Nashville Recap: 'I Told You I Don't Cry Pretty'

CONNIE BRITTON, MICHIEL HUISMANReality sets in for Rayna in this week’s Nashville, which she responds to with a little Liam-approved binge-drinking. Elsewhere, Juliette has trouble modulating her newly realized authority but Scarlett has no problem speaking her mind or standing her ground… until Gunnar’s sad backstory wears a felon-brother-sized hole in her resolve. Let’s review what when down in “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight.”

TWO-STEPPING AND TEARS | Rayna’s not doing so well since Teddy said he wants a divorce – and he twists the knife with a pre-concert call saying he wants to tell the girls the next day. It’s all a little much for the First Lady of Country Music, and she freezes onstage that night. No one in the crowd seems to notice, but Deacon notes that it’s the first time he’s ever seen her miss a musical cue. After a call from Tandy – who knows that Peggy is back in Teddy’s life but doesn’t share that info with her sister – Rayna’s just about done. Deacon notices she’s upset (but unfortunately does not try to fix things with his lips like he did last week). “I know when you’re fine. You’re not fine,” he says, and it’s statements like that that make me love him… despite the ridiculousness he starts at the end of the ep. He tells her when she’s ready to talk, he’s there.

But when she is ready, producer Liam is the one who helps Ray Ray through her rough patch. He just happens to be staying at the same hotel, and he accompanies her to a local honkytonk for booze and two-steppin’. They make nice about her firing him. She drinks too much. They flirt. Then they kiss outside his hotel room. It would’ve been easy (and cliché) to have Deacon stumble upon that moment; you get props, Nashville, for not making that happen. Instead, Rayna slips into Liam’s room for a nightcap and what I can only imagine – from the way he straddles her like she ponied up for the champagne-room special – he thinks will be his lucky night. But the bourbon and sadness are too much for Ms. Jaymes; she retires to the bathroom and has a classic drunk girl moment. Ladies, you know the steps – feel free to shout ’em out with me:

1. Stare into the mirror and try to assess exactly how far gone you are.
2. Stare harder into the mirror and try to assess how far gone a casual observer would think you are.
3. Re-apply lip gloss.
4. Think about all the terrible things in your life and how you’re likely to die alone, surrounded by cats.
5. Sob quietly into your palm.

When Liam tries to get in, she bodily stops him from opening the door (ha!), saying “It’s not pretty in here.” He eventually gains entrance, and… I think Rayna and I have wildly different definitions of “not pretty.” Her mascara is slightly smudged. That’s it. “I told you I don’t cry pretty,” she admonishes. Rayna, honey, you’re still radiant. I look more demolished when they’re all out of Kit-Kat bits at my favorite serve-yourself froyo place.

With the drunken “vacation” from her life over – without any more Liam nookie, I might add – they part as friends and kinda agree to finish the album they started together. But when Deacon sees them giving each other friendly hugs goodbye as Rayna gets ready to go home to Nashville, he immediately assumes the worst and won’t be swayed when she tells him nothing happened. Then she goes home to deliver the bad news to Maddie and Daphne. But Maddie has bad news of her own for her mom: She heard Teddy talking to Peggy on the phone and surmised that they’re seeing each other.

BARNES IN CHARGE | Juliette has big plans for the back half of the tour; after the month-long break, her set is going to include more acoustic numbers and less glitter because she is a Serious Artist. “I am a multi-million dollar industry, and it is about time that I took control of it,” she asserts. Glenn’s not down with that and basically tells the crew to ignore her. We learn that Glenn discovered her in Alabama when she was auditioning for a TV show; with her boozy mom an unreliable guardian, he’s been a father figure in her life ever since. Except, as Deacon points out, “Fathers let their kids grow up.”

The Glenn-Juliette dynamic in this episode is interesting. Glenn’s not wrong – Juliette has made some terribly rash decisions in the recent past, to her detriment. But he’s being kind of a jerk about his concern. And Juliette’s not wrong, either – as the one bringing in the cash, she has every right to make the changes she wants. But she’s being kind of a brat about her “growth.” Like when Deacon intimates that Glenn is quietly undermining her, she responds by dragging everyone out of their rooms late at night to harangue them that she’s the boss and that if Glenn doesn’t get in line, “You’ll be right back at the country fair, looking for your next teen queen.” Ouch. Is it any wonder he quits? Deacon on the whole spectacle: “Is that part of your plan to be seen as a more mature artist?” (Ha!) As he rides down to the hotel lobby with Juliette, Uncle Deke reminds her that she’s being quite mean to the people she calls her “family.” She seems to take his words to heart. (Apparently, the man does his best work in elevators.)

