Vampire Diaries Recap: Racing For a Cure

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Catch Me if you CanOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the gang splintered off into teams in a race to find The Cure. (If one fails to materialize at the end of this chase, everyone in Mystic Falls is going to be so pissed.) Let’s take a look at how they fared:

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TEAM HUNTER GAMES | Klaus compels his newly sired vampires to go after Matt, so Jeremy will kill them and grow his hunter’s mark. When Jer returns at daylight to off them, he finds that Kol has already done the deed. The other Original brother is determined to stop them from finding the cure and raising Silas. “You risk waking someone very dangerous,” he warns. He suggests that Damon would like to see the last vestige of Elena’s humanity gone and compels him to kill Jeremy. When the two are face-to-face, with Damon unable to stop himself from going after Jer, the hunter shoots Damon in the head, not the heart, as instructed. “Stupid idiot. Borderline brain dead moron,” mutters the elder Salvatore. Despite not saying anything when Elena called him for help, Stefan swoops in at the last minute and snaps his brother’s neck to stop him. He then drains his blood to weaken him and locks him up. Meanwhile, Elena comes up with an alternate solution to their problems: Jeremy will kill Kol instead and his entire bloodline, which should grow his mark to completion and stop his compulsion on Damon. Hopefully.

TEAM CRAZY SEX | Rebekah’s plan to find the cure involves stealing a headstone from Shane, so she and Stefan break into his office. When they find the professor’s herbs, she reminds her ex of all the fun they had in the 1920s and convinces him to relax. They also reminiscence about the other type of fun they had, which wasn’t so great because they didn’t care. “Crazy sex is always good,” he corrects her. And by the end of the episode, they’re having some! In case you’re wondering, they manage to find the headstone before the hanky panky when someone else comes looking for it, too, and reveals its location. Later on, Rebekah also battles it out with Kol, and the two almost kill each other while quarreling over the cure. “Elijah won’t even show his face he’s so disgusted by our bickering,” says Kol. Elijah knows he’s too good for you folks.

Catch Me if you CanTEAM JUST PLAIN CRAZY | Sheriff Forbes brings in Shane for questioning about the explosion that killed Pastor Young and the others. Bonnie convinces her dad to let her talk to Shane because allowing teenagers into interrogations is A-okay in Mystic Falls.  The prof admits to her that he confessed, but it doesn’t matter that Young and the group died because Silas will just bring them back. Bonnie’s not boarding his crazy train until he pulls out the Grams card. Wouldn’t she like to see her again? That sets the witch off, making her lose control of her powers as she cripples Shane’s hand and lights a fire in the room. Shane is able to bring her down, but warns her dad that without his guidance, she’s a ticking time bomb.

We can’t wrap up this recap without talking about the emotionally brutal exchange between Stefan and Elena, neither of whom can understand why he’s hanging with Rebekah. “Are you trying to punish me?” she asks, offering up another apology. But he doesn’t want it. “You can do whatever you want,” he replies. “I really don’t care.” Elena doesn’t believe this behavior is the real him, to which he responds, “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.”

Vampire Diaries fans, who do you think has the best chance of finding the cure? Are you into Stefan/Rebekah? And are you hoping Bonnie goes full-on dark side? 

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  • I was really proud of Stefan this episode. I really really like this Stefan that’s not all about Elena and doing whatever he wants too. I even liked Rebekah a little this episode.

    Comment by Rachel – January 24, 2013 07:00 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • And I love that line “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” Paul and Nina seriously have some of the best scenes in this series.

      Comment by Rachel – January 24, 2013 07:02 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I personally love Damon and Elena and I think they should spend more time together. And I’m so glad stephan hooked up with rebekah. So yeah I agree. Stephan is finally not worrying about Elena. I don’t really like Caroline that much because she insist on Elena choosing Stephan when she can’t except that its not her decision. I don’t want Bonnie and Shane to get the cure because I think he actually crazy. So it’s eaither between the hunter team and the crazy sex team.

      Comment by Sarah – January 25, 2013 07:25 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Rachel I absolutely loved that line also. Good for you, Stefan!

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 25, 2013 08:55 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Way to go Stefan, about time somebody stood up to Elena. I was cheering, lol!

    Comment by Wrstlgirl – January 24, 2013 07:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • congrats Stefan you moved up! Rebekah is hotter than Elena! Screw Elena you have to be seriously damaged to love a guy who killed your sibling!!

    Comment by Josh – January 24, 2013 07:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • yeah go team STEBECCA GO…LOLS

      Comment by kone fhumulani – January 28, 2013 12:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Ya they are way better together!!

        Comment by Esbedy – February 1, 2013 12:09 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I know Jermeny is alive but Damon snapped his neck and luckily he was wearing that ring

    Comment by Josh – January 24, 2013 07:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Elena and Stefan. WTH is wrong with these two? first Stefan and now Elena. They BROKE up. Neither have a right to tell one another what to do, question each other, its none of their business what the other do. I’m so over this ridiculous triangle too.

    Comment by s – January 24, 2013 07:13 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • EVERYONE is over the love triangle – everyone but the freakin’ writers. Hopefully at some point they will get a clue.

