Revenge Recap: A Little Hope? Nope

EMILY VANCAMP, MADELEINE STOWEAbout half of Revenge‘s characters take a cross-country trip in this week’s episode, and the mileage they rack up is just slightly smaller than a deductive leap Emily makes toward the end of the hour. Meanwhile, Conrad schmoozes some future constituents, Charlotte sheds her identity and Aiden’s hopes are raised… and then dashed brutally. Let’s take a look at what went down in “Collusion.”

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TWO MEN TOO MANY | Emily has a disturbing sex dream where she’s sleeping with an Aiden/Daniel hybrid (we should all be so disturbed) but wakes up alone. Needing “an honest moment,” she and the Brit have a cozy meet up on the beach – doesn’t the absolute lack of cover mean anyone could see them canoodling? – where she tells him Daniel wants to take her to an oyster bar for lunch. “Oysters. Subtle,” Aiden remarks. (Heh.) Little does Em know, Daniel’s plan is to whisk her away to California for the meal, because she loves that region’s Kunamoto oysters, and “the oysters can’t come to us.” Uh, has Daniel never been to a seafood restaurant in Manhattan? Anyway, he also kinda wants backup while he pitches Grayson Global to Stonehaven United, the up-for-grabs disaster recovery company that was the subject of last week’s ep. Emily agrees, even though it’s clear that Daniel sees the business trip doubling as a romantic rendezvous. Meanwhile, Helen shows Aiden video of his sister Colleen – still seemingly alive – and tells him to prove he isn’t working with Victoria by killing Queen V within 24 hours in exchange for his sister’s survival. He quickly agrees.

NO DANIEL, YOU’RE STILL NOT GETTING ANY | Daniel’s meeting with Stonehaven’s Ms. Carlisle is going just OK until Emily steps in and prods her former fiancé to talk about his vision for Grayson Global. The vibe is very much like a mother having her kindergartener report on what he did at school that day; Daniel dutifully parrots some line about a global worldview – and for real? I wouldn’t sell this guy my sweaty gym sock, because it’s looking like he couldn’t put together an original thought with a hot glue gun. But Ms. Carlisle seems impressed, and Daniel and Em celebrate with champagne by the pool. Know who else is at the same hotel? Victoria, Grayson competition Jason Prosser and Aiden. (Group rate?) At least Aiden has the courtesy to alert Emily to his presence, and they have a very convoluted conversation about why she should or shouldn’t help Daniel acquire Stonehaven. Honestly, I feel like the show has had multiple characters have variations of this conversation multiple times… so why do I still have trouble keeping it all straight in my head? Anyway, Emily has Daniel call Nolan to ask for dirt on Prosser (and texts him “Say yes and I’ll buy you a house,” ha!). Noles comes through with some info about how Prosser’s subsidiaries engaged in post-9/11 gas and oil price gouging; the information sways Carlisle to sell Stonehaven to Daniel.

Prosser’s ripped. He thinks Victoria (with whom he shared at least a kiss – and possibly more — earlier), Daniel and Emily colluded to work against him, but Mrs. Grayson denies it. And Emily’s worried when Nolan, at her request, hacks into Aiden’s phone and finds that The Initiative sent him video of his sister shooting heroin. The subject line? “A life for a life.” In about .2 nanoseconds, Emily figures out that her man is in Los Angeles to kill Victoria – I know our girl is shiny, pretty and above all things clever, but come on – and manages to stop him just before he takes the kill shot from the hotel’s roof. She suggests that he tell Initiative Helen that he’s helped seal Daniel’s victory over Prosser, which is what she wanted in the first place, and that killing Victoria would only distract the new Grayson CEO. With that patched, Emily reassures Aiden, kisses him and leaves him with a wary look that says “Just don’t touch, do or think anything until I can come up with a new plan, OK?”

Nice try, Em. Aiden later shows up on her porch with the finale to his sister’s video, in which she dies via overdose. Emily tries to comfort him, but he grabs her violently and makes it clear that he blames her. “It’s you I shouldn’t have trusted,” he snarls. “If she is dead, then this is on you.” Yikes.

