Pilot Scoop: John Corbett Snags Starring Role in CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles Spin-Off

John_Corbett_300John Corbett has landed the male lead in CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off, TVLine has learned.

Corbett, whose most notable TV credits include Northern Exposure, Sex and the City and the United States of Tara, will play analyst Roy Quaid, a former NCIS Special Agent forced to retire from active service who now works as an Analyst. While no longer an active agent, Roy is the most experienced investigator working for Red Team, a fact that’s not lost on any of the other agents.

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Additionally, NCIS: LA‘s Miguel Ferrer (a.k.a Assistant Director Owen Granger) will juggle both the LA edition and (assuming it gets picked up) the offshoot next season as a regular, Deadline reports.

The spin-off’s cast also includes Cougar Town‘s Edwin Hodge as the resident techie.

We’ll first see the new project — in which a mobile team of agents live and work together as they cross the country solving crimes – as a two-part episode of NCIS: LA airing later this season.

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  1. Playhouse says:

    “Red Team,” eh? Sounds like we have a title for the series now.

  2. Jackson says:

    I just don’t see him as a NCIS type of guy but, whatever.

  3. Stacey says:

    Interesting, I like his work. I am curious about this third NCIS show. You know it’s going to be picked up, and likely will air on Tuesdays either at 10 or move to 9 and LA will move to 10 p.m. But it really does look like they are trying to keep Mothership NCIS a separate entity from NCIS: LA. Vance (although he’s on leave at the moment, the new guy) has no role anymore on LA with this promotion. No mention at all on LA that Vance’s wife is dead and he’s on leave of absence, and a new guy is the Acting Director. I do like Granger. It is going to interesting to see how this will go on a more regular basis.

  4. champmav says:

    spinoff of spinoff of spinoff…

    • Chicago Dan says:

      And to think NBC cancelled JAG after one season…. JAG (10 seasons) > NCIS (11 after renewal) > NCIS: LA (5 after renewal) > NCIS: Red (perhaps will be picked up)

      • Alisa Neely says:

        you are thinking about “Law & Order: LA”…..not Jag….jag was on CBS, the whole time i believe.


        • Alan says:

          nope JAG was cancelled after its first season by NBC, CBS decided to take a gamble on it because they werent in a great position back then and look where it has got them, we now have this giant universe coming from a show NBC didnt want. pretty amazing turn of events when you think about it.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            okey, thanks ALAN….i wasn’t 100% sure…..to be honest: i never watched Jag , when it was on either time.


          • Karen H in NC says:

            I never watched JAG when it was on either. But I have been getting the DVDs from Netflix and I’m up to season 6 and I’m really enjoying it. Sean Murray has a small part in JAG playing the spoiled, snarky son of the General’s girl friend. I’m wondering why now that I never watched it when it was on network TV. And from what everyone is saying about NCIS: LA, maybe I should give that program another chance. I’ll have to think about that.

        • Mary Morris says:

          Sorry Alisa, JAG was onNBC first then picked up by CBS

        • Joyanne says:

          Jag started on NBC They cancelled it after just one season CBS picked it up from there. Stupid move on the part of NBC.

    • I’m more concerned about Michael Weatherly. His character,”Tony” is so silly, childish and generally foolish. I don’t see what Gib’s see’s in him or why his character isn’t written
      with some depth like the other characters. What do you think? I am sure if they gave him some meat he would do really well and the show would carry this viewer to the end of each episode. As it is I click to another chanel when “Tony” comes on. Other’s say the same. “Silly” just doesn’t cut it for this show.
      Betty McKenzie
      Garden City Beach,SC

      • Alisa Neely says:

        your NOT the only 1 who feels that way….he wasn’t like that in the 1st season or even really season 2….yes, he snooped in other people’s business…..but, he was the “work smarter, NOT harder” tony….but, over the last MANY seasons…..they’ve turned him into a JOKE…..imo, he’s been written that ever since ziva showed up….1 time we get the SMART agent, then we get the goofey one…..tony being dumbed down to make ZIVA look good…..he’s shown VERY little RESPECT by his team mates….and that includes GIBBS….and i for 1, am SICK OF IT…..others are as well……i DON’T have a problem with STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS…..but, what i DO have a problem with is; when the STRONG MALE CHARACTERS are turned into WHIMPS, simply to make the women look good……gibbs saw something IN tony ALL those years ago, that made him WANT tony at ncis….and to FIGHT to bring him back into TEAM GIBBS, after the team was broken up…..tony is SFA on TEAM GIBBS….and he isn’t shown the RESPECT he should be….HELL in 1 case; they wrote tony as coming across as a rookie doing his 1st undercover op….and he is 1 of their BEST……even MW was getting sick of tony being written as the butt of everyone’s joke…..i have to say; i’m surprised he’s stayed as long as he has.

