B----, Please: Apartment 23 Pulled from Schedule; 'We've Basically Been Cancelled,' Says the Beek

The B---- in Apt 23 Cancelled ABCThat B—- in Apartment 23 (as well as her gal pal June) will be homeless for the forseeable future, now that ABC has quietly pulled the sophomore comedy from its schedule.

To fill the void, ABC will air back-to-back fresh episodes of Happy Endings during Tuesday’s 9 o’clock hour, starting Jan. 29. (The sitcombo is postponed tonight by the two-hour premiere of something called The Taste.)

UPDATE: In a tweet shared on Tuesday afternoon, Apartment 23 neighbor James Van Der Beek said:

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With Dancing With the Stars due back in late March, Happy Endings has episodes to spare. As previously reported, the plan was to show them the light of day Sundays at 10, but ABC backed off of that plan after two weeks of meh ratings.

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In its most recent Tuesday outing, Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23‘s 11th Season 2 episode failed to draw 3 million viewers while mustering just a 1.1 demo rating (leading out of Happy Endings’ 3.1 mil/1.3).

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  1. rflairfan says:

    This isn’t a good sign for Happy Endings.

    • Chance says:

      The announcement a couple months ago that it was going to get bumped for DWTS was bad news. At least with this they’re going to give us all of the HE episodes before DWTS bumps it.

      • Annie says:

        Tuesday has way too many good shows on to choose from. My DVR works overtime on Tuesdays and I can’t even tape everything I want to watch anymore. They should have tried pairing The B and Happy Endings on Wednesdays to give us 3 hours of comedy! Move Nashville to Sunday’s with Revenge, and Once Upon a Time. 3 hours of drama :) Be creative ABC, stop screwing with us fans or we’re gonna boycott!!!

    • Emteem says:

      Actually, I consider it a pretty good sign for Happy Endings that they are going to actually air them all… And one more season after this will make them a pretty attractive syndication package.

      • Chance says:

        It would need more than 1 more season to meet the current industry standard for syndication because the first season was only 13 episodes. They’d need around another 30 after the end of this season to really be viable for syndication.

        • Emteem says:

          I know 5 seasons or 100 episodes is usually considered the gold standard for syndication, but I feel more shows are pulling the trigger after 4. That 13 episode first season seems like it hurts it, but I don’t know that it does.

          • Chance says:

            The standard now is 88, which at 22 episodes a season would be reached at the end of 4 season. But Happy Endings was a mid season replacement so it didn’t start out with 22 episodes a season (and if the numbers are correct, there are going to be 20 Episodes this season).

          • Taylor says:

            @Chase: there was 22 episodes this season, 22 last and 13 first which gives it 57 total. A 22-episode fourth season would bring it to 79 episodes which would be fine for syndication. The standard is 88, yes, but shows have been sold with less before.

          • Belle says:

            Oops, meant around 88 total; 22-24 episodes a season.

        • Dan says:

          False. ‘Til Death is syndicated in LA Markets at 81 episodes. It’s doable. Completely.

          • Belle says:

            Sure it’s doable, but only in the larger markets…you need to have 4 seasons (~88 episodes each) under your belt before syndication is sold across the US. That is the norm, I’m in a small town in the Midwest so sure those in BIG cities can watch the lesser known shows but those of us elsewhere are left with nothing. The Office started syndication on TBS with 4 seasons done and it went through those episodes in no time flat when it’s on minimum two times a night – you gotta have a good number of shows in the bag :)

    • Belle says:

      ARGH….I love The B, and hope TBS picks it up and runs it along with Cougar Town or something! And please don’t do the same to Happy Endings…UGH, I am sick of the network PTB can’t they stop messing with our shows???!!! Holy crap man, good thing Seinfeld wasn’t launched in this day and age it wouldn’t have made it past 6 episodes!!! GIVE OUR SHOWS A CHANCE and stop moving them around so that we can’t find them. SO PEEVED!!!!

