Glee Recap: Diva-ine Intervention [Updated]

glee tina season 4 divaDon’t say “diva” like it’s a dirty word. I mean, if living legend Aretha Franklin was more than happy to be front and center for VH1’s “Divas Live” extravaganza, then who are the rest of us to treat it like a common four-letter word, right?

Okay, so diva-dom might also be about milquetoast Emma Pillsbury reducing Cheesecake Factory managers to tears, and Rachel Berry’s runaway ego stomping around New York City like King Kong after an expensive blowout at the salon. It could even prompt Tina Cohen-Chang to withhold her “soup” from an ailing Blaine Anderson. Yikes!

Those opposing sides of the diva coin got scrutinized in this week’s Glee, a mostly lighthearted, music-packed hour with a moral that came from the mouth of Kurt Hummel: “Hold the nightmare, but bring the diva. Your work speaks for itself.”

If you were too busy reading Martha Stewart Weddings to catch the episode, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* Kurt, infuriated by Rachel’s increasingly inflated, post-Winter Carnival sense of self-importance (and the “sycophant” pals that came with it), decided she needed to be “taken down a notch.” His strategy? Challenge her to NYADA’s “Fight Club” for vocalists — Midnight Madness — where he indeed proved triumphant “by the closest margin in history.” A dejected Ms. Berry couldn’t get her mojo back and decided to skip an open call for Funny Girl, not because she lost, but because she feared success would turn her into a monster and alienate her friends. Kurt, though, like a good BFF is supposed to do, helped Rachel realize that — with an occasional dose of real talk — she might be able to have it all. (Silent applause.) I also dug the way that Rachel — even at her most self-absorbed — stuck up for Kurt when her catty cronies tried to ridicule him behind his back. See, girlfriend can evolve and yet remain true to her roots!

* Finn, worried about New Directions’ changes at Sectionals, turned to Emma for advice. Her plan? Diva Week! Still, as the guidance counselor helped Finn whip his glee club into shape, and as he helped her put the finishing touches on her upcoming wedding ceremony (only 10 days away), the Best Man began to develop strange feelings for the Bride-to-Be. When “Miss Pillsbury” had a panic attack, Finn snapped her out of it by planting a kiss — on her lips! That’s not gonna make next week’s nuptials awkward or anything… But it did give Jayma Mays quite the startling, dramatic scene; I totally bought her freakout, especially considerng she’s carried the wedding-planning burden all alone in Will’s absence. Good work!

* Speaking of wrong-minded romantic pursuits, Tina continued her pining for Blaine, right down to knocking him out with cold medicine and then straddling him to rub Vicks on his smooth, mucus-filled chest. (Eeep!) Somehow, Blaine’s lack of romantic interest made Tina a little angry, but she channeled those feelings into a lively cover of Madonna’s “Hung Up” and won Diva Week in the process. (Sorry, Unique!) Now, though, Blaine’s taking his McKinley bestie as his date to Will and Emma’s wedding, and I get the sense that she’s still holding on to the very weird idea of “a sexless thing” to get her through the school year. This doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’ll play along and see where the writers take us.

* Finally, Santana returned to McKinley, determined to create a rift between Brittany and Sam, but by the end of the hour, realized that it wasn’t her ex-girlfriend’s new relationship that was bugging her. The recent college dropout really pined for The Big Apple, and Brittany helped her realize that a bus ride to Manhattan was her destiny. A final-act rendition of “Girl on Fire” found the Lady Lopez bursting out of McKinley’s doors and emerging from a New York City subway, then heading to Kurt and Rachel’s place. Guess what, bitches? She’s moving in! (And let’s be honest, they could use an extra income to help pay what’s got to be extraordinary rent — even in distant Brooklyn.)

And now on to grades for the week’s musical numbers:

The ladies and gays of New Directions, “Diva” | The costumes and finery were fabulous, but I didn’t like the sped-up rearrangement of Beyoncé’s speak-talk hit, nor did any of the glee clubbers in question really seem to capture the street-swag essence of the ditty. Grade: C+

Blaine, “Don’t Stop Me Now” | I can’t be the only one who winced seeing Blaine Warbler in a leather cap and leather jacket with studded collar, tragically posturing his way through a Freddie Mercury hit, can I? Just no. Grade: D+

Santana, “Nutbush City Limits” | How awesome was it when Santana burst into the choir room and gave McKinley a jolt of her patented charisma? She’s really been missed this season, but here’s hoping her triumphant closing note signals that she’s back to stay for a while. Grade: A-

Santana and Sam, “Make No Mistake, She’s Mine” | Pretty enough, but I’m not sure I bought the stakes behind the duo’s battle for Brittany. Plus, Ms. Pierce’s choice who she dates, not Sam’s or Santana’s? Grade: B-

Kurt Vs. Rachel, “Bring Him Home” | Yowza that was as lovely as a bruising musical battle could be, but when it was all said and done, I’d probably have ended up on Rachel’s side of the room. (Wouldn’t it have been a more interesting plot twist, by the way, if Rachel had actually been triumphant?) Grade: A-

Tina, “Hung Up” | What an oddly filmed musical number, no? I liked that Tina went all-out in Madonna’s trademark pink leotard, but half the number the director reduced her to a background player, with constant frantic cuts to her background breakdancers, the awed members of New Directions and the McKinley lunchtime crowd. Best part for me was Tina’s dismissive, “Don’t even worry about it” as Finn, Emma and company went to congratulate her. Diva! Grade: B+

Santana, “Girl on Fire” | Even if it hadn’t ended with Santana in the City, I’d have given this stellar vocal an ‘A’; thankfully, though, this turned out to be one of those musical performances on Glee that’s both a delight on its own while also advancing the plot in a neat and thrilling fashion. Grade: A

And now for your week in zingers…
Rachel holding up “Saving my voice” and “Will you take a message?” cue cards to try to get Kurt to answer the phone for her.

“The Online Urban Dictionary defines a diva as ‘a fierce, often temperamental singer who comes correct. She is not a trick-ass ho and she does not sweat the haters.'” –Emma, discussing the word ‘diva’

“Raven-Symoné.” –Brittany, pretty certain she’d guessed the special guest performing for New Directions

“And I didn’t even have to lay out a line of cereal for you to find me.” –Santana, after luring Sam to meet her in the auditorium (oooh, burn!)

