Bones' David Boreanaz Teases 'Tense' Times for Booth/Brennan, 'Very Shocking' End to Season 8

Bones Season 8 SpoilersEmbedded within the announcement of Bonesearly Season 9 renewal was the news that David Boreanaz — who last summer (playfully?) hinted at restlessness via Twitter — had re-upped with the Fox drama. But what sort of storyline twists compelled the actor to stay on?

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“My contract was up [after Season 8], so I had opportunities to go into some new areas,” Boreanaz told TVLine at Fox’s winter TCA press tour party. “But [the producers and I] came together and found a happy medium. We sat and talked hard about the character development, and I’m excited.”

Asked to elaborate on the potential character development that sparked his interest, Boreanaz noted, “We’ve never really focused on the hardcore truth of what Booth goes through on an everyday basis, just as far as being a [former] soldier and the pain he endures.” To that end, the actor ventured, “His health problems may come to fruition…. There might be a traumatic experience that he’s got to deal with personally…. Maybe we’ll see more of that kind of stuff.”

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As for Booth as he relates to lady love/baby momma Brennan, Boreanaz previewed, “There are always romantic moments between me and her.” However: “I think that they’ll be a little tense, they’ll be a little tested” as Season 8 continues on. “The interesting part about their relationship right now is that everyone seems to think, ‘Oh, they have a baby and it’s going to be calm.’ Well, I think it’s just the opposite.” And why is that? He hedged, “You’ll have to wait and find out.”

Boreanaz — who likely will again direct the show’s season finale — had nothing new to report on the oft buzzed-about introduction of Booth’s mom, but he did offer this semi-ominous tease for the back half of Season 8 and even next fall. “Things are going to be a little interesting at the end of this season, and how we go into the next season,” he shared. “I think it’s going to be very shocking and fun. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

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  1. Dee says:

    I’m afraid we’re headed for a breakup. The rest sounds intriguing, but just wish it could be with them working through their issues together.

    • Annie says:

      I think we have the answer to Ausiello’s “devastating break-up” blind item.

      • chris says:

        same here

      • B says:

        That was my immediate thought as well. Maybe a shocking breakup that leads to the inevitable make-up when the series finale hits, be it in season 9 or if it keeps going, a later one.

        • Geena says:

          Pelant is in the season finale. A story about a serial killer is you know SHOCKING and what he does to them is you know SHOCKING ….Not one thing did David say even imply that Booth and Brennan are breaking up. That is just you guys wanting it to be them more than that Castle couple whateva their names are….. Hell hath no fury…that ain’t Bones related. Ooops.

          • Jackie says:

            Booth and Brennan COULD break up. Kathy Reichs (not just a character in a Temperance Brennan novel) has the Temperance Brennan in the BOOKS breaking up with her husband AND her boyfriend. The Book Brennan also has a teen-age/young adult daughter, is a recovering alcoholic, and remains on pretty good terms with BOTH her ‘ex’ partners. DR. Reichs has often said that the TV version of Brennan is a ‘younger’ Brennan—before the time frame of the bools. Sooo—a Booth-Brennan breakup could BE really in the final script–guess we’ll just have to wait and see……

          • Eden says:

            i agree, vry much so the way it was told makes me wounder if they’re gonna kill Booth off the show wit Pelant being the person who murders him.

    • Suncatcher says:

      TV Guide reported that an upcoming Season 8 episode, “A Shot In The Dark”, has Brennan shot, and she has a near death reunion with her long-dead mother “which could change Brennan’s view of the world completely.” Deschanel said, “You discover where Brennan’s hyper-rational persepctive came from and … her mother shatters it a bit. No one changes over night, but that does change Brennan and really seeps into her life.” Brooke Langton (Melrose Place) plays Brennan’s mom, Christine.

      Wondering if this is David Boreanaz’s “big tease?”

      • Jody cotter says:

        Now I really like this idea. The one of Bones having a near death and seeing her mom. That would be awesome. It would have to rock her scientific view of life. Good work

    • cynthia says:

      if the breakup bones and booth i will stop watching the show

      • Emma says:

        Agreed. I don’t want it to go down like House.