Back in Nashville, Juliette seems at least a little contrite. After rattling around her big, empty house for a while, she calls Jolene and asks if she wants to move in upon her release from rehab the following week. Aw.

HE AIN’T HEAVY | Gunnar’s felon brother Jason is in town and wants to crash at Scarlett and Gunnar’s place. Scarlett correctly assumes that Jason is a felon, due to the fact he’s crossed state lines while on parole, and that him staying with them is “called harboring a fugitive.” She stands firm on her “nope”… until Jason sings and plays guitar with them. Then, taking into account Gunnar’s story about their crime-filled youth, she changes her mind and she tells Gunnar his bro can stay. But neither of them know about the gun he’s got at the bottom of his bag… In other news, Watty White calls to say that Rayna is interested in possibly signing them to her new label. In other other news, Gunnar is wearing only a towel when Watty calls. (That doesn’t have any bearing on the scene. I just thought you should know.)

SHORTSIGHTED | Avery’s mad at Dominic for taking the album in a different direction and for being generally absent. Avery’s mad at Marilyn for suggesting that he hold off on selling his publishing rights until he can get a lot more than what South Circle – and its pleasant emissary, Hailey – is offering. Avery’s mad that he’s living in a motel. But above all, Avery’s mad he isn’t a big deal yet, so he accepts Hailey’s offer and receives a check for $100,000. The move is likely to be a giant mistake, but at least it puts Gunnar’s ex and Avery into close contact, and I’ve missed seeing the spunky Chloe Bennet on my screen.

Now it’s your turn. After last week, were you sad we didn’t get more Rayna-Deacon smooching in this episode? How do you think Lamar will react when he finds out about Teddy and Peggy? And how much would you like to see Hailey and Avery hook up? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Nashville Fan says:

    Great episode…and next week’s preview looks intense. My heart broke for the girls. I also felt bad for Deacon – he looked hurt when he thought Rayna had been with Liam. But, at the same time…I wouldn’t have minded a little detour with Liam on the way to Deacon. As Rayna says, Liam is a no strings attached friend…it would have been fun to see a little bit more attaching. :)

  2. Guest says:

    Not so sad about Ray and Deke. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I look forward to Lamar laying down the law, demanding that Teddy pay the piper. Tandy will be there somewhere picking up the pieces when Lamar tears all guilty parties a new one. Liam has more layers than he lets on, many holes in that world weary heart of his. Hailey’s aggressive. Marilyn is her ghost of Christmas future if she doesn’t break this pattern. I prefer an Avery/Juliette match.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Kimberly, I love your Nashville reviews and I laughed at the part about “Ladies you know the steps!” So true. It was nice to see that Liam has some depth and while I was hoping to see some more of their chemistry in action, I do respect the fact that Rayna slowed things down and Liam didnt push …instead he was just her friend. I like how he challenges her and I can’t wait to see them finish their record! They have great chemistry…although I see him more as a friend with benefits and Deacon as her soulmate.

  4. Kathryn says:

    By the way, did anyone see what was on the tabloid page? The banner at the bottom of my screen covered some of it and I couldn’t see anything besides a picture of Teddy and Rayna. Thanks.

    • Morgan says:

      The tabloid is accusing Rayna of cheating not Teddy,how can he get away with everything?!?

      • Kathryn says:

        No kidding about him getting away with everything. Who are they accusing Rayna of cheating with? Are there pics?

        • AB says:

          Rayna’s father probably has a hand in that since he is the puppetmaster and Teddy is his puppet.

        • Morgan says:

          I’m guessing there is pictures in the article and they’re accusing Teddy of cheating with Peggy (Which Maddie already knows about) And then I’m guessing they’re accusing Rayna of cheating with Deacon (Maddie says to Rayna in the promo,”Is this the truth?”) And then there’s promo pics..with Teddy and Lamar in his office talking but it doesn’t look like a friendly convo and then one when Rayna walks in and sinister evil daddy is probs gonna say the tabloid was all his doing and that if they go through with the divorce he’ll leak that Deacon is Maddie’s father.

