Supernatural Scoop: Felicia Day Books Third Visit

LARP and the Real GirlFresh off her day of LARPing with the Winchester boys, Felicia Day has booked a third visit to The CW’s Supernatural, it was announced on Tuesday during a press screening.

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Whereas Day’s character, überhacker Charlie Bradbury, previously got caught up in Sam and Dean’s battle with Dick Roman, then was stumbled upon by them inside a LARPing community, the third time around she will bring a case to the brothers, during the latter part of Season 8.

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Day’s other recent credits include TV’s Eureka and Annoying Orange and the web series The Guild (which she created) and Husbands.

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  1. Polly says:


  2. shamangrrl says:

    Why can’t Carver repopulate the SPN universe with characters who are competent, intelligent, helpful – something other than cartoon caricatures? Seriously, we’ve got Charlie and Garth – that’s it. I’m not begrudging them, but how about something other than comedy characters? This show was supposed to be a horror/drama show, but it’s become a soap with occassional farce thrown in for good measure.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Well the real show ended at season 5. What we have now is just a huge freaking mess of retardedness where apparently a 5/10 readheaded nerd kissing another girl is the best they can do in hopes of raising dismal ratings. Honestly, the last 3 seasons are really not on par with the first 5. Milked it too far.

      • Peter J says:

        The ratings are actually better this season (Arrow deserving some credit, along with being away from Friday night). Say what you will about Supernatural, I’d even say they haven’t been the same since season 4 (hated most of season 5), but they didn’t exploit the lesbian kiss for ratings. They were very mature, refreshingly mature.

      • It’s funny (and by funny I mean insulting) how you imply that the only reason for two women to be kissing on the show is for a ratings boost. Grow up.

    • Loli("v") says:

      couldn’t agree more. I’m sick and tired of this silliness. I want the show to take itself a bit seriously. I don’t see a room for comedy at this point with all that’s going on with the story arc. The writers are seriously ideas-deprived they’re resorting to the crappiest opportunities to write episodes. I do NOT trust them with another season. And since when the guest characters are more important and are worthy of exploration than the main characters. It’s beyond me.

      • Peter J says:

        Most of the episodes this season have been serious. Not sure if they’re very good at serious (except Purgatory), but only a few have been comic. They would be better off learning how to pace seasons. Depressing torture episodes suddenly stop for wacky fun. If this is happening again then viewers will not invest in the serious plot.

    • Peter J says:

      I think she should have been limited to once a season but I also thought this last visit was better than the first one, especially some of her scenes with Dean. I don’t believe any scene Garth has with Dean or with Sam, but Charlie, I might, as long as they avoid more Mary Sue lectures.

    • Annie says:

      This makes no sense to me. How is Charlie a “caricature”?

    • we get two, maybe three comedic episodes per season. xfiles did the same. i don’t think that’s unreasonable, and if you don’t like 3 episodes per season, you’ve still got 20 others to enjoy.

    • Brian says:

      I loved Bela Talbot. Thought she was the perfect foil to Dean.

    • It has always been a soap-opera, with added elements of horror/fantasy. But the core has always been the emotional relationships between the characters.
      I actually think Charlie is very well-developed, especially for someone who was only booked to appear in one episode. She represents the GSM audience respectfully, and also is less of an immature caricature of fans than, say, Becky Rosen was. Also, Carver introduced Benny, who is a complex and thoughtful character, as well Naomi, who (while not really “helpful”) is intelligent and competent.
      So I can’t really say I see where you’re coming from.

    • Ginger says:

      That’s exactly what it has become. God, I hate this news.

    • Rain says:

      I love this comment. I miss the old days when it was mostly horror with just a bit of funny -yet still dark – stuff thrown in.

  3. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    I love her, and I love her character. :)

  4. Gaia says:

    That is awesome! I love her!!! Looking forward to it!

  5. Nellie says:

    I dunno, she started out with only a few episodes of Eureka, and the next thing I knew it was no longer Eureka but “The Holly Marten Show, featuring your favorite Eureka personalities.”

  6. Dilys says:

    Thrilled to have Charlie back. Now please just give me Cas back and I will be thrilled beyond measure.

