Castle Recap: A Happy Valentine's Daze -- But No Big Damn Heroes To Be Found?

Castle Season 5 RecapThis week on ABC’s Castle, a reality show was dealt a harsh one when a cast member turned up dead. But Rick was fixated on another case: retrieving his misplaced Valentine’s Day gift to Kate. Did he accidentally hand Gates the evidence she needs to discover the Caskett romance?

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THE CASE | When young Hannah, the rising new star of The Wives of Wall Street, turns up dead with an expensive knife in her back, all eyes at first are on the series’ prima donna Penelope (played by Gina Torres) — especially since a bit of her fingernail was found in the victim’s scalp. Penelope admits to a “dust-up” with the new girl, but she has an alibi. Next on the suspect list was Margo (Gail O’Grady), another cast member whose screen time was waning, so she actually wanted to keep Hannah around. Adding to the mystery, Hannah vanished off the grid for 24 hours before being killed. Turns out that Hannah was part of a fake storyline on the show (I know — can you imagine?!) involving an extramarital affair, but she wanted out — so Penelope and her hubby tied her up for a bit before calling Peter-the-producer for help. Peter tried to convince Hannah to stay, to no avail. She then met up with Margo’s engaged son Stone, with whom she was really in love. Stone’s fiancée got wind of their affair and used a wedding gift knife to kill off her competition.

I’ll give the case a “B+,” because twice I guessed wrong (you gotta always eyeball the producer in these storylines, then I thought for sure it was Stone), plus it got in good digs at the reality-TV genre — though I hate that they made Castle a convert by the end. It was bad enough that hard-boiled Gates was a superfan, though I understood the need there to “lighten up” her character.

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THE CASKETT | What one could argue was the main storyline involved Rick and Kate keeping each other guessing about their first Valentine’s Day gifts for each other, then “gift ninja” Rick’s plan to sneak the earring box into Kate’s blazer pocket… but landing it in Gates’ instead. “Did you write a note?! Was it romantic? Did you put my name?!” Kate fretted upon discerning Rick’s dilemma. As it turns out, luckily/conveeeeeeniently, Rick left off Kate’s name (the note read: “You are beauty, passion and fierce intellect. Be my Valentine”), so Gates thought he was sucking up to her (or worse, her being married and all). The hour ends with Kate giving her gift to Rick, sliding open her dresser drawer to reveal… his own drawer. She begins to apologize, “I know it’s not a light saber..,” but Rick stops her to assure, “No — it’s perfect.” Even more perfect: Kate asks/orders him to “take off your clothes, put them in your drawer, and meet me in bed.” Hopefully Rick still isn’t fidgeting with those shirt buttons!

THE QUIPS | Ryan, in between rounds of baby-making with Jenny: “I feel like a rooster in a hen-house — only there’s just one bossy hen.” Later, he arrives late at the precinct saying, “I had to run home and…” “Cock-a-doodle-doo?” Rick teases…. ABC spoofing its own Shark Tank with Shark Pool (hosted by GH‘s original Jerry Jacks aka Julian Stone)…. Martha wishing there was reality-TV in her day: “No script, overacting, screaming at other people. What a gig!”…. Javy rattling off French to Lanie as they sneak off for their own V-Day plans.

But really — and surely someone will correct me pronto if I am wrong — was there not one direct exchange between Firefly castmates Nathan Fillion and guest star Torres? Let alone a wink-wink in-joke…?

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  1. ky says:

    I’m so glad they didn’t go for the FF nod. Love that show, love it. But I find the previous nods a little forced and in your face.

  2. Kate says:

    Just when I think I can’t love this show anymore! This episode included everything that’s awesome about Castle. I LOVED it from beginning to end- especially the end!

  3. Jasmine says:

    Another disappointing episode. Castle continues to be on the decline IMO. It’s becoming boring and predictable… and Stana/Nathan just look bored and awkward with each other to be honest. I was hoping for so much more with this Valentines day episode and I was pretty disappointed ~ again…. And damn it, the lighting in the last scene was dark as hell… what is wrong with these people. Someone fire the lighting personnel please. Ugh. I give up.