      Comment by Sara – January 25, 2013 06:12 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree totally.

      Comment by Cathy O. – February 4, 2013 08:06 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Really?you gotta be kidding me!

        Comment by leon – February 9, 2013 05:26 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I hope Damon and Jeremy will become close cause I can see them being the next Dalaric.

    Comment by s – January 24, 2013 07:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Damon will have to kill Jeremy like six more times for him to achieve Alaric status. And, prove he can hold his liquor.

      Comment by I Heart Damon Salvatore – January 25, 2013 10:05 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love new Stefan. I am a huge Elena/Stefan shipper but I’m digging Rebecca and I definitely like Stefan telling Elena off! So much so that if I didn’t really dislike Damon and Elena together I wouldn’t even want Stefan and Elena back together.

    Comment by Kate – January 24, 2013 07:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Yes yes yes and yes. Exactly my thoughts!

      Comment by Babybop – January 24, 2013 08:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • honestly.. at some point if elena gets anoying i think he should just lock her up and make sure that they cant see each other until shes human again

        Comment by Dean – January 25, 2013 09:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Stefan is disgusting. He needs to stop slut-shaming Elena. Not after everything he’s done to her. It’s horrible.

    Comment by Monica242 – January 24, 2013 07:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • What he has done to her??? What about Damon, he kills her brother, slept with her mother, compelled her best friend to sleep with him, killed another friend of hers and the list goes on and on…yes, he is quite the saint.

      Comment by Dmac – January 24, 2013 07:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Dmac, ikr. Expect Elena’s the real issue here. She’s so pathetic! It’s all like oh, I love Damon, then the next second, it’s I love Stefan again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN! And stick with it!

        Comment by Fell – January 24, 2013 07:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I agree, she is beyond annoying this season.

          Comment by Dmac – January 24, 2013 08:02 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • She’s just now annoying you? really? lmao. is it because she doesn’t want Stefan?

            Comment by s – January 24, 2013 08:04 PM PDT  
      • EW I forgot that he slept with her mother….EWWWW…

        Honestly both brothers are better off without Elena and Elena is better off without both brothers. IMO this shipper nonsense ruins this show. The plot is good but it gets derailed constantly by this insane romance.

        Comment by Josh – January 24, 2013 08:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Damon didn’t compel Caroline to have sex with him. Caroline is a dirty little whore who has sex with EVERYONE and willingly gave herself to Damon. Damon compelled Caroline to not tell anyone he was a vampire and the feeding he was doing on her. Caroline spread her pretty little legs happily and willingly.

        Comment by melody – January 25, 2013 08:07 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Season 1 Damon is about as similar to season 4 Damon as season 1 Stefan is to Ripper Stefan. Both of the brothers have had their dark times when their humanity was all but shut off and both have done terrible things during these darkest of times. Lets not forget all the things Stefan did both while with Klaus and after he was freed by Klaus to hurt Elena. (Refusing to help her save Jeremy, nearly driving her off the Wickery Bridge, being verbally cruel to her.) As far as Damon sleeping with Elena’s mother, that was before he even knew of Elena’s existence and while Elena was probably a very little girl so I’m not sure you can hold that against him. Besides, they both slept with Katherine who also happens to be Elena’s “Grandmother”. As far as Caroline is concerned, while Damon compelled her to be fine with his vampirism and let him feed on her, there is no evidence he compelled her to sleep with him. Caroline has never accused him of that or in any way seemed to view herself as a victim of sexual assault. Her excuse for sleeping with him has always been that she didn’t realize “what a jerk” he was. Truth is, most of the vampires, including Stefan have compelled themselves a party of two. In the end, none of these vampires are any better than the other. I do like the fact that Stefan is moving on. I just hope his character arc leads him to find some balance and peace by and within himself. Right now he seems to be either hot or cold, love or apathy, animal blood or Ripper.

        Comment by DN – January 25, 2013 08:31 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Thank you! The thing is, one of the most interesting things the show does is it plays with moral relativism. What is bad and what is “bad” can be different things, and the character of Damon is basically all about the shades of gray. In that way he really does epitomize the show itself.

          On another note, I think it’s quite shameful, really, the way people are hating on Elena this season. For what? Sleeping with the guy she’s in love with? Feeling sorry for her ex? She’s just supposed to stay with Stefan when she doesn’t feel “that way” about him anymore? And I’m sorry, but she didn’t ‘play’ Stefan and Damon. She went through episodes of inner conflict, and it tore her up as much as it did them.

          I’m not saying Elena is perfect- neither is the show. But stop hating on her for trying to figure herself out. They’ve done a good job of showing why she’s been in love- really- with both brothers (in S3), and why she’s in love with Damon.

          Comment by Augusta – January 25, 2013 04:17 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Thank you Augusta.

            Comment by Cathy O. – February 4, 2013 08:13 AM PDT  
    • Both brothers have done things to Elena. However when people call her out on her crap she doesnt understand. Good for Stefan….hopefully he will continue to not care.

      Comment by Megan – January 24, 2013 08:01 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • That’s exactly it! Elena always acts hurt and confused when people call her on her selfish crap. She fails to see how she’s riping two brothers apart. This doesn’t seem to be wrong in her eyes. She’s plays both sides and it’s getting old. Personally I’d like to see Stefan ditch her for good and go with Caroline.

