Pilot Scoop: The CW Orders Revamped Selection and Military Drama From Ex-Supernatural Boss

logo-cw-300120106082443If at first you don’t succeed, retool it and try again!

The CW has issued a pilot order for a revamped version of last year’s ill-fated Hunger Games-esque drama The Selection, TVLine has learned.

The network developed the show last pilot season with Friday Night Lights‘ Aimee Teegarden in the lead role, but it didn’t end up securing a spot on the fall schedule. Earlier this month at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that The Selection remained in contention for next fall. “The script just came in,” he reported. “It’s very well done.”

Set 300 years in the future, The Selection is billed as an epic romance centering on a working class young woman chosen by lottery to participate in a competition with 25 other ladies for the Royal Prince’s hand to become the nation’s next queen.

Exec producers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (Dollhouse, Vampire Diaries) remain at the helm.

The CW has also ordered Company Town, a military drama from former Supernatural showrunner Sera Gamble and E-Ring‘s Taylor Hackford.

Here’s the logline for the prospective series: A scandal at a Naval base in Virginia touches the lives of both civilians and military personnel in the area, launching us into a multigenerational, multi-class, family and relationship series centered around two early twentysomething women who grew up together, were once best friends, but now are on opposite sides of the Townie/Military divide.

The two projects join the already greenlit Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals, which will air as a regular episode of Diaries later this season.

The CW is expected to announce additional pilot orders later today.

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  1. Ph says:

    The Seelection sounds like a CW-sized version of The Hunger Games. Meanwhile, a militaary drama about two young women? Try again CW. Maybe “The Desperate Teen Housewives” will work paired to TCD.

    • Bre says:

      The Selection is actually based on a novel by Kiera Cass.

      • lariet50 says:

        And a good novel at that. I’m afraid to see what the CW will do to crap it up.

      • madhatter360 says:

        Having read the novel I get really confused when they compare it to the Hunger Games. For one thing, the girls are competing to marry a prince, and it’s not a fight to the death. It’s more like the Bachelor than the Hunger Games.

    • ZmaX says:

      They keep on saying it’s like the Hunger Games, but what it’s really like is “The Bachelor”. 25 woman competing for the love of a prince. There is no fighting to the death, it’s just the Bachelor set in the future…

      • jjovana3 says:

        Anything set in future dystopia style gets compared to The Hunger Games. Its pure crap if you ask me. Like Divergent for example. Dumbest YA book I’ve read recently and its riding THG gravy train. Same goes with The Selection. Its Bachelor set in future. THATS IT.

  2. amandalynn says:

    Stop ordering new shows and trust the shows you have! Secret Circle, Emily Owens MD, Ringer to name a few…. If they had just been given full orders or second seasons. The CW wouldnt be scrapping for silly sounding shows!!

    • rowan77 says:

      You can’t grow a network without new shows. Emily Owens was a watered down, boring Grey’s Anatomy wanna-be. Ringer didn’t know it’s audience, or respect it. Secret Circle didn’t make the ratings – and didn’t have overseas appeal like they hoped. Who cares if the name of a show is silly or not. Cougar Town is terribly named (because they changed the premise of the show during the first season), but it’s brilliantly funny and odd. Terriers was also badly named, but one of the best written and acted series on FX (who for some reason couldn’t figure out how to properly market it).

      • amandalynn says:

        That’s not true…..90210 has HORRIBLE ratings yet its still on the air, so did Gossip Girl, etc…but they believed in them to keep them far after they needed to be cancelled. They’re pimping The Carrie Diaries and their ratings suck, but Secret Circle, Life Unexpected…the lost can go on they cancel when the show finally finds it footing. That’s why people don’t put much stock into a WB show til its 2nd season.

        • me says:

          Thats not true. 90210 has had steady if not amazing ratings. GG was a huge draw for the CW (its not the WB anymore btw). Although it ended on a downward slide, it’s still historically a hugely successful show for the CW that started the careers of many of its younger actors. Secret Circle had uneven writing and horrible actors in addition to spiralling numbers; Life Unexpected was given an extra season but again just couldn’t find an audience (perhaps its lead actress just isn’t that great a series lead). Also, I think Emily Owens suffered from similar problems…its too wholesome for the CW. If there isnt sex, then at least have some action…like a stirring plot line or something. Or be hilariously funny. Secret Circle and Life Unexpected just were not.