    • Alex says:

      It just feels like they don’t want us to see them kiss. I was so excited for this season and the first couple episodes were pretty great but these last couple of ones have been SO boring. This wasn’t that bad but you’re right, they do look awkward. I’m really hoping that these next couple of episodes pick up because I’ve been missing some and haven’t even bothered watching them. Last year I couldn’t dream of missing one, this season? Bleh.

      • Lauren says:

        I, too, like to see them kiss. But two things: (1) We *did* see them kiss in this episode (twice, technically) — did you miss it??? (2) The kiss in “Always” was amazing, but we can’t see them go at each other like that *all* of the time. That would truly be weird — and all kinds of awkward. I love to watch the romance, but I don’t want to feel like a voyeur when I’m doing it. I think the way the writers handled this episode, and the way in which the actors portrayed the scene at the end, especially, was very tasteful AND romantic. Sometimes, sexy isn’t about tearing each others’ clothes off. Case in point.

        • scooby says:

          Amen. There was indeed romance. Sometimes people are just gonna be dissatisfied unless Castle lives out fanfic. They had the gift giving (and drawer getting scene) this time which was a huge sign of intimacy by Beckett. Castle can give her trips to the Hamptoms, he can let her stay in his expensive apartment, he can afford fancy earrings. She can give him a drawer. It’s letting him in even more and a step in commitment. How that didn’t result in an awwwww from everybody, I don’t know. Case solving = Caskett foreplay, for the millionth time.

    • sydney says:

      AGREE! they have SOOOO much chemistry – i just dont know why the writers/producers wont let them show that or have ANY of it in the show…they were hotter when they were not together – now they are together i was really hoping for a little more “fire” in that incredible “spark”.
      they have possibly the best on screen chemistry on network TV – please let the viewers see that…
      i want to see them getting hot!!! not ashamed to admit it…
      sad to keep such chemistry in the G rating all the time…Downton abbey is hotter than C & B….you see more skin on a daytime soap than we do with C & B….help a sista out here castle people!!

      • april-ann says:

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This could very well be the first ever hour-long that actually improved after the two leads got together (but I know that’s just my opinion). I see what you guys are saying though, about wanting to see more heat, but the very complaints you make are the reasons this show is still so high quality and still going strong. Someone in charge over there wisely decided to maintain the integrity of the show’s premise, to keep alive the detective show aspect with believable plots and wonderful writing, while still giving us spicy romance on the side, concerning all the supporting players and not just the lead couple (smart). Sure, they could have gone the other way to please fans short term and given us Maddie and David. And short term it would have been because we all know that Maddie and David = quick deterioration and even quicker cancellation.

        • Lauren says:

          YES! Thank you. It drives me nuts when people cite the “Moonlighting” curse, because said commenters have clearly never seen that show. Maddie and David were together for all of two minutes before the writers broke them broke up — *that* is what destroyed the show, not the getting-together part. The writers on Castle have done a great job of growing the romance even after the passionate hook-up in “Always,” and I hope that they continue in the same vein. While 5×11 and 5×12 were perhaps a bit too “Caskett light,” I otherwise think the writers have done a fabulous job keeping the romance alive post-get-together.

          • Alan says:

            yay people who actually know what happened with moonlighting, you are rare breed. the reason they were kept apart was because bruce wilis and cybil sheppard hated each other and didnt want to work with each other, thats what killed the show not some stupid idea that the hook up ruined it.

          • april-ann says:

            The hookup indirectly killed the show Alan, because once it happened it was clear no one planned for its aftermath or had any idea where to take the show from there. BW and CS have spoken publicly about their behind the scenes dislike for one another during Moonlighting. That’s no secret, nor is it what killed the show. CS wanted to know why Maddie always had to be such a b*tch for no reason. Also let’s not forget that she hand-picked NYC bartender BW for the role of David herself. In fact, it’s funny but by many accounts, their less than close offscreen relationship was one of the reasons their onscreen hookup was so hot. What killed Moonlighting was the show had no direction or good stories at all after they hooked up. It was like they didn’t know what to do or where to go with the show once that happened. There is a strong tendency to suddenly make the show all about THE RELATIONSHIP and not much else unfortunately. It’s not uncommon for that to be the case with the two leads on an hour-long finally hook up. Not many (I think none before Castle) have been able to pull it off once they cave to fans and put the two leads together. Not even true talent like Glenn Gordon Caron and Amy Sherman Palladino. I believe Castle is working so well because the original premise of the show was not forgotten, or even placed on the back burner. And they have not left their talented supporting cast out in the cold just because the leads are now together as a couple.

