Arrow Fave on Felicity's Smokin' Makeover, Being Oliver's Wingman, Her DC Wiki Page and More

Arrow Season 1 SpoilersWhat did Emily Bett Rickards — who plays Arrow‘s super-high-tech, gadget-loving, computer-savvy Felicity Smoak — splurge on upon being promoted to a series regular? “I went out and got a few records for my turntable,” she tells TVLine. “Kinda nerdy, I know!”

Even a week after she earned her upgrade on the CW hit (airing Wednesdays at 8/7c), Rickards says, “I’m still beside myself,” having signed on as just a day player all those months ago. “It’s a roller coaster I never want to get off of.”

In fact, when I present the actress with an amusing piece of DC Comics’ official wiki description for Felicity Smoak — “She possesses the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engages in regular moderate exercise” — it turns out she knows the words all too well, having done research upon her hire. “I was like, ‘Well, that’s just great,'” she shares with a laugh. “But I went for a run this morning, so I’d call that ‘regular, moderate exercise. ‘And I’m pretty strong for my 5-foot-5 average woman height!”

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Here, Rickards previews what Arrow and Arrow have on tap for Felicity, the latest addition to Oliver’s super-secret baddie-bopping team.The Odyssey

LAIR PLAYER | Rickards affirms that for the time being, Felicity “is focused on helping Walter and helping Oliver not get trapped in this lifestyle…. She doesn’t want innocent people to get hurt.” In that capacity, “Hopefully, she can be the ‘conscience’ of the group, even though she’s not so great at giving advice.”

EXTREME MAKEOVER | As seen in the photo above, when Arrow’s mission this week includes trying to thwart a thief dubbed The Dodger (Battlestar’s James Callis), Felicity “gets to go out ‘in the field’ at an art auction,” Rickards says. “So the idea is that Oliver went out and gt her a dress and heels,” Pretty Woman-style, for the assignment. Of the temporary transformation, “We could safely say this is the first time, ever,” Ms. Smoak has gotten so dolled up, Rickards ventures. Alas, along the way she picks up an unsolicited accessory — a collar with a built-in bomb. “She’s got to try and stay level-headed facing the possibility of being decapitated,” Rickards says, “which isn’t the easiest thing in the world!”

SPEEDY DELIVERY | Though not a part of Felicity’s storyline, Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes joins Arrow tonight as Roy Harper aka he who is fated to be Speedy. “You will see him come in and be a love interest for Thea, which will be a really nice part of he show,” Rickards says.

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PLAYING CUPID FOR ARROW | Believing that any time Oliver can “get out of his lair, that dark hole of a dungeon” is a good time, Felicity “gets to be a bit of a wingman” for her boss this week, pointing him at vice cop McKenna Hall (played by Janina Gavankar) — occupational conflicts be damned. “We have Diggle saying, ‘That’s going to be a problem,’ but Felicity says, ‘Go out! Go have fun!'”

IT’S JUST… A LITTLE CRUSH? | Rickards says that Felicity herself is quite single, only “madly in love with her keyboard” — for now. As for those who see chemistry between the geeky gal and beefcakey Oliver, she concedes there’s possibly always been a crush there. “When she was introduced to him in Episode 3, she was like, ‘Of course I know who you are! You’re the millionaire’s son who’s a total babe.’ It doesn’t ever pass her by that he’s an extremely good-looking man. So if the storyline ever decides to go that way, it wouldn’t be far-fetched at all.”

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  1. I know he’s ‘destined’ to be with Laurel and I also know that Oliver should get his crap together before getting into a relationship, but these two have the strongest (romantic) chemistry of any two people on the show. I’m really hoping for these two as a couple, because Oliver and Laurel are nothing but damaged goods and though the actors have chemistry, it hasn’t always been a 100% there, but rather 100% wooden if anything.

    • dude says:

      So you’re saying that they have chemistry but they’re really wooden together? Mixed messages.

      • Kath says:

        I think he’s saying that Oliver and Felicity have really strong chemistry, while Oliver and Laurel are really wooden. To which I can only reply, I completely agree.

      • Kath says:

        Felicity and Moira are the show’s two best female characters, at opposite ends of the spectrum, so I’m very happy with this.

        I like how Felicity is unafraid to call Oliver on his crazy. Provides a good change from Diggle having to to it all.

    • luli says:

      I hope Felicity and Oliver are endgame. I know that’s not gonna happen but i just don’t see it with Ollie and Laurel…

      • Tron says:

        You don’t have to see it, the show cant please everyone thats impossible. Not a fan of Oliver/laurel, well you are in luck because there are a lot of things on offer. There is Diggle/Carly, Moira/Walter, Roy/Thea coming up, maybe Felicity/someone and the list is endless. There is a lot of non-romance stuff too. The problem with fans is too many have become so entitled. If you cant accept how the story goes then in their show, then write your own and stick to that.

