Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show: What Did You Think? Take Our Poll!

destinys child superbowl halftime showWho runs the world? Beyoncé, of course.

The “Single Ladies” singer promised in a press conference leading up to her performance at the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show (AKA “The Beyonce Bootylicious Mini-Concert, Brought to You by Some Football Game”) that she was “well-rehearsed” and would “absolutely” be singing live. Not only did she live up to her promises, but she did so while executing the kind of beastly/eye-popping choreography few of her contemporaries would attempt without the promise of an oxygen mask descending from the ceiling. Granted, there may not have been a ton of actual vocalizing, but the show-closing “Halo” was powerful and totally in tune, and the mid-set emegence of Destiny’s Child cohorts Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland was a squee-worthy (if expected) delight.

If I had any complaint, it’s that I could’ve used an extra two or three minutes of the good stuff: “Survivor,” “Run the World (Girls),” “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” and “Get Me Bodied” were especially missed. And how come Bey chose to use a pre-recorded version of Sean Paul’s rap on “Baby Boy” when you know dude woulda shown up and done his part if asked? Also: No Jay Z? No Dreamgirls costar Jennifer Hudson (who was already in the house)? No Solange? (Okay, maybe I’m the only one obsessed with Beyoncé’s little sis. Watch this YouTube video, though, and you will be, too.) Either way, there wasn’t much in the way of special guests.

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But let’s go back to the beginning: Dressed in a draped black leather minisdress (that was eventually and quickly reduced to a bustier/bathing suit with black lace skirt), Beyoncé began smack in the center of the New Orleans Superdome (against a gigantic flaming silhouette of her bodacious frame), belting “Love on Top” in the process. The performance included heavy use of a shiny black backdrop and floor, which were used to project various graphic images and holographs (especially nifty for the at-home viewer). From there, her ferocious setlist was as follows:

“Crazy in Love” (complete with the signature “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, oh-no-no” dance — yes!)
“Till the End of Time” (loved the “Blue Steel” Beyoncé served at the end)
“Baby Boy” (way to smash the imaginary glass with one’s badonkadonk!)

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“Bootylicious” (When Kelly and Michelle from Destiny’s Child popped out of the stage floor to join the festivities, I will admit that I seal clapped and howled with delight. “I DON’T THINK THEY CAN HANDLE THIS!”)
“Indepedent Women” (another must-include number that allowed Beyoncé to share the vocals)
“Single Ladies” (with at least 100 backup dancers mimicking Bey’s every move and an ad-libbed “Where my ring?” that made me guffaw)
“Halo” (the Lady Knowles’ strongest vocal of the night, growly and intense!)

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With that, I pass the baton to you. What did you think of Beyoncé’s Halftime Show performance? How did it compare to Madonna’s extravanagnza from last year’s Super Bowl XLVI? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and expand on your thoughts. And come back to TVLine after the game and tomorrow morning for all your Super Bowl pop-cultural recapping needs!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. icywinter2 says:

    I don’t believe she sang live, no one today sings live they all lipsync. I’m sorry but I’m not buying her promsing to sing live.

    • terry clay says:

      Shut up you sound ridiculous! That performance was live she always performs live! Yes she sung along with a recorded track at the inauguration and had a good reason why stfu!

      • jerome says:

        You sound ridiculous thinking it was even partially good. It doesnt matter if it was live or not since it was still a halftime show to forget. So bad I had to turn it off. No reason to back up someone who makes millions of dollars to prance around like a filthy hooker.

        • Aga says:

          I agree completely. She might have sang live but the problem is that she sings “poorly” to start with. Her performance was the same ole, same ole. However, no matter how badly she does most people will always she her as being wonderful.

          I thought that Jennifer Hudson and the little kids plus Alicia Keys did a wonderful, wonderful job!

      • Beyonce...please!! says:

        If you listen, you’ll notice that Beyonce lip-synched the first verse of Halo, which was the only part of her set where she actually had to sing a semblance of a melody.

      • HQ says:

        Live or not. (I think it was live)
        Anyway….that show was boring.
        Never again.
        Thank’s for remote control….changed chanel is very easy ;-)

      • dude says:

        She didn’t sing along to a recorded track, she was lipsyncing. There’s a difference. Singing along, still requires singing.

      • Pennagirl says:

        She said she wasn’t singing live before the Super Bowl…Beyonce stated that she laid the tracks down.

      • Dora says:

        the 3 D digital imaging saved that performance, she gave us very small fragmented pieces of songs, what she said I was not that good, she was just screaming.. at least Madonna sang

      • Dora says:

        the 3 D digital imaging saved that performance, she gave us very small fragmented pieces of songs, what she did sing was not that good, she was just screaming.. at least Madonna sang, not to mention destiny child, they Sucked

      • Dora says:

        there was nothing memorable about her performance I forgot it already, the only good thing about that performance was the 3 digital images, you’re probably black or gay
        you can’t take criticism

    • I agree with you when you say that she didn’t sing live…she just shouted everything honestly…but the whole everybody doesn’t sing live is false. I’m a fan of K-Pop (which is far better than American music nowadays) and trust me they sing live every time they go on stage whether its for a variety (Korean TV show) show or on tour, they do sing live.

  2. Ann says:

    That was a whole lot of fun. Great show.

  3. Lindsay says:

    You’re kidding me right? She barely even sung! All she did was dance around and shake her ass

    • Jenny says:

      Exactly why she wasn’t using a backing track this time. Don’t need one when all you do is shake your booty.

    • Babybop says:

      Thank you! Someone else!

    • sara says:

      Exactly! That was painful. A T&A show with lip synching. No thanks.

    • carole says:

      I agree…she’s a great dancer but she definitely did not sing live….she talked and screammed into the mic but that was all. Come on people…you all know better.

    • . says:

      Are you kidding? If she sang the entire time, she wouldn’t be able to dance as much, and her dancing is a huge part of why she is so famous. She dances more and sings less in all of her performances. Besides, she sang a large portion of the performance. She sang it live absolutely, which is why it might have sounded “subpar”, because she’s running all over the stage and her voice isn’t covered up with a bunch of reverb. And for people saying they want real musicians and real talent- look at the shots of her live (all female) band supporting her. They were flawless, talented, and polished. Just because they were not as much in the spotlight as Beyonce doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

      • RodMod says:

        Thank you!