          • Lauren says:

            I think what contributed (in a major way) to the downfall of Moonlighting was that CS accidentally got pregnant. The writers hadn’t planned for that, and they didn’t want to put it in the storyline, so they had to come up with some way to effectively write her character out of the show for a while. They chose to do this by breaking David and Maddie up — NOT a good choice. What a mess. The writing went completely haywire, and — I agree with you — the entire premise of the show was lost. Such a shame, too, because it was a very good show in the beginning. I am so happy that the Castle clan has continued to develop what made Castle great to begin with — banter, intriguing storylines — even post Caskett get-together. PS: I think “House” actually did a good job after Huddy happened — that is, until they broke them up! I was NOT pleased (completely stopped watching). X-Files also did a decent job, but that’s largely because they kept the audience guessing as to whether M&S had actually gotten together for an entire 1.5 seasons. I much prefer the Castle approach. Thanks, Marlowe!

          • april-ann says:

            I agree with much of what you have said Lauren. I cannot however agree that CS pregnancy contributed in that big a way to the demise of the show. It had already deteriorated by then. Many a tv lead actress became pregnant before her and many became pregnant after her. She wasn’t the first and certainly not the last. With some expected smarts and creativity (hopefully there’s a little of both in those in charge of network shows to justify those salaries) this can and should be handled well, and almost always was and is on tv shows. One example from back then would be when Gary David Goldberg said that he sent a note to Meredith Baxter Birney thanking her for all the possible new storylines. It’s all about how unexpected events are handled. The best example of how an unexpected event, but a very sad one, was handled well was when Cheers dealt with Coach’s death by getting Woody on board. Coach was missed, but nary a blip in ratings for the show. Well handled. So, what I am saying is I don’t believe CS pregnancy is to blame for the downfall of the show. Although her pregnancy could not have been handled more poorly, I trace it back to the hookup and no one having any idea where to take the show from there.

  4. NM says:

    The original Jerry Jacks! So awesome you mentioned that :-)

    • Kath says:

      There was another General Hospital alumnus in the episode, two more if you count Seamus Dever. Patrick Fabian (the reality show producer) played the teacher Elizabeth accused of raping her.

    • Jen says:

      Me too! The first thing I said when I saw him was, “wait, that’s Jerry Jacks!” :)

  5. Amy says:

    I thought tonight’s episode was hilarious but I didn’t see any Firefly references either. I was disappointed.

    • Shein Die says:

      it was in the casting #Firefly

    • Alyssa says:

      Yeah, it was kind of annoying. I would have actaully been satisfied with even just an actual conversation between Gina’s and Nathan’s characters :P

    • Matt says:

      Well this is Castle NOT firefly..Get over it!

      • Amy says:

        Yeah, we all know Firefly is over, but we still love it nevertheless. I would have liked an outtake where Caskett walks in on Gina Torres and her husband in bed and instead of the actor playing her husband, it would have been Alan Tudyk. Considering Suburgatory is also on ABC, I’d love to see AT show up.

      • Jon says:

        Did you even notice the reference in the episode? Bar the fact that an actress Nathan worked with in Firefly was in the show, did you notice the actual reference? I doubt it, so what is your problem?

    • KHorn says:

      There was one Serenity reference at the beginning when Castle is trying to guess what Beckett got him for Valentine’s Day he guesses “It’s a pony, a rocket.” In Serenity Mal comes to rescue Inara dressed as a pilgrim and prays “Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.”

      • soon says:

        Yeah, I spotted that one too, then rewind lol. That line was probably improvised by Nathan, he was just listing this or that and could’ve easily added this reference to Serenity. And lack of almost any interaction between Mal and Zoe was practically “in your face” for me. Were their scenes together cut or was it on purpose? Well, it didn’t work for this viewer. It actually “took me out” of the episode more than any blatant reference could, I was always expecting something awesome between them and when nothing came it felt kind of unnatural… Sorry, I know some hard-core Castle fans see red at any Firefly mention, but I don’t mean anything offensive. Just how it was for me. I didn’t want any Firefly anvils, just some interaction between its leads with a shadow of their old chemistry. Nothing offensive to Castle, just a nice little nod to their chemistry. If someone wants to shout at me that Firefly is over, loser! in caps lock, I know that and I’m OK with that, so save you breath.