THE DECEIVED BECOMES THE DECEIVER | After an episode-long hunt for a house, Nolan realizes that Padma – and not “Groucho Snarx” aka Marco (ha!) – is gunning to take him down. His new CFO accidentally lets on that she knew Carrion was a program, he sadly tells Emily, when only last episode she’d pretended to think it was a woman’s name. We now know several things Padma doesn’t. One, Carrion is designed to shut down gigantic power grids at the blink of an eye. Two, Carrion’s not finished; the final part of the code exists only in Nolan’s brain. (Wave your whale cam in the air if you think this can only mean that Nolan will end up handcuffed to a desk in some torturous Initiative computer lab before the end of the season. In fact, let’s start the countdown clock now.) Three, he’s set her up to find what I believe is a dummy copy of the program. And four, life is just so much better when Nolan and Emily are in the same room. Plot is forwarded, murkiness is cleared up and plans are formed. “My advice?” Em says, deadly calm. “Play her like she’s playing you.”

BY ANY OTHER NAME | It’s Charlotte’s 18th birthday, but her family can’t be bothered to celebrate it. “I guess being a Grayson means learning to live with disappointment,” Char sighs to Amanda. And even though Amanda’s surely thinking about how bouncing among foster homes and having your one friend in the world turn out to be an opportunistic manipulator is also rather disappointing, she merely says, “But you’re not really a Grayson.” Cut to later, when Charlotte’s family finally coughs up a cake and some candles. But she’s got a bigger surprise for them: She’s filed papers to officially change her name to Charlotte Clarke.

CIVIC DUTY | Conrad lets Victoria know that he and his “communications director” are considering his run for public office — and please, for the love of all that is holy, re-watch the scene where Victoria realizes that he’s referring to Ashley. The word “concubine” is bandied about (awesome), Madeleine Stowe’s face does some truly wonderful things (how high can those eyebrows go?) and when Conrad details his alliance with his former fling, Victoria shoots back, “I can only imagine what kind of horrifying footage that will yield.” Ha! The first act of Conrad’s public life: He’s going to clean up the docks by buying back the Ryan brothers’ interest in The Stowaway and handing them the murder confession Jack guilt-tripped out of Matt Duncan earlier in the episode. Kenny’s game, but Nate’s got other ideas. After the charges against Jack are dropped (what, did Conrad give a copy of the confession to the local cops, as well?), Nate meets with Papa Grayson and says he wants to “muscle” the dock area into something that could benefit them both. Conrad is intrigued.

Now it’s your turn. Were you questioning when, exactly, that video of Colleen was recorded? Are you a little tickled about the fact that Conrad “Scotch, neat” Grayson is now a part owner of The “PBRs all around!” Stowaway? And does little Carl’s cuteness almost – almost – make up for the zzzness of his parents’ storyline? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. aleph19 says:

    Aidan’s Australian not a Brit.

  2. anil says:

    Complete death at this weeks episode. It was so worth the 12 episode wait to get this show back on its more EXCITING roots. Tonight was less confusing and more exciting. Looks like they are reworking the scripts – KEEP IT UP! Next episode is the famous turning point even episode. They pull that off nicely, so im excited.

  3. Neptunia says:

    They need to unleash Amanda, just have her “tire iron” both of the Ryan brothers and throw in Declan too while were at it. She’s so much better when she’s not trying to be good for Jack and the baby.
    The pace of the show is better and the story lines are coming together in a really exciting way, finally!

    • Ella says:

      I agree. That is one of the reasons I think Jack may be the upcoming death. Or perhaps I am hoping he is so Amanda can go all out revengy along with Emily.

  4. N says:

    Loved the show! Especially Nolan!

  5. lorna says:

    Funny recap. Can fauxamanda also club ashley to death? Girl is useless and annoying. I call the body being takeda or aiden.