      • MrMank says:

        I think that’s part of the issue. I mean, fine…she’s an OK singer and a great dancer. That’s most of the pop world today. But why incorporate all of that into your performance if you can’t do it all? Case in point…Billy Joel, at least in his prime, was constantly moving around the stage. Is he dancing as much as Beyonce? No, of course not. But he also has never been close to the physical shape that Beyonce is in, and he’s running the length of the stage constantly, and doing flips off his piano. But you knew none of the vocals were pre-recorded, nor was his band (I’m not sure I can say that about Beyonce’s band, if we’re being completely honest). Am I saying it was a bad show? A bad spectacle? Not at all. Just another example of musicianship taking a back seat to flash and sparkle. Nothing new.

    • RodMod says:

      Who said she was only a singer? Or that those who perform at the Super Bowl were required to pretty much stay in one place and just sing?

      SMH. Out of touch people kill me.

      Incorporation of dance and sinigng has been around since forever.

      From Al Jolson, to James Brown, to Tina Turner, to the Tempations, to Michael Jackson, to Usher, to Beyonce, to Chris Brown, etc.

      Out of here with that old-school, out of touch bull. Commutation. Juxtaposition.

      We’re moving forward.

    • edlow says:

      We thought the same thing! She barely sand she just danced and I was so excited to hear all the songs I loved. Instead I had to distract my kids fron long periods of booty shaking instead of. Them hearing awesone songs about strong women. My whole party considered this show a fail.

  4. GeoDiva says:

    There only about 10% singing, the rest was dancing….no wonder she said lip syncing was not needed.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. It was a disappointing performance. Lots of booty-shaking, and not a lot of singing. I don’t expect her to just stand in one place and sing, but I would have preferred a better balance between the singing and dancing. Lots of flash and very little substance.

  5. angie says:

    She can shake her ass and flip her hair real good but she can’t sing live for shiz. Subpar.

    • Meg says:

      Agreed. She’s a great entertainer, but shouldn’t be called a singer.

    • No Nonsense says:

      Typical boring Beyonce:
      make pouty faces into the camera
      shake the azz and spread the legs
      wear lingerie
      wear high heels and strut
      flip the hair
      act like you’re humping on stage
      repeat list from the top

      What on this list takes talent?

      • Julie says:

        I can’t agree with you more. That was my first exposure viewing this woman. I can’t even remember her face. All I can conjure up is her thighs smacking together winking her crotch at the camera. It was gross and a set back for women. I went to her page this morning hoping to put a face to the sex parts… And I am further horrified that she made her performance all about “success for blacks”. Really? I was a white girl in the 80s growing up in a world where girls idolized Whitney Houston because she could SING! She had class, poise and was just beautiful. Prince was racy but cool as Hell and Michael Jackson was in his prime. I never saw color nor did my friends. We loved Bob Marley or Sting or Whitney, or John Cougar or Tina Turner because they were COOL and they could sing. NOT because of color. Only in the past 4-8 years has color been an issue thrown in my face by the media and performers and I am sick of it. Beyonce is a setback for women both black and white and she should be ashamed of herself.

        PS…. The teens in the room both male and female were disgusted with her. That should speak volumes. You would think that the teens would have defended her performance but their opinions were harsher than mine. (mixed race room by the way)

        • B. Harvey says:

          I guess I’m getting old. I don’t know the girls music so I thought I’d listen. Not sure when she sung but maybe I wasn’t paying attention. She is pretty and does some great stripper moves but the show was boring. I can get a good lap dance for 20 bucks that is more entertaining.

        • Michael says:

          I agree 10000 percent with you Julie, I assume we are roughly the same age as I was a youth in the 80’s and we all loved those artists’ you mentioned, we use to play MJ and try to imitate the dancing, never saw color or creed or anything. It’s people like BEYONCE that keep race division going by always pointing out she is BLACK ( we can see that, thanks). My party of 8 watching the show mostly shook our heads and laughed that “music” has come to this and it is liked. No instruments, lip singing, dancing around like hookers on stage…this is music? ha. All that was missing was tip row and seedy men with dollar bills in their hands. Why are people so easily amused at this drivel?

          • what? says:

            No It’s ppl like Yu who keep race division going on becuz this doesn’t have anything to do with race. Anyway what is wrong with being black and proud of it?

          • what? says:

            The performance was also sang live and there was an all female band on stage..also Did Yu miss the flaming guitar solo? Its a performance she gave ppl just that…

        • Aga says:

          Well said!

          • michael says:

            Yes I missed the part where your beloved Beyoncé played the guitar lol. She is the “artist” is she not? haaa

          • michael says:

            In response to “what” nothing is wrong with being black and proud.. I never said there was if you care to re read my post. However you don’t see white artist constantly reminding the public of the color of their skin do you? Why do black artist feel it necessary to constantly remind us all their black? If someone white does this you all SCREAM racism!! ha

        • Leway says:

          Well if you didn’t notice, for the past few decades talentless, boring white folks were the “talent” thrown in our face…I mean c’Mon, you guys are still pining for Britney Spears…not to mention that mildly retarded white guys were elected to run our great country that was largely built on the backs of minority people and a handful of college educated liberal whites. Now all of a sudden, the ideal for beauty and talent is NO longer a plain, yellow haired white girl, but beautiful creamy, dark beyonces, and Halle berrys…the standard of intelligence has been elevated with our Harvard Review constitutional law professor–elected president, also creamy and dark. Mixed people who have the best of both worlds–white and black–are taking over. I for one, am elated that it has come to this. When it was all about boring, talentless, mediocre whites, this country was a worst place. I, too, am a beautiful mixed woman, married to a successful, strong black man, with a son who is academically gifted, a daughter who can sing her behind off…we are the new American ideal…and when you see the Obama’s gracing the cover of your magazines, beyonce and halles touted as the NEW ideal of beauty…and hip/hop & RandB being the preferred brand of music for top notch entertainment…you know, it is our time…and by “our” I mean: educated, liberal whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, interracial relationships and the beautiful mixed people they produce, REAL singers and NO more white washed bubble gum pop and evil rock like lame metallica…you had your time…you had your Britney spears and George bush…you tried to bring it back with mitt Romney and Madonna lol! Give it up…the superbowl aint yours, its ours! The whole franchise is what it is because of black men…and smart white men know it. So here’s a test: if this post makes you angry and your jealous of this gorgeous black beyonce shaking what you and yours don’t have–just know, that you are now in the minority. We welcome you to join, but if you must throw a tantrum, exit stage left. And if you get angry enough, bring whatever…we got u. I promise.