        Oh, and I liked the episode. Especially Castle watching that reality show till his butt fell off lol.

    • Alan says:

      i was expecting gina torres and nathan fillion to have at least a scene where they exchange dialogue but they got nothing and that was slightly off putting. i spent more time waiting for anything firefly related than i did enjoying a fantastic episode.

  6. Nicky says:

    I loved this episode. It left me feeling happy and giddy like the episodes in previous seasons used to. It was just enough of everything.

  7. Andrea says:

    This episode was just perfection in so many different ways. I enjoyed the case, laughed out loud a couple of times and my shipper heart exploded at the end. And then the promo for next week killed me again. Such a fantastic episode tonight!

  8. luli says:

    Beautiful episode even though i expected ashley to be the killer from the beginning. The last scene was just p e r f e c t. And the promo for the two parter was heartbreaking, can’t wait for next monday. #SaveAlexis

  9. ollie says:

    loved everthing in this ep. gates being obsessed with the show, castle then also getting addictived to it, castle trying to get kates presents back , martha and alexis, and especially the end with drawer and kates demand to castle to get in bed!!!! and ryan, espo, and lanie also.

  10. M says:

    I thought maybe Penelope (Gina’s character) would mistake Castle for the police captain and call him ‘Captain’. Unfortunately there was nothing worth noting spoken between the two.

  11. Kourt says:

    I loved the episode because it had the flirty banter and great moments between Castle/Beckett. In this episode they were just boyfriend/girlfriend who were celebrating Valentines Day for the last time. I liked the loft scene between Castle/Alexis/Martha because I have a feeling that it was the last loft scene we will see for a while given what is going to happen in the two part episode

    • Caskettfanforever says:

      Celebrating Valentine’s Day for the last time? Don’t you mean the first time? This was their first Valentine’s Day together and I don’t think it’ll be their last.

  12. Too Late Kev says:

    Penelope says something like, “It’s not like I killed her.” Then Beckett charges Penelope with the murder and Castle says something like, “So it IS like you killed her.”

    That was the only direct line from one to the other that I recall.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

      Yes, but that was not an exchange so much as Rick talking at her. Hmmm.

      • Sandra says:

        You know, I don’t mind there wasn’t a direct Firefly nod. It was enough of a Firefly reference that Gina Torres got casted. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nathan and because of him I checked out Firefly 2years ago. But I wasn’t and am not obsessed with that show, that’s why I often don’t get all the Firefly nods in previous episodes. Don’t forget not every Castle fan is/was a Firefly fan, some have never even heard of or seen it. So those people won’t understand any references made to that. And we already had sooo many Firefly nods in previous episodes that it’s ok there wasn’t one this time.

        I LOVED the episode, for me it was a PERFECT Castle episode. So much fun and witty banter, so many hilarious scenes with the WHOLE cast – Ryan’s scenes trying to get pregnant with Jenny were just awesome, Esplainie was really cute, Beckett’s interrogation of Bob was so funny I laughed the whole time, the whole gift debacle with Gates was just great, also her being a fangirl (and eventually even bonding a little w/ Castle over it, omg) – so much fun, the case was solid and interesting, and last but not least the ENDING! *Sigh* Just PERFECT!!!
        I also didn’t mind that Castle was converted into a fan of that particular reality show. If you think about it, it was established in an earlier episode of Castle that his guilty pleasure is watching trash tv (3×18 “My DVR would make yours look like Masterpiece Theater”). I would have been more shocked if they would have converted Beckett, lol. That’s NEVER gonna happen (except if there are sentimental reasons involved, like w/ Temptation Lane).

        I wasn’t surprised to learn that David Grae was the writer of this episode. After all, he was the one who wrote “Punked” (3×04) – THE funniest Castle epi of all time (at least for me). :D

        Thank you Andrew Marlowe & Co. for a very entertaining, funny and flail-worthy episode!!! I had a blast!

  13. Mari says:

    I loved the episode…sweet Valentine moments, especially for Caskett and Esplanie was cute aswell (lol and funny one´s for “poor” Ryan) and fierce Beckett in the interrogation room was awesome…
    I also loved Gates-Castle interaction…and Gina Torres was amazing aswell (I didn´t mind not having any FF notions…)…
    And the case was nice, too…I guessed wrong more than once ^_^

    Overall: LOVED IT!!!!