      • JayJay says:

        I will stop watching…there is no bones without the two of them together. Maybe her mom will tell her to ask Booth to marry her. You know that these actors don’t say anything that doesn’t come up later somehow. The writers are great that way. Booth did say that he did not know when, but Bones will ask him to get married. I hope this is what happens and it comes down to a family, legal and all!

      • Lee hill says:

        If Bones and Booth break up it will hurt the ratings so the best fix would be for bones to change and ask booth to marry her in a season finale. My opinion!

  2. martina says:

    I am now certain that Booth and Bones are the answer to the Break-Up Blind Item!

    • Annie says:

      LOL – that’s exactly what I just posted. Phew. So glad it wasn’t Caskett.

      • Lauren says:

        AMEN! I actually do watch Bones, but I’m not nearly as invested in that particular couple as I am in Caskett. I could handle a B/B break-up (esp. if it’s temporary), but not a Caskett separation. Here’s to hoping that “Bones” is the answer to the Blind-Item riddle…

        • jenny says:

          So you would rather Booth and Brennan breakup who have a home together, a daughter, a family than a couple who has barely been together several months with no ties. That says a lot about you tbh…..Here is hoing it is Castkett and they breakup. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fandom or couple. Snark

          • Dane says:

            They are all FICTIONAL characters. I think the poster was indicating that from a viewer enjoyment perspective, Caskett is more enjoyable to watch at this phase in their relationship. IF they were ‘real’ people, of course a breakup of a family would be traumatic.. but it’s not real. And it might be cool to see B/B break up and then reconnect..

          • Heath says:

            This article isnt even about the Blind. Cos a blind is you know a BLIND Yet Castle fans need to hijack a Bones article and spew how it can’t be Castle. Well you know what jog on and stick to the topic.

          • Just sayin says:

            What she thinks about a fictional couple says a lot about her? Oookay…well to borrow your phrase:TBH your reply says a lot about you…like maybe you take these fictional tv shows way too seriously.

      • ZboringZ says:

        awe look at some Castle fans, sooooo desperate for it not to be their couple with the stupid couple name, that the blind has to Bones!!!!!! awe what you gone all do when it’s not Booth and Brennan?? Find another fandom to bug. Srly.

        • Marisa says:

          Exactly, Castle wasn’t even mentioned in this article, Just desperate Castle fans trying to rationalize it isn’t their couple. Look at it, they haven’t done the break up/make up scenario yet. Will they be as arrogant at the end of the season as they are now? Not every article written is about Castle.

        • Jillian says:

          I hope the Castle is the blind item. C&B are so boring as a couple and just about the only obstacle they have had since they have been together is her being insecure and thinking he’s a player, so they need something to shake them up. B&B have gone through so much already. They had to deal with Pellant and her running away and being a fugitive, and getting ready to have a baby when they were only together for a few months.

          If it does turn out to be Bones, I will be okay though as long as it’s temporary and there are no SOs involved. I love tension and obstacles.

          Also, do you realize how ridiculous and desperate it makes you Castle fans look when you have to comment on a Bones article and rationalize that it can’t be Castle, so it has to be Bones?

      • Naomi says:

        TBH, I’d rather it be Caskett. B/B had the whole separation thing between last and this season. Plus it could be a story that makes Caskett realise how much they need each other. :)

    • meeeee says:

      LMAO at the Castle fandom. It can’t be their couple in the blind? Why not? They are as boring as hell together. Far more interesting apart than together. I HOPE IT IS THEM!!!

  3. Karen says:

    That confirms it for me Booth and Brennan are the blind item

    • geezZ says:

      That stupid blind influences many fans perceptions of every spoiler and gets twisted into it has to be “X show” now……If you or I read these spoilers without that blind influence B&B spliting up would NOT be the first thing that springs to my mind anyway…

      • Stacey says:

        Agreed. When I saw this report. I sorta ruled out Bones for the blind item. He’s basically saying Brennan and Booth, and Booth himself are going through tense times. Doesn’t speak to a out of the blue breakup that would juice up a dying show. We know the show is coming back. And the show is very steady. No signs of ending anytime soon. It’s likely Parenthood!

        • Guest says:

          If you actually watched Parenthood, you’d know that “the breakup” won’t be coming from Parenthood. Silly.

