Nashville Preview Video: Steamy Love in an Elevator and a Chilling Reality Check

When Nashville‘s Deacon is done talking, he’s really done talking.

Press PLAY on the first of these clips from this Wednesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) to watch the guitarist take a definitive (read: hot) step toward settling things with Rayna.

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Some questions to ponder as you watch (and re-watch) the video: Is the elevator interlude part of a dream? If not, what will it mean for Ms. Jaymes’ marriage?

Then just when you’ve convinced yourself there’s a happily ever after in the cards for the musical pair, the second clip throws a big ol’ bucket of cold water on the steamy set-up. (You’ve been warned.)

Watch the videos, then hit the comments: Are you Team Teddy or Team Deacon?

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  1. Anna says:

    Oh gosh, is it morally wrong for me to want Rayna and Deacon to be together? They much more interesting than Rayna/Teddy and I get that he’s her husband and all, I just don’t… “feel” them. I mean, Teddy is “the other guy”, right? So is it really wrong for me to want her to leave him, married or not…?

    • Linda F says:

      I am SO with you, Anna. I know Rayna’s married to Teddy, but she and Deacon just have so much chemistry together. It feels weird to be cheering on someone to leave a marriage, but I can’t help it. And P.S. I do NOT want to see Deacon with Juliette. The age difference creeps me out, but I do love their friendship together. I think he’s good for her that way.

      • NITA says:

        I’m like you! It feels and seems wrong to be cheering for a married couple to split so the woman can go back to her ex-love —- but jeez! Deacon and Reyna just go together! Know what I mean? They look like they belong together and like they come from the same place (the country-ish thing). On the other hand, Teddy & Peggy seem more like each other’s type ….. proper and boring, professional/sophisticated, follow-the-rules type. Teddy doesn’t feel he “fits in” in Reyna’s world and vice-versa. Bottom line, Reyna’s with Teddy but her heart’s with Deacon and that’s why she’s still drawn to him eventhough she fights it. That’s the vibe Teddy’s picking up on and what’s making him feel the way he does, thus, Teddy’s divorce request from Reyna.

    • GIL says:

      I am totally with you as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Cannot be wrong right??? LOL

    • Whatevah says:

      I love Eric Close and I hate what he is in this show. He needs to go to another show where he is the leading man and not the 3rd wheel. I can’t stand his character in this show. *sigh*

  2. dude says:

    Does anyone else prefer him with Juliette? Rayna is awful and she treats him like crap.

    • I think that she treats him like crap because she still hold resentment and pain from when he was a serious alcoholic. She holds anger towards him for all of those years when she had to take care of him and didn’t know whether he’d live or not. I don’t think she was like that before he became an alcoholic. I’d be mad too if I were stuck with Teddy too lmao

      • dude says:

        But that was her decision and she has to live with it. She can’t hold resentment towards him for getting his life together in his own time and not when it was convenient for her. They’ve honestly written her like such a child. She’s really immature. It’s sad that when her and Juliette face off, Juliette is the mature one.

    • Lily says:

      NO just NO, that’s so GROSS!!!!!!!!! She has 23 and he has 47, she could be his daughter… They’re good at friends and that’s all. Liam is the perfect guy for Juliette.

      • dude says:

        So? There have been bigger age differences. They don’t seem like father/daughter at all. When they’re together, they seem like equals. I’ve liked them together pretty much since she said every song she’s written is about him.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I’d love Deacon and Juliette together.

      • NITA says:

        What for? So she (Juliette) can tear him apart and dump him once she’s over getting her way…. like she did the football player?? And remember, the football player had fame & fortune …… poor Deacon doesn’t even have a job! How long do ya think before that got old? No, no, no. Juliette and Deacon would be nothing short of a disaster. Besides, Deacon is a no-nonsense kinda guy and aint about to be putting up with her BS little tantrums and hissy fits. He ain’t about to bow down to her majesty either (you know that’s what “the Juliette” expects from everyone) and when he doesn’t put her up on that pedastal she carries around with her, well, forgetaboutit!!! It’s gonna be goodbye Deacon. NEXT!

    • NITA says:

      Heck no!! Juliette is a child with childish ways and Deacon is a MAN!!!! With “MAN” ways! Deacon is way to much “MAN” for that little brat! He’d be so bored they wouldn’t last a week.

  3. No one is Team Teddy. Let Teddy be with that other woman who everyone thought he was having an affair with and let Rayna/Deacon be together. They have so much chemistry!

  4. Michelle says:

    Want Deacon & Rayna together. Don’t like her husband. But Deacon is going to be pissed when he finds out that Rayna hid the fact that one of her daughters is Deacon’s.


  6. PJinNH says:

    Actually I’m Team Teddy.

  7. Yes !!!!!!! I can’t wait to see everything !

  8. so says:

    Not a fan of either of them team teddy is so boring and she doesn’t deserve decaon

  9. Elly says:

    Deacon and Rayna will end up together. They make the chemistry that strong for a reason. I think Juliette will start dating Avery or Gunnar soon.