      • Keyon says:

        I don’t understand how he is gettin away with anything. Honestly when he is the one who got the short end of the stick, he was always her 2nd choice no matter how hard he tried! heck he even was raising another man’s kid no questions asked and she has been cheating on him emotionally since the beginning of the show

        • Katherine215 says:

          I hardly think she held a gun to his head to get him to marry her, and he also made the choice to raise Maddie as his own. If he didn’t know he was her second choice going into this, he’s pretty naive/blind, which is also not Rayna’s fault. I don’t always love Rayna’s character, but your points are all Teddy’s decisions, not hers.

        • Brandy says:

          Teddy cheated first and stole money.Neither which is Raynas fault.I don’t blame him for being unhappy, but neither do I blame Rayna who hasn’t acted on her feelings for Deacon-he kissed her- for needing someone safe,stable,dependable,reliable,responsible when she was young and pregnant and dealing with Deacons addiction.Though I do I agree it sucks to be someone’s choice but Teddy could’ve asked for a divorce long ago if he was that unhappy or not married Rayna, I doubt anyone forced him into it.Rayna could’ve turned Teddy in to the police for embezzling but didn’t so yes, he’s getting away with it.Hes gonna get away with cheating first on Rayna but making her out to be the cheater it looks like from promos of the next episode.

  5. Deedee says:

    Liam is beautiful and I could stare at him and Rayna all day

  6. Lime says:

    I want to do baaaaad things to Liam. Ugh, he is SO HOT.

  7. Kellie says:

    I want rayna and deacon together! I hope deacon doesn’t hump Juliette anymore. Avery is a huge db but maybe he can redeem himself. BTW, I don’t like wyclef jean in this role.

  8. Cecelia says:

    Noooo. Hailey is too good for Avery and the good thing is she knows her worth. I hate that as soon as a guy and woman work together everyone is immediately trying to get them together romantically. Men and women are able to work together without sleeping together.

    • Georgia says:

      Maybe you’re thinking real world, but we’re talking about a nightime soap where storylines may or may not be based in reality. Don’t be surprised if they hook up, is all I’m sayin…

  9. zoot says:

    Liam is kind of scuzzy looking…gross. I was hoping he would be gone for good!

  10. Raylynn says:

    I love Liam! That was a hot, kiss. Rayna was at her best, this ep. Normally do not care for the character, but liked her, tonight.

  11. forwarddad says:

    First off another 2 weeks before the next episode. Really ABC.
    Tabloid news will probably mean Teddy gets custody but daughter will probably say something at custody hearing. Then the fact Deacon is father will come out .

    2 weeks ABC really!

  12. Nikki says:

    I think that Emily is soon going to have a larger role in the show. Like maybe persay dating the long time single Juliette.

  13. Anna says:

    I love both Liam and Deacon and I want both of them to be around all the time, because they’re awesome :D

  14. Michelle says:

    I just love Liam. He’s great. As much as I would have liked it, I’m glad he and Rayna didn’t go there…yet. Maybe if they finish the album something can happen then. Deacon pulling the jealous BF routine was out of line.

  15. GS says:

    I really wish Avery would get hit by a bus! His storyline is horrible: the guy couldn’t sing if his life depended on it and he’s a major douchebag so please get rid of him and all associated with this story! Liam is dirty and gross. I don’t see any chemistry b/w him and Rayna at all. I really didn’t see it with Deacon until he grabbed her last week and said he was done talking….woooooow. I do love this show and I’m glad I gave it a couple weeks since I didn’t at first.

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    I absolutely hate Juliette. She’s just a self absorbed spoiled brat and I hope this blows up in her face. I love that Rayna has both Liam and Deacon in her corner. Although I could care less about that stupid tour. I am really enjoying Gunner and Scarlett with a side of Avery. I think Jonathan Jackson is playing the part very well.

