Exclusive Lying Game First Look: Ethan and Thayer Fight for Emma - Literally!

Time to pick a side, Lying Game fans: Team Ethan or Team Thayer?

This Tuesday’s installment of the ABC Family drama (9/8c) pits Emma’s two loves against each other — and we have your exclusive first look at their long-overdue throwdown.

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Looking for a fight, Thayer begins to verbally poke Ethan after their mutual ladylove chooses to stay with him rather than go back to her ex — an action we can’t quite wrap our heads around since, as stated above, he got the girl. That said, Ethan’s fine with the taunting because it essentially gives him the go-ahead to deck his frenemy.

Watch the guys go at it below, then hit the comments with your thoughts: Who’s better for Emma?

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  1. George says:


  2. Brandy says:

    Why is Thayer acting so douchy in this clip? I’m on his team, but being so douchy to Ethan is making me doubt this.

  3. Marta says:

    Team Thayer…I love what she brings out in him & he is totally committed to her.

    • Or is he totally committed to beating Ethan or is it his dad he wants to beat? Aside from a desire to get the girl, what is actually driving him to Emma, besides that he stands a better chance with her than he did with Sutton? Do we have any scenes that show him liking Emma for Emma? Or just the “I get it, she’s just like Sutton” stuff? Because he was more than willing to leave without her and never look back. He moved to LA and stopped answering her calls that doesn’t say commitment to me.

      • Ashley says:

        What! Ok I’ve never gotten the feeling that he likes Emma for being like sutton. It’s more like he’s had her back for a while. Plus Theymma are both outsiders to this world. Just in this work by default. And Ethan is there because of sutton or emma

        • Thayer grew up with these people. He’s (for some inexplicable reason) part of his little sister’s friend group. He’s “been in love with Sutton for forever” and “like a brother to her.” He’s not an “outsider” he has more inside information than anyone not Mads or Laurel or his dad. He can’t get away from the group because his family is totally wrapped up in it. That’s how he got in with the Phoenix crowd in the first place, he didn’t know Emma.

          Emma is an outsider. Ethan is part of the group because Emma brought him in when Sutton kept him at arms length. But Ethan has no claims to any of it, which Thayer is making pretty clear here by pointing out that he’s back out in the cold without Emma letting him in.

  4. Diz says:

    Why is Thayer even still on this show. I’ve never liked him, he has his own agenda that they haven’t dove into yet, but just go away.

  5. Elyse says:

    Team Thayer all day errryday. I always have a soft spot for the good guys. Thayer slept with Sutton before he met Emma. Ethan slept with her after he met Emma and even though he knows how awful Sutton can be. I do love them fighting over her though!

  6. Lisa says:

    Team Ethan. I usually like Thayer, but if the way he’s acting in this scene is what he’s turning into then no thanks. Plus, consider who his father is.

  7. Anne says:

    Team Ethan. Unlike Thayer he doesn’t see things as a competition. He actually cares.

  8. How do people keep saying Thayer is such “good guy”? He is such a douche. He’s always been like this, from fist pumping when Sutton got dumped to stepping all over Emma and Ethan when he first came to Scottsdale to pinning Sutton’s disappearance on Ethan to get Emma to telling Emma to get back on the bus and go back where she came from when she came to LA. If they want me to think he’s a good guy, he needs to back off and be less of a jerk. He is way insecure. And he’s supposed to be the oldest “teen” on the show. Grow up, man!

    • AllisonElaine says:

      Yeah, but his insecurity is a flaw and I honestly like him better for it. It makes him seem more human with such a normal flaw like insecurity. He’s made mistakes, but everyone on that show has. What makes Thayer a good guy is the way he cares for the ones he loves, he holds them close. Just look at Thayer with Mads and Emma, even Sutton when she was in L.A and you see he is a good guy by the way he respects them and protects them and helps them. Mistakes don’t make the man, how he fixes them and moves forward does. Thayer has always fixed his mistakes and that makes him a good guy, and if he wasn’t able to fix the mistake he tried. Perhaps he’s jealous, but every person is jealous. And besides we don’t even know the full story behind this fight, perhaps its part of a plan to razzle Ethan to get to Sutton, who knows? So as far as I’m concerned Thayer is grown up, he just has flaws and makes mistakes like any person whatever age they are.