        Comment by Sara – January 25, 2013 06:15 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I agree that Stefan and Caroline would be great together! Now if we could only get Julie Plec to see it that way.

          Comment by DN – January 25, 2013 08:39 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Oh please, everything that Stefan did to Elena ! What about everything Elena did to Stefan ! I use to love Elena and Stefan but Elena turned into a real bitch I mean who does that. She’s constantly flirting with her boyfriends brother then jumps from one brothers bed to another. She only care about what she wants. She didn’t even care abut what it would do to Stefan and the harm it would cause between him and his brother now that they are finally on good terms. And the only reason Stefan went bad in the first place was because he made a pact with Klaus to save his brother who was bitten by a werewolf. I mean what un ungrateful SOB Damon is. I’m glad Stefan stood up to Elena I’m tired of everyone always falling over themselves to help Elena. She’s nothing but a hoe ! And Stefan deserve so much more. And bad ass Stefan is way more sexier then in hopelessly on love with Elena Stefan. I’m all for Stefan and Rebekah team now Elena and Damon can roll over and die and go burn in hell for all I care now

      Comment by Rebekah – January 24, 2013 08:01 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • He has never slut-shamed her…

      Comment by Whattt – January 24, 2013 08:39 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I don’t get why people are saying he’s slut shaming her either…

        Comment by Bre – January 24, 2013 09:42 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • LOL what on earth….Elena is the worst character ever. If you can’t see it, reconsider watching the show over lmao.

      Comment by anil – January 24, 2013 09:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Stefan is NOT disgusting for telling Elena where to stick it. She wants to pick Damon? Fine. But then don’t go and tell Stefan who to hang out with and assume it’s all about her.

      Comment by Radha – January 24, 2013 11:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Stefan is NOT slut-shaming her, stop throwing around that term if you don’t understand the meaning. Stefan is not shaming Elena for having sex or for being a slut. He’s upset that she is in love with HIS BROTHER. Despite the fact that Stefan would look much better with a particular blonde character….

      Comment by Jesus – January 24, 2013 11:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Well…Stefan was pretty calm when they broke up because of Elena’s feelings for Damon. It wasn’t until he found out that Damon and Elena had then slept together that he lost it.

        Comment by DN – January 25, 2013 08:44 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I like Stefan and Rebecca but must admit I was hoping for a Stefan/Caroline pairing and missed Caroline in this episode. Love Damon & Elena. It’s nice that Stefan/Rebecca and Damon/Elena just accept each other, flaws and all. Loved the reference to Elijah! Does Antone else have a bad feeling about Bonnie? I fear that Bonnie won’t survive her dark magic channeling.

    Comment by Ella – January 24, 2013 08:00 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Me too!Where’s my witty Caroline at?!

      Comment by Shaun – January 24, 2013 11:58 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Would you people quit bringing up Damon’s evil deeds already? He’s not perfect. Neither brother is. Elena isn’t perfect either. I’m tired of this whole triangle. They need to decide this season once and for all who the hell they want Elena with.

    Comment by s – January 24, 2013 08:02 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Lets face it Damon’s evil deed’s directly effected Elena and those close to her so no, I don’t think we can not bring them up.

      Comment by Dmac – January 24, 2013 08:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • No, I have always found Elena annoying but this season she has crossed the line to unfeeling, lame and annoying. To answer your other question, I don’t want her with Stefan she dent deserve him.

      Comment by Dmac – January 24, 2013 08:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Amen s!

      Comment by Cathy O. – February 4, 2013 08:16 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Good for Stefan through out the episode. We all know Stefan can have fun especially when he isn’t with Elena. Hopefully he will continue to have fun … Date a blonde or two. Let Damon deal with Elena this season!

    Comment by Megan – January 24, 2013 08:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m sorry to say but I really don’t see that much chemistry there with Stefan and Rebekah. I still would have liked to see her and Matt get a chance. Stefan and Caroline are the two that are great together but I know it will never happen.

    Comment by s – January 24, 2013 08:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Considering she tried to kill Matt and killed Elena, I don’t think Matt and Rebekah make a good pair.

      Comment by Josh – January 24, 2013 08:19 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Well considering they are vampires it is what they do you know. Kill. They’ve all had their moments of hurting/killing. None of these characters are perfect. So I have no problem of seeing something happen with Matt and Rebekah. jmo

        Comment by s – January 24, 2013 08:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Yeah, but Matt is way too moral to forgive Rebekah for what she’s done.

          Comment by Radha – January 24, 2013 11:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yes but you forget – on this show characters forgive each other for murdering all the time. Nothing is taboo on this show.

        Comment by Sara – January 25, 2013 06:18 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I agree that Stefan/Caroline would be a great Pairing but i like the Stefan/Rebekah Elena Sucks! Caroline Rocks and she should be the one having more than one guy wanting her. One more thing Klaus* ****** Sucks and i wish he would be kiled. Elijah and Sexy Rebekah are the only orignals i like!