  6. SoFla says:

    Wow, only season 2 and so despe,rate for storyline the copy from this season’s freshman hit “Revolution” and have something that turns off the power. Sad they could not come up with something original. Really sad. Wonder what they will copy next…..

    • ZmaX says:

      Grasping at straws…they are obviously not going to turn the united states to a post apocalyptic dystopian world without power for over a decade -_- it’s just to cause enough problems so that the Initiative can use the disaster-relief company Stonehaven to “help” out people while filling their own pockets with loads of money.

      • SoFla says:

        Plenty of other disasters that would require cleanup, they should have found their own – nit lazily borrowed from another show. JMO

        • ZmaX says:

          Shows/movies have used power outages as a way to mess with people for years, if Revolution can “copy” that idea for their entire show, Revenge can “copy” that idea for a season 2 storyline.
          Revolution writers don’t have a monopoly on blackouts.

          What other wide spread disasters could the Initiative cause so they could use their disaster-relief company? Nothing’s easier than a already developed virus that can wipe-out power grids.

          • SoFla says:

            Oh, I don’t know …. how about a nuclear power plant having an issue with the water supply that cools the rods leaking into the groundwater … or disaster on an oil rig contaminating the coastline … or problems with a natural gas pipeline. Many options other than turning off the lights – but they might take a bit of effort and it is easier to take what is already out there isn’t it?

            Your insults/name calling don’t bother me. Sad you feel that is the way to handle a situation instead of mature conversation. JMO and I am entitled to have my own opinion even if it is different than yours and you don’t like it – that is why it is my opinion and not yours. Have a great evening!

    • SquirrelTail says:

      Yes, Sofia, Revolution was the first ever entity to imagine the power grid could be hacked. What a brilliant concept. So from now on, no other show can ever talk about it, since it’s SUCH an original idea. Come to think of it, why are all these other shows copying ER, which has people in hospitals–doesn’t Grey’s Anatomy know it was already all done?
      You are an idiot. There have been several high profile examples of industrial control systems of utility grid equipment being hacked during the past 3 years, and the threat of actual damage from these hacks is growing. Those instances were only written about in obscure publications such as the New York Times (heard of it? I didn’t think so). So clearly, according to your ridiculous logic, Revenge is copying another show, not reflecting actual reality and concerns a global corporation should have. The security of power grids is a huge concern right now, but you probably are too glued to your couch to be aware of it. Go read annual reports of companies such as IBM and Cisco, and then come back and play about this topic, instead of getting your information from another fictional TV show.

      • Spencer says:

        Preach SquirrelTail. If the Initiative is ever successful at shutting down power grids, A) that isn’t there end game and B) it will not be completely post-apocalyptic like Revolution.

    • dude says:

      They’re turning off the power to carry out their real plan. That isn’t their endgame.

    • aciel says:

      u sound ridicolous shows copy of eachother all the time all of the orginal shows were made in the 70s and 80s

  7. anil says:

    @Sofla, what the actual **** are u even talking about? Im sure no one even realized that cause no one watches it.

    • SoFla says:

      Blind devotion is so cute. You don’t get a reward though for attacking me for commenting about how they are copying another show’s idea. Oh, that show is watched and enjoyed by many people other than myself so your “no one watches it” comment is inaccurate. The last episode of Revenge had 6.1 million viewers and the last episode of Revolution before it went on break had 8.7 million viewers, seems like it was watched by more people than Revenge … doesn’t it?

      • anil says:

        7.1 Million*

      • Chloe says:

        @SoFla – Revolution was the first thing I thought of, too! :)

        • SquirrelTail says:

          Yes, Sofia, Revolution was the first ever entity to imagine the power grid could be hacked. What a brilliant concept. So from now on, no other show can ever talk about it, since it’s SUCH an original idea. Come to think of it, why are all these other shows copying ER, which has people in hospitals–doesn’t Grey’s Anatomy know it was already all done?