      • His insecurity lead him to try and get his “dad” (he calls him dad, he takes his money, he chose to accept him as the only father he knows) convicted for a crime he didn’t commit (maybe) and he couldn’t even apologize or feel bad about it. He is constantly getting in pissing contests with Ethan–from minute one in the hospital where he walks into Emma/Ethan talking and acts like he has a right to be there and owns Emma, and then does it later in her bedroom (creepy!). I don’t think Thayer has made many “mistakes” or fixed anything–it’s a passive aggressive manipulative attitude that I find off-putting. He left Emma in Phoenix ’cause he couldn’t deal with his daddy issues and when she comes to LA he isn’t happy to see her and instead offers to drive her to the bus station while letting her think he was sleeping with the surfer friend. He then leaves a 17-year-old girl to sleep in a bus station in LA over night. That’s not caring or protective. That’s just being a jerk. Even when they were talking about the plan last episode, Emma didn’t want to use Ethan that way and Thayer talked her into it like it was some kinda test to prove he had her and Ethan didn’t, which was cemented when Ethan says he will and Thayer steps to him like he’s proving a point. It may be the acting job, but I think Thayer is manipulative and insecure and it drives him to a possessive, confrontational place that is mean and ugly.

  9. Didi says:

    Team Thayer all the way. I’m tired of the back and forth between sisters. They should settle and I like both Thayer and Emma more than any other pairing. Put Emma with Mads and let’s call it a day.

  10. Louise says:


  11. Amanda says:

    #TeamEthan! All the way- Thayer is weird, and a pushover.

  12. Chante says:


  13. Larissa Waintein says:


  14. Allyse says:

    Thayer. When it all comes down to it Ethan did cheat on Emma and when he was trying to fight for her back he ended up dating Sutton.

  15. Rachel says:

    Team Thayer!!!!!!

  16. Evie says:

    TEAM THAYER!!!!!

  17. Katy says:

    Ethan and Emma all the way!

  18. Laura says:

    ugh…cannot stand Thayer. I’ve always thought he was a whiny brat, and I never really believed in the Thayer-Emma relationship because he just gives off sort of a possessive vibe. Ethan seems to genuinely care about Emma; plus, he’s worked hard and has been screwed over a lot compared to Thayer who always just seems to pop in at the right time and get lucky.

  19. Megan says:

    i love Thayer but he is kinda pushing Ethan’s button in this clip. I dont know whos better for her. I’m torn.. both of them have done questionable things… although Thayer has been pretty geuine with Emma and well ethan did sleep with sutton

  20. Lyla says:

    Team Thayer ,Ethan is not good for Emma she’s a good person and his a bad one so they don’t fit and he hurt her a lot and he will keep hurting here if he doesn’t stay away from her so the best thing is that Emma stays with Thayer cause his a loyal and handsome guy so no one cares about Ethan team Thayer forever

  21. Cng says:

    Thayer forrr sure

  22. Steffi says:

    I’m also on Team Ethan. They have so much chemistry. <3

  23. Michaela says:

    Team Ethan! I really hope him and emma get back together!

  24. Team Thayer all the way! Ethan has cheated on both Emma and Sutton. When Sutton was in L.A he got with Emma because he felt abandoned and neglected, then he went away with Sutton, he slept with her/kissed her (don’t remember clearly), he is supposedly getting drunk and pinning for Emma but he goes and sleeps with Sutton, AGAIN! Guy can’t make up his mind. Thayer and Emma have been friends, we’ve seen them interact in that way and they are now a couple, there was progression in their feelings and relationship. If he’s acting all douchy in the clip, he probably has a reason.

  25. Katherine215 says:

    Team Ethan! I don’t trust Thayer, I think he has ulterior motives. He was so freaked out when he found out his father was getting out of jail, I think he had a hand in this cover up or the framing of Alec.

  26. Pepper says:

    Team “Someone Who Hasn’t Been With Both Girls”

  27. sarah wang says:

    Seriously anyone who is team thayer is missing the biggest part of the lying game. how could you be team thayer after all ethan and emma have been through? thayer loved sutton for basically his whole life. ethan might have cheated on emma, but what do you expect when sutton looks exactly the same as the girl he’s in love with?! and sleeping with sutton was when a) he was completely drunk and b) emma and thayer were together <– that's not cheating. thayer might be a good friend to emma but they definitely don't have that chemistry that ethan and emma did, (and still do!) and he definitely hasn't developed as a character as much as ethan has. ethan has been through a lot but in the end he still loves emma and everyone knows you grow from failures and mistakes — ethan's love has also grown!!