          • Shaniqua says:

            In what world does liberal = educated and conservative = void of intelligence. People not believing what you believe doesn’t make them less than you. Your hateful words are what keep this country divided and so horribly polarized. In essence, people who think like this.. in black vs white terms.. are the bottom of society tugging the rest of us down. You preach liberalism and demand acceptance but you’re too busy exercising reverse racism and shutting half the country out (politically-speaking) to see that your statements are hypocritical. And considering you actually used the non-word “ain’t”.. I don’t think you have any right to preach about who in this country is educated and who is not.

          • Paul says:

            The sad perspective of the uneducated.

          • Georg says:

            You are a pig. You always have to bring up the race card grow up. this is 2013, hasn’t Our society grown past all this immature race crap. God help us all

          • Leway says:

            “Shaniqua” lol, okay. Anyway, if your simplistic view of intelligence is based upon use of the word “ain’t”–which, is a word by the way, defined by Webster’s dictionary–then, your view is a non-factor. People who use the term “reverse racism” also watch Fox and call beyonce and Janet Jackson whores, while they place Britney spears and Madonna (who shared a kiss on primetime tv no less) on pedestals. You don’t fool me with your fake outrage at my fake racism. I called it for exactly what it was, and now, you’re embarrassed because its the truth. Go away. We don’t want you until you do better. Thank goodness you arent in the majority.

          • Chaquita says:

            That’s funny LEWAY because I also consider Madonna and Britney the Queen and Princess of whoredom.

            And believe it or not, “ain’t” is BY NO MEANS proper english. It’s ebonics.. but I guess that’s what your species likes to speak.

          • Leway says:

            And to Georg without the “e”, when a person screams pig to someone, its sooooo funny! Let me try, “you are a pig!” Lolol How hilarious!

          • Dean says:

            HAHA! Man this Leway idiot is an animal. Go slither back under the rock from wence you came. Troll.

          • Sam says:

            Can someone ban this “I’m big black beautiful and proud” Leway chick from the site? Don’t come on here and play the race card, lady.. no one is commenting about color. They’re commenting about behavior. Either check your attitude at the door or go get an education.

          • Shaniqua Banana says:

            @Leway.. says someone who so freely uses the word “retarded”.. yeah I’m the ignorant one. Someone should have sterilized you before you procreated.

          • Shaniqua Banana says:

            @Leway. That means “had babies.”

          • Leway says:

            Again, you’re not in the majority, no matter how many user names you take on…and the “big black” reference shines light on how small and weak you must feel. So small…so weak. The more you respond, the more obvious it becomes the REAL problem you have with Beyonce. So sad…you guys are splattered all across the internet showing the world just how ugly weak insecure and jealous you are. Type away…that is all you can do.

          • Shaniqua Chaquita Banana-na-na says:

            HAHA Lady, you are so off base this is becoming funnier and funnier. I generally love Beyonce. Simply because she usually displays so much class. No one has a problem with her as a person. We have a problem with her actions on Sunday night. Well, and you. That’s all.. And good for you for noticing “Shaniqua” and “Chaquita” and any variation of those ridiculous horrible excuses for names thereof are the same person. As for these other dudes/ladies.. I dunno. Maybe you should just realize you’re in the minority on this topic.

          • ... says:

            You’re words are simply embarrassing. And this is coming from an educated black woman. I thought liberals were all about equality…why can’t people produce the types of music they want to listen to?

            I thought Beyonce’s performance was terrible.

          • kate says:

            Leway…hmm your post was interesting to read. You do know that white kids embracing your “music” is what made it go mainstream. White people hiring black athletes caused the superbowl etc. to have become something you say is “yours” now. White people giving a black man the vote for presidency allowed him to win. White people owning plantations and bringing ya’ll here to be servants way back gave you the foothold that you needed to “take over” this country in the future (which I guess is now hm) Please….on your way up to the top do not forget to thank the WHITE people who put you there. For you to become all high and mighty over us is hypocritical. Double standards if you rail against the white man lording it over you in the past and you turn around and do the same thing they did. We are not our ancestors. We are for equality. I do hope that is what YOU also want.

          • michael says:

            Taking over is true LeWay however if you care to look at facts the only thing YOUR people have taken over is PRISONS and SLUM cities. So I for one “ain’t” with you and will gladly exit stage left.

    • Are you serious??? She is one of the best singers out now! Do you know that the Super dome have bad acoustics. Just because she sang over pre recorded track (not lip-synched) at the Inauguration, doesn’t mean all of her performances are lip ynced or pre recorded. 99.8 percent of the time beyonce sings LIVE!!! No pre-recorded track, and that’s why alot of musicians admire her. Just go to YOUTUBE and search Beyonce singing in dressing room (1+1), and still say she can’t sing.

  6. Kate says:

    While she did sing live, she also spent large parts of it not singing at all. When she started singing Crazy in Love I was really hoping Jay-Z would come out if only for the Wow factor. Things got better when Michelle and Kelly came out, but they were under used. Overall it was good, but probably not one of the more memorable half time performances.

    • Warren says:

      Pretty much, this. I wished Kelly and Michelle were there longer. Also, there was no cohesion with the song transitions.

  7. aartifarty says:

    Waaaaaaaay Better than Madonna Half Time Show

    • Meg says:

      But still subpar. It was hyped so much that it could only fail. Personally, the (underutilized) Destiny’s Child bit was the saving grace, much like the drumline saved Madonna last year.

    • angie says:

      At least Madonna sang.

      • Warren says:

        I don’t think she sang live at all, but it was still way more upbeat and fun with the always inspirational performance of “Like A Prayer” where she killed it (I think that was the only part she sang live).

      • Isak says:

        are you kidding me?! People on here don’t know what they are talking about. The fact that Madonna was lipsyncing was so obvious even a child could pick it up.

