Exclusive Video: Glee's Guys Talk About Getting 'Naked'! Plus - Whose Pecs Were Photoshopped?

Glee Season 4 Naked“They’re all naked, with just tiny little things covering their private parts.”

That’s Glee newbie Becca Tobin’s 12-word summation of next week’s episode of the Fox hit, which finds Sam, Blaine and the rest of New Directions’ male membership posing for a cheeky calendar to raise money for regionals.

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As the following behind-the-scenes video illustrates, some of the actors (cough Blake Jenner cough) were far more more comfortable dropping trou than others (cough Darren Criss cough).

Press PLAY below for more exclusive off-screen intel (photoshopped pecs?!) as well as a first look at what Fox is calling “Glee‘s most revealing episode ever.”


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  1. Alice says:

    Good GOD! Next week is the return of Santana and Quinn and there is no build up whatsoever.

  2. James says:

    No news on the fact that Glee aired ‘Baby Got Back’ without crediting Jonathan Coulton?

    • Jeff says:

      and the performance of it was horrible…bad enough that they completely ripped it off (which they also did to Greg Laswell’s version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”) but then to have that new British “actor” and his band of misfits perform it…horrible(PS ~ the British dude was alright in “Episodes” cause his horrible acting and cockiness were a part of his character, but on Glee it’s just annoying)

      • dude says:

        It’s not a rip-off if they paid for it. Greg Laswell et all have their money, I’m sure that’s all they care about.

        • BTM says:

          That’s the problem: They didn’t. No request for permission, no royalties, no anything. Coulton found out when he saw it on iTunes before it aired. He’s furious.

          • CC says:

            Only one that gets credit/paid is the person who wrote it…sorry, you don’t get anything for covering a song.

          • CC says:

            Or owns the rights to it.

          • Nellie C. says:

            CC, they used his exact arrangement of the song, which shares nothing in common with the original, except lyrics. Arrangements of existing music are copyrightable, and Coulton used a Creative Commons license that doesn’t allow commercial use. Glee ALSO used the lyric change Coulton made that refers to his name instead of Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s and may have directly sampled the music from Coulton’s version. Lots of bad here, even aside the sleaziness of passing off an interpretation that someone else came up with as your own.

          • Lucy says:

            I don’t believe glee’s intention was to rip off that version of “Baby Got Back”; they wanted to show appreciation for the cover by performing that version, and people say they should’ve given direct credit for whose version it is, but that’s not always practical, however people hear that version and get curious as to where the arrangement came from; my brother looked up the version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” performed in glee for this reason, so it’s not like people aren’t aware by now that the drastically different arrangements in there generally if not always are from another source, and there are so many songs in that show; they have to work quickly, determine what songs to sing and the arrangements, get permission from the actual owner of each song, record in the studio then film the show performance of the song with that recording; it’s direct and fast paced, often no time for asides, but again, I feel glee’s intentions are ever positive; their choosing Coulton’s version was meant as a compliment.

          • BTM says:

            Whether legal or not, it was most definitely unethical. A phone call for permission is not impractical. Neither is making a note in the end credits. They even tried to pass the arrangement off as their own on iTunes. That’s not a practicality issue: It’s theft of intellectual property.

          • Lucy says:

            No one who’s a part of glee has ever claimed that arrangement to be their making; the term ‘glee version’ simply means the one specifically recorded by cast members of the show, regardless of whether the style is their own; it’s clear to me correct protocol was observed with this cover of a cover, as in every case in glee history, and yes, there would be grounds for complaint, moreso in fact if this involved a song actually written and/or owned by the complainer, but it doesn’t and never could, because glee never fails to get permission for every song performed on the show from whomever requires that permission, and demanding permission and/or acknowledgement for a cover is not only unecessary, it causes the person making that demand to seem petty and ungrateful, and by the way, glee doesn’t always note original singers; right to usage is all that’s needed; so bottom line, there’s no issue here, as glee did nothing wrong.

          • BTM says:

            The correct protocol was most certainly not followed. Coulton and the others DO own the tracks they laid down, and studio engineers are confirming that Glee used the actual tracks.