Sanatana’s reference to a Rizzoli & Isles lesbian subtext blog

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of “Diva”? What was your fave musical number? Take our poll, sound off in the comments, and for all my Glee-related recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Pretty sure I fast forwarded through almost all of this episode.

    • Boiler says:

      Pretty sure fans of the show could care less you did

      • jen says:

        It’s couldn’t care less. Could care less implies that they do care.

        • Boiler says:

          Gee thanks

          • Brad says:

            Yeah…I used to love this show. I can’t stomach it anymore. Aside from the cute guys, and then feeling bad because they are young, then remembering they really aren’t … And the NY crew, it’s busted. They should’ve honestly just taken it to New York with a select few and been done with the high school aspect.

          • Santana in NY says:

            @Brad. Totally agree. Glee was my favorite show. I did what Andrea did. I saw the entire episode in 10 mins this morning. I understood the entire episode in that time. Positives: Santana, thank God, is back and in NY. I enjoyed that Kurt gave a best friend speech to Rachel. she understood. And that since season 1, no one knew Kurt bowed out to lose his and Rachel’s diva off. Kurt and Rachel supported and defended each other. Music: Santana’s 2 songs were outstanding. Rachel and Kurt’s song was outstanding. Brittana: Now, we know that Brittany considers Santana as her best friend but really appreciates how Sam considers her feelings and how he treats her. she has made her choice. Proud that the writers have taken this route. Finn: I hate his story. the writers need to speed up his story now. It is so bogged down to a snail’s pace to freakin boring. I saw the kiss between Finn and Emma coming, even though I saw the ep in 10 minutes. Now, we know Finn is heartbroken and not seeing anyone, and he is broken that Rachel is shacking up. McKinley story was just ok.

    • Andrea says:

      I agree with 100% of everything Santana in NY said. And just because I fast forwarded though 90% of the episode doesn’t make me not a fan of the show. It used to be my favorite show, but the storylines right now are not interesting to me.

      • THEREASONSY says:

        Why not? Because you don’t want to see Tina molest or take advantage of Blaine? Or see how a girl can develop an eating disorder because of a bully and the bully get away with it and the eating disorder get ignored? What’s wrong with you?

        • Santana in NY says:

          Or watch Unique sashay around with her hands flailing around in the air during musical performances. Or having to listen to Wade’s lines in a scene. The most cringe worthy moments of Glee in any episode. Glee does not have good, thoughtout, and well executed storylines week to week. Some of the acting falls short of awful. Song choices and their performances have not been up to Glee standards. Some people like me still hang on in simple fact of viewing the musical performances and getting the “gist” of each week’s stories. Whether plot A, B, C, D, OR E. Diva episode: Plot A was Kurt and Rachel’s diva-off. B. Was Tina’s committing herself to Blaine. C. Santana’s realization of her relationship or lack of to Brittany giving her a reason to go to NY, D. Always Finn as a prop. Glee is now predictable in its story telling to the point of fail.

        • Santana in NY says:

          I, for one, think that Glee writers have ruined Will’s character and his purpose for being created in Glee season 1. Matt Morrison and his talents so much supercede the mediocre actors and singers Glee places front and center most weeks. Matt has more talent in his little finger than Unique or Marley. He was an accomplished and acclaimed actor, singer and dancer on Broadway. Unique needs to disappear. If Glee intends to continue then they need to re evaluate this season and make changes to their course of the show. Critics don’t even critique it, just recaps, like this one. General fanbase has dwindled. Just the die hards, I include myself, who keep hoping for good stories and music. But, many, like me, have decided to limit viewing just to musical performances with slim hopes to real, intelligent, thoughtout, purposeful, endearing, humorous stories for the future. Whether it will ever begin this season or if Glee waits til season 5 or whenever Glee the series is over. I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

    • Zayne says:

      This episode was awful. I don’t blame you for fast forwarding. The Tina/Blaine plotline is moronic. The Finn/Emma kiss was pulled out of their asses and came from freaking nowhere. Build a storyline up guys, don’t just have them have one moment in the episode leading to a random kiss. I’m not saying I would like it anymore though since as a whole, it’s as idiotic as Tina/Blaine.

      The only parts of this episode I enjoyed were Kurt laying the smackdown on Rachel and then her awful, over the top, stereotypical gay sycophants. Also, I enjoyed Nutbush City Limits despite it sounding like ungroomed guy bits, and also was glad Santana did not stay in Lima.

    • Josh says:

      Well given that this is the 6th episode of Glee about being a Dvia, I’m guesing you didn’t miss much

    • Kate says:

      Been a Glee watcher from ep 1 but I walked away from the screen for all the McKinley sections and didn’t move for the NY scenes…I’ve graduated :)

  2. LKJ says:

    In what reality does Kurt aka Chris Colfer beat Rachel aka Lea Michele in a singing competition?? That’s probably the most unrealistic thing I’ve seen on Glee and that’s saying something.

    • kel says:

      All of this. I love Chris but he’s nowhere near Lea vocally.

    • Pippa says:

      Depends on the song, and he sounded better than her on that one. He better captured the feeling of it, too.

    • Ag says:

      His tone is so grating. I honestly forgot how much of a self-righteous a-hole Kurt was, mostly because he’s done absolutely nothing memorable this season, until this episode. Terrible character.

    • Ana says:

      It was a plot devise. The idea was to keep Rachel humble because she got out of control too fast with her diva behavior. In reality, Lea is the best singer, that’s a no brainer.

    • Kay says:

      Vocally, never. Emotionally, most of the times.

    • veronica says:

      Rachel way over sang it. The song is supposed to be simple, prayerful and reverent, Valjean pleading with God to save the man his daughter loves. That’s the way Kurt sang it. Rachel, on the otherhand, sounded good but her interpretation was so wrong. There’s no room for bombast and melodrama in Bring Him Home and that’s what she brought to the table (what she often brings to the table). Rachel is not great at restraint. And in this instance less is more.

    • Syringe says:

      I honestly think the song is totally for His genre, not her. He wins, the way he sings it sends chills of emotions.

    • Lea says:

      I agree with all those who said that Kurt’s rendition was emotionally spot on. It was. I felt chills everytime he was on. And in fact, I would also disagree with those who say that per se Lea Michele is the better singer. Colfer has quite an impressive vocal range, and he is very versatile. I agree that his tone can be somewhat too piercing at times. but on the other hand, Michele’s chest voice is sometimes overbearing. It’s not like either of them are flawless singers.

