The Big Bang Theory Recap: Two Cute

The Tangible Affection ProofValentine’s Day causes a plethora of problems for The Big Bang Theory geniuses, who run into girl (or, in Raj’s case, lack-of-girl) trouble as the holiday unfolds. Let’s take a look at how everyone weathers the big day.

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LEONARD AND PENNY | Deeming himself a “romance ninja,” Leonard plans the perfect romantic dinner at a restaurant, despite Penny’s assertion that Valentine’s Day “never works out.” Their evening begins well but hits a Cupid-sized speedbump when Penny’s ex and his new love – her former pal Gretchen – get engaged just tables away from where the blonde and her brainiac sit. Leonard urges his girlfriend to let it go, but she can’t. “I told you, Valentine’s Day sucks!” she grouses. “This one does, and you’re the reason why!” he shoots back. At home, Penny confesses that her marriage issues are even bigger than we previously thought. “The whole thing just freaks me out,” she says. So, much like Bones‘ Seeley Booth, Leonard generously offers exactly what his woman wants: “I promise I will never ask you to marry me again,” he says, saying that when she’s ready, she’s got to do the proposing. “It’s all on you.” With that settled, they get back to V-Day business: sexy-romance-ninja-fun times.

SHELDON AND AMY | Sheldon pulls a Don Draper and orders Alex to shop for his girlfriend’s Valentine’s gift. He rejects the harp music box and Canterbury Tales map she finds, then keeps a rare signed print of a hand-drawn brain cell illustration for himself. But when Amy cancels their plans – “No dinner. No romance. No gifts.” – because that’s what Sheldon wants most, he’s moved and gives her a token of affection, anyway: a form noting that she’s been added as his “in case of emergency” contact at work. “This is the most beautiful gift you could’ve given me,” she says through tears, tackling him in a big hug. Say it with me (and the studio audience) now: Aww. (Little does she know, being Sheldon’s ICE number might turn out to be a full-time job.)

HOWARD AND BERNADETTE | Wolowitz hoped to woo Bernadette, who’s stressed from long days at work, by using CalTech lab equipment to write their initials in a heart 1/1000th the size of a grain of sand. But when he drops it – oops – Leonard invites the pair to join his romantic meal with Penny. Though the Wolowitzes snipe at each other to begin with, Penny and Leonard’s fight causes them to realize that their argument is petty, and they go home to do laundry and hang out together.

RAJ AND… MYSTERY COMIC GIRL! | Raj is going on a coffee date! With a girl! After convincing Stuart to hold a singles mixer at the comic-book store, Raj gives the assembled crowd — which includes Bar Refaeli casanova Jesse Heiman! — a pep talk. “We are a community. As long as we have each other, we are never truly alone,” he says, earning the interest of a quiet woman who then nervously approaches him. All of his solidarity with the singletons is lost, however, as he follows her out of the shop, shouting, “Later, losers!”

What did you think of the guys’ romantic adventures? Hit the comments!


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  1. DN says:

    “Someone will propose.” That was the tease for this episode. Well, it may as well have been one of those “someone is going to die” teases that turns out to be a character that was only introduces mere episodes earlier. What a joke.

  2. Dan says:

    I was watching it and realized the show finally jumped the shark for me . I have zero interest in watching another awkward straight couple mate.

    • Will says:

      Um, “watching awkward straight couples mate” has kind of been one of the main themes of the show since the first episode, and it took you 6 seasons to realize this? Speaking as a gay man, I’m over fellow gay people who seem to feel the need to denigrate anything heterosexual in TV or film. Yes, it would be great to have more gay representation on TV, but that doesn’t mean I think that every case of straight people being romantic on TV or film is mocking me or undermining my sexuality.

      • JJ says:

        You’re completely right. It is one of the main themes of teh show and has been since the first episode. Maybe Dan has a crush on Raj and was hoping he was gay? lol

        • Will says:

          Ha, yeah, and I have seen some people complain that Raj isn’t being revealed as gay…but just because he has a large number of certain qualities doesn’t mean he has to be gay. Isn’t it a better message that there are straight people with stereotypically gay tastes who actually do defy the stereotype? And, yes, Raj is *very* close to Howard, but again, there’s this problem that Western culture seems to have with affectionate heterosexual friendships. Our culture doesn’t seem to understand the idea of non-sexual love. I wouldn’t say that Raj is a complete 0 on the Kinsey scale (completely heterosexual) but neither is he a 4 (“predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual”). I’d put him at a 1 (“Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual”). Which still means, at the end of the day, he’s more likely to end up in a relationship with a woman.