    • eli says:

      Seriously shes not Madonna because she was terrible not even close to Madonna production.The show was awful the entrance was uninspiring, She sang way less than she danced.The sound was terrible and im a fan of hers.It was like a really bad stripper review.The breaks in between songs made it feel uneven and unpolished. Like Madonna or not she raised the bar in production and showmanship at twice her age and this ended with a merciful thump.

    • keepitreal says:

      bitch please, Madonna worked it and reminded the world why she is still the top female performer, beyonce was “ok” at best. not hating on her, but booty shaking, catwalks and waving your hair like you a grunge concert going is not going to top Madonna’s amazing show

      • The Beach says:

        Agreed. Beyonce’s stow was entertaining for me and I’m glad I saw it but it couldn’t ;hold a candle to Madonna’s a few years back. That one is still the gold standard.

    • dennis says:

      really please tell me in what way lol !! I don’t think so :-)

  8. jan says:

    One of the worst shows ever! Bring back the rock bands.

    • susan says:

      So true. Nothing it to it but shaking her bum and memorex. Thought it was terrible.

    • Toni says:

      I am in total and complete agreement with you. Bring back real singers, real musicians. This spectacle was totally trashy, completely ghetto, and extremely degrading to women. Sadly, this is what the public wants, what the public thinks is talent. I call it the dumbing-down of America. It’s time to raise the standards.

      • Kayla says:

        You nailed it Toni!

        • FELICIA(FeFe) says:

          The performance was energetic and the dancers were all on q and point I loved them and I am proud to be a fan of such a talent from HOUSTON she even pulled in some HHouston talented dancers as well SHE REPRESENTS WELL !!!!!

      • Irena says:

        You said it. Agree with you Toni. Playing to the base level.

      • Warren says:

        I was underwhelmed but calling it “ghetto” is completely uncalled for and wrong. Please, she is a stellar dancer but it was nothing special. Doesn’t mean she isn’t talented. You sound racist. And degrading to women, HOW EXACTLY? Everybody onstage were women, from all the back-up dancers to the musicians playing the drums/guitars. Beyonce is actually very empowering to women. So because a woman chooses to express herself in skimpy clothes and in a dancing that you obviously don’t deem as “appropriate” she is degrading herself? How so, please explain this 50’s era logic….

        • Sheka ppl says:

          Haters in the building!!!!!!

        • kate says:

          Okay, first of all the 50’s were a great era in many ways. You seem to love the current culture. But what has it brought us? Absentee fathers, scores of women living off the government, Foul language abounds even at the workplace, Porn becoming mainstream, which HAS affected the health of many’s sex lives I’m sure, disrespectfulness, over the top violence. Hell yeah I’d love to have been coming of age in the 50’s. Anyways, you ask how this sort of performance is degrading to women? Well I’m a woman and it IS hard to describe to a man but simply put it is the objectification of the female body. Putting out a message that being “sexy” is what matters. Lingerie, strutting in high heels, bumping and grinding used to be reserved for an intimate bedroom encounter. Yeah there’s always been strip clubs or at least brothels but they were specifically sought out and in the seedy parts of town. Not accessible to children. Not in other women’s faces. Women should not be up on stage in front of millions of people thrusting what they got in other people’s faces. Oh look at me, I’m so hot, don’t you want me or wish you could be me? It is the ultimate female power trip. Most of us women know it. People used to shun that sort of behavior. The young now embrace it. I don’t know how to adequately explain it but it plays a part in the degradation of our society.

      • RodMod says:

        “totally trashy, completely ghetto, and extremely degrading to women.” Seriously?

        “All my women who’s independent throw your hands up at me!”

        “All my single ladies!”

        “Who run the world? Girls?”


        • Michelle says:

          And it’s totally fine if all this is said while next to naked and gyrating in front of 111.5 million viewers..! yaay how empowering to women! what a great image to attribute to today’s women!


          • So you’re saying that women should be empowered by modesty, covering up everything womanly about them and shying away from their own femininity? You got your wires crossed, gurl.

          • Michelle says:

            “You” got your wires crossed, “gurl”?

            You’ve* and girl*

            And no, I just think there is more value in being a lady than showing off your “assets” to anyone who will look. I’m not from the 50’s. I just respect my body and invite respectful attention. She was totally fine before she ripped her miniskirt off. And gyrating on stage does not make you more of a woman. It makes you trashy. So in line with your comment, I guess the women most in touch with their femininity are strippers and prostitutes? I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. I think a real woman carries herself with class, as Beyonce USUALLY does, and unlike she did tonight.

          • RodMod says:

            “I’m not from the 50′s. I just respect my body and invite respectful attention.”

            That’s fine for you. Enjoy your red apples, while I enjoy my green.

            And Beyonce enjoys her grapefruit.

            And others enjoy their oranges.

            And Josephine Baker enjoys her semi-nudity and bananas! What a legend!

            *ROLLS EYES* Prudes…

          • Michelle says:

            Yeah, you’re definitely not even American.
            Mind your own society. Whore it up if you want.
            But this kind of primetime trash is unwelcome in a family setting in the states..

          • Julie says:

            Michelle & Kate… If it were possible you two would be my new best friends.
            What a multi-racial, colorful and FUN group we would be. I am a solid part American INDIAN and my children have an African American slave for a great great grandmother… Sooooo

            I stand before you as an American with mixed blood… Proud of it…. And STILL grossed out at Beyonces behavior. I don’t give a rats ass what color she is or ain’t. That gurl lacked class. She had the opportunity to GAIN more fans and blew it. I am the type to see a great performance and then go out and purchase all the albums the next day. Instead I will remember that distasteful performance and never purchase her music. Ever.

            I truly believe that a performer’s goal should be to treat their performances as a marketing opportunity to gain market share. As popular as some people *think* she is, there are still many millions of people who had heard of her but did not really know who she was nor had heard her music. She had the spotlight of millions of potential NEW fans but did not grasp what she could accomplish with that spotlight.

            I did not see her color until I went to her page only to have HER make her success about race. Sad sad sad. My original comment should have been taken with an air of dismay. I would think that our society would be coming closer to peace, but things are far worse than when I was a child. Sad sad sad. When I saw those comments made by her I was so bothered by the fact that a race card was thrown out there. I live in the north east where fortunately we do not have as much tension as the rest of the country. God, I am lucky.