      • Cici says:

        I agree, I love The B too. I thought that it would be totally stupid because of it’s stupid name but it actually was quite funny. A better name would have helped it quite a bit. ABC has a bad habit of poor name choices lately. But like Cougar Town, maybe The B in 23 will get the same fate and TBS, USA or someone will take it and run with it. Can you imagine how crazy funny Chloe would be if the show were on HBO? hilarious!

        • Pablo Wittman says:

          I totally agree the show was very good and bought season 1 and 2 on iTunes two weeks before it was cancelled and I wonder what will happen to the 8 episodes remaining that were unaired? Will they appear later on iTunes? Or a later DVD release of season 2? Let us hope so!!

  2. tara says:

    What?! That’s crazyness!

  3. Allison says:

    In the past week, I’ve lost James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson from weekly tv. I feel like it’s 2003 all over again and it makes me sad.

  4. rod says:

    I really really hope Happy Endings is not next, i love that show so much,

  5. Eric says:

    Funny, how last week ABC said it “believed” in the show only to pull it completely from the schedule the following week!!! ABC, you’re treading shallow water with me!!!

    • Mark W says:

      that is not shocking to this All My Children and One Life to Live fan. ABC is shady and the reason why these shows are failing is their own fault. They had decent ratings when paired with comparable shows. Putting them with Dancing with the Stars was a dumb move, totally different audience for that show.

      • Ella says:

        I thought of the same thing. And GH. ABC spoke of the faith they had in GH while planning to replace it with the Katie show. The Revolution’s disasterous ratings and GH’s rise in ratings are the only things that saved the surviving daytime soap.

    • gigi says:

      I want to SMACKWICH ABC officials so bad! apt 23 was the most quirky hilarious show of our times.. sad!!

  6. Stephen Jay says:

    So is this good news for Happy Endings??? Or are both of these shows in trouble?

    • Chance says:

      Both shows are in trouble. Happy Endings is in less trouble but it’s chances of renewal are slim. I think Aus had it listed as Could Go Either Way on his renewal scorecard.

  7. Chance says:

    I’m really disappointed because I loved The B-. It’s a shame it never really found an audience. And with the likelihood of Happy Endings being back for another season shrinking every day ABC is really only gonna be catching my attention with Revenge. Hopefully TBS will take a play from the book it had last year and pick up at least one of these two shows for another season because they really are both very smart and sharp witted.

    • Guest says:

      Cougar Town is underwhelming ratings-wise on TBS, so I don’t see that move happening again. They made the move to get positive media attention and bring in a more affluent portion of the 18-49 (that watches good TV like Cougar Town, Bitch 23, Parks & Rec, etc.), but time will tell if that strategy is successful.

      Bitch 23 fits more on FX (soon to be FXX), anyway. Hopefully that network can save this show.

      And Happy Endings will get to Season 5, based on syndication alone. ABC and Sony desperately both want this show to make it.

      • leigh says:

        FX would be a good fit. This show is like The League in some way with its quirky and off beat humor. I will miss it and hope we get to see the final episodes.

  8. Nikki says:

    I think one of the reasons was the fault of the network airing technically old episodes (previously filmed but not aired) and trying to pas s them off as new. Just like Scrubs.

    • Kate says:

      I thought this was sort of confusing at first, there was one episode of James on DWTS when that storyline was finished up last season a few weeks ago. Then the June and Chloe being/ not being friends episode irritated me because it was obviously old so why watch? The bouncing back and forth has turned me off from the show because the newer episodes are better than the older ones.

  9. ES says:

    Tuesday has too many good shows on it!

  10. Chris says:

    I’m really disappointed. it’s one of my favorite shows. I hope they air the remaining shows at some point

  11. I hope it comes back. Always have a blast with this show. It’s not really deserving if Happy Endings gets only marginally superior ratings. Shame on ABC.

    • Vlada says:

      I would just say: shame on USA! Really??? The best comedy pulls off coz of ,,, R u really watching NCIS at the same time-slot?