  14. Anna says:

    Only Nathan and Stana could create chemistry with an empty drawer — they are magic together and the writers know how to take advantage of it. It’s just not “in your face” sex as we see in other ABC shows which disappoints some. Frankly I love this show — just as it is. Hope we see a season 6 announcement soon.

    • mia says:

      +1 ! I agree, I like the fact that its not in your face sex. I love the romantic beautiful way they’ve taken it. The wink and nudge to other things, but mostly honest and adorable.
      Its refreshing. That we can believe a couple in love without needing the graphic sexual content.

    • Alan says:

      im glad im not the only one who sees the subtle way they are playing the relationship, its good to see two characters that arent in your face about being together and just get out of the way and let the story happen.

    • Audrey says:

      +1 here too. I’m liking Caskett progression.

    • beverly shaun says:

      ABC sold the rights to seasons 5 & 6 to an BBC owned pay tv in the UK. Guess season 6 is a must

  15. James says:

    so much better than last week on the caskett front. I would like them to spread out moments through out the episode going forward but still a marked improvement from the last couple episodes, that ending was sooooo sweet especially knowing how hard it was for Beckett to open up that much, a drawer is a big deal. one of the funniest episodes in along time IMO i was chuckling the whole way through, Come on Castle rookie move man rookie move. i don’t know why they’ve been timid to do episodes like this the case of the week was a little shorter and predictable for the most part, but I don’t watch it for the procederal (seen one seen them all) the writers should use this as a template moving foward, balance Caskett with COW.

    Promo for next week looked so intense can’t wait. keep it up Castle cuz tonight you reminded me why this is one of the best shows on TV.

  16. Jon says:

    This episode was packed with the Caskett intimacy that we’ve been dying to see for weeks. No sex scenes, barely even a kiss scene, but yet the most intimate that we’ve seen them as a couple for a very very long time.

    It felt like old-school Castle meeting new-school Caskett and that is what I have been begging for.

    Stana tipping over the table and Gates and Castle fangasming were highlights. But I truly adored the relationship we saw with Castle and Beckett tonight. The drawer was a perfect gift and the moment was acted perfectly by them both. With Nathan Fillion stealing it in the last ten seconds with the cuff. Scripted or ad-lib? Either way, perfect.

    Wonderful episode. Wonderful.

  17. K says:

    Loved this ep! So much Caskett cuteness and funny quips. I’ve got to point out, though, that the nickname for “Javier” is usually spelled “Javi”, not “Javy.” But great recap!

  18. DmC says:

    I loved this episode. For those of you who say Nathan and Stana don’t have chemistry, you are wrong. Watch her smiling at him in the end. Watch how she puts her hands on his face as she kisses him. You can’t create chemistry like that.

  19. Christy says:

    Loved the ep! I could not stop laughing! Castle’s facial expressions while watching the show were priceless then he sat so long he couldn’t feel his butt (kinda the way I watch Castle LOL). The end was amazing!! Kate totally won the gift contest! The drawer was perfect! Great comedy wth the stuck buttons too. Except someone needs to fire the lighting people. These dark kisses are getting OLD!!!

  20. mia says:

    I thought they wasted Gina Torres in this episode.
    But I LOVED Gates’ addiction to reality tv and that Rick was converted. It felt normal and I love when Gates + Castle end up having something in common.
    And the DRAWER!!! How damn romantic was that!!!! Perfect!

  21. Steph says:

    She gave him a drawer.To say I am one happy person right now would be an understatement. I absolutely loved this episode.
    Oh and I am personally buying and then donating a lamp or a spotlight. I will even go as far as harnessing light from the sun to brighten these kisses. Cute trick the first few times, now I just shake my head in disapproval.

  22. Christina says:

    While I definitely loved everything about this episode (seriously, the chemistry they have discussing a drawer is unbeatable), is it not strange to give a drawer away before saying “I Love You?”