          • Lauren says:

            Do we? I’ll admit that I don’t watch Parenthood (so my response perhaps lacks clout), but the Blind Item makes clear that “no one will see this break-up coming.” If Bones and Booth are going through some tough times or are experiencing tension (as have other couples on that list of nine, including Caskett), then wouldn’t the out-of-nowhere bit fit Parenthood like a glove? Just saying.

          • Sara says:

            Have you even been watching this season? Joel & Julia are having some serious issues when it comes to Victor. Sure, Crosby talked Julia down lsat episode… what’s to say she isn’t going to freak out about the adoption again? She could resent Joel for wanting to adopt while she didn’t really want to at the time.

          • Guest says:

            @Sara: Wrong. If you saw last week’s episode, you saw Julia at the end truly give her blessing to the adoption. If I recall correctly, Xolo Mariduena even confirmed on Twitter that this adoption storyline has been resolved and the family is all happy.

            And if you saw the preview and press release for next week, you know that: 1) the adoption was formalized (the entire family is in the background as Julia, Joel, and Victor stand before the magistrate); 2) Joel and Julia were relieved and happy; and 3) that they’re throwing a Braverman-family party.

            Furthermore, the entire milieu of Parenthood revolves around the primacy of family, and particularly the primacy of the Braverman family. Divorce is not something that will happen on Parenthood to a major couple, just like divorce was never in the realm of possibility for the Taylor family. Having a divorce would destroy the entire dynamic of the show.

            @Lauren: I hope this doesn’t sound too mean, but your response does indeed lack clout. Parenthood, among many this, is 1) not the show to around any serious twists (that Drew storyline), and 2) a show were “everything sunny all the time always” eventually for the Braverman clan.

            Furthermore, the qualifier of the break-up “coming out of nowhere” doesn’t really apply anymore given that the spoiler’s out. But if we didn’t know about the spoiler, Bones & Booth or Caskett would certainly be more surprising than not. So I don’t buy that “fitting like a glove” logic either.

            Also, 3) watch Parenthood. You’ll be better for it.

          • Guest says:

            *among many things
            *besides that Drew storyline

      • madbengalsfan85 says:


  4. Sighs says:

    Pelant is in the season finale, therefore that’s the shocking ending. Not everything is about the frakking blind guys.

  5. sophia7470 says:

    Excellent – looking more in Booth’s backstory is well past due. Can’t wait to see those tensions play out on screen.

    As for the blind item, even if they do break up in the season finale, it won’t last long so I’m not worried. Those two are soul mates, they’ll always work it out.

  6. Go Big says:

    So happy that Booth and David is going to have more to do this part of the season. This gorgeous man needed more storyline to do.

    • Pinky > Brain says:

      So effing happy that Booth/DB is getting goddamn decent plots upcoming. I was beginning to think that the writers and Hanson forgot they had a character called Booth and that David was their male lead. Srly. Yeah for Booth! Bring it.

  7. Brady says:

    Maybe the shocking ending has to do with Booth’s brain tumor returning or they think it returns? David did mention Booth’s health issues. Yikes.

    • Stacey says:

      Agreed. With Brennan’s upcoming life being jeopardized. And Pelant is back. Booth will be very much on edge. And it does sound like he wants to investigate more of Booth’s inner torment. And definitely implying his health could be again jeopardized. If you once have had a brain tumor, who knows what could happen. Especially now that he’s together with Brennan and has two kids to live for!

    • Lily says:

      How about Booth’s health issues to do with Post Traumatic Stress or feet/back problems? Don’t care, but really want to know more about Booth’s background.

  8. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Shocking doesn’t neccesarily mean bad…I’m not worried

    • TigerTiger says:

      Exactly. It could just mean a cliffhanger ending with Pelant, which I expect it to be now considering the 9th season pickup….

    • BoothROCKS says:

      Yes. It could be a good thing. Shocking ending? Brennan asks Booth to marry him. Now that would be shocking, lol. Which leads into S9 of engagement or marriage. Shocking can mean GOOD guys. Pep it up :D

  9. May says:

    I don’t think they are the blind item. There’s the episode where Brennan gets shot, Pelant is back,… not every couple who is going trough a tense moment is going to break up. And the fact that they have a daughter together and they live together makes it more difficult.

