How I Met Your Mother Renewed For Final Season - Find Out When We'll Meet the Mother!

How I Met Your Mother Renewed Season 9Mother’s Day is in our sights!

CBS on Wednesday officially confirmed the worst kept secret in Hollywood: How I Met Your Mother is returning next fall for a ninth and final season, during which we will finally meet the titular mom.

An exact episode count was not released, but TVLine has learned that the series will be back for the full 2013-14 season (typically 22 episodes).

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“We‘re thrilled to have the entire and incredibly talented How I Met Your Mother cast back for one final season to bring the series to a proper close,” said Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen of 20th Century Fox Television, in a statement. “Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are masterful and hilarious storytellers, and we have no doubt that they will guide one of the greatest comedies of the last decade to a gratifying conclusion when they finally reveal the identity of the Mother.”

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Added CBS entertainment prez Nina Tassler: “Through eight years, How I Met Your Mother has mastered the art of leading-edge comedy, emotional water-cooler moments and pop culture catchphrases. We are excited… to tell the final chapter and reveal television’s most mysterious mother to some of TV’s most passionate fans.”

TVLine’s 2013 Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news!

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  1. Mel says:

    Finally it’s over. Been waiting forever for this show to end.

  2. I’d have closed that note with “the final season will be legen –wait for it — dary” or sme variation of that…SOME reference, you know? heh

  3. Finally! It’s been dragged out far too long. I’m 5 episodes behind on this season and as much as I don’t care to catch up, I will because I feel I need to otherwise it’s been years of wasted time. I just hope the ending is satisfying.

    • i am loving this season. barney and robin just work. and this time it’s different. instead of bringing the worst out of each other, they are bringing the best. and ted is finally living instead of pining.

    • Dan says:

      I know what you mean. I’m a few episodes behind and Id truthfully just rather read the recaps. It’s kinda depressing that they’ve had 2 plot developments since season 5 when Robin and Barney first started dating. Marshall and Lilly’s kid and the engagement. Oh well at least the end is now in sight.

      • Jenny says:

        Well, also (SPOILER) Marshall’s father died and Marshall subsequently became an environmental lawyer. Also, Barney found and met his father, which led to him being open to monogamy. Those were both pretty huge developments in the canon world.

        • Jenny says:

          Also x3, Ted met and briefly dated Cindy, the mother’s future roommate which was brought full circle in the last episode. And on top of that, he was established as the youngest, most successful architect in the city with the completion of the GNB Tower. Those were pretty big developments as well.

          And Robin is a relatively famous and respected network news reporter, whereas in Season 5 and 6, she was actively struggling with her career.

          Lily is the only one who’s development since season 5 hasn’t shifted much other than becoming a mother.

    • HIMYMisthebest says:

      Haters ‘gon hate. If this show was such a waste of time for you, why waste more of your time reading articles and posting comments about this show for Christ’s sake. Keep your rude comments to yourselves coz honestly, we, the fans, dont care about what you think. It just sucks reading your snide comments on this page. Please just let us be and go on with your all-knowing, cool lives.
      Looking forward to another season!!! Cheers!

    • EireOg says:

      Whine much?

  4. Babybop says:

    I hope next season will be better! Seasons 7 and 8 feel like a different show.

  5. Eric says:

    I will miss this show very much. But I’m happy to know that we’ll be going into next year knowing that it’s the last season. I’ve spent almost half of my life watching these characters, and it means so much to know their story will have time to receive a proper ending.

    • Erin says:

      “I’ve spent almost half of my life watching these characters” ….STOP MAKING THE REST OF US FEEL OLD

      • jalahyacinth says:

        Baha. Seriously. It’s like when those girls go on America’s Next Top Model and say they’ve been watching since they were in diapers. *shiver* I feel so old then.

        • SiHN says:

          Oh those poor girls – ANTM has only been on for 10 years and you have to be 18 to enter the competition, so apparently a lot of aspiring models these days used diapers for way too long

  6. Kris says:

    Should be the last 30 seconds only. You see her, she says hi, and the finale ends

    • Lisa J says:

      I agree Kris!