  5. tw says:

    Oh, man. I was excited about this spin-off until this casting “scoop.” Ugh. John Corbett is one of the least likable actors on television. He is fast-forward, switch-the-channel annoying. His arc as Aidan on Sex and the City back in the day was enough to make me stop watching for a while, and SATC was one of my all-time favorites. Oh well.

    • Amiee says:

      I loved him on Northern Exposure but yeah…haven’t liked him in anything since.

      • robinepowell says:

        I guess you never saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Also he’s guest starred on NBC’s Parenthood a few times, but that’s probably finished now.

        • Alex says:

          I have hated him in everything he’s been in except My Big Fat Greek Wedding. His character on Parenthood is awful, so I guess it works there that I dislike him. He’s really good in Greek Wedding, though, so… maybe he just needs very specific roles for me to like him.

  6. Alan says:

    They could have cast a firehydrant in the lead role and it would matter. The show will be a success simply because it has NCIS in the title. They might as well rename the network to NCBSIS

    • Karen H in NC says:

      Not necessarily. I haven’t watched NCIS: LA since the first season ended. It just didn’t hit my buttons enough to make me want to go back for more. I hope this new spin-off will do better than the L&O: LA and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. The mother name just couldn’t carry those babies. I think John Corbett is wrong for this type of show but I plan on watching this new program in spite of my feelings about his role in the show. We’ll see…..but I do like your suggested name for it!

      • Alan says:

        you should give the second season of la a try, season one isnt great but they made some great decisions with the main cast (two in, one out) from where it was at the end of season 1 that changed the dynamic and i felt that improved the storytelling qualities of the show dramatically

  7. GeekGirl13 says:

    Not my first choice for the role, but it’s definitely a choice I can live with.

  8. laura meakin says:

    Ok I got excited about this casting. I like the guy I like the ncis shows- they’re fun with likable actors,characters etc. Good on em!

  9. Tran says:

    Question: Is John Corbett’s stint on Parenthood really over for good if the NBC series gets renewed for a fifth season?

  10. Tania says:

    Good lord CBS, you are really are LAZY.

    • Alan says:

      have seen the ncis numbers? i wouldnt blame them for sticking those letters on a comedy at the minute. they are a business trying to make money and this franchise is making them lots, why wouldnt they expand the brand?

    • Alex says:

      And successful! NCIS and NCIS: LA are big hits. CBS does very well with its “copycat” procedurals, and they are sticking with what works. Personally, I don’t care for that type of show, but the strategy makes sense.

  11. Jim Prince says:

    I think Vance and Granger both need to go, Vance has the proverbial chip on his shoulder which will just get worse now that Jackie is dead, or is she? Granger just does not fit, no one trusts him, Hetty,tolerates him. Can they sustain a high quality third installment?? I am not sure, will give “Red” a chance but not holding my breath for it to live up to it’s predecessors. Too bad McGarrett could not run red team!

  12. Tania says:

    Good lord CBS, you really are LAZY.

  13. Joe says:

    Lets see The original NCIS was spun off from Jag , then the Los Angeles one was spun from NCIS , and now the new one will be spun off of the Los Angeles one, wow, between the all the years off CSI spin offs and the NCIS spinoffs CBS hasn’t had a original idea in years

  14. John says:

    Have to wait and see, early Northern Exposure he was fine but as did the show he declined (as the character anyway).

    Not an instant “must see” reaction from me with this news.

  15. Muriel says:

    Not a lot of love for Corbett on here it seems.. I loved him on SATC and USOT!

  16. Alisa Neely says:

    i’m NOT sure, what to think about this spin-off or this character….an agent who was forced to retire from the field…..if he was FORCED TO RETIRE, then how is this even going to work?

    i didn’t like vance at first….but, he’s gotten better….i DON’T like granger on LA.

    i agree with the LACK of mention as to what happens on the original…that would be HUGE NEWS for the agency….and that’s NOT right or good.


    • katy917 says:

      Forced to retire as a FIELD AGENT – it clearly states that he is an analyst, which means he is no longer working in the field.