        • Tlorraine says:

          Or watch another show if you cannot express an opinion without being attacked. The good thing is that there are fans who like the show.

        • Ryan says:

          Why are you being so hostile and snarky Tron? I see nothing above you showing anyone as an “entitled” fan, I see people discussing a show and speaking of their opinions on it. Heck they even seem like fans of the show.

          I happen to really like the show, that doesn’t mean that I have to feel Oliver and Laurel have any chemistry together as they really don’t. The fact so many people are on the Feliciver bandwagon is due to the fact the actors have a genuine chemistry.

          And lets also not make assumptions that Ollie and Laurel end up together, this is NOT the comic version of Green Arrow and there will be changes, much like Smallville made to that world. Truth is right now we don’t know for sure Ollie/Laurel will actually happen and Ollie/Felicity could happen on this show….personally I hope it does because those two work so well off each other.

          Now if you happen to think Laurel and Ollie have great romantic chemistry, that’s your opinion and no offense but it is the minority opinion at the moment. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but you are seeing things differently than myself and a lot of others do at the moment.

          • Tron says:

            Oh yeah I’m the one with be problem and being hostile, rolleyes. Not at all like you guys are take every opportunity now to bash Olive/laurel.

            Yes you don;t her to like laurel and Oliver, guess what thats JUST EXACTLY WHAT I SAID and told some people here. You don’t have to like them, . You are in denial (which is of no surprise) Laurel and Oliver are being written as endgame and should be, what you want and expecting is fan pandering. Even some of your fellas here agree and see that’s the way the pairing is going. Yes I aware I’m very much in the minority, thank you very much for the reminder, hope you enjoy an flourish in your “popularity” , so you must be entitled to have the story change for your needs. Yes i should totally be surprised that the vocal internet fanbase think that quirky nerdy girl is the “best choice for love interest and has the best chemistry ever with the lead”, shocking never heard that before.

          • lisa says:

            totally agree with u!

      • Love Felicity.. So shipping her and Ollie.

    • COMPLETELY agree, and I believe most Arrow fans do: Oliver and Felicity have a connection, a genuine tenderness and attraction that I do not see with him and Laurel at ALL.

      • TVDIVA says:

        I agree. There is not even a spark when Oliver and Laurel are together. But with Oliver and Felicity, you see sparks ready to ignite into flames. They would be a great couple because both are incredibly dedicated and passionate about their respective missions. I think Felicity will help Dig and Oliver see what they are doing from an innocent’s perspective, whereas Oliver and Dig see what they do from a seasoned warrior’s point of view.

    • MaryAnn says:

      IMHO tv series based on comics should follow the chemistry of what happens onscreen, instead of being plot-driven based on the comics. Oliver’s chemistry with Felicity is stronger than with any other female on the show. I really hope they don’t force the romantic endgame like TPTB did with “Smallville.” Clark’s chemistry with Lana was out of this world, but he had zero chemistry with Lois. I thought Erica Durance was just a poor actress with wooden delivery — until I saw her on “Saving Hope.” Her chemistry with Michael Shanks was out of this world good. Just saying that shows would be better if those in charge rolled with the punches and made romantic plotlines character /chemistry driven rather than driven by a plot written before the shows were ever cast.

      did with “Smallvill

      • MaryAnn says:

        Oops, sorry about that dangling last line. It’s unfortunate that this site will not let people edit their posts.

      • tee says:

        nope. clark had out of this world chemistry with lois. he had chemistry with lana too. but it was stronger with lois. it wasn’t forced. their was a genuine strong connection there. just bc YOU didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

        • Keith says:

          And just because you *think* you saw it with Lois doesn’t mean it was there, either. Personally, Clark had MUCH more chemistry with Lana and Chloe than he EVER had with Lois, IMHO.
          But hey, to each their own.

        • Maro says:

          AGREED!!! They are the best couple, and the chemistry between Tom and Erica was amanzing, i love them

      • Hunter says:

        Well thats stupid, whats the point of them being comic based if they aren’t going to be mainly plot driven and base the show on comics storylines. FYI, chemistry is subjective, therefore pointless reason to pair people based on that and abandon the plot, just to please a few people on the internet among millions of fans.

        People who cant accept comics, shouldn’t be watching these type of shows, period. Go watch something really original and demand they pair people based on chemistry there. Even many of those shows have structure and plots, they want to follow and won’t listen to this chemistry BS.

        • Ryan says:

          Hunter the thing is Smallville put Ollie with Chloe and that actually worked out fairly well(IMO) and she was such a popular character she ended up in the comics. In basing this off comics they have decades of comics to pick from and staying true to the characters and what they stand for is ultimately more important than the relationships they form. So to me if two actors don’t seem to have that “spark” together, why try to force the audience into seeing something they don’t feel is there to begin with?