    • Sandra says:

      Well, maybe she said it already (out loud that is, because come on, she already said it so many times without directly saying it) and the writers just don’t wanna go that route, you know. Maybe they don’t wanna make a big deal out of it. It’s clear they are in a real commited relationship, building towards a life together. So maybe she said “I love you” already and it will be revealed at some point that it was off screen. I wouldn’t be surprised. Don’t get me wrong I’m rooting for one big fat voiced “I love you” on screen as well, but I’m not necessarily expecting one.

      Also, nothing says “I love you” like giving away a drawer! :D

  23. There was a brief, obscure Firefly (or rather, Serenity) reference. When Castle is quizzing Beckett on what she got him for V-Day, he says “Is it a pony? A rocket?”

    That references Mal’s quote from Serenity in Inara’s Companion House: “Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket…”

  24. lame says:

    Cute episode, still lacking that sassy give and take I thought getting them together would strengthen. The writers still seem to be struggling to make the relationship flow smoothly, going for the grand gestures instead of the myriad of little things that occur in any story. They did it once e.g. Rick opening Kate’s hand to place the coffee cup in her grasp. That went over huge with the fans, if the writers could sprinkle those around more often it expresses the true affection they have for one another.

  25. May says:

    That was just the cherry on top to a perfect season so far. It was cute, but not too cheesy, well-written, and the actors seem to be getting even better. The case was a little meh, and it was rather easy to figure out who did it, but it was all worth it. Kate’s letting Castle in, and the slower-than-anything speed just makes everything more real. amazing episode.

  26. CarlagUK says:

    Lovely and funny episode. I do find constant Firefly references tiresome but but that’s just me. The simplicy of the interactions of love between C&B are wonderful First, handshakes and now an Empty Draw. Just perfect.

  27. leigh says:

    I love this show. Last nights episode was great. Can’t wait for next weeks!

  28. Astrid says:

    Loved the episode! The ending was so sweet!
    Can’t wait for next episode, it’s gonna be a long week!

  29. Mari says:

    I absolutely love this episode! And I love the scene where Castle becomes a fan of the show. It was hilarious and it IS what happens to us all. We start to watch one show just to waste time and when you see you’re totally hooked on said show. The case was really good and the caskett part was amazing!! So meaningful. And about FF, I was so relieved ’cause I watched it just because of Nathan but It was not my favorite show and I believe a lot of Castle fans couldn’t care less about it. So please stop all the “OMG THEY WINKED TO EACHE OTHER JUST LIKE THEY DID ON FIREFLY”.

    • soon says:

      But why should we stop that? As you said, a lot of Castle fans don’t know Firefly and don’t care to know, so how would they even notice anything in the wink department? I don’t get this Firefly induced rage I sometimes see in the Castle fandom. You don’t know Firefly – you don’t get the reference. Easy. It’s never something important for the plot or the mood of an episode. Blink and you’ll miss it. Or don’t look for something you don’t want to find. And it’s not like you can segregate “true Castle fans” from those who watch it for a bunch of different reasons including Firefly. So I don’t get what’s the big deal with Firefly nods.

      • Jon says:

        ^^ THIS!!!! (thank you so much for voicing more eloquently than I could my reaction to the anti-Firefly stance. I’d love to see if these same people got upset if a FLO reference was used.)

      • Mari says:

        Because when you’re forcing to have a FF inside joke, you’re losing value time to make a joke that the wide actual audience would get.

        • soon says:

          Oh yeah? Because couple of seconds that were “taken away” by mentioning “that Joss Whedon show” in Final Frontier or Chinese reference in the X-Files episode could be totally used better. By joking about Kardashians, or elections, or Polish immigrants or whatever the wider audience is used to hear about. And Castle dressing up as a “space cowboy” totally puzzled our poor audience, and nobody understood a thing about his interests and tastes. Total waste of time.

          Firefly references can be poorly handled, but only as mush as any other references. It is the question of quality of the show’s writing, not some inherent flaw of Firefly. And Castle thrives on pop-culture references in general, don’t forget. If you don’t like this side of Castle, it’s between you and the show itself, because i’s been like that since the beginning.

  30. Lauren says:

    This episode was beautifully done. I was cracking up the entire way through, yet the ending made me melt. Hooray for a return to Caskett (severely lacking in the previous couple of episodes)! I loved that she gave him a drawer. As we’ve learned from prior seasons, Beckett doesn’t open up very easily to people, so the fact that she is *showing* him that she loves him — instead of saying it all of the time — is, I think, very true to her character and very sweet. That being said, I wouldn’t mind if *eventually* we heard her say it. But in the meantime, the build-up through actions, rather than words, is great. Well done, Marlowe and co.!!!