            I blame Internet culture, where illegal practices such as file sharing, torrents and copying someone else’s work into your own blog are so common that newbies don’t bother trying to understand the law. We look on people we don’t know as somehow “less” than those we do, so it’s very easy to think our crimes are victimless. Telling an artist whose actual tracks they stole that he should shut up and take it as a compliment is adding insult to injury.

            Glee has a practice of taking an artist’s legally written adaptation and passing it off as their own. They are arrogant and condescending about it, and this time they finally did it to someone demanding reparation. Thieves are thieves.

  3. “Everyone’s Naked!!” *shows artie in full pilgrim garb. no skin to speak of* …..right. sure.

  4. hmmmm says:

    complaint complaint complaint complaint

  5. para says:

    Why is everyone complaining!!! This is a happy music show and no sometimes it doesn’t make sense but please if you don’t like their songs or Darren Criss’s Dreamy eyes, stop watching!!! This is about a show choir in High School,not Law & Order!

    • Lucy says:

      I’m only angry at glee’s insistance on treating Artie’s body like some sort of joke or something to hide because he’s not buff and six-packy; he still has the best ever, and usually I have great things to say about that show, but this just pisses me off!

      • A says:

        umm if you watched the video, from the looks of it, it seems that each of them may have got multiple pictures in the calendar and you only saw one of Artie because….well…the video was only a sneak peek. So calm down and realize that its just a “SNEAK PEEK” and if they actually show the whole calendar and he’s not shirtless in it, then you can complain. Geez. some ppl just complain and whine even when they haven’t seen the entire thing they are complaining about. That is the problem with so much of the Glee fans. No patience whatsoever

        • Lucy says:

          Look, I can only go by comments at this point, have no proper context, I’ve waited four years to see Artie in less than a tee-shirt and shorts; when I learned I could be getting the honour only to read what implied that isn’t the case, needless to say I was more than frustrated, and really that’s second to Artie not getting the respect he so beyond massively deserves when it’s claimed all the New Directions boys get nude if that turns out to be untrue; it’s suspicious how Artie’s evidently the only one of the boys to stay fully clothed throughout the video, but maybe they just don’t wanna let loose all that perfection on the public too soon; at any rate, learning there’s more to this I’m now hopeful a misspeak didn’t occur, still I’m not a complainer anyways, so I’d appreciate not being otherwise thought based on two posts made at a point which smacked of utter disappointment, and not all gleeks are impatient btw; we’re different as the characters on glee; please don’t lump us together with some steretotype.

    • yoyo says:

      LOL. Funny. People HAVE stopped watching. Everyone I know in real life has pretty much given up on Glee already. Look at Glee’s declining ratings (people prefer to watch RERUNS of other shows than a brand new episode of Glee), iTunes songs that are failing to even crack the Top 100 and increasingly critical reviews… Glee has been going downhill for a long time now. Also: people complain because they CARE and want to see Glee improve. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t bother complaining.

  6. zakspeak says:

    When does Fox start selling these?

  7. k. says:

    For all the things Glee might be doing wrong, I’m looking forward to this. Or at least to buy the calendar ;)

  8. Jase says:

    Well to be fair, if I had Blake’s body, I’d be comfortable dropping trou all the time too.

  9. monica says:

    Darren shy is bs! Tht man is confident in his body. He’s just more hubble. Love him he’s a great guy and sexy as hell.

  10. Mmmph. Blake Jenner has the best body ever. I need to buy that calendar ASAP. So many sexy guys at McKinley. Hope Finn gets a month, he is the sexy leader of the glee club (even if temporarily) after all.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah let’s put our high school “teacher” in a calendar full of half naked students and then sell them to other students, or better yet the parents!! The idiocy of this show just makes me chuckle

  11. Mark says:

    That is not naked!!!

  12. LEE says:

    oh great now kids are gonna get naked for school kids do everything they see on tv or read in book or see online.

  13. me@hotmail.com says:

    Here it is everybody, the reason why Blake was brought to the show.

  14. JLB says:

    Photoshop is for still digital images, not video.

  15. Bodycrazed says:

    Pohotoshopped pecs, lol. I need to go photoshop me some abs ;-)