  12. George says:

    Granted, the show didn’t have a good time slot, but the way it was shown out of order didn’t help its case at all. I mean, they didn’t only mix episodes from within a season, ABC randomly scrambled episodes across two seasons.

  13. Courtney says:

    *long shot, but…* TBS PLEASE SAVE APT 23, ASWELL. ABC sucks = (.

  14. TV Gord says:

    23 is the better show. It go tthe short end of the stick being paired with the dreadful Happy Endings.

    • Knesset says:

      I totally agree. Happy endings just doesn’t get the laughs from me. 23 always gets a good laugh though. Disappointed.

    • Mike says:

      Boot are good HE is better

    • Mike says:

      You know it is possible to say how great B is without trashing another show which had nothing to do with the failure of B, it is ABCs scheduling of both shows that are leading to its demise, I prefer HE, but B is still one of the better comedies on TV. I will miss it. They both got the shrt end of the stick by being paired with the old skewing DWTS( which is not in its prime anymore).

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yeah, I don’t think it’s quite as good as HE but it is indeed one of the better network comedies going and I think the HE/23 tandem was a good fit tonally(much more so than either stuck after Modern Family). Plus, Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker are both gifted comedic actresses(never understood all the hoopla about the Beek on this show; while he looks better than ever, I though the performance was just okay and hardly the comedic tour-de-force everyone else seemed to think it was)

  15. Courtney says:

    Can we atleast get DVD releases (in the correct order)?! Season 2 started before they even released season 1, and season 2 has been playing episodes out of order, including some never before seen season 1 episodes. Give us that, atleast? = (

  16. Kris says:

    It was such a good show. I hope TBS picks it up and give a solid chance

  17. emilybaskin says:

    Tuesday night is such a conflict. I LOVE New Girl & Mindy on FOX, so I watch the network the whole night. But I also love Go On, The New Normal, Don’t Trust The B, and Happy Endings. I have to catch up on those shows on Wednesday night when I only watch Modern Family & Suburgatory. I wish the network execs would stop putting my favorite shows against each other! I can’t be the only one in this dilemma on Tuesdays….

  18. A says:

    bright side= more happy endings. I dont want to even consider the negatives

  19. Mare says:

    Next you’re going to be telling me that Happy Endings is off the schedule as well

  20. Aimee says:

    Can they take the 2 Broke Girls with them on the way out?

  21. tp says:

    This sucks for the fans of this show.

  22. Jessie says:

    The main issue with this show was that the episodes were shown in whatever order abc fancied. How is anyone just dropping in for and episode or two meant the have any idea what was going on when I could barely keep up and I’ve watched them all!

    • Elyse says:

      i thought i was going crazy at first and was missing episodes i didn’t realize they were airing them out of order. i thought i was just an idiot!

  23. Amanda says:

    Not surprised…I found this show not very funny!!! Every now and then it would make me laugh…They should have kept GCB and cancelled this one.

  24. RUCookie says:

    this makes me sad, I loved this show, always good for a few laughs. Give me Apt 23 over Happy Endings any day. RIP gang, now we will never again see Cloe take over a company for the sheer fun of it, or James “work it” to the delight of everyone, or even see if June beats her new nemisis at work. So Sad.

  25. Lana says:

    This blows. I love that B :(

  26. Jess says:

    sad… this was a fun show! And they better not cancel Happy Endings!

  27. KSM says:

    So sad. I don’t know why ABC does this to shows. They air them out of order, don’t promote them well, and put them up against shows with a similar audience. It is like they hate those of us that are in our late 20s/early 30s and love these shows!

    • Courtney says:

      “They air them out of order, don’t promote them well, and put them up against shows with a similar audience.” Yep. This is why people hate them. Ugh. &What about us 19yr olds who love them too;) haha.

  28. Joe says:

    I was mentally saying goodbye to both after the crappy ratings at the start of the season , with that and the crappy treatment of 666 and the last resort I’m not giving zero hour or red window a try because abc will cancel them to , I can say one thing about NBC they were in last place for so long they were very patient on there shows

  29. Stephen LeFranc says:

    We should get #MoveTheB2TBS Trending

  30. Allyson says:

    Don’t mean to ask a silly question, but does this mena Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 is cancelled for good? No, say it isn’t so.