    • DL says:

      That is exactly what I’m afraid of and would make me never watch a rerun of the show ever again.

    • Lily Rachel Tepper says:

      NO. I really want to see more about the mother!!!!!!!

      • Sarah says:

        Exactly. Thank you. We’ve spent all these years enjoying the anticipation of waiting for her. We should get to know who all the wait was about, see Ted marry her and have the kids who have listened amazingly patiently through an incredibly detailed story about how their parents met. I know it’s called How I MET but after all this time I think we deserve the complete tale, at least through 2030 since we don’t know Ted’s life between 2014 and 2030.

    • Spencer says:

      Agree. That’s how I always thought the show should end.

    • Bam Kapowski says:

      That is how I’ve always assumed it would end.

      That or I like to think that it will turn out that Ted is just a crazy man who broke into the house and forced the kids to sit on the couch and listen to the story of his descent into madness. Leading up to the point where he “met” their mother in the parking lot of a grocery store and followed her home.

    • Josh says:

      I am kind of hoping that we get to know a tiny bit about her but I think I’d like them to go from 2014 to 2030 in a similar way to how scrubs ended. Nice clips with a voice over and appropriate song, just nicely ties things together I think and sums up how everyone is over those years. THEN in 2030 they can re-start the show and it becomes something like everybody loves Raymond haha

  7. S. from E. now says:

    so still no mother during season 8. this is getting annoying o.O

    • Jackie H says:

      Yeah, I thought we were getting the mother THIS season! Damn it!

    • Alan says:

      this sounds like a smokescreen for her finally being shown in the last episode of the season to me. we now know that the wedding will happen in may so it would make a very good cliffhanger to reveal who is playing the mother

    • A says:

      Yeah, I can’t really believe that we will have to go ANOTHER four months without meeting her. I can’t imagine what these upcoming episodes will contain…

    • Joel says:

      Surely he has to meet the mother this season. In Trilogy Time it showed them watching Star Wars 3 years into the future (April 2015) with Ted holding a young baby. So unless the whole story is going to end with “I met your mother, slept with her that night, and it turned out she got pregnant so I had no choice but to propose” he needs to meet her this season so their relationship can grow towards them starting a family.

  8. ScrubsGuy says:

    I guess they weren’t able to squeeze a 10th season commitment from the cast then.

  9. Alex says:

    How do we know that we won’t meet her this season? Ted meets her at Barney and Robin’s wedding, which is in May, and the show usually happens in “real time”, to an extent.

  10. Celso Távora says:

    That’s legen… wait for it, DARY!

  11. DL says:

    I really hope that we meet the mother early on in the season and actually get to see her character’s relationship with Ted develop. Considering it was confirmed that Barney and Robin’s wedding would happen this season, and that the mother is not only in the wedding band but that Ted meets her later that day at the train station, I should hope she’s revealed in the season premiere (assuming the wedding will be this season’s finale).

    • Jenna857 says:

      YES! THIS!

    • Isaac says:

      I agree completely. I just don’t have the patience for another season of waiting

    • april-ann says:

      I agree. Timelines are important in this show, in fact it’s a part of the show itself. So if they are to stay true to the timeline, Ted would have to meet her soon (and hopefully we meet her too). I can’t remember the title, but I think it was “Trilogy” in 2012 where it is revealed that Ted, Barney and Marshall get together every three years to watch the Star Wars Trilogy and discuss where they think their lives might be at in three years down the road. At the end, it jumps to 2015 and Marshall says Ted is bringing someone and Barney says something like “He’s crazy about her”, and Ted brings his baby daughter. So if he meets her at the wedding in May, that leaves not a real lot of time for them to meet, date, get to know each other, get married and have a baby. Although some couples don’t need much time to accomplish all that lol. Also, I have always thought and still do think that Sarah Lancaster would be the perfect “Mother”.

      • Alan says:

        never thought of sarah lancaster, nice choice but im going to continue my campain for lizzy caplan

        • lizbiz says:

          I agree with lizzy caplan, shes getting more popular now and has that kind of style and attitude that would be just what ted was looking for. she can play easy going, a little zany and fun very naturally yet be a bit pretentious like ted lol

      • Kristina says:

        I’d love Sarah Lancaster!