      • Pat Hatt says:

        There is a lack of mention on every one. It’s like they only can mention one or the other when they need to pull a story from their rear. NCIS never mentions JAG, NCIS LA never mentions NCIS and now NCIS Red will never mention any. But it’s the same with CSI, until the try and get ratings, CB-Spinoff is just so lazy anyway.

  17. Alan says:

    didnt know about granger being a regular on this, thats cool for miguel ferrer he is really good in any role he takes on.
    to the people who say they should be talking about the other show: that wouldnt happen in case someone is only watching the one show and not the other, they dont want to confuse the viewers. have you ever tried to watch the fourth season of buffy the vampire slayer by itself? its impossible because they are referencing angel so much, hell plotlines that start in buffy end in angel, that just annoys viewers more than anything

  18. Linderella says:

    John Corbett is the ONLY reason to watch this.

  19. Lorena says:

    Granger!!! Im in!!

  20. Joe says:

    CBS needs to be stopped as do the people who watch their tripe.

  21. GMom says:

    I don’t like NCIS, but I really like the L.A. one. Although I don’t like Granger or Nell (the little girl). It will be interesting to see what the new one will be like.

  22. :-P says:

    Seems like they are taking NBC’s lead from Law and Order.

  23. Zorkel567 says:

    I was excited, but learning that if this gets picked up, Granger will b a main character, I am now 10x more excited. Love that guy on NCIS: LA.

  24. Jimpy says:

    At least they are trying something a little different. It’s not like they are taking a Major Case Response Team from another city and just doing the same thing, although I’m willing to bet someone at CBS wanted to do NCIS Hawaii. Or a NCIS cold case, in real life NCIS has a cold case devision. Of course in real life NCIS has a MCRT in Cleveland, yet somehow I can’t see CBS calling for NCIS-Cleveland.

    Even LA and the original have different tones, so to speak. Did yup ever notice that LA has more gunfire in any random episode than the original has in most seasons? Also more scantily clad girls.

    • Miffy says:

      I think they should do a spinoff of Hawaii FIve-0. “Hawaii Five-0: Chicago”, perhaps.

      • Alan says:

        maybe [insert city name here] five-0, the word hawaii in the title would just get confusing and would probably annoy some people

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i agree with you….if they tried it with Hawaii Five-0 ( add another city)…it would be confusing for people……to be honest: WHY the spin -off for NCIS:LA couldn’t be NCIS: HAWAII or something like that….i’ll never know…..with something that actually makes SENSE for the show…..this NCIS:RED….sounds ALOT like CRIMINAL MINDS: ( whatever the title was) for their spin-off and we see how WELL that worked.


    • Alan says:

      to me i think thats why this universe works and why its been so successful, they try their best to not repeat themselves. jag was a legal drama, ncis is a police procedural, la is a spy-thriller with procedural elements and from the sounds of it this new one will go in another direction again. the shows definitely share the same dna but they are different enough that viewers dont get bored with it.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        in some ways i agree with you alan….HOWEVER, we saw how well that worked for the CRIMINAL MINDS- spin off….it lasted 1 season, if that….because it was just TOO different from the original…..NCIS:LA is like a “special ops” unit….but, they are close enough to the original….that you don’t get lost in that…..you can have different divisons of NCIS….but, they can still be easy to follow…..i think, that’s why the CRIMINAL MINDS one didn’t work well…..that crew, didn’t really follow the normal rules.



  25. tvdiva says:

    I love John Corbett as a romantic lead. I am willing to give him a chance as a dramatic action star. I think he will do fine. I hope he is surrounded by a great ensemble cast as the other NCIS shows are.

  26. Sara says:

    Ohhhh please give us a spoiler about Kensi and Deeks in NCIS LA…..Densi fans need something good and happy! Pleaseeeeeee :)

  27. Michaela says:

    I think Shane Brennan is going to need a miracle to make it work.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i have to agree….i just can’t see, from what has been said about this spin-off…..how it’s going to work…..depending on the chemistry of the cast and such…..it just sounds like, it’s alittle TOO different from the 1st two shows…..the spin-off for criminal minds did NOT work….it wasn’t that different from the original….but, i feel it was the cast….they didn’t jive.


  28. Special Agent forced to retire from active service who now works as an Analyst. While no longer an active agent, Roy is the most experienced investigator working for Red Team, a fact that’s not lost on any of the other agents.