            My impressions from that performance and from her page has nothing to do with how I voted. I cannot believe that people are slinging insults as to a musical performance and how that would indicate a voting choice. I did not vote for Romney nor did I vote for Obama. But my choice had nothing to do with race. I chose base on the individual I felt would protect our American freedoms.

            A few days before the Super Bowl I finally got the chance to watch ‘Sparkle” and found myself tearing up because a woman I love is gone from this world. I never referred to her as a “black” singer, but only as ‘Whitney Houston’. I hope this letter clarifies my original intent.

            To the woman on here who is so full of hate… My advise to you is to travel. Live in other parts of the country. Use your precious time here on Earth to get to know people of all backgrounds. You may be surprised.

            Peace to ALL of you and may God help us all.

        • kate says:

          With those words I can see what she’s promoting. Why should “girls rule the world?” What the hell is wrong with men and women both playing parts in the running of this world? I hate all this girl power crap. Praising the “single” ladies???? Nothing wrong with them. BUT it sure does seem anti-marriage/family no???? Everything is so weird these days. America celebrates the wrong things! Nobody can help what gender they were born as, what color skin or nationality they have, whether they are straight or homosexually inclined. So why do we identify and “celebrate” this crap?

      • Leway says:

        I get it Toni, when we’re better than you at something…anything…everything lately…u can fling the “ghetto” label and at once your false confidence is restored. How insecure of you. You lose. Rock bands? Lol, yeah sure pal.

        • Michelle says:

          shot in the dark here but I’m guessing you weren’t on that stage.. so saying “WE’RE better than you at..”

          reverse-racism is just as unacceptable as racism.

          • Leway says:

            Michelle, you reek of jealousy. Men know it, women know it…apparently, only you dont know it. Madonna’s “modesty” over Beyonce’s “whoring”??? Give me a freaking break. When it comes to x- rated tittilation, white girls reign supreme…my gosh, they RUN the porn industry and are straight up known for being EASY. But when a mega mogul super powerful gorgeous black woman gives you a little thigh, a little shimmy, a lotta beautiful FACE, suddenly its no bueno. Stop the freaking presses…you are green with envy. No racism here, my mom is white, half my family is white…I loove smart white people who speak the truth and check their jealousy at the door. Sooo, you caught your man doing a double take at beyonces GQ magazine cover and you are a white woman scorned! We get it, your kind and the sissy men who love you are ALL over the internets with your panties in a bunch because when the tables are turned you pout and complain. It’s unbecoming. And you won’t change a thing. So maybe, hold your breath and swear off all future superbowls…k?

          • Michelle says:

            Who ever said Madonna wasn’t a whore? She sure is! She’s just about the queen of them!.

            Oh sorry does that make me “jealous”. You have no idea who you are talking to. I’m happy without a weave and thunder thighs, thank you very much.

            Believe it or not, not all of us want to be black. Some of us are happy exactly the way we are. I love my culture. I’m Latina. So STOP making everything black vs. white. Not everything needs to be a race war.

            Now if you want your kids running around naked and losing their virginity at ten years of age then great! Have them pollute their minds with the overtly sexual tv content we’re inundated with day in and day out… But don’t come here and tell me I don’t have a right to speak out against trash parading around during primetime when I choose to raise my family in such a way that they respect themselves and place more value on their intelligence than how bootilicious they are.

          • Kristin says:

            Jesus “Leway”, do you have anything better to do than TROLL.

            Calling everyone jealous on here because they didn’t approve of the act is a cop out. Do you not have anything intelligent to say? Maybe people SIMPLY DON’T LIKE SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE ACTS AT A FAMILY AFFAIR LIKE A FOOTBALL GAME.

            Disapproval isn’t a synonym for jealousy. Grow up.

        • Michael says:

          Better at what exactly LeWay?… Dressing in hookerish clothing and lip singing songs? Or gyrating on stage like strippers? If this is what you consider you and your people being better I can only laugh :)

          • Leway says:

            Oh Michael and michelle…get married…and move out of the country. Your heads are buried in the sand and all you have is your anonymity and the internet. My ” people” spans such a wide range of ethnicities and creeds…but diversity and success are two unknowns to your kind…so keep getting red with anger, green with envy. My husband and I laugh at you. My people? As opposed to yours, hangin out in the trailers of Appalachia?

          • Morgan says:

            God, I wish people like Leway were mute and had no hands. Piggish perspectives. Holy-than-thou trains of thought. You are the problem with society.

          • Trey says:

            Leway… your “people”? if you really like the crap that’s on tv today.. and are defending Beyonce’s stripper moves on tv during primetime… don’t you mean your “species”?

            I’m sorry, but being black and being trash DO NOT have to be associated qualities. I for one do NOT appreciate it. The sort of crap Beyonce showed off last night only perpetuates this.

          • Michelle says:

            OH Leway, I’m happily living in prime US real estate, taken by a exceptionally handsome Indian British man with amazing values, who is affiliated with Bollywood and still maintains his integrity. So while I enjoy living wherever the heck I please, why don’t you go back to your cage/stable/stall.

        • kate says:

          Yeah ROCK BANDS dude! It’s what I grew up on and thank god for it. Would hate to be a kid having to listen to all this rap hip hop. It’s just not my style at all. It’s fine for ya’ll as everyone has their tastes and opinion but please don’t bash rock music. That makes you look silly. Rock and roll music started it all.

      • Erin says:

        Wow, Beyoncé – arguably the most successful female singer of this century – performed in front of millions of people with an entirely multiracial female dance ensemble and a multiracial all female band and you have the nerve to call her performance degrading to women? Like, really? And I’m not even gonna go there with the straight up awful “trashy” and “ghetto” comments.

        • RodMod says:

          Thank you!

        • Nikki says:

          but what do you call licking your finger and running it down your body? i don’t think people are attacking beyonce in particular. it is hard to argue about that woman’s sheer talent.. it’s more about the moves that were choreographed into the performance that people have an issue with. I just know that I wouldn’t want my kids thinking all the thrusting, body-touching, and overtly sexual dance moves are totally ok. sex is for the bedroom. Because I respect her talent and what she generally stands for, I held beyonce to a higher standard. This particular performance seemed less classy than I hoped for.