        • april-ann says:

          Thanks for the reply Kristina, me too! Whether we get to meet her, get to know her, or just see her briefly before the show’s ending, I believe she’s the one. Sarah Lancaster can give those meaningful “looks”, when the director calls for strong or subtle. Not to even mention the chemistry with Ted! (and all of them, after all they are a package deal, lol). I see it even though I’ve never seen them together, and I feel confident saying that. And, I totally see her being the one having no problem whatsoever with Ted’s history with Robin being the before-he-met-her love of his life, and accepting her unconditionally as an equal member of their best friends group and later their childrens’ favorite aunt. She has her own satisfying busy and happy life and feels secure in her and Ted’s love and their life together.

      • Bam Kapowski says:

        Well they also said that Robin would marry Don.

        • justsomegirl says:

          No they never said that. What episode was that said? I wish someone would answer this question, but every time I ask it, no one has an answer.

      • Cassie says:

        That is a good choice! Based on Ted’s features in comparison with the kid’s, I always thought of Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I could see their features coming together to make those kids.

  12. Leah says:

    I like the Chyler Leigh suggestion for the mother – BUT I could also see Sarah Michelle Gellar rocking some serious bass guitar and being bffs with Lily (go figure ;)

    • dragons3 says:

      Oh please no SMG. She doesn’t have the acting chops to pull off a show like this that isn’t written to her simper and pout style of acting. Chyler Leigh — yeah, maybe. She certainly could pull off playing a band member, and she’s a good actress — both comedic and dramatic..

      • Leah says:

        Haha! Maybe she just hasn’t had the right opportunity to show her “growth” in that area??

      • jenn says:

        I’m sorry. Your option became null and void after “SMG can’t act”. Her titular role as Buffy was both comedic AND dramatic. Chyler is awful. Have you ever watched BtVS?

  13. Adam says:

    If the Barney/Robin wedding is this season’s finale, and Ted meets the Mother at the wedding, shouldn’t the Mother be revealed in the season finale? Or, at the very least, in next season’s premiere? The way this was phrased makes it sound like we don’t meet the Mother until the very end of the show…

    • MCO says:

      He could meet her at the marriage but not be aware of it.
      They could do something like showing her back. Voice-over “It’s how I met your mother for the first time. But I didn’t know it at the time, it came up years after your birth, kids”.
      And there, an entire season of fill-in ’till the first time he remembered.

      • Megan S says:

        I am pretty sure in one of the early seasons Ted says when he found the one, he would know just by looking at her. Like he did with Robin and Victoria… I am pretty sure that if he meets eyes with the mother at the train station, They can’t back peddle or they ruin continuity with teds character.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I’m worried about that too. If he doesn’t ~really~ meet her at the wedding I’m going to be extremely disappointed. It would be great to have a whole season of them dating and leading up to them getting married, or at least Ted proposing, or finding out that she’s pregnant or something… The title doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all of the show *cough CougarTown cough*

  14. Samantha says:

    I would really like Ted to meet the mother this season, so we can see their relationship some before the end of the series. That would feel a little more satisfying to me.

  15. davoor says:

    Season 6 and the first couple of episodes in season 8 were real bad bad all the other seasons were great and now in the recent episodes the show has once again been phenomenal… I just don’t know all of you expect… To laugh all the time? I think the show has been good, and I don’t really care about meeting the mother as much as I care about the characters… But then again meeting the mother will be great and I think we’ll probably meet here in season 8 finale or early in season 9 as Barney’s wedding will take place in May, so we may actually get to know the mother a little bit :)

    • Alan says:

      yes we expect to laugh all the time, its a comedy thats whats supposed to happen not to mention it was laugh a minute back in the early years and the fans come to expect that

    • Bam Kapowski says:

      I don’t expect to laugh all the time, but I expect the parts where I’m not supposed to laugh to be good in themselves. There have been parts about the later seasons where they are trying to be deep and have some sort of character development, but it just isn’t pulled off well. Like in the two parts of “The Final Page.” Everything that happens story wise is phenomenal and the jokes are funny, but the whole “pit” metaphor was weak and it just hammered the voice over for it just hammered the moral of the story down without any subtlety.