    • dan says:

      The best plot point of the sing-off would’ve been a tie. Kurt would’ve been satisfied and Rachel would’ve been confused (instead of losing or winning she was equal to Kurt…hmmmm). The “mean boys” chorus (which was lazy writing) would’ve been rendered moot and the Adam’s Apples guy (Kurt’s new boyfriend?) would’ve been happy for Kurt. Having Kurt beat Rachel in an episode where Kurt was complaining about how much of a diva Rachel had become was the easy way out for the writers and somewhat predictable (I was pretty certain Kurt would win).

    • dude says:

      It would have been nice if Rachel won just one singing competition on her own. They always bill her as the “star” and the best singer (which she is) yet every time she’s in competition with someone, she loses.

    • libertymcd says:

      On singing chops alone, Rachel won. But for me, Kurt’s version was truer to the song–humble, gentle, offering to give his life for Marcus’s. Colfer nailed the sensitive nuances of the song, while Michele’s very fine performance had a couple of moments where Rachel chose her vocal power over interpreting the song. That may have been intentional–compare the first part of Michele’s version of “Papa, Can You Hear Me” from Yenl; she clearly masters powerful restraint. Happily, neither of them succumbed to the vibratto falsetto of Colm Wilkinson that was such a wavery mess in Hugh Jackman’s version.

    • dargi says:

      I always fast forward through this show since the plot is never of interest to me. (Probably because of my age). However, the musical numbers are often outstanding. I thought both Chris and Lea were perfection as usual. I’ve seen many versions of Les Mis and they were both on an equal to many of the great singers who have played this role. Also, it was interesting to see a woman sing what is traditionally a male song.

    • anne says:

      The song was more suited to Kurt.

    • Abril says:

      I would never say Kurt beat her vocally but I loved his version more because it was gentler, more emotional and more subtle IMO.

  3. karenb says:

    Totally saw the whole Finn and Emma thing coming. Months ago.

  4. blah says:

    FILLSBURY! (Not really, I just want Jayma to get more screen time).

  5. dan says:

    dont wreck the wedding episode ive been waiting 3 and a half years for come on glee next week was supposed to just be plain happy its a wedding and valentines day put those together its like the day the Lolly pop guild found there first sucker jeeze

  6. Tom says:

    Bring Him Home was fantastic by both Lea and Chris. But NO ONE on Glee is close to Lea vocally! She wins all Diva offs! And WHOO Finchel is back next week. Hope this means Brody is gone! This ep highlighted the whole Lima side of the SL is NOTHING without the ORIGINAL CAST!

    • The Beach says:

      Anyone else think that not matter how much Ryan Murphy denies it, this episode was a total set-up for a spin-off New York show with the original gang? Bring it on!

      • The Beach says:

        *no matter…sorry.

      • dan says:

        Yes, this in my prediction exactly. We have Kurt, Rachel and Santana there now, Mercedes can easily come to NYC from LA for vocal training/recording/performing, Quinn isn’t too far away at Yale. Blaine and Tina can graduate and come to NYC (there are plenty of colleges there). Not sure about getting Finn, Puck and Brittney to NYC, but I’m sure Ryan Murphy can figure it out.

        • Cheri says:

          I think so too. Season 4 has been an experiment deciding where the focus should be. Where do the interests lie. I think they still want to keep high school Glee. Season 4’s new cast is getting established as their own characters and settling into their permanent placement. The purpose of s4 is to set perimeters and focus on them and how far to go with that.
          I think Glee execs are getting the facts about how the 2 sites fair in 1 series. They’re getting comments from all over how this concept is or isn’t working. And if there is a need to separate the 2. Fox execs and Glee owners took a long time to make public about the future seasons. It makes one wonder if the delay was due to the discussion of the need for 2 separate shows and to include another Glee Project show season. IMO, NY and McKinley just don’t get enough attention per episode with this big cast having 1 to 5 plots and subplots per episode.
          Fans have spoken. Some, like me, will watch NY and the original characters growing and experiencing a new life as adults. Others want to keep Glee as the high school setting with high school stories. I hope this will be what Glee and Fox will do, create 2 totally separate and encompassing shows with their own stories and characters. For the last 2 seasons Glee’s huge cast and limited time for proper storytelling per episode made each episode overflowing with stories to the point of some episodes being to concise and a gist of a little story here and there. It seemed to get confusing or even that some stories would be dropped and never finished. I hope they do have 2 shows so that the Glee audience can enjoy a full hours entertainment watching either or both.
          I have this craving for Santana, Kurt and Rachel rooming together.
          Quinn is at Yale to visit from time to time. Puck is in NY in a reality show. Finn made it to NY following his dream doing whatever. Finn and Puck room together close by Rachel and Kurt. Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom are in DC, close by. To me this is enough cast for a show. When Blaine graduates he will get into NYADA or NYU. There is a lot of potential for fun and hysterically funny antics with this bunch. It isn’t a Glee Club anymore. I hope that since Will Schuester went to Washington DC for this long time that he will discuss with Emma that there is a need for them in Washington or near by NYC.

  7. Tom says:

    Anyone else wonder why Jayma Mays still has not been acknowledged at the Emmys? She is so crazily talented it hurts.

    Enjoyable episode aside from Tina’s creepy advance on sleeping Blaine. Is that even legal? So uncomfortable to watch.

    Also, I certainly missed Naya and her voice. Girl can sing, period.

    • Shaun says:

      Her character is too small for lead or supporting.

    • Cate53 says:

      When Jayma Mays does Emma in one of her OCD panics, she is just heartbreakingly good. That’s real acting Glee kids, watch and learn!

      • Let Finn grow and go says:

        Agreed. She has the sweet heart of gold demeanor. The writers have left her in the writers trash can. I miss her terribly. Instead, we get to watch dry and lifeless Marley. Or, worse, we have to watch Unique with all his yuck.
        Jayma Mays portrays Emma with all her frailties and her OCD dramas to an added dimension of believability.
        I won’t deny it, I cannot wait for this wedding to come true. I miss Will as he was supposed to be for Glee, season 1. And his Emma as she was supposed to be in season 1. they were a very important couple to represent what you were not supposed to be in the beginning. Will married to the wrong person, Terri. Emma mentions this in the scene with Finn in Diva.
        As for Finn’s kissing Emma while she is in one of her OCD internal combustion moments, it was so Finn. Gentle. thoughtful. Wanting to help Emma from hurting moment. Something that Finn would have done when Rachel would have one of her diva and out of control moments. I adored Finn for his concern for Emma and watching his face when he realized what he’d just done. I don’t or cannot stand for anymore stall on Finn’s self discovery story. Make Finn realize that even though he made the right, thoughtful and loving choice to put Rachel on the train last season, but that this kiss he gave in care and concern for Emma will open his eyes and his heart in realization he is worthy in heart and soul of a future for himself. Let him figure it out now, no ore stall. Glee, you have used Cory a solid actor to give support and an anchor for the new cast to grow til they support themselves. let Finn go and move on to his place in the world, NY CITY.