    • Claire says:

      I agree! Ringer had a promising future until it was axed. The CW didn’t provide closer just unanswered questions. It’s frustrating that all my favorite shows are getting cancelled. However, the upside is without spending so much time watching tv, I have increased my time at the gym and reading books.

  3. Lasmert15 says:

    I miss Ringer and The Secret Cirle :(

  4. Toms1€ says:

    the selection sounds awesome

  5. Mari says:

    I agree.
    Give us Emily Owens back. Come on! You got gossip Girl going on even if everithing was told after two and hakf seasons.
    And 90210 is horrible.

  6. gary says:

    So The CW take on Wonder Woman didnt make the cut? Or was it already order?

    • Brandy says:

      It’s still in development, Mark said at TCAs they’re still casting for its pilot.We won’t know til May which pilots are ordered to series for next season.Thses shows in the article are just pilots, they haven’t been ordered to series yet.

    • Sri says:

      Wonder Woman hasnt been given an order yet I thnk, but I dont see it not being given an order as the number of shows on CW for next fall is reducing every week due to the stupid system of ratings. But CW has to be given credit for the fact that its the only network that doesnt rip off shows from the other networks and sticks to its tag of the “genre network” by bringing in new and fresh ideas yet they dont attract to much of people which sadly is not working for them as every show gets poor ratings except TVD and Arrow and also Supernatural which is doing well this season.

      • warrior says:

        Amazon is the first script pilot to be casting right now, its already far aheard than most pilots. They will be shooting sometime in february. CW has faith in it just like they did with Arrow.

        there is nothing to worry about

        • rowan77 says:

          The same was said about the NBC pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. The Powers That Be (A Norman Lear show in the 1990s) was also a network darling, until they saw the pilot of Mad About You. The Powers That Be was booted right off the schedule within 24 hours. This early in the game, it almost doesn’t matter how high they are on your show if something comes in later and they get high on that. A script might be great, but casting and execution of the production can kill a great script. Let’s see how things look in the spring when the pilots have all been shot and sent to network.

        • rowan77 says:

          A bunch of pilots are in casting right now. It’s January. Anything that got a pilot green light last month or this is already casting.

    • Alan says:

      still working on the script last i heard, most likely its not ready yet and will be in the running next year. also the cw seem to be very picky about who will play diana, they’ve been going on a huge search for an actress and will reportedly only make it with whoever they find in the role

      • rowan77 says:

        They need to be picky. Getting the wrong lead in a series can kill a series before it begins. And remember, the studio makes no profit on shows until they hit syndication, so yeah, casting is important. Unless you’re making 90210 or Melrose Place where all you need are pretty faces. They’re cast like soap operas: looks come first – talent doesn’t really matter.

  7. leah says:

    The selection sounds a a lot more like the story of Esther than it sounds like the hunger games.

    • Bre says:

      That’s what the novel was inspired by. That, and Cinderella.

      • leah says:

        Have you read it? Is it worth buying?

        • Ing says:

          The Selection is an amazing book! It’s not classic literature, but it is well written and a great story. It’s a trilogy. It’s more like The Bachelor meets Cinderella in a post apocalyptic USA, with the hint of everything not being completely right or peaceful. Why they keep putting the Hunger Games in with this story is beyond me. I’ve read both, and are fans of both. The only similarities they have are the setting in a futuristic grim USA after a bad war, and a lottery to be chosen. Thing is, in The Selection, she’s not forced into it. She chooses, and is VERY lucky to be chosen for this. Even though she doesn’t really want to go for other reasons, its in her best interest for her family and herself to go. That is where the comparisons end though. I hate that they are pitching it as Hunger Games-esque, when it is anything but. Read the book. You will love it.