          And FYI I think Katie Cassidy is a solid actress, just something about this role just seems off…could be the writing or the directing, not sure…..still love her though

    • The Squatch says:

      They could always just have the two actresses who play Laurel and Felicity switch parts… heh

    • Ella says:

      I personally love Oliver and Laurel together based on their interaction in the first 5 episodes. Following that, I don’t think they have written Laurel well AT ALL. Katie Cassidy is amazing but they really haven’t done the character any favours. They need to fix that because it would be a waste of the wonderful chemistry between Oliver and Laurel. Felicity, on the other hand, has been written brilliantly but I hate the way everyone immediately jumps to romance. Sometimes strong, smart, beautiful women should simply be friends with leading men in their lives and she fits that role perfectly. They have excellent platonic chemistry. Let’s not ruin it with unncessary romance. I haven’t seen a strong male/female friendship portrayed on the CW since Lucas and Haley in One Tree Hill 4 years ago.

    • GildedRose says:

      See, I disagree with that whole “destined” thing. Yeah, we know how things worked in the graphic novels but the TV show is clearly taking it’s own liberties with its interpretation of The Arrow. Plus, with TV audiences? All viewers care about is what they like on the screen. And from the looks of things? Felicity is a popular female character. I’m not saying she’s more popular than Laurel, but people – and even the media – seem to respond to Felicity and Felicity’s chemistry with Oliver. When you have that kind of a natural response to a character and a couple… there’s no saying what that could change in the plans of a show. A perfect example is FX’s Justified. They were going to kill off a villain (Boyd) in their second episode but the huge fan response to him not only saved him from death but made the show add him as a full time cast member. The writers then changed the entire plan for the main hero’s (Raylan) romantic interest (Ava), and shuffled her to now-saved-villain and paired the hero up with somebody completely different. Shows change on dimes and in this competitive market, I don’t think anyone can say “this is absolutely going to HAVE to happen.” I think at this point the romantic entanglements of Oliver are completely up in the air.

      • sonic says:

        Thats right, abandon the shows plans based on a few internet rabid fans. Fans who see every geeky genius girl and think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

        A little internet cray cray fanbase among millions who have no effect on ratings at all. Dont like to deal with comic established canon? don’t watch these type of shows simple as that. Chemistry isn’t at the top of priorities in these type of shows, never mind its totally subjective, No matter how much some want to believe otherwise.

  2. Renee says:

    I have to get caught up on Arrow so I can read this.

    • Alan says:

      you really should, it has improved leaps and bounds since the beginning and is quickly rising up my list of favourite shows

      • Sharon says:

        I Love Arrow now. When it 1st aired I was not sure because I kept getting lost in the flashback stories. I also loved the actor who played Ollie on Smallville and wondered why he was not cast for this roll. Now I am a huge fan but I sure would love to see the powers over costuming fix the Arrow’s look, I really don’t get how people never recognize who the Arrow is. He has a horrible disguise and the dark circles really don’t fit the character. My 7 year old grandson who watches with me always says”Grandma how come the people don’t see that the Arrow is Ollie when the light shines in his face?

        In my opinion this show is a keeper, they just need to listen to the real fans of the show.

  3. Julia says:

    While I want to see Oliver/Felicity, I’m equally excited to see their budding friendship.

  4. Roger says:

    More of Emily as Felicity is ALWAYS a good thing. She’s stunning in that photo.

  5. mia says:

    Im just so pleased she’s a regular now. She’s a great addition and I love the humanity and humility she can bring to Oliver’s little group.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to a Felicity/Oliver romance, but I’d want it done well.

  6. Huh, I had no idea this character was from the comics. Interesting.

    • Alan says:

      yeah literally just the name comes from the comics, she was a minor supporting character in firestorm who was completely different to the felicity we know from the show

      • I saw that in the Wikia entry. I prefer the version from the TV show.

      • Zathus says:

        They arent completely different lol. The two versions in fact have a lot in common actually. if you pay attention to detail, She is the Felicity Smoak character in comics, just reimagined to fit the show.

        You, afraid that one day Ed Raymond will show up? You now, her comic husband, the love of her life.

  7. Michelle says:

    Count me as another in favor of an Ollie/Felicity ship! Much better chemistry with her than with Laurel, who suffers from Rachel Dawes syndrome. I’ll take Ollie and Felicity as friends for now though. :)

  8. ChrisGa says:

    Yeah, I like the chem between her and Ollie(although the interaction between her and Diggle is none too shabby either). The endgame of course dictates an Oliver/Laurel match, which is too bad cuz I’m just not feeling them(or for that matter Katie Cassidy, who I normally love but here is just meh).

    • JT says:

      Katie Cassidy is a crappy actress and flows zero chemistry. How does this chick have anything on her resume.. Many of her stans think “she is all that”, deluded much lol. She is the most unappealing actress in the show and an embarrassment to this series. Its a pity they had to be so cheap and careless to give this CW reject a lead role.

