J.J. Abrams Directing Next Star Wars Film: 10 TV Clues That Shoulda Tipped You Off!

News that J.J. Abrams will be helming Star Wars: VII (per The Wrap) gave Twitter some serious capacity issues late Thursday, but why was everyone so surprised?

As any tried-and-true fan of Abrams’ TV work can attest, this moment has been 15 years in the making.

The proof is in the following gallery, which chronicles the myriad Star Wars-related Easter eggs that have turned up in such J.J. staples as Felicity, Alias, Fringe and Lost.

Flip through the slideshow to view the evidence we uncovered, and then hit the comments with any references we missed!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. David S says:

    …This is a stupid ploy for page hits.

    • Ryan says:

      Maybe, but J.J. Abrams deciding to direct Star Wars is pretty big news for any entertainment website…especially since he’s well known for his work on TV.

    • Lauren says:

      Then go play in another sandbox. What, we can’t let them have a little fun now and then? Effing grouch.

      • Tristan says:

        In Fringe episode 2×03, Olivia tells Sam Weiss “Can you just cut the Yoda crap and tell me what’s happening to me?”

  2. It’s not that I don’t love it, I do. I just don’t want him to recast certain members (han, luke, leia, etc) Leave them be, explore new characters

    • ben says:

      To be honest, the story is probably better if it picks up soon after the end of 6, rather than having them when they are old. And if it’s a good story, I forgive the recasting.

    • Abby says:

      I hope he does recast them. The books after Return of the Jedi were great, and I keep hoping Mara Jade will be a character in the new Star Wars film. She was so awesome!

  3. ben says:

    JJ Abrams is the best choice there could possibly be for this. Such great news.

  4. Jason says:

    SO is hegoing to bring Time Travel into Star Wars like he does all his shows? I mean he even slipped it into Felicity!!

  5. Lauren says:

    Love the J.J. news and _appreciate_ what TVline tried here. As a Star Wars fan I always love the little shout-outs, like on OUAT the other week.

  6. Danyelle says:

    LOL Hurley’s script was one of the first things I thought of when I heard about this!

  7. ee says:

    No!NonononooooooO! No! No. There’s a sanctity, people! A GD sanctity.
    Oh well,there goes the neighborhood.

  8. Adam Bramble says:

    Wtf I just watched Star Trek a few days ago and I didn’t see R2D2 :(

  9. nick1372 says:

    Are the slideshows always going to be like this on the mobile site? If so, great! It’s so much easier to navigate.

    • Arie says:

      Ooh! I just checked the mobile version of this page and the slideshow works! Before it was just images on top of eachother without the caption below them. Looks like they fixed it. :)

  10. mia says:

    My excitment for Abrams’ projects has been decreasing steadily since Star Trek. Now that Fringe is over I don’t have any outstanding loyalty for him.

    • Lewis Jones says:

      Considering the main showrunners on Fringe after S1 were Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman… Abrams is like a cuckoo bird: Lays eggs and lets other sit on them. ;)

  11. Ella says:

    He did a great job on Star Trek

  12. Nichole says:

    Have a vague memory of early on in Fringe, Walter commenting that the “force is strong in this one”, think it was to one of the core group but can’t remember for sure lol

  13. MC says:

    Any of the lost references should be credited to Lindelof, not Abrams. Not to say Abrams isn’t clearly a Star Wars fan as well but let’s acknowledge the reality that Abrams involvement in the post Pilot Lost was almost nonexistant.

  14. Zorkel567 says:

    Please keep the EU. Please keep the EU. Please keep the EU…

  15. Jar Jar Abrams says:

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Uranus Experiment Part TwoSuit will be brought to you by the same guy who directed the canceled show Undercovers: Sexpinonage Made Easy. I can’t  wait to watch another happy couple (Luke & Leia)  team together to take care of the only time they face conflict comes from a faceless stream of stereotypical villains. Like bringing a cupcake to a Jedi Lightsaber fight. 

  16. Andie says:

    JJ had nothing to do with Lost after 10 episodes so he could sell out to Mission Impossible and had a similar lack of involvement on most of Fringe. It bothers me that people forget this when talking about JJ’s geek cred.

    • Teag says:

      It also bugs me A LOT when people think he was the brainchild behind Lost and Fringe. NO HE WASN’T.

      Lost = Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
      Fringe = JH Wyman and Jeff Pinkner

      • Mike says:

        JJ Abrams is the Co-Creator of both of those shows (aka from his mind or brain) and was involved with some of the early groundwork before handing them fully off. He was still involved with discussions afterwards as well. From LOST’s perspective, the fact that Damon (the other co-creator) and JJ shared a Star Wars bond when they first met filtered into the writings. But yes, those lines in the shows were written by other people (The episode with hurley writing Empire Strikes Back actually gets credited to ONCE Upon a Time’s Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz). But, I can see how they can loosely be tied to JJ.

  17. Gilda says:

    I figured it would be either him or Whedon. I really hope he can pull it off. It’s not gunna be easy, but of anyone can do, he can.

  18. Honestly, I prefer a Fringe movie than a Star Wars movie directed by JJ Abrams (I’m no longer a Star Wars fan).

  19. mai says:

    Also, while building the raft, Michael used a Han-to-Chewie line on Jin: “No no no! This one goes there, that one goes there!”

  20. Bark Star says:

    Wow, this will be the third franchise that Abrams will ruin. Way to go, incompetent idiot.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Is it just me or does it seem almost dishonorable to have the same person direct both Star Trek and Star Wars? And I’m saying this loving Abrams. I was really hoping for Whedon.

  22. mlj102 says:

    Kind of surprised you left out Fringe Season 2 episode 3 “Fracture” when a frustrated Olivia references Yoda. J. J. Abrams being responsible for that or not, it was still fun.

  23. Hector says:

    I like it! He did great in Star Trek and Star Wars is going to be better!.
    For the rest of you loser out there if you think you can do a better job?leave your parents basement go to Hollywood and see if you can do better! I live in Hollywood and let me tell you I’m going to work on the movie as an extra so look out for me! Ha loser that complaint about everything! No I’m not. Fan because they didn’t add this or that! Grow up!

  24. I’m probably one of the 10 people in the world who doesn’t care about Star Wars, but get me Anna Torv or John Noble on it, and I’m converted

  25. Belly says:

    Didn’t JJ Abrams do Undercovers ? I thought that was good.
    Unfortunately the Nets didn’t give the show a chance.

  26. John says:

    As long as those goofy stupid rediculious weird-out-of-place lop-eared sic jar jar binks, non-entity lsd generated objects have no part, reference or whimsical thought in the next movie
    I’ll go see it.

  27. Zoe says:

    Damn you Star Wars! We Trekkies had him first.