    • Bam Kapowski says:

      And speaking of character development, in this past season, they’ve been twisting character personalities alot in ways that don’t make sense just so they’ll fit better in a single episodes sub plot. Like in the episode where they decided that Nick was stupid. He seemed perfectly normal in previous episodes, then he was suddenly dumb enough to justify breaking up with him. If they had played it off like the bubble bursting episode, where they realize terrible things about people that they never noticed before, it would have worked. But instead they don’t even bother explaining why he seemed so normal in the past. Furthermore, they, along with every other sitcom, have already had extremely stupid love interests that the main characters continue dating because they are hot. Much like the saying “it’s been done to death”, it has been done to death.

  16. One of the clues was she was in his class. That makes me hope it’s Jennifer Morrison.
    Everyone in that cast is great except the guy who plays Ted.

    • chrisjroof says:

      Just stop watching – you are the worst. Not only is Jennifer Morrison’s character seen as one of the worst characters on television, we know it is not her.

      Also, Josh Radnor is so underrated its criminal. He plays an outstanding Ted.

      • Sarah says:

        Hahaha. Someone’s prone to hyperbole. Zoey was a terrible character though and I didn’t get her point on the show, she seemed like a filler character to pass the time. That girl Minka Kelly could be good. I still think it will be the girl he nearly ran into at that NYE party a few years ago (when he first got the umbrella). Why else show an accidental collision if she was only an extra. Rewatch the ep.

        • Nero theTVFiddler says:

          The episode in question is ‘No Tomorrow’ [Season 3, episode 12] – the actress’ name – Nichole Muirbrook. There is a clip on You Tube of the scene where Ted runs into ‘the woman’ : search for – “How I met your mother – Ted Mosby’s wife”. If ‘the mother’ turns out to be Nichole, I’m okay with that. I think Josh may have mentioned a while back that he might like to see someone relatively unknown cast as ‘the mother’, so if they go that route, and Josh and the cast and team are fine with Nichole, then I’m fine with Nichole.

          However, I also subscribe to the ‘Barney theory’ – if you want to find someone to replace the woman that you’ve been in love with for eight years, and that woman is a ’10’, you need to go find yourself another ’10’, or maybe a ’12’. That’s a guy talking, but I think it is [sadly] true. That’s not to say the lovely Nichole couldn’t be Ted’s new ’10’. However, as others have mentioned on this posting, the show does run the risk of disappointing a lot of fans/viewers if ‘the mother’ turns out to be someone who may not be able to hold her own up against Robin. I think that’s why Ashley Williams worked so well as Victoria – she could compete w/Robin [same for Sarah Chalke’s Stella]. Sarah Lancaster? A good choice – I hadn’t thought of her, but a good choice – she’s got an ‘Ashley Williams’ vibe. I’d be very happy if they go with Sarah L – a very believable choice for Ted to make.

          Nevertheless, I’m going to stick with my original choice to be cast as ‘the mother’ – Erica Durance (of Smallville and Saving Hope). She could go toe-to-toe with the charismatic and lovely Robin – viewers would believe Ted falling for her after all these years of pining for Robin.

          But make no mistake, the casting of ‘the mother’ will be one of the most talked about and important decisions by a television comedy series in a very, very long time. They need to get this right, and I’m sure Carter/Craig/Rob/Pamela are aware of the importance of this casting decision. I wish them the best of luck – I’m confident they’ll make the right choice and that we’ll see ‘the mother’ at the end of this season 8 in May, and she and Ted will ‘meet’ next September in the season 9 premiere. It will be fun to see Ted and her together, but most importantly, I can’t wait to see the dynamic between her and Robin – that will be … legendary.

    • Mike says:

      I love Jennifer Morrison, but Zoey was the worst of all Teds girls, and Teds awesome and horribly underrated, he is a character easy to relate to.