          You are an idiot. There have been several high profile examples of industrial control systems of utility grid equipment being hacked during the past 3 years, and the threat of actual damage from these hacks is growing. Those instances were only written about in obscure publications such as the New York Times (heard of it? I didn’t think so). So clearly, according to your ridiculous logic, Revenge is copying another show, not reflecting actual reality and concerns a global corporation should have. The security of power grids is a huge concern right now, but you probably are too glued to your couch to be aware of it. Go read annual reports of companies such as IBM and Cisco, and then comeback and play about this topic, instead of getting your information from another fictional TV show.

          • SoFla says:

            Never said it could never be done again as a storyline but copying it the same season Revolution premieres and is a hit is definitely IMO trying to capitalize on what is working elsewhere as an easy out instead of thinking of something of your own. If they cannot come up with an original idea in season 2 and need to borrow from a current storyline on another show I wouldn’t expect the show to be around long as obviously their creativity isn’t very deep.

        • aquarius1271 says:

          The same here. Guess Revenge was a prequel to Revolution after all.. lol

      • maxisatroll123 says:

        welll thats because the golden globes were on at this time also its lead in hit pretty low ratings.

      • Revengerzzzzz says:

        SoFia- for you to dislike a shows plot, you seem to still be watching it tho… interesting. Guess you were part of the 7.1 million.

  8. Jeremy says:

    The Carrion storyline is an utter joke, The Initiative couldn’t be anymore 1-dimensional. If they kill of Jack next episode I’m done with the show.

  9. luli says:

    I know i wanted fauxmanda to die before, but please don’t let it be her… The promo was intense.

  10. Mika02 says:

    Hope it’s Aiden that goes down. I think I’m the only person who still wants Emily with Jack but I still think he’s her salvation.

  11. June says:

    I like Aiden as a companion to Emily. But she and Nolen just get each other. Every family has an Ashley, either as sibling, spouse or caretaker. I think Ashley & Padma are determined to do what they are told by the very same people. It’s just gotten crazy.

  12. Jessica says:

    One of my fav moments tonight was Emily overhearing Charlotte saying she’s changing her name and with that a little smile. (-:

  13. charlie says:

    this part of the article made me LOL!

    Emily has a disturbing sex dream where she’s sleeping with an Aiden/Daniel hybrid (we should all be so disturbed)

  14. Chloe says:

    Didn’t the dead hand have a wedding ring on it or am I imagining that? If so, that would probably rule out Aidan. I so hope it’s boring Jack & that Declan is along side him. But I worry that it might be Conrad. He’s a hoot & I would really miss him.

    • Bec says:

      Yup there was a wedding ring. The only possibilities atm would be Jack or Conrad, but it could just be a fake out. I kinda think it might be one of the Ryan brothers if not Jack or Conrad

  15. nikki says:

    This show is getting really stupid. I hate Charlotte. I hate Declan. I hate Ashley. I hate Aiden. The only two people I do like is Victoria and Conrad and the writers are probably going to kill off Conrad.

  16. Yashima says:

    Frankly, I am so tired of Jack, Amanda, and the whole “down on the docks” crews. I suppose it’s meant to add a little “us and them”, but they are so boring compared to Victoria et al. I was really glad though to see Nolan and Emily putting their heads together once more. I adore it when they’re close. As to Aiden, I like him, but he’s totally deluded. I think his sister has been dead a very long time and he’s just being manipulated. And Daniel is so unformed. Who is he going to be?

  17. Maryam says:

    I’m sick of Aiden and this entire initiative storyline. I miss the dynamic of season 1. This entire season has been a letdown because of these unnessacary storylines.

  18. Scott says:

    As long as it’s not the Daniel/Aiden hybrid that’s leaving, I’m good

  19. david says:

    anybody found it hilarious that revenge is heading for a crossover with NBC’s Revolution? its all about turning off the lights

  20. llvp says:

    Losing interest in this show with every new episode because the Initiative/Aiden are too prominent in the storyline. I thought the show was supposed to be about a girl taking revenge on the people who ruined her and her father’s lives yet season two has barely touched on that issue. Thinking Aiden should be on the Amanda wreckage so Emily no longer has to cater to his needs and get back to her focussing on revenge plans.