    • april-ann says:

      Agreed Lauren, the episode was beautifully done. I loved the drawer thing too (her giving it and him loving it made me love it!). And true, it’s been shown that she doesn’t open up very easily. But apparently she’s not the only one. Remember when his ex (Alexis’ mom) was there and spoke to Beckett? She said she attributes their breakup to him knowing absolutely everything about her, yet her not really knowing anything about him, he was pretty closed up; ergo, relationship over. So could this be a journey of not one but two people who don’t open up very easily? I for one am interested to see where this will go. As far as them “saying” it? I think he said it, but only in a past season when she was shot. Have either of them said it since they got together? I don’t know. They cleverly dodged that issue in the Valentine episode by having Castle accidentally place the note and gift in Gates’ blazer. But I so agree about things not said; we as a sophisticated audience do not need to be shown and told EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. We have intelligence and imagination. Leave ’em wanting more I always say.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Before the hookup in “Always”.. Castle told her not to delve back into her mom’s murder because they will kill her and because “I Love you Kate”.. But I think since that night when she came to him in the rain, even Castle has not said it again.. But I think it is true to the character, cause I bet he won’t say it again until Beckett says it.. And I predict she will say it at some point in the 2 parter.. Cause it would fit then.

        • april-ann says:

          Thanks DarkDefender…I think you’re right. It would fit then. It hurt him a great deal when he found out she heard him say it…and again he said it and she never did say it back. It totally would be true to the character of Castle if he was protective of his feelings after all of that. I wouldn’t blame him one bit if she said it and he was at least hesitant, or didn’t say it back at all. Like I said though, he might be the one not forthcoming with information about himself, like his ex (Alexis’ mom) said. He would rather she opened up, and she is starting to, but he might not be (as open).

  31. Kristine S. says:

    “I can’t feel my butt.” I just couldn’t stop laughing. Nathan’s facial expressions are priceless.

  32. crochetowl says:

    About time they got back to balancing what the show is about and it is not about the crime of the week. The last three weeks felt like a different show (especially last week where a newcomer would think they were just work colleagues and nothing more) and now it’s back to how it should be. Really looking forward to the start of the two-parter next week (what a promo for it).

  33. Becca says:

    One of my favorite eps in awhile. Solid case, some great Castle/Beckett banter, and a super sweet ending!

  34. Lilu says:

    I loved loved loved the episode! nathan was soo funny in a couple of scenes, I really missed that lately! AND OMG !!! did you guys see the promo for next week?! how we’ll gonna survive this?!?!!?

  35. lvar12 says:

    Is Castle still a writer? It feels like they have gotten away from the mystery writer coming up with outlandish ideas about solving the case and him actually actling like a detective. Why doesn’t Beckett have a partner btw? Without causing tension, I would like to see Beckett get a partner and have Castle float between Espo/Ryan and Beckett/Partner. I see the “problem” of the relationship is that they don’t spend any private time together, it is only at work so if they have Castle work with other cops or stays home a couple days writing a book then Beckett comes home to tell him about the case, it could spike something.

  36. J. Norman says:

    From the opening narrative\
    “. . .But Rick was fixated on another case: retrieving his misplaced Valentine’s Day gift to Kate. Did he accidentally hand Gates the evidence she needs to discover the Caskett romance?”

    Actually, I suspect that Gates already knows about Caskett. She knows from the episode where the team was being taped. Gates went back and reviewed the tapes. . .but failed to mention the kissing being done in the outtakes by Castle and Beckett. Either she missed it, or elected to pretend she didn’t see it. I’m voting for the latter.

    Gates knew what happened (last night) with the jewelry and made an excuse to let Castle (and Beckett) off the hook, while showing the proper amount of shock and indignation to keep Caskett on their toes.

