Ratings: The Following Rises in Week 2, Bones Hits New Season Highs

102Ep102Sc20-28-6332Fox’s The Following managed to scare up a higher demo rating in its second week, inching up a tenth to a 3.3. In total audience, the dark, dark drama drew 10 million viewers, retaining an impressive 96 percent of its premiere audience.

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Leading into that, Bones opened Fox’s night with 9.2 million total viewers and a 2.6 rating, rising 8 and 13 percent week-to-week to hit season highs on both counts.

Over on NBC, The Biggest Loser (6.13 mil/2.3) dipped a tenth, while Deception (3.75 mil/1.3) added a handful of viewers while holding steady in the demo.

The CW’s Carrie Diaries (1.46 mil/0.5) rose 15 percent in total audience while holding steady in the demo; The CW notes that the freshman hit its best numbers yet in the target demos of Adults 18-34 and Women 18-34. Leading out of that, 90210 (764K/0.3) dropped a few eyeballs week-to-week and dipped a tenth.

ABC’s The Bachelor (7.9 mil/2.5) rose 4 percent to deliver its largest audience of the season, but was flat in the demo. A repeat of Castle‘s Hamptons getaway episode (6 mil/1.4) won the 1o o’clock hour in the demo.

What were you watching this Monday?

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  1. Linda says:

    Go Bones!!!

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Well last night’s Sweets heavy episode did just fine in spite of the whining from the cheap seats.

      • reds says:

        Actually it wasn’t that Sweets heavy. It was focused equally between Booth & Brennan (discussìng their deaths, uber beautiful B&B end scene) AND the Swaisy tween drama. ..CBS on repeats and coming after the well received Pelant ep would affected these ratings too. IMO

        • Deedee says:

          Was Sweets even in the ep last night? Completely put it out of my mind, showing him for the loser he is, failing at interrogations, living with mommie/daddy and Daisy moving on, while he cant. It was a perfect B & B ep, showing us the love between them in a different way. And David killed the last scene.

  2. Mike B says:

    well… very impressive numbers for bones… wonder if it’s just the following’s draw or CBS being in repeat mode… we’ll see, but I’m happy :)

  3. Patricia says:

    Wohoow Bones Bones Bones

  4. Sid says:

    Wooot for The Following! Bones can thank The Following for those increase in ratings ;)

  5. Ames says:

    Honestly I am more worried about next weeks numbers more than I was about this weeks numbers. Last weeks episode was so amazing and this weeks was good but, as with any tv show it had to slow down, and I have already seen complaints about this episode. I just hope people continue to come back next week as well.

  6. Drew says:

    I thought the first episode of The Following was weak. The second episode was worse on so many levels. I think I’m done with it.

    • Shaun says:

      you’re in the minority then.

    • Alex says:

      LOL at thinking this show had a “weak” pilot. “Weak” describes the pilots of Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, Chicago Fire, and that ilk. “Weak” does not describe the pilot of The Following. It was at least a few levels better than weak, even if you didn’t enjoy it. I mean, come ON, buddy.

      • Drew says:

        The crux of this show is that the good guys are stupid and incompetent, in order to make the bad guy look super smart. How many times will the bad guys get into a house that is full of police and manage to kidnap someone without anyone noticing? Nobody ever makes a sound. Nobody ever struggles enough to catch someone’s attention. These people must have been targeted simply because of the fact that they would go so darn willingly.
        We have a guy escaping from what I assume is a pretty high security prison as though he’s simply shoplifting from Target, leaving behind multiple dead guards who I must also assume went out willingly, since they would probably have guns or a panic button of some sort, but none of them seemed to mind dying. I don’t care how awesome the inside man is, you can’t kill a room full of guards by yourself without some red flag going up.
        And then we have the downright strange elements, like the FBI concluding that the two dudes aren’t actually gay, just because they turned out to be bad. And then multiple characters repeating this point over and over, as though to say “Please don’t issue a statement, GLAAD! They’re not really gay!”

        I’ve always wondered what it would look like to see the first season of 24 playing out as a normal series, where one day would take up just one episode. You’d have the daughter repeatedly kidnapped all within that one episode and it would look insane… The Following gave me a taste of that. In the murderer dude’s wife’s house, we had two separate attacks over two episodes and it doesn’t make the bad guys look great at their jobs, it makes the good guys look incredibly horrible at theirs.

        The first episode was weak. The writing was lazy, and the production didn’t help it out any. The second episode moved down the scale to bad.

        And the pilots that score lower than this would get much stronger language from me than “weak”. “Weak” is actually being pretty nice to the show, on the scale of pilots that I don’t like. “Pathetic” would be worse than “Weak”. In either case though, there’s no real excuse for it. They had plenty of time to write the pilot and polish it before it aired. The only reason it failed is laziness, and in that case, I don’t feel bad if I hurt some of the writers’ feelings.

        • Jen says:

          100% Agree. Why oh why would Kevin Bacon do this terrible show. Kevin please check out HBO or AMC. You’re starting to look like the “willing” victims of the “follower”.

        • Anita says:

          I love Drew’s review. And parts of the show meant to shock are just stupid. It’s a real stretch to believe 2 successful men would pretend to be gay for 3 years so they could befriend the victim that got away, on the off chance that their mentor would escape from prison to finish the job. So far i don’t see the charisma the Professor is supposed to possess that would inspire this kind of loyalty and insanity. I think you have to be really new to this genre to find it scary or intriguing. I’m wondering why Entertainment Weekly raved about it so much. Maybe it gets better. Let’s hope so.

