Glee Sneak Peek: Look Who's Back for Will and Emma's Wedding Day - Plus, It's Diva Time!

Glee is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a wedding on Feb. 14 (Fox, 9/8c), and we’ve got your first look at Will and Emma’s nuptials, which set the stage for a reunion of the original New Directions gang.

VIDEO | Exclusive: Glee‘s Guys Talk About Getting ‘Naked’! Plus – Whose Pecs Were Photoshopped?

Kurt, Santana and Quinn are among the graduates who fly home to celebrate the couple. And judging from the following photos, the party will be feature copious amounts of cupcakes — and maybe even some girl talk between the former Cheerios.

Also on tap: A preview of next Thursday’s divalicious episode, in which Finn and Emma challenge the glee club members to find their inner musical powerhouses.

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  1. Sam says:

    Quinn and Santana are hooking up. Old news.

  2. dude says:

    Naked is the episode that airs this week. I believe Diva is next week.

  3. Co011 says:

    The way Santana’s looking at Quinn… please let this “hook up” rumours be false, that would be so messed up!

  4. Alice says:

    Still shocked that there is going to be a Quinntana moment tbh.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Q and S come home but Will’s PARENTS are a no show!? Give me a break!

  6. Danny says:

    Damn i really can’t enjoy glee anymore :( I’m really hoping for the return of Dave Karofsky… I know one of the writers has said that his story is ‘done’, but i’m still hoping they will change their minds.. His story was so moving and after a suicide attempt his story ended with no resolution or happy ending :( Not seeing him in this picture really hurts.. I know some people really hate him, but i hope they can atleast get why i like him so much..

  7. Dear god, is that Tina telling Kurt that she has a crush on Blaine?? Holy Awkward Batman!

  8. Olivia says:

    Quinn and Santana are the saving grace of this trainwreck of a show. Give me Quinntana in NYC with Hummelberry and I have a reason to watch. This Sam/noobs pushing is getting ridiculous.

  9. Jude says:

    We already know that Quinn and Santana are having sex in this episode. Glee’s ratings stunts are getting more and more desperate.

  10. Darius says:

    Yeah, Santana and Quinn are hooking up in an hotel room after getting drunk. We know that. Glee and lesbian stunts, it’s getting pathetic.

  11. devon says:

    next thursday is the “naked” episode, not diva, also, it’s old news that psycho quinn gets yet another personality transplant, gets drunk and hooks up santana after singing we’ve got tonight with the other couples in a hotel room in the wedding episode. sweeps + glee = disaster, this show is getting disgusting.

  12. Milah says:

    Still can’t stand Finn being involved with the Glee club, what are his qualifications, he has none, Glee tends to stretch reality, but that one went to far for me.

  13. Dave says:

    Know what would be awesome? A Glee murder-mystery … with Unique as the victim.

  14. July says:

    All the divas looks fantastic, specially Tina and Unique.

  15. Randy says:

    As long as i get plenty of Quinn and Santana i dont care about bad storylines. Let them paint the hotel for all i care. BTW, love the idea of them both headed to NY. Please and thank you.

  16. luli says:

    Santana and Quinn to NYC with Hummelberry ASAP! maybe that will make glee interesting again!

  17. Troy says:

    Why is Quinn still around? Making her go gay for an episode for sweeps is so lame. Worst character.

  18. KellyG says:

    How do you think Quinn and San are going to be together at the hotel? Making Quinn gay? I don’t think so. There are spoilers about the wedding episode. Ryan Murphy has tweeted some of them. I don’t think this is going to happen. We’ll have to wait and see. Some people on here will have to eat crow. It might be me, IDK.

    • Travis says:

      There’s a spoiler source who tells everything about the episodes in advance, so people already know about everything that happens in this episode – including Quinn going gay and hooking up with Santana in a hotel room. Resorting to the lesbo ratings stunt is so Glee, they need to pull all the classic crap (pregnancy scare – check, cheating – check, occasional lesbians – check) for sweeps.

    • Mike says:

      Quinn could of been Bisexual for all we know.

      • KellyG says:

        But Brittany is bi. I guess that could explain a lot of things about Quinn and her demeanor with guys. I sure didn’t want Quinn’s story to go there. But Quinn was dating a married professor, no attatchments that way. I just wished that Glee had at least addressed Quinn’s mental and emotional detatchments and possible causes before she graduated. She is the most complex character of Glee and who never got a real story since season 1. Just left hanging with no answers.

  19. KellyG says:

    As for Quinn and San returning, YEAH! San stay in NY for ever please.

  20. cyclone says:

    2 comments on these pictures…1-what parents would allow their children to fly home from college for an old teachers wedding? my parents wouldn’t let me come home for a random weekend and i was only an hour away.
    2-Quinn and Santana are only a year into college which means still underage which means they should not be drinking at the wedding (yes I know we all did) but still.