Scandal Videos: Can a Divorcé Hold Onto the Oval Office? Plus: Olivia Accepts 'Bad Guy' Status

A pair of D-words loom large as Scandal resumes its sophomore run this Thursday (ABC, 10/9c) — and TVLine has two video sneak peeks.

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In the first clip below, Fitz speaks with Cyrus about the clarity he achieved during his brush with death, standing firm on his plan to divorce Mellie and hold onto the office of President of the United States:

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Here, Cyrus apprises Olivia of their new David Rosen problem stemming from discoveries about the Defiance election-rigging — all leading Ms. Pope to accept their role as “bad guys” in this particular brewing scandal. Who can fix the fixer?

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  1. Dani says:

    Olivia’s emotional armor is off, cannot wait to see the fallout.
    PS: Miss Kerry Washington is putting in WORK in this role. Such a huge fan, have been since “Save The Last Dance”, so proud of her!

  2. Meme says:

    OMGeee Cyrus facial expression is so killing me, couldn’t stop laughing. I see my boo Fitz getting to a near death situation has finally opened his eyes to reality and it seems he sees things differently now, but he doesn’t have a clue what’s in store for him which makes me wanna cry cuz he’s gonno find out about the election rigging soon and its gonno break him to pieces, can’t wait to see how he handles it and what he’ll say to his Livvie..

  3. CJ says:

    OMG….go Fitz!!!
    I’m sure Liv and Fitz are going to drive Cyrus CRAZY in this episode.

  4. Dani says:

    Cyrus looks equally pissed off and oddly proud, especially at the end of this clip.
    Oh the crash is going to be heard when Fitz learns the truth, especially Olivia’s role in it. So very much looking forward to the phenomenal acting from Kerry and Tony as this huge secret nears its revealing.

  5. Lynn says:

    poor Cyrus looks like he is getting it from both ends…..not a good day I would say!!!!!!

  6. Bring on the Scandal, looking forward to the fallout and the will Fitz forgive Livvie but not the others scenario.

  7. Wow this makes me feel tons better about this episode! A CONFIDENT FITZ!!! Cyrus is actually looking at him like WELL now THAT’S my boy even though he is annoyed at having to deal with this & spin it to something positive. I believe Fitz will eventually FORGIVE Livvie but it will take some doing. He’s all in but something is going to have to remind him JUST HOW MUCH, this woman means to him & all the sacrifices that she’s made for him! GREAT stuff!!!

    • mrenee says:

      Tony Goldwyn and Jeff Perry continue to just do great work. A confident Fitz indeed! But think about this…this is a Fitz even Mellie might want to love. Giving new meaning to “Say my Name!”

  8. Cyn says:

    I wonder if Fitz will feel betrayed when he finds out the truth about the election-rigging and still want to be with Olivia. Also with Olivia’s overwhelming guilt, I don’t think she would want to fully be in a relationship with Fitz without telling him the truth. I just hope she doesn’t run off and marry Edison to use him as a shield to keep away from Fitz.

    • he definitely will be. he will feel betrayed by everyone especially liv because it means she didn’t have faith in him and his abilities to win on his own. he wasn’t worthy of the throne. he wasn’t enough. she lied, she stole votes, she committed many crimes.

    • OltizFF says:

      I dont think he will, because Olivia is the only one who did it for no gain but because she loved Ftiz and wanted to see him win. Everyone else got something out of the deal except her, the only thing poor Liv got was a guilty conscience and a broken heart. Im sure she will be able to get Fitz to understand

      • Eventually, he will forgive her but once he finds out, like any other person who were in his shoes, he’d feel betrayed and just low. The one person he truly loves and cares for the most didn’t have faith that he was capable of winning? That will hurt him.

  9. Stacy says:

    Wow. These are amazing. Yeah, Fitz! I’m ready for the bumpy ride! Can’t wait to see everyone act out their respective roles. What a great show.

  10. Courtney says:

    DANG Fitzy going in. This is the first time Miss Cyrus has ever looked submissive to Fitz! Olivia newsflash girl, YOU WON BUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LMFAOOO miss cyrus is about to pop 10 blood vessels! i bet cyrus blames this all on olivia, then olivia decides to accept edison’s proposal so fitz stays married to mellie and remains president. you can’t be president and be divorced!

    • bluefairy says:

      why not? he’s a president, not a catholic priest. in an ideal democracy, people should vote based on the candidates’ political programs, not on their private lives.

      • chianti says:

        I am in full agreement, what difference does it make that a president is single or marrried, just because it’s always been done that way!!

      • again, i don’t actually mean he CAN’T be the president as in it’s illegal. i mean it’s frowned upon. it’s not a good look. just like an atheist running for presidency. that is frowned upon. they want their presidents to be christian, married with kids, etc. not an atheist or divorced. idk why you’re telling me about what ppl should and shouldn’t base their votes on. that’s how most ppl feel. i don’t agree with ppl voting bc of personal lives but there’s o need getting so political and bringing up personal opinions. it’s just a show.

    • GottaHaveEmAll says:

      Oh, he will REMAIN president. He can’t be impeached for participating in a legal exercise, i.e. divorce. The real question is – will he win a re-election? In the real world – absolutely not. In Shondaland….maybe….

      • i know he CAN’T. but america won’t want that and won’t accept it. it’s a no-no in the people’s eyes. if he got divorced, he definitely won’t get re-elected. hell, he barely made president with a marriage!