    I think she decided that the work they do outweighs the violation of departmental hooking up . I think a future episode will reveal Gates is totally aware of their relationship, but has – for now at least – elected to play Sgt Schultz (i.e, I know NUTH-thing)

    Anyway, that’s my theory and I anticipate it being confirmed someday.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Jon says:

      Maybe Gates suspects, but she doesn’t know from the ‘team being taped’ episode. 1) They didn’t kiss in that episode. The camera caught them in a sweet little moment when he touched her head and she leaned into him. 2) Part of the plot of the episode was that the director ‘accidentally’ lost that particular section of recording before Gates reviewed it. There was a whole final moment about it. So if Gates does know, and we don’t know that one way or another yet, she doesn’t know it from that ‘on-tape’ episode.

    • Alan says:

      ive always been convinced that gates is a secret caskett shipper and that her tough stance last season was just a way of driving kate to him since he could be gone at any minute due to her threats. i bet she knew pretty quickly that they got together and thats why we see a different side to her this year with comments about her mother-in-law or revealing her love of reality tv, she doesnt need to put on that persona anymore and is gradually phasing it out.
      i get the feeling with the whole alexis thing coming up that she will be the one to mobilise the troops to find her and get the case assigned to her team even though they are homicide not kidnapping and due to this how she really feels about castle will come out.

  37. taliesin says:

    This episode left me wanting more, and that’s a good feeling. :)

  38. zaza says:

    I was just so happy to see Laney and Esposito having a Valentine’s date! And it was so cute how Laney was a little unsure, hoping her outfit was okay and Espo made the effort to take her to a nice french restaurant. I’ve SO been wanting them to get back together and this looks like a promising reunion!

  39. Kotobka says:

    It was nice to see some #caskett moments.

  40. Alan says:

    nathan fillion could make watching paint dry fun with all his hilarious facial expressions. that made the get the present back bit all the more fun; nice to see stana get in on the act as well pulling her best worried face when castle pointed out that the gift was missing from gates’s pocket.
    the case was really good this week, i was convince three other characters were the killer before i finally settled on the real one. those are the sorts of mysteries i like to see.
    dialogue was really good this week too, martha’s line about reality tv had me laughing out loud and as usual everything ryan related got at least a chuckle.
    gates’s love of reality tv was brilliant, ive never really cared about gates but when she is integrated into an episode like this she becomes fun to watch.
    the one problem i have is esposito and lanie apparently getting back together, i still dont buy them as a couple, it just feels they are pairing the spares and the characters dont really seem suited to each other.
    there is no moonlighting curse, this season has been better than the last one or two by far.

  41. taliesin says:

    I was a little disappointed that there were no direct Nathan/Gina scenes. I don’t see the point in paying the extra money for Gina if she’s not going to interact with Nathan. Overall I liked the episode, though. Finally some relationship moments.

  42. Kath says:

    I agree, I hate that Castle was a fan of the reality show by the end of the episode. Those shows are so stupifying, I can feel my brain cells dying.

    Other than that, I loved this episode. Good case, good team interactions, and really nice Castle/Beckett scene at the end. I don’t need to see them in bed, I have an imagination, but I do want to see them being sweet to each other and this show gives me too little of that.

  43. Hoosierdaddy says:

    I don’t personally watch the show anymore but I feel the need to chime in on something. I seem to catch people complaining (for multiple shows) that once the leads are put together that the show loses it’s sexual tension. Of course they do! All those smoldering looks and subtle touches that build UST…it’s about lusting after the forbidden fruit, wanting the thing you can’t touch (In this instance, a relationship between Castle and Beckett). Once the leads are brought together, UST goes out the window…because you can’t really have UST if you’re actually able to sleep together (Because sex resolves the UST). Expecting that tension in the midst of a relationship is unrealistic. Now it is all about what comes next…because sleeping together is only the beginning of something bigger, and that’s the way it should be

  44. Krithika says:

    Weird observation I know…but did anyone else note the slight change in Kate’s expression when Espo walked to Caskett and apologised for interrupting their “Love Connection??” So I take it that means she still hasn’t said “I Love You” to Rick yet as many over here have been speculating. Or am I wrong?

  45. Volcfom says:

    I thought the case was too simple. The second they named the price of the knife, I automatically thought Gift Registry. It was made more obvious when it was said that Stone’s engagement was the main story before Hannah stole the show.
    That being said, I don’t mind an easy case when the main focus of the episode is the Valentine’s Day storyline. Very fun episode.

  46. anonymous says:

    This may have been asked and answered but did Kate end up receiving the present? It sounds like she didn’t though gates gives castle the note and earrings back.