      Emily Rickards is kicking KC’s ass all round in acting, looks, personality etc. Are you humiliated yet ptb.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Love her, she is gorgeous! Oliver and Felicity would be great together. I don’t want him with Laurel, she’s boring.

  10. ddd says:

    I hope they go there with him and Felicity. I don’t see how it could ever work out between him and Laurel. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Laurel? While I understand having your dead ex-boyfriend re-enter your life can be confusing, I don’t understand why she keeps doing him favors. Yes, we as the audience know that he has changed, and she can sense that he has changed in some ways, but at the end of the day he is the guy who cheated on her with her sister. I don’t see how you can ever reconcile those differences, nor would I ever want them to. It would be one thing if she forgave him, but I could never respect her if she ever went back to him. Hopefully they will follow in Smallville’s lead and give Oliver a different leading lady ;)

    • Cornell says:

      And he is also the same guys who did those wrong things and also the same guy who KILLS. The same guy you want with Felicity. You are such hypocrites. The show is not meant to be a fairytale and thats why this story with Oliver/laurel work so well.

      If they follow Smallville’s lead, Roy and Felicity would end up together. Oliver with Laurel as Clark/Lois did. You aren’t really being smart in using this whole Smallville argument.

    • You´re not alone. I don´t like her either. Laurel should stay with Tommy. And Ollie with Felicity.

  11. Josh says:

    Thanks TV Line for getting an interview with Felcity Love the Character and the Actress looks gorgeous! Count me in as a Felcity/Oliver Shipper but im very cool with them being great friends as well

  12. Azerty says:

    Please no romantic relationship between Oliver and Felicity…Yes they have good chemistry, yes I definitely want more Felicity, yes she looks amazing in this dress but I don’t think they should go there. Not now at least, Felicity should be the supportive IT girl / wingwoman/ watchtower. If Oliver needs a love interest other than Laurel bring back the Huntress as a girlfrienemy.

  13. Jade says:

    In the earlier episodes of Arrow, Felicity was definitely used as the comic relief of the show. Now that she’s full time and ready to ride with Oliver and Diggle I can’t wait to see where her character goes. Tonight’s episode looks great. Looking forward to watching!

  14. DJ Doena says:

    I can’t help it but I like here geek look much better than the “standard blond hottie” pictured above…

  15. dude says:

    Oliver should know not to crap where he eats. Getting involved with someone you’re working on a covert superhero identity with just screams bad idea.

  16. Quinn Mallory says:

    So the Smallville version of the Green Arrow ended up with the geeky computer nerd Chloe…interestingly, similar thing is happening on Arrow

    • Sonic says:

      Oh please, if you want to make comparisons, Oliver/Felicity would be like the Chloe/Clark dynamic and Felicity/Roy getting together would be like Oliver/Chloe.

      Oliver and Laurel are already being written as endgame in this show unlike the other show, Felicity is a comic book character, the differences go on. These two shows aren’t the same despite some of you wanting to use that to your advantage already. Can people stop being predictable please.

    • Mari says:

      This is what I was thinking as well. And I loved Chlollie.

  17. Natalie says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not into the whole Oliver/Laurel relationship…I’m dying for him to be with Felicity though…I think they are a PERFECT match!

  18. Tron says:

    Deal with it folks just because something is the chosen canon doesnt mean you have to like it, you deal with characters, ships, storylines etc you don’t like as a viewer, thats part of the course of watching a show, you either tolerate it or you jump off. Cant expect the show to indulge your needs and abandon its story. You shouldn’t be watching comic shows or any other source based show if you cant deal with the established canon. Sorry to burst your bubble, Oliver is meant to be with Laurel, and maybe one day Felicity with Ed Raymond. It has to be. Felicity and Oliver are meant to have a platonic relationship in this show regardless, despite all these stupid chemistry cries. Of two characters who have a platonic chemistry anyway. And even if they had something more, having chemistry doesn’t even mean two characters need to be together. Be viewers not editors, relax and watch the show. Dont like what been dished out?, simply take a hike.

    • K. says:

      Oliver in the Comics is not with Laurel but Dinah, which in this show is Laurel’s mommy! So I think they can put him and Felicity together, this show isn’t going by the comics anyways!! Love those two together by the way….

      • Summer says:

        Uh, Oliver in the comics was with Dinah Laurel Lance, daughter of Dinah Drake Lance and Larry Lance. Dinah’s mom on the show is going to be Dinah Drake Lance, so in the comics, he is with Laurel. Or was until she divorced him and universe got reset.

        • Tron says:

          Separated and the universe got destroyed, none of that matters, They are as good as endgame to each there in the comics overall as well as many other adaptations. There are decades of stories with those two together enough for this show to work with on its entire run. And they are being written as an endgame pairing in this show anyway.

          Regardless, Felicity has a long term marriage to Ed Raymond.
          There is some trivia for you two comic lovers.

