Pretty Little Liars: Spencer's Discovery of Toby's Betr'A'yal Marks the Start of Her 'Unraveling'

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 SpoilersSpencer is about learn Toby’s big, bad secret — and brace yourselves, Pretty Little Liars fans, because her reaction will be nothing short of “gut-wrenching,” warns executive producer I. Marlene King.

The revelation occurs during this Tuesday’s installment (ABC Family, 8/7c) — which pays homage to the Stephen King classic Misery — when Keegan Allen‘s alter-ego “makes a slight mistake” in his ‘A’ game, and, King says with a laugh, his girlfriend almost instantly “picks up on it… because she’s smart like that.” Soon, all of the jagged pieces just start falling together.

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“When Spencer finds out, she almost goes through the stages of grief: First, it’s denial, then anger, then sadness and, in her odd way, acceptance, too,” the EP tells TVLine. “Her original thought is to say, ‘Please, Toby, tell me there’s more to the story’ — and we leave you hanging with that for awhile. But she’ll [initially] keep it a secret. That’s her journey through the first half of Season 3B, because she doesn’t want the girls to know — especially when she’s still trying to process and make sense of it.”

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A “cat-and-mouse game” will ensue between the two at first, shares King, but ultimately this killer betrayal will “implode the relationship. It’s the unraveling of Spencer Hastings,” adds fellow PLL boss Oliver Goldstick.

“It’s a gut-wrenching episode to watch,” King confesses. “It’s really good, dramatic fun, but it’s also really sad.”

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  1. Jo says:

    What I don’t understand about this show – Is that they know who “A” is, but yet don’t ask any of them questions as to who is the mastermind? etc. etc….. nor do they go to the police with any of their information….. I know it’s just a show but still…

    • Sally says:

      I agree. it requires me to suspend too much common sense. There is no 1 in these girls lives that can help them? No 1 actually investigating? And they just seem so silly, it almost makes me wonder why anyone would be so interested in torturing them…

      • Andrea says:

        It took them awhile after discovering Mona was A to realize that there were still people out there who were part of the “A team.” Their unwillingness to go to the police has been explained in many ways- their trust in the police has been shattered with at least 2 offiicers, they’re trying to protect themselves, etc…,

        • Jo says:

          However Mona told Spencer there was an A team, she had asked her if she wanted to be part of the “A team”, and the other girls were listening in on the converstaion in the car…. too many questions i guess !!!

        • Chelsi says:

          Not to mention when they told that therapist lady about everything.. A pretended to kill the therapist! So if I were them I wouldn’t wanna tell anybody either because not only can u not trust anyone but u would be putting their life in danger.

    • ATB says:

      Have you watched since the beginning? They know Mona is A but it’s obvious she’s not going to tell them anything. Hanna has confronted Lucas multiple times now and he hasn’t said much. And every time they go to the police it ends up screwing them over, so in a way it does make sense that they don’t ask for help anymore. If you’ve seen the previous seasons, remember the detective that Hanna’s mother was dating? And how he never believed anything she said? And Garrett was on the police force, so he stood in their way as well. And now he’s dead and they are even more paranoid than before.

      The major problem I have is that they HAD Alison’s journal in their hands and LEFT IT behind. That was a big WTF for me. Aria tore out 2 pages but why not just take the whole thing? That is why people torture them. Because they make stupid mistakes and are very easy to take advantage of.

      • Jo says:

        I have watched from the beginning! And I do find it’s great twisted show, that I look forward to discovering more of, but this whole Mona thing just puts me off. Her parents would be asking her questions, etc…. it just doesn’t make sense to me. But hopefully this episode will shed some light on some of these questions :) Apparently the finale is supposed to answer a few more as well. One can hope..

        • Jess says:

          I like your comment about how her parents would be asking questions. I think the parents of the other girls should be too. I find it pretty ridiculous that this creepiness has been going on in these four girls’ lives for this long and no one has really noticed.