    Comment by Josh – January 24, 2013 08:17 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • STEBEKAAAAHHH!!! finally Stefan stood up to Elena, it was about time that someone (stefan) put her in place… she has been so annoying this season, i’m hating this triangle and i was a big Stelena shipper, but I don’t even want them together anymore. Both brothers need someone else that’s not Elena, they are better off without her!

    Comment by luli – January 24, 2013 08:47 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • anyone know when Elijah is coming back?

    Comment by david – January 24, 2013 08:51 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • We know he’ll be in the backdoor pilot in April, but I hope he returns prior to that. I love me some Daniel Gillies!

      Comment by cc – January 25, 2013 08:25 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I don’t think I’ve ever liked Stefan this much. Good for him for telling Elena off. She has NO right to act wounded that Stefan was hanging around with Rebekah, considering she slept with his brother the DAY after she and Stefan broke up.
    What we need is more Damon/Jeremy scenes… Two gorgeous men acting tough… Yes please.

    Comment by Babybop – January 24, 2013 08:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • And funnily enough I hate Damon and Jeremy scenes because Damon acts like Jeremy should just go and drop dead. I have always hated how he talks to and treats Jeremy and I was glad when Jeremy pointed it out this episode.

      “You can stop the act, Elena isn’t around..” or whatever it is he said.

      Comment by Radha – January 24, 2013 11:31 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I think Damon just likes to give Jeremy a hard time and that he really does like him. He loves Elena so he does have a tendency to look out for Jeremy.

        Comment by Cathy O. – February 4, 2013 08:18 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I think I missed what happened to all the vervane they were growing. Did that ever get explained? why are they not drinking it anymore so they can’t be compelled?

    Comment by Bre – January 24, 2013 09:47 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • It got confiscated by Pastor Young’s takeover in the beginning of the season, right?

      Comment by JA – January 24, 2013 10:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yes I think the Pastor burned it all but maybe I’m wrong about that

        Comment by sls – January 24, 2013 10:52 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Thank you!!! I was wondering wth happened to all their vervain. Last week’s episode, I was screaming at my TV why they would ever go off of it!

          Comment by cc – January 25, 2013 08:27 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • haha this was me too! I was so confused.

            Comment by Bre – January 25, 2013 11:44 AM PDT  
  • Love Stefan. He’s the hero of the show lol. I really dislike Elena’s ‘everyone will do anything for me’ attitude…like he calls Stefan trying to soften him so he’ll help. Really b*tch? She needs to be locked up somewhere for like days. As a vampire, I thought we’d see a new Elena and tougher and stronger….she doesn’t even feel or look like a vampire lol.

    Anyways, my new couple is Stefan/Rebecca. I think they’re fun and fierce. I like it.

    Comment by anil – January 24, 2013 09:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I am done with elena and stefan its high time stefan finds another person and rebekah is just fine or maybe Caroline .elena should do anything she want

    Comment by Tinu – January 24, 2013 10:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Stephan’s finally getting interesting again! Whenever he’s with Elena, he’s as dull as dry toast. I, for one, would love to see what he “looks like” when he’s not in love with Elena. Don’t think that’s happened, yet, though, but he’s on his way. The stop at Rebekkah is a great one. I’ve always thought they had chemistry. I’m a little annoyed that the Delena story has stalled, but maybe next week will clear their path again. If th writers are gonna do that pairing, they should at least get to be together for more than half an episode.

    Comment by JA – January 24, 2013 10:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m getting so tired of the comments about how evil and terrible Damon or Stefan or Klaus or Rebekah are. Obviously you people don’t have any Supernaturals in your life or you would realize … this is how they are. They don’t view humanity or concepts like time or life-spans the way you and I do. They are immortal. I mean, really. The world is their playground.

    Breaking necks without concern for magical life-returning rings, drinking your fill of entire villages, these are not things Supernaturals care about. I mean sure some get hair’s up their butts every now and again and look back on their killing sprees with mild shame or remorse. But give them another 50 or 100 years and they will have gotten over it and be right back to doing the things they do, like freely eating people and stuff.

    If you want a show about taking the moral high road I’m sure they exist somewhere. Maybe netflix has episodes of Seventh Heaven or some other wholesome show for you to watch. Personally, I like my Supernatural/Immortals to be twisted, complicated, murderous and horny. The more people the kill and/or have sex with the better, boyfriend’s brothers, sisters, parents, teachers…I don’t care. This isn’t the Brady Bunch for cripes sake!

    Elena, I hope you sleep your way through the rest of the town (but end up with Damon, hee hee). Damon, I hope you keep killing people and not feeling bad about it because you’re an Immortal Supernatural creature and if you were on some pitiful quest for the moral high road you would be boring and lame. On that note, Stefan you are much more interesting away from Elena and screwing Rebekah and all her crazy. No one needs you to be so goody-goody all the time. It’s lame. Humans can be all judgey and self-righteous and chaste. Supernatural Creatures we love you for all you badness so keep on doing what you do.

    Comment by sls – January 24, 2013 11:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I don’t think anyone takes issue with immoral or grey area things happening on the show. I think they are bothered by the fact that show’s established moral code makes no sense. Elena, the show’s established moral center an protagonist, feels it is okay to kill off an entire line of vampires. But, god forbid, they kill off ten to fifteen barflies.

