AMC and OLTL to Relaunch on Hulu, iTunes

ABC's "All My Children" - 2011Prospect Park has reached an agreement with Hulu and the iTunes Store to distribute the all-new episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live that are commencing production early this year with an eye on a springtime premiere.

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“Hulu’s reach, platform and advertising prowess are best in class, and iTunes provides an incredible way to buy TV shows that is second to none,” Prospect Park CEO Jeff Kwatinetz said in a statement. “Through both of these partners, we hope daytime drama fans are absolutely delighted to be able to watch their favorite programs in a broadcast-quality HD format wherever and whenever they want.”

Episodes will be available via the free service, as well as to Hulu Plus subscribers. UPDATE: To be clear, will not be hosting the episodes as previously announced.

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Per its press release, Prospect Park’s plan for the revived AMC and OLTL is “to blend new themes, fresh stars and youthful energy with the familiar actors and writers who made these shows must-watch afternoon viewing for legions of loyal fans.”

Prospect Park also announced it has closed its financing with ABRY Partners, a media-focused private equity investment firm. “[W]e strongly believe that [Prospect Park] will continue to be a leader in their innovative approach to content creation,” said ABRY partner Brent Stone.

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  1. C says:

    Cue ten millions “Does this mean they’re charging money?!?!” questions. Answer: NO. Hulu is free.

    • Marissa says:

      Actually they could exclusively release them on Hulu Plus which does cost money

      • Ella says:

        Hulu Plus is $7.99/month

      • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

        Sorry, the press release says “via the free service, as well as millions of Hulu Plus subscribers.” I’ll make that crystalline.

      • Maria says:

        @ Marissa – Uhm….actually Hulu Plus does cost money. Where do you get your false information from? It’s $7.99 a month and you get the first week free as a trial period. Get your facts straight!

        • TV Gord says:

          Before you accuse someone of getting their facts wrong, go back and re-read what Marissa wrote. She DOES say it costs money. Perhaps you can print it out, and when you’ve read it long enough, you can then use the paper to wipe the egg off of your face.

    • LAURIE says:

      HULU isn’t available in Canada, does this mean Canadians won’t be able to access OLTL?

      • Michael (@mike10dude) says:

        I am sure that they will try and figure out a way to make money from these shows outside of the United States
        And there are lots of very easy ways to access Hulu from outside the U.S

  2. jen says:

    It won’t be free if it’s on Hulu Plus.

  3. TV Gord says:

    It won’t be free in Canada, since we can’t get Hulu here, and the news release says iTunes is charging. :-(

    • Anna says:

      You should spend your money on something better than that ridiculous, stupid garbage. Donate the money to charity, and spend that hour a day running around the block.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Wow, that is so rude. Why do you give a crap what other people do with their money and time? You should just worry about yourself and leave other people alone.

        • Barbara Bila says:

          I agree, why do you care what people spend their money on? I’m sure you have things you waste your money on that people wouldn’t agree with. You must be a real angry person to say such mean things about other people!

      • TV Gord says:

        Where do I say I’m spending money on it, Anna? I don’t know why you’re directing any of your screed at me, but you look like an idiot. (Thanks for YOUR comment, Brita Unfiltered.) :-)

      • Maggie Dalton says:

        Ok great idea run around the block in mywheelchair!!

      • Barbara Bila says:

        I donate a lot to numerous charities! I can watch what I want!

  4. dude says:

    Wasn’t the original plan to air them for free on some new website they’re creating called “The Online Network”? Guess that fell through.

  5. warrior says:


    Of course they are doing this for money, get a clue. This is a waste of time, just some money hungry cows wanting to cash up on dead shows.

  6. James says: is free guys. Hulu Plus is not. All it means is that you will have to watch ads if you have the free service. Calm down. Geez.

    • You get adds on Hulu Plus as well, but you get to watch new programming the next day with it. They have most of ABC and NBC’s current season, and the most recent 5 eps from FOX and CW.

  7. Debbie says:

    You also get new programming the next day with regular Hulu. I often watch the shows I miss there the following day. Hulu Plus just gives you access to more content.

  8. TMW says:

    Will there be adult content on these reboots, though? Probably not. And that would be one of the only reasons I’d watch.

  9. Sheri says:

    Are they going to air on cable as well?

  10. Gwen Sallans says:

    For those loyal viewers who don’t have access to the internet , how do they get to enjoy these reboots ? I haven’t seen anything on the availability of Hulu regular or plus for Canadians . Will it be ?

  11. Scott says:

    What’s going to happen to the characters that joined general hospital?

  12. DavidSask says:

    Unless there is easy site to just watch this on-line, this will crash and burn, think of the demographic people, older people don’t want to have to search for product and most won’t have these services.

    • Miffy says:

      It’ll never work. Soaps are watched by old people, dumb people, and people on welfare. Not exactly the demographic advertisers are clamoring for.

      • Kisha says:

        Miffy you are as stereo typically as they come. Bless you love.

      • rose says:

        Didn’t Hoover pull their advertising because a big shot from that company has a wife and a mother who watch those. So I would venture to guess your comment is false.

      • ah, Miffy you are so cute and really need to get out more and get some attention. Maybe you should get out and run around the block with your EBT card and get yourself an ice cream so you can put a smile on your face. :)

      • Barbara Bila says:

        Why are you so rude and judgemental? I’m 63, a registered nurse and make 100,000 dollars a year,so how does that fit your description???