    • Anna says:

      A guy that uses two twin sisters, basically pretending they are the same person and then blaming one for breaking up with him after he cheated on her with her own sister, then throwing himself a pity party and failing school…yeah…true character development alright…I hope you don’t let guys like this use you in real life.

    • lara says:

      What exactly have Ethan/Emma gone through that Thayer/Emma haven’t? Thayer has been helping them figure out who their birth mother is from the very first he knew about it. He has been consistent – dumping Sutton when he found out she was just using him. Also, Ethan was NOT drunk when he almost slept (and cheated) on Emma at his father’s ranch. He would have slept with her if the police hadn’t gotten there. He basically wants his cake and wants to eat it too.

  28. sarah wang says:

    also ethan is definitely hotter…

    • allison says:


    • Brandy says:

      Hotter does not mean the better guy. Ethan cheated on Sutton and Emma. He still doesn’t know what he wants either.

      • He didn’t cheat on either girl. Since Sutton was also dating/sleeping with Luke, they obviously didn’t have an exclusive relationship. And he didn’t sleep with Sutton until Emma had broken up with him and decided to be with Thayer.

        He knows what he wants and always has–he wants Emma. He just doesn’t always think he deserves her.

        • Brandy says:

          Oh, please. Just because he didn’t sleep with Sutton doesn’t mean he did not cheat. I classify cheating as kissing someone else and then lying about it , which he did do. He was also with Sutton and decided to kiss Emma. He’s a cheater! Tune in next week he’ll be into Sutton again once Emma rejects him.

          • I’m not sure I count kissing as “cheating.” I would count Sutton sleeping with Thayer as cheating (if Sutton and Ethan had been exclusive but it seemed clear that she had a sexual relationship with Luke). So Thayer has no problems cheating with a girl. He has also expressed that he’ll “never get over Sutton.” And he held onto hope for another chance with Sutton until things were on the rocks with Emma/Ethan. Both boys are going back and forth between the girls. At least Ethan had an actual relationship with Sutton vs Thayer who is operating on manipulation to satisfy an unrequited infatuation. He intentionally tried to get Sutton dumped so he could have a shot. Then he tried to pin Sutton’s disappearance on Ethan so he could get a chance with Emma–Mads says get over [Sutton] she’s taken and Thayer is all like what if I have something on Ethan. He’s sneaky and manipulative and passive aggressive and that is way worse than drunken self-destructive ex-sex in my mind.

        • Elyse says:

          Ethan hooked up with Sutton at his dads ranch right before he was arrested… they may not have slept together but i’m pretty sure they made out. so yes. he did cheat on Emma.

    • Yuna says:

      Sorry but Ethan is ugly, he might look cool from a distance but up close… he’s so ugly :P And short! Thayer is definitely hotter :P

  29. Hannah says:


  30. allison says:

    TeamEthen 100%!!! I think Thayer might be using Emma somehow. I think Ethan cares for her more then anyone.. yes he did wrong but I think Emma can forgive him.. Sutton brings the worst out in him..I think Thayer and Sutton belong together..

  31. Sabina says:

    Team Ethan! Always been, always will be.

  32. Dominique says:

    Team Ethan!!
    Even if I weren’t an Emma/Ethan shipper, I would still pick Ethan.
    There is something about Thayer I can’t quite explain, but he’s becoming extremely creepy and controling and I just wish Emma would open her eyes so she could see what a weirdo her new bf is. Maybe he has his own agenda, I don’t know…

  33. sarah wang says:

    Aurimar: he didn’t sleep with sutton at the barn. they only kissed, and he felt horrible about it. everyone forgets that ethan is a guy and when you haven’t seen your girlfriend in god knows how long and your with a girl that looks exactly the same and is mysteriously softening up and is trying to seduce you like thats the only job she has in this world, he is only human and he may fall and make mistakes. but ethan has more than paid for his mistake. thayer probably would still have feelings for sutton, had she not completely pissed him off by using him and taking advantage of his feelings and treating him like a toy.