          It seemed like they were starting to pick up on it last season, but then they just forgot?

          And why didn’t the parents throw a fit when Mona was allowed back in school? Apparently it was common knowledge that she tortured the girls. But a few months in Radley makes it all OK?

        • ATB says:

          I question what’s going on with Mona’s parents. Does she even have parents? Have we ever seen them?

        • ATB says:

          I meant…I know they have referenced her parents many times, but I don’t remember ever seeing them. And that is kind of funny because after everything Mona did you would think her parents would be more involved or something

      • KjR says:

        You are so right about everything you said. I’ve watched it from season 1 episode 1 it’d be hard to follow if you’re just tuning in. The girls are scared. People they talk to they can’t trust. The police try to pin it on them and people that know to much get murdered (Garrett & Maya) Remember Hanna got hit by a car before & Toby tried to run over Lucas. But yes they should of tool the diary while they had the chance! Big mistake! I can not wait for tonight’s episode but I feel horrible for Spencer!

        • Diane says:

          everyone is forgetting Jason, he is helping mona snd the A team
          because when aria was screaming she took that screwdriver into the hole.
          and Jason has a hole at his side of the abdomen.
          so dnt forget jason.

          • niki says:

            I thought I saw him at the coffee shop where paige and caleb met…. maybe it wasn’t him but I sure thought it looked like him

          • Lexi says:

            Right!!! I mean it is so obvious that there are way more ppl apart of the A team other than Mona and Toby, and now obviously Jason, but I deff think there is more ppl to the team that haven’t been revealed yet

          • vi says:

            I think that jason was in on it to save his own life. I mean garrett and ian were both members of the N.A.T. club and they were both killed. maybe jason went in on it because he didn’t want to die? and i still believe that Cece and Wildon are the other members of the A team. In the last episode emily said that she saw someone with blond hair wearing a red trench coat. the only other blond besides hanna is cece. and when you look at alison, her and cece kind of look alike. I’m still wondering if they’re going to bring in the twin thing like in the books, but i feel like it might be out of the picture…?

      • very very true! you are correct. I love this show. The writer is BRILLANT in my opinion.

      • Berenice says:

        I agree with you!!! They had the journal in their hands! why did they not took it!? >:(
        they know they are being watch, so f** it! TAKE THE STUPID JOURNAL, A’s gonna know they tore the pages anyway -__-

      • abby says:

        exactly it makes no sense unless you watch it from the very beginning.

      • jamie says:

        i have 2 say i agree w what u said. i 2 was like wtf when 2 pages only were torn outta the diary instead of takeing the whole thing, i mean its the same conquence of takeing the whole thing huh! ugh! i want them 2 tell beleive that they c ally not think they actually thought they had a dream.

    • Erika taylor says:

      i feel the same way

    • Natalie says:

      They don’t go to the police because if they do, they ultimately have to reveal things they’ve kept secret for a while that could put them in a world of trouble. Them and the girl’s friend who died ended up blinding a girl, and while it was by accident, they’d still get into huge trouble, especially since they hid it from the police. The whole point is this ‘A’ person trying to destroy their lives by revealing their deepest darkest secrets, that they don’t want anyone, much less the police, to find out about. The way my brother put it, think of it like a strung out, more intense version of “I know what you did last summer” it does have some striking similarities.

    • Emily says:

      You have to remember that the “A Team” is trying to destroy them. So why would anyone in the A Team tell them who is the mastermind behind all of it? Even if one of them told one of the girls who the mastermind is, why would the girls believe him/her? If you have watched any of the previous seasons you have to remember that the girls don’t want to go to the police because of everything that has happened.. A can make it look like they are to blame for everything. They don’t want to involve the police simply because they don’t want to risk being thrown in prison or something.