          • what? says:

            She didn’t invent..Madonna was humping stages way before Beyonce was

          • Leway says:

            Oh well, and u guys have your madonnas, britneys, christinas, and Carmen electras…soooo, I’ll stick with our beyonces, Jennifer Hudson’s, Alicia Keyes anyday. Now, do you really think the formers hold a candle to the latter’s??? Hmmmm???

          • kate says:

            Nikki you nailed it with your comment. Thank you.

      • Christy says:

        I agree. Her show was degrading to women. She has a nice voice, she should use it more. It’s unfortunate this type of ‘entertainment’ is broadcast on TV…imagine the impression she leaves on children who viewed it.

      • cpf says:

        Totally agree with Toni…

        Yes, she sang about female empowerment, all female musicians and dancers but she did it in a sleazy outfit and all that was missing was a stripper pole. I’m a successful career woman with a family and she contradicts herself and sets us back decades to be viewed as nothing but brainless, untalented sex objects.

        When Beyonce first started she was all about keeping it classy and showing her singing talent. She sold out and it shows.

        My middle school daughter said ” wow, that’s really inappropriate” and she’s not even singing just thrusting everywhere.

        • Nikki says:

          Oh you lucky mama! Be thankful for your daughter.. she’s one of the lucky, bright ones to be making a comment like that! I hope when I have kids, my children will reject the type of example Beyonce set tonight.

          • OJD says:

            Some New Orleans music, from New Orleans artists would have been nice. Instead we all got a lap dance from a billionaire. Children pay attention to Beyonce, economy’s tough, you can always be a whore!

        • Omari1125 says:

          Some of you guys are just purely jealous of beyonce’ and probably because a successful black women. You all talk about her wearing skimpy clothes and needing a stripper pole..etc., if that was a white women it would of been just fine….but noooo. I say so what what she wore skimpy clothes…she was sexy and sex appeal sells its a reason she got hired, and you say its too much for your childrens little eyes, then send their little asses to their bedroom its the DAMN SUPER BOWL..good luck trying to get a lawsuit out this one. I bet was a’OK to advertise all that alcohol drinking and models and nerds locking tongues, but the world comes to a end when beyonce’ entertains the country in a sexy outfit, don’t worry your daughters admire her and will keep her well compensated for years to come. You guys should get over it no one wants to hear Paul McCartney’s 1966 hits any more, this is 2013, and the only rock band I really take serious is Alien Ant Farm. P.S. You did great Beyonce’ we loved you Great Performance, just some of us are having a hard time admitting it. “Congrats Ravens” on your win.

          • Sherry says:

            If it were a white woman it would have been a white wannabe hooker.
            So no.. don’t make comments like this when you don’t really know the people here criticizing.
            We take issue with what was on display for kids to see.. that’s all.
            I don’t want my kids growing up to think that walking around next to naked and gyrating is totally ok as long as you are as fabulous as beyonce. And yes I just admitted she is fabulous. (Not jealous)

          • kate says:

            Our kids shouldn’t have to go to bed on Superbowl Sunday! And dude it’s not cuz she’s freaking black it is because she’s too provacative and my mother said the same about Madonna back in the day. Get over yourselves and your stupid tired old “racist” bullcrap!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nikki says:

        I would have chosen different words to describe how I felt about the halftime performance, but in essence, I feel like the halftime shows are for shock value these days. I don’t really appreciate seeing a woman that so many people look up to.. lick her finger and touch her body. I would just rather that stay in the bedroom. 111.3M people (and children) watch the superbowl.. In my opinion, this is not a good example to set.

        Aside from these particularly raunchy moves, however, Beyonce is an incredible vocalist. Simply incredible…! And she really just doesn’t need the all the sex to get attention or be her natural magnificent self. In my book all the over-the-top overtly sexual moves detract from the show and don’t add anything to her artistry. Shaking your booty is fine! But just please don’t touch yourself in front of America’s kids.

      • Carrie says:

        Thank you!!!!

      • Sherry says:

        Right on, Toni!

      • military says:

        Well said. Thank you. I thought I was the only one – this was awful. I feel sorry for young women who view this as a role model. Yuk.

      • michele says:

        Yes, I agree it was trashy, she can dance, but the singing and total performance wasn’t that good!

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree with the rock band comment. Real talent, real instruments, real music! I get it, “you bootylicious yo”, find a pole and shake your money maker somewhere else. I, personally, took a break about 3 minutes in to have a smoke and try to relieve my intestinal tract of the pressure from my chilli potato. Tom Petty was the last real halftime star, but hey, sex sells.

      • RodMod says:

        Rock bands? Are those the only “real musicians” on the planet?

        Are those who play instruments (in a rock band) the only truly credible music artists out there?


        I loves my non-instrument playing, choreography-having, spectacle-serving having Motown, 90s R&B and classic soul groups/singers/performers/entertainers!

        And Aretha Franklin (actually, a very talented pianist) can out-sing any of those rock lead singers-male or female.

        Out of her with that political bull!

        • Michael says:

          Hilarious post lol… Yes those are the ONLY real MUSICIANS you know the ones that actually write music, play instruments and create their own music. You need a fact check because much of Motown, 90’s R&B played instruments, I don’t recall them wearing lingerie from Victoria Secret on stage too often and pussy popping or dry humping the air and lip singing….just saying :)

          • RodMod says:

            My favorite group: Diana Ross (Amazing voice and QUEEN OF THE SILKY AND TIGHT!), Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard – NO INSTRUMENTS.

            Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford and Betty Kelly – NO INSTRUMENTS!

            Tina Turner & Ikettes – Shimmery, short, revealing and sexy. LOTS of gyrating!

            David Ruffin – His instrument was his VOICE and the ability to interpret and execute others’ lyrics and melodies.

            Michael Jackson – NO INSTRUMENTS. His work ethic and performance ability speaks volumes for itself.

            Patti LaBelle (And Labelle) – No Instruments! (Tons of outfits, personality and histrionics!)

            Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey – No instruments. All voice.

            Luther Vandross – I would die to have him perform a rendition of any of the pitiful tunes I’ve written.

            There’s plenty more…

            No, sir, YOU need a fact check.