    • Thanks! like I said, couldn’t remember. Yes, he felt horrible but he did it. I don’t get the whole “he’s a guy and allowed to make mistakes” we are all human and we all make mistakes but he switches back and forth to whichever of the twins is available, that is not ok. I used to like Ethan, I thought he was caring but I haven’t seen that in a while

      • allison says:

        I agree.

        No guy should do that.. but they did use to be together and she was playing his emotions.. id be soo disappointed it he slept with her but he only kissed her… but also even when he’s with sutton he’s always thinking of emma. Like last week he let them kidnap her so he could help emma.

  34. Demi says:

    I think a lot of you #teamethan-ers have convienietly forgotten that Ethan has been switching back and forth between Sutton and Emma, using them and tearing them apart at the same time…now THAT is true douchebag behaviour.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Um, Thayer’s been with both of them, too. He’s hardly innocent in the back-and-forth with the twins.

      • luke says:

        Though he has been with both, they have never over lapped. He left Sutton in LA and wanted nothing to do with her and moved back and became friends with Emma. When Sutton returned they had 0 romance and he begun having feelings for Emma a solid 6 months after.

        Unlike Ethan he has never been with one while he was with the other. He never had feelings for Emma while he was with Sutton, and never had feelings for Sutton while with Emma.

  35. marla says:

    Thayer definitely. All in all, Ethan did knowingly cheat on Emma so there’s no excuse for that. He doesn’t have it clear what he wants because every time Sutton shows her good side, he’s all up on her.

  36. Courtney says:

    Team Thayer. Ethan runs to whatever twin he feels like. Thayer always is there for Emma.

  37. juli says:

    Ethanplease..Thayer is such a weeny

  38. Nicole says:

    Thayer, once he met Emma he was committed to her. He had not wavered back and fourth between Sutton and Emma. When Ethan is mad at Emma he goes back to Sutton. When Thayer was mad at Emma he did not go back to liking Sutton. Thayer has not lied to Emma as Ethan has, he kissed Sutton at the ranch and when he was hurting he went to the cabin and slept with Sutton.

  39. Antonia Derp says:


  40. Danika says:

    #teamethen i think you can’t trust thayer i mean like when he went to LA without Emma. if he really loved her he would have stayed no matter the circumstances!

  41. I LOVE Thayer. He has feelings for Emma and he’s heart will be broken if Emma breaks up with him

  42. Alicia says:

    I personally think Thayer is better for Emma than Ethan. I mean Thayer actually cares about her. She gave Ethan a chance and was lied too and Thayer and Emma make a cute couple. Whenever something goes on between Emma and Ethan you can always find him where ever Sutton is and whenever Emma and Thayer fight they work it out and when Emma saw Thayer with the girl he ran to stop her at the station to explain. Ethan doesn’t seem to know which of the twins he wants. Thayer is perfect for Emma

  43. Emily Lloyd says:

    Team Ethan all the way !! I know he has made mistakes, but some have you may have forgotten, but he regretted all of them with Sutton. Also, no matter how much Emma likes Thayer, in the end it will ALWAYS be Ethan who she loves. I hope they get back together cuz Thayer is getting on my nerves with his act, I really don’t think Thayer cares as much for Emma, as Ethan does.

  44. Eliza says:

    Both guys have their faults but, uh, Ethan has gone back and forth between sisters. And it seems pretty easy for him to do so. Not cool and I don’t see how that is good for Emma. Anytime there are problems in their relationship, he could just run to Sutton.
    Thayer, in regards to the twins, moved on after a brief hookup with Sutton. He seemed to genuinely develop feelings for Emma after becoming friends with her and helping her. He doesn’t desire to run back to Sutton every other day. Which I would prefer over the go between guy.

  45. Lizzy says:

    It really doesn’t matter by looks who is or would be better for Emma. Personally i think that Thayer is perfect for Emma so what if in the spoiler he gets punch good by Ethan. However Ethan in my opinion. Ethan is going between both of the twins flirting trying to win them over lying to them and while Thayer on the other hand is staying with Emma and when they fight or have a issue they work it out and when Emma wanted help in the last episode Ethan refused and Thayer said he would help no matter what also after hearing that what does Laurel do She talks to Ethan and asks why he won’t help and gets him to change his mind about helping. Thayer is the one who wanted to help all along.