      And, on another note, was it just me or is Kol suddenly the voice of reason on this show. I mean, if there’s even the slightest chance that awakening Silas could trigger the ‘end of times’ is the cure really worth it? I’m sorry but the life of one self-centered teenage girl should not come before the well-being of the entire planet. It’s not just a moral dilemma, it’s a logical one.

      I get that Julie Plec needed a plot to drive the entire season. But what was the point of making Elena a vampire, if she was just going to spend the rest of the season having her characters try and find a cure for vampirism (a cure that only magically existed once Elena became a vampire.) Especially when it’s becoming more and more obvious that that by ‘saving’ Elena her characters are going to awaken an even greater evil, whose story-line will probably dominant the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5. Maybe the writers should have created a story-line when being a vampire helped Elena develop as a character, instead of devolving her into Damon’s mouthpiece and Stefan’s great cause.

      Comment by Mary – January 25, 2013 12:42 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I agree with you. It makes no sense that they are fine killing off 1000′s of vampires and get totally bent out of shape about the people in the bar. That was stupid. And, yeah, everyone is completely ignoring Kol’s point about Silas. What, no one can take 5 minutes and have a conversation about the possible consequences of awakening Silas? huh? What? Okay maybe the teenagers wouldn’t stop to think about it. But, um, hello, Klaus, Rebekah? While they may be a bit self-involved at the moment (or always!) neither of them stop to think…hey..maybe this might be a problem.

        So, I don’t disagree. There are plenty of things about the show/writing that are flawed. I do, however, think that plenty of people seem to take issue with the killing and sexing etc. There are too many comments on the episode recaps about Damon killing Jeremy, Stefan killing an entire village, Klaus killing everyone, etc Things with Immortals are complicated and messy and if it bothers people they should find another show instead of taking offense. It’s silly.

        Comment by sls – January 25, 2013 01:12 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • No one is taking offense to the KILLING. What I am taking offense to is the fact that Elena thinks it’s perfectly okay to hook up with a vampire that snapped her little brother’s NECK when Damon’s feelings got hurt. So yeah….am I pissed that Damon acted like the predator he is? NO. What I find fault with is Elena for forgiving and forgetting. Not when it’s her family. And if I were Jeremy, I’d take offense to that.

          Plus: You’re looking at this from the wrong angle. No one is saying that vampires shouldn’t be predators and shouldn’t kill etc. etc. But if you just have every vamp on the show just mercilessly killing 24/7 then yeah…it gets to the point of why these humans wouldn’t just try to wipe them out. Why do they all keep forgiving them? If all you have is a show of unrepentant murderous creatures then they become 2 dimensional villains and have no character growth. So you can sit on a pedestal and think that all the rest of us are being idiots for getting upset over certain developments, but I , for one, grow concerned when people on the show start going: “Oh, Damon just killed 18 people for no reason…he’s so hot!” from Elena and “So Stefan went all Ripper again? No biggie…we’ll just forgive him next week.”

          THAT is what gets ridiculous. And personally everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you obviously have yours, but it’s not fair for you to tell the rest of us to “just watch another show” and not voice our own opinions as well. I am invested in THIS show and if I feel like voicing displeasure about the plotlines, then I should be able to.

          Comment by Radha – January 25, 2013 08:42 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions and clearly we are not of the same opinions. I stated my opinion that it is annoying to me how judgmental people seem to be towards Stefan or Damon or Klaus when they are not human and therefore do not behave in a manner that society would find acceptable.

            Your comment that you take offense to Elena being with Damon after he killed her brother seems silly to me. That is my opinion. You can feel anyway you want. And, in my opinion, you lose any credibility to me when you make statements like “Plus: You’re looking at this from the wrong angle. No one is saying that vampires shouldn’t be predators and shouldn’t kill etc. etc.” There is no “Right” angle here. There are merely people’s opinions.

            I was stating that it is annoying to me to read so many comments where people are judging Supernatural characters based on human morals and beliefs. This is in no way putting myself on some pedestal. That is simply your perception. Have at it. See it however you would like. And if you want to go so far as to take offense by a television show’s character and her decisions, by all means, knock yourself out.

            And they are killing for reasons. They may not be reasons some viewers agree with or understand but they have their reasons. And, yes, sometimes those reasons are stupid because they aren’t perfect creatures. They are seriously flawed. For some of us, that is their appeal, that they are damaged and imperfect in so many ways. I don’t want or need them to be killing 24/7 but to imagine that these creatures would behave like humans doesn’t make sense to me. This is not an either/or situation. They don’t have to exist in such a black and white manner, totally human-like or complete killing machines. That wouldn’t make for a good story. And I never said that was how they should be.

            Finally, it’s not fair of me to tell people to watch another show? Of course it’s fair. That is my opinion. If people take offense to the characters and think that Elena is terrible for forgiving Damon and this causes you to actually feel offended by her actions then it is my opinion you should watch a different show. You should not continue to watch a show that offends you on a personal level. I think it’s fair for me to state that opinion. You are free to voice your opinions and continue to watch the show as I am free to find it annoying that people get offended at the things they do.