      • Ray-El says:

        Ha! If advertisers cared about the intelligence of their viewers, 90% of the shows on TV wouldn’t be on the air anymore. As far as old people, most of them have a lot more money than most college grads who couldn’t get a job and had to move back home to live in their dad’s basement. Boomers are where the money’s at. As long as they stay interested, who cares about the younger generation and their notoriously short attention spans?

    • Jim says:

      First of all, not just old people watch soaps, and secondly it’s 2013, a lot of older people are proficient with the Internet.

  13. TMW says:

    Unless there’s a twist to them this time, like characters occasionally swearing and being nude, they will crash and burn. And Agnes Nixon should then finally admit to herself and to the faitthful viewers that her stubborn attitude led to both AMC and OLTL not getting decent, satisfying send-offs.

  14. big cheddar says:

    This is awesome! I was really worried these would end up on OWN or some similar channel. Let’s face it – I’m sure Oprah’s rethinking her anti-soap stance now that her network isn’t doing so great.

    • TV Gord says:

      I doubt she’s re-thinking a thing. Besides, it’s not a matter of re-thinking anything. She never had any intentions of taking on these soaps. She just responded to the barrage of emails she was getting from crazy soap fans.

    • Maggie Dalton says:

      Agree our SOAPS could of been the saving grace on OWN.

  15. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m sort of curious to go back and watch them again now that I know it will be free, but I already have a hard time keeping up with the shows I watch now. Part of me is kind of glad they went off the air because it freed up some time for me and got me out of my thinking that I had to always be keeping up on them. But hey, even if I don’t go back to them, I’m happy for the fans that they’ll get their shows back.

  16. Teresa says:

    Excellent news! I watched All My Children from 1977 until it went off air. I have missed it and the “my time” set aside for watching. With all that’s written above and just to be clear… folks in Canada will need to download episodes from itunes or? Also… how can folks be kept in the loop re: the launch/beginning of the new shows?

  17. Kisha says:

    Mmm, very curious if the writing will be be same. Also I hate Hulu Plus, because they show commercials on a paid service. That’s why I cancel my subscription with them. Knowing Hulu you will only be able to see that week episodes, beyond that time period you will need the Plus service. Could be wrong.

    • rose says:

      That sounds about right Kisha, that is why I think watching it on Hulu Plus or the TOLN website would be better. I would love to know how much Itunes will charge for them. If it is not too much I would love to buy them so that I would have them just in case this does not work out.

  18. Tom Beavin says:

    I am hoping to see AMC and OLTL on television. But, for the time being, and in an effort to convince the media that the soap fan community deserves full coverage, I will be tuning in on Hulu or the TOLN website. But I really do want to watch on tv because I’d rather record any given episode(s)/scenes and preserve them on DVD for my own entertainment and enlightenment.

  19. eileen hargis says:

    Did ANY of you read the entire article at the top before commenting??? Right after the ble heading there is an UPDATE where it plaimly tells you that Online will NOT be hosting tjis ad previously announced. Just Hula and Hula Plus and Itunes. REA

  20. Betty says:

    So they are not including Canada? I was so looking forward to the return of my soaps and they are going to miss out on a lot of loyal viewers.

    • Gabby says:

      Guess Canadian viewers and the Canadian Market doesn’t matter much to these folks. Too bad. Canadian viewers are huge consumers of online content. I guess, we have to hope there are some fans out there in the US that will make the effort to find a way to ‘share’ the content with Canadians. Why the US company wont try to make a deal with a Canadian supplier is beyond me. There is a demand (Bell Media, Rogers, Shaw) to offer more digital content, and generally, this content is acquired from the US. Let’s hope that one of the cable companies in Canada sees the value in getting Canadian Rights for online streaming. Bell Media – are you listening???

  21. I’am so excited for soap operas coming back. I was honored to my work recently till One life to live went off I lost my job in January of last year I was over stressed out about that.

  22. Ray-El says:

    This is awesome news! I always watched OLTL on Hulu anyway since I work 9 to 5 and it’s MUCH easier than trying to record it myself and hoping there isn’t a glitch that causes me to record some stupid cooking show instead.

  23. DIO says:

    OH, JOY! OH, RAPTURE! We finally did it & got our beloved soaps back. Now I hoope that the new OLTL will be kinder to John & Naralie, there has always been them & only them, now & forever! I want to see hot scenes between them & see them marrieddddddd, finally, happy with theirselfm their life & their son, Liam!

  24. Junebug says:

    How do Canadian’s get to be a part of this? I’ve been a OLTL/GH/AMC watcher forever…. and want to know if the Itunes up here will be carrying it? Can anyone tell me for sure??

  25. Elaine says:

    Does anyone know of a way to record AMC & OLTL? Or, if you can record Hulu, or Hulu plus?

  26. treacle says:

    FX Canada is airing both AMC and OLTL starting this Monday.

  27. Kathie says:

    Please call me asap. I want to get hula but i need
    You to answer question before i get rid of
    Cable 215828-0556

  28. how do i get on i tunes for one life to live and all my children. i had the web site when it started, but can’t find it. please help!!!!!!

    • Ray-El says:

      You can go to and download it. It’s an application that runs off your computer and lets you buy the show online. But why bother when you can go to Hulu, search for One Life to Live and watch it for free?

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  30. suzanne says:

    i only want to watch amc on my hula plus i don’t like being charged $7,99 when it is not on