Pilot News: Lost's Josh Holloway Finds Starring Role In CBS Drama Intelligence

Josh_Holloway_300Lost alum Josh Holloway has signed on to star in the CBS drama pilot Intelligence, TVLine has confirmed.

The project, based on unpublished book Dissident by John Dixon, is set at US Cyber Command and focuses on a unit that has been created around one agent with a very special gift, a microchip that has been implanted in his brain that allows him to access the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

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According to Deadline, which broke the news, Holloway will play Gabriel Black, a former Navy Seal and dedicated intelligence officer.

The pilot will be directed by David Semel (Heroes, No Ordinary Family) from a script by Michael Seitzman.

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  1. prp125@charter.net says:

    sounds like Alphas?

  2. Cottage101 says:

    I.AM.SO.WATCHING.THIS!!! Yeeeeeaaaah he’s back on my tvscreen!! Can’t wait! Also, the story actually had potential, love a good crime series :)

  3. Jon says:

    Reads like “Chuck” to me.

    • ben says:

      No sign of the overt geekiness of Chuck though. Regardless, it reads like a combination of different shows that I love, so I’m in.

  4. PLP says:

    Great! Wondered why he wasn’t in a series right out of LOST.

  5. Jenna says:

    Thank you! I might start watching CBS again.

  6. Hannah says:

    Amazing.¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ I am watching it¡¡¡

  7. Pickle says:

    Love CS, but sounds stupid.

  8. Pickle says:

    Er, meant “CBS.” lol

  9. Steve says:

    YES! I was just thinking the other day how upset I am he hasn’t found his way back to TV! So excited.

  10. Sounds like Jake 2.0 meets Chuck & The Unit

  11. Bella says:

    Yay! He’s finally back on t.v.! I’m very excited. And yes, it sounds like Chuck, but without the comedy. Like Psych and The Mentalist.

  12. phoofy cat says:

    So glad to see him back…been too long…now hope the series is good enuf for him.

  13. nick1372 says:

    Yay! I want to see this more than ever now!
    If CBS paired this with Person of Interest I would be literally salivating with anticipation for Thursdays…

  14. Shifty says:

    I’ve been wondering what the heck happened to Josh Holloway!? Hope this show is better than it sounds…

  15. NM says:

    Yes!!! I was just watching clips of Lost today and thinking how much I missed Josh Holloway!

  16. @heather_kaye says:

    Nope. Not watching him in anything else until they lock him down for The Dark Tower series. I’m on strike.

  17. mia says:

    About time he’s been made a regular lead on something! He’s so versatile + talented…not to mention well liked.

  18. Nichole says:


  19. ollie says:

    yay so glad he got a show agree with others that it would be great paired with person of interest. but I so wanted josh to do one ep on poi.

  20. kirads09 says:

    I think i actually squealed inside when I read this. Josh – YES. Please let this be a huge hit.
    Sounds promising.

  21. Renee says:

    I’m in.

  22. Babybop says:

    One of my favorite people from Lost… I’ll watch!

  23. Ace says:

    Color me intrigued.

  24. TVDIVA says:

    Love Josh Holloway and glad to see him back. But this sounds exactly like the now defunct Chuck series.

    • Jay says:

      Chuck was an okay show for the first couple of seasons. If they do this as a strait up action thriller it will be a hit. They shouldn’t try to make it a comedy though. That won’t work again.

  25. Pickles says:


  26. quang says:

    After Lost, Josh said he’ll give himself five years to try to break into the movie business, so it looks like he’s officially given up. Kinda surprising that a man who was considered a breakout star has actually scored the least amount of work compared to his fellow Lost Alums.

    • JBC says:

      Check his IMDB, he has been working ever since LOST. I am glad he will be on TV too. I loved his character in LOST. Good old Sawyer, good to see ya!! The show does sound similar to Chuck, but obviously with a more serious tone.

      • Nero theTVFiddler says:

        I think (sadly) it is a statement more about the movie/feature film business right now, rather than about Josh. That guy is a star – terrific actor. But the film industry right now is all about franchise building around action hero movies with relatively unknown younger actors/actresses who can sign on long-term for multiple sequels over multiple years. That’s not a knock on those movies or the actors/actresses in them – it’s just the way things are in that business right now. Josh probably ran into that issue – too old to play ‘Superboy’, and too cool to play in a rom-com chick-flick. The only movie options left were Pixar-type voice-overs and fall-holiday season academy award potential movies – neither is in Josh’s wheelhouse. So, his five year plan was almost up, and hence, time to give TV another try.

        I will say this – that foursome on Lost of Josh, Matt, Evangeline and Elizabeth Mitchell – that was one of the best, coolest, sexiest foursomes I’ve ever seen on screen. Amazing team. The fact that none of the four has hit it big in the movies/features films since Lost is Hollywood loss.

  27. Jennifer says:

    He belong on TV. He had no charisma whatsoever

  28. Mary says:

    Josh I have missed you!!

  29. stefany says:

    I’ll check it out. But it sounds like the serious version of Chuck.

  30. cj says:

    I thought this sounded just like Chuck and I was ready to dismiss it but I will now be watching that Sawyer is in it. He is So talented he needs to be in movies. He was great in mission impossible 4. are you listening Hollywood. Come in jj u are producing half the show in tv put him in one. I hope this is good though because he would be a good spy character.

  31. Joan says:

    I’m in. Glad to see him back.

  32. Vighorois says:

    Does that microchip give him the ability to give out cute, random nicknames like Nicki Minaj? LOL

  33. Lucy says:

    Anything Josh is in, I’ll watch, I don’t care what channel or what type of show. I would watch him in a (made-up) show about competitive fly fishermen. He is gorgeous and talented, so welcome back to tv Josh!

  34. Well being on CBS is a good start…they’re ratings gold!

  35. MLO says:

    Doesn’t sound like there’s going to be very much opportunity for him to be half-naked. Sigh. I love half-naked Josh.

  36. DDD says:

    Love that he is back!!! Hope it’s done well.

  37. Marco says:

    Chuck: The Serious Version. Sounds nice, and finally he’ll be back as a main star. It was kinda sad when he got killed at the start of MI:GP…

  38. Alan says:

    When is this to be aired?

  39. ThinkToday says:

    Love Josh Holloway…dislike his new gig….

    So tired of action, action, action…unrealistic and repetitive.

    How about a plot that you can believe in…intelligent with mystery and turns and twists you can follow and later discuss…

    The new listings this season…is boring, repetitious and all look-alikes….