  10. Sara says:

    Tense doesn’t mean a break-up. With all the spoilers we got, tension makes sense. I think everyone is forgetting that this is not grey’s anatomy and that they’re not going to end a relationship because of some bumps in the road, especially when that same relationship is at the very core of the show.

  11. gail says:

    Don’t break them up

  12. Dee says:

    Well, hope I’m wrong about the breakup. That’s a tired plot point anyway so would like to believe these writers are above that. All that to say, can’t WAIT for DB to get some great material!

    • rebels says:

      I would like to think Hart Hanson is smarter than breaking them up…..S6 with Hannah nearly broke this fandon. The show lost a lot of fans: loyal and casual, and the bitterness we see now towards the show and Hart, by some fans, is mainly due to that…..If Hart wants a S10 like he stated, pissing off the remaining fans who stayed loyal to him and the show, breaking up B& B seems like a huge “eff you Bones fandom” not a smart move for S10 imo.

      • Guest says:

        The problem is that Hart Hanson is not better than that. He’s notorious for pulling random crap like this. And he’s terrible at gradual plotting or subtlety — Bones is the epitome of a “kneejerk”-sort of show. I still like the show, but it’s far from perfect.

  13. SusN says:

    Tension makes sense but a break-up doesn’t. David has already tweeted that B&B would have an argument (tension). I can’t imagine that they would end the relationship!

  14. Astrid says:

    I’m exited!! I love Bones <3 No matter what happens, knowing the writers, it will be amazing :) And B&B belong together so if they break up, they WILL get together again..
    I hate articles like this. It's on big teasing ;)

  15. Lara says:

    I think They aren’t the Blind Icon
    David Boreanaz such a Troll the true fans know that!

  16. CarlagUK says:

    Will enjoy the rest of Season 8 and Season 9 as I have been with the show since day one. I am happy to embrace the drama and in particular what it brings for its central character Temperance Brennan

  17. Micha says:

    B&B breaking up makes no sense. We aren’t just talking about a couple going their separate ways, we are talking about a couple who work together too. Who are work partners…. How the heck could they work together and solve crimes after breaking up? It’s ridic. When couples breakup they can barely stand to see each other to discuss their kids, if any, never mind working together. The mind boggles at the how stupid B&B breaking up would be.

  18. Mark says:

    DB is a troll and loves to tease us in what he would per-serve fun for him could mean the exact opposite for us and no I am not trying to start anything its just the way i see it but having said that i think the remaining eps are gonna be interesting to watch and regardless what happens comes season end I cant wait to see how it plays out

  19. Stacey says:

    The breakup blind item was related to someone out of nowhere, and David is basically telling that Brennan and Booth are going through a tense time now with Pelant, and upcoming storyline involving Brennan’s life in jeopardy. Shocking would not be a breakup. They basically had a seperation last summer. With angst at the beginning, and it continues. He basically states that Booth’s health could be a issue. Which is probably related to the shocking ending… I don’t think Hart would do another “breakup” finale. Probably related back to the brain tumor finale a couple of years ago. Having his health threatened again with almost teenage son, and now a new daughter would cause tense time for him. And Brennan.

  20. timesquaretang says:

    I think David’s just being his usual Trolleanaz <3

    • Bob says:

      Yes. Boreanaz in real life is nothing like the Booth character. From what I’ve seen and read, he’s often a complete douche.

  21. arial2 says:

    Now if the writers would remake Booth to be as intelligent as Angel was. I’d like to see Booth take a look at the apparent conflict between his rabid Catholicism and his history as a sniper (“Thou shalt not kill”).

    • Lisa says:

      We’ve already seen that. It’s why Booth became an FBI agent. To catch as many killers as lives he’s had to take. He is trying to make amends.

  22. Catherine says:

    Best news ever, was afraid David was bored and was just going through the motions. Hart and writers seem to forgot who the core story and couple was. This gives me hope, sounds interesting, all couples have problems, let’s see how this outstanding couple handles them….together.

  23. Linds says:

    Getting more and more convinced that B&B are the blind item couple…

  24. Livia says:

    Makes no sense that B & B are the break up couple, we already saw that and they made it back together. Their story is how they work it out, with hints that Bren realizes after her near death experience that he and Christine are the life for her, a breakup is beyond ridiculous.