    • Alan says:

      radnor is fantastic as ted, it still amazes me that i still havent seen him in anything else and i have been watching out for him ever sinjce i started the show.
      in other news anyone who thinks zoey was a good character needs to have their sanity re-evaluated and needs to be told that ted hasnt met the mother yet, that has been made abundantly clear with a flash forward where ted said him and zoey ended badly and he went on to meet the mother

      • Mike says:

        Not to mention we know he meets the mother for the first time at the train station and we know Zoey was not in a band.

  17. Eric says:

    I would like for Ted to meet the mother either in this year’s season finale or next year’s season premiere, spend most of next season courting her and end the show with either a proposal or maybe even a marriage.

  18. nich says:

    I’m so happy. Maybe this last season will actually be about Ted and the Mother and not more Barney/Robin Epic Tru Wuv Saga.

    • Danny says:

      I so agree with you. I’m sick of this whole Barney/Robin annoyance. I would just like to at least be able to see (face) who the mother is in the finale, even if it’s a quick smile then cut to credits. That will at least hold me still for the next months leading up to the final season which will hopefully finally have something to do with Ted…..and hopefully no Barney….seriously he’s been getting on my nerves.

  19. yes, please. Keep the plan for us to meet hte mother at the end of this season at the wedding. And then season 9 we can see why she’s the one for Ted.

  20. dlr929 says:

    Another example of fibbing producers. They said that the “mother” would be exposed at the end of this season whether or not it was renewed and next year would be a time of adjustment for the gang with the additional person and we would see it play out.
    The permutations of the relationships forming, etc. would be just as thrilling.
    This is just as bad as “the killing” as far as I’m concerned.
    I’ll tune in for the final episode next year.

    • Rose says:

      They said that several seasons ago, too. They told us in a TV Guide interview that we’d see the Mother; then Ted tells us she was in the classroom that first day he was an instructor.

  21. Sarah says:

    YAY!! I love this show, and while it has certainly deviated from its original Ted/Mother focus, this has been a great cast of characters to watch over the years. Hopefully WE meet the mother at the end of this season, or at the very least in the premiere, and get a chance to see Ted fall for her and the beginning of the relationship we are so invested in. The series finale could easily do some flashforwards (HIMYM is great at those) so we can see their wedding, babies, etc.

  22. Sebhope says:

    i love this show, one more seasons great!

    Though ive not been hyping up meeting the mother, was never greatly about it for me, it was about the journey……but i do think people should except the fact alot of people are going to be disappointed when we meet her, i mean it’s an anti-climax waiting to happen… it’s doubtful its going to be anyone we’ve seen on the show, so its not gonna be a giant twist just a new face, we hopefully get to spend time with in the ninth season…if meeting the mother was the end it would be an anti-climax as we know little of her except what we’ve been told. though i think its either this season end or the season premiere.

    • Sarah says:

      I think it would be cool if we met her thus season and saw them date the next. It would also be cool if they had a flashback episode that showed her point of view in alot of near misses. Like her at a party that Tex also attended (but we didn’t meet her), or her seeing Ted in that classroom where he accidentally started teaching, or her at McClarens. Maybe I think about this too much.

      • Alan says:

        i reckon, if they do the right thing and introduce her at the end of this season, then moments where she mentions something and ted will say “i was there too” leading into a flashback from her perspective could be a recurring moment throughout the final season, it would makes sense since the show is kinda obsessed with flashbacks.

  23. John says:

    The long national nightmare comes to an end!


    • John says:

      P.S. Here’s a vote for a mostly entire season with her added to the group. Probably a partial reveal cliffhanger in the season finale with her then revealed in the season opener next year. (This being television after all: RATINGS)

  24. Patty Stamps says:

    was i dreaming or didn’t we just find out that he met the mother at barney and robin’s wedding?

  25. Yiota says:

    But for real now.. I know some of the fans don’t think that the mother is as important as the journey towards finding her, but truth be told, it must be REALLY tough to put a face behind the most famous mother in sitcoms at least :)

    I love HIMYM it’s been with me for the last 5-6 years for my life and it’s been a great part of my life, I kid you not. I hate that it has to end, but all good (and bad) things come to an end and at least we get to prepare ourselves ahead.