      • Alan says:

        except we know her full name is dinah laurel lance, which is the name of the black canary green arrow is with in the comics

    • MaryAnn says:

      Let’s think of “Ironman” for a minute. Pepper in the comics was much like Felicity in “Green Arrow.” But in the movies, she runs his business, is his significant other, his lover, his touchstone to reality. There is no reason on earth not to rewrite the comics if it makes for a better show. However, if Oliver and Felicity did end up together, I would want it to be several seasons down the road, maybe even after he tried to make a go of it again with Laurel.

      • Sonic says:

        Yes lets use Iron man, great idea. Something based on the comics just like Green Arrow. Pepper who is Iron man’s main love interest as Black canary is to Green Arrow. Both couples showing in various media together. The two women who got their former playboys to settle down. You know too, who Felicity is more like, Chloe to Clark, Oracle to Batman, both platonic relationships. The show is going good with Oliver/Laurel in the main romance arc. Its actually getting a second season as we all know.Ships and Shipping does not have an effect on the show as some people want to believe and want to use it to their advantage here. Romance isnt even the main arc, so don’t worry about it.

        • Alan says:

          but pepper was married to happy hogan in the comics and had no romantic interest in tony until they went and did that in the movie

          • sladewilson says:

            Actually Alan, Pepper Potts fell in love with Tony Stark, but Tony wouldn’t reciprocate when he found out his best friend, Happy Hogan was in love with Pepper also. Pepper and Happy fell in love, got married but ultimately divorced when Happy realized that Pepper continued to have strong feelings for Tony. Tony and Pepper had several near-misses in the comics but the loyality and deep friendship have always remained. They just upped the romance for the movies.

          • Alan says:

            my apologies, my iron man knowledge is not as extensive as other comic books

    • korinna says:

      I bet that if ever Felicity and Oliver get together romantically, people are going to find them “boring” and predictable, too….the enthusiam will wear off quickly once they realize that it’s much harder to write these two as a romantic couple than as Superhero and Girl Friday. I personally see no chemistry whatsoever between Oliver and Felicity and I think that viewers are projecting their own preferences for the quirky, cute IT-girl on to Oliver and think that he is as in love with her as they are. If the writers stay true to the original comic book mythology and don’t start pandering too much to the Internet fans, their relationship will never be anything but platonic.

    • gemz says:

      i have been on this discussion for some time and i would like to say that i only started watching arrow due to seeing and advertisement on tv and that what drew me and probably many other viewers to the show. Its kind of unfair for you to say that of you haven’t read the comic then you shouldnt watch the show not everyone has the same preference as you so calm your hype. As for Felicity and Laurel, i simply love felicity’s character, Laurel seems somewhat wishy washy and i wish she would make up her mind about what she wants; she reminds me of Elena from TVD. I really would like to see her and felicity interact a little and maybe see more of who she is and the actress to portray the character better. I can understand why the comic fans get angst but they put the show on tv for a reason to broaden their fan base and if they are broadening their fan base they have to find a way to be true to the comic but also appeal to the TV audience

  19. Georgia Madman says:

    Smoking hot women will ALWAYS cause you to do stupid things! So happy Felicity is a regular — she always cracks me up when she’s onscreen. We need to get some backstory on her sometime in the future.

  20. QT says:

    i can’t believe who ever saw the chemistry between Laurel and Oliver because it’s not there ever. Felicity has all complimentary elements that Oliver doesn’t have. The show really needs her nerdy humor, being-good human philosophy, shy but so cute. I wouldn’t watch the show if Felicity is not there.

    • Cros says:

      Yes the show needs all of those things, which it can still get with Felicity as a platonic friend to Ollie. We have been getting all of that, so what has changed. Except that now she is a regular which means more of the nerdy humor and stuff. No romance is needed for that

      You haven’t got any solid reasons except that you want your preferences and wants to be granted. You can choose not to believe it but the fact of the matter is there are people who see and like Oliver/Laurel’s chemistry , as well as other people who also like Ollie with other women of their preference and people who don’t like Felicity/Oliver romance. I thought Helena/Oliver had the best chemistry, and it was actually very sexual and romantic unlike the other two, they make Queencest look like a romantic pairing. Someone for Felicity please. There will be others who will prefer Felicity with other males, you know, when she actually have other options and interact more..So no your ship and its chemistry isn’t the only valid one. We are all equally valid in our opinions and preferences about chemistry.

  21. luli says:


  22. sarah says:

    I think Oliver should have one female in his life that he is not related too that he will be friends with and nothing more. We all know he will hook up with McKenna.

    • Cornell says:

      Yes, but some people are in denial but what else is new, it was expected. The Felicity/Oliver fans are the new Chlark fans. Dominating the internet spouting hate on the main love interest, hating on the main pairing of the series, demanding the nerd girl get on the hot guy because you know” its something new and she is the bestest character ever, other female characters are not real women and don’t deserve him”.