  17. S says:

    First, can we not call him Uncle Deke with reference to Deacon and Juliette? He did sleep with the girl after all and that is frankly a little creepy.
    The other thing that I have a problem with is that while I like Deacon in some ways, I find him to be emotionally damaged. I am not a fan of how Rayna has dragged the Teddy/Deacon thing out…But Deacon did run and sleep with Juliette and has the exact same interaction with her on a regular basis as the one exchange with Rayna and Liam, yet Rayna is expected to be ok with his “friendship” but hers is not allowed.
    Jealously is a B*&^%

    • Tessa says:

      I agree with your thoughts about Deacon!
      I’ve been sick with flu, just discovered this show and following a ‘Nashville’ marathon, I’m hooked!! Rayna kinda annoys me because she makes everything about her. She’s manipulated Deacon and Teddy for years and I like that Teddy finally stood up to her. (I feel so sorry for their beautiful girls though.) Deacon has stayed in Rayna’s life for years under HER terms and I find that incredibly sad, not romantic. His life stayed still while hers moved on.
      I adore Juliette and she’s my favorite character. I’m rooting for her in every aspect – I want her to have her happy family, to have her songwriting ideas be a success and I like her friendship with Deacon. Hayden P. hits it out of the park in. every. episode. Love her!! It took a bit of time to warm to Scarlett, but I love her voice and she and Gunnar are gonna be so cute together when it happens. Avery just annoys me no end and while I dislike his ‘manager’ Marilyn, I think she’s going to be proved right over this publishing thing.
      The next episode looks AWESOME!! Divorce scandal in the press; Teddy and Peggy gettin’ it on in his office; disappointment for poor Juliette and trouble for Gunnar!!! Damn you ABC, keepin us waiting for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!

  18. lianna0048 says:

    Good show. Good soap opera.

  19. Georgia says:

    When they told the girls about divorcing, I LOST IT. They broke my heart and did an excellent job of portraying how devastated they were. I’m one of the few who actually liked Teddy and kind of felt sorry for him, but I wanted to strangle him last night for causing those girls such pain.

    • Luli101 says:

      So true. The scene telling the girls was heartbreaking. When Maddie reached over to take her sister’s hand, I couldn’t take it.

  20. rmcepp says:

    Rayna and Deacon should be together. They make a great couple. Her husband is a wimp.

  21. Luli101 says:

    I really loved this episode, although it was difficult emotionally. The acting is always excellent and just pulls me right into the story. I don’t care so much about who Rayna ends up with and when, but the journey she is on is an interesting one. Love Nashville!

  22. mel says:

    Love this show!!! Rayna and Deacon all the way!

  23. Rayna & Deacon <3 – those to have great chemistry, they belong together….I like Liam as a friend for Rayna though

  24. Susan Moennig says:

    Rayna and Dracon will make or break the show. They belong together.

  25. Juliette W says:

    Enjoying the show but honestly, would Scarlett be swanning around the house dressed an extra whorehouse girl from Pretty Baby with 1) a new male roommate that she has specifically told she’s not interested in and 2) the new male roommates recently released felon of a brother who she *JUST* met? Maybe if she spent less money on lacy tap pants and over the knee stockings, she’d be able to afford her own rent.

  26. Anna says:

    The writers need to be very careful about how they manage to string out the rest of this Rayna/Deacon saga. If they’re not careful, they’ll just make the audience dislike both characters. For instance, Rayna already seems too hard-hearted for pushing Deacon away in “Teardrops”. Because they have such undeniable chemistry on-screen, the writers need to be more thoughtful about developing the obstacles in the way of them being together. Right now the turns in their relationship seem annoyingly contrived.

  27. LAR says:

    The scenes at the hotel were actually filmed in the Sheraton in downtown Nashville. I recognize those elevators anywhere!

  28. J says:

    All I want to say is I’m glad Liam is baack! He’s so damn hot. If I were in Reyna’s situation I’d also go for a guy with no strings attached. I mean come on, you can’t resist if Liam would look at you like that.

  29. Judith says:

    Fantastic, emotionally satisfying episode. I love this show. I hope they develop Ray Ray and Liam a bit more. They are much more fun together and she could use some fun. Plus they have fantastic chemistry. Presuming (please tv gods) there is a 2nd series there is plenty of time to develop Rayna and Deacon over the long term. And Liam is scuzzy-gorgeous :)