            Comment by sls – January 25, 2013 03:01 PM PDT  
    • I would be absolutely shocked if any of us actually had supernaturals in our lives. I was under the impression that they only existed in fiction.

      Comment by Hmmmm – January 25, 2013 08:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • That’s exactly what they want you to think.

        Comment by sls – January 25, 2013 08:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Read the books people if you haven’t and I am sure you will better understand why Elena is the way she is. 1. She falls for both brothers in the book. 2. She doesn’t have a brother in the book but a little sister. 3.Elena does become a vampire. 4. Caroline and Elena are enemies in the book 5. Caroline and Tyler are together in the book. 6.Damon only cares about two females in the books Bonnie and Elena. 7. The bond between the brothers grow in the book. 8.there are no other original vampires except klaus. 9. The author L.J Smith said this series is about Elena falling in love with Damon. 10. Read the books and you will find out how Elena is and what is different because I say the books are always better.

    Comment by Delenafan26 – January 25, 2013 04:17 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The books have nothing to do with the show beyond the basic premise. The show isn’t following the storylines so it really doesn’t have anything to do with why Elena is so darn annoying. And LJ Smith did not say the series is only about Elena falling in love with Damon.

      Comment by Fran – January 25, 2013 06:49 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I get what people are saying about Elena having no problem killing off a line of Vampire but I think her issue and Jeremy’s is Klaus turning people in to vampires just for Jeremy to kill…..I don’t really care, i’m enjoying this show. Every week I read the comments on the recap and just see a lot of complaining about Elena, the storylines etc I’m confused why these people are still watching…..

    Comment by Anon – January 25, 2013 05:02 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This ep was AWESOME. Lots of OMG moments, and I love the plot twist with Elena’s plan to kill Kol. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

    Comment by cc – January 25, 2013 07:29 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This was the best episode I’ve seen in awhile. Stefan telling Elena how it is- finally someone puts her in her place! And I loved Stefan saying how that makes twice that Damon tried to kill Jeremy so I guess no one’s perfect.

    Comment by Julie – January 25, 2013 07:42 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I am a huge Delena fan. BUT I used to love Stefan too. At this point though, I hate just about everyone on the show. Stefan has become a judgmental douchebag. Caroline has become a judgemental, hypocritcal betraying friend. All Bonnie ever does is complain – and just why the hell are Bonnie and Caroline such crappy friends to Elena. She’s always there when they need her! And then this Sire bond thing is the absolute worst. Damon needs to choose his words more carefully. “trust me! It’s fine” and so Elena is forced to trust him. Was that deliberate or carelessness on Damon’s part? If deliberate, what an Ahole thing to do. If careless, WHY are you being careless when it comes to Elena? April is useless, Hayley is useless. Kol is a prick. Stefan’s sex with Rebekah was a betrayal. Elena’s concern for Stefan’s choice of “friends” was out of line. All of it just sucks all to hell.

    I have loved this show from the beginning. I have loved both Stelena and Delena. I have loved Caroline and the friendship all the girls share. I have loved regular Matt and Jeremy and their innocent desire to protect the humans from the vamps. But this season has been the absolute pits. If Vampire Diaries writers want us all to hate the characters on the show they have done a really good job of it this season. I have never seen so many fans hating Elena so much. I have never seen people hating Damon or Stefan so much either. The writers need to get their heads out of their asses because I don’t think anyone is enjoying any of this crap they’ve been feeding us for weeks.

    Comment by melody – January 25, 2013 08:18 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Amen to Melody, I agree totally with all of your comments! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 25, 2013 09:06 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I’ve had my share of issues with the show also, but I completely disagree that Bonnie and Caroline are bad friends. All they have ever done is get involved in saving Elena’s life, while she is nowhere to be found when they need her. She is a bad, bad friend.

      Comment by Julie – January 25, 2013 01:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Disagree completely, i’m enjoying the show immensely. I live in Europe and look forward to Friday morning when I can stream VD, its my favourite show at the moment. Do miss Alaric though.

      Comment by Anon – January 25, 2013 04:06 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Do we have to kill Kol? I’m actually quite fond of him. We can send him and Jeremy back to Colorado and they can have their own spinoff show away from the never ending triangle, Jeremy’s ex, and all of Kol’s siblings. And then Kol and Jeremy can be friends again.

    Comment by Marissa – January 25, 2013 08:33 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Is anyone else asking themselves this question?

    What was the point in Elena going to the lakehouse to see Damon after he said come to me? I assumed there would be some discussion on what was said over the telephone but they skipped right over that.

    Comment by Cathy O. – January 25, 2013 09:08 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I understood as a situation that they had a more pressing matter (compelled vampires waiting outside), and of course, they weren’t going to have that conversation with Jeremy right there. Also, I like the fact that they can’t really have that big relationship conversation until they’ve resolved Damon’s compelled state. Gives the relationship more time to stew IMO.

      Comment by cc – January 25, 2013 11:10 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • cc that makes sense.

        Comment by Cathy O. – January 25, 2013 02:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The books are really nothing like the t.v. series. Not even the characters. It would be nice to see this series winding down. Too many of these great shows just go on ad infinitum. Boring!