    I thank all the producers and the actors and the creators for doing such magnificent work. And I thank all the fans that alongside me have been loyal and more importantly respectful to this show. I will miss it greatly.

  26. ggny says:

    Stop watching this year i was getting sick of waiting for the mother. I want to see her and Ted together finally and the last season should be about 3 married couples not Ted still telling the story

  27. Ryan says:

    I don’t see what the big deal with the mother is. This is a sitcom about 5 friends…it wouldn’t be that different of you took away the mother. It’s not like it’s a mystery to be solved and the “clues” they give us have brought us any closer to her identity.

    • B says:

      Interesting. For some reason I always thought this sitcom was about how some guy met his kids’ mother?

    • MCO says:

      Maybe because the show is called “How I Met Your Mother” and Not “How your aunts uncles and I had fun in ou late twenties and early thirties !”. ?

    • Alan says:

      the mother is the goal, naturally people want to strive towards that goal. plus with the narrative device of telling the story of how he met their mother to the kids i thinks its fair to say thats more important than hearing about how their father was in love with another woman for most of his adult life; the emotional scars these kids must have after listening to all the stuff their father got up to and their aunts and uncles and even their grandparents, the years of therapy will not be enough

  28. Charlie says:

    I’m still secretly hoping that the mother turns out to be Sarah Michelle Gellar… mostly because I want a Buffy/Willow reunion. Plus, it would just be epic.

  29. Mike says:

    Still think we’ll be meeting the mother either in the 8th season finale or the 9th season premiere, the creators confirmed that the Barnacle Wedding is this year, so I wouldn’t be shocked if the 8th season finale ends with us just about seeing the mothers face and te 9th season premiere beginning with meeting the mother and her being at least a recurring character throughout the final season. I’m having mixed emotions, I still love this show, even if the recent seasons have been less great, but I am a bit sad to see it go. I hope it’s final season is strong.

  30. B says:

    Woo hoo! JJ Abrams paging Ms. Smulders for her S.H.I.E.L.D uniform fitting!!

  31. Tanvi says:

    No!! As much as I want to see the mother, I really don’t want this show to end! I love everything about this show, it truly is legendary. I’m pretty sure people will still watch the reruns of this show for years to come!

  32. Courtney says:

    It sucks to not care about the final season of what used to be one of my favorite shows. Maybe it’s just me, but by a ninth season stories haven’t been as good for awhile (One Tree Hill) or the characters have changed/been replaced (Scrubs), or you just feel it’s time for them to go away already (Friends)… I wish I was more sad to see this show leave or be more excited about wrapping it up, but I just don’t care = \ .

  33. JustACityGirl says:

    Guys, it’s ‘HOW I Met Your Mother’ not ‘Me Dating Your Mother’ .. you all need to relax.
    This show is without a doubt one of the best shows ever for me. I can totally relate to Ted and I agree with one of the comments above, Josh Radnor is one of the most underrated actors! I don’t want this show to end!
    Maybe there will be a spinoff with Ted and his wife called ‘Teddy Westside-Married’ or something less bad (I clearly am not a writer for this reason).

    • Alan says:

      so many shows carried on after the title stopped making sense, i cant believe i have to pull out the list again.
      buffy the vampire slayer spent most of her time fighting things that werent vampire and having sex with things that were. blake’s 7 had blake leave the show after its second season, also didnt have 7 members of the crew. taggart had more years without the character taggart than with. prison break stayed on after they broke out of the prison. the man from uncle had two men from uncle in the main cast. the desperate housewives were no longer housewives after a few years. the avengers stopped avenging after the opening story. cougar town stopped being about the characters being cougars about 5 seconds after the show began. burn notice is not about the burn notice anymore. extras became a show about an actor with a major role, not an extra anymore. star trek deep space nine contained no trekking. boy meets world ended with the main character married, definitely not a boy anymore. new girl is no longer the new girl in the appartment.
      im sure there are many more but im sick of typing them, anyone want to add more to the list?
      i dont understand why people make such a big deal out of the title when we have had 8 seasons of him NOT meeting the mother, doesnt that not live up to the title?