  12. Jacqueline says:

    I wish Shonda would have the balls to allow Fitz’s divorce to happen. Real Life, it may not be doable but this is a work of fiction when I say go for it. Mellie can still be a part of his life since she is the mother of his children. If he gets elected for a 2nd term, while he is a divorced man, perhaps, he and Olivia can be married. Yeah, I know, I’m delusional but think there could be real drama with a divorced man as Commander-In-Chief. Do It Shonda! LOL

    • OltizFF says:

      That would be awesome!! Last season we saw Olivia make a decision that ultimately ended with Fitz remaining in the Oval and making a baby with Mellie (or so we think) I would be cool to see Ftiz make a decision, see it through and turn the tables on Olivia. I defintely think she will go through with the proposal to Edison and might even marry him too

  13. OltizFF says:

    These breaks between episodes are KILLING me….I SO cant wait for Thursday! Thank you TVline or giving me the sneek peaks!!! Ironically I was watching the Pelican Brief the other day and watching young Tony Goldwyn in the role as the back stabbing cut throat Chief of Staff that made a deal with the oil pushing devil made me wonder if that is where Shonda got the premise for Scandal!

  14. ScandalRocks20 says:

    I can already tell that Olivia and Fitz are going to leave me in tears when he finds out. He thinks very highly of her. Cyrus and Mellie he would expect to do that stuff but not his Livvie. He might be very mean in that fight and even call her unwarranted names like a whore etc. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if he even told her that he never really loved her etc. This will be a bumpy road, but I can hope that he will realize before it’s too late that she did it only for him and nothing else in return. Because Lord knows, Olivia’s wall is going back up high time and she will probably use this as that out she has always wanted to not *love him* or *want him*. She can’t really fight much on that since she does love him and want him, but this will probably justify her not wanting to feel those things for him.

  15. OltizFF says:

    Hmmm I was thinking, I wonder if after Fitz learns Olvia is marrying Edison and he goes to Mellie as she is giving birth, I wonder if something happens to the baby

    • ScandalRocks20 says:

      The baby will be fine and Shonda already revealed than nothing happens to the baby. I also don’t think Olivia is marrying Edison. This is according to spoilers dropped for upcoming episodes after 2×13

    • Puzzled says:

      Did anyone think that Mellie ask her doctor too induce labour to stop Fitz from going through
      With the divorce, somehow all the screaming seemed phony like she is re-living a pass pregnancy.

  16. Me says:

    The show 24 had two presidents on there that got divorce. 24 was very popular.
    Why does a President have to be married to be President?

    I think Olivia is going to accept Edison’s proposal to prevent Fitz from divorcing Mellie. I bet Cyrus and Mellie are going to guilt Olivia into accepting Edison’s proposal.

    Every show on every network takes breaks. They have to because shows have to last from September to May . Shows only get 22- 24 episodes a season.

  17. ScandalRocks20 says:

    While we are seeing a new Fitz. I think we are also seeing a new Olivia. I don’t think Cyrus and Mellie are going to guilt her into anything. It’s actually a high time Olivia needs to put those two into a corner. They always get their way by manipulating her relationship and feelings for Fitz. I am also thinking she is the one who tells Fitz about the rigging, which I don’t think Cyrus and Mellie would be up for.

  18. Scandalous says:

    I dont think that Fitz is going to find out about the vote rigging this time, nor will the news of it ever come out. The Gladiators will see to that.

    Olivia won’t be marrying Edison and Fitz won’t be divorcing Mellie, although he will give it a try. Maybe some arrangements will be made that will give Fitz more freedom while Mellie gets to remain as first lady. Those type of marriages do happen in real life. Being married while living separate lives.

    Hopefully, Cyrus won’t find out that James has been working with David Rosen, gathering evidence for him because if he does, THAT will really be a “game-changer”.

    Perhaps, once they get that vote rigging monkey off their backs, Olivia, Cyrus, et al will be able to finger Hollis for the assignation attempt on Fitz’s life.

    Maybe everything I said above is wrong and it’s just wishful thinking. :p

    • jack says:

      I guess you don’t read spoilers. Press releases for the next episodes have been released and they say otherwise. Just a heads up.

  19. Liviadrus says:

    Fitz just went King Henry VIII on Cyrus! Will Cyrus follow in the footsteps of Wolsey, More or Cromwell? Will it even come down to that?

  20. Barbars says:

    It would be an interesting twist if the baby wasn’t Fitz.

  21. I believe that in the end they will find out that they didn’t rig the election after all. They will find that the voting machine that was at the school was never uses in official voting. This is what I’m hoping. Olivia and David Rosen will begin to work together in the next season as allies.

  22. OlitzFF says:

    Without the memory cards for those other machines, its gonna be hard to prove that the election was rigged without having someone testify that they had something to do with it. My guess is that Hollis is going to meet his maker before its all said and done, especially when you have Charlie and Huck around who can make a death look accidental, or from natural causes. Without Hollis, they really dont have proof. Sure David will piece it together but I will he have the proof if Hollis is dead.

  23. Livvie says:

    People as much we will love to see Liv with Fitz, we all know no republican president in this country will divorce his wife while being in office and still be re-elected, so no it won’t happen. I read in a spoiler that Liv will have a new love interest. One cute guy that appeared in Grey’s as one of the doctor’s husband with a bad heart. So gladiators buckle up we’re in for a wild ride in shondaLand, I’m kind of tired of seeing Liv being hurt all the time. She deserves some happiness too!

  24. Cyrus looks as if to say, “Is this man crazy? I think he needs to ease up on the medication.”

  25. LFowler says:

    Liv will not marry Edison. Fitz will not divorce Mellie. I don’t even think Fitz will be that upset when he learns about the rigging. You heard the man…whatever it is we can fix it….I’m not saying Olitz will live happily ever after mind you, but if the steamiest romance on TV goes away…Shonda loses viewers.

  26. Jeez, these spoilers are killing me! I can’t believe what’s going on, Fitz always confuses me as a character.