be together.

      • rebecca says:

        I would like to see the real Amanda be with jack. I can’t wait until he finds out the truth. It’s her that he loves anyway. I was sad to see the fauxmanda be killed but happy now that the right two can be together now.

        • Temesgen Bonnie says:

          Me too! I like to see them together (real Amanda and Jack). Nolan and Emily are my favorites. OMG! Madeline is such an amazing actress. Amanda(real Emily) is cute!

    • Joy says:

      I too love Nolan, although I’m not a huge fan of his plight with Americon Initiative or Padma. Hoping that arc works itself out quickly so we can move on to things the ciewers actually enjoy watching. My greatest dream would be for him, Emily, and Jack to team up Revenge-style against the Grayson’s and be like a modern-day 3 Musketeers! Lol :)

    • Joy says:

      I too love Nolan, although I’m not a huge fan of his plight with Americon Initiative or Padma. Hoping that arc works itself out quickly so we can move on to things the ciewers actually enjoy watching. My greatest dream would be for him, Emily, and Jack to team up Revenge-style against the Grayson’s and be like a modern-day 3 Musketeers!

  2. Nerdbot says:

    Really hoping this is the SEASON finale, not SERIES finale. I mean, considering how awful its ratings have been since ir started competing those major events.

    • iMember says:

      With how a lot of ABC’s other dramas are going in the ratings, I think Revenge is pretty much safe and with whats to come for the rest of the season and how epic the last episode was, I foresee a continuous rise in ratings. Especially now that Award shows have come to an end after the Oscars this Sunday and now that Downton Abbey is finished.

    • Therese says:

      If you don’t like the show stop watching. I hope this show goes for at least 7 seasons!

  3. Amy says:

    Days later, I am STILL talking about Sunday’s episode. It was incredibly sad to watch Amanda die, but after re-watching last year’s season finale, I had remembered that her character wasn’t always given a warm welcome. That didn’t take away from my sadness, unfortunately. I absolutely love this show, love Nolan and I’m not too surprised the focus will be on him this finale, after all, they did hint at it when he said the rest of Carion was in his brain. Anyway, can’t get enough of Revenge. Keep giving us any information!

    • Joy says:

      I agree with everything Amy said! I too can’t get enough of Revenge… a 3-month hiatus feels like 3 years, and the only thing getting me through is little spoilers. So please keep them coming!

  4. kelly says:

    I think if they were to choose another night AWAY from the walking dead … Their ratings would improve

    • iMember says:

      The Walking Dead didn’t really affect Revenge in the fall. ABC’s poor scheduling for their Sunday shows and putting them up against big name award shows and also going up against Downton Abbey is what affected it. My guess is it will be on a rise after this past Sunday’s episode. With how low ABC’s other dramas are doing, Revenge is more or less certain for a third season.

      I’m really excited with this scoop that we got here too! Really good stuff coming up it seems. Can’t wait till the show comes back!

  5. JustineK says:

    Since Nolan is the only person who can finish the Carrion Program, it’s pretty clear the Initiative is going to force him into doing that at some point. The season finale sounds about right.
    Poor Nolan, always ends up kidnapped or hurt. Still… I do love the idea of Nolan-centric finale.
    Also, interested to see the change in Jack after last events. As sad as Amanda Porter’s death was, it DID open a lot of doors. And in the end, she died saving the people she loved. That’s the best we could hope for.

  6. greysfan says:

    Revenge just seems to keep getting better and better and i can’t believe the ratings are so low for this show in America. I really hope it does go up again i really do. I do think there will be a season 3. Just maybe not on Sundays next season.

    • Joy says:

      I love Revenge and will watch it no matter which night it’s on!

    • Bob Jones says:

      The ratings are getting lower and lower because people are sick of watching for a week or two then having to wait 3 weeks once again for the show to return.. Why the networks can’t continually do a 1 a week show is mind boggling.. This is the 2nd or 3rd time now we’re kept waiting for several weeks to watch.

      • Joy says:

        I totally agree that ABC needs to stop jerking viewers chains; they need to do away with all the annoying hiatuses. I can see how most people wouldn’t be able to get into a show or would stop watching a show because the airings are unpredictable. It’s not Revenge’s fault, it’s ABC’s fault! Thankfully, I love Revenge enough to endure the annoying hiatuses. But in general, if ABC wants to keep viewership up, they need to be more consistent with reliably weekly shows.

