Pilot Scoop: ABC's Back In the Spy Biz, James Caan's Got Balls and House EP Expresses Doubt

logo-abc-300ABC has placed a pilot order for Spy, a half-hour comedy adaptation of the Simeon Goulden’s UK satire.

The U.S. version, written and exec-produced by Goulden, centers on the well-intentioned father of a highly intelligent and verbal son who inadvertently takes a job at the Secret Service in order to prove himself a worthy dad.

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The British Spy wrapped its second season in December.

Other pilots ABC ordered today include…

She’s Got Balls | The half-hour comedy from Mark and Robb Cullen (FX’s Lucky) follows Terry Gannon, a recently divorced, single mother who temporarily moves in with her estranged father (played by James Caan), a beer swilling former baseball player. She reluctantly starts coaching her son’s underdog little league team and is drawn back into the world of sports she vowed to leave behind.

• Doubt | The drama, penned by David Shore (House), centers on a former cop who’s now a cunning but charming low-rent lawyer who uses his street smarts to work the system for his clients while battling his own demons and wooing his ex-wife. 

• Killer Women | Based on the Argentine series Mujeres Asesinas, this drama follows Molly Parker, the only woman in the notoriously male Texas Rangers. The beautiful, ballsy badass knows how to get the truth and isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers on her way there. Its producers include Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Last Resort) and Electus (Fashion StarTeen Wolf).

Influence | This provocative workplace ensemble — written by Kyle Killen (Awake, Lone Star) —  is about the complicated relationship between two brothers who head a unique agency designed to attack their clients’ problems using the real science of human motivation and manipulation.

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  1. Zed says:

    What is it with ABC and British comedies?

    • Guy says:

      The president is British. He has frequently cited this as the reason why shows like Man Up and The Neighbors got greenlit.

    • rowan77 says:

      American TV has long mined the British TV landscape for ideas. All In The Family, Sanford and Son, Dear John, Too Close for Comfort, Three’s Company, The Office, etc – all American hits based on british series.

  2. kthor3 says:

    I love the original well, at least the first season of the original. Hopefully with Goulden in charge they do a good job.

  3. Mick says:

    I watch the original on hulu. Dont know how well it will translate though.

  4. cjinsd says:

    I’ve been watching Spys on Hulu…love it. Hope ABC doesn’t ruin it.

  5. DMD says:

    This series is hysterical…but I hope ABC doesn’t screw it up like NBC did with Coupling (another hysterical British comedy!!)

  6. meggo says:

    LOVE this show. It’s not like the normal harsh, all sexual induendos comedy. It’s a funny, “family” show. So excited! Any news on a season 3 Michael?

  7. Joe says:

    I love the UK version so they better not screw this up!

  8. Alice says:

    I love that show on Hulu. But I have the same fears as everyone else. American comedies tend to go broader than British comedies, I’m not sure if that will work here.

    • rowan77 says:

      The trick is to make sure they write with American humor and style. You’d think that would be a no-brainer, but it’s not. Many shows making the pond forget that. The American version of Skins is one that pops to mind. British show =brilliant. American version (using Canadian teens flattening their accents to try – and fail – to sound American) using British jokes and timing. Huge fail. Ricky Gervais did it right – he made sure he created the American version with Greg Daniels – an American comedy writer.

  9. Sally says:

    It bothers me when the US remixes these British comedies for some reason they don’t seem to translate well. The UK version of spy is so funny.

  10. Joe says:

    Love this show watched all the episodes on Hulu I hope ABC doesn’t mess it up they need a good actor to really sell the kid role

  11. Noodley says:

    I LOVE Spy. Love it. But I’m concerned they won’t be able to replicate the brilliance of Darren Boyd and Jude Wright.

    “I really don’t wanna talk about Phillip.”

  12. chris says:

    Hopefully ABC sticks with the title Safe at Home. She’s Got Balls is an awful title.

  13. Doya says:

    Can’t believe a network would trust David Shore again. He has a gift for taking a ground breaking, phenomenal show and taking it to the crapper with horny frat boy storylines focusing on hookers and vapid adults. Good luck ABC. Good ou have money to waste.

    • sara says:

      David Shore created THE most watched series in the world. It fell apart when he left to do Rockford Files and KJ turned it into Days of Our Lives Except MORE Boring, and never really recovered. House left the air getting better numbers than most dramas still on. Although finding another Hugh Laurie is not going to be easy.

  14. Liz says:

    Awe spy that’s a good one. Please don’t ruin it. But pretty sure they will ruin it because the killer women won’t be anything like the Mexican & argentine one. The draw of those it’s like Snapped new story each week. Plus they get all starts to come on.

  15. dude says:

    If you want to watch a good spy comedy, watch InSecurity.

  16. Prue says:

    Mujeres Asesinas is about only one person. Every episode deals with one story…so I would say it is loosely based on the Argentine series.

  17. Drewer says:

    Spy is so good, and I think it will make a funny U.S. show, but casting is key here. But I always see Chris as like the British Jean-Ralphio (but less ridicules). But is anyone else worried that this says he’ll work for the SECRET SERVICE and not the CIA, I really don’t want another TV show that takes place in D.C. and has a fake president, Scandal is enough. I’m hoping it’s not the secret service, that would not be nearly as entertaining and funny.

  18. nitemar says:

    David Shore..I got mixed feelings with him. Best show on earth,House..worse series finale.

  19. Really they’re taking Last Resort off in favor of these? None of the shows listed here spark any interest to me. Even with the hatchet job of a season finale they did, with the right writers Last Resort could be brought back and continue the storyline. Or did the government actually tell them to cancel this one due to what it says about fighting injustice even if it is the government. As far as going off british shows, if it’s a good concept i have no problem with them copying some details, but it’s still needs to be made original. One thing about a lot of newer shows that frustrates me is they feel they have to strictly follow some book, previous show, or historical facts. I’d much rather see a show that might be based off a book, show, or history, but give the writers freedom to curve to a particular character if that actor/ess happens to turn into a bigger feature then expected. A key show that this falls under this IMHO is Game of Thrones, the show could be one hundred times better if the writers were given free range, killing Sean Bean’s character, (really?) just to follow a book they killed off the last actor on the show that could actually capture most peoples attention.

  20. T.E. Walker says:

    They should have continued SPY and started the third season, ABC and Disney sure have their head up their rears and will destroy a darn good show with the remake.