  8. MJ says:

    So Santana and Brittany were always JUST best friends, so the whole Brittana relationship was… nothing? Thanks a lot

    • Sean C. says:

      These writers are awful, but I don’t think that was what they meant by that. Just that they’re not a couple anymore (not that the writers allowed them to be a couple when they were, because they’re so sexist).

    • harry says:

      Yeah, and next week Santana hooks up with Quinn. Glee, taking lesbianism seriously since NEVER.

  9. Bianca says:

    POOR FREDDIE MERCURY!!!! the episode was kind of creepy, but I love that Kurt beat Rachel, she’s so annoying!

  10. A says:

    The metamorphosis of Finn into Will is really starting to be creepy. Before I thought it was okay he wanted to be like Will a bit because he’s like his mentor, but I mean the clothes, the behaviour, and kissing Emma? WTF,
    Also, I have always loved Rachel, but Santana this episode just made me wish that Glee was Lima/Santana in NY vs. Lima/Rachel in NY. Santana is just so entertaining. And Kurt’s opening of this episode was the best!

  11. Gloria says:

    Ryan Murphy should have watched 1998’s Vh1’s Divas live before doing an episode called Diva. I mean come on what makes you think that Madonna is the definition of a Diva??? I expected songs from Mariah Carey ( which they have yet to do with the exception of the christmas song) Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle and the list goes on. I know who my Divas are and unfortunately they are not in this episode.

    • A says:

      THIS!! I’d love to see a Mariah Carey tribute episode.

    • Blasto says:

      And a Mariah episode can be an AI tie-in like this year’s Britney.

    • Ana says:

      In all fairness, there’s a lot of talent in Glee but I don’t think even Ms. Berry can do Mariah justice. The legendary divas you mentioned are just unequaled. They did the Whitney tribute and it was ok but it wasn’t great. Some performers should not be imitated, period. Like retiring the jersey number of a sports superstar. IMO.

    • The Beach says:

      Add Judy Garland, Cher and Liza Minelli to that list and I’m with ya.

  12. Steph says:

    Both “Bring Him Home” versions were beautiful. I’d wish the key were a tad lower (it IS a man’s song in Les Mis), but pretty sure they upped it for Lea/Rachel – and because Kurt/Colfer can handle it. That being said, Lea/Rachel is the stronger vocalist, but dear heaven, I do love to hear Kurt/Colfer sing- “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” was amazing- As was their duet “For Good” and so many others. He CAN sing and sing well! But, yes, Lea is amazing…

    • annebelle says:

      agree! lea is amazing sure but chris can really shine. i’m glad that kurt won he deserve it. he did put depth in the song i have no complains i loved his version.

  13. Jaime04 says:

    Love Kurt’s singing. He totally deserved the win! The Tina crush needs to end, it’s just creepy now. That scene was unnecessary.

  14. Dorrit says:

    Love Santana– alot
    And Kurt where great, as he’s always are

  15. Shannon says:

    They stole Adam Lambert’s signature Elmo Jacket. They stole his signature line from his hosting gig on December’s Vh1 Divas (“Guys can be Divas too!”). They stole one of his signature songs from his gig with Queen last summer (Don’t Stop Me Now). And they stole one of his signature moves (leaning back-to-back with his guitar player). And they never mentioned his name. Homage only counts if it’s credited. I cry foul.

    • SoozinCA says:

      Agree completely! I’m not surprised the show didn’t even mention who Blaine was trying to channel in his diva attempts (and not nearly living up to the original) but I’m surprised at Michael, who has been a fan of Adam’s, not mentioning that inspiration in his recap. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case I think inviting Adam to guest on the show would be a much more sincere form.

    • Leslie says:

      I also now ship Blaine and the guitar player (What’s his name?). So cute and quite a chemistry…I prefer this than Blina.

      • Blasto says:

        The character doesn’t have a name, but the actor is named Derik Nelson. He’s very talented and does a bunch of covers on Youtube. However, I think the band guys in-universe ship Brittana. :P

  16. Olivia says:

    – Nutbush City Limits and Girl On Fire were totally awesome, especially the latter.
    – Hung Up was really good too.
    – Freddie Mercury must be rolling in his grave.
    – Luckily, Brittana is done (I shipped them but it came to the point where everything is bad and I didn’t want them to drag it out any longer). Brittany and Sam can make mentally challenged aryan babies for all I care, as long as Santana gets a life of her own. Can’t wait to see Quinn and Santana next ep (another one I will actually watch… take a hint Glee)
    – The noobs could jump off a cliff I wouldn’t even notice it. It feels really good to remember what it can be like without them being their bland selves and playing the 2.0 stories.
    – Finn kissing Emma… I don’t even know, lol (but Jayma Mays is sooooo underrated).
    – Sam’s face is probably what greets lost souls at the gates of hell.
    – Santana is in New York !!! It was about damn time!

  17. Ulose says:

    Can’t believe they had Santana all throughout this episode, yet NO MERCEDES anywhere. Mercedes was the most “diva” out off them all. And Finn and Emma is disgusting. The writers should be ashamed. Finn is the best man for crying out loud.

    • Ulose says:

      And another thing: TINA IS CREEPY AS F**K! She is crazy for thinking that Blaine “crawled” to her. Blaine is GAY. Get over it. She also did NOT have to straddle him and rub Vic’s on his chest.

      • Dorrit says:

        agere it’s going old and boring.. and she gets angres.. Tina he’s gay… in RL she will get over it by now..

      • Leslie says:

        That scene was creepy but it also came out quite erotic (considering she has accepted the fact that she’ll have sexless relationship with Blaine). Unfortunately, she has also become so emotionally attached to Blaine, that’s why she was mad when he did not seem to reach the same level of caring that she has for him. Considering they’ve become really close, she actually expected him to be emotionally attached to her as well. It can be construed that she is suffering from clinical psychosis at this point.