      • Donna says:

        If anyone read the books, Mona was “A”, but then she was killed by some one else who turned out to be Allison. The Ally the girls knew was actually her clinically insane identical twin that the De Laurentis’ kept a secret. Maybe the mastermind is actually Allison

        • Caitlyn says:

          Actually, the producers said that they are making the television series different then the book series, so the people that read the book (including myself) can still feel the suspense

        • Taylor says:

          It’s spelled DiLaurentis by the way, if you watch the show, you better know how to spell Ali’s last name.

      • Trini says:

        I want to know what this big secret is. What exactly did the girls do that makes the A team want to destroy them? What would be so bad that people are dying. So really I don’t care who A is, I just want to know the big secret.

    • they cant because they either 1 may not believe them or 2 use the pictures they have against them at ali’s grave the night her body went missing

    • Amanda💁 says:

      They do not trust anyone including the police because every time they went to the police they got them self in trouble

    • Ary says:

      A knows things about them that could get them into a ton of trouble. So if they tell the police, them A will too.

  2. Deena says:

    I love Spencer. This is going to hurt. Maybe this will kick their butts into high gear.

  3. Elyse says:

    i can’t wait! :) team Wren allllll the way!

  4. Ella says:

    I’m torn between wanting to watch this episode or or just ignoring it. I’m still mad they made Toby part of the A team. I’ll probably end up watching it just for Troian Bellisario, she is too good for this show.

  5. Mousa says:

    The only thing I’d love to know is simply, WHY? Why is -A doing this to them?

  6. heather says:


  7. Katie says:

    Why does a torture them?

  8. ally says:

    Can’t wait to watch it tonight! I <3 PLL!

  9. sheena says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVEthis show. i think A is doing this to the girls to ruin their lives! ga, its been a couple years now, and their lives are being controlled by these maniacs still! i could not be as calm as these girls are for that long. and whats up with allison? if she is alive where is she!

  10. shay says:

    Its interesting….. most of A’s letters or notes were hand written….why didn’t any of the girls try to match the writing? hmmm.

    • MC says:

      I thought the same thing. & why they left the diary.

    • Michelle says:

      Actually, most of the “notes” from A are through text. And its quite easy to write differently. Plus, since there’s a team there is more than likely, more than one person writing these notes.

      • Michelle says:

        Also, this is a good time to bring up gut-feeling! I knew from the beginning that Toby had ulterior motives. He did win me over with the whole Spencer thing. I really thought I may have been wrong, but honestly I’ll never go against a gut-feeling again! lol

    • lily says:

      They are not handwritten, they are letters cut from magazines

  11. Ana says:

    In the end he will be the good guy trying to help her and keep her out of arms way. At least I hope so…….

  12. Jalissa says:

    I’m actually glad Toby is being revealed, for a second I thought the show completely forgot about how he was part of the A team. But the girls can’t seek help, it’s too dangerous. Hannah confided in the psychiatrist for a bit but she ended up being kidnapped. Every person they go to either can’t be trusted or gets hurt. I agree with some wtf moments though, like how many times can they be attacked by A? Really, come on. And how many times can they have the cops called and not raise questions. Like the fire, or Aria trapped in a box, or all the other times cops have been involved. Also, who in the hell was in that body bag in the train? They kinda just left that out in the open.
    None the less still love the show, just a few issues.

    • Jo says:

      The body bag was Allison’s remains (remember they were stolen from the grave and Jason was offering money in exchange for the body). This was confirmed by the show’s frontrunner, if you go to wetpaint (it’s a website), they have answers and scoops to all those types of questions.

    • bella says:

      I’m pretty sure that was Allison’s body in the bag and that’s why Jason, her brother, was so shocked.

    • Kayla says:

      Alison’s body was in the body bag on the train.

    • MC says:

      I think that was Alli’s remains

    • Jess says:

      I always wanna know why they don’t enroll in a dang karate class or something?! I mean the number of times they’ve tussled with various members of the A team, why aren’t they kicking ass, taking off masks, and figuring stuff out??

      Also, why wouldn’t they keep chasing A? Just in the last episode alone, they should have chased A out of the room in the basement (even though Hanna knew it was Lucas) and Emily should have ignored Paige and kept running after A in the woods. Then the whole Toby-secret would be done.