    • Zorkel567 says:

      If you have been paying attention, the Initiative worked with the Graysons to frame Emily’s father, so they are just as much at fault and in need of being revenged upon.

      • llvp says:

        I understand the Initiative’s involvement with what happened to David Clarke. I just think that this particular storyline has gone on for far too long and has gotten unnecessarily big/complicated while taking away from the main storyline. Personally, I’m finding it tiresome and think that killing off the Aiden character would be an excellent way of refocusing the story.

        • JJ says:

          Killing off Aiden won’t bring an end to the Initiative storyline. It would probably drag it out longer because Emily would have even more reason to go after them. 1) for framing and murdering her father, and 2) for murdering Aiden.

  21. Linda says:

    They are probably playing it safe (again) and its one of the Ryan brothers on The Amanda… Conrad I could do without but if it’s Jack I’ll cry for weeks!

  22. Andrea says:

    I’m trying really hard to stay interested in this show but every episode this season is making that more difficult. Once again the only exciting thing happened at the end. I would be fine if Jack was the one that died, maybe then Emily would get back on the right revenge track.. I want more Nolan/Emily and more Emily/Daniel.

  23. Me says:

    I think it would be a gutsy move to kill off Jack. That would leave Amanda in charge of the bar and probably 18year old Declon. She is far too ruthless to let anything happen to anything she considers hers. Also it would be great to add her to the revenge plot against the Graysons.

    Aiden has turned on Ems for now, but he will likely be back next week. Daniel showed some backbone this week when he told Em that he knew why she came back to him. If they gave him a couple more brain cells he could be useful to bring into the plot of revenge given his current connections.

    • annabelle says:

      it definitely could be Jack. He and Amanda could get married at the beginning of the episode, so he would be wearing a wedding ring. Since they are married, she would inherit his part of the bar. Then, she would be going against the Ryan Brothers and Conrad. That would be awesome!

  24. Tyluv3 says:

    I feel bad for Padma. Something tells me the initiative is holding something over her head. I don’t believe she would hurt Nolan unless she had to- which would mean Helen probably has a family member of hers that was taken in order to get her to cooperate and take the carrion for exchange. I hope Nolan and Emily see this before they come up with a plan that will lead to the demise of whoever they have on Padma. We will see though…

  25. Spencer says:

    Personally, I hate the entire Porter brothers storyline. Jack is boring as hell, and the Ryan brothers are a pathetic excuse for ‘villains’. I am starting to like Fauxmanda more, so she can stay, but Jack and the Ryans need to go. And Charlotte too, like seriously what is her purpose on the show?

  26. Cyn says:

    I love Emily and Nolan as a couple. Sexual ambiguity be damned

  27. Kalee says:

    It looks like Amanda will be the one to possibly die on the Amanda-boat in the next episode’s preview. Thanks to the powers of DVR, you can see the deceased wearing a gray sleeve which looks awfully similar to the gray cardigan Amanda was wearing while on the boat with Jack.

  28. Ellie says:

    So the characters I’m loving are Nolan, Victoria, Conrad, and Emily. I feel like Amanda is just bubbling on the back-burner with her new kid. Kitty needs to sharpen her claws; she needs back into the fold in a very physical way. I mean, this season, she was stopped from killing both Mason Treadwell and Nate. Poor thing needs to release all that pent up energy.

    As for Ashley, I feel like she’s on a better path now, and she has a lot more potential than I gave her credit for. But Padma seems like Ashley-lite, with an employer in the form of the convoluted Initiative. I’d rather see creepy Marco back and plotting with Ashley.

    Aidan is just annoying me. He’s become increasingly sloppy and unfocused. Just like the Initiative storyline. He’s distracting Emily instead of empowering her. And now he just seems deluded. He thinks his sister was still alive? Come on, seriously? She’d been missing for over 10 years, right? Why would they keep her alive? My bet is that the overdose video was staged with a look-alike actress. 10 years is more than enough time to stage a fake video for insurance.