          • RodMod says:

            Josephine Baker – Performed a skit practically nude wearing a banana skirt with no top. (And had the voice of an angel) – NO INSTRUMENTS!

            Al Jolson – Played piano really well, but could also dance his arse of!

            Fred Astaire – Famous for the dance as well as the voice.

            James Brown – Heck, who knows if he actually played an instrument?

            Jackie Wilson – The sex appeal, the sex appeal…

            Barbra Streisand – She’s a legend who covered and interpreted many of her biggest hits.

            Dusty Springfield – Heck, even today’s highest-praised artist OBVIOUSLY takes inspiration from this songbird. – NO INSTRUMENTS!

            Adele – NO INSTRUMENTS!

            Lauryn Hill – More known for her ability to belt, wail, write and produce. – NOT INSTRUMENTS!

            En Vogue – Four lead-singing divas who co-wrote most of their first album, but not their more successful second effort. And the sex appeal was ON POINT! – NO INSTRUMENTS!

            Boys II Men – Harmony – NO INSTRUMENTS!

            The Temptations – As far as I know, NO INSTRUMENTS! (Songwriters included Smokey Robinson, Norman Whitfield and Berry Gordy!)

            Etta James – “At Last” is a cover. Her interpretation is what sold it as “hers!” And she was very much into sexual innuendo…even LATE into her career. The evidence is on YouTube.

            C’mon now. I can go all day.

          • Janie says:

            Are you even American? That’s a no.
            We have every right to criticize what is displayed on our OUR country.
            You probably watched it on BBC in the UK or Ireland or wherever the heck you’re from.
            If you want to promote a society of whoredom, then promote it in your own country.

          • RodMod says:

            Motown and 1960s:

            *Holland-Dozier-Holland produced and wrote hit-after-hit for The Supremes, The Four Tops, Martha & The Vandellas and The Marvelettes.

            *Norman Whitfield and Smokey Robinson worked heavily with The Temptations and Mary Wells.

            *Frank Wilson worked with ex-Tempation Eddie Kendricks in 1972, only after working with the “new Supremes” and the Four Tops for years.

            90s R&B:
            *New Jack Swing and Boy Bands did not require instruments. It was 95% about the harmony and voices. Most of it was very over-the-top and gospel influenced. Dance mattered. Image mattered. And the right songwriters/producers mattered.

            *Girl Groups: TLC, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, Xscape, Spice Girls, etc.sold an image and a fantasy to young fans. Their work-ethic, stage presence AND vocal ability counted. Even if they could write songs, (which some individual members did and have) it really didn’t matter, for Maxine, Terry, Cindy, Dawn, Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, Kandi, Tameka, Chili and Mel C could ALL “SANG!!”

            *Producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins did not gain popularity NOT writing and producing for others. Neither did Timbaland, Babyface and/or Missy Elliot. (Artists like Brandy, Aaliyah and Tony Braxton owes their careers to these musicians.)

      • Leway says:

        Rock bands??? Since when can those satanic verse spewing losers sing? Keep wishing. We will neverrrr go back to that.

        • reggie182 says:

          Yeah, we’ll never go back to that. We’ll stick with the wholesome booty shaking and “sampling” of those rock musicians’ music that we’ll never go back to.

      • Breanna says:

        You’re right, sex does sell. That’s why this world is so whacked up like it is. She really didn’t need to dress so inappropriately and dance so racey. I agree that it was downgrading to women because she made us look like women were all sexual freaks that shake their butts all the time and lile she did, licking her finger. Did she completely forget that children watch the Super Bowl as well?

    • jerome says:

      totally agree. Rock bands appreciate music more that’s why they spend the time learning to play an instrument and put on a real show even if some bands are jacked up on drugs they can still put on a hell of a show.

  9. strachpa says:

    I thought it was ok. She aint no Up With People though.

  10. / says:

    Really? This she ‘rehearsed’ for and not the Inaguration time well spent.

  11. Joy says:

    There’s no doubt Beyonce is great, but when it was done all I could think was “that’s it?!”

  12. Midori says:

    Never thought I’d say this, more so in 2013, but can we get Madonna back? Her’s was at least a show with sets and singing and dancing.

    Beyonce just moved around the same 10 square feet of stage as your CD played.

    • bentley1530 says:

      M marched around and did not even pretend to be singing live and do you remember the lameness of all of her invited guest performers?

      • Warren says:

        Exactly. She didn’t even pretend. Whereas Beyonce made this whole spectacle of singing “live” just to not even do much singing… And Madonna’s guest performers were barely there. Stay pressed. :’)

      • eli says:

        I Remember Madonna giving a amazing show this was terrible.

        • Midori says:

          Exactly. Sure she was faking, but it was entertaining. No point in “singing” when it’s only for 30 seconds in a 25 minute show.

      • dennis says:

        really i think you should watch both again madonna blow it up honey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Warren says:

    Very disappointed in Matt’s tweet. Pitting two women against each other. Maybe Madonna is genuinely happy for Beyonce’s GREAT show or maybe she didn’t watch and doesn’t care…? Hahaha, Matt, please. I think the half-time shows with pop stars are the best and I loved Beyonce’s. I enjoyed Madonna’s better, but that’s because I grew up listening to her as opposed to Beyonce. Both ladies killed it.

    • Warren says:

      Not to mention that tweet wasn’t also an attempt to pit two women, but also very ageist. Great set and lighting but Madonna > Beyonce when it comes to performing, even at 53.

  14. Lisa says:

    Disapointed, i really really love Beyonce but there was just no final, she re(rere)used the video system used for Run The World, plus her “intense eyes” looked more like “crazy eyes” and even if you’re Beyonce : crazy eyes dont look on ANY one !
    Plus as we saw JayZ backstage, why the heck wasn’t he with her for crazy in love ? Was it some “its MY moment” issues ?

  15. Still chasing (and failing) to catch the God of music, Prince’s perfect halftime performance that set the standard. They’ll forever be chasing him, as has always been true in the music industry. That’s what happens when you have a once-in-human history genius like Prince- a once-in-human history performance.

    Everything Bey did was directly pulled from the already-been-there-done-that-three-decades-ago mind of Prince.

    Still, a much better show than recent years.