  18. Angela says:

    A friend of mine called and I wound up missing some of “Glee” as a result…Finn kissed Emma?!
    Oooooo-kay…that’s…eeesh. The hell? I’m scared to think of what’ll happen if/when others find out about that.

  19. Lalalala says:

    I wish Bram would break up because I’m dyyyyying for Sam and Blaine to get together! I really hope they happen.

    Oddly enough I’m finding myself shipping Finn/Emma. Maybe it’s because after season 2 Will stopped being a person and became a prop. I was never a big Finchel fan and idk, I feel like Finn and Emma could be interesting!

    Spoilers say Quinn and Santana are going to hook up next week…god I hope not. Let Santana find somebody new! And Quinn to be single for a while! She’s always depended on a guy, I want to see her be independent!

    Also the cast was saying that Will and Emma might not be the ones to say I Do! I’m racking my brain trying to think of who else it could be… No idea. I do think that Emma is the pregnant one, though.

    • This Cat Is On Fireeeee says:

      Ryan said on his twitter that Bram will never happen, it’s just a friendship. He also said Quinn and Santana will kiss.

      • Lalala says:

        Honestly I don’t know if I believe Ryan! I feel like he’s being sarcastic the way he just replied with “yep”. If Quinn actually does want to be with a girl, I don’t think it’d be Santana. The writers know that a lot of the fans like Rachel/Quinn. I think if Quinn was with a girl it would be Rachel

    • Leslie says:

      I want BLAM too. Too bad it took a back seat in this episode. I actually did not like Blaine’s speech about Tina being his closest friend. What about Sam? I thought he was your closest confidant and partner. Also, I think the writers might really be abandoning the idea of BLAM as a romantic pairing, as much as ppl would like to see it.

      • Lalala says:

        Blam is the best thing about season 4

        • AJ says:

          Blam is the first friendship on this show that is balanced and isn’t forced. I find it impossible to buy any of the other “friendships” and Hummelberry makes me wanna light myself on fire, but Blam is great. I’m gonna miss it when it goes.

  20. Grace says:

    After all the hype about Tina’s “epic” solo, and considering the looks of amazement given by the members of New Directions, that was a terrible song and overall production. The dancing was ridiculous (and not in a good way), and the song didn’t let her show off her vocals at all.
    On the other hand, despite the fact that it was completely obvious that Santana would end up in NYC mid-song, “Girl on Fire” was vocally awesome. Naya Rivera kills it pretty much every time.

    • Leslie says:

      Hung Up is the easiest song in this episode, and yet I didn’t feel good about it. Her vocal was kind of duh and unimpressive. You’re right, the overall production was chaotic, messy and all over the place. That’s why I don’t see how the NDs and students at the courtyard were so awed by it.
      The bedroom scene was awkward; I didn’t think she was going to unbuttoned his shirt and lay the vaseline on his chest (that’s what made it creepy). A peck on the cheek or even the lips would have suffice and still convey the same message that she has fallen deeply for him.

  21. This Cat Is On Fireeeee says:

    I ship Finn/Emma. That kiss just moved something in me. Don’t throw stones at me please.
    Santana is so perfect I want her to make me some babies.

    • Jane says:

      I kinda want it to happen, too.. but wish it was more of a pre-wedding fling/ get it out of your system thing, not during the week before!
      I liked Finn’s “blue is the color of sad and white is pure.. like you” comment, even if it was later tainted by the kiss!

    • Jenny says:

      At first I was like “Oh Finn. What are you doing?” But then I thought it made sense. He had no direction then Will asked him to take over ND. By “becoming” Will it gave him direction when he wasn’t happy with himself. Finn has always an at the moment type of guy who reacts before he thinks about how it will work out. Everything he has been doing has been “what would Mr. Shue do?” Kissing Emma when she is like that is what Will would have done.

  22. Carmen says:

    Loved this episode. Really enjoyed the focus on the old cast both at the high school and in NYC. Chris Colfer’s Kurt finally seemed real–the actor having more than a couple of lines in passing and more plot to work with. Lea Michele’s Rachel was recognizable as herself again–so much drama and selfishness, regret and trying to be a better person in the end. Tina’s scene with Blaine at his house was weird and felt so wrong but it was still a little touching somehow (i wished we’d seen a similar, long, intimate bedroom scene between Kurt and Blaine at some point). The characters appeared to be more in line with the way they have been portrayed in past seasons: Tina as an over the top sentimental girl with an edge (Remember all her exagerated declarations of love for Mike, her non-stop crying and her vampire stint? ) and Blaine as a sweet ,kind, polite and clueless boy in need of serious attention and some direction. Very satisfying to encounter them again. I barely noticed that the new characters were missing.

  23. Staff says:

    I’m so grossed out every time Kurt smiles. His teeth….

    • Tencc says:

      And I’m grossed out by this comment. Grow up and get over it.

    • Snazzy says:

      He really does have unfortunate teeth. No close ups on that please, yikes!

    • Leslie says:

      That’s the reason why he doesn’t smile in photo shoots. At first I thought he was being cold and mad when posing with Darren in all of their photos together, then somebody mentioned about his teeth. It does make sense now. I see his smiling (no teeth showing) in most of his photos with other people as well (except for the candid ones).

    • anne says:

      I’m grossed out by your ugly comment.

    • Lydia says:

      As a small-toothed american I find this comment rude and offensive. Also not watching the show would solve your problem and spare all of us your stupidity on the message boards.

      • Cheri says:

        I have the same kind of teeth, small and closely set. I smile with my lips closed most of thime too. I think that was a rude remark but it doesn’t insult me. I think that there are other actors/actresses who have the same or the oposite in teeth( large and over bearing to their face). So it is what they think. I don’t care. The characters and whom they are make up what is important in this forum than the appearance of the actor. IMO.

  24. Josh says:

    Santana is sexy but if Quinn were to switch sides so to speak i prefer Faberry! Why the hell do they kiss anyway Quinn is straight did Ryan just decide Screw it lets have Quinn realize shes gay?

    • Blasto says:

      That sounds like a possibility now. If Quinn can recover from a car accident that paralyzed her within a few months, she can be gay.