    • DL says:

      Personally, I thought the second episode was even stronger than the first.

    • TC says:

      I agree with Drew, it reminds me of the “Scare” type movies where the bad guy(s) are always in the right place at the right time. Example, dude in the mask next to the row of masks, in an otherwise empty house… come on!!! 2 Eps and I’m done.

  7. Alexandra says:

    BONES IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. B says:

    Bones will be down next week because this week’s episode was bo-ring. Not to mention that all of Bones’ major episodes have gotten backward ratings compared to the non-major. The 9/11 episode, 100th episode, and last weeks Pelant episode all did pretty poorly compared to episodes like this if I’m remembering correctly.

    • B says:

      150th, actually

      • dina says:

        sorry but it is unfair to compare the ratings Monday at 8pm during the fall and winter 2012 when Bones had competition from NFL, The Voice and DWTS and the CBS comedy block to now with less competition in the 8pm slot….and you are wrong last week Bones Pelant ep had 2.3 and 8.47M views, had the highest viewers of the season, only overtaken by this ep views. The Pelant ep was a success for Fox, as bigged up by a Fox executive last week on twitter.

    • Sarah says:

      I know and they keep doing. Ugh.

    • amber says:

      @B before this weeks ep rating, last weeks Pelant ep had the highest views of the season and the 2nd highest demo of the season for Bones 8.53million/2.3 demo (final rating). So yeah you are remembering it wrong if you think the Pelant ep had poor or went backwards in ratings :) sorry.

  9. Sarah says:

    Yay Bones! :) I just wish it wasn’t because CBS had reruns.

  10. noel says:

    The Following can thank CBS for being on repeat for the 9pm slot for retaining so much of their Pilot numbers, will it hold next week?? 8pm was a repeat hour on CBS too.

  11. Where the first episode was good the second was more about sex than scary. Not that i dont like that sort of thing. But FOX is lucky because CBS was not showing new eps of HAWAII 5-0.

    • Elyse says:

      Hawaii 5-0 is in the 10pm timeslot and Fox doesn’t show anything at 10pm……

    • GS says:

      Why would that matter? Hawaii 5-0 is on at 10 and The Following is on at 9. I am totally in for this show! I even DVR’ed Dallas to watch it live! And I love Dallas but I figure a cable show can survive with fewer eyeballs so I gave mine to The Following. Love it!

    • alexia says:

      There is only one sex scene and it’s far from graphic.

  12. Eric says:

    What to go for The Following!!! Glad people are sticking with it, it really is an amazing show!!!

  13. N says:

    The Following…….Kevin Bacon!

  14. William says:

    Such a shame that very few people are giving Deception a chance. I’ve gotten quite attached to it. Maybe it would be doing better if it were on another timeslot?

    • Elyse says:

      i gave it a chance… i just couldn’t get into it. it couldn’t keep my focus. so i had to let it go.

    • Alex says:

      I’ve been watching the show, but frankly, it stinks. And I usually LOVE soaps! This one is not good.

    • Jo says:

      I know, I’m really into this show !! Hopefully Deception is NOT cancelled. sigh..

    • ChrisGa says:

      I’m really enjoying Deception, and the cast is pretty damn good across the board, but with those numbers it wouldn’t surprise me if NBC pulled it before it even finished up it’s initial run. Too bad; it’s good soapy fun.

    • Angie608 says:

      I know :( I’m so afraid they’ll end it before we find out who the murderer is!! I can’t wait each week to watch it. I’m worried it’ll end like “The Firm”, “Missing”, and “The River” and we will all once again be left shaking our heads. At least they could have given us a proper ending!! We invest so much time in these shows…it really frustrates me!!

  15. Paul8148 says:

    Dallas was great. Poor JR. He going to be piss when he finds out that John Ross is going to double cross him for the Barnes

  16. Melissa says:

    Yay Bones. :) I just really hope it doesn’t fall too much next week.

  17. Lucy says:

    Bones wasn’t bad last night but I found it a little bit boring. I am so happy that Sweet&Daisy are over! Now Sweet needs to find an apartmente like ASAP!

  18. cjeffery7 says:

    as much as i didn’t want to get into a super violent and disturbing show, im really liking The Following. even the bad guy characters are interesting to watch.

  19. mike says:

    what about Dallas where r the ratiings

  20. paul says:

    How did Dallas do last night?

  21. Phillip says:

    Next week’s bones episode looks funny also, but I’m waiting for the one after that! That’s the one where Brennan gets shot! It’s gonna be a wild episode!

  22. Adam Bramble says:

    Heres Hoping The Following Stays A Good Long While

  23. Tran says:

    One show I watched on Monday nights so far is WWE Monday Night Raw now that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is WWE Champion. FINALLY THE ROCK HAS BECOME WWE CHAMPION. IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’.

  24. kirads09 says:

    Very glad the Following is doing well. Hope it keeps up but because I am hooked on it already (that likely means it will get cancelled if my track record holds true ) Bones, meh. I gave up on it a couple seasons ago to be honest.

  25. Natalie says:

    I think that The Following’s ‘following’ will rise week to week considering how amazing the show is. It’s quite possibly the best pilot I’ve ever seen. I fully expect word of mouth and social media to be it’s biggest advertisement. I kind of expect it to do what Big Bang Theory has done, where word of mouth has been so incredibly important and the numbers have done nothing but rise steadily every season. The Following has the potential to be a huge success not only with viewers but critically acclaimed….I see the racking up of Emmys in the shows future.