    So we come to the fact that Aidan is too damaged. So that rules him out as a love interest. Jack could never happen, because he just wouldn’t understand who she is and why she had to become it. He has too much of a pedestrian mind; he wouldn’t be enough of a mental challenge for her, and a girl can only play dumb for so long until she wants something more exciting. And as for Daniel… I was rooting for them when Aidan started to untether, but there’s this slimy undercurrent that he’s giving off. Of course, that could have just been Daniel playing Emily right back, but I feel like it’s a deeper part of his nature, much the same way as how he pushed around both Emily (last season) and Ashley (this season) when he felt betrayed. He needs to master his temper and be cooler and more calculated like his mother when upset. Maybe then he’d stand a chance. But as of right now, the only person on the show I could see Emily lasting with is Nolan. Too bad they have that slight brother-sister relationship. Then again, Emily Van Camp has played characters that have overcome those obstacles before!

    As for next week, my ideal situation is this:
    They’re having the wedding on the boat. Aidan has crashed the party. He and Emily struggle, as Aidan got confirmation in the form of a corpse that Colleen is dead. Aidan tries to kill Emily since he is convinced that she ruined his last hope. Either Emily kills him, and has to deal with the consequences of having to kill one of the only people that knew the real her, or Daniel sees part of the struggle before they go below deck, and in a fit of gallantry, tries to help. And, in seeing Emily in trouble, finds the gun Amanda had bought a couple of episodes back (maybe flung from her bag in the struggle, since was was going away on the boat) and shoots Aidan with it in the back. This would mirror last season’s resolving episode nicely. Emily is surprised, and they stash the body in a closet or the bathroom to deal with when they get back to shore. No one hear the shot through the music and all the champagne bottles being popped open.

    Meanwhile, the Graysons are invited because of both their connection to Amanda and how Conrad bailed Jack out trouble. The Ryans show up to do business below deck with Conrad, but he double crosses them, deciding to do all of the development himself, and making fair deals (or at least more fair) to the owners of the docks. Nate gets upset and attacks him, but Kenny gets in the way, since he was already on the fence about it, and Nate kills him accidentally. So then even angrier, Nate tries to kill Conrad. But Conrad is able to kill him in self defense. Then horrified by the implications this would have upon him, especially since it would be his second murder investigation only a few months, Conrad sets fire to boat somehow and screams for everyone to get off of it. But the problem is that baby Carl was sleeping downstairs (somehow not waken by all the murder), so while everyone is piling into life-rafts, Jack runs downstairs to grab the baby. Through the smoke, he sees all three of the bodies. He doesn’t have time for a reaction, and just grabs the baby. He manages to get him into Amanda’s arms before some explosive element on the boat blows up, freeing the life-raft and knocking Jack back unconscious/ maybe dead. Amanda screams for him, but people hold her back, saying it’s no use- they can’t save him, and she needs to think about Carl. (Death toll: 4)

    Then in the aftermath, Declan and Charlotte can just run away together, wanting to flee the horror that is the Hamptons.

  29. Isaac says:

    It’ll be one of the Ryan brothers. Particularly the one who needs to get off this show soon so he can start filming the third season of Teen Wolf in a couple months or so.

  30. Revenge Fan says:

    Cannot get enough of this show! I love all the twists and turns. Some characters I don’t care for as much, but that’s bound to happen in a show with so many. Obsessed with Emily’s jewelry from Kim Lee Ozawa, she always looks incredible in them. Can’t believe we have to wait till Feb. 10 for the next show!

  31. Mikael says:

    I miss when Fauxmanda was a total nutjob. Can she go back to that soon?

  32. Jam says:

    Wouldn’t the initiative know that Emily is really Amanda? They seem to know everyone’s secrets. Also is Emily’s mom’s storyline over or will she be back?