    • Olivia says:

      I was 19 when I realized that I was gay. We don’t all have an epiphany in high school ;) And even if I know that RIB would never reveal that Quinn is gay/bi (because apparently they can have 14805637932 gay males in the show, but one lesbian and one bi girl is already too much), I actually would love that kind of storyline. Like I said, not everyone knows that at age 16. Besides, it would actually be kind of coherent given Quinn’s past relationships and personality and Quinntana would be really interesting to explore. Well… if they had talented writers, that is.

      Anyway I love Dianna, I love Naya, they both give their best to portray their characters so I’m taking whatever RIB decide to give us. Even friendship is fine for me as long as I can have these two together on my screen. I won’t lie and say that I won’t fangirl if the friendship line is crossed though, because I will lol. I love Quinntana. Eh, that’s what fanfiction is for, right?

      • Blasto says:

        I wouldn’t mind Quinntana either. I prefer it over Faberry. But I don’t think Dianna is available enough to do their relationship justice. Quinntana fic is pretty good too.

  25. a says:

    Yeah, no. “Don’t Stop Me Now” was really great. I didn’t like the hat, but it was one of Blaine’s best performances. And “Bring Him Home” was dull, along with the rest of the NYC storyline. Hopefully Santana makes it more interesting.

    • Blasto says:

      I also enjoyed Don’t Stop Me Now. It didn’t put me to sleep or make me cringe, so I’ll take it.

    • Leslie says:

      I also like Blaine’s performance of “Don’t stop me now”. For me, not only is it the most difficult song to sing in this episode with so much inflections, fast beat and energy, it’s also sang by an iconic legend, one of the best vocalist of all time. So, I was only expecting Blaine to cover the song and not match Freddie at all. Blaine’s interpretation of the song was full of energy, fun and lively. I liked the part where he was leaning back to back with the guitar player. You’re right, I didn’t like the hat too; it was way too big on him. It did distract me from his performance, though.

    • D says:

      Are you kidding? At least Bring Him Home included two singers completely capable of singing a number from Les Mis, Darren Criss on the other hand sounded dreadful trying to sing Queen. He is in no way, shape or form someone that should be singing a Freddie Mercury song.

      Critique the NYC plot all you want, I agree it is very repetitive of older storylines, but Blaine trying and failing to be a dive isn’t interesting in the slightest.

      • Blasto says:

        I will disagree about Bring Him Home. While both singers can perform songs from Les Mis technically (see Lea’s On My Own and I Dreamed a Dream), the show and full versions felt soulless. Maybe it was the key change, or that this song fits much better in context of Les Mis than as a stand-alone IMO. Both Colfer and Michele have had better Broadway moments in the past, so consequently the whole sequence felt overlong.

    • Marco says:

      It was pretty awful. Darren sounded strained and the music was like bad karaoke. And the less we talk about his clothing, the better. I was ASHAMED FOR HIM.

  26. Bobby says:

    You didn’t lie about how awful Don’t Stop Me Now was.

  27. Ace says:

    The word ‘considering’ under the *Finn portion needs an ‘i’ at the end… Grammar nazi, I know.

    Anyway, Naya’s Girl On Fire was killer! Loved it! A d I was actually kind of annoyed at the length of Rachel & Kurt’s sing off. Normally they’d splice in some extra footage or show something else but for the length of that song, it was a lot. Here’s to excitement over the wedding episode!

  28. marcus says:

    lea is wonderful as well as chris. they’re both extremely talented. and they are the ones who can work the songs like . that chris is just as good as lea. i loved his version

  29. Trouty Mouth says:

    I don’t understand why Ryan Murphy said this would be a good Brittana episode when Brittany basically friend-zoned Santana and then metaphorically slapped her in the face by saying that Sam makes her feel smart (“You’re a genius, Brittany. You are the unicorn”). Why did he think Brittana shippers would appreciate that? Plus I don’t understand why Brittany would stay with Sam when she clearly doesn’t love him – she’s never said “I love you” to anyone she’s dated other than Santana. It just doesn’t make sense. It’ll be interesting to see how both the living situation in NYC and the Quinntana thing pan out.

    Also, if Santana dropped out of college a month ago and her parents don’t know about it, where exactly has she been living? Should we be concerned?

    Absolutely HATED “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Darren can’t sing Queen. I’d give it lower than a D+. I loved all Naya’s songs (though I’d dock marks from “Make No Mistake” because Chord’s voice annoyed me in it), especially “Nutbush” – to quote the amazing Melinda Doolittle – “Sing heffa”. I’m quickly getting annoyed by Lea Michele’s facial expressions when she sings, though both she and Chris sang the song well (I’m glad Kurt finally beat Rachel at something). Finn and Ms Pillsbury kissing was just weird, same with Ms P trying to hook Finn up with a 26-year-old maths teacher.

    I just feel like the fans of Glee really held out for this episode, which they were promised would deliver, and the writers and RIB didn’t make good on their promises. Another disappointment.

    • Blasto says:

      It was written by Falchuk, what did you expect? More lazy and derogatory meta of course. And Naya worked that weird Tina song! I actually preferred it over Girl on Fire.

  30. Kimmie says:

    Another episodes that pisses off the fans. Not because of the content but the way it was delivered. Ryan Murphy stated Brittana fans would love this episode and that there will be alot of Brittana interactions…the last scene was the only private scene of them. The other scene was in the beginning so theres this entire gap in between. HE LIED! He said to never give up on Brittana but look at what the writers did, they degraded their relationship saying they can only be best friends. Britt says Sam makes her smart? THIS SHOW IS SO SEXIST. What happened to girl power? Brittany, and all the other female characters should not be a guy to make them feel strong! This show always praise the male characters and degrade the female characters. Its sickening. Santana stole the show because she said it like it was the entire time. She went all Lima Heights on Sam like she was suppose to. All 3 performances were amazing…the last one was INCREDIBLE! My absolute favorite since ‘Mine’. Im glad she’s in NYC now cause Lima was never good enough for her. The way I see it, the losers are in Lima. And those with true potential for greatness are not. If Brittany wants to stay this naive, child-like part of herself forever then go ahead and stay with Sam in Lima. But when she decides that she is meant for greatness too and that she is a genius, come to NYC.

  31. Jake says:

    Santana in N.Y.!!! Was about time.. Naya Rivera is flawless!
    Now stop making Brittany so naive, and let her go to N.Y. too… And stop this Bram nonsense.. It’s just the worst pairing ever.. Let them be single… Mr. Murphy has to realize that it didn’t work.. It’s useless to sustain it… I’m a huge Brittana fan, and I accept that this is maybe not the moment for them to be together, but they could achieve greatness and bring joy and good examples if they knew how to manage a normal lesbian relation between Brittana. I truly hope someday they finally see that.. Until then, enough Glee for me… Just heading back the day they bring Britt and Blaine to N.Y. And speaking of Blaine, he and Tina tonight was like: “WTF?????” One of the worst scenes ever!!!