    • Katie says:

      My thoughts exactly. I hadn’t seen Charlie before this past week, but I did like her, and I like having a female that makes an occasional appearance that is not any kind of love interest for them. Additionally, does it seem like they’re kind of expanding the circle of friendships for Sam and Dean? just this season they’ve had more than one dealing with Charlie (or they will, apparently), Kevin, Benny and Cas. And Garth has started being a more prominent presence as well.
      And I’m impatiently waiting for Cas to return, though Misha not being an official regular makes me worry for my favorite angel.

  7. Great news! I love Charlie, and her friendship with Dean is amazing. This gives me hope that we may get some Cas/Charlie interaction. She’s a really fun, smart, strong character, and I love the dynamic she brings.

    • Peter J says:

      Sounds like another episode without Cas, he’s only in the tablet episodes, this one seems to be about a case. I’d like them to meet someday.

      • Kris says:

        Why? He doesn’t have to interact with every person on the show. He’s a side character not a main character. Less is more.

        • Peter J says:

          I wanted him to interact with Charlie, not every person. I think their scenes would be entertaining. He’s more to the show than just a side character and I don’t think one or two scenes with Charlie would rob Sam or Dean.

        • Whether or not you like Cas, he is more than a side character. I think it would be great to see Charlie learn about angels and meet one.

        • He’s only a “side” character if you ignore the fact that the show creators count him as “a third brother, a third main character” (quoting Ben Edlund, and referencing Carver giving three separate plot arcs to Dean, Sam and Cas, for instance). Castiel’s importance to the show is roughly equivalent to Bobby’s importance, in dramatic impact and character influence, not to mention number of appearances. I personally wouldn’t call him just a side character. Some people consider only the two brothers to be main characters, with the rest “side characters,” but this is not a universal view. :) Plus, while Cas doesn’t need to interact with everyone, per se, it is usually interesting (and/or hilarious) when he does. So obviously people are going to be curious as to how he would interact with Charlie, as she is the focus of this article.

    • Kris says:

      Or maybe she could actually talk to Sam this time– since they’re both geeks and might have something in common and started to bond a little over Harry Potter in the first ep she was in. Maybe the writer can remember that this time.

      • Peter J says:

        Apparently Sam is supposed to be depressed and alone this season, so he’s probably not going to talk with her about Harry Potter.

      • I would love to see her talk more with Sam too! I think they’d have some fun researching stuff. But as far as the geeky stuff goes, Dean has always been more geeky, while Sam is just more intellectual.

        • Kris says:

          Sam’s the Walking Encyclopedia of Weirdness and trusty sidekick geekboy, not to mention his computer hacking. Not to mention the Harry Potter references. So I’d say that canon proves you wrong.

          • Dean is canonically a Trekkie, references LOTR, and geeks out about LARPing. I definitely agree with you that Sam has more knowledge about the supernatural weird, but I think that has more to do with the researcher side of him. And yes, he did reference HP and is good with the computer, but I still think Dean more lines up with the kind of geek Charlie is. But of course, there are all different interpretations of “geek”.

          • Dean can also computer hack (hello s7).
            In canon, Dean is the one who typically makes the obscure references, enjoys nerd culture, and fanboys over television shows and music. Sam’s childhood hero was a football player. Dean’s crush is Dr. Sexy. Dean loves Star Trek. Sam loves working out. Sam played soccer as a kid. Dean was a loner loser. I mean, as far as in-show goes, Sam is pretty nerdy about history and trivia, while Dean is more culturally nerdy. They’re both pretty marginalized, though — enough that they can really find a home in nerd culture now and again.

    • Restless says:

      YES please. :D

      Could you imagine if Castiel was in this last episode? I’m pretty sure I would have asphyxiated from laughter watching Cas try to interact with and understand the LARPers and Charlie.

  8. RachelA says:

    I love Charlie, and I’m glad they are bringing her back to the show. I find her interactions with Dean in particular amusing. I’d like it if the two of them developed a genuine friendship.

  9. erin says:

    Cool. She is really a great character.

  10. oppar says:

    i love her character and what she brings to the show. i’m hoping that as they start to repopulate the spn world they will fix the problem they seem to have of assigning characters to either dean or sam and allow them to all interact. be it for good or bad.

    i like charlie because while she was mostly dean focused last time she was notably also one of the few to be sam focused as well from her nerdy connection with sam in s7. i like that she is a character with a focus and individual traits that make her able to stand on her own and yet have just enough mirroring qualities to be able to add dimension to the brothers and other side characters as well. as seen last episode with her ability to interact with supernatural being positively (cas, benny)

  11. mel says:

    She’s awesome in every way.

  12. Cheryl Renner says:

    Ugh – why??? I was OK with her until her character ate the last season of Eureka and we wasted so much time on Holly instead of characters that had been on the show since it premiered. I really don’t need her on anymore SPN episodes – I would rather see more Castiel if given the choice.

  13. Hana says:

    I feel like they’ve forgotten the gritty, dark-ish atmosphere the show used to have. Humor was always part of SPN, but used to be different, maybe less silly and, don’t know, while I like Charlie per se, I can’t imagine her fitting in older seasons, i.e.

    I also think she shouldn’t appear in more than 1 episode each season, but if she’s returning, I hope she talks more with Sam this time than she did in the LARPers episode.

    • You do realize that the first time Charlie appeared, she established a strong bond with Sam as well, sharing Harry Potter references and he was the one who carried her out when her arm was broken. She has a good relationship (as good a relationship as anyone can have) with both brothers.
      Also, I think Supernatural does a great job of balancing the scary and absurd in the show. Recently, the plot-centric episodes have been so full of gritty emotional intensity they really need some kind of lighter atmosphere now and again. Keeps the fans sane. :P

      • Hana says:

        I’m perfectly aware that she interacted with Sam in the S7’s episode, but I was talkking about LAST episode, where they hardly crossed a few lines. It’s in fact the fact that she and Sam shared stuff the first time she appeared that I’m oping they do it again.

        I disagree on the other part, sorry. I think the show is not gritty anymore. Yes, this season has been full of charged episdes, but I wouldn’t call them gritty, more like soap-operish and dramatic. The horror movie feel it used to hold is practically gone, imho, and humor is now a lot more cartoonish than it was before.

        • She doesn’t need to be Sam-focused every episode, though it’s nice when she gets to interact with both of them.
          The other part is a valid opinion, but also just an opinion. I personally find certain episodes very gritty. Again, just an opinion — but it’s emotionally packed enough for me to appreciate a light-hearted reprieve now and again.

          • Hana says:

            No, she doesn’t need to be Sam-tilted in every episode, but last one she mainly interacted with Dean, and that’s why I’m asking for more Sam-Charlie time if she makes a second appearance this season. That doens’t mean no Dean-Charlie time, of course.

          • @Hana Totally. And her interactions with Sam last time were great, so I’d love to see her interact with Sam as well. Both boys need friends. :)

        • Drew says:

          It depends on the episodes. I agree that seasons 1 and 2 especially had more episodes that were grounded in reality, but there have always been hints of the humor and the amount of it really depends on the season. There have been some silly episodes in earlier seasons.
          I feel like last year was the weakest in terms of grittiness. There was less gore and the Leviathan arc was hokey and weak. The whole thing felt silly and wrong for the show (the plot was too mainstream and public, which is not where the show’s strength is. They’re better at the “Walmart apocalypse” type stuff, laying low)

          This year is an improvement. The gore is back, with blood splattering around in nearly every episode. The tension feels more legit than last season. I know people don’t like Sam and Dean not getting along, but it at least felt earned to me. I do kinda miss the basic urban legend type stories that were creepy and not bogged down by the show’s own mythology, but it’s season 8, so the show’s history is hard to ignore at this point.

          I guess I feel like the show is much improved over last season and I enjoy it a lot, but I do understand what you’re saying.

          • I agree, Drew. But man, there were a couple of episodes last season which were just dark! Repo Man still gives me chills (and Jeffery’s actor was phenomenal). I agree about the Leviathan arc, though. Weak. But Purgatory this year brought back a lot of the gritty action that I love. And I feel like that might even amp up now that we’re in the second half of the season. And I also enjoyed the tension between the brothers (knowing they’d work past it, as brothers do, as they always do) because it had been a long time coming.
            The only season that actually scared me was season 1, so maybe the longevity of the show has made me used to the emotional focus. (Shrug)

          • Drew says:

            I just went back and looked at the seasons and all of their episodes. It’s interesting to see what sticks out in my memory and then how the season actually played out episode by episode. Season 7 had some good episodes, but the main arc seemed to infect most of it. With a weak arc, it’s hard to enjoy even some of the better episodes. The way Bobby went out was unforgivable (though the episode where he actually died was well done) and his ghost arc just added insult to injury. But even looking at this season, there are more stronger and serious episodes than what I thought initially. I think it’ll play better in reruns, without any hiatus and all that.

          • Hana says:

            I agree that S7 was the worst offender in that aspect, though there were a few episodes that felt dark to me, and held a bit of that early feeling, but overall, the whole Leviathans with their Corporate America and political storyline was too far from the SPN I feel in love with. I still think Charlie was part of that ‘new’ style. I like her, though. I agree that this season improved slightly the atmosphere a bit, so it’s not an attack toward S8.

            Of course, this is season 8, there’s a lot of mythology and past plot, the original showrunner and creator is gone, as many writers and other members of the crew, I understand all those points, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to keep the MOTW episodes closer to what they used to be. I don’t know, I just miss it.

          • Drew says:

            I agree. That’s why I liked “Bitten” this year. It had that horror movie element to it that drew you in and kept you on the edge of your seat. Having an outsider perspective kinda gave it a fresh feel too.

            It’s possible that what Supernatural needs is for Sam and Dean to be the new Bobby (sorry Garth) and try to teach some of the civilians that they’ve met how to be hunters, since a lot of hunters have died over the years. Maybe we’re too inside of it all now and need a new perspective on the show. Charlie is new to hunting, but they kinda made her too “awesome” from the jump. But something like when Jo was getting into hunting and she kinda knew what she was doing, but could also die at any moment. That was interesting. It sucks that they used her and Ellen so little.

        • Peter J says:

          I think they lost that feel after the second season. Sometimes I miss it, but I also like the more ensemble feel. I’d love a balance.

    • Drew says:

      Go back and take a look at Ash. He makes Charlie look like the grimmest, darkest, most serious character in the world. Chuck was also a mostly comedic character, and Becky was… well, kinda realistic, based on some of the people I’ve seen on the internet. The Ghostfacers were goofy too. And the Trickster/Gabriel… I guess the point I’m making is, there were plenty of silly characters on the show over the course of its run. It’s all about how they’re used. That’s what matters.

      I didn’t like Charlie’s first episode. I liked her a little more in the second. I don’t know if she needs to be popping up all the time, but it’s not like we’re swimming in recurring characters right now, since most of the old ones are dead.

      • I loved Ash. I miss him more than most minor characters. :(

        • Drew says:

          I always thought he was too over the top for the show. He was introduced with Jo and Ellen and he just didn’t fit in that circle at all. I was a little relieved when he died, but I did like seeing him again later on.

      • Hana says:

        I don’t share your opinion on Ash. He was comedic, but he fitted in that unnderground, a bit gritty and ‘dursy’, blue-collar style the show used to have that is practicaly absent now. Becky and Chuck were introduced later on, and I’m nota fan of either, but still, I liked how the LARPers that roled as Sam and Dean were, as I said, more blue-collar, which made that episode fit better (this is my opinion, of course) in the general atmosphere that still lingered a bit back then. In late seasons, characters are more middle-class, and Charlie is a perfect example, imo.

        Ghostfacers were goofy as hell, yeah, but they were an obvious parody, and, at the same time, while being full-comedic, they served to offer a different POV onSam and Dean and their job and relationship.

        Again, humor was always part of SPN, but the style has changed a lot. I don’t have anything against Charlie, I liked her, but my opinion is that we don’t need more than one episode each seaason with her, that’s all.

        • Hana says:

          With ‘dursy’ I meant ‘dusty’. Sorry about all those typos.

        • Drew says:

          I see what you mean. Season 7 was too polished and mainstream. It completely didn’t fit the show, and made the whole thing seem silly. They’ve always dealt with middle class people, but the strength of the show really is that underground culture with truck stops and dirty motels.

          Ash was a bit much for me. We was too much of a character, while the others were just hardcore and gritty. The mullet and the more comedic accent and all of that. He just didn’t fit in the roadhouse, in my opinion. He could have worked on his own, but it was an odd contrast to have him to tightly connected to Ellen and Jo.

  14. i can take her or leave her, but it’s definitely nice to have a reoccurring female character who isn’t a love interest for one of the brothers.

  15. Robina says:

    I hope we’ll get to see her interact more with Sam this time, since LARP had her interacting almost exclusively with Dean. Sam could definitely use more conversations with the recurring characters, and their conversation about Harry Potter in Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo was delightful — I’d love to see them develop that vibe.

  16. mac says:

    why are they bringing back the characters I totally dislike ? Where’re Cas, Benny and Crowley ? More of those three please not a fifth class actress with no talent and a rabid fanbase…

  17. Elyse says:

    yay!!!! I love Charlie!!! :)

  18. Sue says:

    Charlie was a welcome breath of fresh air in the two episodes she’s been in. I like her dynamic. I would love to see her as a more regular recurring character to give her a chance to interact with Sam as well as Dean. I’d also love to see Jody Mills return. Why has she been sidelined?

  19. Wow. Supernatural receives a lot of criticism for being sexist in it’s overall lack of decent female characters, but judging from some of the comments here I can see why they get away with letting those criticisms go ignored. Charlie Bradbury is the best new female character in the past three seasons, and one of the best new characters overall in that timeframe. Felicia Day does a great job in portraying her.

    What exactly are your problems with her character? She’s not hot enough for you so her kiss on last week’s episode didn’t turn you on? Who cares. As a bisexual woman, I certainly enjoyed seeing it on my TV screen, for multiple reasons (and I happen to think Felicia Day is very attractive).

    As for the “comedy” aspect, SPN has always had a sort of dark humor and a contrast between the angst and the absurd that helps set the show apart, in my opinion. Also, who is to say that the next episode with Charlie will be such a light-hearted romp. We know that Charlie’s character has no family and is in many ways just as much on the run as Sam and Dean. I’d personally love to see the show explore her background a bit, and eventually have all three of them sort of adopt each other. And just look at Gabriel and Mystery Spot as an example of how the show can take a “comedic” reoccurring character and turn it into a heartbreaking episode.

    Anyhow, I’m just kind of shocked at how petty the hate towards Charlie/Felicia Day is. The SPN world of reoccurring characters is pretty slim after the blood bath of the past couple seasons. We need all the strong, interesting characters we can get.

  20. Alan says:

    figured we would see her again since she didnt tell the boys to go screw themselves like the end of her first episode.
    the writers cant win, people complain about the lack of well written female characters in the show then they introduce one and people complain. its good to see a female character who doesnt want to jump the boys bones, that can get a bit old; and she is a very positive depiction of a lesbian, something we need more of in tv, hell the cw didnt even use her being a lesbian to get ratings and thats just amazing.

    • Megan says:

      I can’t agree more with ”the writers cant win, people complain about the lack of well written female characters in the show then they introduce one and people complain”, just like people complain when the boys friends disapear cause it’S depressing, they’re all alone, have no friends and all…but the second the show introduced a new one, people complain again….

  21. Ginger says:

    Boo! Hiss! Another script written specifically for Felicia Day. I traded Bobby, Rufus and Ellen for Garth, Kevin and a little sister Winchester. Lovely. I didn’t know Carver was such a big fan of fanfic.

    • First of all, good job insulting the people who are making their careers out of this show. Because obviously they cater specifically to you. And if they displease you they are automatically not doing their job. (Seriously?)
      Secondly, great job insulting fan works, which are artistic endeavors made with love, free to the public, and fulfill the most distant and daring hopes and desires that fans have but never expect to see. If I were Carver, I’d be honored to have my work compared to the most dearly held hopes and wishes of a very creative fandom.
      I’ll be enjoying the show enough for both of us though so all good.

    • Peter J says:

      To be fair to Carver, he didn’t kill any of those characters, he didn’t create Charlie, and Jo was a little sister type long before Charlie.

  22. Yes! Charlie will return!!! :D I love Charlie. She is a little sister to Sam and Dean and she’s so cool!! I love her and the awesome Felicia Day. <3
    I'd love to see her and Dean spend more time together and talk about suff that they have in common. They understand each other, like a lot. And I'd love to see her spend more time with Sammy too. I hope Cas is in that episode omg, can you imagine? Awesome. I'm certain she'd notice some destiel tones.
    Yey! I'm so happy with this news. :)

  23. Sareeta says:

    Charlie is the best female character on the show. I loved both of “her” episodes. Glad to know she’ll be back. Plus, she and Dean have great chemistry.

  24. Cat says:

    I hope she gets to interact with Sam and bond with him a bit more! I loved their dynamic in 7.20 and she was fabulous with Dean in LARP and the Real Girl, but there was so little interaction with Sam! I hope next time she comes around that dynamic is evened out a bit more, she’s great with both of them :)

  25. Ncooke says:

    I want her to be a regular, BUT i bet they kill her

  26. So delighted that Charlie’s coming back again! She’s a terrific character. She’s not one-dimensional comic relief as some are claiming, she has her own unique back story and worries and I loved how 8.11 developed her character, her view of hunting and the theme of what it means to be a real hero (and her romance with Gilda). \o/

  27. . says:

    Ehmm whatabout Meg?

  28. Denise Hvrn says:

    Wow. I see the whiners are out in force, If you have THAT many issues with the show and its characters, here’s some advice……DON’T WATCH. That way, you’re not stressing and the rest of us can enjoy the show in peace while we still have it. This show has NOTHING to do with Eureka,so please quit griping about it. Felicia Day does a great job portraying Charlie, who is a wonderful and quirky character. Can we also quit with the ‘this character spent more time with this brother then the other brother’ comparisons? It’s just petty. When a character ‘spends more time’ with one brother than the other, it’s because it’s pertinent to the storyline of the episode. Lastly, bashing an actor because you don’t like them is both classless and childish. I know this post comes off as a bit harsh, but I felt it needed to be said.

  29. Ella says:

    Oh no. I am all for Superatural having strong, interesting female charactes but I CANNOT STAND Charlie or Felicia Day. Overrated and sadly, over here, in my fandom.

  30. @ Ella
    Too bad, you’re really missing out on one of the better aspects of Supernatural in recent years. (Positive, strong female GSM representation? Alright!)
    Also, she’s not overrated to many of us. You might want to present your insulting opinions as just your opinion, not fact, in the future.

    • Rain says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s implied when posting a comment on here that it’s that particular person’s OWN opinion. Ella didn’t say that it was a fact that Felicia Day is overrated (although to me she could have stated it as fact because I feel the same way) Maybe you can stop picking on everyone that doesn’t hold the same opinion as you!

      • No, it’s not implied, and some postings explicitly express opinion as fact. Ella’s wording was a statement, not of an opinion, but of Felicia’s inherent value. I don’t pick on people, I pick on particular posts. (I don’t pick on respectful posts.) I do pick on posts (like some of the ones above) that needlessly insult the actress or a group of people, posts that are uselessly hateful or inflammatory, or posts that are canonically incorrect. :)

  31. John says:

    I frigging loved her! The episode was fantastic!

  32. apps says:

    Its actually a great and useful piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Luisa says:

    Yesssss! I love Supernatural (Jensen and Jarad are awesome people on and off the set) and I love Felicia (she has a very smart and refreshing personality, I love her work!) So watching her on Supernatural is a real treat.

  34. Kristin says:

    I am glad for a character like Charlie. It’s about time that we have a female guest star (recurring, or otherwise) who has a story line not infected with sexual tension with one or both of the brothers. We have a character that can contribute to a case. We have a regular person who has been confronted with the supernatural. Instead of running away or just expecting the Winchesters to take care of things, like every other guest star’s character, we find Charlie deciding to take action.She has decided not to be a “douche bag” and do something about the monsters in her world. Perhaps this is the birth of a hunter. Up til now, we’ve only met lay people and hunters. As has been mentioned earlier in the thread, Jo is the closest thing we’ve seen to a person making that transition (I don’t think Kevin counts, as his transition was made off screen). I am excited to see how the writers handle this character.