      • DJ says:

        This is quite true. As much as I love the show, I hate the on again, off again nature of the programming. One week on, three weeks off, etc. It is tiring and sometimes I find it to be arrogant that programmers think that people will keep loyal to a show that keeps jerking its audience around like this.

  7. Drew Herring says:

    Oof. Not sure I like the sound of a “Nolan-centric” season finale… Does that mean we have to keep enduring this god-awful Initiative storyline due to his relationship with Padma? I already hate her character. I wonder how the rest of this season will play out now that Amanda is dead? I loved last season’s finale, it was all like a big dominio effect. Felt very intense! They have a lot to live up to this year.

    • iMember says:

      With what Mike Kelley said in the recent past, the show is going back to its original roots – which is pretty much shown in the promo for the next episode. Emily vs. the Graysons, and with Amanda’s death, that is only going to be stronger now. The Initiative is still going to be there, but it’s not going to be as unclear as it was in the earlier half of the season and we’re likely going to be seeing Emily and Victoria, unknowingly of one another, taking them down by the end of the season as to end that arc.

      I am very curious about what the cliffhanger will be this season having to do with Nolan. That’s really exciting to me! Last season’s cliffhanger was about Emily and revealing her mother was alive, so I wonder what’s going to happen to Nolan. Hmmm

    • Joy says:

      I heard (via a recent Madeline Stowe interview) that the Initiative plot is being wrapped up soon, so thankfully we won’t have to ensure them much longer. So no, I doubt they’ll be involved in the season finale.

  8. Daniel says:

    isn’t it hilarious that Amanda and Jack are actually married? i mean he might have married Faux Amanda but he’s still technically married to the real Amanda..that has to come into play too..they’re going to put them together obviously.

    • iMember says:

      No, he’s not. Emily and Amanda changed their names officially. They didn’t just swap identities without doing the paper work. Emily isn’t a careless girl. She doesn’t want to leave any holes open to be found out. She was Amanda Clarke for 18 years of her life, but when she got out and went on the path of Revenge, she and the real Emily officially changed names and took on each others former identities.

    • luli says:

      Now that fauxmanda is dead I don’t want to see Emily and Jack together. I feel in some way that would be a huge betrayal and it just doesn’t feel right anymore… Aiden and Emily FTW

      • LE says:

        This! Jack is lame and Emily is a bad-ass… so they don’t match.

        • Deme says:

          And this! I just can’t see Jack pulling off any kind of successful revenge against the likes of Conrad Grayson. Dude ended up in jail going against the Ryan’s.

        • Joy says:

          Are you forgetting how bad-ass he was in season 1 when he heard the video session-recording of his childhood sweetheart? He had the balls to storm over to the Grayson’s and confront Victoria in front of her family–which led to Charlotte discovering that she wasn’t even a Grayson after all. He also pretended to fight with fauxmanda on The Amanda so that they could escape. Granted, it didn’t go smoothly, but Jack IS an interesting character who fights for what he believes in. Now that he’s going to (hopefully) learn the truth, there will be no holding him back. So get ready to eat your words!

      • CC says:

        Exactly! I mean, when Fauxmanda hooked up with Jack, it was better than if Emily and Jack were to hook up now. Emily and Jack had a childhood romance. Fauxmanda and Jack were married with a kid… It really would not be right for Emily and Jack.

      • why calling amanda fauxmanda and not calling emily fauxemily? she is as faux as the dead one was!

      • Joy says:

        Ummm are you forgetting that the ORIGINAL betrayal happened when fauxmanda stole Jack’s heart by lying about her identity?! She went after Jack even though she KNEW Emily (the real Amanda) still had feelings for her childhood sweetheart. That’s why fauxmanda apologized in the “Forgiveness” episode (ep 5) of season 2. She was even willing to finally tell Jack the truth about her real identity but Emily said no–because Jack “deserves happiness, not the truth.” Perhaps now he’ll find out the truth anyway (which I’m solo glad about), but either way he DOES deserve happiness. And if he wants it with the REAL Amanda Clarke, then who are you to say that’s not right? After all, they were always destined to be together. Fauxmanda should never have stayed in the Hamptons and gotten in between them in the first place!!!

        • Lisamary says:

          @ Joy – a person after my own heart!! Thank you – my thoughts EXACTLY!! Am SO dying to see them together with all cards laid on the table.