  32. THEREASONSY says:

    THis was the first episode in a long time that I haven’t liked a single performance. It’s also the first time I haven’t bought any of the songs. I didn’t want to believe it but I think Glee may be in a slump. This Tina/Blaine thing is ridiculous and I can’t believe that these two college seniors have NOTHING to do but this. Not to mention I still want a real good reason for Kitty being around especially after the whole she peer pressured Marley into an eating disorder.

    • Blasto says:

      I think Diva was my favorite this week, but the lineup wasn’t the best. You’d also think that seniors who want to go to performing arts schools would be preparing applications and audition pieces, but the writers are gun-shy after last season’s finale.

  33. Yoshimi says:

    That said, I’ve never been into Wemma. I’m glad Finn kissed her. It was the perfect thing to happen in that moment. Finn is confused. Even in the episode he balked at the idea of dating a 26 year old, and that right there is key to his psychology. He did NOT plan on kissing Emma. It was a very organic, in-the-moment type of thing. He kissed her because she was in pain, he wanted to help her, he didn’t know how–combine that with his subconscious attraction to her and voila! Perfect hysterical kiss that’s somehow romantic.

    Now, how this relates to his relationship with Will? He’s really doing him a favor. Will thinks he’s in love with Emma just because he wanted to fix her. He even sang “Fix You” about her. Come on. He wants to be her knight in shining armor, which makes for a terrible relationship. The knight thing only works if it’s not on purpose. Otherwise, you’re just trying to simply fix someone, implying they’re broken or not right. But what would Will know about adult relationships? Terri treated him the same way. She tried to tailor him to her marital needs. And look how that turned out. It’s like a messed up version of becoming your mother: Will would be the type of spouse to Emma that Terri was to him.

    No, Finn did Will a favor. My question is: Is Will going to realize that? Or is their gonna be a perma-rift between he and Finn? Really, I hope not. I hope Will grows as a person. I miss season 1 Will. He was so full of life. He was funny, sexy, smart, ambitious. Someone already mentioned he’s currently a prop. I want that to change.

    Despite the thing about Quinn and Santana kissing, I’ve always had this feeling that Quinn and Will are going to connect. Wasn’t Quinn romantically involved with her prof last we knew? And Will’s relationship with Emma isn’t healthy. Neither one of them are in a good place, but they’ve always complimented each other in a way. Will never looked at her like a “kid” the way he has the others. Even if they didn’t hook up romantically, I think she could set him on a better path and he could do the same for her. (But for real, there has to be a follow-up to that uber hot scene from last season. “Miss Fabray!” Gah.)

    The thing is nobody can touch Freddie. Not even a little. Sooo…everyone downing Darren/Blaine is kind of ridiculous, because no one will ever do any Queen song remotely as good as Freddie, because Freddie was Freddie and no one else is. So, you’re basically dogging him because he’s not Freddie Mercury and that’s childish.

    Quinn and Santana kissing? I hope it’s used as a tool to make Santana realize the only way to move is move forward. (I have a feeling Quinn won’t be into it. She’s had plenty of opportunity already.) Santana is a lesbian. She deserves to be with someone like her (which is basically what Brittany said). She deserves to have a real, honest relationship with someone new and fun. She’s a wonderful character and it’s the only way she’ll grow. (Hate me if you must, but Brittany is really happy with Sam–Santana deserves that happiness too.)

    I don’t like Brody. To me, he’s bland…I prefer the McKinley new characters more. (Kitty’s ridiculous on her own, but when paired with the right character, she flourishes…like Puck. That was just ridiculously funny.) That said, I’m not so much into Finchel right now. If they ever get back together, it needs to be after a long period of personal growth. (And I really want this Fillsbury–or Femma?–thing to go somewhere.)

    As for Tina and Blaine…it was awkward, because it was supposed to be. Unrequited love is a real thing and in real life, people don’t get over it so easily. (I mean, unless they’re shallow or something.) It’s a tragedy, because Blaine can never love Tina the way she wishes he could. But that’s a life lesson that more and more people learn as sexuality becomes more up-front in our culture. There’s probably tons of girls who can relate to Tina and the only way Tina can learn is if she goes through the process of learning how and why Blaine can’t turn straight, no matter how wonderful she is or how much she loves him. It’s another aspect of growing up, and I think it’s immature to make fun of it. The whole theme of this season has been about growing and learning uncomfortable lessons and I think it should continue.

    • Carmen says:

      I think Finn kissed Emma because that’s probably what he would what he would have done to calm a hysterical Rachel

      • Jenny says:

        I agree with both of you. Finn kissed Emma more out of that is what he would do to calm Rachel down as well as how Will probably would have calmed Emma down. Finn always acts first thn thinks about it.

  34. Elijah says:

    Your comments about Don’t Stop Me Now are spot on. I’m glad I was not the only person that hated that number. Blaine’s numbers have been duds for me lately, but this one took the cake.

    • anne says:

      They never should have asked Darren to sing that. They should understand his voice by now and know what type of songs he sings well. It’s not this type of song for sure.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        “They should understand his voice by now and know what type of songs he sings well.”
        He doesn’t sing any song well. He sounds the same in every song. So bland.

  35. Ana says:

    Have missed Santana sooo much! Finally! She made it to NY! I actually enjoyed this episode with the exception of anything related to Blaine. The Tina crush is beyond ridiculous. The Freddy Mercury number was a big fail. That costume may have been the fantasy of some creepy stalker in the costume design department but it did not work here. Had me thinking more ‘Village People’ and less ‘Queen’. I agree that Rachel outsang Kurt but I understand the choice here. The whole point was to bring her back down a few notches. Ms NY Diva was getting a little too big for her britches. Loved that the newbies were in the background. Now that Brittany is with Sam, can they just go the way of Mike and Mercedes and disappear in the background? They are the most insipid coupling ever. I don’t remember Sam being this dumb when he was with Quinn or Santana. They have killed his character. And everytime Brittany explains why he’s with Sam I feel like smacking her because no one supported her and believed in her like Santana did. Oh, loved Tina’s number but what’s up with keeping her in the background?