      This is going to be so fun all over again zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      • M says:

        I’m not sure if it is denial. I think the general consensus that even people who don’t ship Oliver and Felicity or Oliver/anyone think that Katie Cassidy is miscast for a love interest that’s supossed to unite the audience’s sympathy on her person. Pull a Rachel Dawes, make her more lovable and I think people will warm up to Oliver/Laurel way better. It’s just tough luck that the main character doesn’t have any chemnistry with the actress that’s his endgame.

        • Cornell says:

          Pardon me for not taking this seriously or being surprised. The chlark fans said the same things, Clark does not have chemistry with Lana/Lois and other females. The actresses suck, Chloe is everything that Clark needs etc , its almost like these people are reading from a book those Chlark fans years ago wrote,but no its just the same bad habits fandoms recycle when its comes to these nerd girls and other females. Its stale and tiring.

          The pressure to like the love interest or the couple is very much the pressure people put on themselves.

          • martina says:

            so not true! huge olicity fan but I was never a chlark-romance fan! I would not mind a platonic friendship between olicity(but I also would not mind more<333)!

            I just don't see the chemistry between laurel/oliver! I even I like oliver WAY MORE with mckenna! wished they would last longer…

    • Alan says:

      dont you know that men and women just cant be friends in tv land, it apparently goes against the laws of the universe

  23. Kerry says:

    Very excited to see Felicity as a part of the group. The three of them have great chemistry especially her and Oliver. I hope they keep the Oliver/Laurel relationship just a friendship besides I actually like Laurel and Tommy together. …. :)

    • Locke says:

      Tommy/Laurel will sink soon.

      • Kath says:

        That’s too bad because I like Laurel when she’s Tommy’s girlfriend much more than I like her as a lawyer or with Oliver or Thea.

        They need to write her better professionally because who’s going to be afraid of her? She needs lessons from Jessica on Suits on how to be kick-ass.

        • locke says:

          I for one dont like Tommy/Laurel, and they see not tobe popular either. Their relationship has been dragging both characters down to a point where neither was anything but a love interest. The moment they reduced their screentime together, they started to be kick ass characters again.

          Besides Laurel doesnt even love Tommy and never will. Why would people who like Tommy wish that for him. Maybe one day he and Thea will find a mutual love for one another.

          • Alan says:

            if found tommy and laurel to be at their most natural when they have scenes with each other. at the beginning of the show i thought they were pointless wastes of screen time and wished the writers had used their time better but now i find myself enjoying the growth both characters have had since settling into a relationship with each other. im especially impressed with tommy, when his character was announced i dreaded seeing just another playboy character but they have gone down the opposite way and that has really gone over well with me.

  24. I am totally on board for Ollie/Felicity, but lets get real what TV show is going to get the super hot hero and the cute sassy geek together? It never happens! with the exception of Smallville (Chloe and Oliver) but really it never happens. :(

  25. Cros says:

    Are you for real Nerd girl/Hot guy pairing happen all the time. its one of the most cliched stories there is, yawn, don’t want to see anymore. And people keep requesting for the same thing over and over again, expecting shows to bow to those requests.

    All I see are two people who look like siblings and act like ones. Why do people even want this anyway, the sexual chemistry is lacking . They can always find another hot guy for Felicity who don’t look like he could be her bro. Despite how some people want to play the sympathy card on her behalf, for being a geek, she is dann hot herself and can bag hot guys anyday.

    • korinna says:

      I don’t understand this Olicity craze either-to me they’re like siblings!

      And I don’t understand the feeling of entitlement that many Internet fans have nowadays-“I just luv this ship, please get them together ASAP”, as if showrunners are obliged to change their whole story arc or mythology just to please the supporters of a particular “ship”.

  26. Mari says:

    I so want Felicity and Oliver to be the new Chlollie! <3

  27. Jessii says:

    I’m so happy we’ll get to see more of Felicty.She’s my favorite female actress on the show atm.Emily Bett Rickards is doing an amazing job and I’m also loving her scenes with Oliver – shipping them together.

  28. Ella says:

    I personally love Oliver and Laurel together based on their interaction in the first 5 episodes. Following that, I don’t think they have written Laurel well AT ALL. Katie Cassidy is amazing but they really haven’t done the character any favours. They need to fix that because it would be a waste of the wonderful chemistry between Oliver and Laurel. Felicity, on the other hand, has been written brilliantly but I hate the way everyone immediately jumps to romance. Sometimes strong, smart, beautiful women should simply be friends with leading men in their lives and she fits that role perfectly. They have excellent platonic chemistry. Let’s not ruin it with unncessary romance. I haven’t seen a strong male/female friendship portrayed on the CW since Lucas and Haley in One Tree Hill 4 years ago.

