Smash Exclusive: Ellis Poised to Return!

Smash Season 2 Spoilers Ellis Returns Smash‘s serial lurker is back!

TVLine has learned exclusively that Jaime Cepero will reprise his polarizing role of Ellis, the ruthless and scheming former assistant to Tom and (later) Eileen, during the show’s upcoming second season.

But wait – the plot thickens.

New Smash showrunner Josh Safran cryptically tells TVLine that, “Ellis may return, but not necessarily in the present.”

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Hmm… so the meddling pipsqueak will appear in a flashback? Flash forward? Flash sideways world? Our money is on one of those three.

Cepero’s Ellis was among the casualties of Smash‘s big Season 2 revamp.

Thoughts/theories about the second coming of Ellis? Hit the comments. And FYI: Smash raises the curtain on its second season Tuesday, Feb. 5.

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  1. marge says:

    Nooooooo, lawd – he is the worst!

    • Russ says:

      Wait people maybe its a flashback were Eileen nails his ass to the wall and then he crosses the street and gets hit by a bus. NBC knows that everyone hated Ellis, it would be stupid to have him return and not have him get his ass kicked.

  2. D says:

    Hopefully it’s for the purposes of figuring out who killed him.

  3. Lena120 says:

    Ugh. He was AWFUL! Such a terrible character. I don’t want to see him in any capacity.

  4. Nicole says:

    Only good if its a flashback to explain his untimely, yet totally justified death..

  5. No….
    For me he shouldn’t return.
    I hated this character.

  6. Anna says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But if it’s only a flashback I’ll survive… hopefully.

  7. Jake L says:

    Hell no!

  8. Ana says:

    No and hell no! He was the worst. I literally rolled my eyes everytime he was on screen and was greatly relieved when I read he had been let go. Please, let this be for a tiny sequence of one episode and be done with it.

  9. para says:

    Please God Please don’t

  10. MrMank says:

    I may be the only one out here of this opinion, but I for one wish he was returning full time. In the backstabbing world of theatre, Ellis seemed right at home. We’re meant to hate him, and that’s why he’s such an effective character.

    • Jacob says:

      There is a really big difference between hating a character (like Lorena on True Blood or Constance on American Horror Story or J.R. on Dallas) and really HATING a character like Ellis. He was awful. Everything about him was awful. He had absolutely no redeeming qualities, whatsoever. He needed to go, and he needs to stay gone.

      • Mike says:

        Basically its the difference between hating a character and loving to hate a character, I don’t watch any of the shows you listed, but I love to hate the Governor on The walking Dead, he just plays a great villain.

    • RobMF says:

      I’m with you, I was disappointed they decided to follow the fan hatred and let him go. You need characters to absolutely despise.

  11. Josh says:

    Dream sequence were all the characters get to kick him in the nuts?

  12. RyanC says:

    Dear god why would they bring him back?! Just when they finally corrected almost everything wrong with season 1, they rocket-jump backwards!

  13. daviduter says:

    Only considered giving this train wreck a second go with the news Ellis was gone. Bringing his character back in any capacity is a deal breaker for me. Show had so much potential, what a mess.

  14. KSM says:

    The only reason I was going to give this show another chance this year was because he was gone. Maybe not now!

  15. geraghtyvl says:

    Just, no….

  16. Bob says:

    You know, if they do it right. A little Ellis goes a long way. Maybe a very small part in one or two episodes. He could work for Eileen’s ex-husband.

    • Lime says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I watched the first hour of the new season and Jerry does some sneaky s**t in it. All I could think was, “I bet Ellis gave him all the dirty details to get his revenge on Eileen for firing him!” I guess we’ll see soon enough.

  17. CB says:

    They’re probably going to bring him back to show a flashback to him “poisoning” Rebecca’s smoothie.

  18. AnnaKate says:

    God, no. I LOVE Smash (being a drama kid, it’s my cup of tea), but honestly? Yuck, yuck, triple yuck.

  19. Lindsey says:

    I can just see him suing them bc the musical was “his idea”

  20. KJS says:

    Hopefully, as a ghost.

  21. Lilacbarries says:

    Oh goodness,nothing good can come of this. Anyone know how many episodes season 2 is supposed to have?

  22. A says:


  23. Niki says:

    Please say it ain’t so!!!! He was horrible.

  24. Ronnie says:

    It has to be a flashback when they are revealing his tragic death. Fans will break into spontaneous applause for the ten seconds he is on screen. One can hope.

  25. Felipe says:

    He was clearly the one who tipped off Eileen’s husband about where the money came from to finance the show. It makes sense.

    • SFSmashFan says:

      Didn’t see your comment before I left mine below. I figured that out too. We saw “the text of Ellis” in the sneak preview episode.

  26. farsia2010 says:

    1st: hell no, hateful little critter! Honestly why would they torture us like that ?
    2nd: I already watched the first ep of the season. How come? Not that I am complaining …. just wandering.

  27. SFSmashFan says:

    In the sneak preview episode, I believe it was Ellis who texted Jerry (Eileen’s estranged husband) about “a plan.” It had a cryptic phone number (917 I think) and the words “DONE.”

  28. Trina says:

    When I saw the photo on the main page I thought it was spoilers about Bunheads. Bailey Buntain and Megan Hilty could be twins!

  29. sindella says:

    It was him or Julia’s son…

  30. David4 says:

    I think he’s sexy, so more of him is fine by me.

  31. MrTemecula says:

    Team Ellis all the way. If it was not for Ellis, Smash would not even hit the boards. Ellis was the glue and gas for the entire production. It’s a shame audience could not see that.

  32. Michael says:

    Ellis is the Diana Fairgate of SMASH

  33. Michael says:

    He was the definition of a horrible mis-cast… the guy seems gayer then gay can be (and I’m gay) yet was acting the role of a conniving heterosexual climbing the musical theatre business ladder. WTF? Ridiculous.

  34. MG says:

    First off, where did it say that Elis is Dead, he was fired and was gone, that’s all, I never read anywhere that said he had died at all, he probably went crying home to mommy saying that her school friend’s producer fired his ass. But that’s about it, the only reason to bring him back is to deal with his leaving the show, like they did with Julia’s husbond, and will chase sice he;s staring in the Mystery of Edward Drewed. So as long as we either see him poison the movie star, or get arrested and sent to jail for poisining her, they should just let ita lie, But it woudl make sence to have him woring for Eilens exhusband. There was a clip of hi sawing that everyone will know that she couldn’t di it without me.