25 TV Couples We Miss This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and like its 364 counterparts on the calendar, it’s a great time to think about television.

In the spirit of the holiday, we started pondering all the great TV couples of the past whose absence from our screens has made our hearts grow fonder: The steamy ones (David and Maddie from Moonlighting), the aspirational ones (yes, your favorite marrieds from Friday Night Lights) and even the ones where half the duo is mostly made out of metal (you’ll have to read on for the identity of that pairing!).

UPDATE | Valentine’s Day Love: 30 Duos That Got Snubbed From Our Ultimate Couples Countdown!

So click through the gallery below to get the skinny on the 25 TV Couples We Miss, then hit the comments and tell us which twosomes you still wish were coming to your living room once a week.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Patty Stamps says:

    Um, Logan and Veronica?!

  2. Anushe says:

    what about veronica and logan, veronica mars!! Or cassie and cappie, greek

  3. kellen says:

    ned and chuck!

  4. Lo says:

    I’m going to pretend you were drunk when you picked these names, since you obviously forgot Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek or Desmond and Penny from Lost.

  5. Sil M. says:

    Felicity and Ben ♥

  6. Mareesa says:

    Where’s Monica & Chandler from FRIENDS????

  7. Joe says:

    Chuck & Sarah!

  8. erin says:

    Logan and Veronica; Josh and Donna!

  9. JustineK says:

    Aww! Doctor and Rose!

    • Brian says:

      Loved them, but I think I’m going to miss Amy and Rory more…

    • Em says:

      Yes! I love The Doctor and Rose together! At least she is with him in the alternate universe…

    • Amber says:

      Yay! Love the Doctor and Rose!

    • Erin says:

      Yes! I loved 10 and Rose. Amy and Rory were great and Matt Smith is an ok Doctor but I never really got over losing them.

    • scooby says:

      1) Loved the Doctor and Rose. This list was already so full of win by going Sam/Rebecca instead of Sam/Diane, but the Doctor Who inclusion clinched it.
      2) Babylon 5 – Marcus/Ivanova.
      3) From my childhood — it might’ve been nice to see the Pink Ranger/Green Ranger on there, or Brad/Ted from Hey Dude.
      5) If we’re going throwback, what about the Scarecrow and Mrs. King? My mom was a big fan and Bruce Boxleitner was hot.
      –PS. Honorary mention for Mike and Julie from Growing Pains before Kirk Cameron found out the actress playing Julie did a Playboy spread and got her fired (allegedly, except he totally did).

  10. V says:

    Chloe and Oliver Queen, who just celebrated their three year anniversary.

  11. Freelancer says:

    No Chuck and Sarah from Chuck? List incomplete then.

  12. Tom Charles says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for included Willow and Tara! Tara and Fred are two characters I miss so very, very much to the point I’m still angry at Whedon over their deaths

  13. WenRaz says:

    Cliff and Claire definitely! Sam and Rebecca, no way. Sam and Diane, OK.

  14. Smallville’s Lois and Clark OF course! miss them a lot!

  15. Amanda says:

    Buffy and Spike!

  16. Mo says:

    How about Kevin and Winnie from the Wonder Years?!?

  17. Raver says:

    I miss Izzie and Alex from Grey’s Anatomy – show’s still on air and doing fairly well but i miss Izzex and the chemistry Heigl and Chambers shared onscreen..

  18. April says:

    Max & Logan, Dark Angel……Buffy and Angel…..?

  19. Rachel says:

    You forgot Monica and Chandler, and Joey and Pacey

  20. Daisy says:

    When I read the headline I immediately thought “Chuck & Sarah” so I was disappointed to not see them.
    But I’m sure lots of favourites are missing.

  21. mentalgirl says:

    And Monica and Chandler from Friends!

  22. Jamey says:

    What about Rachel & Ross? Monica & Chandler? Chuck and Sarah? Hardison & Parker? Scarecrow & Mrs. King?

  23. jimbo says:

    Doug & Carrie Heffernan! Sandy & Kirsten Cohen!

  24. TobyG. says:

    Thanks for the SB shoutout for Cruz and Eden, the best daytime couple ever (IMO)! Also, what about Desmond and Penny from LOST?

  25. Mike H. says:

    From Chuck, Chuck and Sarah.

  26. Sabi says:

    Chuck and Blair…

    Monica and Chandler…

    Ross and Rachel?!

  27. JayK says:

    Where’s the Gilmore Girls love? Luke and Lorelei? Not to mention Veronica Mars and the power of LoVe (Logan and Veronica)!

  28. Lovely says:

    Missing: Lexie and Mark (Grey’s Anatomy) and what about Carrie and Mr. Big (Sex and the City)?

  29. Ali says:

    Ummm… where the heck is Luke and Lorelai? This list fails.

  30. Jeff says:

    ross and rachel.

  31. Shayna says:


  32. EVERWOOD had at least four great couples to choose from: Ephram and Amy, Andy and Nina, Harold and Rose, or Edna and Irving.

  33. Mulder & Scully. The ultimate couple of all time. <3

  34. Petter says:

    Kevin & Scotty, Brothers & Sisters

  35. Sarah F says:

    Chuck and Sarah!

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Joey & Pacey and Doug & Jack (Dawson’s Creek)
    Josh & Donna, CJ & Danny, Jed & Abbey (West Wing)

  37. LuaIzzie says:

    Clark and Lois from Smallville!

  38. Betty says:

    Felicity and Noel!

  39. jennifer says:

    Chuck & Sara (Chuck); John & Aeryn (Farscape); Valla & Daniel (Stargate SG1); Niles & Daphne (Frasier); Mic St.John & Beth (Moonlight); Angel & Buffy (Buffy); Echo & Paul (Dollhouse); Hawkeye & the nurses (M*A*S*H)

  40. Cleide says:

    Cristina & Owen from Greys Anatomy.

  41. Steph says:

    Chuck and Sarah. Will always miss their faces on my TV every week.

  42. Janey says:

    Josh and Donna, Abbey and Jed – The West Wing
    Joey and Pacey – Dawson’s
    Luke and Lorelai – Gilmore Girls
    Ross and Rachel – Friends
    Carrie and Big (or Aidan?) – SATC

  43. Jessica says:

    Benson and Stabler are #1, but since you threw in soaps, Shane & Kimberly from DOOL would be a sight for sore eyes… :`(

  44. a says:

    Pacey and joey!!!

  45. wrstlgirl says:

    Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor…..Queer as Folk :-)

  46. Adam Bramble says:

    The Doctor and Rose Tyler <3

  47. Tara says:

    So happy to see Juliet and Sawyer on this list I’m heading straight to YT for some shipper videos.