    Comment by Lynne – January 25, 2013 09:17 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • From what I heard the actors are signed up for six years. Too me, they really could wrap the story up in five years.

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 28, 2013 07:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I agree! I like kol, I hope hes part of the spinoff and they dont kill him. And I love Stephan and rebekah together.

    Comment by Stacey – January 25, 2013 09:21 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • i love all the originals! I think they r the ones that make the show as good as it is. So bored with Elena and Damon and Stephan, though I must admit I really like the new Stephan but Damon and Elena are tapping it in real life so there characters hooking up is nothing interesting. I hope Kol doesnt get killed same with Klause….the orignials rock and this talk about a new spinoff is exciting!

    Comment by Trudy – January 25, 2013 10:54 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Im so over the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle I could scream. Im sure majority agrees. All three are terrible for each other. Elena makes Stefan boring and dull and Damon neutered lapdog. Both brothers should make up, dump the selfish genocidal b**** and move on. She needs to be alone for a while. The moment ONE Salvatore doesnt worship her precious vampire vagina, she gets hypocritical and childish. Being put into her place had me screaming from joy. I love how Stefan handles two of the people whom he loves the most betraying him – WITH DIGNITY.

    Now I just need some hot makeout sessions between Klaroline and Kennet, and I’ll be happy.

    Comment by jjovana3 – January 25, 2013 11:45 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I think TV line should have a series of checkboxes for people who post to TVD article comments. Cuz seriously, it’s a ridiculous broken record around here. Let me take a stab at the most common comments (none of which I agree with):
    1) Elena’s stupid cuz she loves a man who “killed” her brother. (i’ve seen this comment so many times I’m starting to think there’s a rogue hypnotist out there convincing people to say it.)
    2) Elena’s a floozy cuz she slept with her ex-boyfriend’s brother too soon after the breakup.
    3) Damon’s a cold-hearted killer who can never be forgiven for his many past mistakes, at least not to the point where he’s “good enough” for Elena.
    4) Read the books. That will explain everything.
    5) Don’t read the books. They have nothing to do with the show.
    6) Read the books, but only the ones by the original author.
    7) Stephan and Damon should kick Elena to the curb. They deserve so much better.
    8) Elena/Stephan/Caroline/Bonnie has turned into someone I don’t know anymore. I’m so sad that the show writers have “ruined” his/her character.
    9) Elena doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s sired, so anything Damon says or does to her, even with her consent, is actually manipulation, and therefore assault.
    10) Just throw out all the relationship storylines. They ruin the show.
    C’mon, seriously? Anyone who wants to write any of the above, be forewarned. It’s been said before, and it’s TIRESOME that all y’all keep repeating it like it’s something new. This is a FICTIONAL story, therefore, it needs a PLOTLINE. Plots need CONFLICTS. Conflicts can’t move forward without CHANGE. So what’s the point of griping? Be happy that we have a show that makes us want to talk about it instead of turning to watch the seven hundredth season of Gray’s Anatomy.

    Comment by JA – January 25, 2013 04:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • agree completely

      Comment by sls – January 25, 2013 04:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Very true and completely agree. It would be good to see comments on where the story is going and reactions instead of the same complaints/arguments. Particularly like what you said at the bottom about plotlines etc very true!

      Comment by Anon – January 25, 2013 04:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I, too, agree. I love your post. There’s supposed to be talks about speculations.

      Comment by Noreen Lumibao – January 26, 2013 07:58 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • LOL! Totally agree JA.

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 26, 2013 11:01 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • JA, you’re my hero!

      Comment by cc – January 29, 2013 08:18 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • One question, Kol compelled Damon to kill Jeremy, however he also said something along the lines of “You will not remember that it was me, who compelled you” or something like that. However while they were at the Mystic Grill Damon remembered what Kol had said to him. What was that about?

    Comment by Baileigh – January 25, 2013 06:57 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • He didn’t remember. He deduced it. He said something like, “kol must’ve compelled me.” Damon knew there was no other way he’d be legitimately homicidal after Jeremy.

      Comment by JA – January 25, 2013 07:06 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Sometimes I want to suspect that Katherine also has a hand in all the crap that is happening in Mystic Falls where logic falls many times. I miss her. Excited to see her back when Klaus leaves town.

    Comment by Noreen Lumibao – January 26, 2013 08:08 AM PDT  Reply To This Post

    I am hearing rumors about the death of Damon in Episode 15 and Silas bringing him back alive but as a human. Any one else hear that and if so, what do you think that means for Delena? I have not read any of the books. Is that in the books?

    Comment by Cathy O. – January 26, 2013 11:05 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I haven’t read all the books because for me the first few I read were not a good read; but did a bit of wikipedia on the rest and I do recall mention of Damon ‘dying’ and being brought back as a human……so could be. Maybe he would die as part of 12 vampires for another one of those rituals and Bonnie would choose to sacrifice him not knowing if he would come back or something to create a conflict for her and Elena and Stefan, as it is his brother. Then this way it would fit in with what Shane was talking about, that people who have died in the pursuit of Silas would be they had ‘sacrificed; their lives for him. Ok, so bit of a random tangent and probably not at all likely but fun to speculate!!!
      Where did you read that?