  29. JC says:

    Glad to see that Emily is full time now, and amused to see that there’s already ship wars breaking out in Arrow fandom. The comments regarding Smallville caught my attention – I see where the comparisons are coming from, but I think it’s two very different situations for a couple of reasons. First, Arrow (thankfully) has no equivalent of the Clark/Lana ship, which dominated Smallville far past the time when it should have died a natural death, and that prevented (IMO) Clark/Lois from getting the attention and development it should have gotten. Oliver/Laurel has no real canon competition, other than Tommy/Laurel which I will be surprised if it survives the season. Secondly, while I myself prefer “Olicity”, it is at present entirely a fan-based pairing. There is no indication as yet of any of the intentional ship teasing that the Smallville writers engaged in with Clark/Chloe, or that the Arrow writers have any intention of doing so. And thirdly (and this is my own highly subjective opinion), Erica Durance and Tom Welling had worlds more chemistry, even in spite of some epically terrible writing, than Stephen and Katie have. It will be interesting to see how the writers deal with that going forward. So far they’ve dealt with it by putting it off and not actually having them interact that much, but they can’t (I assume) keep that up forever. If and when Laurel becomes Black Canary, that might help – we shall see.

  30. MaliBrown says:

    They are things now beyond the show’s control like fandom’s habitual preferences of geeky bubbly girls, geek and hero couples, but they are things the show could have done to get some more people rooting for the canon ship,so it could be closer to 50/50. Despite the obvious, not having that backstory they have, something like solid casting. Its pretty simple, the biggest problem here, is and has always been Katie Cassidy. Not only is she miscast, she is the weakest link in just about everything, crap actress, no charisma, zero chemistry with people, need I go on. They eliminate this, they eliminate one of, if not the biggest obstacle, this was self inflicted on the part of the show. This could have been avoided with thoughtful and long sighted casting instead of going for a cheap home made CW casting. Its no coincidence many of the good actors on this show came from elsewhere and or had never stepped in CW until now.

    Yes, yes I’m so totally going to get flamed by her stans, who even seem to notice and acknowledge the lack of chemistry she has with the romantic leads, especially Amell and yet he has chemistry with pretty much everyone but surprisingly no KC is not accountable at all. She is their queen and she is above this show, yes so above this show and role that she cant rise above the ill script and become the fan favorite actress, so above it she is not making people root for the character. Need anymore proof of how wrong of a casting choice she is….

    Amell isnt the most charismatic of people but has been doing a decent to good job. He certainly works well with many of his costars, there is chemistry there. Cant blame him really, how is he supposed to have chemistry with an ice queen and an actress with a limited emotional range.Do those two even like each other,, they seem two worlds apart. He is a quiet, down earth sort of guy and she comes off as shrill airhead and brat. Smallville seemed to have done a good job with its casting of its Dinah Lance, They could even try to get Alaina Huffman (back) as Laurel its a safe option if they get desperate, they are desperate actually, this wass a flop casting. Its not like they haven’t been ripping off Smallville anyway and the actress was only a guest star. She could have chemistry with Amell, I cant imagine anyone being as bad as Cassidy at creating chemistry with costars, regardless Huffman would definitely put better performances as Black Canary.and her other alter ego giving her fans something to be grateful with this show in 2013 . .

  31. GildedRose says:

    So excited about Felicity being added to the show full time. She’s a fabulous character and adds such a quirky, fun, and smart touch. Love her loyalty to Walter just because “he was nice” to her. I’m hoping they’ll fill in some of her backstory now that The Arrow is getting a 2nd season. Her knowledge of antiquities? Where’d that come from? Then there’s her dynamic with the Green Team. It’s developing really well. Her chemistry with Oliver? Awesome! Like so many people commenting, I’d really love to see that become a romance for them. I’m not saying rush it, gimme gimme now! but a nice slow build? Absolutely. There’s so much to work with there.

    Oh and I definitely think, given the recent bomb collar incident, that Oliver should train Felicity in self-defense. She’s going to need some basic moves here just in case and who doesn’t want more naked, sweaty Oliver? Plus Oliver and Felicity wrestling around on a mat? Felicity gaining even more confidence and not necessarily needed to be rescued all the time? All sorts of fun. ;)

  32. otpHalo says:

    I really do hope they end up doing something with Oliver and Felicity, even if it doesn’t end up being endgame.

    And it’s not just because I don’t quite see the appeal of Oliver/Laurel. Because I do love Laurel, I think she’s a great character I just think that where Oliver has more sparks with Felicity she has more of those with Tommy.

    And quite frankly I don’t think they SHOULD move past the ‘cheating on her with her sister’ thing. Have her forgive him, have her be friends with him again, but I really wouldn’t like the message of the show if they’d resume a relationship. Because even if Oliver has changed, even if he’d never ever cheat on her again, no one can tell me that there wouldn’t be a small part of Laurel’s mind forever carrying a speck of doubt… no woman deserves to live like that.

    And besides… Oliver smiles around Felicity. Some of it might be amusement at her babbling, but not all of it and even then it doesn’t really matter. Because Oliver GENUINELY smiles around her.

    • Cornell says:

      LOl it doesnt matter how much you “rationalise” it. You people are so much in DENIAL, facepalm.