  31. gary says:

    how close is Happy Endings to syndication numbers? i really think Happy Endings will take it off if it can just get to that number and more people can find it

  32. tvaddict says:

    ugh I knew it was a bad sign when abc put Happy Endings & Apt 23 on a new night with a weird lead in(DWTS really?) and didn’t start the season until late October.

  33. Viv says:

    why couldn’t the tv gods take happy endings and neighbors instead??

  34. Jared says:

    Both series will be cancelled by the end of the season. Not sure why ABC renewed Apt 23 anyway.

  35. Jared says:

    Such a shame this didn’t do better because it was really funny.

  36. Juan says:

    Very upset about this, it is a great comedy, at least we still get happy endings

  37. Linda says:

    The order they aired this show was horrible!

  38. kavyn says:

    I hate ABC :/ First 666 and now Don’t trust the B…

  39. Elyse says:

    this makes me sad! first 666 Park Ave and now Don’t Trust the B?!????? :(

  40. Brooke says:

    I watched this show solely for James Van Der Beek hamming it up as “himself.” The two women were obnoxious as all get out, but I suffered through them for the truly hilarious JVDB moments. Sigh.

  41. Matt says:

    I am bummed but not surprised. This show had “too good to last” written all over it from day one.

    • Christy says:

      Right? The more I watched it the more I realized that they were going to do the same thing to this that they did to Better Off Ted, which was brilliant. Boo, ABC, boooo!

  42. Liked this show too. All the good ones get cancelled!

  43. Angie says:

    I enjoy this show more than Happy Endings. :( Boo.

  44. Britta Unfiltered says:

    That bums me out.

  45. Joe says:

    I’m going to finish the few shows I still watch on ABC and not waste my time on anything new.

  46. Bobby says:

    I’m so sad about this, but honestly ABC didn’t even make an effort to look like they cared about it at all.

    They never put it on DVD to attract new viewers, especially with a shortened first season and all those months in between seasons 1 and 2 where people could’ve caught up.

    Do I need to even mention how many episodes aired out of order with storylines going back and forth because of it? No new viewers would have been able to follow it, especially without access to the first seasons episodes anyways.

    I LOVED apartment 23 and the cast. I just wish they could’ve got treated better by ABC. I mean say what you will about when Cougar Town was there, but I’d say they even got better than this.

    • Courtney says:

      AGREED. Why do they even bother backing these shows if they don’t want to put them out there and get people to watch? Very stupid.

  47. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    I know this is bad news for fans of Apt 23 – I’m bummed out; however, there is some good (albeit small amount) news. When networks end shows quickly/abruptly before spring, that at least gives the cast and crew time to catch on with another show/pilot coming along in March. Casting season is almost here for those new 2013 pilots, and there will be a ton of them to fill with actors and crews. ABC may want to try to grab one of the leads of Apt 23 for another pilot coming soon for fall 2013.

    Regarding JVDB and Krysten, they should be able to catch another pilot opportunity – perhaps not as leads, but at least as supporting cast, which they did really well on Apt 23. However, the one to watch is Dreama Walker – I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t land a lead role in a comedy pilot this spring, or at a minimum, land on another series in a support role by this coming fall 2013. She really surprised me – when the show first started, I heard a lot about Krysten, and not very much about Walker. But Apt 23 became as much about June as it was about the crazy [good crazy] Chloe, and Dreama had a lot to do with that. She has some star-power potential for television – we will be seeing more of Dreama on TV – possibly on ABC – potentially soon.

  48. Buddy321 says:

    ABC should have put Nashville on Tuesdays after Dancing with the Stars and made Happy Endings and Apartment 23 an edgy Wednesday 10:00 PM block. Happy Endings and Apartment 23 both did better business on Wednesday and their young skewing brand never made sense after DTWS. Nashville has a more conservative tone and obviously connects on the musical theme. This was a massive flub!