  16. Lena says:

    Beyonce is the queen of America

    • islandgrrrl says:

      Ridiculous comment – she’s no queen, just really, really, really wishes she was in people’s eyes. ALL those black and white pre-game photos, she’s too busy trying to sell on something she’s not and ‘most’ of us are seeing her very clearly for what she really is. A highly glorified ‘show girl’. Sad.

  17. h says:

    was anything on the halftime show live, all sounded prerecorded

  18. anon says:

    really?! all the hype and thats what she gives the fans… she should have sung majority of the time, instead of a few bits here and there and left the dancing for back up – heck yes she’s a great dancer but we all wanted to hear Beyonce sing. i can honestly say that i was disappointed.

  19. Music Critic says:

    Beyonce sucks.

    • Julia says:

      Seriously? You are all haters. If she “sucks” so much then change the channel and get off of sites that talk about her. Oh and while you’re at it, get a life.

      • No Nonsense says:

        Julia, quit bossing people around. Beyonce sucked..she was a stripper without a pole spreading her legs in lingerie and “singing” words barely intelligible. She sucked. Period

        • Julia says:

          STFU! This is a blog which is opinion based and they should be positive, or at least critically appropriate. Some of these people are so rude and hateful. This halftime show was a FAN-BASED vote therefore she does have a very large and loyal fanbase. You people can hate all you want, but I’m just suggesting to quit wasting your energy because it shows that you are a pathetic person. And she has more talent than you I’m sure so just go away. I’m not bossing anyone around, this isn’t preschool- I’m just stating to avoid people who “suck” and who sing “barely intelligible” words and quit being so damn immature to have to express your hateful opinions on a blog.

  20. Steve B. says:

    Terrible. Just a bunch of booty shakin by half naked women. No music, no talent.

  21. R.T. says:

    It’s good to see I beautiful black woman onstage performing and why all the hating?
    All that was needed was Hov.

  22. Marsha Sinclair says:

    She definitely sang live, that’s why she didn’t sing much — too out of breath with all that jumping around. I don’t think she’s that great really — puts more into the choreography than the singing. She’s not exactly known for a great voice.

  23. Tran says:

    Grade for the halftime show = B as in you guessed it, Beyonce.

  24. Tex says:

    She’s no Tina Turner!
    All hair, big bootie and well:……not much voice.
    Over rated!

  25. Mark says:

    That was fantastic. I loved it. Loved seeing Destiny’s Child join the fun.

  26. Cherry says:

    So much hype for a less than stellar performance. Extremely disappointed. No wonfer she lip syncs. She needs the studio voice effects to make her sound good.

  27. Yolanda says:

    A lot of ass shaking and hair flipping, but where was the singing. What a waste of the halftime. Bring back the rock bands who actually sing songs for the viewers

  28. lyn d says:

    So tht was it??? Im not impressed…. never really was in beyonce. Bring back Madonna her old ass was jumping and flipping atleast!!!

  29. Jenny says:

    I think we can use the term “live singing” very loosely with this performance. Right at the beginning after her walk across the stage she actually sounded out of breath. Without the crazy light and graphics show it would have been a horrible performance.

  30. susan says:

    The squaretrade baby was better than this crappy show!

  31. not beyonce says:

    she was very sub par, just watched the black eyed peas to pump up some energy. she was awful

  32. Ann Gardner says:

    I love how she had to make a huge show about singing live and she didn’t even sing all that much. Don’t get me wrong she looks good since having a kid and can dance but she was doing all that more than she was focusing on singing. Not impressed by her performance.

  33. A.D. says:

    That was the worst halftime show ever! Horrid!!!!!

  34. Kris says:

    Couldn’t they turn up her mike? Could barely hear her.

  35. Wendy Brown says:

    I was hyped and expecting a whole lot more. I like Beyonce, but it was just okay

  36. Terry says:

    All her jumping around was just her performing her aerobics moves. If I wanted to see aerobics, I would take a class. Boring, she’s a no talent.

  37. tina says:

    I like how she sings but this was no excuse for singing. All that half naked dancing takes away from what the halftime show is supposed to be about. This is supposed to be a family show. I couldn’t even let my kids watch it because of all the gyrating and nudity.

  38. Rich says:

    What a crap performance. Bring back ROCK! Enough of this bubble gum garbage.

  39. Laura says:

    All the guys liked it because it was like a selling of a women for sex only not as a singer/entertainer

  40. frank says:

    what’s with all the bad blood? that was a great performance! If all she did was sing, I’d probably have turned my attention to something else.

  41. Ann Gardner says:

    I love how she had to make a huge show about singing live and she didn’t even sing all that much. Don’t get me wrong she looks good since having a kid and can dance but she was doing all that more than she was focusing on singing. Not impressed by her performance. Also did anyone notice the other girls mics were turned down? Hmmmm was that on purpose so they didn’t get too much spotlight.

  42. Kyra says:

    Was that the pussycat dolls? It was boring and we want a performance that includes a singer who doesn’t feel like she has to be the top dancer. We know you can dance but you have an entire dance squad on stage so just sing.

  43. Jazz says:

    It SUCKED!!!!! There was no performance. It was BORING. She didn’t sing much and when she did her voice didn’t carry through. What happened to the queen B???????

  44. Lisa says:

    She wasn’t even in the CENTER of the damn circle.

  45. don says:

    Really, hope they didnt pay too much gor that halftime show. Not impressed , worst ever. Every song sounded the same

  46. Dan says:

    She killed it. Haters gonna hate.

    • shan says:

      Plz remember what the super bowl half time is…its a family game…the players work so hard all year to get here and there chrildren are here aswell..half time is spost to be a fun show I love beyonce and her dancing but I do think Super bowl is the wrong place for that kind of dancing

  47. kris says:

    One of the worst halftime shows ever!! Bring back marching bands, or rock bands or rubber bands. Any type of band……. please

  48. Tessa says:

    I like Beyonce, but that was disappointing….all the “eye batting” at the cameras was annoying. Bring back the bands! She sounded out of breath…what’s up with that??

    • Robear says:

      Yup – I agree. I am not a hater but those The “crazy eyes” and over the top booty bouncing and out of breath singing just was not good. Good Luck Beyonce, but this might hurt your career.

  49. Bruno Mars for SuperBowl Halftime 2014!!!