      Oliver/laurel is the romance arc of the show, whether you like them or not. Doesn’t matter how much you cry no chemistry, cheating, better with Tommy, Felicity blah blah blah. We all have OPINIONS. This is NOT your story to tell. This is in part a romance story of two star crossed lovers who will eventually find their way back to one another, no matter the obstacles.

      If you cant handle that stop watching then. No this little boisterous shipping fanbase, have no effect on ratings whatsoever.

      • otpHalo says:

        Except that I’m not in denial! I know that Oliver/Laurel are the couple that will end up together at the end, I just won’t care about that part of the show.

        And I wont stop watching Arrow just for this one less pleasant (for me, I can understand why some people on the other hand love it… that’s how it works) detail. I watch the show because I find Oliver and all other characters interesting, I find his relationship with his mother and sister to be so, I find his partnership with Diggle to be so, I’ll find a version of it with Felicity to be so.

        Romance is just one small part of the show, in this case I don’t see it as the best part, but it’s never stopped me before.

  33. papaka says:

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  35. arrowfan says:

    I think Oliver has chemistry with both Felicity and Laurel. I agree that currently his chemistry is better with Felicity but that’s because Ollie hasn’t had that much screen time with Laurel recently (which is good because if Ollie and Laurel are endgame – which is likely – hooking them up now would be waaaay too early; I’ve stopped watching shows that had the leads hook up in season one or two, for example). For the foreseeable future, imho, Ollie and Laurel need to have different love interests while remaining close friends. And although I want them (Ollie/Laurel) to be endgame, I desperately want to see Ollie and Felicity get together right now.

  36. Rani says:

    I think the reason I like Oliver and Felicity so much is because it reminds me a little of Chloe and Oliver on Smallville. The hooded vigilante and the tech girl :D

  37. Marie says:

    Bottom line is that television shows are all about the ratings. Fans make the ratings go up or down based upon their liking of what they see .I have read that the producers and writers pay attention to how their fans are reacting to the series. I do have to say that I was lukewarm to the show at the beginning of the season after having high hopes. Needless to say it has gotten better week by week, mainly due to the interaction of the characters Felicity and Oliver. She is such a quirky loveable character that made me want to watch week after week. I am not a shipper, but man they have incredible chemistry. They spark even with some of the most innocent lines. I hope they go somewhere with this slowly. Even the writers seems to write more and more scenes with them together whether that is on purpose or just the way the story goes. Their chemistry in scenes is better than some other characters on other series that I watch. Anyway, I have started to like watching some other characters as well with the series getting better. As for end game, if someone can find a direct quote from the producers or writers that Oliver and Laurel are it at the end of the series ( I haven’t seen one, but it may exist) anything goes for anyone.

    • chika obinna says:

      the simple fact is this u are all behaving childish pls grow up the directors will still put whatever they want and if it is laurel and oliver or felicity and oliver(which am rooting for) u accept it and if u don’t like it go and drink a river bcos everybody is entitled to their opinion so plsssss stop all this bashing

      I for 1 hate laurel and oliver’s relationship and in love with olicity but if things dont go my way I accept it

  38. Sami says:

    TV line, how about in celebration of this anniversary you conduct another interview with Emily. It’s been a long time and she deserves the recognition.

  39. kath says:

    With ratings dropping this season, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world to stop Oliver’s relationship with Susan and teasing him with Dinah and get back to what many viewers loved about the show.

  40. Justine Grey says:

    Any chance we can get another interview with Emily Bett. She always has good insight on the character she plays.

  41. Andrea Machalek says:

    Please do another interview with Emily Bett. She fascinates me! Thank you.

  42. Liz says:

    Loved reading this article and the comments! Thanks for sharing this again, four years later! Felicity and Emily continue to be awesome.

  43. CarolinaMontenegro says:

    Emily has her character down since the very beginning, it’s so awesome to read her interviews. Any change we can get a new one?

  44. Erik says:

    Best decision CW ever made was keeping Emily Beth Richards on the show. Second best decision was pairing Oliver and Felicity.

  45. SK says:

    I would love another interview like this with Emily Bett Rickards. Look how far Felicity has come since this first came out. Remarkable. I love her chemistry with David Ramsey, but especially with Stephen Amell. Though they aren’t together, you simply can’t put those two in the same scene and not feel that connection with Felicity and Oliver. Emily is such a raw talent and i absolutely think another great TV Line interview is in order! Thanks :)

  46. Amanda Waddell says:

    I would love to see a new interview with her soon. Felicity is one of my favorite female characters ever.

  47. Michael Haynes says:

    Oliver and Felicity work. Laurel has always been the other chick that started with the guy to loss him to a better option. Such a romcom thing. But she is the one who always gets dumped. On/off in comics is so dumb. Always saw her as the one who can’t let go of the past. shame.

  48. Carol Groth says:

    Where is that interview with Emily that you promised?