      • Kay says:

        Completely agreed. All the complaining doesn’t make much sense. If all we cared about in a show was it living up to the title, there are quite a few wonderful shows that wouldn’t measure up. This is a good show about friends and their quest for love- Ted’s meeting the mother is merely icing on the cake.

  34. Courtney says:

    As much as I think we should see the progression of the relationship between Ted&the Mother, I want the last words of the series to be “and that kids, is How I Met Your Mother.” ya know?

    • A says:

      I get it, but I just can’t hold out for another year without something happening. To me, the show has grown stagnant and has itself been relying on the crutch of her impending debut for awhile, and that’s pretty much what we are hanging on to at this point. I already am skeptical about how the rest of this season is going to play out knowing she won’t appear.

      • Twilight123 says:

        I have always wanted the show to end with “and that kids, is How I Met Your Mother” with a zoom out of them talking and the theme music playing! I see no other way, honestly. (I’m also more than a little afraid that *if* we were to meet the mother early and watch Ted date her, she would be a disappointment. It’s going to be hard to fill the most mysterious female role in sitcom history, especially after 8+ years of buildup. Sometimes, the anticipation is better than the actual thing. But that’s just me).

    • Twilight123 says:

      I have always wanted the show to end with “and that kids, is How I Met Your Mother” with a zoom out of them talking and the theme music playing! I see no other way, honestly. (I’m also more than a little afraid that *if* we were to meet the mother early and watch Ted date her, she would be a disappointment. It’s going to be hard to fill the most mysterious female role in sitcom history, especially after 8+ years of buildup. Sometimes, the anticipation is better than the actual thing. But that’s just me).

      • robinhelene says:

        You have a point. Would it be better to meet the most anticipated wife and mother in history and watch the mundane life facts of Ted dating and wooing her while Barney speculates on her (honk, honk!) boobies? Or would it be more fairy-tale perfect to have Ted meet her at the very end of episode nine and have the voice-over announce, “And that, my dear children, is how I met your mother”?

  35. Alyssa says:

    I love how this article says “Find out when we’ll meet the mother” but then they never tell us when we’ll meet the mother! Is it season 8 or do we have to wait a whole other year?? I hope its this season. They should give us a season to get to KNOW the mother. Not just introduce her and end the show

  36. Liam says:

    I gave up on the show in season 5. The show just wan’t funny any longer.

  37. Anna says:

    So… this was not official yet?

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      It’s official – the show will wrap things up in May 2014. As far as when Ted ‘meets’ the mom, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. I still think we’ll (and Ted) will ‘see’ the mom at the end of this season in May, and then he’ll ‘meet’ the mom in the fall premiere in September. We’ll have to wait and see, but Bay/Thomas are smart guys – they’ll get this right.

  38. Barb says:

    OK, at the risk of being humiliated by all it’s fans, I have never watched this show. In the begining the speech rattles on about whatever. Who’s mother are they waiting to meet? Is this a story being told to someone’s kid? I just never was interested enough to get into it. Are two of the characters supposed to marry and have kids and then this is the story they are telling them or what? Sorry – i don’t get it. Or don’t care!

    • Alan says:

      ted, the main character, is telling the story of how he met his wife to their kids in the year 2030; its basically treated as an extended flashback to his single life with some snarky narration from ted hear and there. so far he hasnt met his wife but he has managed to emotionally scar his kids with some of the stories he has told them (i imagine given their content).

    • justsomegirl says:

      I’m sorry, but why are you on here asking about the show if you don’t care? Sounds like you care to me…

  39. Ideally, now that a FIRM end date has been set and what not, the writers WOULD have Ted meet the mother on the day two of his best friends (one bro, one ex) get married (i.e. the season finale this year). THEN we would see Ted do the full spectrum of things – be wacky, be crazy, be overly attached, be somewhat detached, be dumped, be whiny, be resolute, be determined and finally just be – in order to win the titular mother. Ideally the last season of the show WOULD showcase all that is brilliant about HIMYM – which is, to be blunt, the first few seasons of the show – and would feature LESS of the things we have stopped caring about – which are stagnant storylines that go nowhere.