        • Sarah says:

          I agree with you!! I was so mad that fauxmanda stayed in the Hamptons and actually went after the one person she knew her supposed “sister” still loved! I couldn’t understand how she could actually do that to her friend and then act like the real Amanda should just deal with it! I pray that Jack finds out the truth and that he and the real Amanda are able to work towards being together eventually!

        • azu says:

          I agree with those of you that dislike ashely and faux Amanda. They should be killed off

  9. Rosie says:

    One can hope that with this “Noan-centric” second season finale, the writers will have the brains to kill off Padma. She is so annoying and ranks second to Ashley in the list of characters I want to simply go away for good.

  10. rebecca says:

    Love the show.since inception…praying for a third season and a change of night as Im also a big football fan

  11. stevie says:

    here’s my guess: nolan is emily’s brother.

    • iMember says:

      That’s more of a Nolan and Emily-centric cliffhanger though. This cliffhanger hint seems more specific to Nolan.

    • Michelle says:

      i have felt that all along! I still believe her Dad is NOT dead.

      • Joy says:

        I agree! I think that would be soooo interesting to watch unfold. WAY better that Em’s finding out her mother was still alive. (To the Revenge writers: you had a good idea to bring the mom back, but it wasn’t executed well because she shouldn’t have been crazy. It just made everything more awkward and confusing.)

    • Melissa says:

      Gabriel Mann said in an interview that Emily is Nolan’s love interest. Before I heard that I thought they were brother and sister, but now that I have re-watched episodes I see hurt and jealousy on his face when Emily is with Aiden.

  12. N says:

    I loved Amanda…..

  13. Therese says:

    If they kill or hurt Nolan the initiative better get ready for Revenge!

  14. Val says:

    It sounds good. Revenge had gotten really off course, but I like the sound of things here. Its good to hear the story coming back to Emily, Nolan and Jack (and blissfully, no mention of Aiden!). I’m also interested to see Emily get her laser focus on the Graysons back. And I wouldn’t mind a meaner Jack, though I suspect he’ll always remain the character with the most moral high ground because the show needs one of those.

    • Joy says:

      I agree that returning to the original formula of what made Revenge so juicy in the first place–centering around Emily, Nolan, and Jack–is exactly what needs to happen. Those 3 have such great chemistry and work great as a team. (Three Musketeers anyone….?)

      It’ll be SO amazing to finally have Jack’s eyes opened so he’s smarter. Perhaps some of the revenge-y things he’ll do in the name of justice are somewhat “mean” but I agree that he’ll always have a strong moral core. He and Emily are destined to be together!!!

  15. Shay says:

    Nobody ranks second to Ashley in the list of “Revenge” characters that I want to go away for good…soooo annoying! But Declan, Padma and Charlotte are welcome to leave anytime, as well. Oh, and Aiden, too!!!!! Looooove the Nolan news, though…..YES!!!!

  16. cj says:

    I like Declan and Charlotte a lot and Ashley is fine because she is not a major.character.

    • Joy says:

      Yes I also like Charlotte and Declan. Not sure why people give them such a hard time (especially Declan). But it would be fantastic to see Charlotte and Emily team up together for sister power, especially now that Charlotte has officially changed her name to Clarke. :)

      As for Ashley… I’m neutral about her character. I think she’s more evil than good, and she’s far from my favorite character. But perhaps she’ll get a more intriguing arc–like perhaps somehow she’s secretly entangled in all our favorite characters lives somehow (in a personal way). After all, there’s so much we don’t know about Ashley’s personal life, especially her past.

      I truly believe the writer of Revenge don’t need to bring in so many extra characters to make the storyline interesting. They just need to develop/deepen the arcs of characters they already have. Yes they’ll have to bring in various extras from time to time, but we already have enough main characters that we’re already attached to, so adding in a bunch more new characters every season only adds confusion and calamity to the original story-plot.

  17. Chicago Dan says:

    FauxManda really was a character that could shake things up on ALL fronts, Emily, the Graysons and the Porters. She was able to do things that Emily couldn’t do and that’s a real loss. So far, I’ve watched every episode, but I’m debating about continuing. When I think of all the dead weight on the show – Declan, Jack, Daniel, Charlotte, now another Initiative person. Ashley has been underutilized this season – especially since we learned about her real connection to Emily in the flashback episode. I was FF through big chunks of the show. The fact that the Initiative is still going to be featured on the back-end, pains me. Oh, well, one can only hope that the fact that we don’t see a body means that Emily’s mentor was out in the ocean and pulled Fauxmanda out of the water and will reappear at the end of the season. (After all, she survived a two-story fall on a marble floor while pregnant.)