  25. Kay says:

    Boy, this sure makes sense now why David was pushed into the background for the first half of the season. Set/studio politics, ugh.

  26. Suanx says:

    Hey, we know David likes the drama between Booth & Brennan, it sounds interesting, they are the center, they will make it through. No breakups, already been done with this couple. I could see Hodgela temporarily breaking up before Booth & Brennan, but that will never happen either.

  27. Sarah says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think anymore in term of the Blind Item and Bones.

  28. sara says:

    I do not think it led zerwnia, can be voltage can Pelant after a disease ….
    Booth shot but survived Bones will be afraid of, and what breaks? did not!
    Bones after the accident, and certainly even more appreciate the love Booth …
    series is moving towards engagement, HH and SN said that they have a lot of history, Bones and Booth as a couple and three seasons ALTHOUGH THEY WANT THEM TOGETHER AS A PAIR and the issue of marriage is to be in 9 seoznie …
    so it may be difficult to killer illness, accident Bones but they are always together forever

    • sara says:

      I do not think it led breakage, can be voltage can Pelant after a disease ….
      Booth shot but survived Bones will be afraid of, and what breaks? did not!
      Bones after the accident, and certainly even more appreciate the love Booth …
      series is moving towards engagement, HH and SN That said they have a lot of history, Bones and Booth as a couple and three seasons although THEY WANT THEM TOGETHER AS A PAIR and the issue of marriage is to be in 9 seoznie …
      so it may be difficult to killer illness, accident Bones, but they are always together forever

  29. Lauren says:

    The problem with the Blind Item is that it says, “no one” will see this particular break-up coming; however, the Blind Item itself (and its narrowing down to nine potential couples) effectively puts us all on notice — to the extent that many (I won’t say all) are now hypersensitive to any tension whatsoever among the named couples. The out-of-nowhere part, in other words, is no longer so accurate.

    UNLESS, that is, the only viable couples are truly the ones who seem to have NO problems or tension whatsoever — which would rule out Bones and Castle (as both have had several mini-issues thus far this season, and it looks like we’re headed for more in Bones, at least). In that case, maybe a Parenthood couple is the Blind Item (i.e., NOT Joel and Julia, as they have already had some problems)? Or Nikita (I don’t watch that one, so I have no idea if that pairing has been “tense” lately…)?


  30. Angela says:

    Of course the showrunner is going to break them up! — He never wanted them together in the first place, it just became an untenable stance when his lead actress got knocked up. But let’s not pretend he was ever a fan of the couple.

  31. Rusty says:

    I think the show has run it’s course. If they would get back to the original premise of solving crimes with a little bit of personal matters, good, Making entire shows about back stories is lame. It will be the demise of the show.

  32. sophia7470 says:

    There’s nothing in the tiny quote David said that indicates they’re heading for a breakup – he’s promoting the show, it’s his job to tease and get people talking/interested in the show. He’s always riling fans up – if there was a break up in the pipeline, he’d probably come right out and say it and enjoy watching the pandemonium it causes in the fandom.

    He basically said – more Booth angst and backstory, tension between Brennan and Booth as always, with romance because there is always romance.

    He’s hardly going to say, ‘yeah, well, they’re really settled and happy, so there’s not going to be any drama now. We’re just going to film them living happily ever after with their baby from now on!’

  33. Patricia says:

    I am very excited and have no fear!I trust HH-he said :he never Break Up B&B!So Happy that we have Bones S9 and now i enjoy this season 8:D

    I Love Bones so much!!Demily are the best!

  34. bjohns says:

    I am never gonna forget that Booth said he would not propose to her, she would have to propose to him since she is the one against the idea of marriage even though they are leading a married like life. I think there will be a break up that will be reconciled with Brennan proposing and them getting married right away. I think whenever the show ends, Brennan will be pregnant again. Or a flash forward at the end to see that they have more children. It’s not an original idea, I just see this as a fan friendly ending to the show.