    Ideally, the ninth season would have long time fans of the show excited, puzzled, heartbroken and sentimental before the final credits and the segue into “Stay Tuned For A New Episode of (Insert New CBS Comedy Here)” is announced.

    But considering how lackluster the show has been the last few seasons, I keep thinking my ideal scenario is less and less likely.

    Nevertheless, happy the show finally has an end date, which means we finally see the last act the writers have horribly teased us about for too long now. Yes, I know the show is titled “How I MET Your Mother” but if the final scene is just MEETING the mother, this has been nine wasted years.

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe the ENTIRE 9th season will be Barney and Robin’s wedding day. And we’ll see all of Ted’s exes. Victoria will make the cake, Stella will be giving out dermatology advice, Katie Holmes will bust out the slutty pumpkin. And at the end, Victoria Principal can bust in on Patrick Duffy taking a shower, and we’ll realize the entire show has been a dream.

  40. A says:

    Are you kidding me? They are delaying the reveal of the mother for another season? At this point, if they just reveal her in the series finale, its going to be so anticlimactic that it definitely will be a let down. It has been dragged out for way too long. They should reveal her by the end of this season and continue next season by letting us GET TO KNOW HER! Geez. Sometimes its good when shows hold on to certain secrets and drag them out for a while and save them for a huge reveal, but when it gets to 8 years, enough is enough!

  41. Patty says:

    Eh, I feel like I’m done with the show. I was hoping it would be this year, but to have to wait yet ANOTHER year, to meet the mom, I just can’t fathom it. I haven’t been to interested this season either. I’m not getting the pairing of Barney and Robin at all. I love Barney and I like Robin, but together, it just doesn’t work for me. They never built it up enough for me personally. So, since they’re focusing on their wedding for the rest of this season, I just won’t be watching anymore. Whenever they do get around to finally introducing the mom (on the 2nd to last episode of next season), then I’ll tune in.

  42. Nero theTVFiddler says:


  43. Rose says:

    I have a feeling this season finale will Barney and Robin’s wedding (bloody finally!) and then the last moment of the episode will be Ted meeting the mother or just our first real look. Season 9 will probably be Barney and Robin adjusting to married life, Marshall and Lily having a toddler and having a new addition to the group. But I think she and Ted will only be friends, but he’s pining after her a bit and she is too, but neither know. Then they’ll probably get together in the series finale.

  44. stellalunaa says:

    love this show. i’m sad to see it end but i do think its an appropriate time. I don’t really get why people get so upset we haven’t met the mother. I mean if we had met the mother at the end of season 1 the rest of the seasons would just be stupid. It would be like the Lost survivors getting rescued in the season 1 finale, it just wouldn’t make sense.

    Plus in my opinion finding out who the mother is isn’t that important to me. I enjoy the stories and the lives of the characters, not who ted is going to marry really.

  45. gm says:

    Lisa Dean Ryan!!!

  46. Ankit says:

    Meanwhile in india they r stilll showing season 7.

  47. Tara says:

    I think at the end of season 8 they should show Ted meeting two different women. Then through season 9 they can keep us guessing about which one is the mother … Ready for the final episode reveal :)

  48. Dave says:

    1. Kristen Bell 2. Mila Kunis 3. Rachel McAdams
    That’s my wishlist for the Mother. It’s kind of hard to think of one since they’ve already ruled out so many great actresses.

  49. Fernanda says:

    the mother would be Lyndsy Fonseca, grown up in current time. And that would be a great irony, we’ve already met since the beginning of the series, and also future Ted would say to her daughter “she looks like you sweetheart”.

  50. Sarah says:

    I personally don’t think the show has been dragged out too long. I love it and an so attached to it. I don’t watch it for learning who the mother is. I watch it because its so funny and a great way to spend my Monday nights. I was talking to a friend and we were giving theories as to who the mother was and she had the best idea. Ted is at some family friends house and the kids he is talking to are their kids. So basically what she was saying is he meant how I met YOUR mother so those aren’t really his kids. I know the producers wouldn’t cheat us like that but how funny would that be?