    • aciel says:

      do u have to complain about everything? this was in fact the best revenge episode this season. it was so heartbreaking and if u think that fauxamandas death is a loss it actually reenergizes the show and makes emily want to get revenge on the grayson more than ever. things are going back on track the writers needed to do something for emily to regain focus. now the main focus will be on emily and the graysons. if u dont want to watch anymore thats fine your missing out on a great this episode actually restored my faith in this show. dont watch if u dont like whats going on in the show.

    • aciel says:

      people like u are the reason why good shows get cancelled

    • maryhollins says:

      That’s what I am hoping for! for Amanda to be found by the guy in the ocean and the plan is to have a closed casket pretending she is dead so that the initiative would not hunt her down. she could be healing in another country and then later come back and shake things up. that would be awesome!

      • MsWilson says:

        Omg that would be awesome!!! I was so excited about this idea until i remembered that charlotte identified Amanda’s body at the coroner’s office :'(

  18. julis says:

    Loooovvveee revenge so much hope more seasons to come never been bored at all its one of the best shows i have seen

  19. julis says:

    The only thing i can say is im totally hooked on this show i just cant get enough of it loving it from australia

  20. Anna says:

    I’m always a fan of more Nolan, as he is the best character on the show. Really looking forward to the next couple of episodes because I want to know if they can the Season-1-vibe back and be awesome again… I really hope they can.

  21. Amanda says:

    Jack will hate Emily even more if he finds out her true identity. His image of Amanda and his memory will be tarnished.

  22. Patty Stamps says:

    I remember hearing last season that Fauxmanda would only have an “arc’ this season so I thought it was pretty obvious she would die once the wedding took place. I feel bad for saying this, but I enjoy the less screen time for Declan and less Daniel.

  23. Inmyopinion says:

    In regards to everyone hating Ashley, I heard rumors last year that there was going to be a big twist and she was really going to be a Puppetmaster and out for Revenge too because her parents were killed in the plane crash. I wish that they would do this…I think it would be brilliant and she’s a good actress, so they should use her more! Why aren’t they doing something like this?

    • Melissa says:

      Ashley is probably around for good because the show’s creator/lead writer said he had that actress in mind specifically for Ashley’s character and she was the first person he cast on Revenge.

  24. dude says:

    I don’t know how I feel about a Nolan-centric finale. This isn’t an ensemble show (even if it does have some amazing supporting players). This is the Emily show, I kind of feel like all of the finales should be centered around her.

  25. mary says:

    This has gotta have more season’s imo its the best show out there!

  26. Joy says:

    I heard somewhere that Nolan might someday turn his back on Emily,
    so maybe instead of people fearing his death the should fear his potential darkness…

  27. Joy says:

    “I think we’re about to see the birth of a new, smarter, meaner, revenge-y Jack Porter…”

    OMG this is what I’ve been praying for all season–and pretty much since the pilot of Revenge! as sad it it was to see fauxmanda go (RIP!), she wasn’t always welcome in the Hamptons–or in my heart. Although I had recently warmed up to her, i agree with other commenters that Mandy’s death open many doors of opportunities.

    Naturally, a grieving Jack will demand and search for answers (just like he attempted to do last season). Only this time, I’m hoping that he’ll actually find out the truth about Emily. Anybody who has claimed Jack’s been a snooze-fest thus far better watch out because change is on the horizon! I’ve never thought Jack to be boring and am so excited he’ll finally get the opportunity to prove that. Yay! :D

  28. Barb says:

    Since “Revenge” moved to Sunday I have to watch it on prime time reruns two days later because I don’t want to miss Downton Abby. I really wish ABC would move the show to eight o’clock for us Downton fans. I haven’t missed an episode and love all the plots and sub plots. I’m sure the lower ratings are because of the conflicts on Sunday nights with Downton and all the awards shows.
    The evil characters are necessary to spice the story. All the acting is excellent and I hope the show goes on as long as Grey’s Anatomy did, another of my favorites.