      As much as A knows all the bad things about them, they have dirt on A too. And if A had an identity, they could take him/her down. They should be working harder to identify A.

  13. Spencer is my fav one out of all of them. she reminds me so much of my self. this episode is really going to hurt me. it killed me when i found out that toby was “A”.. i literally said OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! at my television.

    • Reality Check says:

      I feel a little confused as to what about her reminds you of yourself, considering the essence of her character is her intelligence.

  14. Paige Cassidy says:

    Just so you guys know, the reason why toby is on the A-Team will be revealed in This is a dAngerous gAme, which is the season finale airing in 8 or 9 weeks, and up to then there will be lots of drama and the finale also holds another death, a whole new side to wren and Alison’s killer will finally be revealed and last but not least , one of the liars will have a personal confrontation with the killer

  15. tracie says:

    Why are you all so sad Toby is part of the A team? Was I the only one who saw this coming? It basically lays everything out in the first season and in flash backs..Not to mention I’ve seen some slip ups on his part.. The scene where Spencer is locked in the funhouse and toby texts her from a random number! ? The girls (preferably Allie) pretty much ruined Toby’s life. He went to juvy for a long time for them. What do you think he did while he was in there? Has anyone seen the show Revenge? Makes perfect sense. Pay close attention and you’ll notice he just got good at making everyone forget..But not me, I never fully trusted him.

    • Erica says:

      At the funhouse, A lured Spencer in there, trying to make it seem like it was Toby texting her. Ali ruined Toby’s life in a way, but he did get away from Jenna, which, unless it was a lie, was what we wanted. And A did try to kill Toby in the episode where the scaffolding was loosened and he fell. I am pretty sure he wasn’t a part of the A team yet, otherwise, why would he risk falling to his death knowingly?

      • Taylor Jaden says:

        Well, I have a few theories! :O

        Maybe he was on the A team, but he started up with Spencer out of hormones, as well as a little bit of maliciousness, without consulting the mastermind of this whole crazy thing and that was almost his punishment. Like Lucas almost being run over by Toby.


        He’s insane, so he risked it to make himself look innocent, despite the possibility of dying.


        He just wasn’t part of the A-team at the time, and while some screws were loose and revenge was on his mind, he got caught up in Emily’s niceness, and Spencer’s female parts and awesome brain. Then, when the whole A thing came to his attention, and Spencer continued to lie and the others continued to lie – he remembered his hatred for Allison, and started seeing them in the same light he had before he started thinking that maybe they were different. And since he’s obviously a bit unhinged, he started focusing on that and while he was gone, found out how to become A, too.

    • Paula says:

      I’ve hated Toby since the beginning and everyone was so shocked he was on the A team. I’m glad Spencer is going to find out the truth about him.

    • Lexi says:

      Right ! He was never fully trustworthy and I remember when they used to hate him and think he was Ali’s killer and everything

  16. Rachel says:

    it was supposed to be allisons body, pretty sure. A had taken the body but now its back

  17. Paige says:

    I absolutely love this show. Watched it from the first episode. Tonights show will be pretty intense && I am still in shock from Toby becoming apart of the a really broke my heart because he was definitely one of my favorites. It proves anyone almost can be A on this show. Like Ali’s brother he had that stab wound that Mona was tending to. Guess we will find out (:

  18. Amanda says:

    I think that possibly Toby is part of the a team trying to secretly keep Spencer and the three other girls safe

  19. annie says:

    uh, cant wait to see it, apparently i will see it only 2mo because i’m not live in States. Maybe spencer will turn against the girls and join Toby.
    I think this season should be the last one or maybe if they make another one, it should be the last, because i can’t think what creators can think more to show us, I don’t think they can keep suspense for very long time, in that case pretty little liars will turn into money making liars.
    anyways sorry if I made any mistakes :D**

  20. tracie says:

    I’m sure it is allisons body bc
    Either next week’s episode or the following week the body is returned.. To whom we aren’t sure. (Hopefully not jason) But the girls finally get to say their last goodbyes. . For now anyways.