  36. kavyn says:

    Finn, messing things up as per the usual.

  37. LilAngel says:

    How could Kurt possibly outshine Rachel ? I mean, Lea Michele sings that song way better than Chris Colfer (just checked the solo version on itunes). If they want to use a plot device to ‘un-diva’ Rachel, they should have found another way because that’s not credible at all. I’m not a Kurt hater, it’s just that that makes no sense

  38. alexdarkshadows says:

    i didn’t liked a lot of things but yay santana in new york also her perfomance was great
    and i’m glad that kurt won against rachel . well deserved i loved his version this time!

  39. Michelle says:

    As much as I love Darren Criss, am I the only one who was wishing/imagining it was Jonathan Groff singing Don’t Stop Me Now? Maybe it was all the Queen from season one. Also, loved the K-Cheno reference with Taylor the Latte Boy. LOVED.

  40. hmm says:

    i really liked the episode. wanted to come here and gush, but i guess it’s another episode where the glee fans are up in arms. maybe y’all are impossible to please? maybe the problem is with the fans and not the show?

    • Chels says:

      agree with you 100%.

    • Leslie says:

      You must have heard of the phrase “Glee fans hate the show more than the haters” right? I definitely cringed on those fans that say vile, malicious, mean things and viciously attacking not only the characters but moreso the actors. To me, these Glee actors are one of the most hard working and talented ppl in this industry because their work does not just entail knowing their lines and executing those lines (acting) like most typical actors in a non-musical TV shows. On top of that, they also need to memorize, record and execute the songs, learn, memorize and execute the dance choreography as well. All of these done in a very constraint time period. So, hats off to these Glee actors!

  41. Sib says:

    I fast forwarded through The lima storylines tbh, and Only Watched for The NY Scenes. The High School storylines are becoming not enjoyable for me, and i dont even want to talk about finn and Emma which was really uncomfortable. I found ny scenes more enjoyable this week because they finally bring back the comedy into it. It’s nice to see rachel become more of a comedic character than drama and kudos to lea for delivered her acting well. I hope with santana permanently moved to ny, the ny storyline will get more screentime in the future everyweek

  42. Nicole says:

    Rachel won the diva-off, for me. Kurt’s voice is just so grating.

  43. StrainAsylum says:

    Loved the entire episode :) Great music, fun scenes! Loved the Kurt/Rachel diva-off, with a reminder that friends stand up for friends. Even against the friends themselves.

    Sure, Tina’s a bit odd this season, but her “Hung Up” was fun. I prefer to see where the story is taking us. well…not the part where Tina was essentially groping an unconscious Blaine.

    I don’t see why anyone would bother “watching” something by fast forwarding. I don’t even do that with 30Rock…I just don’t bother watching. So don’t criticize something where you are not experiencing it, regardless of what it is, whether acting, dance or vocals…or anything else. FF through sex much? If so, be prepared to be alone.

  44. dude says:

    I cringed when I saw Blaine’s get-up for the Queen number BUT his rendition and performance was AWESOME. It’s one of my favourite Queen songs so I was extra critical and I loved it.

  45. Tracy says:

    Rachel blew Kurt away and having her lose was unrealistic and pointless! And Finn’s kiss? Stupid and pointless.

  46. Freddie says:

    Even that D+ is too generous for that trainwreck of a Blaine solo.

  47. Sara says:

    The only enjoyable parts of this episode were the Nutbush City Limits and Girl on Fire performances. And Jayma’s acting. Everything else was beyond ridiculous.

    Nothing on Glee makes sense anymore. Tina is molesting people, Finn and Emma kissing, Brittany and Sam’s existence. These writers have completely given up and it shows. Glee needs to be put out of its misery.

    The one overarching positive is that Santana is finally in NY and Naya will finally have some scenes with actual actors. Heather is awful. Like really, really bad. Every time Brittany opens her mouth, I cringe. She and Sam have the combined IQ of a raisin so I guess they really do belong together. I just wish they didn’t have so many scenes together. Heather and Chord have the worst chemistry I’ve ever seen between two actors playing a couple on Glee.

  48. moon says:

    I’ve said this before I’m going to say it again.
    Rachel had a big walk of scene at the end of last season.
    I officially no longer care about her and I am not watching the New York sequences.
    I would honestly prefer a focus on the new cast.
    I don’t really care how did Lea Michelle is vocally,

    Her high school tale has ended.
    That whole big scene where she went to NYC Was a perfect way to gracefully Write her off
    Make a spin-off of her a college years if you must.
    The show’s heavy handed ways of trying to keep the already graduated seniors coming back in contact with the kids they were in school with just a few months ago is really stupid.

    Lea Michelle may have a wonderful voice.
    But from the beginning of the seriesRachel has been an obnoxious, spoiled rotten self righteous brat. not a diva. I’ve hated how other really good singers have gotten put in the background just to satisfy the want for people hear her sing.

    I’m glad we got a good Santana song this week. I’m Tripoli glad we got a Tina song on this week
    But I really wish we had heard something more from the newer cast.

    • Tom says:

      Sorry but the new cast is nothing compared to the Originals. The talent level of the original cast is off the charts compared to the actors they brought in this season. The newbies can sing but can’t act to save their lives. This episode was heavy on the originals not light on the newbies and really showed how much Lea, Chris, Naya, Darren and Cory and the “adults” like Emma and Sue are needed to keep this show interesting. I’m hoping Fin gets to NY and we get more of the MY side and less of the new kids. As for next season, the McKinney side is going to be in world of hurt once this group of seniors graduates because the newbies are not going to be able to carry that SL on their own.

    • Sib says:

      If you think rachel berry is the way you think she is then you really got a wrong message from it which i think many people would agree with me. Rachel berry is the true definition of diva than most of the other characters on glee. She’s so determine and know what she really wants and really working hard to get it from the very beginning. And more importantly, she doesn’t give a f*ck of what people think of her. That’s what i like about her, because she’s not your typical protagonist that you can find from many shows. She also not perfect and have flaws so that many people can relate to her.
      And More from the new casts? Didn’t you think, i dont know, these past 10 episodes have featured A LOT of them? Lea michele, along with naya and amber are three of the best voices of the whole casts, i’m glad they gave them songs for the past weeks and storylines, even tho it was still subpar.

  49. ggny says:

    Glee officially is dead after that Emma and Finn kiss

  50. Smigglesby says: