Supernatural Preview: Grandpa Winchester's Arrival Brings the Family Mythology 'Full Circle'

As Time Goes BySupernatural explores its roots this Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c) when Gil McKinney guest stars as Dean and Sam’s paternal grandpa, Henry.

Rather than seeking an actor who was similar to stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the producers sought “a contrast” for the role, says EP Bob Singer. “[Henry] is a guy who was more elegant and more learned and more educated.”

TVLine was lucky enough to screen “As Time Goes By” and get some scoop from Singer during a recent press Q&A. Here’s what you need to know about the can’t-miss outing:

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MYTH POTENTIAL | Although the episode really alters what fans have come to know about John’s background and the Winchester family line, the writers weren’t skittish about playing with the lineage. “We really kind of go where the story takes us,” says Singer. “We’re not afraid to try new things. We honor the mythology. We don’t make arbitrary left turns for the sake of ‘That would be a good story beat.’ But it’s ever-evolving. We… are really trying to keep the stories fresh.”

COMING FULL CIRCLE | After exploring mom Mary Campbell’s clan in Season 4’s “In the Beginning” and hinting that there was more to her union with John, this week’s installment will bring everything “full circle.” As Singer reminds us, “[Cupid] said this was ordained that these two people should get together,” and we’ll find out why when Dean and Sam uncover their grandpa’s history.

DADDY ISSUES GALORE | The brothers aren’t the only ones with some strong feelings about their dad. “John is a product of the fact that he didn’t have a father growing up,” which kicked off a string of bad luck, explains Singer. “So he sort of held a grudge against his father because he thought [his dad] deserted them.” Without giving too much away, let’s just say the reality of what actually went down with Henry is much different than what his son believed. “In retrospect, it makes you sort of wonder what [John] would have been like.”

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NOT-SO-WELCOME HOMECOMING | When Henry, needing John’s assistance to kill a demon, uses a spell to transport himself to 2013 – as a kind of Middleman-esque ’50s gent, his shock and confused wonder at the fancy cars, kid-toting dads and technology is one of the episode’s highlights – his grandchildren don’t immediately embrace him. (That’s not too shocking when you consider that he mysteriously falls out of their motel closet!) Still, even after finding out that the stranger is family, Dean, muttering, “Time travel sucks, man,” has a hard time accepting Henry. “He loves it when he’s a cowboy or when he gets to work with Elliot Ness,” explains Singer. “He was talking specifically about this: Do I really need this guy popping out of my closet and bringing up the whole dad thing, and now I’ve got to have a mixed emotion about this guy?”

GROWING THE FAMILY | Henry’s introduction allows the series to flesh out the Winchester clan, so will any other members make an appearance? Unfortunately, there are no plans at the moment, according to Singer. As for a guest spot from Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka John), who’s currently starring in Starz’ Magic City, the EP admits “we’ve talked about that on occasion, but since he’s really sort of not available and God knows he had a great send-off, that doesn’t get a whole lot of talk in the [writers’] room.”

KEEPING THE PEACE | Yes, Dean and Sam are playing nice this week and even share some touching scenes that solidify the brothers’ bond. But as usual, there’s trouble ahead – from a different source. “In subsequent episodes, it’s another type of conflict between them,” previews Singer. “But it’s not necessarily the conflict of, ‘Do I want to do this?’ Or ‘What’s my plans beyond closing the gates of hell?’ or any of that. It’s a new conflict.”

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  1. I am so excited for this episode. I’m really glad that they decided to explore more about the Winchester side of the family. It was the Winchester side of the family that made them special in term of being archangel vessels, so I always figured there was more to see there. Henry seems great.

  2. That sounds very exciting, I hope we get to see more of Dean’s storyline this episode, since his purgatory story ended so abruptly.

  3. Dilys says:

    I’m sure it will be a good episode but I’m really saddened by the fact that Cas is not even being mentioned at all. He’s my favorite part of the show and it just takes away alot of my enjoyment. And I really don’t understand why Dean is not worried and upset about Cas after he tore Purgatory apart looking for him. I’m disappointed Mr. Carver

    • Madeline says:

      Dean was worried. When Cas popped back to Heaven last we saw him, Dean (and Sam) were clearly worried. We saw it on their faces. Dean and Sam are not going to sit around with another saying “Man, I am really worried about Cas” over and over. They already had a worried about Cas convo in the angel proofed cabin. And there are other stories to tell that do no revolve around Cas.

      Cas is a guest star! By definition the show’s story lines will not always involve him & he will not be included or mentioned in every episode. Cas will be back this season, and according to other sources will have a important role to play.

      • Dilys says:

        I respect your opinion. But for me Cas is far more than a guest star. He’s been in 50 episodes and is an integral part of the show for me. I care about Cas as much as I care about Dean and Sam. So please also respect my opinion. And I’m sorry but when someone just told you they were suicidal and is acting strange and you care enough about him not to leave Purgatory without him, then yes it’s strange there isn’t at least one line or mention about him. Especially in an episode dealing with time travel.

        • There may very well be a mention of him in this episode. We have to wait and see.

          • Dilys says:

            Unfortunately one of the bloggers at the screening has already confirmed that there isn’t any mention and while I could maybe accept none last week, it just makes no sense that in an episode with time travel – after all the time travel Cas has helped them with – that there is no mention of him at all.

        • Madeline says:

          I respect your opinion to love Cas, but I was stating a fact that Cas is a guest star. Misha is credited as a “Special Guest Star” and it was announced he would only appear in 8 episodes this season. All I am saying it that expecting more than that from the Cas character is silly because you are not going to get it, at least not this season.

          For whatever reasons, the writers are choosing to use Cas as they are and no more. I agree with that decision as I think too much Cas, brings too many easy fixes (like Cas simply zapping away to some far off land for some rare oil needed for a ritual) for the brothers plus makes the show too angel & heaven-heavy.

          Super Cas fans seem to forget that the SPN universe does not revolve around him.

          Of course Sam and Dean will express their concern over Cas in upcoming episodes and I am quite sure it will all be a major event – perhaps a rescue mission. A line each episode from the brothers being worried about Cas seems so unnecessary….especially since we already know they are worried.

          • You’re of course entitled to your opinion on Castiel. But it’s not “silly” to care about a character on a show you care about. Whether or not his status is technically guest star or not doesn’t matter, fans are allowed to care about what they care about. It’s all part of Supernatural, and fans are perfectly capable of being concerned about Castiel and a puzzling lack of mention without being confused what his position on the show is.

            Also not that Misha Collins’ contract situation for S8 is 8 episode with an “option for more.” We don’t know how many total he’ll be in.

          • oppar says:

            idk, it don’t think it’s so much “super cas fans” and more like how can you drop such a high tension plot line with no reference to it at all even when there are glaring openings for you to do so. i’ll say the same for benny and amelia if those stories fade into nothing. cause why did i invest my time in it if you’re gonna act like nothing ever happened?

            if they hadn’t been selling the whole “nobody gets left behind” dean and “going back to heaven would make me suicidal” cas then dean not showing on screen worry wouldn’t be a problem. sam not being as worried makes sense, imo, simply because out of the two brothers he doesn’t know enough to be seriously worried. to him something is just “off” and he wants to help.

            and to be real about it… no “we” don’t know sam and dean are worried. “we” can assume they are but there is nothing in canon to say so when they literally are acting as if so long as castiel is off screen he, and all connected story lines, doesn’t exist.

            but personally i don’t feel they are forgetting castiel in the narrative since last episode had a good fairy being controlled and forced to do bad things against their will. which is a clear parallel of castiel’s naomi story line. but that only serves to connect things for the viewer if they don’t have the brothers think/talk about it on screen at some point.

          • Amalia says:

            Couldn’t agree more. Cas IS a guest star. While his character has been, and will continue to be important, it is not at the heart of the show. The show is the brothers and their family dynamic. If you think it’s about anything else, or anyone else for that matter you are sadly mistaken.

          • Expecting a line about Cas is a storyline issue. It’s called continuity. There are usually people in the biz to keep up with that kind of thing. It’s an oversight that should be corrected. And, no, it’s not too much to ask. Why, exactly is the mere mention of Cas such an affront to some people? What exactly is he a threat to? Seems like reason is lost in the extremism of this fandom.

          • Alan says:

            actually those people who you see listed in credits as “continuity” are there to ensure props are in the same place, characters are wearing their clothes the same way and other things like that during the filming from multiple angles, they have nothing to do with observing and reporting on the continuity within the storyline

          • Alan says:

            glad to see someone saying what needs to be said. in the past few years it hasnt been two brothers against the world, it has been two brothers who wait around for their angel friend to do all the work for them. as much as i love cas and think he is played brilliantly by misha collins i much prefer him to be used in special cases because most of the time they use him as a way of getting them out of the corner they have written themselves into; he is no longer a character he is a crutch.

        • Stormy says:

          Except it’s weeks or months after the last episode where they found out about Cas and it would be completely out of place. Castiel doesn’t have to be in every single episode– he’s not even a regular and hasn’t been for many years.

          • Dilys says:

            Many years? He was a regular in season 5 & 6. He wasn’t a regular in season 7. I hardly think that qualifies as many years. And yes he doesn’t need to be in every episode but after all the attention and care Dean showed him in the first part of the season, the lack of mentioning is jarring.

          • Rowan77 says:

            Many years? Misha was a regular until last season. But I do agree. As much as I love Cas, he now is a recurring character. An important one, but still, not a regular so he doesn’t have to be in, or mentioned every episode.

        • Jane says:

          But as you might like Castiel he is still a guest star. Some loved Bobby and John and Crowley and all the other guest stars. Heck even Keven is integral to the Winchesters story, Castiel is no more or no less than that. Just because you want him to be mentioned you have to acknowledge that Supernatural is not and never will be about Castiel. But it is about the Winchesters and this episode has the Winchester Clan front and centre, and that has nothing to do with Castiel at all.

  4. Dominique says:

    so… John’s side of the family was into hunting business as well? Now it’s just getting lame. Mary being the one whose family were the hunters was a nice plot twist. John not getting into hunting business until she died… Now it’s his side of the family too…

    • Henry is definitely not a hunter. He doesn’t seem to like hunters very much, actually. And it seems like Henry disappeared, causing John to think he abandoned him. So John wouldn’t have known about any of that stuff.

    • Angel says:

      I agree. When I first heard about their paternal grandfather story line, I actually cringed. I’m not sure if this show can sink any lower. The only thing I found interesting so far this season was Benny, and now Dean’s cut off contact with him. In addition, the constant conflict between the brothers is getting really old, too. I guess the writers don’t know how else to write a brotherly relationship. This tired storylines of this show just keep breaking my heart, especially since it was so great once upon a time.

  5. Tina says:

    God! More conflict between the brothers? I hope it’s a “I won’t let you do this, it’s too dangerous” kind of conflict! I can’t wait for the brotherly moments! Sam and Dean’s bond is the most important thing on SN for me! It’s the heart of the show!

    • Alan says:

      brothers fight, they are just being realistic. anyway it creates drama and storylines, would you rather everyone is happy and nothing bad happens, we would have no show then.

      • Linda says:

        Sure brothers fight, when they are boys or teenagers, usually not when they’re in their 30’s. You can still have drama and storylines that doesn’t include ‘The brothers fights. Again.’. They are a team and should be ‘fighting’ with MONSTERS/DEMONS, etc.

        • Al says:

          Exactly. Thank you.

        • Ray says:

          Do you watch brother dramas? Or even really good partner dramas, hawaii 5-0 is one, they constantly bicker and brothers bicker even more, they secretly love it. I love the brotherly banter and bickering. They do it because they want to protect each other and/or keep the other one close and there fore safe. They know each other so well that they see each other as friends, brothers, partners and soul mates. They are better togeher they know that but they have different ways of dealing with issues. But underneath it all brothers bicker, siblings bicker but when times are tough there is no one there for you faster than that sibling.

        • You don’t have siblings, do you? The best thing that ever happened to my relationship with my brothers and sister is that we all moved out of the house. you know why? because we stopped working on one anothers nerves and got enough distance to start being happy to see the others when we get the chance.

          The Winchesters rarely if ever get the chance to build that distance that makes a friendly sibling relationship possible. Living together all the time is pretty much the most realistic reason ever why they would start getting into fights with one another.

        • Jodes says:

          My brother and I fight and we are both adults. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you don’t fight with your siblings. If you spend that much time with each other, you are going to disagree and have arguments. If I was stuck 24/7 with my brother, we probably would be at each other’s throats half the time. Saying that, I can be completely pissed off at my brother and think his is in the wrong, but if someone else says something against him, I will fight tooth and nail against them. That shows the sibling bond and how you are still a team even if you are mad at each other. In Supernatural, they are going to fight, but they will always have each other’s backs, because that is what siblings do.

        • Alan says:

          family dont always get along, especially family that live in each others pockets like sam and dean do, its far more realistic to show tension between them than it would for them to be happy clappy all the time; i know thats how i feel about my family and i dont even have to do a high stress job 24/7 with them like sam and dean do

      • Stormy says:

        There are other ways to create drama besides fighting. It’s a sign of lazy writers that they go to “Sam and Dean fight” every single year as the only conflict in the seasons.

  6. Madeline says:

    More conflict for Sam and Dean with each other? Seriously? Haven’t they been through the ringer enough this season? What is so bad about them getting along and acting like brothers again? Brothers who like each other and actually want to hang out with one another.

    I thought the point of all their drama in the first half of the season was to bring them back together, stronger than ever.

  7. Linda says:

    Sam and Dean are the reason I watch. They are what makes this show, IMO. Enough with the ‘conflicts’. I don’t know if the writers or whoever realize but brothers DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER!

    “…and God knows he had a great send-off” Sure his death was a good send-off but they’ve made John into a really hateable guy after his death. (coughADAMcough)

    • I think John was a pretty unlikable character even before Adam. If anything, I think Adam made him more likable. As for the fighting, Sam and Dean are just very different people who spend all their time together, They’re gonna fight, they’re gonna disagree. But they’re brothers, and they work it out.

      • Ja says:

        They’ll work it out just to get into more fights in the next episode. It’s not realistic, it’s tiresome for fans, especially if the reasons aren’t even good enough or in character. It’s time to grow up and discuss their problems/issues/disagreements without fighting. It is possible, the writers just have to be willing to do it.

  8. Jina says:

    This will be interesting. I’ve always been curious about their bloodlines and their families ever since Cupid say that John and Mary were ‘a match made in heaven’ literally. The boys have always had daddy issues, especially Dean, and I can’t wait to see what this episode will bring to the table, what information will be brought to light. (I really hope Dean will be all right). A different type of conflict between Dean and Sam? That could be interesting also, as it may be a question that haven’t been asked before. Can’t wait to see what this episode has in store for us!

  9. Alan says:

    about time we got to see who the winchesters are since we got so much info on the campbells, ive always assumed there was more going on there

  10. Kay says:

    More touching scenes between Sam and Dean and then more conflict in episodes to come? Be still, my beating heart. Not sure I can take the novelty of that story line any more! I mean Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam – just episode after episode of only Sam and Dean spinning the wheels of their “relationship”. Singer and Carver sure can drum up the excitement for their show!

  11. Michele says:

    I find it very upsetting that Cas apparently isn’t mentioned again in this week’s ep. One ten-second line about how they’re worried about Cas is not fan service, it’s storyline continuity. Are we to believe that Dean isn’t concerned or thinking about Cas at all, after the angel was disoriented, “crying” blood, and vanished off to the very place where he’d just recently told Dean he was afraid he’d kill himself if he ever visited again? If so, what kind of friend does that make Dean?

    I’m really disappointed in Singer and Carver because of this. I had hoped that more care would be taken to not make careless errors like this as was done over the past few seasons, but I guess that’s too much to ask. So, as far as Cas (but apparently no other secondary characters) is concerned, “out of sight, out of mind”? If so, that’s really heartbreaking and frustrating. This show has so much potential, but can never seem to follow through on any of it.

    • Stormy says:

      I kinda hope he does kill himself. That would bring some new drama and new life to this show.

      • Hudson says:

        Cas haters make me ill. I won’t post what I’m thinking right now because my Mother brought me up better.

      • Jenny says:

        Bull. You just hate him because he gets in the way of the so-called brother bond that the showrunners have succeeded in destroying. Cas is an important part of the show now and an important part of Sam and Dean’s lives. Most people don’t just throw friends away the way this show has Cas. The REALISTIC thing that people do is worry about someone they care about so it wouldn’t be strange or Dean and Sam to show one iota of worry about their possibly suicidal friend. If someone doesn’t worry about a friend like that, they are lacking in humanity.

  12. Leticia says:

    Awesome, more tension between the brothers. Well, if this first half of the season is any indication, Sam will pout and blame Dean, Dean will bluster but then eventuallly blame himself too, followed by some random guest star making a meta statement blaming Dean. Then the show will move on with neither character will have grown one damn bit. Yawn.

    At least Henry sounds interesting.

    • muse says:

      Yes this. These writers really underestimate the audience if they think that watching Dean kowtow to Sam is anyone’s idea of an interesting relationship between brothers. Dean really needs to kick Sam to the curb the next time he threatens to leave if he doesn’t get his own way, which we know will happen because Sam never learns or develops because the show can never allow him to be wrong.

      The Henry stuff could be interesting if Dean is allowed to be important to that storyline as well, but given the history on the show, I am not holding my breath.

      • I honestly have to wonder if we’re watching the same show… Dean is my favorite character, and he definitely isn’t relegated to kowtowing to Sam. Dean and Sam are both essential to the show, and they each get storylines that are important. Now, Dean really defines himself by his family, so Sam ends up being a big part of who Dean is, but that doesn’t mean that Dean is less important. And I certainly don’t think the show is portraying him that way.

        • mrs astor says:

          They have this idea that Dean is a doormat and Sam is wiping his feet on him and they can’t see that Dean isn’t like that at all. Sam is a big part of Dean and by hating Sam, they are hating a part of Dean.

          • Ja says:

            Loved the last part of this posts. I totally agree and I’ll add the same about the ones who hate on Dean.

          • Sara says:

            They are hating on the writing that too rarely allows Sam to own his faults and flaw as his, and his alone. There’s a difference, but the writers can’t seem to pick up on the fact that the actors( Mr Ackles, especially)add more to the writing than they’d ever like or want to admit to.

    • Nia says:

      Sam is relatively mature and humble. He takes the blame for his actions, if blame is due. And he hasn’t apologized to Dean. Which makes me think he thinks he’s done nothing wrong. And this, more than anything, ticks me off.

    • Sue says:

      When did Sam blame Dean? I do understand it is not accept for Sam to be angry at Dean for anything because naturally Dean is as innocent as the driven snow but he was upset at Dean and rightly Dean was at fault he sent that message so what are you going to do about it pretend Dean didnt or just dislike Sam and say he blamed Dean when at no stage as he done that.

      • The show is trying to force the audience to see Dean as the one at fault, there is no room for debate on that. He sent the text to protect his innocent friend from Sam’s (completely OOC) bloodlust for Benny without explaining why. Sam, with no just cause, sets out to kill Benny, refuses to trust his brother, and indirectly causes the death of Martin. Dean sends a false text, causing Sam to worry. Sorry, I don’t see how Dean is the one wrong here.

        Before you decide to accuse me of Sam-hate, it’s not. I dislike the way he’s been written this season so far. It’s completely out of character and has yet to be explained properly.

  13. Marilyn says:

    “We honor the mythology. We don’t make arbitrary left turns…” Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    • Al says:

      LMAO, I know, right? The episode “In The Beginning” written by Carver himself, John said that he had just met his father. Now he was abandoned as a kid. I wonder if Carver and Singer even know the basic Canon (they don’t)

      • I looked at the episode transcript, and the only mentions to John’s dad are when the man in the diner says “Well, say hello to your old man for me”. John also mentions he’s a mechanic from a family of mechanics. But it’s completely possible that John had a step-father, and we still don’t know when exactly Henry left.

        • Al says:

          Which to me it means that he’s re-doing Canon. No one ever questioned John’s father, probably because of what Kripke always said: Mary came form Hunters while John lineage was from a normal family who knew nothing of the Supernatural world.

          I understand that you like the party line and makes excuses for them, though. I keep my opinion that either Carver doesn’t know or he doesn’t care about the Canon of the show. I definitely think it’s the later.

          • What Kripke said isn’t canon. What is stated in the show is canon. I’m not making excuses for them, I just think we should reserve judgement on something we haven’t even seen yet. Carver and Edlund have been involved with the show for a long time, and they’ve written some of my favorite episodes.

          • Marilyn says:

            Ditto! So annoying. This better be done well, when you fart around with John of all people…

          • Maly says:

            Kripke is the Creator and what he meant and was implied (and even stated) in the episodes are part of Canon for me.

            I don’t trust Carver idea of canon since the season premiere when that fake promise between the brothers was exposed. They never, ever promised not to look for each other and there is no spin they can put in that. Singer and Edlund just seem not care enough to correct him.

          • Alan says:

            yeah they did promise back in season 5 (written by the exulted kripke) when it looked like sam might end up in hell and he told dean no to come after him like they always do and dean agreed, i assume this was a two way deal.

          • Maly says:

            Forgot to say that my reply was to Mikaylah. Sorry.

  14. I looked at the episode transcript, and the only mentions to John’s dad are when the man in the diner says “Well, say hello to your old man for me”. John also mentions he’s a mechanic from a family of mechanics. But it’s completely possible that John had a step-father, and we still don’t know when exactly Henry left.

  15. This episode has me curious, I’m excited. I’ve always enjoyed SPN’s digging into the family history, and it’s great to have a look at the Winchester side. Also I’ve been engrossed by what Season 8 has been doing so far with Sam and Dean’s relationship, addressing their issues and allowing it to grow. I hope things don’t back-slide, and that season 8 won’t keep them in isolation. The other characters bring so much to SPN — I’m hoping season 8 continues to let these other relationships and characters matter while repairing the brother bond (I think the isolation hurts the brother bond further).

    It would also be great to see Dean have a greater role plot-wise. Purgatory was very intriguing but now I’m a little worried his arc will go adrift again, as it did in S7. Likewise with Sam, I think Supernatural has bunted too much lately. But right now I feel like Sam needs the more human/emotion based role, since we had soulless Sam, and then amnesia, and Sam’s wall, and then Lucifer hallucinations, and I’m delighted S8 is giving us Sam, trying to figure things out and being Sam again. With Dean, after several seasons where his primary role seems to have been to worry over others (not just Sam but Castiel as well, and Bobby), I think it’s time SPN gave him something concrete beyond that.

    I’m sorry to hear around that there’s no mention of Castiel in the ep — again — this week, it doesn’t make much sense given the fraught place this character was left at the end of 8.10 and Sam and Dean’s evident concern. I’m a fan of the brother relationship, and Castiel, (as well as Dean and Castiel’s friendship and Sam and Dean and Cas as a team).

    • roxi says:

      I wish they would show Dean actually falling in love. The thing with Cassie was so poorly done, and even though he lived with Lisa, in both relationships, we only saw them after the fact. We never saw Dean in the process of meeting a woman, having that attraction, and falling in love with her. We never saw that passionate romantic side of Dean like we have several times,with Sam, and I’d like to see it just once.
      Maybe Dean will fall in love in an upcoming episode and this is what causes a new conflict between him and Sam; the fact that Sam gave up Amelia because they can’t have any outside attachments.

  16. Karen says:

    Wake me up when Cas is back. Until then it’s just more of the same tedious Dean-can-only-care-for-Sammy crap I’ve been yawning my way through for far too long.

  17. provenance says:

    I hope they give Sam a good role in the mytharc now that Amelia is gone. Sam has been wallpaper for so long. Hoping for something more concrete.

    • roxi says:

      How can Sam be wallpaper when the show has always given him and his stories front burner status? If anything, it’s Dean that’s always been relegated to the sidelines, all he’s ever given is the supporting role for Sam, and lately, Cas as well.

  18. Victoria says:

    Why, oh why, oh why must there always be more conflict between the brothers!!!!!! Isn’t there enough drama to go around without tearing them apart constantly!! I know some fans like the conflict, but a great number of fans signed on for the brothers…together against the world…..not always against each other!! So sad that this will fall on deaf ears!!

  19. RobotHead says:

    I agree with those that are disappointed by the lack of Castiel being mentioned. I know that Cas isn’t going to be in every episode or mentioned in every episode, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing he was a regular on the show again and missing him like crazy when he’s not around.

    I am completely aware that the heart of Supernatural is the bond between Dean and Sam and I adore that bond and love Dean and Sam both to distraction. But Cas is also an extremely important part of this show. He’s important not only to many, many fans, but he’s also important to the story line and to Dean and Sam. Team Free Will!

  20. gina says:

    I’m excited for this episode! I love Sam and Dean back together again, they’re endgame for me and I’m so excited to learn more about the Winchester side of the family. Henry looks interesting, hope he’ll stick around for a while.

    • Stormy says:

      Me too! I’m so glad they’re getting back to the heart of the show– the Winchester family. That’s been missing for quite a while. *coughsince the angelscough*

      • Ray says:

        This x a million. Get back to the Winchesters mytharc and the real heart of the show.

      • “Heart of the show (…) the winchester family”. I’ll just quote Bobby “Family don’t end with blood”.

        I’m happy the brothers are back together but let’s be honest, were you REALLY thinking they wouldn’t? They always end up together and that’s great. But what would be even better? Having each one of them (especially Dean) have a stoyline outside of the other. That would be character development. I’m not saying there wasn’t, I’m just saying that stories about how dean wants to sam to stay but sam doesn’t care and wants to leave (season 1, season 8, and I pass) have become pretty redundant.

  21. Sid says:

    I’m curious about Sam…he seems so detached from the mytharc and even from the side characters in the supernatural world. I’m hoping the show will delve more into his headspace or at least have him interacting in greater depth with the other characters. Love Dean and love Sam, so glad that they’re back together again, the show’s gotten so much more interesting with the focus on Winchesters again!

  22. Stormy says:

    “John is a product of the fact that he didn’t have a father growing up”

    Well, that’s just a blatant out-and-out lie, since in Carver’s OWN EPISODE “In the Beginning,” we had a character telling John to “say hi to your dad”. Jesus, you guys can’t even keep the continuity straight when your own showrunner writes the episode and you REFERENCE THE SAME EPISODE IN YOUR INTERVIEW. Jesus, the producers and writers suck so hard this year. Is it too late to bring Sera Gamble back? At least she remembered what happened the year before.

    • suquestra says:

      Heh, this show retcons it’s own canon within episodes. Don’t expect too much from these lazy writers and their tired and over used ideas.

    • suquestra says:

      Oh but please, no more Gamble. She retconned just as bad and her stories were boring as all anything. I like Carver, I just wish the PTBs would get away from retelling every story they already told and figure if they retcon nobody would notice. Gamble sucked just as bad if not worse.

    • Alan says:

      the character in question says “say hi to your old man” there is lots of room for interpretation there, it could be a step dad or possibly a grandfather; the line is obscure enough for henry’s backstory to be plugged in no problem

      • The problem with that interpretation is that it was never even implied that John had a ‘lonely childhood’.or that being abandoned by his father had any kind of effect on his decision to become a hunter. IMO, this turns the focus of the entire basis of the show from exacting revenge for Mary’s death to just more ‘daddy issues’.

        Let’s be honest, this episode strayed so far from canon that it’s hard to believe that the whole thing isn’t just one big hallucination or something. 1) background of the demon is contradictory to what we already know from seasons 1-5. 2) no basis for John’s supposed daddy issues. 3) Angel feathers? really? In the trunk? Do I even need to go into how far out of left field that came? 4) John may have done his best, but he was not always there for his family, which was voiced by Sam, Dean, and Bobby on more than one occasion. 4) Dean has constantly been telling everyone that “In this Life….”, then he gets mad at gramps for doing exactly what he’s been demanding of Sam and Kevin. That they hunting above everything else.

        I liked the episode, it was incredibly entertaining. But no, it didn’t hold true to canon or even common sense. Maybe they’ll explain later, there must be a reason because they have to know how far off it was.

  23. Ella says:

    I really hope this grandfather turns out to be nicer than the last. Honestly, it would be lovely to see the boys interracting with their family (excludng each other and their parents) in a gentler, nicer way. Their cousins were awful and so was their grandfather. A little love between family members goes a long way.

  24. Nathalie says:

    Not enough Castiel for my tastes this season. He went off to heaven, bleeding from the eye and people act like he no longer exists. This is bad writing.
    I want more conflict between the brothers, because codependency is the worst thing that ever happened on this show and I’d like to see Dean overcoming that. He’s a strong individual and no longer in his 20’s who needs to hold Sammy’s hand. Also dropping the Amelia plot after selling the romance is more bad writing. She still exists and has a right to be explored as another individual character. Same goes for Benny.
    The Sam’nDean show is boring.

    • Marilyn says:

      @ Nathalie “The Sam’nDean show is boring.” – You must be bored alot then, since SPN is about Sam & Dean.

      “codependency is the worst thing that ever happened on this show” It was there from the moment John handed baby Sam to Dean and told him to run..

    • Alan says:

      who has actually said benny and amelia are gone? they have just not appeared in a few episodes because the writers decided it was time to display some of the other stuff going on right now, they will be back once the writers decide its time for sam and dean to face the consequences of those associations

  25. I’m loving these spoilers. Thanks for the article. I’m so glad we’re going back to the brothers, I was missing that. I don’t mind new conflict if it means character growth and the plot moving forward. I wasn’t so sure about this season but now I’m looking forward to every episode.

  26. suquestra says:

    I’d be excited if I didn’t know this episode was written by Adam Glass who likes to write Dean as dumb and Sam as the special snowflake. No doubt Sam will connect with his grandfather and they will have an intellectual conversation while Dean is made to look like a neanderthal next to them.

    While the premise sounds interesting, I find my dislike for Dean being constantly put down so that Sam can look smarter and better to be at this point too much for me to invest in watching this episode.

    If this show wants a brotherly bond that works, it needs to work on stop making Dean the “lesser” brother and making Sam the specialest snowflake. Equality goes both ways. This show had this up until season 4 and I feel most of that was because of Kim Manners, who knew how to use the best assets of this show, something the showrunners and writers have been missing since Kim died.

    • Marilyn says:

      Ugh I agree about Adam Glass. He is the last writer I want writing new Winchester myth.

    • Alan says:

      kim was just a director, a fantastic one yes but still just a director, he had no influence on how the characters are written. he was an executive producer because he was the one who decided how the show should be shot and worked with all the other directors to ensure they were consistent.

  27. shamangrrl says:

    “Yes, Dean and Sam are playing nice this week and even share some touching scenes that solidify the brothers’ bond.”
    I wish every interview didn’t have to include this line. The brother bond was strangled to death by season 4 and never fixed. Even now, the fix is that everything that’s gone on previously this season is being ignored, and the brothers are somehow “happy” together. Seriously? None of the issues have been addressed, and it makes both characters look bad. How about, instead of having the brothers having conflict with each other, they have conflict with the monsters and baddies inhabiting their universe? Now, that would be different and interesting.

    “We honor the mythology.”
    By rewriting it on a whim? Too much retconning and twising the mythology for a preferred story (or guest star) goes on for me to believe that.

    I was so excited at the beginning of the season. Now, not so much.

    • go away haters says:

      You mean Dean doesn’t care for Sam anymore? Or is everything Sam’s fault?I hope the TWOP mod will crack down hard on the haters on the board with their rantings.

      • shamangrrl says:

        I mean exactly what I posted. And since when is this TWOP?

        • go away haters says:

          I mean I hear this all the time at TWOP and I always feel they are blaming Sam when they say the relationship is dysfunctional. I love the brotherly bond and I get tired of hearing others say Sam doesn’t care.

  28. Jenny says:

    Of course, more conflict between Dean and Sam. I can’t believe writers would take one of the major things that made the show so popular to begin with and crush it under their heel as these writers seem to take joy in doing. As far as the bonding in this episode. No. It will take a lot more than a tiny little bit of bonding in ONE episode to undo the damage these writers have done to this relationship. If Sam and Dean were married, they would have had a nasty divorce a long time ago and never seen each other again with the way the writers have destroyed them. I don’t feel the same about their bond as I used to and don’t even know if it can be fixed now.

    I really want to see Cas come back. He’s the only bright spot in this show right now. I would like to see TFW back together again.

  29. Kelly says:

    Ignoring all previous comments the reason I watch and love this show is because of Jensen Ackles; without him I would have never watched this. The conflict between Sam and Dean is a major part of this storyline but than even if I get annoyed with the constant falling out year after year between Sam and Dean; I still love the show. I loved this show before Cas…but I also fell in love with Cas.

    Has much as Dean and Sam relationship annoys me at time; they are brothers and they have proved that time and time again; season after season that they are committed. I want them to bring JDM back so bad and also to bring Bobby back.

    The only thing in this show that has ever pissed me off is the whole Adam storyline. I have never watch Jump The Shark after the first time nor will I never. There is only 2 Winchester Brother’s Dean and Sam!!!

  30. nomadic says:

    I predict supernatural will be canceled very soon, it’s run it’s course. Now it’s just being silly and crappy, I stopped watching after Sam came back from hell, after that it was just plain retarded. You can tell the writers are bored and pulling crap out their asses.

  31. RumbleBoy says:

    Regarding bringing John back – Bobby had a pretty good “send off” too and he came back. Immediately. Why the send off should impact whether John comes back baffles me.

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