  35. I’m excited about Season 9 already and I haven’t even watched the lastest episode…

  36. MCO says:

    Please Bones’ Fan do not take a dozen of insuferrable Castle’s Fans for the whole fandom. I am from the Castle’s Fandom, (and enjoy Bones without being a fan, that’s why I read that article in the first place), I didn’t read here nothing about a break-up or blind item related things. I would be bad for BOTH show (or any show) to break its couple. It doesn’t matter who the blind item is, it’s never good news for a show to break up its couple.
    Not, Castle’s fans, please stop doing that All the thing you’re doing here is infuriating Bones’ fans, giving us and our show a bad name and proves that you’re immature. I don’t think that what you want to do.
    And Bones’ fans, if you could just ignore this trolls and do not answer in the same manners, both fandom would be better.

  37. Sam says:

    After reading spoiler for her getting shot and it changing her perspective I can certainly seeing her propose especially since Hart Hanson already stated that there would be a wedding somewhere down the line…may not be til season 9 but there will be one. Its just Booth told her if they did get married it would be her choice and she would be the one to propose but in order for that to happen she would have to have a shift in what she believes…and event to make her see that way. In no way didI see break up…he said they have some tense times ahead…do you all breakup with your significant other everytime things get tense. No relationship is perfect…..this season does look to be picking up steam and after last nights Pelant is gonna be looking for revenge against Booth for what what Booth did.

  38. JW says:

    Never heard of the blind, just happy my favorite show is still going. Wondering what the newly injured Pelant will do next. I also enjoy Castle, but think a breakup for them is inevitable at some point. Shocking would be Jack and Angela splitting, in the worst way possible. I sure hope not. It seemed last week’s episode finally found a solution for her clear unrest.

  39. Everything is great now. Everyone should stay the way they are and just solve crazy cases! AND KILL PELANT!!!

  40. ffic4life says:

    A knee jerk show with soon to be nine seasons under its belt and in the top 20 shows on tv. Just saying that if fans hated his plot points and everything so much, it wouldnt be doing as well.

  41. Anthony says:

    Just wishful thinking…but I’d love to see Brennan’s Dad decide ‘enough is enough’ and hunt down Pelant. Just catch him right in the middle of a plan and take him out, knowing protecting everyone would put him back on the run. Like I said, just wishful thinking…

  42. Guest says:

    You never know there still could be a break up but it might not be Booth/Bones. Look at what just happened to Hodgins and Angela. He lost all his money and he is determined to get Pelant at all costs, as she is feeling like she has not accomplished what she wanted in the art world. This could put some tension between them and make for an interesting story for the two of those characters

  43. Kaycee says:

    If Booth and Bones break up I will no longer watch the show. Plain and simple.

  44. Pedro says:

    To much chemistry between Booth and Bones, no split scheduled… I hope! Although Breanan does exert a superior dominant attitude, Booth and Bones are ment to be!!!!

    The end.

  45. Sue Beck says:

    Holy cow it took them what 6 years or so to get togther, I haven’t missed an episode and now this noise! I will stop watching too and turn on Castle or Bones repeats on TNT. I think your fans have waited long enough to enjoy this relationship and everything that goes with it! As the Al Green song goes “Lets Stay Together”! Are you listening Fox????

  46. Jillian says:

    I don’t think he means that they will break up. He said that they would still have romantic moments, so would they have romantic moments if they broke up?

  47. Babybop says:

    Maybe the shocking ending has something to do with the clock? We still don’t know what Pelant did in their room!

  48. Vicky says:

    I wonder if angela is going to leave the show. They are showing her unhappy alot lately so this makes me wonder

  49. Lexa says:

    Nah, Angela isn’t leaving the show, HH said she wasnt being written out. Now with the loss of their money, maybe she wont be able to take up her painting full time, Maybe she has to work. Hod is Hod but he’s always had money, never had to think about it. That could be interesting, is his confidence tied to his money or not? Dont believe B & B are the break up couple, sure they have problems, we all do, but the showrunners keep saying how they want to watch them work it out.

  50. DIO says:

    The Pelant return is okay but I think that Hansen should have brought back the Gorgomon, that was fantastic actign by ALL characters..The Gorgomon is based on some ancient history within the Catholic church, knights Templer/Dan Brown novels, anyone??? Gorgomon was an awesome interesting mystery, a continueing one as the master chose the apprentice, via exit Zack who I still miss! Why not bring him back for at least the last show & let season 9 be about the final assault of the Gorgomon????