          I’m surprised by how much negativity people here seem to be having towards this episode. I thought it wasn’t only hilarious but a brilliant exploration of the characters at this point in their lives. Particularly Penny. I love that the show is confronting the psychology behind their actions. Earlier, this might have ended Leonard and Penny’s relationship but they’ve grown to the point that Leonard will assert himself with her, and not just take that behavior lying down, and Penny will actually allow herself to face head-on why she did what she did. And in response, they each make a commitment to alter how they treat one another in the future.

          Meanwhile, the Wolowitz’s feud, which also springs from issues they’ve always had (largely Howard’s self-centeredness, expectation that he should be waited on), is also resolved beautifully, with Howard growing up and apologizing…and with the lovely revelation that Bernie knows him so well, she hid the X-Box in exactly the place he’s been avoiding. Had he just done the laundry as he promised, he would have found it immediately.

          And then, of course Amy and Sheldon, which is so great and in character, because on the one hand, we have Sheldon behaving remarkably selfishly, in keeping the best gift for himself and completely disregarding the other two, fantastic and thoughtful gifts, but on the other hand, making a thoughtful gesture that means so much more than a gift that his assistant picked out for Amy ever could. And furthermore, at the same time, it’s still self-motivated, because he knows it means he’ll have Amy to rely upon as his emergency contact. It’s so perfectly Sheldon–a little bit of progress but also staying very much himself. For him, though, this is an enormous gift and also an enormous indication of how much he’s grown and changed, that he wants Amy to be the one to take care of him in times of need. And then, of course, Amy also altered her wishes to fit what she knew her partner would like best to do, rather than conforming to what society says should be expected of couples on Valentine’s.

          Meanwhile, Raj’s speech to his community is wonderful and inspiring. I love that it also attracted the attention of that girl who…yes, she’s awkward, but is it fair to tear her apart for being awkward when Raj can’t talk to women when he isn’t drunk?! I love that he found someone just as strange and uncomfortable with dating as he is. My only issue with the entire episode is when he yells, “Losers” on his way out, because it completely undercuts his speech and makes him into a total dick…which, yes, we’ve seen in previous episodes that the downside to his needing to be drunk is he can also be an overconfident ass when he’s drunk, but it still sacrificed a fantastic moment for a cheap laugh.

          • don says:

            he doesn’t love her so putting her down as a contact clearly means he gave it to her because being the arrogant egotistical maniac that he is he knows amy will come running when he calls and this gives him a trill. loves got nothing to do with it. he’s done nothing but use amy and take advantage of her from the very first day they met.

          • don says:

            Once again shamys only see what they want to see. sheldons placing amy as a contact person was a nice jesture but it wasn’t done for the reasons you think. and amy he he doesn’t seem to trilled about the idea of having to drop everything every time Sheldon calls and needs to be picked up on account of one of his phobias. smh you shamys make me laugh.

  3. Tom Charles says:

    “which includes Bar Refaeli casanova Jesse Heiman!” you make that out to be a big thing, it’s not like he hasn’t been on the show before, he was part of Wil Wheaton’s entourage. But no, pop up in a commercial that everybody talked about and boom, he’s the “next big thing”

  4. lariet50 says:

    I wasn’t sure about that chick they brought on for Raj before, but now I can tell: She’s going to get on my nerves hardcore. What the hell was she trying to do with her head?

  5. J. Norman says:

    Was Raj drinking? If not, is he able to talk to nerd girls?

    Isn’t the girl Raj left with the one who runs Hopes day care on Raising Hope?

  6. Wolf says:

    That’s Kate Micucci from Raising Hope. She also had a memorable run on Scrubs as Ted’s GF and one is half of the music group Garfunkel and Oates.

  7. Babybop says:

    I thought the episode was sweet! Every storyline made me smile. I love this show, I don’t know why people are so down on it in the comments.

  8. MoshiMoshi says:

    Leonard & Penny should break up already!!!! there’s 0 chemistry there…sooo boring….

  9. robinepowell says:

    I think that’s the first time Valentine’s Day has been done on the show. I like how Penny kind of glossed over the holiday and then later saved their romantic night by asking Leonard to be his Valentine.

    I’m sure Amy would have like either of the first two gifts, too bad Sheldon isn’t a bit more romantic.

    • J. Norman says:

      Then he wouldn’t be Sheldon and totally oblivious about the emotions of others.
      But I tend to agree, that Sheldon is – sometimes at least – getting a little tiresome.
      Eventually, he’s going to have to lighten up a bit.

      But I still really enjoy the show.