  8. silvermoonsun says:

    After what the CW did to Ringer and Secret Circle, I am reluctant to watch any of their shows. If this gets a series order, I will probably wait to see to see the ratings before watching.

  9. Belle says:

    The book was awesome…too bad the TV creative types that are paid BIG bucks to create new shows aren’t even coming up with ideas – they have to steal from authors. Don’t ruin this book series CW!!!!

  10. Drew says:

    It’s a shame that they canceled Emily Owens. It was actually getting interesting… in a way.

    As for new shows, I’m still not sure why they’d consider a Vampire Diaries spinoff. The Vampire Diaries is a mess this year and the last thing they need is to spread that story over two shows.
    Supernatural has been on the network for 8 seasons and has never been considered for a spinoff. I’d much rather watch Benny than Klaus. Or maybe an anthology series which has shorter arcs that follow different hunters over the generations. Like six episodes of Samuel Colt, followed by a three part arc about a hunter in the 20’s, or an arc about the Campbells, then jump to someone else, and another… they could even jump back a few years and do an arc with the Harvells.

    If they’re going to spin off from a series, at least make it from a good series!

    • Alan says:

      well they were going to make a spin off about samuel colt a few years ago but they ended up passing on it because they felt it wasnt good enough

  11. shamangrrl says:

    The Selection sounds like The Bachelor. The military one sounds lame, as well.

  12. Elyse says:

    I would watch the Originals and Selection. not sure about the other show. and I’m not a huge fan of Aimee Teegarden.

  13. Ann-Marie Sloan says:

    Can’t wait to see if The Selection gets picked up. Great book, can’t wait to read the second one. Though I hope not all roles are recast. My fave Steve Bacic was in the orginal pilot.

  14. anil says:

    Beauty & Beast and Carrie will obviously be goners if they order multiple pilots. No room on the schedule. NIKITA shouldve been axed a long time ago. That show is embarrassment.

    • Alan says:

      why is it an embarrassment? its highly critically acclaimed for shows of its type, really well written and far more engaging than most stuff on tv.
      how anyone can not like it is beyond me, its damn enjoyable

      • guest1234598765 says:

        I agree with you about Nikita. It’s a great show! I also like Beauty and the Beast so I hope that sticks around.

    • Solomon says:

      anil for make a comment like that you obviously NEVER watched so why don’t you pipe down

  15. Alice says:

    The Selection sounds like a fictionalized verstion of the Bachelor. Or am I missing something?

  16. Mandy says:

    The LA Complex! Give it a chance to grow..It’ll do well during regular broadcast season…

    • Ryan Perry says:

      Actually, The LA Complex was cancelled by both MuchMusic and The CW. But I loved the show and will dearly miss it. :(

  17. James says:

    So excited for The Selection and really hope it gets picked up this time! I loved the first book and have an advance copy of the second in my TBR pile that I can’t wait to get to.

  18. Nicolas says:

    Does anyone know what happen with SHELTER the pilot that JJ Abrams developed for THE CW?

  19. Gilda says:

    I am wondering if the Selection pilot adds a lot more violence or suspense to the story? Because I didn’t really find the book to be even remotely like the Hunger Games. If Katniss was a hopelessly romantic contestant on the Bachalore and Peeta was a prince, then maybe, but as it is, the Selection is more like Miss Congeniality than the Hunger Games.

  20. jjovana3 says:

    Whoever tells you that Selection is like The Hunger games, THEY ARE LYING. Beauty and the beast better not get cancelled for this.

  21. melinky says:

    Hmmm. While they may be saying The Selection is a Hunger Games takeoff, it sounds like a much older story, the story of Esther from the Bible…

  22. Not even the slightest bit interested, sorry. I wish Ms. Gamble success with her new/revamped show, but I think I’d rather be waterboarded than watch it.

  23. Justin says:

    I thought Aimee was the loan holdover for the revamped Selection. Does being lead in Oxygen remove her from that project? Anyone know?? And if so, cast Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected) for it. Also, I still like Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman even for CWs origin story Amazon.

  24. test says:

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  25. Eve says:

    When will it air!!!!!!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!???!!?!