New Spoiler Alert!: Horror Story Season 3 Scoop, Mad Men Spin-Off and Girls' Scary Sex Scene

blog_spoiler_1.27.13You know you’re in for a particularly wild episode Spoiler Alert! when the discussion starts with sideburns and nipples, and ends with a statement like “Someone’s gonna end up sleeping with their sister!”

But that isn’t the half of it!

This week, when Matt Mitovich and I welcome to the guest couch Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer from MTV’s Nikki & Sara LIVE, our topics range from how American Horror Story will top itself in season 3 (an unsexy Adam Levine?) to how Allison Williams managed to keep her tatas covered during Girls’ most awkward sex scene ever.

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Plus, we deduce from Mad Men’s promo pics that its new season will include both “cigarettes and alcohol” (ooh – scoop!) and get ready for the AMC hit’s inevitable CW spin-off (The Sally Diaries).

Finally, we round out this anything-goes installment with a tease of funny ladies Glaser and Schaefer’s new show (first gue$t: Ke$ha!), sniff out the identity of Henry’s father on Once Upon a Time and play Where’s Waldo? with an unwitting Emily VanCamp from Revenge.

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Wanna join in? Press PLAY below, then hit the comments.

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  1. Olivia says:

    As long as Kiernan Shipka stays in Mad Men, no problem. But they should find another name, it sounds way too much like The Carrie Diaries (or is it all a joke?)

  2. Mitholas says:

    “She had sex with a gay guy.”
    “It doesn’t get more desperate than that.”

    Unfortunately worded, Ausiello.

  3. Cant wait to see Neal …if he is Bae or not…I’ll be happy the same way!
    February 10 come quickly please! lol

  4. jackie2830 says:


  5. Mike says:

    Can someone give me what’s said in the podcast about Bae, I’m out and don’t have time to watch the podcast.

    • gdv says:

      All they say is that they’re pretty sure Bae will be Henry’s father (Emma’s ex). But the “scoop” is that Rumple and Emma’s road trip isn’t just a straight shoot to find Bae–there are a few stops along the way. (I’m guessing they’re just alluding to the fact that more happens then we expect).

  6. chris says:

    Any sex scene involving Lena Dunham is scary.

  7. cc kay says:

    I have seen Girls before but no this ep that they discuss..and while im not a prude and i dont think gay characters need to be done in a certian way only, after hearing about this Girls ep, its kinda maddening that yet another tv show (not to mention movies) decided to go down the ‘gay person sleep with strait people road.’. I seems like this is the hot new plot device and as a gay person, to me, its not only offensive but frankly, insulting. I get some this might happens with young confused gays or gays who dont want to be that way so they will sleep with the oppisite sex, but if you are already accepting of your sexuality,, we arent a spinning wheel , where you spin and it lands on something different every day, and if your lonely or sad, ‘oh, ill just fall into bed with whoevers there’ . im sorry, this isnt reality and as i said, of everything, i find it really insulting. you for sure never see a plot where a straight guy is lonely or sad or stressed out , so he decides to sleep with a gay guy,. sorry for the rant, i never post on boards but i kinda just wanted to get it out. im just someone whos never really liked how gay characters are portrayed at all really, theres always something thats not right, either major stereotypical or they can be gay, but they are completely sexless . anyway, no need for anyone to respond, just wanted to vent to someone! :)

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Venting is welcome here. And you make some good points. If it makes you feel better, he really couldn’t..uh…well, I’ll just use the grown-up expression and say he couldn’t hold an erection for her for longer than a few seconds. (I will totally understand if this comment gets deleted by moderators for being too explicit).

      • cc kay says:

        aw thanks! :) i never post to boards , ive all too often seen fights (esp petty one! lol) and i was just kinda mad/emotional when i wrote it and figured i might not get some good responses , so I appreciate the kindness – and yes, from what they said and the clip, it all looked so sad and uncomfortable lol

    • Bmc9999 says:

      I’m not gay but agree with you – writers are taking the lazy cliche way out

      • Sam says:

        You are both wrong.
        A) The idea that anything hasn’t been done before on a show is moronic. It’s about four women in New York. I love the show to death, but if you’re going to attack it for being cliche, attack that.
        B) It’s annoying when people don’t understand sexuality as a continuum and view it as an either/or proposition. If you look back at the third episode of the series, Elijah said he doesn’t want to identify as gay. Since he couldn’t have sex with Marnie to completion, he’s obviously pretty far down the spectrum. But, even if he had, who the fudge cares? It would be the most accurate representation of queer identity on television.

    • ben says:

      I know exactly what you mean, although in a programme which seems to be primarily about the sexual awkwardness of all the characters, it doesn’t seem too amiss here.

      But you know, this issue is beyond gay/straight. The trend in drama which annoys me is to have shows completely chocked full of people who seem to have no idea who they are at all. Even when they seem to assert a knowledge of who they are verbally, it’s not backed up with their actions. I long for more characters who know who they are, and back that up in both words and actions (and that’s not to say that a person’s identity can’t be subject to change, but people can change with confidence and self-assurance, too!)

    • Ashley says:

      Have you ever seen American Psycho??? Straight guy, gay dude. :) just saying.

  8. TV Gord says:

    You’re way ahead of the curve with The Sally Diaries! I just read this after watching SNL’s The Sopranos Diaries, and both have me in stitches! :-)

  9. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Another great spoiler theater. You guys always make these so much fun. Okay, here’s my deal with Megan and why I am on Aus’s side in this matter. A couple of reasons…first, I could never get behind their whirlwind romance of hooking up for casual sex twice, and then, boom, marriage proposal. It was too strange and too quick. Taylor Swift has longer courtships than that. And second, Don has been happy with her, and that annoys the crap out of me. A happy Don Draper is a boring Don Draper, and I just don’t believe Don is the kind of person who could ever really be happy in life. And because they went that way with the storyline, Jon Hamm had his weakest season to date. There didn’t seem to be anything going on that really stretched his talents, which is why The Other Woman (a Joan-heavy episode) ended up being his Emmy submission. I think the only Don moments I liked all season were from Far Away Places when he dumped Megan at a restaurant and then later nearly attacked her, and then The Phantom episode where he got all dark and depressed and seemed to emotionally detach from her.

  10. anna says:

    Keep hating Megan, Michael! I hate her too.

  11. iMember says:

    Everybody loves Emily VanCamp! <3

  12. Maria Pompeo says:

    absolutely agree with Sara’s views on GIRLS. Finally! Another woman that isn’t a fan! woo!

  13. Heathers says:

    Maria Pompey I was vilified for stating my dislike for Girls and called a troll. The show sucks and I find no humor in it at all. Are all 20-something’s that pathetic that they think it is beneath them to find a paying job? And a real companion instead of an on again-off again hook up!
    I can’t wait for the new Mad Men season.

  14. Kelly says:

    So cool. I can’t wait to see Neal again on once upon a time. love him with emma and after meeting him, yeah I want him to be Bae. They did the fake out last year with August, so it better be him.

  15. Mike says:

    So tired of EVERY new show, movie etc. feeling the need to have Queers as main characters. Homosexuality is not as common as they make it out to be. They would have you believe 25-30% of all people are gay when in fact it’s less than 5%. I’m going to start a group shouting about who I sleep with, BBBs Big Breasted Blondes. By the way that has nothing to do with whether or not I can get insurance, loans or a job. So just shut the f*** up about who you sleep with, we don’t care.

  16. intelliwoman says:

    Two of these shows need to be gone. Girls……lazy self absorbed self hating women. Mad men boring with no redeeming qualities or characters