  21. jai says:

    Am i the only one who thinks Aria is pregnant? As for Toby, good riddance. Sounds like a fun twist to me, oddly I am excited to see a Spencer breakdown, she is by far the most talented actress on this show.

  22. Trin says:

    I love the show ..I love Toby and Spencer most of all and Im glad Toby is being revealed but the thing is ..Im thinking like the show itself there is going to be a twist in his being on the A team ..well the suspence is killing me ..cant wait for tonight

  23. tracie says:

    No producers said she is not preggers.

  24. Diana J. says:

    Did u guys forget this show is based on book!?!?! Still a lot more to come before they can end this show. I’m excited to see how they add to the story.

    • Emily says:

      I began watching the show and then started reading the books just because I was eager to find out what happened. I only got to the fourth book because I got so confused trying to juggle everything I had learned from the show and then everything I learned from the books. They are soooo completely different. MY ADVICE: If you have already began watching the show, DO NOT read the books. You will jsut end up confused haha :)

      • Diana J. says:

        I do agree that the show and books are different but overall, its still the same plot. I personally enjoyed reading the books more than watching the show. The books are more detailed and pertain information that answers a lot of questions that the show does not explain. And theyve left out a lot of important info that should have been added in the show.
        For example. People keep asking why mona is A. (I wish they would have added this in the show) The book has flashbacks to when mona and jenna were friends back in middle school, being bullied by ali and also reveals that jenna was not the only victim in the fireworks scandal. Mona was also a victim. She was burned in parts of her body that she could hide under her clothes but still went through years of therapy and laser surgery for her burn scars. That was her personal vendetta against the girls. she knew the truth and they scarred her for life. MY ADVICE: if you’re curious, ready the books but DON’T compare the two.

  25. Diana J. says:


  26. Molly says:


    I heard from a friend that Allison is really alive and that she has a secret twin or something, and that’s the body that was found, not Allisons! Remember the first Halloween episode with those two little blond twins… hint hint? And that Allison is the one who organized this whole A team! I don’t know if it’s true though, because it sounds kinda crazy and out there… so don’t take my word for it!

    • Emily says:

      Remember in the second Halloween one?! That same girl that played the twins is the “ghost” that shows up at Hannah’s house Halloween night with Hannah’s mom and the pastor!

    • Diana J. says:

      Your friends theory is based on the books. And so far the show has been keeping close to the storyline in the books. Theyve made a couple changes here and there but still relatively close.

      • Reality Check says:

        “A couple changes” including the fact that BOTH of the known members of the A team would have been dead by now had the books been followed..

    • Erica says:

      The producers stated that they aren’t sure if they are going to go in the same “twin” direction that the books went in. They have that theme in the Halloween episodes in order to pay homage to the books, but that doesn’t mean that Alison is really alive.

      • Diana J. says:

        I hope these producers keep their word end this show with something different and NOT like the books. They claimed they wouldnt follow the books yet made Mona the first person revealed as “A” ( still mad about that one)

    • Megan says:

      I THOUGHT THAT AS WELL! the twins? The other one that killed her sister went to radly (the mental hospital) then it has a close up of a car with radly on it?! I didn’t explain it very well but to me it makes sense

    • laura says:

      i have been thinking about this and i do think that ali has a twin sister and that Courtney replaces Allison and then she came back and told mona and toby and the A team to make a plan against Alison who is really Courtney and something happens and court finds out about alis plan so she kills Alison and then she fakes to be the real Alison again, because the A team is really smart but when they founded alis body they made a DNA test and you canot change a persons DNA so.. i think it was alison (courtney) who saves spencer in the church from Ian and all those “friendly” moves that A has made was all Alison who is really Courtney.. thats just what i think

  27. Kate says:

    Why is she gonna keep it from the other girls. about toby why do the girls hide things from each other. either way i hope spencer kicks toby in the nutts when she finds out .also spencer was the only one mona asked to be apart of the a team. makes sense now. i just hope wren is not on the a team cause im a wren fan i like him with spencer.