      Comment by Anon – January 28, 2013 01:17 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • SPOILER:

        Hi Anon, I read it on youtube. Everyone was commenting on it but I forgot the particular episode I was watching on youtube. I think it was one of the ones when Elena confessed her love for Damon. Anyway, I heard that Damon is going to come back as a human and when he dies, Elena is going to shut off her humanity and will be wearing his ring. He is suppose to die in episode 15. Who knows if all or any of this is true. But one thing’s for sure, if he does die, we know he’s coming back since he’s a main character on the show and one of the most popular characters. Also, the sire bond would definitely be broken and maybe when he comes back, that’s when he will know if Elena’s love for him is true or not. We’ll have to see.

        Comment by Cathy O. – January 29, 2013 07:42 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Off the TVD subject, Ian Somerhalder has a romance movie playing on cable called Wake. It is really good and definitely worth watching. Check your cable network.

    Comment by Cathy O. – January 26, 2013 02:02 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • honestly i kinda want elena to just go all the way bad..its sumthn different..and i really would like katherine to come back..and i dont get why ppl r so upset about damon and elena..elena dont have to b with stefan..damon deserves to b happy to

    Comment by vannesa180 – January 28, 2013 05:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Vannesa180, it is funny you mentioned about Elena going bad (see my post above). I was saying that I heard Damon is suppose to die in episode 15 and come back as human. Meanwhile when Damon dies Elena is suppose to shut off her humanity. Now this is hearsay so I don’t know how much is true or false but we’ll see. I do think beginning with episode 13 (Nova Scotia trip for the cure) that we are going to be in for a really bumpy ride and I for one, can’t wait!

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 29, 2013 07:49 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I just hope through all of this that Delena stays together. I love the on-screen chemistry between Damon and Elena.

    Comment by Cathy O. – January 29, 2013 07:50 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • You know I am new this season to Vampire Diaries. I started watching the show Season 4, episode 7. The only reason I watched that particular episode was to see Gabby Douglas (Olympian) on the show. I was immediately drawn in because of Damon/Ian and Elena/Nina’s on-screen chemistry so I purchased Seasons 1 through 3 to catch up. Now I don’t miss an episode obviously.

    Ian Somerhalder does such an excellent job as Damon that I wanted to see some of his other work. Therefore, I have been watching other movies/shows that Ian has done in the past and realized he really is a good actor, much more than just a beautiful face. It is difficult sometimes to see beyond his face and focus on his acting abilities.

    What I like most is that he shows such vulnerability in his romantic roles and has the ability to make it seem as though each of his leading ladies is the only one in the world for him. That’s difficult too do, many “A” list actors are not even able to do that. It’s no wonder Ian has so many female admirers. LOL! He would be great as Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey).

    Anyway, I am going to continue watching other work that he has done in the past and anything he does in the future. I have to admit whenever TVD comes to an end, I will miss seeing his face weekly but more than that I will miss seeing a truly good actor.

    Comment by Cathy O. – January 29, 2013 02:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • kol…extremely evil..but i like it..makes things intresting..but i sumtimes wonder if anyone will get the cure..cuz it seems like when things look good sumthn bad always happens

    Comment by vannesa180 – January 30, 2013 03:56 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I don’t know who’s getting the cure but I have a feeling it might not be Elena but Damon instead.

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 30, 2013 07:32 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • i am totally team stefan whoever he choose to b wit i am okay with taht except elena

    Comment by gaby – January 30, 2013 09:29 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • everyone wants the cure for elena….but she made that choice when she told stefan to save matt first

    Comment by vannesa180 – January 30, 2013 12:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • That’s true but remember Elena’s wish, if she died, was not to come back as a vampire. So I suppose when Dr. Fell gave Elena Damon’s blood she didn’t know about Elena’s wishes, obviously.

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 30, 2013 02:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • but then again this was matts fault..becuz if he would have never tried taken elena home..none of this would have happened..i see y damon tried to kill him..he needs to long can they keep him around anyway

    Comment by vannesa180 – January 30, 2013 04:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Okay, I get what you’re saying. Matt is the only one of the group of friends that is human, maybe they need at least one. But in the near future, whoever gets that cure will also be human and I don’t think it will be Elena.

      Comment by Cathy O. – January 31, 2013 10:36 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • i love

    Comment by mearg – February 4, 2013 04:23 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • its amazing this season
    i really want stefan to be with katherina even tho she is evil she still loves stefan she said so in the tomb when they were stuck together
    “i love you stefan”

    it would be more amazing because the brothers will be with a dopple ganger each and both knowing they used to be inlove with each other girl
    whats do you say to this guies

    Comment by beejay – March 10, 2013 12:33 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Bottom line is Damon(my sweet has got our eyez glued to the show..n not 4geting klaus n rebekah…i luv d new STEBEKAH too.
    Your Elena can land herself d best roll in Wrestling..shes boring

    Comment by Qondile Simz – March 10, 2013 03:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Elena is a jerk,but i still love stefan.

    Comment by Clark – March 12, 2013 02:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Whats happenin this season??

    Comment by Qondile Simz – May 8, 2013 10:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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