  29. Lin says:

    I think the ratings went down because there’s sometimes 2-3 weeks without an episode; then we get 1 or 2 teasers and its off again! Pretty tacky & boring to see the initiative still around because we Americans hate terrorists, come on! Also the time slot could be better. ABC is totally messed up this and last season. Pretty soon they’ll screw up scandal as well.

  30. Tipp says:

    I love Revenge and I’ll continue to watch it, but Sunday was a bad move. They should put it back on Wednesday.

  31. Sue Ritter says:

    You know what? In actual fact, we just like watching the lives of our favourite characters pan out. (a la Desp Housewives). Dodgy things happen and we all raise our eyebrows, but as long as we can see Emily and Nolan putting their heads together, Aiden trying to wreck a few relationships, and Daniel being a bit of a wuss, we’re happy.
    We don’t need the Initiative to take a big lead – just smoulder somewhere in the background.
    As long as Victoria gets nasty, and Nolan falls over a box now and again – we are very happy. Thank you xx. (UK) Don,t care when it’s on – watch it online.

  32. kkelly says:

    My only wish is that Jack and Declan had gone down on the boat too.

  33. Brookie says:

    Apparently I’m the only huge Revenge fan who can hardly stand Nolan. Horrible character. Am I also the only one with a major crush on Daniel??? Sweet Moses that guys fun to watch…

  34. Brookie says:

    I gotta say I agree with Lin on the ratings. You’re gonna lose people when they have to keep waiting several weeks between episodes. Freaking love this show though, seriously.

  35. Tina says:

    I don’t think Amanda will really be gone! Somehow, I see her returning with this being a set up for the initative! I liked her character and think she completes the storyline of the show! Great Cast!!!

  36. linruss says:

    I love Aiden….he and Emily belong together. Hope this show makes him a major player next season!

  37. pauline says:

    love aidan him and emily are more suited together, hope they keep him in the show. him, emily and nolan are my favourite characters. madeline stowe is such an amazing actress

  38. brian says:

    i love this series.can’t wait for Amanda to get back with Jack but what about Charlote?

  39. Kelly says:

    I think we need more Daniel and emily together and just friends with jack and adien, i would like emily to start marking people off her list again with the red marker that was a good staple bring it back.

  40. Jo says:

    I hope Amanda and Aiden stay together, they have been through a lot and can truely be real with each other. As Jack would never forgive her for pretending to be someone else all this time and letting him marry someone he didn’t even know.

    Although I do sense a big Aiden twist……………

  41. Maddee says:

    I did love Amanda in the end, but I knew when she came back pregnant that something would have to be done. The way they used her as a drive seemed a great idea! Love Nolan… You kill him and I won’t watch anymore. I also enjoy Aiden, at first I was so happy he was with Emily; however, it has been quite the most boring couple… Daniel and her were much more intriguing! Maybe that is because it was so wrong for her to be with him and have feelings for him. Keep Aiden, but not for Emily! Jack revenge thing doesn’t really work, but I haven’t seen enough for a true judgement.. It isn’t too bad! I wish also he would just figure it out, or Nolan would tell him or something, but if they get together, please no boring life like Amanda… Not until the shows ends of course. Glad they got rid of the Ryan’s they are boring. Wish Charlotte was less…. Fragile. Absolutely hated the initiative part, so so so so happy we are going back to old roots. Please don’t make Eli be another Tyler I hated that!!! Hope Victoria gets knocked on her ass a bit by Emily in the next few episodes. Who does she think she is? Wish Ashley was really gone… She is a scavenger… A really nicely dressed vulture. Well I think that covers my feelings of this season so far. Sorry it’s a bit scrambled!

    PS give Nolan back his company! He is awesome!

  42. Stijn says:

    I also love the character of Nolan, because he is smart,rich, and sexually ambivalent. Very modern, and yet he is a good guy. Also, I don’t agree with some that Declan and Charlotte are boring. I think they can be a real happy couple that can intermediate between the revenge-y Jack and Emily/real Amanda. I would be a real waste of possibilities to have them killed of or something in the future episodes.
    I am bored with the character of Jack a bit, but I feel that the real Amanda should get him in the end. I wish he will find out the secret of the real Amanda himself, and perhaps team up with her and Nolan as sort of 3 musketeers, making life very hard for Conrad and Victoria.