  28. Jess says:

    I wasn’t sad or surprised to see Toby was A. The writers/producers and whatnot have said we’ll find out a lot more reasons that Toby hates the girls, but honestly, what we already know is enough.

    They blew up his garage.
    They blinded his step-sister.
    They caught him sleeping with his step-sister and then blackmailed him with the info
    They didn’t do anything to help him be accepted when he came back to school — they were whispering and staring just as much as everyone else
    When Emily decided to be nice to him, the other girls gave her a really hard time about it

    Honestly, I think Toby is great. Mostly cuz he’s always lying. Every sweet thing he’s said to Spencer is a lie and is just to twist the knife once she finds out. He was kinda dull before they revealed he was an A. I think being on the A team adds a lot to his character and makes for a lot of fun moments. My favorite Toby moment so far was the look on his face as he was driving the SUV trying to hit Lucas. Great acting.

    • Sara Cláudia says:

      Finnaly, someone with the same opinion as me!

      I like the girls and sympatize with them, but I also get Toby’s point on wanting revenge! Although revenge is a strange concept in real life for me, they were really mean to him.

  29. jessica says:

    I think they should of followed the book. It was soooo much more interesting. The suspense of the show is nice but the book has so much more detail i have read almost all of them im on number 12 which came out in dec. So if producers or who ever reads my comment FOLLOW THE STORY LINE OF THE BOOK.

    • Diana J. says:

      Completely agree. Loved the books.

    • Diana J. says:

      And I don’t like how in the show jason is spence’s half bro. They should have kept the original plot from the book. It explains a lot of why ali and spence were always competing against each other. It was that Sibling rivalry type of relationship. just like how melissa and spence are with each other.

  30. erika says:

    which episode is this?

  31. Amy says:

    The reason they left the diary is becausethe janitor saw them and could accuse them of stealing. They tear out the pages hoping he wouldn’t notice them missing, but oh wait-a steals the diary!!!!

    • greg says:

      and why would the janitor admit to having a dead girls diary in his office? he couldnt exactly report that they stole it, so of course they should have taken it. even if he did report it, what could anyone do about it, its not exactly a valuable.

  32. Natalie says:

    Since this episode is a throw back to Steven King’s Misery, I’m betting Spencer somehow locks Toby in a room and tortures him as she grieves the betrayal.

    • Alissa says:

      it is like Misery because of Aria if you watchi it you will see she is druged and locked in a basement by Merideth, the spancer thing doesnt make sence if you have read or seen Misery.

  33. Shelisa says:

    am i the ONLY ONE that is mind blown by the whole series?!? reply to this if you are too.

  34. shannon says:

    I’m mad at Toby but the intrigue as to why and/or when he joined has me curious…and when moons took Spencer after the dance last season..she was giving her a chance ..i wonder if it was because of Toby??? On a different i the only one that thinks Aria might be pregnant? I don’t know of the show would have her have the baby..with all the stress the girls go through or torture from A she could easily miscarry…but still…it seems she’s either pregnant it has the flu….but she says she”can’t keep this secret from him too”……curious…

    • Alissa says:

      it is the secret of Ezara having a son by that one chick from his past remember that episode she is a preschool teacher, he doesnt know she is keeping it from him, and she has the flu.