  10. Jen says:

    Wow that was hot! Love Deacon and Rayna together. I’ve been waiting for this and it didn’t disappoint!

  11. Lily says:

    No no no it’s not a dream and I’m at 1000% TEAM DEACON. Teddy can go away and be with Peggy, I don’t care.

    And this kiss was really really hot and the fact that she doesn’t push him away proves that she want him really badly. I can’t wait to see the whole episode.

    • Kathryn says:

      ^ This! Wowza.. that kiss was hot. I love the chemistry between Rayna and Deacon. Lily, there’s a bit of hope for Team Deacon… the description of next week’s episode (per says “Episode Synopsis: Rayna’s daughters learn about their parents’ divorce plans, prompting Rayna to lean on an old pal.” The old pal may not be Deacon (we could only hope!) but if things are ending between her and Teddy, maybe Deacon has a chance…

      • Lily says:

        Deacon and Rayna have a crazy chemistry and they’re so meant to be for each other but they’re also star-crossed lovers and that’s the hardest part in all of this, She thought Deacon was coming and instead it’s Teddy… They’ll never get a chance of happiness now. But I hope you’re right, with Teddy and Rayna’s divorce I hope Deacon will get a chance to win her back, because people seems to forget that she spend more than a decade in a relationship with Deacon, it’s not a fling.

  12. the girl says:

    If I have to choose between Deacon and Teddy I’d go with Deacon. Teddy is like a big ole whomp whomp WHOMP on this entire show. I hate every minute of seeing his face. I don’t particularly think Rayna and Deacon have chemistry either, but it’s better than the abysmal nothingness I feel when she’s with Teddy.

  13. Gabrielle says:

    I’m team “I don’t like Rayna and thinks she treats both guys like crap.”

  14. OMG OMG OMG Deacon and Rayna FINALLY!!!!!! The little line “Rayna, I’m done talking” was really really hot. I can’t wait to see this episode and all these awesome moments between Deacon and Rayna (Teddy GTFO please!!!!!)

  15. Christian says:

    I’m Team Deacon — and Juliette. Sorry don’t like Rayna. She can become a nun for all I care!

  16. team deacon says:

    oh my god i’m SO excited for this episode!!! finally a rayna and deacon kiss! i’m over teddy. they haven’t developed him enough as a character for me to care about him at all.

    bonus: that second clip uses my favorite song! first aid kit “emmylou”!! i love the music on this show.

  17. Kimberly says:

    Does anyone know the song in this commercial?!

  18. Danielle says:

    Go team Rayna and Deacon! Sizzling hot chemistry and an angsty backstory. What’s not to love?

  19. MyReligionIsWhovian says:

    You know, I keep waiting to like Teddy and it’s just not happening. Team Deacon. Definitely.

  20. anil says:

    Teddy is basically a prop character. He’s a useless obstacle thats in the way of Rayna Deacon finally getting together. But it makes it exciting so it’s good.

  21. margaretames says:

    What the hell is Teddy doing there? I like Eric Close, but not the character he’s playing now. I want Deacon and Rayna together, or at least someone nice for Deacon. I love that guy. To overcome being an alcoholic is incredibly difficult. I adored my Dad, but he had to do it and he did. Maybe that’s why I love Deacon so much.

  22. Corinne says:

    Team Deacon all the way! I love Rayna and him together. Teddy has better chemistry with the old girlfriend. I would love to see more of them together on screen!

  23. Livia says:

    Team Deacon!! I don’t condone cheating and they shouldn’t go there before Rayna and Teddy divorce, but they are clearly meant to be together. The elevator scene was beautiful! I love Connie Britton, but the writers need to do a better job with fleshing out Rayna as a character. Though I still prefer Rayna, we know more about Juliette at this point than we do Rayna. The reason is they are revealing Rayna through the men in her life: Teddy, Deacon, her dad and she has not revealed her true self yet. It’s almost like she is caught in between all of them right now and is a bit frozen. I think she will reveal more as the season goes on. Love the chemistry between Connie and Charles!!

  24. Carol argent says:

    I am Team Teddy all the way eric close is so hot actually think teddy is too good for rayna I actually not a fan of rayna I think eric close is the main reason I wanted to watch the show but I loving the juliette/deacon pairing as well

  25. Alasyx says:

    Team Deaconiette! Love Deacon and Juliette together. They are sizzling and sweet. Love the angst and growing up for Juliette and the way the relationship allows Deacon to have hope for the future. They could totally have some great kids together and open up more story line!

  26. Meg McGregor says:

    I love these two together! That is one elevator ride that I bet lots of women would like to have. LOL Keep these two together please and get rid of her husband. He is really lackluster and totally doesn’t seem believable in his role.

  27. Shantee says:

    If Deacon and Rayna could hook up just once would make me feel better.. Their chemistry is great!

  28. i never thought it was possible to dislike connie britton… i mean she was tami taylor! this makes me sad.