    • Joy says:

      I agree with everything you just said (except about Jack being boring)! He and the real Amanda definitely deserve to be together. I’m so giddy to watch him slowly learn the the truth and become revengy in his own way. There was a scene in last epis

    • Joy says:

      …There was a scene in last episode’s “Illumination” where, after making his speech at the Grayson’s, Jack confronts Nolan. He says he’s there to practice lying, just like Nolan and Emily do. He also mentioned something about how they couldn’t be his real friends because they know certain things yet, instead of telling Jack, they choose to cozy up to the Grayson’s: “the very people Amanda came destroy.” I giggle every time I watch that scene because, as Jack says that last part, he smiles this evil smile. It’s so exciting to watch him slowly but surely uncover the truth. I hope this is just the beginning of more to come!!!

    • Joy says:

      The only thing I hope happens is that Jack stops taking his anger out in Nolan and Emily. Like he mentioned in the speech, he can count his close friends on one hand. So please don’t push them away! I understand he’s still grieving over his wife, and feels anger toward those responsible (the Grayson’s). But although Nolan and Ems have lied to him, it was only for his protection. They’ve been secretly helping him out of sooo many things! Why would he be angry that Nolan saved his life? I know he wants answers but taking it out in Nolan and Emily isn’t the right way to go about it. So I hope he learns to forgive them soon–that way they can work like the 3 musketeers! ;)

  43. loy says:

    vicky is my best character in this drama theres something about here you can not hate.I was devastated when i thought she died in season 1.Good thing she’s still around.

  44. Just a Hunch: I have a feeling that Nolan can be Victoria’s abandoned son, ( at the monastery) as Emily and Nolan always have a brother and sister type relationship and we do not know much about Nolan’s pass, do we? They said the son is in his 40′s, how old do you think Nolan’s Character is?

  45. Just a Hunch: I have a feeling that Nolan can be Victoria’s abandoned son, ( at the monastery) as Emily and Nolan has a rival sibling type of relationship and we do not know much about Nolan’s pass, do we? They said the son is in his 40′s, how old do you think Nolan’s Character is?

    • grace says:

      definitely not. Nolan’s meant to be about 35 i think, and it would completely ruin the whole storyline and make it even more unnaturalistic, it would be so stupid. the reason they haven’t really gone into Nolan’s past very much is because it’s never been necessary.

  46. hiddnroses says:

    I was unsure about a new love interest for Emily at the beginning of the season, but I love, love, love her and Aiden. Their relationship has really pulled me back into the show. The Daniel/Emily relationship was really turning me off. I honestly was sick of Daniel by mid season of season 1. I could use for him to go away from Emily at least and just stick to Grayson Global and his family. Her even pretending to be his girlfriend annoys me tremendously. Although Amanda’s death scene was said, I was glad to see her character go. I never could really like her character. I love Nolan and would like to see more of his back story. I’m still trying to get used to the badass Jack. It just seems out of the nature of his character and is an adjustment for me.

  47. mujeeba says:

    Just love revenge! Amanda and aiden together, great team, jack is so boring, and needs to die! Nolan love him, can’t wait for seas 3
    South african Johannesburg

  48. widis says:

    i love Aiden so much! he’s a perfect match for Emily. and jack doesn’t fit the badass character.

  49. grace says:

    jack and emily wouldn’t suit each other!! they’re (the producers) trying to give us false hope for them by all the flashbacks of their childhood, but it would never happen when they’re older.
    aiden and emily are better but i just don’t like aiden as a character? since the whole colleen incident with the initiative i think we’ve seen too much of his back story and they spent too long on it and it got boring.
    daniel and emily… well, she was only with him in season 1 to get close to the graysons, so there’s no reason why that would change now, and that she’s even pretending to like him bugs the s out of me.
    i love nolan as a character, he’s witty and sensitive and i love him to bits- what makes it even better is that i love gabriel mann!!! what an actor.
    declan and charlotte are a pair so neither will get killed off. i personally love declan, and charlotte i can tolerate i guess
    i reckon it will be ashley, aiden or jack (so emily will be carl’s guardian) who get killed off in the finale. to kill off any of the other characters would be programme suicide… although i would have liked to see daniel go, he’s just a bit of a nob to be honest…
    just got to wait until the 28th now!!! –stop having massive gaps, it’s so annoying.

  50. Jamie says:

    I pray that Nolan does not get killed in the season finale!!!! From what I am reading, it sounds like it will be him that gets killed next! I will NOT watch it again if Nolan gets killed off on the series!! Please! Let Nolan and Emily have their “Revenge”–they deserve it!!!