  35. Bran says:

    If you read the books, these girls have secrets (the series is loosely based on the books) and these girls were not nice girls. They were bullies to Mona, Toby,Jenna and Melissa All 5 girls were “mean girls” and I think the moral of the books/episodes are lies come back to haunt you and bullying will bite you in the proverbial a$$. I have been reading the series and was shocked at some of the things these girls got away with. Also some people are questioning why these girls don’t go to the police for help. Well, because everytime they do it turns on them and they end up looking like crazy, trouble makers and liars. I was upset when Toby was revealed on the A team. Mona didn’t shock me. But Toby WOW. I was kind of hoping Toby was on A team for the “greater good” of the girls. It doesn’t look like it, Lots of twists and turns and I am actually enjoying both the books and the show. Although the books are quite a bit different. When they say loosely they mean loosely based. I kind of think 1 of the 4 will end up being on the A team. (my $ is on Aria) Mind you I have only read the first 2 books. So only time will tell. I cannot wait until Spencer deals with this Toby mess.

  36. sophia says:

    if Alli really is still alive and A, wouldnt it be kind of creapy to steal her own sisters’ body from the grave??? why would she do that?????

  37. Lexi says:

    I love this show I’ve watched it from the beginning and its so intriguing… My only issue is that there are so many unsolved mysteries that I feel have been forgotten like who killed Ian at the church, and who is the one that injured kalebs mom? There were a lot more mysteries that have been left behind I just can’t think of em all at the moment, I just hope all of the answers will be answered in the end, and I wonder when this whole show will end, when it does end it’ll be sad bc this is my all time favorite show and a huge pll fan !!! :D

  38. r sorensen says:

    What abt last week when Paige stoped the car I’m the middle of nowhere n Toby just happened to b there. I think Paige is on A team. This week she meets with Caleb n mow will no what he is up to.

    • Monique says:

      yes she stopped in d middle of nowhere…but Paige did not ask to get out of the car and Paige did not ask to take a walk…Emily did. So I don’t think that makes Paige a suspect.

      • Lexi says:

        Yes that is very true, plus she is talking with kaleb because they are sick if A hurting the people they love if you heard what kaleb said on the phone and Paige said she found someone to talk to that is going through the same thing she is which would be kaleb so I deff don’t think she is apart of it, also she almost got killed on the cabin w “mya’s cousin”

  39. Alissa says:

    I just want to know who the mastermind is cuz it isnt Mona she is taking orders from someone, and i think a lot of people on the A team were blackmailed like Lucus, or have a vengence like toby and Mona. I really think Melissa is behind it, that is wht Mona asked her not becauuse of toby.

  40. Monique says:

    I do not believe Toby is apart of the ”A team”….I think he is setting up Mona to find out who is d mastermind behind all of this. remember when Spencer was keeping secret from Toby that she was getting text from A and he told her that he was going to get to the bottom of this, well I think that that is what he is doing now…trying to find out who the big “A” is.

    • pretty little liar says:

      Omfg yes! Im agreeing with you bc i really dont want to believe that Toby is with the A team..i liked him! But it makes sense that he would be pretending just to get answers out of Mona then again..who knows :l

  41. Nancy Millan says:

    People have asked who’s remains were in the body bag, but who’s hand came out of the ground at the end of the the Halloween episode?

  42. Maria says:

    The A Team set the girls up in order to keep them silent. They lured Emily out to where Ali’s grave was after they dug up the body, and they lured the other girls there too. They took photos of them standing above the empty grave with the shovel in order to frame them, thus keeping them from alerting the police.

  43. lily says:

    Meredith killed Ally

  44. Chelsi says:

    Have we forgotten about JennA?!??

  45. Rami says:

    You all mentioned the same people but your not looking deeper into this. Why would Byron mentioned in his memory which he shared with aria that the night ali was murdered melissa was calling to someone(i m pretty sure Ian) and she said if she has to call 911 to hear from him. Im also pretty sure Mellisa did kill all of them because like we already know Ali was pregnant, also she was scared of someone.(Maybe jealous Ians girlfriend?) She found out the truth and killed her because of Ians cheating! And you all guys didn’t forget how she pretended she was pregnant when she wasn’t? Most of the show she is not mentioned at all. She also wore swans costume. She just got together with people who might also hate girls to torture them. And also you all forgot that the episode b4 we discovered that Toby was the betrayer he said Spence he will find out whats going on because she didn’t want to tell him. (about mona and etc.) So clearly he joined A-team because of it. I believe there is still lot we don’t know and we will find out at the end of the show. And also the police man looks suspect to me. Maybe he is helping Mellisa they are the same age so… I hope you agree that most I’m saying its true.:-)

    • Paige Cassidy says:

      since when was ali pregnant?!