    • CDM says:

      Not the first Valentine show. There was that episode, I think it was season 3, when Leonard got an opportunity to go see the Hadron Collider in Switzerland and he was going to take Penny for Valentine’s day. But Sheldon thought he was better suited for a trip like that and campaigned hard to get Leonard to take him. In the end both Penny and Sheldon got sick, so Leonard too Raj.

  10. JJ says:

    There was the episode in which Leonard was going to Switzerland on Valentine’s Day. Sheldon wanted to go with him, but Leonard invited Penny. Sheldon and Penny ended up being sick, and Raj went.
    The emergency contact gift was much more romantic and meaningful than giving Amy a gift that Alex picked out.

    • don says:

      oh cut the crap. Amy as always, gives more more more and and as always, gets little or nothing in return. here’s a little tip for you about love: when a man loves you, REALLY LOVES YOU, he wants and will give you everything; dinner pearls, the entire world if thats what the woman he loves wants. amy settles for what she can get because she doesn’t think that she can do any better; i feel sorry for her. the lovely gifts alex bought sheldon to choose from were meaningful and one of them would have made amy a 100 times happier than simply making her a contact person on his human resources application; and the grimier part about THAT is he actually kept one of those gifts for himself. and making amy a contact person on his human resources card didn’t turne out well either; poor amy will have to run whenever sheldon calls(which is all the time) and judging by the look on her face that doesn’t make her very happy but like always she will do it and when the time comes for sheldon to show his apreciation he throw her a bone just to keep her from nagging him. sad.

      • jon says:

        Wrong. instead of giving Amy one of (the admitedly really good presents) that Alex chose, he did something personal that shows his increasing affection for Amy; something he chose himself, and shows that he really cares for her, just in his own way.

        • don says:

          and as ive previously stated she will run continuously when he calls and when its his turn to show appreciation he’ll give her less than she gave. and i can’t speak for you but judging by the irritated look on amys face running to sheldon everytime he calls doesn’t seem to appeal to her. *shrug*

      • JJ says:

        you think a gift picked out by his assistant is a romantic gift? Well I guess when you equate love to buying things like you do, it’s all about the price tag.

        • Brandy says:

          Alex picked thoughtful gifts,things Amy is interested in and she took the time to research Amy’s interests.Its not romantic having your assistant or someone else picking out a gift for your significant other but Sheldon’s gift was personal, showing growth.I do think Amy would’ve been happier getting one of the other gifts though, she seemed exsasperated when Sheldon kept calling her with medical emergencies that weren’t really emergencies.I don’t like Amy or Shamy, I think Amy will always want more in thier relationship than Sheldon can or will give despite his trying and personal growth.Just like I think Leonard will always want serious/committed relationship with Penny than she’s ready for.I mean,Leanard professed his love to love for her ,she couldn’t return it and dumped him in season three.Hes proposed twice and she keeps turning him down.It took her a couple years of dating to finally say I love you.Shes not even ready for them to live together,didn’t want him moving in the last episode before this one.

        • don says:

          every one of those gifts were meaningful, a hell of alot more meaningful than making amy his contact person SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF (FURTHER) MAKING AMY IS SLAVE AND STROKING HIS EGO. but as i’ve said, you shamys only see what you want to see.

  11. Rick Isserman says:

    Doesn’t beat the Leonard Nimoy signature show, but it number 2

  12. Todd says:

    I was half expecting, and hoping, that Alex would screw Sheldon up by coming back with an engagement ring to give to Amy. Now that would have been hilarious to watch Sheldon try to back out of.

  13. AmbidextrousAspie says:

    Penny needs to get over herself already. She doesn’t love Leonard, she constantly treats him like dirt and uses him and acts like a teenager and really, what does she offer? He’s brilliant, she’s “eh.” Pretty, but pretty fades. After watching last week (what overacting!) I think I’m done with the show.

  14. Azerty says:

    I usually like the recurring couple such as Penny but seriously…Penny freaks out when Alex is into Leonard but still ruin Valentine’s Day because of some ex boyfriend…Maybe that’s because I love Alex but I want more of her and less of ungrateful Penny. Anyway I love Leonard saying “if you want to play that game I can propose”, Sheldon’s gift and Raj “Later losers!” I really laugh at that one!

  15. Mikael says:

    I didn’t notice Raj drinking, so I assumed he could talk to the girl because she looked kind of boyish. It will be interesting to see how he talks to her if they start dating. He can’t drink all the time, right? lol.

    • CountryQueen says:

      He was drinking though. He had a bottle of beer. There were some girl geeks at that party too – it wasn’t just all guys.