      • Rami says:

        We dont know for sure, but in the last episode Cece said that she came to visit her in tears she said she was late. So it looks suspicious.havent you seen this episode yet?:)

        • Paige Cassidy says:

          no then no, but now i have :)
          such a sad episode with ezria and spoby :(
          i hope spencer and toby get back together….minus him being on the a-team
          and the end was so creepy…. maybe its a hint that hanna will be in a fire???

          • Rami says:

            what kind of hint?cause i have no idea they always show us some ,,hints,, at the end of episode but nothing connected to that happens. :)

  46. Adriahna A says:

    The people that we know who are A were tortured by Alison. So why would they wanna be on the same team as her if she tortured them?

  47. Lexi says:

    I think that cop killed Ali because he just too Emily’s mom he killed someone even thought they “deserved” to be punished and that it was the first time he talked about it, then Emily and Hannah saw that he was in the camp with them, he was prob the baby daddy for Ali too

  48. Bell says:

    Cavan some one please tell me who a is I’m up too season 2 now haven’t started and I think it is Noel of Lucy’s or Jenner or that Allison is still alive and they faked the dead body haha please tell soooo wanna know!!!

    • Lexi says:

      So far A is Mona and Toby for sure, but there are a lot of hints that its a few other people but they haven’t said for sure yet

  49. t-rexthey says:

    check this out what if ezra was apart of the a team i mean he cant just be the boyfriend next door

  50. vi says:

    i’ve been rewatching the seasons on netflicks and i’ve noticed that the people who have been on the A team were all people who were pushed around by ali. In the beginning of season 1, Mona was always picked on. Then Lucas, and then Toby.

    Ali forced Toby into taking the blaim for the jenna thing because she knew that jenna and toby were committing incest with each other. Toby took the blaim because he didn’t want anyone to know.
    Ali always pushed Lucas around by calling him hermy, and stuff. Mona was annoying to ali, and ali just bullied her a lot.
    yes i’m postitive that Lucas thought the A team went to far, and he wants out now, by that it also explains why he acts so weird all the time in this season.

    Toby must have got in because he probably felt like the girls had something to do with it as well. he might have just been getting back at them by pretending to love Spencer.

    Wildon supposedly got ali pregnant, which would explain why she was blackmailing Spencer’s and Aria’s fathers for all this money. Maybe she used that money for an abortion, and she probably had to bribe the doctors because she’s under age, and without a legal guardians concent.

    Cece has always been really suspisous to me. Not once did alison ever talk to the girls about her. and she just randomly appeared. and then Cece somehow magically got Spenser’s college application sent AFTER the deadline…? Something just sounds wrong there.
    In one episode, Ezra is in need of fast cash. it was the same episode where the dilaurentis family puts up flyers saying if anyone knew anything about where ali’s body would be, they would give them a reward. in that same episode Ezra get’s all this cash from somewhere…? I don’t know guys but that one seems a little interesting..

    and there’s my last theory. PAIGE.
    Ali used to pick on Paige as well…maybe she’s in on it too? i mean Paige tried to drown Emily in the swimming pool because she thought that emily was trying to steal her spot on purpose. but the thing is that emily would never do anything to harm anyone unless she had too. and why is it that paige shows up to comfort emily right after maya is killed? Emily and Paige start dating soon after that. So she might be in on it as well.

    After saying all that, i do believe that either Spencer or Aria might get pregnant. Not just because it might of happened to Ali, but because it would start a whole lot more of drama. I mean if Spencer is pregers, how will she react knowing that Toby is apart of the A team? Will she go into Ali’s footsteps? i guess we’ll just have to find out guysss!!! BUT I’m pretty excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!